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World Machine: Create 3D Terrains from NASA satellite images

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. 2. The quick way for Satellite images

    • 3. 3. The High Resolution way: NASA

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About This Class

You will learn how to:

- import real terrains from NASA Satellite Images to World Machine
- know where to find satellite images the easy way for quick results
- and where to find high resolution satellite images for high level of detail work

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1. 1. Course Introduction: Welcome to this course where you are going to learn how to use images in world machine riel . The rains from the satellite images to world machine and how to bring them in actually were even to find them where to find them. The easiest way going to show you what's the quickest way and easiest way to get it and are also going to show you an elaborate, more advanced way off getting that stuff. But then you get much higher resolution. What's more, quality, Much more control. You have the choice than to go the easy way or the little bit more elaborate way I'm gonna show. You have to work with them in World Machine, and I cannot wait to see what you do with it. 2. 2. The quick way for Satellite images: the first websites we will go and get our hate maps. Is the rain dot party the rain? That party. Okay. What do you get? You get a rectangle and it's by default somewhere in Scandinavia so you can scroll back and you see well, you have a choice. You can move that rectangle which is small here. You can move it and place it anywhere you want in the world and get that terrain. What do you get to get to hate? Map the values White gray to black off the terrain. Elevation. Okay, Now you move it anywhere you want. The think is OK. I need to explain to you how this works. Here it is easy, simple, but it gives you a terrain with few limitations. I need to I need you to be aware off. So number one is district final here. Although you are able two. Okay, let me just move it somewhere interesting first and then we can start talking about these things. Let's go. Go, go to the east. Let's go to the east. I deliberately go to the east so that I show you one of the limitations as well. I go on Afghanistan has got some interesting mountain chains there. So we can go somewhere northeast of Kabul is gonna be somewhere here. Yeah, Let's just go somewhere. Okay. Good. Okay. I have placed my rectangle there. I am able to increase the rectangle basically increased the coverage off the train. I want to have You could go. Yeah, by default. 18 kilometers conceit here on the right. And then you keep clicking and you notice the rectangle is increasing. And then you think, Oh, that's pretty cool. I'm gonna be able to grab a big terrain. Hold on a moment. Yes. You are going to be able to grab all of that stuff, but you are limited in resolution. The image, no matter what their in you're gonna take, is limited toe 1000 by 1000 pixels. And it is not a lot. 1000 is not a When you go to world machine, you're going to notice a difference. I'm going to export a four k. Now, if you have one mission professional, you'll be able to export up to 16 k You are bringing in a 1000 by 1000 pixel. I don't want to export at 16. Want exported? Eight. Assuming you know what you're doing when you're exporting 16 8 generally with four K, that should be enough to so limitation number one. Um that that's not much. So why am I showing you this option? I'm giving you choices. I'm giving you options. If you want something quick on, this is what they say here. The easiest way to get real world hate maps. Falsities Okay, Yeah, That's the easiest way. That's the quickest way, by the way. Very fast. You get something? I am going to show you another limitation. Now, why did they take you to the east number one? Because we know there are some interesting mountains in Afghanistan and on the Pakistan area and stuff. We know that now we also know is that if we want to go somewhere, is that with this kind of map you actually don't even know what you're looking at. It is just a country. It's like Okay was our countries would borders and that's it. Make it official boundaries. You consume water, you can see white. So blue is water. White is learned. And then that's it. You need the satellite view you need to be able to see what you're doing. The choices you find here on the right there's the map view. What kind of you? And then you think, Well, they are couldn't find found out on my own. Just click it on choice. There's a limitation here. There's a limitation you cannot see with satellite view or even shaded relief outside of the Americans. So that is the problem. I'm going to go way here. I get to see the whole world and show you the difference because it says USGS shaded relief . I click on that. Hopes the rest is gone. You can select now. From here you can see you have you have a bit of visibility here. Yeah, you can see. But it's just Americans. So do you want a limit yourself to America's? I don't think you should, but if you want this kind of you, it's the same. And it's the same thing for topographic in Madrid. Basically, the satellite view is just the Americans. Nothing else. Now you just like I did when I want to go the quick way. I just go wherever I want to go. I don't you to be limited by about it. Just go. Okay. I know Afghanistan got some interesting stuff. I know the East China. Cambodia. I've got some interesting stuff as well. So I go to What was going to send again is India, Pakistan, and this should be Afghanistan. Yeah. Okay. Where's my example? Almost marks Jungle. Here we go. Bring it down. Afghanistan. Okay, so we're going to grab a train from here. Okay, I let me go back because this is 30 kilometers has way too much. I would like to go back to my 18 default. I will keep it out. Does he is just a choice. Okay, let's go. 8 20 I was gonna be times bigger. That says, Okay, now this is it. Now what do you do? You move the rectangle. You said what you want to go and then you click on download or export or whatever You wanna call that? So And that is just here. Very simple. Anybody export, you get a question? What do you call this area? Actually, the question should be rephrased. How do you want to call your file? Because it just a file. You are now naming your files. So we just call it east the rain another and click. OK, it will generates. Good. OK, so this is not a zip file that we just are going to save Andi, we go to our zip file, I'm gonna extract out. What do we get? Just check extract. It's been extracted. We get so many files, I think. Okay, I've got three of them. Which one should I choose? Always, always, always go with. Asked her 30 em and we're going to see this naming convention. This wording, We're going to see it in the second method, which is a little bit more elaborate. A bit advanced gives you more options, gives you ah, more solid resolution toe work with. So So this is an important thing to remember, Master 30 a. M. Good. So this is the one that you just ignore the rest and you take this one. Let's go and take this one in World Machine. Now we have already exported that You think Ok? I already have it fun. I want to show you it was machine A few things that you need to be aware of. We'll miss you when you open it. You get sometimes, depending on your version of template that is attempting to help you. Let's start fresh. And then we take a file input from generator file input the discovery, and then this is not unique to import it. You you correct. And then click on load when I go to my least the rain. Okay. Right. Okay. So I'm gonna get the faster through 30 a. M. To do that. Brought it. Fine. Good. I'm gonna click. OK, open other views that we see what we're doing. If you have one machine, professional, Russian, you are going to be able to have additional window right? If you don't. He just didn't move between these two. Like here and then here, back again. But for you, I need to show you got the professional version. Let me bring this one. It'll be down. Stop being able to see our tabs. This is a trainer have brought in. Now this terrain, you haven't changed. The perimeter's when we open back. So when you get this out of the box has got a lot of stuff. And then you think golden moments You have just loaded the file on clicks on. Okay, and you moved on. There's so much stuff in here. Yes, there is so much stuff in here when it comes with a mess. Important one is altitude scaling. We thank very much the owner and that the one who has developed with machine Stephan for keep into default as natural file innovations. This is what you should oh, ways go with. Okay. It's 99.999999% of the cases go with this one. Resist the temptation to change it. Because you feel you see nothing. It may happen, and I think it will happen in the second case. When you move to the second method, which has more options, more resolution, You're gonna look at the final thing, calling them. It is so black. Let me take you back here. This you can see already. That's some white in here. Okay? Yeah. I can see the Muggles ages that peak. So this is like the valley, and Okay, fine. It's clear. Sometimes you bring in a file and it's just black. I mean, you look at it with your eyes when you're I apologised. Looks black. Even if it's the case, it is resisted temptation to change this into full range, specifically elevation range. You like, exactly know what you want and chases are you don't know what you want. If in this year our geologist and then you know exactly the area. And if it works in this case is may not work in another case when we are importing more files into the same world machine session because what you get here, by the way, this is quite an important distinction to highlight. You have just wanted fungal. Here you have one rectangle. You get one file for one terrain at all. It's quite simplistic way of them and think so. Now the other method is gonna be different. So this is why I'm saying stick to natural fine elevations. This is what comes with it. Correct. Now what do we do with the rest? For our purposes? Nothing for now. Why? Because we don't need it. We are going to need some other things later for different kinds of imports. But not for hate maps. And not for this kind of Terrence. Okay, so click. OK, you need something. Let's assume this is too high. Too low. You can't see it. Um, not like you just bring Just get into the habit off every time Bringing the terrain in world machine every time. Get into the habit off taking one off the favorite notes Inward machine. One of my favorite notes and they're filter. It's called Come now. This is what will help you adjust the hate, the elevation off the off the Torino instead of going in here and change, I can't see it. My click on full range And then in this case, it's not much. It didn't change much, but in some cases, good could go quite high distorted. Just keep it natural file innovations. And if you want to change something, come over here Keeping on reduce Bring it down if you want, Do whatever you see it you can adjust. Now let the file the way it is. Don't tweak anything there. You have much more power when you come out of it and then add notes. So come, you can clip that. Don't do that unless you have some spiky. You can find that, by the way, if you get satellite images, you can get some spiky white dots on. Then you need to clip them. That clip is really bad. Clippers clip. That's like it's it's flattened in the whole thing. You may go for this if this is your choice. Well, I'm just showing you this note to tell you that there is a lot of functionality in here. You can expand it. Um, we can reduce this stuff. You can do plenty off. Yeah, you could bring get Oh, this node has a lot of functionality. But you started reduce if it's too high, OK, we're gonna leave it as is. I'm going to change anything. I'm gonna leave it the way it is. But for the sake off us remembering that we need to bring in the Clampetts, actually. Good to bring in the clamp. Now I'm gonna leave the clamp. Not although it's doing nothing. Why don't you do that? Just because it's a middle dollars. You think would like you to remember that clump is part of the process? You don't need it. Fine. Just keep it there. It's not gonna do anything or drop it. Once you get used to the fact off once you don't need to remember, the anymore is part of your workflow good. Now the next bit is what would you like to do? It's not me showing you what you need to do for the showed you what you need to do for this part. Off the way of doing things, there's another one which is a little different. The Resolution one, The one has high resolution, actually, a little different. But for now, would you like to do so? This is my question to you. Do you want to keep the terrain the way it is? Or do you want to change something? Maybe you want to have more erosion. Maybe you want to have more sediment carry. I mean by that Do you want make any changes to fit your artistic needs? Let's do that. Let's do something that we don't want to spend too much time on making changes in world machine because the session is about bringing interims toward machine set the lighter rings . Okay, I'm gonna do something very quick and it's gonna be just erosion. Like reading or complicated. He could go with Garrison, had some details and drive the terracing with noise and starting all sorts of fancy things . This is not the the topic for that. I'm just going to go with erosion. I go channeled Argo Simple filter. Increase this to 1 31 43 Going on 40 years over 40 Andi enable powers enabled means that I didn't even more time to the erosion. Let's say deeper channels. What else do I want? Summits. Sediment carry something will be careful with basically you use it when you really know what you want. Sediment carry, you reduce. It means whatever has has during erosion Phone if you reduce it to zero basically has evaporated. It disappeared. It's like it's not really But if you bring it up it means that whatever you can see it. Like what? How ever has fallen A spot of the erosion has accumulated And you see it, Z it's going up. It's like covering part of the mountain. Okay, This is not a course about the erosion, but would like to add some stuff in here. Good. Did I increase the channel depth? Yes, I did. That's it. Enough. Good. Now we're going to click on build, but dependent again on the resolution that would like to see you started 500. This is the standard that comes with eso. This is default one. I mean, when you open world machines is default. One of this is what you're limited. That when it comes to know you limited that 1000. If you have free version, I think you're limited. Is 1000 probably. It's just 500 even I remember. But if you have a profession, then you could go up to 16 and us. I really assume you know what you're doing when you're exporting 16. Cause if north in your computer is gonna tell you really, he's not gonna tell you that by a dialog box is gonna just tell you that by keeping it just running and running and two to start doubting. Why asking yourself, Why did I do 16 cake, depending on how powerful your machine is? So 16 and eight when you're working on something that needs to go out with high resolution and it hasn't end, it has a purpose. It's part of a project. It's we're just messing around and the just plain around discovering, experimenting Stay. If you have professional, stay at you could start with one, but you won't see much. Do que is quite a nice 12 yet to keep to Kate. And then when you want to export before experimental purposes, make it out for K. Okay, if it needs to be for something else, you can start from four. Okay? Or you could go up to 16 depending on what you want. But this is what we would like. So for now, I'm gonna go to Okay. Should we do that? Yes. You go to K. By the way, just a note here. Just a note. Took it is the export. So what you're saying here is noble build resolution. This doesn't mean what you see on the screen. What you see on the screen is some. It could be something else because we have here in preferences. So go, um world extents and resolution Andi, which basically means they exporting it on here is preferences on the preferences. I'm gonna go to graphics opens and here you see, I have set its manual in out four K. I don't depend on old version. I don't remember. I'm depending on your version. You could have default. One k two k for K. I depends on your version. I have changed it to four K. Um, yeah, but just so you know that you may be thinking I'm building and building. I'm just move it to four k. You don't see much of the really a difference when you were at one cake that because the three D view is set to a maximum of one K and that depends on your graphic art. So your graphic card defines whether you will be able to see the terrain or not. So if you are going to increase the second up, bonuses maximum. Okay? And if your graphic card does not allow this was gonna happen is you may start panicking because the train disappears completely. When you click on build, Libertarian is gone. Just like OK, go on, finish five and see it. It's not there. That's world machines way if they're in Sorry, graphic card. Gonna handle this? How about you go to one mission preferences and bring it down? So just a note. In case you bring in your training. You love the realism off the natural really? Elevations that you got from terrain, that party or from another source on you think Let's go big on this on you don't see your train. That's because off this one in here. Okay, I'm gonna keep it up to here. Let's build this. Okay? The train has finished building quickly. Okay, Good. The train is still there, which means my graphic card can handle two K. I think it could also handle folk a off season it with four can. It worked. Fine. Good. Okay, this is your train. This is not the part about you changing the terrain because you can go wild. All this using all sorts of notes and stuff to change it. But this is how you bring it in, using the simple and quick, very quick and easy way from terrain dot Party. I'm going to save this because later on, I may shove you some other stuff. But for now, I'm gonna say this. Okay? Save ours. And I'm going to Yes, the same place. So this is east terrain. Okay, say, now we're going to move to another part. Another session on another section, another lecture where I show you another website where you get more. Okay, 3. 3. The High Resolution way: NASA: the second website I would like to show you is search dot earth data dot nasa dot gov. This is the NASA website where you get more quality in terms of higher resolution on more choices. Andi more options. So the 1st 1 they're in the party was like the quick and easy way of doing things. But you get limited resolution and a few inconvenient things like, for example, not being able to view the world with satellite view. Now we move into ah, except America's. Now we move into the NASA website, where you have everything you need on much more. Actually, the NASA website is meant for a lot of stuff. And then when you come in as a person who is interested in the digital elevation model in the Haight map for a terrain just to use in world machine, you're going to need to find a thing because it's in the middle off. Thousands off information for the same area select. Now the first page you see here is welcome to update our search in it. As you start the tour, I recommend if you are going to get your digital every innovation model, we'll use in world machine or for use in any other three d package is important in my Audi . Any blender three D max. Wherever. Don't bother taking the tour. I'm gonna show you that quick route how to get exactly there? Because otherwise it's really huge place with a huge number of things, too. Um, to around you to be able to find what you need, you need somebody to tribune. I'm gonna do that right now. So close. Don't do that. You are going to need to log in. So you need to resist. Are Let's go up here and then data logging. You click and then you click on register Just how you feel in your his name, password and stuff. You know everything you need to fill in in here and click register. When you do that, you don't need to confirm your registration. You don't receive an email to confirm Mary, it's me. It's automatically activated. Take your order in. Good. I am gonna take you to another browser where I am already logged in. Let me close this one already. Here, look there. Good. This is the website that you get and then you have the full world in satellite view anywhere you want. We're going to go the same place by want to draw your attention to something very, very, very important. Why I am asking you not to take the tour because it's not meant for the purposes it's meant for use in the whole websites for different users. Can you see here? Down here it's 5742 matching collections, much in four wars for non selection. We haven't selected anything yet. Let's go, for example, to the same thing that we have selected in the first example somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan on the north. This is Kabul here. And then we have Okay, let's get this part over here. Yeah, This party. Sorry. Let's get this part here on. How do we do that selection? You have much more choice than tearing the party there ended party. You get one rectangle on you, expand it or use it without any increasing resolution. And that's it. Now you have a possibility to do to select with a polygon rectangle. The point with five A lot of soft because we're working in one machine, we're gonna do rectangle right Let's select something like this. Okay? Yeah. I'm gonna be big. Much bigger. Done now. Much bigger up. You've noticed this number has changed. Let me do it again. Let me do it again. Let me bring this a little bit down cause I need to select a bit more. Yeah. Okay. Let me go back Rectangle. So you come up here rectangle on to delete it. This is a razor over here. So if you do something like this and then you just like it click on this. The rim of a rectangle on the Let's take this part. Yes. Yes, I know I'm taking a huge section area, but I'm just showing you the capabilities off the nozzle website. What you get out of it? Really good quality stuff. But you may end up with some where things in the images if there are clouds, will stop. You may end up with somewhere things. Okay. Noise. Good. So it has changed. Let me do it again. I've forgotten again to draw your attention to that. It's not 5000 and 42 over here. You select plus tomorrow just really too big. 3000 for tonight. What do You know what this means? What you're looking for is one out of these 3495 Now, good luck finding that. I'm gonna take you straight to that. It is called. Remember when we talked about Let me just take you to the new folder here. The envelope party that may go here. It's asked our 30 meter A similar technology is gonna be using in, not subsides. So how do we find it? Actually, if you keep scrolling and then you can end up with didn't is either up to 3000 in here. The good news is number one. If you know exactly the word and you need a number, you will find it in 31st. Then generally tends to be number four of the 567 But it say's something like this. What was that? I started tm Guys were looking for Buster, and in this case, it is a much more off. It's a descriptive naming global digital elevation. Model V 002 Oh, waste, go for this one. Go straight to this one. It's always in the 1st 10 off the 3000 and 4 95 Okay, So let's click on that. What do we get? Right? Your selection with the rectangle is your selection. It's not the satellites, right? Selection. The satellite tells you where. Listen, you have selected an area. I'm absolutely happy to provide you with these images, but I've covered it with To where? More? Okay, 15 images. I deliberately have exaggerated the area to show you the difference between the end of party and the NASA website. Now you're going to deal with 15 images. I know there's a slight. Okay, Okay, we got we got these other ones. Your, um, light blue selection over here rectangle is what you have chosen. But the satellite, as you have covered it with my own images, are completely different from the way you actually deal with deterrent intended party. Your selection equals to find you get It's whatever you've selected, it's gonna be your file. But it's one cable. In this case, you're going to get this stuff as a selection of images. So now yeah, it's about 15 images off Deliberately done it like this to show you the difference. Let's now click on download. Download is actually in the NASA Web side This is a difference. It's no easy. It's not simple. It gives you It gives you great quality. But you need a few steps. Really? A few steps download doesn't mean down, out download means. When you click, it actually takes you to a page where it tells you actually, you're going to get 300 megabytes. 15 what? They call Granules images. It's not 15 fires gonna get actually going to see well, let three files 15 times. Yeah, For each one of those 15 3 files, you need only one. Now you're gonna get this stuff that Don't worry. Don't bother with this to scroll down. You scroll down select states for delivery if you haven't done that because I think still the option stage for delivery is basically you're not gonna going to download you will receive it by email. Pencil, select your data usage speed friendly, and tell him on this and this and yeah, I for me as well, because I'm using this one presenting the reserve asset. Judum is a productive committee and NASA. Okay, go now, continue. You get your email and stuff and just click submit on. What's gonna happen is that Skilling use it will tell you it's creating it. It will take some time. It could be half a minute. It could be 20 seconds, depending on how busy to serve. As are some other things. It could take some time. I think a few minutes maximum a few minutes. Okay. Has taken less than one minute. And we have received an email from the NASA. This is what you get. It's a standard email with a lot of text. Don't you just school down and you get your links? Okay. It is gonna be either your download links, which means when you click on here, you're going to be taken to your website to another website where you have where you are already looked in. And then you download the 15 files one by one or you just click on this one and you get your, um, your ZIP file, which includes all the 15 you may be asked. I don't think I will be asked. You have already done it before. They say that you're going to be asked. Teoh, fill in your user name and password is gonna look like it's an auto ticket. Authentication that's in turn into another. That's not the case. Just feeling your email address and your password that the ones that you just did with Ambassador and then you get you're going to get your CIF file. It was it fun with older Faisal for me? I'm gonna just download this. Save us. Um, yeah, Let's put it there. I'm gonna wait a little before this on. I will come back once it's done good. OK, this is it. Not going to extract. We are dealing with 300 11 megabytes. That's a lot extract. The scientist is extracted, and we're going to get 15 zip files number lists, actually details. Andi silica by two weapons. And because we don't get okay, we get stuff from them as a But we don't need to use everything to get from the Nazis. So this stuff is XML is We don't need them. We only need one fight. One type of file we need to extract these files to individual was extracted archive to separate folder armies in. We're not here. Good. All right, then. I'm just elated that files on what I'm gonna do is open another one here. Right on. Um, actually, I only need Okay, So when I opened each one of them, I only need underscored them. Digital elevation model. You don't need this other stuff. Okay, listen, did I not tell you when we were talking about during the party that there is going to come a moment when you will start doubting what you get? This is the moment, um, I'm expecting what I mean during the party mystics next to each other, you get this stuff. And you think Yep. This is what a digital elevation model this is. What a hate map. Hate field map should look like black gray values. White being the top. Okay, so what do I have here on the left? This one here. What is this? It's all black. Well, it is black, but it has a lot of information. So bear with me, please. This black works perfectly, and I'll explain to you how this works. You don't need underscored in. Um, you don't need the read me file. Just get rid of this stuff stuff. You don't need it. Let's now do something with this. I mean, let's have Yeah, let's just say the been files. I'm just gonna grab them because it's not convenient. Each one is in a separate term. If I separate folder, let me grab my tin foil here because they're named properly nor 34 East year 67. So I can do that. Conforto that Just get the dem file. Maybe town. And that is 15 lovely times. Well, you asked for details you asked for. Resolution asks for choice. You get it. But then you get it. We're with more work. I was gonna That is quickly getting what we need out on the rest You can drop for now. I prefer that you keep it for a little while because we may end up needing to explain if you thinks using the name files which will never be used for this purpose. But it would be used for explaining some things. Maybe if things go wrong, I take it to the nymph. I'll tell you why it has gone, but I hope it doesn't go wrong. Something that is a little bit counterintuitive. Well, speaking as I'm moving this stuff now, but we're done now. Live the rest, as is on green. Move on to this one. Something that is counterintuitive is that when I open the folder like this and I see all my digital elevation models and I see them back, I'm glad I'm happy because it has worked perfectly right then, I think Is it not meant to have some white in there? That bad news is you see season white in there. On what? Saying some white. If you see any sure white dots. Now, that is a bad news. It could be either cloud or something, something that has distorted the image, which basically means if you bring it to world machine, you're gonna have a high beak, like just like a needle. That is not good. When I look at this, this is beautifully clean. We could work with this, actually, you know, I don't think you're able to see some off the solve the terrain, unable to see some of the grey. Some of the really, really dark great in here. But for now, let's not worry about this. Something that looks black is beautiful Coming from the NASA, no sharp white dots is a great news. We can work with this beautifully. Let's now move to tow. What? Well, we have a few options here. Option number one on option of it to option number one is taking you to word machine. Now, this is the normal route. But I have to warn you before going any further. Okay? World Machine has a book. We have reported the book to Stephan Found, therefore machines developer. We're hoping to get this bog sorted quickly. Basically, the book is such that if you bring these images together and stitch them together in world machine, you're going to end up with ugly inches randomly somewhere, right between some of those rectangles. You're going to end up with that, which means unusable. It's may or may not happen, so But I need to show you because if you are working with a version with a corrected uh, the book is not, the book is no longer there. You may want to do that in there. Number two Warning number two. It's much the word to do it in world machine down to do it in, um, Photoshopped poster works because what's the next step? The next step is to bring these pictures together. We have selected Let's go back. Okay. You see this? This is this the process. Sin off the stuff. I don't close this window. Please do not close this window because you really need it. Click on back to date. Access options. Click again back to such a session. It will take you to the rectangle that you have selected. And I suggest you stay here. You keep it open. Okay? Sometimes you get just some of those things. And just I was dreaming a little bit of Jamaat on It's going to show you everything again. Okay, I have 15 right. But we need to Do you have selective this area? I know you may become a bit greedy and started coming out because I've got all of these. Why not use all of them? Fine. You could do it. But you have selected this area. This basically means that you need to put each one of those rectangles in the right place. It makes me how it works. And it's really logically. Makes perfect sense once you know how it works. You don't even need actually to to go back to the image and see what's the name. Let me see. Okay. I have highlighted. Ah, that matter. That's something that is OK, I'm bringing down here because I think it's known. Okay, how about this one? The one at the top is the one that's highlighted in blue down here. This one. Okay, it's north 36 East 071 But I'm going to guess for you. The one that's on the left. The one man's again on the left, twice. And this one here, just beneath my cursor is going to be north 36 London East 0 70 Let me highlight. Yeah. Then you move in here. It's north. 36 we can see is Where is it? It's gonna be up somewhere. Okay, down here, it's a mess. Oh, Pierre is very well structured, but down here is a mess. So when you This is 69 the one here 68 67. And it's the same North line. The North Line is the same. 30 Thistle 36 But it's moving. This is 67 68 69 70 71 On your guessing it. If we go down, it's gonna be not 35. Here we go. No. 35 on the same east line. This is East Line 67 East line 67 East Line 67. And it's north 36 35. It makes perfect sense. This is how the satellite organizes the Granules. The images called here in the Nazem observed Ruggles. Good. So now that we explain this, still keep it open, please, for reference. Because you never know. Let's go to To to two world machine. There were differences and open. We're machine right now. We don't need these templates with lovely starting points and things. We start fresh air generator. How do you bring in files? We've got a generator. Find input on this is how you bring in any file. How many do you need? You got 15. So you gonna need 15. How are they organized? Let me just go back here. You got 555 OK, shall we just do that? About 55 He just five and then five. Let me go down here Life, cause you're gonna need some combination of our warning again. Okay, I'm repeating the two warnings again. There is a bug, so basically, if you finish all of this work, you may end up wasting your time. I just need to show you how it works in with machine, but tell you the same time the wholeness we don't know in which version Stephan is going to make it to correct the book. OK, but in discussion, the book is there. Last year I asked you can see it. Okay. All right. So and then you started. This is the route and then it takes longer. This takes longer, but it gives you more control. You know, it's This is how it's works in life in everything. I only don't need to explain that to you. You want more control, You either need to pay more or wait more or do more. This one gives you more control for you. Give you that much control for each one of the images that you bring in. If you want to do it quick way which basically works. Actually, I do recommend you don't do it the world machine way. This one now found. Okay, let me even more honest and I don't even do it. Even if the bug is corrected. If you could go to gimp or for the shop and stitched them together and then move the whole file to world machine is much better many think. Why are you showing me this? Because you need to know how it works with mission as well on. Because sometimes you maybe you don't even have put a shop or you don't want to have a shop you don't want to. This is a tutorial about world machine. When I bring up another application, I need to give you a justification Why there's that reputation for the shopper game and give you an option not to use it like OK, you can use another application or you can not use if you want. This is longer, but I'm just gonna show you very quickly the concept, how it works. Okay, this is what What was this one? Let's move here. Okay, let's start with this. One starts with the left. We're going to say about open a window of you often additional window, and if you have a problem version, you you will be able to have this window. Otherwise, you can just stroll back and forth, move back and forth between these views. For now, we're going to use a three d view. But I when we would start really working, moving things around, we'll need to have this lay after you think they call it a Have you? Yeah. Last year for how we're going to start with this. Okay? Always. Always let me import this one. First on. We know that this one is north 36 67. So this is 36 67 but there's a lot of the Okay, fine, fine, fine. I was working on another one. Dead files. 36 67 54 six. Okay, you know what's okay? No sleeping because I thought I started 34 because it's listed like that, but there's no reason better. 67. Fine. And you are going to click on. OK, please do. Click on. Ok, um I think well, you just have promised, um a lot of control on the night. You don't touch any of the perimeters. And there and then you say Just click on, OK, as long as you live in it as natural, fine innovations. He quickly can Anything. Yeah. There's something there about you. Nibble Kansi Madness is to small like What is this? Is this how it's meant to be? Yes, absolutely fun. You have gorgeous detail there. You have fin normal things. This is brilliant. Just leave it as is for now. I'm sorry. We are going to work on elevated later. You may be tempted again to use one on just just full range or yeah, yeah, No. And start saying they don't touch the full range. Please, don't you do that. And even less specific elevation range below. Because if you say specifically, elevation range and then you start tweaking it yourself to Yeah, let's bring it down with me You have explored. Don't do that. Unless you really know what you're doing. You're a geologist, and you have your area properly measured. The stock. Don't you do that? Please Go back to the natural elevation finds. Elevations are by default. Integrated in the file. Is this the maximum we're going to be working with? No, absolutely not. The two week is gonna happen later. Let's do that. Okay. So what? We are going to bring one by one on top of each other and then move them around. Okay, so we know that this is going to be that is 6 68 So 36 68 69 16 70 71. That's quite simple. So as long as we stay with the 36 line the North line of 36 68 you should go very fast. We're putting them on top of each other. 69 Once you know what you're doing in terms off, what is where it goes really fast when you think, Yeah, it's not really as slow as you think. It may even go faster than but I give you options. That is 6 71 That's the last one. And then we go down in the North line. This is 36 35 now 35 on the 1st 1 is 67. That's the same thing. And then 35 68. 35. I'm going fast here. But you cooked the 0.69 17. Still in the north, 35 north, 35 71. Done. We move to the next one, the North 34. As the lower 1 67 There's no actually, as bandages. You may think in terms off how much time it takes compared to photo shop that gives you more control. So the choice is yours. But I need to show you this and yes, yes, yes, at the very And when you see the bug, you think we're holding them. So we're just wasting our time. Yes. We've been wasting our time waiting for Stephan to stick to our to our Sorry to correct the book, but I need to show you this because Window World machine version is working properly. Then this really is a beauty right combine. Because it gives you gives you all the files where they belong. But it's really in sync. With what? You know that stuff? Okay, we have We have a few combine this with that, then just wanted this one and this one. Well, that's a lot of work now. It is an ad one. Always nothing else. Had one. Yes, and I should have just done one of the started copy paste in it. I'll do that just in a while. Here with me. A second, please. Not on then. One. Okay. The combination is such that you combine this. Come on, one by one. That's the problem with machine would have a big, big, big, big combine. Er, but still, when you do it, actually, you're able to Ah, move around. Uh good. Ok, nice. So what we got here. We have added, uh, don't look in here. It doesn't make any sense at all. This is we're putting stuff on top of each other. Well, if your fund mixing drains and start, you could do it if you want. That's not the point of our work now, so let's go back to this. Just combined tell exactly. We're gonna do. We gonna move them around, okay? I'll just copy, pasted. Just have it selected and copy. Pasted them right click to select and then mine because I'm working with and one everywhere it's gonna have everywhere. So what is happening now? We're adding all of them in the same rectangle in the same place. Let me show you hear a click here in layoff You when you go to zoom to extents and, um, yeah, scroll back, zoom back and then zoom out. That would be able to see it. This is one big mess. This is one very, very, very, very big mess. Thought, Um, it's because you have put 15 things on top of each other right again, if you like it. This is a lovely thing to consider. Just just wondering. Like its 15 pairings in one. But let's now go to the Siri's part of things. We're going to move them around. What do we know about this rectangle we know from the preferences here? So I'm not the preferences, but from the extensive resolution it's killed eight kilometer, But you can change it. But for now, let's just leave it as it is. Default. Eight kilometers. Which means this if we assume that this one isn't the right place, I have moved this like this. So that tell you okay, this is the right place and then I'm gonna add 123451234 500 for about a 15. This is the 1st 1 This stays the way it where it is of this one has to move. Where do we live? It? There's the X and the y. It doesn't move in the why It was an ex. So the X We need to move it by eight. Because we said eight kilometers, click eight and say OK, it just has moved. Its has moved here, right? You can see it has moved here. I was gonna go really fast with all the others open. 16 anytime is not by eight. You need to have it next to the other one, not 16. All right, so this is gonna be 24 plus 8 24 Cross paid 32. I'm just using the X because we are in the same note line. Okay, so it's here when you look at the combine. Er now the combine er shows you 12345 And yes, you can already see the bug. The bark is this ugly edge in here. Still need to show you how it works, right? Listen up very quickly for this one. Sorry, I need to bring this one down. First down, main ean minus eight. So bringing it minus eight first. Yes, I know I could have done X and y at the same time, but I think it's just for you also understand. Bring in the north, line down. Just the why now, bring into why down And then I'm gonna bring the Y by 16 year down, minus 16. It's gonna be a beauty wonder when the book is cracked. It honestly really beauty, because then you have each one of the finest there and you can tweak them separately, should you? Should you fancy that? Although I would recommend not too. But if you want something realistic, if you're reproducing a real terrain, you should not need to do that. But if you want to tweak something for your artistic needs by all means, you can change. It's won't find separately. Okay, let's go back now. Here it stays away. Where it is on this one stays where it is Nice. So this one is moved again by eight. This one is moved by 16. You get the point. This one is 24 24. Well, this one is moved by 32. Same story here. Eight 16. 24. That's load off work, is it? Know what you have asked for? Detail and control. So we are giving you detailed control right? At the very end, we're going to add more. Combine er's one combine her here and one here going to combine these two un combined. These two remember please always add we'd won basically means giving everything cause we're not putting stuff on top of each other. Now we just put them next to each other. What can we see get this. Okay. Here you go. This is your train? No, no. I have promised you more details. Now we see two things we see the warren enough given you in the forget beginning the first morning that there is a bug in world machine on. We're hoping that this book is corrected because once it is corrected and reported, that is, If you watch this on, you still have it. Please report it again to Stephan. Just tell him. Yeah, we need to stuff out because, yeah, it's not so good. It'll just look. What? Your rectangle. By the way, if you really competitive, you only be able to see the top, right? So the top left. So you need to click on here. This boxing here, which basically means it gives you the right to edit this. Done. Oh, now you have become a bit greedy. You want to get everything and down, you can select just part of it. You can just select something in here in the middle. Whatever could do not seem like that or this part of this part. Whatever. I'll just take everything to show you. Huh? The wrist, like it's having like this? Yes. We're gonna have some empty ages on the sides of my purposes on it to show you how things work. Let's lock it by clicking on this. I on go back now to the three D View. Three of years now. Huge. And it shows you everything. Oh, hold on a moment. It's gone. The bucket. It's a matter of luck. Actually, it's very random. I can't see the book anymore, So chances are it's gonna work for us. Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's continue this way. And I showed you the photo shop way as well. I could do it and get a few Few. Right. Okay, so now I have this. I really think this is gonna be good, because in here you have the bug in here. You don't. Fantastic. We're gonna get something really cool. Well, by the way, when I say bug, it's not just a few. The problem if you happen to have you have to have it in the three d view, it will come out in your export. That's really ugly. So yeah, but when it works like this Fantastic. Brilliant. Now your absolute most important thing is one note. It doesn't have to be that note, but I just prefer to be to have If you have three options, I just give you the best one. The best one is this one. It's called Camp. This is the absolute first. Think you do once you bring in all this beauty it coming. What? You need this? Because I have asked you several times and I'm repeating it again, and I'll just grab any opportunity to repeat it. Don't touch, please. The full range because you click full range. Anything? Yeah. Now, considering man, this is one of need. No, please don't do that. Now is the time to tweak it. Keep natural fire. Elevation now is to tweak everything at once because it is one Caroline you don't to judge separate ones cause full range is gonna push. It could fool push each one of them to different full range and you end up with differences between mountains are the rings. Now you cook that you click the camp note and the cramp nerd has got a lot of functionality . You could reduce, clip, expand and find extents has got a lot of stuff in there. That's why it's my favorite. It's the number one go to when you start working with the rains. After you bring them in with machine. Because expand you can go find extends by recommend. Now it's it's an artist Work. Give bringing it slowly. Why would you go that rough to find extent and then bring it down. Go to expand that slowly Start bringing this beauty. It will react when you let it go. Very going up. See? Well, this is the beauty off the black files that you get. They have enormous information. It's a little bit like you get in when you're filming. You have, um would you call that you have, um, compressed, compressed film footage on you have the raw footage just on drone footage is like, You can't even see it. You can. Once you open it with the Reut perimeters, you can tweak everything. Look at these Nazar files as raw files really has a lot off. It's not really well fires. About all saying is it gives you so much control and it has a written. It basically has everything you can You can do like a blanket. Okay. Shall we go back Shall we go back? Is that your final stop? We got this out of this. I actually my screen. I can see if I really look very well. Could see some dark race. Nice. Okay, let's build this. I have built it at Resolution off 500. If you have world machine so you can go up to 16. Adjust bear in mind. Go only to 16 if you know what you're doing because your machine can take a really long time. Basically, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes you one for night or one day just to give you one image of 16 depending on how Foster machine is but eight and 16 or something. You do only when you are working on some production things that are. You're not experimenting or exploring. Okay. Experimenting, exploring. If you are using the pro version, if you're not using the profession, you don't have any headache like this. You just You're limited to 500 I think. Or to 1000. I don't remember, but exploring. Start with first with the 500 that you have. It's not gonna tell you much, but go to 2000 please. When you're exploring with something like this. Go to 2000 on when you want to export. Still, when you exported. I'm sorry. Exploring and experimenting. Want to export? Exporting for If you're destroying explosion for so stay 24 Yeah, starting 500. That's when you have No, we have 500. I'm gonna move it to two. You know what I'm thinking of moving into four? Not yet. You know what? Not yet. Let's not do it. I'm gonna move it later, right? Just keep it. Is that and say build again? This is five. All this beauty is just 500. I just get this stuff. But this is the beauty of bringing real terrines. Well, the great news is that we don't have the book now. No, I didn't. Didn't The book didn't work. This is good. The rain. Now you could go down on and see. OK, it's very low resolution. If you look at this like this, like, what is This is ugly because very lower 500 if I heard of my 500 is nothing. What do we have? Actually, we have 12 k images, boy. Um, so it's not 12. 15 k images boy before here by 12. Yeah. Your 15 k by 12 k was up by 12 by three. No,