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Workshop Training - Professional Business Card Design with CorelDraw

teacher avatar Niraj Kumar, Sr. Graphic & UI/UX Designer / Animator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome to Course

    • 2. Creating new document in CorelDraw 2018

    • 3. Defining Business Card Size

    • 4. Zoom in & Out

    • 5. Importing Logo

    • 6. Placing Text Content

    • 7. Break Apart Feature

    • 8. Placing Icons

    • 9. Trace Bitmap

    • 10. Creating new icons with Ellipse Tool

    • 11. Align & Distribution

    • 12. Removing Outline

    • 13. Resizing, Group & Ungroup

    • 14. Editing Text & Upper Case

    • 15. Align Text & Icons

    • 16. Importing Images

    • 17. Power clip & Transparency Tool

    • 18. Convert to Curve

    • 19. Putting shadow to shape

    • 20. Adding Extra Element

    • 21. Drop shadow

    • 22. Making Back Page

    • 23. Intro to making print file

    • 24. Converting RGB to CMYK

    • 25. Making Print Marking

    • 26. Convert to Curve for text

    • 27. Finalize print processing file

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About This Class

This is a project based Workshop Training and you will learn a new and exciting way of business card design step by step. You will learn basic tools and technique along with making of professional business card design.

This course is best of beginnersĀ  who want to learn professional skills of using CorelDRAW in less span of time - Quickly.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Niraj Kumar

Sr. Graphic & UI/UX Designer / Animator


I have 15+ year of experience in graphic, web, animation, advertising and interactive media.  I works with many clients across the globe. Now I am here to share my experience, knowledge and provide solutions to complex design challenges in easy and project based approach. My training methodology will be easy to follow and it is based on step by step project based training.

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1. Welcome to Course: Have you ever wondered how we can make Venus car design in Kuroda? Here you will know the exact Cherie to make business card design through this with detainee . Hello, friends. My name is needed and I am very express designer having 15 years of experience in graphic and printer design In this training programme, you will know not only designing but also know how to design in professional manner by learning tools and techniques you alone recognizing, marking print color more along with many cool their drinks. Any Fisher artist who wants to make a career in graphically nine industry can attend district around. So let's enroll on joined this train beram with me. 2. Creating new document in CorelDraw 2018: Hello, everyone. My name is Marriage on Davitt District program. I will. So you how to make twisting card or business card with cool 2018 reason. This is a welcome skin off coral to Italian 18. So first, I will create any document Click on create new document in the near six and we can put any name so I don't hear being this card missile Great Realtor name making our project impressive destination. I will choose the default seen waking We can leave it for size which is very before So here . This is a return height off this a four seat. This is units you can choose any unity like but because we are making misting guard So it really good Just inches. We can leave number of pieces one as it is every color more you see and waking full for me John Magenta, yellow and black. This is brand processing color used by printers which is used in officer printing. So we live seeing like a as it is around in regulation is 300 g p A. Which doesn't mean normal regulation for print purposes live Also as it is on click on OK, This is the basic Inter official coral raw and he left. You can see this is still walks. Many different tools is visible here. When we select in your tool, it's often will be visible in the options bar. Like this is a picture. For example, when I select June tool, it's awesome is well here. Just off. This is his gender toolbar. Most common tool is visible here. This is many of our all different manners. Israel's what Here in the right, This is color Ballard. This is doctors, many different doctors going to the loo venue you can select or de select by going through doctors as this is a symbol manager, I can click toe open it on. It is result here. 3. Defining Business Card Size: So first we will make the basic structure off listing car. For this we go toe toolbar, select a rectangle tool and door by digging left. Most button. Here we can define boot and height. The gender size off business card is 3.5 inch by two inch. So here this is worth on. This is height. In Vitoria, I type 2.5 in hide. It is two inch so you can see the rectangle is resized in 15 guards size. We also have to make sure there is one lakh off some. When we lock it, you can see the inclement off Britain. Height will be proportionally. For example, if I increase be hired for a student to you can see the inclement is equally inward. Do so. If you have to keep different height and width, then it is important to make it unlock. Then I believe it is possible to put separate Kostova lose in good hand height 4. Zoom in & Out: If you want to make a June, you can also use us crawl most in a four direction. Could you mean are using this gentle selected on June like this? If you want to do mode, you can use your mouse will in a downward direction, and we can also German or demote using options off this gentle. 5. Importing Logo: No, we have to place local here. So to place a logo goto file import go to location for their earn. Here we selected logo on click import. Here, you can see are coarser is changed to is kill I can. If I click here, it will be placed in all your size If I place by dragging over it will be pleased in the area which I covered. Now it is pleased with seem size which I have taken by dragging. 6. Placing Text Content: Besides this, there will be some content placed here. It will be name designation our dish phone number in military and recited this I have already made content of level, which is just a sample content which I will pissed you to place this first goto toolbar and select text tool on. Just click here like this on a bastard here by placing control Press wiki by using the spittle. I really skilled her down. This is not a real content. This is just for demo purposes. 7. Break Apart Feature: this is combined artistic texture. What I have to do have to make this artistic text apart because I have to make her separate with each single line text. So for doing bigger part, we go toe object menu. And here is an Austin brick artistic text apart. Here's the socket is control plus cakey. Now you can see we can selected individually. 8. Placing Icons: So this is texture. Besides this, what have to do is to create different icons for at this phone humility and oversight. So for I can you can go through a side, I can find it. We can download free icons from here. Some I consult provided here under critic common license, which is free to use. I have already done ordered somebody comes from here, which I'm going toe copy on pissed from here. So I will just selector on dragged from here like this. This is also an e v to import object, so just drop it here. It is important as it actual size. It looks in large because this is a factor file. So slipped boat icons, places I don't know it's killer down like this. 9. Trace Bitmap: No, you can see here Decision Globe, which is enemies now. If I want to convert into factor, then we're trace it first. So first we need to select an object which we are going to this. So here. First we need to select an object which I'm going toe dress it, which is already selected. Now just click on this Strasburg option. There are many officers, every level here we selectively part. There are some office level interested to lift our plane in the type of image. We can select any offers but for know your select Leinart, we put value or two in this morning for in the detail later slide to maximum. Now we keep our village organ image option selector. This often will village the old elements. I place the factor in student on this removed background Option E is used to remove this white background from the miss and leave all of their options as it is are like OK, no. We can see the ordeal. Images removed on this reactor Virgin is placed 10. Creating new icons with Ellipse Tool: lurks in this killer. Don't I run the place it here? Do you mean no? I will create a new circle icon, so go to lift stool And, uh, by holding and dragging Lived most Wharton also by pressing sift plus control key. Do this it will drawn from center and proportionally. Now I have to fill discolored here. Goto eyedropper tool. I don't pick the color from here and put the color like this. No, you can see the colors for now. Put this globe. I can't inside this circle. No, you can see this. Aiken goes behind this circle. Juman pushed to make it in front. Go to object menu are and then go to order. I click on from top pitch Which Socrates control plus honky No, it is in front. Off circle now we can change the color. Click on despite color in color palette 11. Align & Distribution: No. What we produce is to align this. I can't read this circle so that it comes to resent it. So the way is to go to object menu and they're Jobson a line and distribute and click on a light industry. We can see it here in the doctors. This is looking here. Now we have to sleep the vote object. We have to select the object first, which we are going to align now. Select the second object by holding shift. Now click on this chord. Gentle alignment. We're to go alignment. No, it is aligned. Now we'll make this glue. Aiken. No, till built in large by is killing it. 12. Removing Outline: No what we could do. You don't need any outline. So go to color palette here is dependent off. No, Phil. On the no outline, we can use this feller in Bo tree to understand it better. If you feel any color by clicking on left, most button, you can see the color richest. Now I under it by pressing control plus Jiechi. But if I right click on this palette, you can see the outline. Color is gone. 13. Resizing, Group & Ungroup: Now we have to place these icons along with this text. So first, remove this text slightly. Right? ID please. These icons in their place, it's kill it. Don't we also have to make sure that all the icons size service him to check the size? You can see it here in the options bar. It is Juno 0.1 year, seven inches in both Britain height. It is a diffused on inactive reason for this might be it is in group, so go to object menu I don't know Goto Group and select on group All object. We also have coach in this icon similar like this one. So first select this object on first I and group it by going through a group on group all object earning We have to apply it respects to this one. So first select this. We have to make sure that this look I can t beloved when it is a lot of the Britain height will be in proportion. So first Lockard here under here Day Joe print one hurt. Seven are now rich changed proportionally similarly average in this for the value 0.107. I don't know It is also just on a place these I can't studio appropriate location Also for this text this is single single object So we have to make it group So there we will be able to align the text with icon Go to object group group object all you can use sort could control tlhis G Similarly, we can do all this group to get it. 14. Editing Text & Upper Case: No, we will make this text all gifts Because this is title on your suitable different then other texture. So go toe next to menu. Here is the awesome to change kiss Click here select a per case I'm like Ok, no riches. Now if you want to make it bull, then click here. If you want to change a foreigner, then select all these texture earned Goto text tool Are you here? We can choose formed for example Here I big calorie phone. If you want to change the fund size then you can do it from you. Here I take 9.4 Saiz so you can see the foreign disused. I will take different forms size for this title. So I put 11 find I noticed and also make it boil. 15. Align Text & Icons: No. We have to align these icons with fixed. So to make it group for selected on press control plus Jiechi Slug this one on press control G against the left. This one on risk control. Gee, now I have to align districts this icon. So first you like this one on then this texture and then click here Alliance center. Particularly now it is aligned similarly, we have to do with this one. No, it is also learned. I'll select both this Click here to line We also have cool and this three icons vertically So click your alliance entered horizontally so every item is aligned together. 16. Importing Images: so we already please to contend with logo. Now we have to put some images in the background so that it could look nice. There is some sites which provides free Mrs. As for their tones, we can use it for personal and commercial use. So first societies texas dot com Chicken on his picks a B on the third thirties on this place dot home, for example, I go toe picks a be under type food items. We can see many food items, images of level here. Only you can use it on your project. I have already done ordered some uses, so I will import some images here. So go to file many select import. I select some images by pressing control Key. I click import now just drag to place the missus like this. 17. Power clip & Transparency Tool: So I have to put this image in the background of this rectangle. So first skill this image like this earned it. Then goto object. Manu, earn it very often. Power clip, place inside frame Now you can see our car service changed indicating arrow No, just click in the rectangle. No, you can see it is placed inside looking good. If we want to move the team, it's for this. Here is some options visible Added power clip content. I select a power clip content. I click this one now we can see the images Director now moved Image I don't know Displaced No, we can see the background. Very dog. We have to make it something refused so that our text would be visible probably for doing this Go total panel earlier he ritual transparency tool I really here and here One officer you're appearing below By dragging it, we can increase or decrease the transparency value I give the value 35 No, go back to Victor now Our aim is is looking refused due to transparency Also we can see and our rectangle has no feel So we feel a color so selected first I do choose any girl you like. I click on this light yellow color on the color is filled in the rectangle. 18. Convert to Curve: Besides this, we can also place this emits Here we have this piece every level for doing his first make a sheep So go toe full panel And it's like this rectangle to I go like this I feel it color I pick or Nicholas No, we can see this is rectangle. Here's Juman So this is a single for now to make it hip First we need to convert it Do go so goto object menu and click on Convert to go You're sort Corky's Control plus Cuchi no, we can change your sip No goto toolbox, this is CIF cool Click to selected No, we can see some north active here. We can select it like this on Move it right? I don't know Click on this street lane and go toe officers off this simple I click on this convert toe cover ups There is some other visible Move this arrow like this and also move this I don't to afford addiction We can see a nice car was created No So like the sea miss on move it like this on a skillet vineyard this image inside the city So for doing this first select this image. Then go back again on object. Manu on. Click on place instead. On like on this ship. No, we can see this image is placed inside this city. Now we can set the position off this image selected on move like this. League outside. We don't need this. Our plane in the same. So I do a right click in the color ballot. No, the outline is removed. 19. Putting shadow to shape: No, I knew this settled behind this ship. So first salad Recip. I do goto magic menu I click on Duplicate Here is a duplicate off it. I will place at top off it. As I knew, Teoh said, Oh, I have to remove this image from the background. Here we can see an Austin toe extract content. Click on this and remove this copy Miss No, we see across We didn't save reason for this it waas disorder before So now we have to make it correct. Right? Click on it. Earned it selected this frame type and then click on on We can see the crosses removed at the same time I have to take it back So right click on it and go to order and click on back one We can see it has gone behind this image at the same time our logo is also behind So first drag to select the local Because we know the logo is behind Blue is selected now Goto object order to front up beach It's sort cut is control plus honky sit Your poisoning heard the same time Let's select this next, huh? Mood slightly no lift Also we can change this sort of color. But this gray color. So first, select this Sape on Goto eyedropper tool. I pick a color from here on fill the color here at the same time. We can apply simpler here in icon, making slightly Juman and just drop it here. Seem cool area then. Here, Under here. So same color is applied. Matching Hello. 20. Adding Extra Element: Besides this, we can also put some elements in the blanket space here. So first, goto this freehand tool selected Ernie Boy line like this I was similarly I draw here length off this line will be equal. We can check the root of this line. So we're Sievert is to find June 93 inches No select first line. I don't give a similar I don't And also looked this second line are Do lift the line Now we can align these two lines to resect angle so received and click on distracting Girl Nick, click on this option. Both lines are now left the line off district tingle Also we will make a small circle in the is off this stop line just to look more bitter I feel the same color So go toe eyedropper tool and picked this color And Robert here I make the same duplicate for this circle Go to edit menu and click on duplicate I'm just dragged here in the top plane turned aligned right that is along with make it both circle align together Praise See key on the keyboard to line it Also we can make a thickness down So goto options on Choose your opening to one of them No, All wrong It looks good 21. Drop shadow: We can also see the sim is here as a product off this restaurant. So it's killer down on a place. It here it went down. So, Jen, you its order. So right click on and go to order. Ironically, conference off pitch. We can put their Dolph settle here Goto toolbox on select. This drops a little unjust to drag it here from bottom to top. We can increase the transparency by moving this later. 22. Making Back Page: So our friend is is really No, no, we will clear back. Pitch first. We'll copy all this content for this. I'll show you a new way to copy all this content. First, select all these objects after this. Using left most button, we will drag it below pressing. Sift on just a right click using right most Wharton and release the left Most button. No, we can see here one duplicate we're just created. No. We can remove the content which doesn't require first. Select this texture and ico's remove this are starting over. This emits on this one too. Onda, keep this sib for some time now. I have to replace the color from this ship. We have gold. Before that, we can pick a color from this eyedropper tool. Now I will show you in new way to pick a color. So selected this safe first by holding right most Burton, we will drag like this. I drop it here. There is some offense appeared. Copy Philia or PR Lanier. Copy all properties. I choose coffee Filia. Now we can see this color is feel here on the move. This text your don't. I learned a move this logo in the center. Remove this restaurant manager text and here we ride aren't us just which will be seem ready for also selections and also so likens Will goes off. Now let's make the color white or this text. Now we can hear this social icons that have been done ordered already. So go to import. I select these icons Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Click on import aren't here drag aren't dropped like this. So first we really this 100 Facebook Twitter and then it's natural. We also make sure that all these icons, sizes sort of Isham as we can see some sizes different. So first, select all these icons to resize the icon. First we have to on group it for this goto off the menu Aren't Goto group at on group? All of it on the gender size one by one, we have to apply Instagram size inboard Piers Morgan to trickles Selected This crew taken first the size of Instagram Waas Dupont 34 foot. So I put DuPont 34 foot for Twitter and now it is is similarly I do this for do you know parent 344 So all these icons Precise is now we have toe equally distribute the cycles. So first group it based control G no organ group Poor to tracon please control G again and then could've control Gee Now select all these icons together and then go to here on click on distribute center horizontally So distance between these icons is now equal. No, select this part Fastest as I knew too. Find us just in center of this Taken so selectable tycoons in text on political centre Ardently, we can also improve this background color For this we can choose this article instead of this black color So goto eyedropper tool on and pick a color from here aren't drop your now it looks better. So our front and back piers is really no 23. Intro to making print file: Now we have to prepare it for print before turning it to print. We have to bear the instant a few things. First thing you all the object within this rectangle must be converted into call like text . I can also be converted into cops. Reason for this is when it goes toe printer. There should not have any requirement for funds. Otherwise we will happen. Sen. Farmed separately with the document so that your printer can edited on a open it for the Also, we have to change color more to see and like in all sifs on images which exist in the document, as we have used images from Internet on by default. All images which found online their default calories. RGB, which is red, green and blue. And there's the reason it is important to change the color more to see you. Mikey. COLOR moved 24. Converting RGB to CMYK: so convert it in to see him like a go to edit menu. Here is the often find and replace. Click on replace. Object What I have to do here. We have to change the color more from our TV to seem like a so select this second option. Replace sickle, a model or pallet on click Next. Now select this often first find any color model or color palette and live the color model . I just seemed like it as it is with Phil's often selected article IQ unfinished, I know. Click on, replace all. So all the objects with the pills are now converting into seeing waking. All the Phils is converted to seem like a no. We have to convert the outline color more. So go 200 menu and shoes find and replace on the place object Select Second option, ironically, can finish this time. We choose our planes and click finish. Ironically, can replace all now our outlines and fees. Both hasn't converted to seem like it. So to check Goto a drivable and just never get here like this, you can see the seem like a very loose when it which confirmed that it is converted to seeing way curriculum or similarly. No, we have to change the color more off images used. Select this object first pick on this often off park Live content because here here, the articular mortis sewing. So to chill the color more who seemed like a goto map menu didn't go to more and choose seeing like it color. No, it is converted to see and like it. Similarly, we also have to convert this background in this so you can part with content. Now go to begin with map More on juicy waking similarly in the back page. You see, like this image I again go to Britain happened you just more and then we can see my kid color. So all the objects, including images sifs formed text all are converted into C and like it 25. Making Print Marking: Now we need to send it for print before we need to create a print marking for doing this June. This front page aren't here. I choose 300 and go like this again. Draw from right to left. Now select what items I make a duplicate. Please control on a bag like this by holding lived. Most Burton click right most Britain to make a copy. I don't really see left. Most button here, we can see a duplicate is created now. Holding safety mover too right slightly Jim on are just its position. No drag to select. Both object. Now I will create meter again using the same method. Click right. Most Burton on release the left. Most button The duplicate is created now moving to below are 30. It's apportioning. Let's move this big piece slightly below. Similarly, now we'll select all four markings and make a duplicate our shared your solution. No, we have to create a blue area because when the cutting is done after printing the Internet designs nor court, so we lived abroad area, so we will increase in the background and the images to the outer area off this marking. So let's do it, I move it slightly, Don't. We can live up to half inch really area in all 4/3. Similarly, we are suddenly to leave the bridge area for this image. So increase it from top the boat in this and this turtle and then this stop bottom. And they said along with we are so need to remove this outline so right click on no color are plain off Similarly, we also do in the big piece so selected on a mood Oh, live in bottom and right earned also removed e outgoing So we have created marking in front and breakage. 26. Convert to Curve for text: before sending it to print, we will convert our texture in Tokyo. So first we will make a duplicate page for boot front and back design. So we'll clear the new piece. Right? Click on this period. Number one here is an option. Duplicate piece. Click on it. Here is an awesome coming after selected peace keeping selector. If you knew that if it with content then select this often Coppelia I'm their content So click on OK, now we can see a duplicate gauges creator We can give it his name So right, click on it on here we choose Rename pitch aren't here You died Cool bitch and click OK on also name it that click on it and choose rename Pitch on Give it a name original content and click Okay, No, we really start converting it to go. So select all these objects Go to afflict menu and select Convert Toko Similarly select these so selections on this control plus cookie so we could go And also this logo This control que also select of logo on press control plus cuchi So all the text and sifs has been converted Toko convert to cover up some doesn't apply only Mrs. So we leaving, Mrs. As it is. So this is the convert toe corpus on. This is the origin content. 27. Finalize print processing file: before sending a took printer wantedto send some fires along with review off this design. So along with we need to attach 40 used within this document. So here the farm which is used here is calibri. So go to control panel. I'm here with type fonts on here click viewing style phones. And here we copy the foreign family off delivery I savour to folder India Document folder. So make a folder on the limit Printed Dirty price aren't inside to create a new folder again Foreign used And inside this folder let's fish the forms which you copied along with a preview miss for this. So, Philip, this design, it is important to stand this perfume. It's to printer so that printer can look overall design. So to create a deputy go to file menu on a click on export goto a deck stop. I wanna go inside for that click on print ready files are give if I limb on a serious type as a jpg mists are deeply corn export as we are creating a court review. So we choose a color more our TV under do the quality Under pushing on leave all of the options. Other news earned. Click on OK, now we're separated. Profile on urgent content So goto file ironically going serious and go to print Ready files are you? Name it. BC underscored core. So that printer could know which one is court file. Shit. You can also choose older words. Enough good room, for example. Different. I have wasn't 11 off Kordell Then you can save it is 11 wasn't else. We can choose new words. Um now remove the ordeal. Content pays from here No press control Plus is key to save it now under it to get on your content, Pidge Nobility copies now goto file service are you Name it BC or Islam Ironically, concert if intended hydrogenation FIEs liked. If all MPs then we can also save it for this goto file export on a select serious state As it ups click on export in the dialog walks, the colors should be seen waking the types of Latif on export text as this juice go on, the revolution should be 200 e. P a. It's transparent background and click on OK, if you want to make your two file goto again on file export in seven states we can choose if aren't click export in the dollar Walks live as it is Everything on click OK, so in the print ready files we can see all of us Remove the back off. We have to rename all these files with their appropriate name. I have renamed all the files Visit if BCPs bc quote busy preview on B, C or D We can send all these files Printer by Jipping It So finally we have done business card and we have known what waas the process off it. This is the standard process to make our type of business card on By applying this process , you can make any type of business cards are twisting card Thank you so much for watching on being with me.