Would you like to be interviewed on live video about your Skillshare courses ?

Steven Healey, Helping you make to most of LIVE video

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9 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction

    • How does this Work ?

    • What does it look like ?

    • Arranging a time

    • Practice

    • The Interview

    • After the Interview

    • Sample Interviews

    • The Project


About This Class

Are you searching for new ways to promote your Skillshare classes ?

If you are, then being interviewed on live video is the best way to reach a new audience. Facebook is a site many of your existing and future students visit every day,

It is your chance to tell everyone more about you, your classes and the real benefits for people who take your classes.

Within the class are details of how we can create a live experience for your current and future students.

The interview service is FREE and open to all Skillshare teachers who have two or more Skillshare classes.

The interview is just the start - learn more by enrolling now,


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looking forward to my interview! :)
Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life





Steven Healey

Helping you make to most of LIVE video

I am a business video chat show host and producer on Belive.tv , live video trainer and author

My mission is to help you use Live Video effectively and promote your business or cause in 2017. I achieve this goal via 1-2-1 sessions ,Udemy courses and producing shows for you.

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online

As a Udemy Instructor I have created courses about Facebook Live - the courses are listed here

I teach broadcast...

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