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Working with JSON Data Arrays

Maurice Price, Web Application Developer

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction to JSON data arrays

    • Making the folders

    • Creating the CSS file

    • Create the JSON data file

    • Create the indexpage final

    • Creating the index 1 page

    • Creating the index 2 page

    • Creating the index 3 page


About This Class


In this class you will learn about JSON data arrays and how to use them in your web applications.

New web app developers are often confused about how to use JSON data in their applications.

This class will show you step by step how to read a JSON data file and format it for display on your web page.

I one of the video lessons I dhow you how to populate a drop down list using a JSON data array.

I have attached the source files for this course do make sure you download them and use them as you go through this class.





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Maurice Price

Web Application Developer

My full time job is web application developer. I build web based applications for a large multi national company.

Most of my development is done using HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

I've been building web based applications for over 20 years and I enjoy the creative aspects of my work.

I also create courses to teach others to become web app developers so other can increase their skills which hopefully helps them get great jobs as an application developer ....

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