Work from Home Productivity Hacks Vol. 3 | Ken Wells | Skillshare

Work from Home Productivity Hacks Vol. 3

Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Why Should I Take this Class?

    • How to Establish True Balance so You Don't Go Crazy

    • BONUS: An Easy Way to Maintain Composure & Regain Perspective as You Go About Your Day

    • How to Complete the Class Project

    • How to Leave a Review for This Class

    • Conclusion and Next Steps


About This Class

Establishing real balance is key to peak productivity...'s also important so you don't pull your hair out in frustration...

And since there is a general lack of established boundaries when you work from home, it's very easy to get thrown off balance.

So, in the class, you will learn:

  • Why the Work/Life Balance Model is Incomplete & Misleading
  • Destroying The Myth That Separates Your Work & Your Joy
  • How to Prevent Yourself From Getting Too Wrapped Up in Your Work
  • What "True Balance" Is and How to Find It
  • How to Pick Up on the Subtle & Obvious Clues That Your Body is Giving You
  • How to Avoid Burn-Out
  • The Power of "90-Minute Blocks"
  • A Quick Way to Get Refreshed When You're Stressed Out
  • Why Making Time For Yourself Needs to Become a Priority

This class is perfect for you if you run your business from home or if you're a telecommuter who just likes to kick ass at their job.

So, go ahead and enroll in this class now, so you can get more done faster and enjoy your work more! 





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Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 20+ courses and coaching programs on topics such as meditation, personal transformation, online course creation & marketing mindfulness and spirituality.  

To learn more about the "Academy of Self-Mastery" and be notified of free webinars and other events - Click Here

40,400+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

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