Work from Home as a Creative | Amarilys Henderson | Skillshare
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12 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro to Work from Home

    • 2. Real Goalz

    • 3. Saying No

    • 4. Time Management

    • 5. Priorities

    • 6. Leftovers

    • 7. Watch Yourself

    • 8. Finding Flow

    • 9. Being the Boss

    • 10. Passion to Inventory

    • 11. Power of Play

    • 12. A Few More Final Tips

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About This Class


Working from home is the dream! And. Working from home is so tricky! Cramming our passions into structure is like trying to herd cats in a pen, but it's not impossible. 

This class proposes that the way to work efficiently is by not working like your typical officemate. As your own boss and as a creative person, your priorities and passions look quite distinct because you shape them!

We will flip these three common ideas on their heads:

  • Manage your time
  • Set up your workdays with classical structure
  • Do the work that brings in money

And turn them into creative concepts:

  • Focus Management
  • Finding Flow
  • Passion to Inventory

This 35-minute chat is fun to watch and easy to re-listen to as we condition ourselves into vibrant, working entrepreneurs!

Amarilys Henderson has known the juggle of motherhood and career, while strategically stepping towards new, fun frontiers. She is the an artist, author, and instructor to 100K here on Skillshare. Her career highlights include publishing, writing, and/or illustrating three books (for Quarto and Dayspring), designing a fabric line (through Paintbrush Studio Fabrics), creating paintings for dishes (for Mikasa) and speaking at Alt Summit... all within 14 months.