Work from Home Productivity Hacks Vol. 2 | Ken Wells | Skillshare

Work from Home Productivity Hacks Vol. 2

Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Why Should I Take this Class?

    • A Simple Way to Organize Your Day and Get Boat Loads of Work Done

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    • Conclusion and Next Steps


About This Class

One of the greatest lessons I've learned while working from home is the importance of organizing and planning my day.

It's so easy to become side-tracked and lose focus when you work from home.

So, in this class you will learn:

  • How to Get Organized For Maximum Productivity & Efficiency
  • How to Avoid One of The Biggest Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make
  • The Absolute Worst Way to Start Your Day
  • How to Avoid Everyone Else's Agenda Monopolizing Your Time
  • An Easy Technique to Minimize Distractions
  • How to Use the "Outcome Based Master List" To Get Things Accomplished
  • How to Executive Plan Your Day
  • The Secret to Making a Schedule Actually Work
  • How to Handle Your Email...Like a Boss
  • The Importance of Remaining Flexible
  • How to Stay On Track as You work toward Your Goals

The class is short, sweet and loaded with actionable techniques.

So, go ahead and enroll now so you can skyrocket your productivity and reach your goals, even faster now.





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Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 20+ courses and coaching programs on topics such as meditation, personal transformation, online course creation & marketing mindfulness and spirituality.  

To learn more about the "Academy of Self-Mastery" and be notified of free webinars and other events - Click Here

40,400+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

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