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Work more efficiently using Smart & linked Objects

teacher avatar Georgi Petrov, Drinks & People Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Importance of Using Smart Objects

    • 3. Design With Smart Objects

    • 4. Design using Linked Objects

    • 5. Overview

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About This Class


My new class hopefully will help you to speed up your workflow and save you some time when working on multiple templates in Photoshop.

Many times I faced the issue working on design and need to create Flyer Design with Instagram and Facebook version. Or sometimes there is a poster involved. In some cases, the client may decide at a later stage to add extra templates, different layouts or resolution. 

Using smart and linked objects, presets and styles could save you lot's of times and make you more efficient in your work.

Meet Your Teacher

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Georgi Petrov

Drinks & People Photographer




My name is Georgi, proud dad of two beautiful daughters married for a most amazing person; my wife and I love creating, cooking and travel.

Apart from working as a freelance graphic designer, I am a professional photographer who loves taking pictures of cocktails, beverages and people portraits. As a professional mixologist for over 20 years, I decided to bring my knowledge of cocktails together with my photography and created Just Shake or Stir on Instagram. With over 20K followers, I decided to start my journey on YouTube and finally on Skillshare.

I believe in the continuous learning of new skills, and I am here to share my knowledge with you.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my small home office and photo studio. My name is Georgie, and I've been graphic designer for over six years now. During this year's, I made a lot of mistake and I learned a lot of things and came to the point when I decides to share this knowledge with you guys and hopefully save you some time and prevent some mistakes, which I did in my past years in this class, I want to teach you how to use smart objects and linked objects in your photo shop. Workflow. Smart objects are incredibly powerful. To inform shop, they can be used toe speed up your workflow, but also retain the quality of your images and reduced the file size. I hope you're gonna let us something from this class, and I hope you're gonna make it as a daily workflow, the use of small smart objects and linked objects because trust me when you try and see the difference working this way, I think you're gonna love it and are slowly you'll find yourself using it on a daily basis . It's amazing. It's really cool. It's fun. An end of the day It's to help you be more faster in your work, be more productive. Don't spend too much time. Glink upwards and downwards and with revisions with clients, make fuss changes. And most of all, don't lose any quality. Or don't lose any of your original files which you working with So you won't see me during the class because I'm not ready. Leave a big fan of the Cometa, as you can see. So let's jump to photo shop and ah, let's just crack on And we start with the smart objects. I will show you a 10 reason why to you smart objects how to do it. We're gonna create something small, something nice. You can practice all the way or you can create something on your own. Then when we finish with smart objects, we gonna move to the linked objects in this moments. If you are using any version of Adobe Photo Shop under 14.2, I think it is. You won't have this option on for the shop linked objects. So what I suggest it's Ah, go to Adobe and just download trial version off the latest photo shop from the creative clout. It's absolutely free for 30 days, and it's amazing because you can use all the tools you can practice. And, ah, if you like, you can just keep it. There's a many options monthly plans there. You can see we're not going to go there. But it's amazing. And trust me, if you work up for clients on a Muti size projects, let's say, for example, you're doing a flyer, Twitter, other, a Facebook cover and all of this. It needs to be the same design. Why you should do everything separate. Why should go and make all these templates one by one in a moving car objects and trying to adjust the sizes and colors and everything. It's insane. You don't have to do that because you're gonna lose such a long time of your day doing that . If you use linked objects, you can do all in one working on Leah. One of your document and the rest of it is gonna be automatically updated for you. But we'll see this later. How it's worked for now. Let's start with a part one a smart objects and see what we're gonna go from that jumped your photo shop. I'm gonna take off my face from your screen. You won't see me again until the end. And ah, let's have fun. I'll see you in the next part. 2. Importance of Using Smart Objects: Okay. Welcome toe. The real lesson now. Amount of camera. Which it's very comfortable. I'm sorry, guys. I just told really very big friends with cameras. But here we go. We have our photo shop window here open our working space. In the moment I have things to Graham template and very quickly I'm going to just run down . Why? How and when to create smart object. So let's start backwards when two creates more smart objects. Smart, smart objects. Any time, Any time you have a chance, do it. Make sure you keep your original set and files. No destructive. Not by any chance. Give yourself the ability to make something wrong and then you can go back. Or if you need to go back, you need to start from scratch. Don't do it, you smart objects. Guys always trust me is the best. So what we say we can do smart objects with almost anything placed in for the shop. So the first things why we do smart objects. Very simple. Preserve raster Image quality. First thing safe free transform setting second things. Let's say you have image. I'm going to get up. I care for the open one. Probably it's not the best, but hey, it's a cool image, Really good quality. I'm so I I will place it in my template of instagram. Now, as you can see the image, it's ah, the image size It's whoa, massive 6000 Almost 7000 pixels on the wild side and my instagram it's 1200. So no cool. I need this image to fit inside. But if I decides it as it is without making a smart object and then later on I Oh, I need to bring it back. What's gonna happen? Sorry about that. I'm gonna put this phone down now. Here we go. So what's gonna happen? You see, blood distort pixelated, do horrible. And if you lose the original file, what we're doing here, nothing. You gone. So whenever you do smart object always. Really? I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself too many times, but always use it. Very simple, right? Click Convert to smart object Job Done. It's already smart. Object as you can see the small icon here Now if itis size it down like that and I want to go back if you see on the top, it's on 6% and steel on 6%. If I want to go 200 just let me link them together. Still exactly the same. Nothing changed in the quality of damage. OK, another fink How they say Maybe you want to transform this image somehow but saved the regional one. Very simple. You go 20 it transformed. Let's say distort, I just go. We want to do it this way. Here we go images change. But when you double click on your smart object inside it's all exactly the same. So nothing happened. If you go wrong, you can distort this. You can change it as many times you want nothing gonna change inside Fabulous season it so another thing which I mentioned a very good police of the creating smart object that's shared sores or replacing contents or smart object Their copy All this option will explain very quick for you. Here share sources mean you want to use the same smart object, but a couple of times and ah, you want toe. Let's just keep old key. Let's drag it down. Whoops. So you want to use the same smart object and whatever you do in one of the objects, you want it to change on the rest of it. That will be very useful. When we do the linked object lesson, then you'll see what I mean. It's amazing, but just to show you a quick so if you if you want to use the same smart object or you need to do, is just duplicate the layer so you can go command control J or just hope Old key drag down , Let's say we make it smaller and let's say Let's keep it twice on Lee. Now we want to put something inside in the smart object. Maybe just text put some text here. We're not gonna do any like design work in the moment. We're just gonna be quick. You go when you close it. The text issued appear on both more objects. Okay, you see, it's on both here and here. So whatever you change on this layer on, the one of the smart object is going to go to the rest right? In some cases, that's fabulous. For example, creating three D text than this kind of effects and for the shop is just amazing to use deception. Okay, because yes, you can type some text created a smart object, and then you can use it to create amazing stuff. Another Think what I said. It's Ah, it's smart. Object via copy. That's easy. You just right click and go New smart object via copy is going to create another smart object for the shop. But look at that. If I put some text in this smart object, yeah, what's gonna happen is gonna affect on Lee this smart object. It won't affect the other one. I'm sorry. So you maybe want the same image like before and after some think because it's a it's a very It's a very cool things for before and after, and I'll explain to you why. So let's let's make this text really quick after. Put it here. Close it. Yeah, let's go and open the other smart object. Put text before put in the middle. So if you want to show somebody what's happened with their image after the already think or you won't make, let's say you make some kind of a flyer for photographer or something, can you want to do this? You have to smart objects. You have the text, but what is the cool things. Here you have the same image insight, but you can change the image now and you can do stuff on the image. And that's amazing. So that's your before. Let's go on after and just do a very quick ah, future something. So I'm still in the text. So if we go in the future gallery, let's put this text, okay? I mean, this effect will just leave it like that. Close it and you're gonna have after when it's ready. Okay, So before and after birth. Do you really want to do that? No. What did I say? And I say I'm gonna repeat many times. Always use smart objects. So let's go back before you touch this image. Make it smart. Object again. So convert to smart object in the smart object Goto filter. Go to future gallery. Put whatever future we want on this image, but still your image. It's inciting. The smart object and its original file Always preserve the original file. And what? It's cool. Here you have smart futures now, while you can do, you can double click on adjustment here and you can change. That's a blending month. You wanna put for example, Vivica Lights to be more while That's crazy. Never going to use that. Or you can click on the actual future gallery and you can decide toe change defect and you just get go to grain effect, OK? And you want grain it a lot. You close there. Here we go is change. Then you have smart future mosque. Fabulous. Get your brush, for example. Let's say you want this effect Toby here. Yeah, but you don't want to be on the face of these guy in the middle. Just brush it on top away with a soft brush. Remove the fact Here we go. Close the smart objects and send it to your clients for division. Okay, job done. When it's open, he needs to. Graham, you have for the stinks done and what is the best. It's absolutely cool. You still have the original fire. Whatever happened, you can always go back to it because it's a smart project. Another fink. Before I finish, we dine before we actually move to some kind of a cool designing of something really quick to show you how it actually speed up your work. The smart object we want to replace the content in the smart object. Now, if it's copy paste situation, if you open one of them and replace the image, it will replace in the other one. Okay, but because it's situation which we have now copy via copy. Smart object. If I go in this one, let's get another. Let's get what we going to get. We gonna get this one? Yeah, Here we go. We're gonna put this image instead. Yeah, Or you can do You can put it inside here, create smart object and put your effects. Or you can simply open this smart object, get the image drug inside. They lead this one. I know it's a converse situation here. We're not gonna go this. I'm just showing you what's happening. That's all details. It's for another license when we actually going to design some cool flyers in the future. So it's old eddeen If I close there, I didn't remove the previous one because I'm rushing. I'm so sorry about that. I'm going to do it again. Now don't worry about it. It's all restoration ish. So let me just open again and just delete the You see, you still have But you have the mosque of this guy here. So it's just for the moment, disabled this mosque where you do shift and click on top of it and it will disable it. There you go. You have your after and I will. You need to do is just replace your before. Okay, when this is safety So you go, you're open. You replace your before as the lead I let's put before on the top. Let's close the saver and this is a image replaced all of the same effect. Still there. You don't have to do any additional job. The clients say. I want to use this image instead. But keep the feel of a I like how you did it. Just use this image. You done job Done. What happened? Always smart object. Always keep the five in the original state, and this is a pretty much guys. Maybe just one more things I'm gonna mention. Some of you may be asked what's happened. If I have vector illustration or something, can I want to place it very simple. I have feel straight or here open. I've just been working on some Ah, let's say let's open that I've just been working for this cool water park doing some updates on their local Let's say you want to place this loggia, you know, in the new adobe CCU have the library so you can use your library instead of opening. Call these and dragging can doing. But whatever doesn't matter. Let's say you want to place this insight. You just select the whole thing. Command copy. Go to photo shop Command V for command paste and is gonna ask you Photoshopped, Do you wanna play to paste a smart object as a pixel as a path or is a shape liar? Yes, of course we want places. A smart object. Why? A very simple When it's come to this point, here we go. We have it is a smart object. When it's come to this point and the clients say, Oh, I really like that. But can you change, uh, name here in the woods? Bake with some other color. Why not? So because it's copy paste is go here on the library. When I pressed double click is gonna send me back to your straight area so I can easily go and just we just open this text And let's say you want to change the text to something. Ah, I don't know what we're gonna change. Whatever. Just let's change it just for the sake of you close. But I safe when you go mouth e I don't want that when you go down to photo shop that are all change but stealing smart object Your vector FAO It's absolutely fine if you press command Outset is going to go back Step is going to change the smart object but then is going to come the small triangle here and you need to re link it and do all the jobs again and again anyway, just showing you the power of the smart object very quick, very fast. Always keep the original file and nothing wrong happening. So this is it for now. In the next part, we just going to create something nice, a small design so I can show you how to use text, image and vector in the same design as a smart object. And then we're gonna move to the linked objects. When is gonna be the absolute from how Susan, But I 3. Design With Smart Objects: Okay, guys. So let's get something done with the smart objects. So I was thinking what I'm gonna do this so many things jumping in my head over. So we're gonna do something simple, maybe boarding cause design, but kind of the day I just wanted to get used to you. Smart objects in police. Do some think and post in your projects or posting the class comments or whatever. Show me what you've done. I mean, I really want to see what you've done. Just just experiment, you know? Mean use the smart futures, use the normal futures used effects, use the distort. You saw the everything well you can use. Just make sure you use it on a smart object. So here we go. What? We have Instagram template again? I have this quick laptop. It's a mockup. But I've just safe this PNG so I can use it. So I will keep it like that. I won't convert this smart object. Just want them to stay there for the moment on. Then I need Teoh. I have a lot of images as you can imagine after all this work. But I do have a somewhere. I have so so many models and things like that already is related. But there we go. This is who I want the problem in. So it's already is relate file. But what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna dragon place it in my instagram. There you go, this funny guy and as before, we're going to keep the mosque, inciting the smart objects. So I just put mold out, right click convert to smart Object. Let's precise to fit our template, and we want them toe actually point the laptop if it's possible. He's doing really good job. Actually, look at him. It's just proper pointing to the laptop. It's a little bit too big. I know it's have to be in the front, but let's make them like, Hey, lovely. So whenever we try to do now to this motor with a smart object and we can do whatever we want, then I just get some nice backgrounds were going to get with Grady in background, maybe gold with the same blue. Just maybe reverse it to have some. Now, that's cool. Let's stay like that. Okay. Okay. Now what? I wanted to put some noise on these background. If I go to filter and go at noise. Look what's happening, adult for the shop. It's gonna ask you toe convert to smart object or rest arise. We don't want to restaurants because Warner keep it the regional because we may decide later on or your customer may decide. So I want a guy with red shirt and red background, you know? I mean, that's no my color. I want pink. So what you're gonna do start again doing the pink, radiant trying toe? Find the pink shirt guy and stuff like that. I know, of course, No. So convert to smart object and let's put some noise around, too. Let's say 3%. It's absolutely fine. Why put this one is just because if you look when I zoom in the Grady and now you can see any lines or anything, it's nice and smooth. Thing is giving kind of a little bit. I don't play with a background, so it's smart. Object. Fabulous. Let's leave the background for the moment. We need some text self. We can put here, for example, locked up obvious. Let's make it smaller. Put on top here. There you go, and it's just old sheaf dragged down a pair. No, no, that's just put laptops. That's a soul, silly. But I'm going to do a laptop shop. Huh? Anyway, make these smaller. There you go. What? I want to do a few use. Don't be Ah CC like last version or seen, so don't be introduced. Galleries, libraries. Here we go. I have library here for most of my clients and things like that. But I have one which is basically, which is basically as the the main library, which I'm keeping a lot of things inside. So I'm just going to change the text to blue. I'm going to go on laptop, change the tax to gay. So I have these things and I want to combine them both in the smart object, so I will convert them to smart object. Why? Because whatever I do now, if I click, which is gonna extend the Conversely, Toby. So whatever I do, I can always go back to them and I have the original text. So that'll do. Here we go. So I want to put some a little bay and noise to them. It's well, it's already convert, so it's fine. That's it. Then get the guy with some Ah, a little bit shadow behind. Just gonna move. It'll it'll be Make it more to ply. Lovely. Now you've done these. Let's say a quick draft and you sent to the client and he say like I said before, so I want to change the colors. So what you gonna do? You gonna create another Grady and layer you're gonna do all from the beginning? No, just double click on your ah smart object going side change. Let's say he wants to do pink. Well, let's do pink Closed down everything changing seconds. It's all regional. Still there. Thank you. Say, oh, you know, I like this guy, but can we remove for this pain and everything and things like that? Of course we can. You just go get spot healing brush making b. Ah, just paint here on top of a just leave for the shop to do the job. I mean, that's a really quick it's not perfect. But, you know, I mean, I'm just doing for the sake of it, and then the clients say, Oh, can we change his T shirt? Of course we can, but so you can change from here the T shirt and everything. But what did I say before? Keep it always a smart object, if you can. Okay. So if you go just you know you can replace colors. You can choose the blue, and you can just go and change them. Tourette's in your dark. And that and that and that. And so long and so on. You can work as many times you want. You see, it's fantastic. Buff was the mistake I made. Did anybody actually get it? This one? I was fishing and I'm old. Let me please my client. And let's rush. No, don't nourish. Take it slowly. So let's go back to where we Waas. Yes, I want to change this guy. But why should change this guy? Who? I can change another guy. So what I'm gonna do, I'm going to create converts. Smart, new smart objects Veer, Copy and I'm gonna work. They're gonna shut down this liar. I keep it there. I have my model copy so I can go now. Inside, I can remove for these pants and everything. Whatever. It's in his pockets because, yes, it's silly coming toe computers. I can go in image adjustment. Replace color. Let's pick the blue again. Let's make them with the green shirt. Maybe who know that's to green. Come on, let's make them with a what? Pink? Yeah. No, it's too much. Here we go. That's nice. So let's save them. He's changed clients happy. And then day after you know what my partners say, Let's go back to the blue because we actually really like. Okay, let's go back to the blue. We just go here, go here. Go back to the blue clothes. A saver I went to move, create. I hate this false. It's always Google tried to speak with me when I don't want so yeah, put me off these things. Let's put the blue one again, okay? He wants the blue man. There you go. You have the blumen, but you'll say, Well, the pen steal their Yeah, it's still there. So what I can do? I'll tell you what Instead of creating another smart object, just duplicate this guy. Come on, Jay. Yeah, And just work on your second layer with a duplicate image. Yeah, always keep your original image. So you remove the pen. Close this one and go back. Sent revision. Client happy. Everybody happy. You done. You see? How long was that? I don't know. I didn't count. 10 minutes. Something like that. So many things you can do guys with smart objects and you can always have the original there for you to come back and do it more and more and more and more. Instead of trying to do all these things on separate layers, then you need to save it. Then you make another revision. Then you need to safe another document. Another document, another document. Look at that. It's only 29 megabytes. It's nothing. You can still work tones and tones on these documents. Copy layers, make more smart objects and whenever you want. So we had to give it a try. Send me anything que actually created. Just just go for it. No matter what. I like to see some funny, cool, scary stuff and wow, some I don't know. I'm pretty sure somebody's going absolutely smart. Mean it's gonna be my was better than me. But, hey, that's life. So I'm looking forward to, and I'll see you in the next lesson when we actually going to get everything next level and we're going to start a little work. First explanation off linked objects in the photo shop, CC 2017 Now and then create a flyer off Instagram and Facebook cover, working only on one of the templates, but updating everything automatic on the site. You see what kind of cool things is now, House you soon. Bye bye. 4. Design using Linked Objects: Okay, let's jump to the exciting part. Now linked objects we've seen how to create smart object. Now we're gonna go step further and gonna use linked objects. And this is where the real game begin. It's amazing things. Trust me, it's just unbelievable. If you have to design a few Muti sighs templates, let's say in our case, we're gonna work with flyer design with Facebook cover and with Instagram so all of them, we'll have exactly the same design. But we're gonna work on one template, and I'm gonna show you how everything else it's update automatic. We're gonna keep it very simple. But remember, you can do amazing, very complicated design this way, the beauty of using clinked objects. It's that you can do very quick changes on multi templates. You can ah have all the asset in one place you can share with other designers, and as far they have the access toe the same folder in the same place where only inked object, it's Ah Safed. They can do work on the same design, so you may work with somebody else on the same project and you have something to do or you have some time off, but the projects needs to keep going. They don't need to bother you. They can just go grab the same files and keep going. Can whatever they change, it's gonna change in the rest of the template that Onley things. Obviously, it's that all of them needs to be open at the same time. So we have here this flyer, we have a Facebook cover. We have instagram. So to keep it really simple, just for purpose to show you how to use this linked objects, we're gonna create a background smart object. We're gonna put image like object and a little text in that safe. But once you get the idea and once you start using it, as I say, you can just make so much more complicating things. So let's start first things first, creating a smart object if you don't have open already your properties panel, so make sure you open it. Just go on here window and go properties and open. And because this is where all the magic happens and also in the file menu and in your ah folders. So here we go. Let's get and create first our background. So for this staying. We're gonna use a Grady in background again. As before, we're gonna grab this dark blue and light blue. Nice background in the moment is just a normal Grady and feel there. So we want to create this as a linked object. Before you do any of your layers before you convert them to linked objects, they need to became smart objects first. Okay, so right. Click Convert to smart objects and then you see what's happening. Your property panel. So let me just go back in properties in the moment you have only or Grady int and nothing else happening there sooner. Convert to smart object. You have this options, added content or convert tooling. How amazing is that? So let's just press convert to laying. And, uh, photo shop is gonna ask us where we want to save this. So I've already created the folders so we don't lose time. In my case, I create a folder laptop shop on the stop. Then I create another folder. Smart objects. Yes, and I, as you can see here already, I have the Facebook and the great, and few from before I create them already. I should remove them, but doesn't matter. We're gonna overwrite everything. So we select smart objects for this is gonna be our library when we're gonna store all smart objects in old linked objects so we can work with them on the rest of the templates. So this is great and feel So let's just rename this background symposia safe. And that's a with them. No, let's get our problem. And from before yeah, let's move it to our fly of template. Convert to smart objects. Gain the same convert to Link is gonna ask us where to say if we have only the background safe here. So let's just type again. Problem man. Simple and easy. That's a It's convert and let's create our texts. Well, we're not going to use laptop here, but you go the idea you can make anything, so we're just gonna type. That's Michael. It'll be bigger. So we're going to do laptop shop. It's just alignments. Go put on out too. Okay, Mike, it's Let's make it on 60. Probably. It will be okay. I may do go down to 48 here. Made them close to each other. Remember, you can have this. Ah, obviously as two separate world. Whatever he decides in this case, I'm just going to use them like one text and just gonna convert these text to smart object , go to my properties and convert to linked. And I'm just gonna leave it as it is locked up shop not see, we're ready. So here we go. This is where the magic begins. We're gonna close this problem, man. Now, as you can see, Instagram and Facebook, it's absolutely empty. What we want to do, it's get these design designed that simple, simple design, everything commanded, done like we want to be laptop shop. I'm gonna make it really big. And I'm gonna do this like that, go a little bit behind him. Me Just hide my guides. So here we go. It's more clear for you. And there you go. You have the flyer template. Let's say that's your base template. Like a draft kind of idea what you want to do. And now you want to transfer these two your other two come versus and work out. So to make it easy, we go in the instagram, and when you go to file here, it says, place ember place linked place, back or package package. And we will explain to you all ladies let's go back to the to the flyer package. It's We have all these linked objects. Not here. Yeah, if you don't wanna export everything one by one, you can just go to file package and the system is gonna grow up everything and you can create new folder. Let's say let's create another one in the laptop shop. Let's create another folder called Package. I was Just choose now what's gonna happen if I go in my find her here on the desktop, and I go on laptop shop Ongoing Package Flyer. I'm gonna have the flyer with all linked objects. Insight Absolutely separate, ready to be used. So that's another think you can create your for his draft and then import everything. I personally prefer to make it one by one, but it's up to you is depends on the situation, to be honest, but here we go. We go to Instagram, go to file place linked. So when it says place Ling, we go to the desktop. We go to laptop shop smart objects when with a background and we're gonna plays the background. No problem. You see, it's exactly the same us the flyer. So we can resize it because this is gray and feel. It's nothing gonna change too much is just going precise. Exactly. Same story with a Facebook file place, length, a background. Place it in and I just stretch it. I'm gonna close this profile image and over lie because this is kind of a not relevant anymore. With Facebook, they changed totally the layout bar. Anyway, the size is still the same. So here we go. We have them now. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go to window arrange, and I'm going to arrange this Toby three up stuck. Okay, so we go, we got the flyer. Here we go, the instagram. But let's let's get let's get the flyer as our based. Okay, So window one inch stuck. So now we have the flight. Here we have the Facebook timeline and we have day instagram template. Here we go. So, instagram, I'm gonna go in place, the rest of it. So we got the laptop shop place. Just leave it there for a moment. Let's get the problem and placed live there for the moment will sort them out after let's go to Facebook and do exactly the same. Plays the laptop shop and place the problem. And and there you have it. You're working for a client and you're doing three time place for him in the same time. So let's arrange Facebook early. Toby, we're going to make the problem and a little bit smaller. And obviously we want to make the laptop shop political. Be smaller. Okay, then we're gonna go to Instagram, do the same, make the problem anally Toby smaller and let's get the laptop shop. How deep will be bigger and this is a Then you have it old three templates. It's on the absolutely same smart object, but obviously you can place him whatever you want. You can resize them, but this is when the magic happens. As before, I said, we go to our flyer and let's say you decide to change the background. It's very simple. Double click is gonna open because it's already being converted. A smart object and then linked object. So we're gonna change the grade. Ian, go to the pink one. We're gonna close and press safe. And what's gonna happen? Look at her Facebook instagram. Everything come date. How fabulous is there? So you go to your problem and and you want to change this shirt. But as I say before, always try to keep it a smart object or duplicate layer so we never lose the previous one. So let's let's duplicate it. Command or control J Let's go to image adjustment. Replace colors like so, like the blue. Give him a nice being. Hey, we go closing and we just wait dot c Simple as that. Guys imagine. What can you do with complicate files with a big flies with a lot of information, Probably. You gonna be our school. Can you change the logo, for example, text here, Let's go with the text. We have the text here. Okay, We want to change. We don't want any more laptop shop. We wanna relive the laptop shop. Just relief laptop Importantly, Toby down. Make it just the slight. Smaller? Yeah, and duplicate, uh, bring it down and then we just go. What we Let's see parts we put laptop part. Why? No, we change. Here is change here has changed everywhere is just amazing. He's in a now obviously If you do something like that, it won't happen on the rest. But if you open inside, make your compass bigger. So there's this way to make your campus bigger is just press your crop toe and just just make it bigger. It doesn't matter. It will change everywhere, but you can always suggest the position and everything. So let's get the both of them selected. Convert them to the to the smart object. Okay, and let's pin them. What, 15 30 degree? This is it. Let's close it. Here we go. Everything changed. So if you decide, let's say to work on your Facebook, you can do it here. It's already smart object. You can probably wants to do some custom like Arc. Let's say half like 10% bending. Okay, 10% bending. Here we go. This is a now obviously you can see the flight is going out in. Ah, if we put the guides is going to go out of the blades. So all you need to do just resize. Italy told May bring it in and you're done. So this is it, guys, it's It's extremely simple, and I'm pretty sure so many people don't even let they don't know about it. But don't even think to use this. And it's amazing because completely sure some of you already face the problem working on a few things for the same. Let's a client or for your on project and you just finished the flight and you start Oh, okay, let's drag things to the Facebook timeline. They let's just them. Let's see if it's gonna be exactly in the same place Exactly the same color. Look at our This is RGB. This is C M Y que no much different. Okay, Obviously, when you work with C m y que, you may want toe up, for example, a little curve to the design and maybe, you know, make it a little bit darker. You know, I mean kind of a much your RGB colors, or you may want to do like another adjustment layer doesn't matter what you do, but these things it's easy because that could be done very easy after the main, the main, the main main main and the most important thing is try to use smart and linked objects any time you can, because this is just he's going to save so much time. So much efficient, so, so fast, so pleasant to work And you feel miles better And ah, obviously I'm telling you, gonna just enjoy You're going to be absolutely cracking on. So here we go. This is it from me. If you have any questions, get in touch, ask me anything. And I'm really want to see what you can come up something simple. Don't throw yourself too much trouble, but do something and post in the class. Let's all of us see it. Let's have some comments. Like some questions, some discussion, it's whatever. Whatever you won't ask. I'm here and I'm really glad if I can help you. This is it from May. Thank you for ah, joining this nice short class. I hope to see you in my further classes because I have so many things installed and up they gonna becoming probably every one or two weeks. Something new. A small tricks and tips Cultures for two shopping desire, maybe illustrator, But I'm more in designing for to shop guy. So I'm gonna try to teach you everything. What I know to speed up your work process to help you avoid some mistakes and be more productive with your designs. Thank you again for joining in. Ah, have a lovely day. Evening, quick weekend. Whatever you do, just have fun. And remember design. It's always fun. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy. See you next time. Bye bye. 5. Overview: okay. And then you have it. We don't all done in Dust it with this lovely class. I hope you got the idea and the main message, which I'm trying to sent here. It's in order to make your workflow and your work more efficient. Try always to your smart objects and really try the linked objects when you have a multiply designs. It's amazing. Guys I know on my personal experience it took me ages until actually make this like my every day off help to say it's a habit. Like actually can think off working without using the smart objects I don't even know. How did I do it before I waste so much time and so much stress to get things done and everything. So it's amazing that see, I have a smart object. I even change my jumper when we doing cavity. Anyway, thank you once again for joining me and I ask any questions, anything, because this was really just a quick overview and just to show you what you actually can do , But you may have some more questions. So you wanna learn something more? Just fire up. It's OK. I'm here to answer any question and again, please. If you have some spare time or you want to practice some things and you want to share with us with everybody in the class or with me only, just post it. Get in touch. Let's have a little discussion. Let's have some feedback. Let's have some fun. Its end of the day the best thinks it's to ask him. Remember, there's no stupid questions. Nobody it's ever born knowing everything. If you know something which I can learn. Oh my gosh, Share place. Come on, don't be shy. Don't hold it back. Sharing kids amazing can. It's really, really good because that's what is the creativity were creative people, and we want to share between and make things better and keep the design going. So here we go. There, you haven't That's all from me. Now I'm going to get the little break and I'm gonna start putting notes for my next class when we're gonna jump in some cool nightclub flyer templates, designs and use a little bit more complicated stuff such as light brush is custom brushes. We're gonna make some cool stuff. So for now, thank you again And I have a lovely day. Evening. We can tweak whatever you do. Whatever you up to enjoy. Have fun. Bye Bye.