Working with Creative Freelancers: How to be An Awesome Client | Anne Kircher | Skillshare

Working with Creative Freelancers: How to be An Awesome Client

Anne Kircher

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6 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Crafting a Creative Brief

    • Kicking Off Your Project

    • Reviewing Creative Pieces

    • Presenting Creative Feedback

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this Skillshare class, you will learn how to work with creative freelancers to turn your creative dreams into reality. This includes:

  • Crafting an air tight creative brief to serve as a road map (our class project)
  • Kicking off your project
  • Reviewing creative pieces strategically
  • Giving constructive creative feedback

By the end, you will have actionable steps you can take to improve your communication with freelancers and get the results you want.





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Anne Kircher is the Senior Marketing Account Manager at the Stanford Alumni Association at Stanford University. She is responsible for making the creative process run smoothly from kickoff through production. Through running workshops for colleagues, individual coaching and effective meeting facilitation, she ensures that there is an open dialogue, so internal clients can get the pieces they want, and creatives can be proud of their work. She has a background in PR and marketing and has worke...

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