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Work From Home in Translation | Upwork Freelance Translator Course

teacher avatar Nitay L, Proofreader & Translator

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Promo video

    • 2. Course Introduction

    • 3. Introduction to Upwork

    • 4. Translation Terms & Helpful Sites

    • 5. CAT Tools - All You Need to Know

    • 6. CAT Tool Utilization Guide

    • 7. OCR - Convert PDF to Word

    • 8. OCR Guide - Abbyy FineReader

    • 9. Proofreading Translation For Better Accuracy

    • 10. Preparation Before Profile Creation

    • 11. Profile Creation Guide

    • 12. Complete Profile Advantages

    • 13. Connects & Service Fees

    • 14. Upwork Identity Verification

    • 15. My Feed & Jobs Notifications

    • 16. Jobs Proposal & Client Messages

    • 17. Best Translator Pricing & Applying for the Right Jobs

    • 18. Final & Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

My name is Nitay, an Instructor with one main wish!

Bringing your knowledge of translation to a whole new level through a series of fun video tutorial lectures.


Uncover Pro Methods From An Expert: Learn From An Experienced Translator And Freelancer For More Than 5 Years.

Discover The Biggest Market For Freelancing Jobs: Learn How To Get Translation Jobs On Upwork, Exclusive Information You Won't Find In Any Other Translation Course.

Time Is Money: Become An Expert Translator Within A Few Hours Of Content-filled Lessons, Instead of Wasting Precious time In Search Of Incomplete Information On The Web.


During the Translation Course You’ll Learn:

Basic Translation Terms and the General Process of Translation

• What Are The Best Free And Paid Translation Tools Out There

• What Are The Best Free And Paid OCR Software Out There

• With 3 Practice Activities to Sharpen Your Translation Skills

• How to Work in Translation Through Upwork

• How to Look Professional, Experienced, and Friendly in Front of Clients

• And Much More!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "When I first started watching this course I did not expect much, but after completing it I can say it's amazing and very helpful that goes with you from a to z in the translation field as a freelancer." (Mohamed Raafat)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Comprehensive info regarding how to get started in Upwork and some industry jargon." (Edgardo Garcia)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "EXCELLENT COURSE!!! I really feel I have gained a very important skill. The course may seem short but I feel like I have gained a lot of soft skills from it and the resources are gold." (Bryan Bandela)


When I learn something new about the topics covered in my translation course, I add it to the course - at no additional cost to you! You have my guarantee that you will love what you learn in this translation course.

Conclusion: You Got To The Right Place!


See you on the course!


Instructor Nitay

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitay L

Proofreader & Translator


Who Am I?

My name is Nitay. I'm an English and Hebrew translator, proofreader, and transcriptionist at Upwork.

I have wide freelancing knowledge and several years of experience working for numerous leading global companies.

My Goal

As an instructor, I have one main wish! To help you save time and start earning right away by learning knowledge that, sadly, I didn't have at first.

Stay Updated

Click "Follow" on the left to be updated when I upload a new course. You'll also know when I add new lessons to my existing courses!

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1. Promo video: If you are a person who knows two languages and wish to start working from home. And then my course work from home in translation is exactly for you. Instead of walking in a low pain and exhausting part-time job, you can walk through your computer at home in translation. And Aaron profitably for James, load from an experienced freelance dance later about all the tools that every professional needs to know. My course promises to sharpen your skills with several helpful practice activities, and it doesn't end there. You will assume a full and rarely guided to Apple, one of the best valence in websites. Because we know jobs could provide a wet practice opportunity. You've proven your proficiency all while earning money. So what are you waiting for? Joined my force and become an expert freelance translator today. 2. Course Introduction: Welcome students to my course on how to walk in transition from home. So who am I? Well, my name is anytime and English and every translator and up walk for about three years, we've experienced and wide transition knowledge, fortunately, born and raised in Israel. So English wasn't my native and on the language. Why become a translator? Well, first, it's an easy mobile job that you can do wherever and whenever you wish, since you're the boss, I feel self. Second, you might earn in an hour more than the average payment you would get in a standard exhausting part-time job. Third, you will be learning about interesting and varied topics while translating, as well as improve your language skills and vocabulary. Goals of the course. The first section, CAD tools or CR and translation teams. In the first lesson, I will get you translation terms. Every translator know and show you to websites that help with translating accurately. In the second lesson, you will learn about characters, the main tool translators use, as well as which are the best free or paid ketose you can find. Then in the third lesson, I will teach you how to use a cancel correctly. Next, in the fourth, fifth lessons, you will learn about OCR, a tool that converts PDF or image files to work because you can't translate pictures, can you? It's a TTL every translator must know to use. And last, you will learn about proofing translation for better accuracy. The second section, APOC transition profile. You will get the template for your future online profile. And I will show you how to sign up and your information and look professional. You will also learn how to complete 100% your profile and what benefits our poll Gibbs to those who does. Tips about Upwork and how to correct the user. You will learn about Apple's service fees and how to use connects for proposing to jobs. Later, I will guide you through a pope vocation process and tell you what to expect. Next. I will teach you how to get jobs notifications on your phone for proposing to jobs before everyone else. In less than 13, I will give you a jobs proposal template, as well as several client messages templates for different situations which will make you look professional and several extra time. And last, I will teach you about the best translator pricing and how to apply for the right jumps. Final transition lecture. We've begun modulation on completing the course. I will teach you one last thing, a secret bonus lesson for those who get to the end. Why I made this course. Some of you will say, why should I buy this course? I can learn this by myself. However, that's a great mistake. I've tried searching for this information, but sadly, there weren't any straight answers to be found. In the end, I started walking much later than expected. We should not already knew these things from the very start. So I decided to make this course to teach exactly that information and safe people precious time. Acquiring the essential knowledge, the information that you will find and learn in this course took me several months of extended sensors discover by myself. Fortunately for you, All that and more can be found right here. Thus, you will be able to start to a journey much faster and soon. Not make the same mistake. That's the end of the introduction. Thank you for watching and I'll see you on my full course. 3. Introduction to Upwork: introduction to up. Let me teach you a few of the main benefits off up. Oh, for translators, endless amount of jobs compared to all my job sites such as Fiverr, freelancer, translators, carfare, pros and others, I found up work to be the one with the highest amount of jobs. Almost no competition. The volume of competitors you may encounter on our folk as of the time I'm writing. This is significantly lower than the other sites, such as the ones I mentioned build a long term client relationships. Majority of the clients are couple on companies and associations, which means higher chance for building long term relationships. Design and simplicity. Oppose design was meant professionally, have been appealing, look to it and, most importantly, super reserve friendly and easy for showcasing your skills and experience the fervor aspect I could mention, However, I believe that when you will enter a book to you will find out by ourselves how much benefits are. Bog has too often for what reason a poke is known as the top freelancing website couple formerly Oh, this can, in essence, is a global freelancing platform. Will businesses or individuals connect to conduct business is in 2015 0 disk and villains were rebranded as up. It is said that the book has 12 million registered freelancers. Five million registered explains. Three million jobs are posted annually worth a total off $1 billion making it the largest freelancing marketplace in the world. So why should you really learn about Apple? Other transition courses on Lee Teach about signing up on Translators Cafe for pros, sites that are full of beginners and expert translators. So the competition is hard. Also, 90% of posted jobs they're required degree or at least three years off transition experience. Now it's true that on a poke, clients pay less and the rates aren't as high as on translators, confession or probes. But as a beginner in translation, you have much higher chances together, more jobs in experience under your belt on couple than on other sites. Later, when you have enough work history and self confident in your translation skills, you shall differently. Try your luck on those sites to not to mention it would be easier to create a successful CV with all the experience and work proof you got from up in the next lessons. We will learn mainly on translation, and later we will come back to a book and know how to correctly use. Thank you for watching. We'll see you in the next lecture. 4. Translation Terms & Helpful Sites: basic transition terms. Let's look on a few basic terms that any translator must know. So some target languages in translation the source language SL, in short, is the language being transited from when the target language TL, in short, is the language being translated to machine transition, sometimes referred to by the observation. Empty is the use of softer to translate text for speech from one language to another. And well known example of this is you been translated for Microsoft Transit language, a language for defines the source language for translation and turn it tax transition tools . Signs for text format. This formatting include standard commands such as bond fund, side bold or underlined text, special text color. The formatting commands are referred to as text and one place correctly. They decide how the translated text would look like in defining informant. Consider below an example on how the tax you'll find tax when translating on your transition to localization, the translation and culture Adoption websites software Absent games It's more than a simple transition, since the content has to be adopted to the local culture context and the local mark. Usually you will find the warm localization for ABS translating jobs, and it basically means the decline doesn't want you to translate water war, but also don't changes if needed in order to send a text to the local Where speaks proofing proofreading in our case, is the reading off a an attorney copy off a translation to find and correct production, caroms off text or form. Ordinarily, a client will ask former translator like you to translate his documents, and soon after receiving your translation, it will then give it to approve it to make sure you didn't leave any errors. Off text interpretation. The interpreter converts own speech in a source. Language in tow, all speech in a targeted listening to a speaker and interpreting in real time when the speaker pauses after completing one or two sentences. Transcription converting speech into reading. Paul Elektronik text document. Transcriber sometimes referred to a subtitle. ER listens to human speech and writing there. Later, he exports that to an SF 85 otherwise known in summary subtitle, which is the type of file you end to videos. Full Subtitle. Many clients as freelancers, more translators and transcribers to transcribe it out of your files from source language and then translated to a target language for them. Helpful size for accurate translation reversal context. The site provide translations in context, with real life examples for millions of towards an expression supported size languages are listed below. Do you find yourself stuck on a word you don't know how to translate? This side is very helpful, and you should give it a try. Probes Prose has a network called kudos that provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with transitions or explanations off terms and short phrases. This is a great way to find help for other expert translators in your language. Pair about words or sentences that you aren't. You have a chance. It is how to ask that question. Making a content pros and your transition pair preferences. Go to your home page and scroll down to transition questions. Go to ask the transition question and publish a question we got in any word you work. You should get an answer from professional after 24 hours or less as always. Thank you for watching and I will see you on my next lecture 5. CAT Tools - All You Need to Know: cattle's only need to know. So what is a cattle computer? Assisted transition tools. Eight translators and making translations faster and easier. How can cattles exactly help translation memories? Cattles allow translators to reuse transition memories from past translations of previous jobs. They didn't. This was update them while they translate, which is crucial for proof of your translation production. So when the same segments or terms appear later in the document, it did not mean to read, type or cut. Of course, you're building the transition memory as you work, so the next document like this one will have a better free translation arrangement of the text Cattles separate and arrange section of the text separately for the translator's perfect count. Warms Transit does need to know how to analyze the work so they can charge fair prices for different tests off. New Transition doesn't document revision and Central. Fortunately, most candles will count word segments and unit. That way, you could price the desk by the Monday ports for fun. What is the best cancel for translation? In 2013 Rose had conducted a survey about the best cattles in the market. The survey was conducted with more than 3000 professional translators who had been working as full timers for more than five years. So as you can see the large number of cattle to market when the most popular ones are the adrenals ward fast and sometimes you will be confused about which one to use. But there is no single perfect option. Your decision will be based on many factors, such as gradient features you're looking for and size of your transition projects in this course, though, but those who doesn't have the budget for expensive cattles I will show what is the best option out. Great free Cantel for you to use is called Maker, which is also the one I'm made. Scat is a free and open source online cat. It's free for trans Asian companies, translators and enterprise business. Maybe go fill us make that is and will be free and open. Source. The advances in technology should be shared with anyone who can contribute to the progress all can benefit from It made cut aims at creating an open platform that effectively overcomes the limits of translational today and helps to correct the language barriers. When I started my transition journey. I didn't know which cattle to use. And if a well made free cattle even exists. However, after several weeks of searching, had found this professional, completely free cattle that were expended. Lee and I highly suggest you used to at least doing your starting period. Thank you for listening, and I will see you in the next election. 6. CAT Tool Utilization Guide: way. 7. OCR - Convert PDF to Word: Let's learn about OCR and how to convert. Pdf to work. Smarties Oh CIA and what is useful? Literally. OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a widespread technology to recognize text inside images such as can documents and photos. OCR technology is used to convert any kind of images containing written, text typed, hand written or printed into an eligible text file. Video files are not irritable files. If we can't edit the file, we can't translate it, so we need to convert them into a former we can edit and modify. This conversion process can be done with OCR Ozio Softer alos BDF files to be converted into Microsoft Word Files for transition. In that case, how does images or PDF translation effects of payment? The extra workload to convert and check documents means we have to charge all clients for conversion costs to do this additional work. It's sensible to ask for five or $4 per page conversion, but always try to negotiate with the kind about this because he might not have the budget for the extra payment. Your ex. Now let me show you what is the best OCR software out there. The 1st 1 known to be the most accurate is only page ultimate. If you take your OCR scanning seriously, then give only page automate a look. It's packed with features above and beyond What you might expect, known for its occurs in conversion. This softer is trusted by some of the biggest names in the business world, including Amazon. Only page ultimate is available for just over $500 but if that's a little high for you, then it's real. Brother probably paid Standard is available for just under $150 though it doesn't include as many input output and waffle options. But it still offers more than enough in the way of features. For most users needing an LCR solution should give. The software can identify your main source language usually translate for. You should download it's free trail and see if it works well before considering anything. The second really popular one is not be fine. Reader. Every fine reader has built up a strong reputation for being one of the best options in the OCR field, and you can take advantage off a trail to see if all the hype is on the money you get all the tools you need for taking paper documents from scanner and making them fully readable, recognizing their text and converting them toe word, PowerPoint or other for months. It can recognize almost 200 different languages without breaking a sweat, and it's very likely your main transition language is one of them. The software starts at 220 talents for the standard version, which gives you a continuous license for doing wholesale conversions and editing. Three years since I have experience with this OCR myself, I will show you in a second less and how to use it correctly as well as well to find the free online version off, I'll be fine, really, and the 3rd 1 also a very successful OCR is Adam Acrobat, D. C. Want to go with a well known brand name? You can trust Adam Back. Prevent brings along with it an impressive list of features and options, even if the price is a little stupor than some of its rivals. The standard version is available for $13 per month when paid on an annual basis. But the pro version, which adds more comprehensive creatures and my compatibility is available for $15 a month on an annual subscription. The supporter languages for the OCR can be seen on this chart you can try to find on the Web free, OCR softer that suits your own source language. But no, that its accuracy is probably much number than the ones I mentioned here. Remember, better off CEO means less time and effort for you in editing the pdf into an accurate war. Documents. I hope you found this information helpful, and I will see you in the next election. 8. OCR Guide - Abbyy FineReader: OCR guide. I'll be fine, reader. Let's have a look on the free online version and the paid option and watch how the also works for the free option Search on Google. I'll be fine reader on life. Then first start now I upload the pdf file, and here you should select the language of the text that is shown on the PDS. As you can see, though, many of them were just to choose from. Before you can use the only know CIA, you should register on the website, then the option to recognize will appear. Let's have a look off the PdF and the converted ward. Fine way. As you can see, the similarity between the two files is really close. In the OCR. Conversion in English is around 90% accuracy. - Also , each account to make has 10 pitches to recognize for free. If you want more, you will have to make in your account. If you have an image in PNG format, you will need to turn it into pdf. I will show you where you can do that. Go to PNG to Pdf that come. It's a great website which allows to convert PNG files to. PDF. If you get an image file and its size is too big, it is a Web site that can help you to resize it. It's called Doc. You pop. Simply select the size of want and upload your five. Now let's have a look off the official paid option off. I'll be Finally, This is the main PdF editing view in here. You can find some features that that you edit your pdf file in older views. The OCR right Click the image. You want to convert a war, then click. Send selected pages Toshio and it'll. The top left section shows how and what the OSHA is recognized. The green boxes represent text recognition and the red. The boxes represent images. If the OCR has hard time to recognize your page, you have the option to edit your page and making it easier for the OCR to recognize your text. Abby Fine really give its users a lot of options, like straightening your text lines, spitting the page, changing brightness or turning the page to beckoned wines in the opposite side. You can find the recognized text and find or fix cells that might be wrong whenever you select apart to rewrite or fix below. You can see easily how it looks on your image. - Remember to determine the default languages you want. TOC are too usually recognize. Now let's save it. Is world file and see How accurate was it? No, As you can see, I'll be finally there. Did a great job recognizing the English things. That's the end. Hope you found the Soc election her informative, and I'm waiting for you on the next lesson. 9. Proofreading Translation For Better Accuracy: English or the correct software while walking you correct and fix text as much as you can. But mistakes always heaven, and you want to be 100% sure everything is accurate and professional. After all, we are humans, and we often make mistakes. But perfection is what our plans to spend for us. That's what other correct or spellcheck software comes in. Unfortunately, I currently only know a well made somewhere that under the English, so we feel planning to the level of file in English to your client. He was a great free software for it. Gravelly ramel, a Canadian to find most spelling and grammar errors and suggested corrections and improvements to your English texts. It also has a very useful little form extension that can be used while using YouTube studio for editing. Subtitles in English, all while using Google. Translate for any unknown words encounter. I want to make it feel that I decided to talk about this suffering only because I found it helpful and simple to use, and definitely not because any payments off it's a free platform I'm using and wanted to share my personal knowledge about, I think the free no cost service is excellent and you should definitely give it to try, even if you don't plan on using it for war. No, let's say you have an English follow you wish to check. It is how we can do that. Go to Google and right family from extension that simply had Gremillion to Google from. Let me show you how it works. If I write, let's go together with spelling errors, quickly identified them and suggest ways to fix it. You can also double click any word and get synonyms off. Other words for replacement. No. In Egypt Studio, it can give you corrections and assist you with the English. Now let's look on the extension intel. Hell, you have three options. I should just activating all of them. They give you the decision on which places government. We will be active, give or not give you suggestions for synonyms and similar words or option for other correction of text. Now, if you have an English file and want to check it, go impressed your document. Let's I want to upload some titles and 74 Go here. Impressed, Upload, fight. I can't find my subtitle fire because it's in sa d former. The platform does not support it, so I will show you how to change it to texts for Go to Change folder and search options. Then don't have you and uncheck I'd extensions. - That's how it generally look, and you even have the option to check old files. I currently only used the from extension, but there are even windows and office extensions if you use it more often. Oh, if you're dealing with English on a daily basis, manually proofreading text in order to make sure your final version is clear off. Mistakes and errors will teach you the secrets of Perfect. Once you have finished your translation or transcription, is your work done? Not at all. You still need to proof in your work. Here are three reasons why to replicate typos, arrows off grammar and punctuation, etcetera to make sure that you're finished, translation or inscription reads well, sounds clear and looks professional in return. And finally, to make sure that nothing is in your translation or transcription that wasn't in the source text on the one hand, and that nothing is missing, either. Some of you may say or think that simply being careful what writing or anything. The work is enough, and sometimes it is, however, by myself used to do that and hearing them. My clients found some steaks, which led to wrong assumptions that my work was simply Google translated all that. I don't really know the languages, I said. So I started proofreading myself more. And thanks to that, such cases rarely happens. There are three methods off general proofreading you can do and should. Comparing the original and the new birth back. Translation and or re translation. Reading and proofreading your new version, comparing the original and the new birds the game by comparing your translation. All transcription with original text or audio. You can work sentence by sentence or phrase by phrase, whichever is easier. Go through the text, carefully lining up the new version and the original as you compare. Also, double check, tricky places, tricky terms and spots. You weren't 100% happy for sure about on your initial path through the original, for example, it could be worse that fit the original text or audio, but doesn't sound fluent invisible enough on your new version, you can feel free to ask a friend or someone you know who has a good language skills regarding held the text sounds to him and what he thinks. You can even ask someone else you know who work in subtitling or translation and tell him to proof in your file. And in exchange you will profit his next future work if you're still stuck or unsure. A site called Prose has a network called kudos that provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other translations or explanations of terms and short phrases. I strongly advise to make an account there and try asking questions when wishing to received professional help. For those of you who doesn't know, prose is the terms, this insight that experts in all the languages out there use forgetting transition jobs in their home page. There is a window for questions about such tricky terms or symptoms said that people sent an answer in order to help each other out. Another proofreading option is back. Translation. Back Translation is another method of compelling original, and Your Newberry. It simply means taking the translation or description with different language subtitles and then reaches lading in back into the source language without first looking at the original . Compare the original in the back translated versions. Obviously, there will be differences, but they should be minor and subtle, not major. Just so you know, some professional transition agencies use back translation to double check the translators and even proofreaders work. They know that profiting the only work guarantees better results for the customs. You should do the same. And now let's look on to online platforms for comparing text dif checkers and copy leaks. As you can see, I simply Googled dif checker, and now I will, until their website. There are two options to enter. Text one for original and one for new version. Let me add a simple text and show you how it works. All right, let's delayed some letters and change the text a little so that I can show you. As you can see the blood from highlights and counts the differences, you compress the green or red marks for jumping into each one of them, or simply scroll down to find it. Now let's have a look on companies. Instead of going to the home page, go to compare documents similar to Def Checker. There are two options to enter the text. One for original in one for new version. And again, let's make some changes and see how it goes. - One of the cool things here is that you can see the percenters of how many differences or matches it has found. By removing identical, you can see the percentage of your not similar text, then easily find the differences on profit your text if needed. Re translation. Re translation is another laborious way to proofing. Process is simple, but that's so ideal. You just read. Translate the original text him Compared to translation. Re translation is very useful for tricky spots and can be illuminating, but it nonetheless is a real duplicate flavor. As such, it's to be avoided unless necessary. You already did the walk once. Why do it twice for the same pay reading and proofreading your new version. Next, make sure your translation or transcription is a good text on itself. Read on your version from start to finish. Does it sound career and professional except, if not, do the level style tone and diction match those of the original? Make sure that they do. Obviously you should proof, read The new version is in your best profaning skills. Look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, formatting numbers, etcetera, anything that might be wrong. No runners spelling and grammar checker software. Over your tapes, you feel profiting English, for example, you can use Graham early. What is my proof? Reading skills aren't good enough. Here are two tips. One. You can team up with another translator. Proofreading skills can be trusted. Or you can pay another transgender to prove video work for you. Sites like Find her or a freelance. So awful. Not everyone like going over the finished work again, so you can definitely try to find an expert proof, either. For me, if you truly want to be a professional translator or transcriber, never simply run your spell and grammar checker and hope it catches everything. It can't and it won't. These three basic ways of profiting will help you to deliver translation for subtitling projects that are true to the original and truly child. No, and we're finally done. It was long, but it's a necessary process for all of you who wants to be a true professionals at their work. Thanks for watching and waiting on the next lecture 10. Preparation Before Profile Creation: before I demonstrate the proper way of creating your profile, we should prepare beforehand some complex parts that will be necessary to be field late title and overview portfolios and specialized profiles. Since these parts for the main body of your profile on the first thing your flight seized creating requires creativity, client center thinking, professional winding experience and a lot of time and effort to truly feel comfortable with real for filer find appearance. However. Fortunately for you, this lecture Ripple vied with pre made templates for your overview and specialized profile over as well. Show you how to edit and so them till specific, which bears the time to. There are many different ways to write catchy title and even though, in my opinion, the title reason quite a crucial aspect of the profile. Here are a couple of ideas to help being the draft and original and meaningful title that captured your patients specializations and expertise. But avoid general descriptions such as hard walking forward I a book. Pretty simple. Create the focus title that describes of expertise been indicates the type of projects to help readers understand what you do but keep it short. They're dealing for tattle is 10 words or less businesses. The more precisely convenio title all the services you off, the more likely it is to catch the attention of business in the medial particular expertise . And now you're over. Here is a quick look at your future Bovary words with underlined show where any should be made to suit your overview to your specific language. Pairs At the start, I wanted to write Nice to meet you in your target language. So if you're translating to Spanish, for example, right near Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you in Spanish. Below that, you should end your name and your target levels at the bottom removed. And don't use beliefs ever. Here's part until you gain experience feedbacks from clients and up. You can find the overview template, that lecture resource and now portfolios. Your portfolios can be effectively used. Hair. Let your past and present for chips pieces you're particularly proud of which encourage clients to violence. Future goal should be to end portfolios from different fields. Showcase them for you Once you're quite more jobs, I highly suggest adding in portfolios to your profile in guest jobs in similar field might come by. Certain jobs will be easier to get tired for if you can show us the client your pants for on the field and impressive in my profile. For example, there are five branches with full job spell paints, where each page represents a different transition field. ABS, financial marketing articles, videos And sometimes these are popular fields for jobs. You can find the ones I'm joint on. Standing hopes except for a general profile, which will be made by using the open you're entitled we talked about before. There is an additional profile. Seven to be ended, which is called transition Specialized. Usually translation. Specialized profiles will be displayed when it clients sentience, freelancers toe Brian for transition shops. That's why it's essential to edit specialized profile its way. Ask for a specialized profile title. Have a lazy creatively. Think about a new one. However, For your additional overview, I will expand and show what you should do. It starts like the 1st 1 but in peasants section that shows your client the years of experiencing at the different feelings you are capable of handling. I am currently suggest only head general Teoh, a new off of you because they don't have you in portfolios or walking. Story clearly shows that you have experience with this fields. Once you get the chance to transcend new content from such fields, you may add them as well. The same goes for this section I devised not ending the why shall develop me and the five start flying pig Rex until you're truly gain experience and history on the left. And finally, this has been the last part of the problem telling the trying to expect 40 professionalism . It's weakness from You can find the addition of movie in template at the lecture resource. So take your time anything and prepare your abusing titles to a target language before you go on ahead to the next section. Thank you for listening, Senior, in my next picture. 11. Profile Creation Guide: it's think . 12. Complete Profile Advantages: advantages from 100% complete profile. While completing your profile is recommended important and pretty simple, there is no actual obligation to do so. Therefore, even though the postman helping almost fully complete your profile, you will decide with them or not next time, meeting it now only there are two main advantages for 100% rising current standards and top rated. Aside from getting noticed my clients and getting approved by a phone 100% complete profile about you were rising talent status, providing new freelances with extra help to ramp up, grow their earnings and better demonstrate their repetition to prospective clients in the market. Top rated status helps outstanding freelancers, rather businesses and become even more successful in the output. Mother. When you earn this status, you will be rewarded with exclusive works, including a priest access to plan projects. The rising Done and program aims to help new violence is to quickly get started. Road that kind face and established new feelings reputation for the platform. So what do you get when you become a rights of tenant? Well, there are four main things. - So how do you get the rising panic status Well, there are seven requirements we're getting there. Oakley This test the simple test that you can do on the side and how many times you need to - to where it operated status. You must have a proven history of success with multiple clients and delighted glance every time with high quality walk is what you get and now the requirements. - You could manage your success on sample by tracking your job success for 12 months earnings and more on your Neistat speech combinations to achieve 100% complete profile. These items are all required to be able to read 60%. You can complete your profile if you're missing any of this. Fine but don't want. If you follow the last lecture, there shouldn't be any problem and you should already have all of these items. Any combination of the following can be used for the remaining 40% off a complete profit For more information. I was looking for homes Article page regarding stuff simply search created 100% completely . Freelancer qualified on Google condition fighting. Thank you for listening. And I see you in my next lecture 13. Connects & Service Fees: Connect and Servicemen Service fees referred to the percentage couple takes from each payment. You received service fears off the same whether the contracts are hourly or fixed price. Also, you're charged based on your lifetime building with each kind differently. So if you earn with a client between nothing to $500 each payment you receive until you get to $500 we work lined up Old will take 20% off that payment. Also, for example, on a $600 project with a new client. If well, answers for service fee will be 20% on the first part, $100.10 percent on the remaining $100 that earnings after fees would be $490. Richard Jobs cooperated and Rising talent freelancers would be charged a reduced being off 10% instead of 20% on future jobs. Future jobs tend out thanks to the job batch and are clearly marked in your job. Just look for the blue banner that sends featured jobs. This job posts have been paid for by motivated client looking to upgrade their job post in order to help it stand out. And now the next connector used. Submit proposals or jobs. Submitting a proposal to our job requires 234 or six connects, depending on factors such as size and the type of project in the 92 years. Connect When a client invites in tow. Job. All sends you enough for you. Can also buy collects if you don't have enough collects cost. 15 bucks each are sold in bottles of 10 2040 60 and 80. To purchase additional connect, go to settings, select memberships and collects and click and more connects, connects maybe returned. Abundant the following circumstance If appointed. This canceled all if the project was removed by a pope for terms of service. Violist as always, Thank you for watching. We'll see you next. 14. Upwork Identity Verification: a poker than the diversification. I want to make sure it's a professional, secure market based that clients, freelancers and agencies control just then fold. They are requiring all earning freelancers to verify their identity. Once vilified, you will receive an identity verified match. When you're burn the badge, you must best two stages for verification. Provide the government I D and complete a video verification. You can complete the two stages by going toe identity verification in your setting page. The Middle 2019 foot had expanded the requirement for identity verification to own earning felons, which means that after you start earning a couple, young count is going to be put on hold and you won't be able to get paid at all until successfully verify. I should note that a basic and essential part of your verification is a often picture, so make sure it's a clear and realistic picture yourself. As for the video, vilification should know beforehand. One albums representative you ask you and what answers to prepare ahead. What is your one dress? What is your phone number and what is your human? Except for checking that you are as you looked on your profile picture. These are the only questions I was asked. Really. 2019. However, be prepared to be asked about anything concerning your car. Thanks for watching. And I will see you in my extension. 15. My Feed & Jobs Notifications: Whenever we wish to check for new translation jobs, you can simply go to find work, and your mind feels Page will display the news jobs at first transition jobs from all language pairs will appeal on your my feet page. Therefore, you will need to save the job cells so that the recent job was related to your search. Cubans appear on your jumping really tight. Let's watch a video teaching how to do something. No, let's add jobs notifications. One of the most crucial matters as a freelancer in general and as a translator example in particular, is a blind quickly to new jobs and before everyone else remember, Klein's won't look on only 10 plus proposal. They usually received only on the +12 for first ones. Therefore, a flight first is very crucial for getting jobs. That's what jobs notifications go. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't have an option for live job notifications for freelances little on those sites. No wonder that, however, after extended searches and high efforts have found not only a way to receive live jobs notifications but also a way to get them through your phone. It starts with something called RSS our asses is a Web feed that allows users and applications to access updates. The websites in this Tenderized, computer readable form, these speeds can, for example, allow users to keep track many different websites in single news. Aggregator the news aggregator will automatically check The Paris has been for new content along the list to be automatically passed from website to website from website to Fortunately, Book has announced Speed option that can be found on your my feet page first. Let's can't be that are since fiddling before we continue. Let's watch a video teaching how to do so. - If a platform where the sisters were activating our lives. Job modifications throughout folks that's watch a video Dejan to do so. Next, you should devil on the USTA three phone until your account through the and make sure notifications for the active on your phone. No, you should get notifications for new jobs that were published in the last 30 minutes. Also, you can end it through the website a notification we look. For example, Each time you were cinemas, it off up. No job. I'm waiting for you on the next election 16. Jobs Proposal & Client Messages: jobs proposal and client messages. Speed is undoubtedly crucial for getting a job, however. We vote a professional, compelling and friendly cover letter. Your chances for catching the client's eyes are slim to none. Ordinarily a new freelancer, Woodcraft, and test his cover letter several times before attaining the one that works best. Keeping his proposals short, professional and friendly. Attempting to capture the clients attention fast but again. Luckily for you, instead of putting time and effort to do so, you'll receive a cream made cover letter for your jobs proposal. When you decide you want to apply for a job, you can click the submit a proposal, but at the bottom of your proposal, you will find an empty box for entering your cover. Here's a quick, big control. Your cover letter will feel free throughout the election. Possible Never new content is show the first section off. The cover letter represents your price and shows that you have read the clients job post and understands what he wants to translate each time you should, right where the first underlying these materials are, subject that the client needs your assistance weak, showing him that you have read his job description and didn't apply robotically. For the second underline, you should write your fair price for the job. The second section off the cover letter represents your experience on the jobs feel. For example, perhaps articles, marketing adds financial, legal Syrian certificates that's it. Usually it will be inquired what they did. This whole section. Unless you have a portfolio that matches the job, spill and then you can write to filled itself and the page will that portfolio can. If you don't fancy help this section loops of how it works, you're free to change it in case you have a very idea for you to demonstrate your experience to look like in the last section, except for and in your name on the bottom, we should change the time required for delivering the translation. I know that how long will it take? Mr. Onley, in case 24 hours isn't enough? If it's enough David densities, you can find the full Covell that her in the lecture resources useful client messages. Let's take a look at useful messages for common scenarios written in a professional and friendly manner, a message for telling your claim that you're not interested in the offer. Job. Don't forget to add the client's name. A message mountain in your client that Jonah interested in getting paid outside up. If you approve, be a well from being. Scan all kids from up. Don't forget to add the client's name. A message for asking your client nicely. I am payment. Most of the time. McClain's will have a tight budget and one changing. Don't forget to Angela. Question Price. Don't forget to add the client's name. When a client choose to hire you on up work, it will send you enough. That's where the except offer message should be used to nail client. When will you deliver his translation? Don't forget to add the client's name. Don't forget to add Jonah. A message will telling your client that you have finished his job for submitting your translation. Goto my jobs and click request Milestone approval, then at this message and attach your transition. Very Valiant Vulcan is to ask your client to close the contract. When he does that, he will be obligated to give you feedback, which is especially crucial for building your profile. Also, once it closes your contract, don't forget to leave him a feedback as well, because feedback won't be visible until both parties provided for each other. Ordinarily takes a client 1 to 2 days to review a deliver. Translation. However, some might take longer, and so you can send them this friendly message for reminding them that they haven't approved or closed your job. Paul The record Even if a client didn't approve Joel payment after two weeks of work, approves it automatically for you. Don't forget to end. The clients may. Don't forget to anyone after the contract was supposed, it's recommended to send friendly message that you enjoyed walking for implying. Don't forget to add declines name, I feel while it's recommended to send a friendly message to an old point that you won't be glad to help him. If you have any new jobs for you, don't forget on the client's name. Confined on the messages in the lecture resources. That's it. Thank you for listening, and I will see you in my next lecture 17. Best Translator Pricing & Applying for the Right Jobs: best translator pricing and a flying from the right jobs. How much do request about war? Almost always, the client will have a payment in mind, and he won't move from it. Since that's the budget has for the job, then you will need to ask yourself, Is this pain with morphine? For answering that question, you will need to know how long terms leaving the job takes. Usually a person in transit around 1000 words. So s cosa. If I translate 1000 words per hour, how long will such a job take? Then you'll have a net for the record when starting on our. It's a device to request to low price such a to San Spell award, since it's a place most planes will accept. And it's a fair price for you as well. Later, after building yourself properly, you can rise your priced up to 25 cents on 30 cents, applying for the right jobs job. Still, life jobs were less than five proposals. If there's more than five proposals, chances for getting tired is very low. Zero interviewed Free Mansons. If there is someone interviewed, most chances are that the client have already someone in mind for the job. So blind sparklers. A simple job feel like, perhaps, articles, marketing at Quizzes, Sylvia and certificates, manuals and tutorials and sometimes even website and jumped in baseball based on the previous slide show. And finally a trend that, as many reviews in a substance called between Fortified, could be a great client. And now job is not a job that includes translation. Idiot off image. These jobs are much more demanding and require extra time for identifying text and converting. Pdf toward a complex job. Feel like financial, legal, medical agreements, technical, etcetera. Unless you have previous knowledge on this field, I suggest not applying for such a job when starting lineup search for jobs that pay low and that's cost two or three connects each because clients will post high paying jobs, were most likely prefer feeling so that can already show a success in translation. Remember, even if you're 20 connects and you can simply start a new account until you get your first job on one of them. They hope this lecture helped you and I will see you in the next one 18. Final & Bonus Lecture: final and Bowman's lecture. Congratulations on finishing help. Toe walking Translation from home. Thank you very much for lying to my course. I hope you found it helpful in 40 By the way up work has the values fall out for freelancers and I highly suggest you check it out after this election. If you want to learn how to walk, subtitling and how to end captions to videos allowing you to propose to even more types of jobs. I suggest you check my second course named How to Walk and Subtitling From home Go chicken out. There is even a free preview lecture about Subtitling Service basics And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for the bonus structure, here is how your upper proposal looks like to a client. At first, your client sees your main profile details like title amount of jobs and success rate. Then below that he concealed Kabul letter and the answers you gave to any questions You wanted the real answers to answer. If he scrolls down, you can also say the price requested for the job and your previous walking story and feedbacks And below that they're all your portfolio's off work examples and your skills. And now I have the last request for you. And I will truly appreciate receiving a figment reading from you on. Lee, if you enjoyed my course check electric video box and the option will appear I know how busy. So if you're not able to I completely understand. Thanks again. Lastly, I wish you good luck on your freelancing journey as a newborn translate. And don't give up entirely successful car.