Work more efficiently using Smart & linked Objects | Georgi Petrov | Skillshare

Work more efficiently using Smart & linked Objects

Georgi Petrov, Graphic Designer | Photographer

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5 Videos (54m)
    • Introduction

    • Importance of Using Smart Objects

    • Design With Smart Objects

    • Design using Linked Objects

    • Overview


About This Class


My new class hopefully will help you to speed up your workflow and save you some time when working on multiple templates in Photoshop.

Many times I faced the issue working on design and need to create Flyer Design with Instagram and Facebook version. Or sometimes there is a poster involved. In some cases, the client may decide at a later stage to add extra templates, different layouts or resolution. 

Using smart and linked objects, presets and styles could save you lot's of times and make you more efficient in your work.





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Georgi Petrov

Graphic Designer | Photographer

Graphic Design

My name is Georgi Petrov, the founder of DESIGNROOM1229 a design studio helping businesses to stand out with their branding and web presence.

I start designing flyers in late 2011 and more serious in 2012. Following a successful start, I decided to brand all my designs and escape from my own name. This is how DESIGNROOM1229 was born in August 2012, initially selling flyer templates on the Graphic River.

Such was the success of the template...

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