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Work From Home Jobs: Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs!

teacher avatar Greg Gottfried

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction To Work From Home Jobs

    • 2. What's Not In This Course

    • 3. Where To Get Customers

    • 4. Job Opportunity #1

    • 5. Job Opportunity #2

    • 6. Job Opportunity #3

    • 7. Job Opportunity #4

    • 8. Job Opportunity #5

    • 9. Job Opportunity #6

    • 10. Job Opportunity #7

    • 11. Job Opportunity #8

    • 12. Job Opportunity #9

    • 13. Job Opportunity #10

    • 14. Thank You and Last Regards

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About This Class

Work From Home Job Course Covering Everything You Need To Make Money From Home Or Remotely!

Find the best work from home job that fits your lifestyle and pays the best!

Learn The Top 10 Work From Home Jobs:

  • Most in-demand work from home jobs
  • Both hourly and project based paying work from home jobs
  • All you'll need is a computer to start any of these work from home jobs
  • These work from home jobs are easy enough to start today

No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!

Work from home jobs allow you to set your own schedule and work from the convenience of your home.

These top 10 work from home jobs are vetted, reliable, in-demand, and pay very well!

This course is seriously life changing, I hope you take this opportunity to learn it!

This course is the best way to find your ideal freelance job.

Learn from years of freelance experience, all the Trade Secrets and Tricks/Tips are included in this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

See full profile

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1. Introduction To Work From Home Jobs: Hi, everyone. My name is Greg, and welcome to this course. I've got another awesome course for you. This is gonna cover the top 10 most realistic and best paying work from home jobs. So I've done a ton of research on this. I've actually offered services, worked from home, So I have experience in this. I know how much people are charging. How many hours per month they typically work What kind of demand there are for the jobs. So I'm gonna be telling you all about that in this course. Anyone who is trying to get out of the 9 to 5 or someone who's trying to travel or someone who wants more freedom wants to be able to work from home. This is gonna be a perfect course for you. So, like I said, I'm gonna go over the top 10 most reliable and best paying jobs that you can do. Working from home, typically just from your computer. You don't even need a phone for this. These aren't like phone sales jobs. Nothing like that. We're not gonna be talking about surveys filling out things like that. No sketchy things like that. These aerial jobs, either hourly pay or project based pay, and we're gonna be looking at anywhere from 15 to $100 an hour. That's pretty much the range on these jobs. And you don't need specific certifications or skill sets on Lee. A couple of them are You gonna really need experience in the skills to offer the services. But really, the deal is this. Even if you don't have the skill set but you want to offer that job, you can take courses and learn so simply for so affordably how to do the services. And once you're comfortable with it, then you can start offering it and get paid really good money hourly to do the services. So I just don't want you to be scared if you see it a job that you like and it pays great. But you don't have the experience. You don't know how to do it. Just know that you can take courses, learn how to do it. Then you can start offering the service. Like I said, I'm gonna cover the top 10 most reliable and best paying work from home jobs. And if you have any questions about maybe what's in this course, feel free, reach out before you even take the course, and I'll get an answer back to you. And then once you're in the course and even after the course, if you have any lingering questions, feel free just to me. So I'm always here to help you. So I hope you guys decide to take this course. And I'm really looking forward to teaching you the top 10 most reliable and best paying work from home jobs. 2. What's Not In This Course: So before we dive into the course, I just want to talk very briefly about what's not going to be in this course. So what I'm gonna be teaching you is not affiliate marketing. It's not surveys. Nothing sketchy like that. It's not customer service, no phone sales. You have any questions about what's not going to be in this course? Reach out to me. Just send me a message, a personal message, and I'll get back to you just if you're curious. But these ways they're gonna be tried and true. Project based or hourly based pays based on skills, So these are all skills that you can learn very easily and then start offering the services . You don't need any college degrees for him. You don't need any special certifications, but they are legit, very valuable and in high demand services that you can offer and you can learn quickly. So, like I said, let me know when a personal message if you have any questions about this course or any concerns at all, and I look forward to seeing you in the course and helping you through this whole process 3. Where To Get Customers: So one of the big things that we have to understand here is how to get jobs. So this entire course is gonna be the 10 best ways to make money from home. But they don't really matter. Unless you have a way of getting clients. You have to have a way of acquiring customers. So what I'm gonna show you are two of the best websites. Hands down the best websites where you can make profiles completely for free. You can say what services you offer, and then you can even bid on requests. When people post request, I'm looking for such and such, you'll get a notification and you can respond back to that with Hey, I'm willing to do it for this much money. You have fiver and you have up work both very similar websites on. Like I was just saying, you can create a profile and post your what they call gigs. So you can say I do this for this much money and you can have different tiers of your gig. So I do the basic level for this much money. I do the one level up for this much money, and then I do the extreme for such and such money. You have different tier options for pricing, but you get to customize all of that. So let's take a little closer look at this. So this one is fiver, and what I like to do to explain the to our up work is a Morrell expensive version of fiber , so you can find a lot of things on fiber for just $5. And that's where the name came from. Its any task. For $5 what fiber has recently done has expanded their market. So now they actually offer services up to $995. So they've taken themselves out of the really cheap $5 market and expanded into the bigger market to compete with up work up Work is typically on a per hour basis, and fiver is typically on a project basis. And now that's not the rule across both platforms. You confined per hour on fiber and you confined project based on up work. But typically, you'll see a lot of people in up work are per hour, and a lot of people on Fiverr are per project. So with that in mind, up work is definitely going to be your Morrell expensive option. So if you're offering a service and you want to charge on by the hour and you want to get higher up prices per hour up work is what I recommend. Five. Or if you're just offering a standard service over and over again a pretty standardized service, I would I would suggest putting on fiber. But what I really recommend you do is create both on both platforms that when you get the most coverage and completely free. So let's get into this a little bit here so fiber and both up work offer every type of outsourced thing you can imagine. So here's only a few right here, but when you go over it up work, you can see the categories Samos fiber go to see all categories, and this is similar for both. They both basically have the same categories to have everything from logo design. Graphic design photography to product management Q and A and testing lead generation. Basically everything you can imagine here. Even translation. Legal advice, architecture, modeling everything on here. So it's awesome. So all you really do is check out what the markets are so like come into let's see if they have a social media, Social Media Marketing Airness. So we come in here and you can see what I'm talking about per hour basis like this. And it's gonna drink the best people at the top, obviously. But it doesn't matter where you rank on here. People are still gonna find you because of the price point your unique profile. Try to get a similar experience social media marketing. And so we have all of these years. So these air like the gates of starting at. Just click this one, for instance, I'll show you that the three tier system here. So you have 80 for the basic 90 for standard 110 for premium on What that's going to be is shown down here. So you set all three of these for what you want offer. And, um, really, you can if you just want to offer one service that could be your standard and then offer something that's really easy for you to do for basic and then something. That's premium to make your standard look good. So that's really how this works, how I would recommend using it on delivery time and everything. So it's very simple to do You get a little description, but what I'm getting at with this is, once you figure out from what we're gonna talk about in the video, what kind of category you want to go into for work, then you can just create a profile on here both of these completely free and people will find you. You don't really have to bid on jobs as much people will contact you. So you're probably asking, like how much does it cost and things like that both of these air completely free and five or takes. See, right down here. How much does it cost? You keep 80% daily, take 20%. So if you're charging $100 you're going to get $80 of that sale. No matter how long you're on this platform, no matter how much your building, they take 20%. So when you come over to up work and you look at theirs, they use a tier system. So if you're freelancing, how do you get paid? So it's on a per client basis. So it's a lifetime building with a specific client. So for the 1st $500 they take 20% similar to fire. But once you get over $500 with one client, they start to actually take less. So 500 to 10,000 they only take 10% of the building, and then once you're over 10,000 with a specific client, then they only take 5%. So it's a really great deal here, especially if you're charging a lot for our thes can add up very quickly. And then before you know it, you're only paying 10% in fees. So both of these platforms are amazing. They take care of everything for you don't have to worry about the logistics getting paid invoicing. They have it right here. How do I get paid? So there's no there's no worrying about it all. Once you complete a buyer's order, the money is transferred to your account. No need to chase clients for payments or wait 60 or 90 days for a check. Everything is taken care of. It's as easy as can be. So those are the two platforms that I highly recommend fiber and up work, and you just post your services as gigs. Post what you charge per hour and people will find you. That way. You don't have to be chasing clients, so I hope that helps you guys. And once you figure out what kind of business is you want to go into what you want, huh? For these were the two places toe list your services. 4. Job Opportunity #1: So the very first service that I recommend that you start offering toe work from home is a video editor. So even if you don't have any video editing experience, it's very easy to learn people looking for this service they want from basic video editing all the way up to advanced video editing. So if you have experience in this, maybe you can offer the advanced video editing. This would be with, like, animations and some graphics intertwined with the video. But even if you just have very basic video editing skills where you don't have any at all and you're going to learn, you can offer the basic video editing. So just to tell you the price point on this, it goes from $15 an hour for the basic up to about $40 an hour for the advanced. And this is just the editing part of the video. It has nothing to do with the filming, no production, nothing like that. So you can do it all from your computer. So if you're more of the basic side of video editing, you're gonna use something like I movie. It comes standard on every Mac, so you won't have to purchase any software. And then, if you're Maurin, the advanced area of the video editing, you use something like Adobe Premiere Pro. This is some very advanced video editing software that will allow you to do the animations and the graphics I have both. And most of the time I'm just using I movie to do the edits. So what's cool about this is the people that are hiring. Video editors are big range of people. So it's going to go from people who just have of law or YouTube channel, or they're producing a lot of video content and they just don't want to stitch the clips together, so that could be your basic side. Well, just hire you $15 an hour to stitch their videos together. They'll give you all their footage and just cut out the parts that have that are good, take out the mistakes and just stitch them together. Maybe they'll have music and fade in and fade out in black, but that's really the extent of it. And that goes for about $15 now, very basic and an average video. Maybe we'll take you two hours. So for a short video so you can make some pretty good money that way. And you can. You can get a lot of jobs because this is very high and demand. If you're offering the advanced video editing, then you're looking at $40 an hour. Like I said, and this may take you a little bit longer, but it's OK because you're getting paid 40 bucks an hour to do it. So over the course of a month, you're looking at about 2 to $5000 per month. If you're gonna be doing this almost full time video editing. If your basic you're gonna be at about 2000 month and then if you're advanced, you might be closer to 5000 per month. So that's a pretty good living, and you can do that off from your computer. And if you don't have any video editing skills, you can buy a course. Maybe two of them cost you under $100 for both, and you'll be proficient enough in video editing to offer the service, so video editing is the 1st 1 You could make some pretty good money that way, and it's high and demand 5. Job Opportunity #2: moving right along to the next service that I recommend you offer is a copywriter. So maybe you've heard of this. Maybe you haven't. But what a copywriter is, it's someone that a business or individual hires to write the text for their advertising Facebook ads, even like a magazine print ad or even just copy. That's on their website. So people who own the business or people who are individuals who need this service, it's typically hard for them if they don't have a background in copyrighting because they know so much about what they're trying to say. So it's hard for them to try to skip over the details and just say what fits for the Web site or the at. They like to put in a lot of extra information, and they have a biased opinion on it. So what they like to do is, and this happens all the time is the hire someone, a copywriter that's third party independent, their neutral standpoint to write them a persuasive and entertaining and captivating caption or copy for their advertising for their website text. But this is very common, so they're they're hiring people out to do this So how much do they make? Well, it's typically a per project basis, not an hourly basis. So projects range from $150 for a small project, maybe for creating three Facebook ad campaigns. The text for all three. It's probably $150 so it's 50 bucks per Facebook ad and you know there's air like 150 characters or less. So that's pretty awesome than up to $2000 per project. If it's to write the copy for the website home page for the whole home page, they need copy for it might be closer to $2000. So over the course of the month, you're probably gonna make anywhere from 2000 to $10,000 as a copywriter, and you don't need any special requirements for this. You don't need a college degree. No certification. What I do recommend that you do if you don't have experience with copyrighting yet, is your study, marketing and psychology. You can take two courses. Take one on each on you to me, and you'll be proficient enough to know what to look for and know what to write in the copy . It's not rocket science to write these things, but the problem is that people who are trying to write them are biased and tart for them to do so. If you're 1/3 party in your neutral and you go in with the marketing and psychology principles that you learned, it's very easy for you to write the content that you think should be in there. Just know that you could be a copywriter. You don't need any special certifications. You can take a couple courses on you to meet and you'll be be proficient in copyrighting, and you could make anywhere from 150 to $2000 per project. So keep that in mind. That's a copywriter for Facebook ads, print advertisements or even websites. 6. Job Opportunity #3: So the next service that I recommend that you offer for work at home job is one of the most flexible. So this is actually being an author. So believe it or not, writing books is an amazing occupation for working at home or just working from your computer. So it's really profitable. And ever since Kindle Direct Publishing came to the market, it's opened up doors for people like you and me to write books. So I put this to the test yesterday, and I actually spent two days doing it. But I wrote a book from Start to Finish, So it's not a long book. It's only 20 pages, but it's enough to be on the Amazon store, and that's just about the right length that people are looking for. So these books are priced between $3 typically 9 99 and that's it. So I mean, it's an inexpensive book that's going to get value across, and you don't have to hire anyone to publish it. That's the amazing thing of Kindle direct publishing. So, through what they call KDP kindle direct publishing, they offer a program that you can download on your computer called kindle create. So you type up your book in what I like to do is in a word, document. And then you import that word document into Kindle create, and it formats it. And you can do the headings, the subheadings, everything formatted specifically for kindle. Then once you're ready with that, you can actually export that. And what it will give you is a kindle direct publishing file. So instead of ah dot D o c For a word, doc, it's dot kdp. So when you go to Amazon and you go to Kindle Direct publisher, all you basically do is fill out the title, the heading and then the description. And then you put in a cover which you can outsource right onto. Fiver were up work. You have someone make you a cover for under $10 and then you import that file that dot kdp and is formatted perfectly for kindle. So you no longer need to hire a publishing company to format for kindle and all that can be done by yourself on Amazon KDP. So a couple of my friends are selling books e books on KDP and they're making crazy money. So what I have personally seen, and what I think is the average you're gonna make is up to $5000 per month, my friends making about that. So I know that's realistic. I can keep you updated on this. I have my book. It's about done yesterday, so I'm going republishing it soon, So I'll give you some more details on that. If you're curious, just asked me in the questions. So here's the big thing. You're probably thinking, Well, how am I can write a book if I'm not an expert on anything? Well, you probably undervalue what you know. So if you've been doing something for a long time, you have experience with something or your day job is doing a service or skill. Well, people are willing to pay for that. Even if you know more than the student does. That's valuable. You don't have to be a PhD in anything, and, like I said for under $10 there's really no risk to it. So keep that in mind. Its Kindle direct publishing being an author, and you can expect to make anywhere between 1000 and $5000 in a month. That's realistic. That's where I would say And if you're selling the book for anywhere from 3 to $10 you're probably gonna get about $5 in commission on each sale. So I hope you take that into consideration. Being an author is an amazing way to make money and work from home. 7. Job Opportunity #4: all right, so this next one goes right along with being an author, So this one's actually being an editor. So, like I said, a lot of people are publishing their own books now, but what they typically higher is an editor. Before they publish it, you don't have to hire one, but it's really in high demand. People writing log posts. Anyone who just puts out a lot of content or people that are writing books typically self publishing books will hire an editor before the book goes live. So all the editor does is edits and proof, reads the book. So making grammatical changes to the book make sure everything is proofread, changing sentence structures to make sure they make sense and then sending the book back to the client. That's all it is. So what do you typically make on this? You make anywhere from 2 to 5 cents per word. That's how this is build. So if you take the average book, they're saying the average book is 100,000 words. So if you take that by, let's just say four cents, that's $4000 that's just an average that's a 100,000 word book. So granted, that is a long book, but you can easily get that done in a month. So if you're gonna make $4000 editing one book in one month, that's not too bad. I really recommend you do this and just put out your service for this on Fiverr or on up work and let people come to you. We'll send you your books and keep in mind that you're not gonna be dealing with the big whales, as I call them the big 100,000 word books. Although that's the average for a novel, a lot of people are hiring for just that. They're hiring for just blogged posts, so someone may have a 1000 word blawg post. That's 40 bucks right there, and I'll take you about 1/2 an hour to proofread and edit their just dealing in high volume so they need to sell these things out. They don't want to spend all afternoon proof reading through their articles, so keep that in mind. Being an editor, you can make 2 to 5 cents per word, so just say average four cents a word and you could make anywhere from 2 to $6000 per month . So keep that in mind. You can use smaller projects. You don't have to do the big whale ones all the time. So the biggest benefit to this that I love is that you get to learn. So if you're anything like me, you love consuming information. So if you're proof reading someone's book, you have to read it. So if you need an excuse to make yourself read and learn, be a proof reader and then you literally have to read the book every single word, every single line. So keep that in mind and editor is an amazing, flexible work from home job. 8. Job Opportunity #5: all right, so the next one is probably the most common that you see for people working remotely or working from home. This is a social media manager. So in today's day and age, you really don't need to have a lot of experience on social media because we use it every single day. So, believe or not, we have a lot of experience without even knowing it. So a lot of companies air looking for outsourcers are looking for people to do this from their computers. You really don't need to be in a specific location to do this. There's a wide range of services that are offered in the social media manager position, so let's start with basic. So on the low end, it's looking like $15 an hour. And that's going to be mainly to push out content on multiple platforms at certain times. So people may wanna post on, Let's say Pinterest, Lincoln, Instagram and Facebook. So they want a post to all four of those at 1 p.m. Every Thursday and then three PM every Friday. You know, they may have a schedule like that instead of them having to set the time set reminders and push out that content. That's something that you would do. So on the low end, you would just push out the content and then optionally. Depending on the certain gig, you would respond to the comments and maybe respond to questions that people write in a swell. But that's it, and it's billed at $15 an hour. So on the upper end, if you have a lot of experience with this, we have a marketing background. You can actually land a position that's a social media strategy advisor, so you can advise the company on what kind of strategy they need to use for social media, what they need to be posting when they should be posting it. What type of content is good on each platform and how to create this content? You can even be the creator as well. So if you're the creator as well as the strategist, you can charge even more so in the upper and things like this. You're looking at 40 to $50 an hour because you're really a consultant. Just keep that in mind. You could be on the low end, and you could be on the high end, and these jobs are very in demand. It's like I said, it's one of the most common work from home or work remote jobs and just know that you can make anywhere from 2 to $5000 a month. That's safe to say so. 2000 to 7000 if you're on the low end 5000. If you're more on the high end strategy, keep that in mind social media manager and you can go from low and always to the high end. 9. Job Opportunity #6: All right. So this next one plays right off the social media manager position. So this is, I would say one level up from that. This is an adds manager. So typically, you're going to see this for Facebook and Instagram ads, which are tied together. So you'd manage that all from a Facebook ads account and then also Google AdWords and sometimes being ads which are very similar. So you can actually duplicate campaigns from Google AdWords into being adds. So keep that in mind. You could manage four things pretty much on two accounts, but I know that this position is for people with experience in advertising. So if you know how to optimize paper, collect campaigns, you know how to create really good looking Facebook ads that maybe this positions right for you. So it's build on a per client per month basis. So typically, you're looking at anywhere from 200 per client per month up to 2000 per client per month. One. My friends does this, and he actually charges 3000 per client per month, so that's not very common. That's why I say up to 2000. But he's doing 3000 per month, and he's having amazing success. You can offer this service, and you just have to be good at it. So I would recommend if you don't have an experience with advertising to take a few courses on this and then also play with some of your own money up front to really get good at it with trial and error. Once you're comfortable enough, then you can start getting clients for this. You don't need a special certification or college degree or anything for this. You have to be certified in anything. But just know that the results will speak for themselves. So if they were before you getting customers for $1 per click and then once you started doing it, it was a dollar and 20 per click. They're not gonna be very satisfied, but so this is really a numbers thing where the results will show. So make sure that you're good at this before you start taking on clients. But if you're good at this, this is a very lucrative thing. Like I said, my friends making 3000 per client per month and he's just managing their campaigns. But what he's told me is once he did what he calls the upfront work of setting up their campaigns. He's really just monitoring it to make sure that everything is going smoothly. The cost per clicks are low enough, everything staying right and there's no crazy spikes and pricing. So he's really just monitoring these accounts for 3000 per month per client. So just know that you can charge anywhere from 200 toe average 2000 per month, and you can really make 2000 to 20,000 per month when you have a few different clients on board. So keep that in mind. That's an adds manager, and I would say that's one step up from a social media manager. You need a little bit of experience there, but you don't need any special certifications. 10. Job Opportunity #7: all right, moving right along. This is another really common one that is crazy in demand, especially right now. This is a graphic designer. Just know that you don't need a special certification for this. You just have to be comfortable with a few different tools, so I would recommend to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photo Shop. If you have experience with those already, you're ready to go, because most of these tasks are very basic. Typically for business related tasks, they're like making a brochure designing a brochure if you know how to use photo shop in illustrator, that is so easy to do. Creating a logo. If you have a creative bone in your body and you have experience with the software, you can create logo so easily. But just know that you can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and then also, if you don't have experience with those and you don't want to buy the adobe sweet because you have to pay for that monthly. You can't just buy it outright anymore. You can use different websites like Google Auto Draw, so it's auto draw dot com, and it's actually an AI artificial intelligence experiment from Google right now, but what you do and I love it so much is you basically open up. The website gives you a blank white canvas to draw, and then you use your cursor and you draw to the best of your ability what you're trying to draw, so artificial intelligence will predict what you're trying to draw, and I'll say, Did you mean and the no show? If you try to draw a bicycle, it'll say, Did you mean this? And it will be an outline of a bicycle and you can just click. Yes, and then it will give you, like five different options for bicycles, and then you can choose that. And these were all common rights files, so you can actually use that to deliver to clients so you can use the bicycle and then add on something else to it, and that's their logo. So it's very cool. You don't have to be able to draw all these things yourself. You can use auto draw and draw up for you. So like I said, there's no real certification for this. You just want to be comfortable enough using these tools. Photoshop and Illustrator and then maybe auto draw as well, but the range for this is anywhere from 20 to $45 an hour for a graphic designer. So when you put that into perspective because it's so in demand over the course of a month , you could make anywhere from three to really seven or $8000 per month. If you're doing this full time. And if you're good with these tools, you can not be things out quickly and you can actually make more money. So keep that in mind. A graphic designer is extremely in demand, so if you create a profile on fiber up work, people will be contacting you for these all day long. So graphic designer, that's an awesome one, highly recommend it. 11. Job Opportunity #8: All right. So this next one is a really interesting one, and I really like it. I've tried it myself, and I'm really kind of hooked on it. So this is what I call is a membership site creator. So you create these websites where people can sign up and subscribe every month for a service that, well, it doesn't even just have to be a service. It could be a product, a service content, so you can deliver them content every month, So they're gonna pay to get access to that content where they can't get it for free. The only way they have access to it is by pain. So it's really not hard to create the style of website. You can do it through WordPress. You can do it through Wicks. There's many other ways you can do this and create the framework for the website. And then it's up to you of what kind of product service or content you're gonna offer. So the ranges on this typically go from $10 a month, is usually the low end up to what I've seen is about $100 per month. So what's cool about this is, you can scale it. So what I mean by that is whether you have one customer for the first few months paying you $10 a month, you're delivering the same amount of content. You're delivering the same service. Now, once you have 100 customers, maybe in month, six or months seven you're delivering the same amount of content as you work for that one customer. So you're making a lot more money on the same amount of work. So the goal with this obviously is to build your customer base and build your subscriber base. As Bigas you can. That's where it's really gonna become profitable. In the beginning, you're probably not gonna make a lot of money. But if you can attract customers and you can attract people to pay monthly, you're going to start making a lot of money compared to the work that you're putting into it because you're delivering the same amount of content you would for one person, as you are for 100 or 1000 members. A membership site creator. I highly recommend it. You're looking at anywhere from 10 to really $100 a month per customer, and if you do that in scale, you're looking at 1000 upto. What I've seen is 20,000 per month, creating the same amount of content as you would for the 1000 as you are for the 20,000. And remember, it could be content. It could be services. Or it could be a product where you're sending someone subscription. It's just a subscription where you're going to continue to get paid every single month. So I hope you guys look into that one a bit more. But it's a subscription site or a membership site created. Create one of those and attract as many clients as you can to subscribe onto it. 12. Job Opportunity #9: All right, So this next one is one of my favorites on this list. This is probably ranked number to the next one is gonna be my favorite, but this one is being a course instructor. Even if you think that you don't know anything to really teach, just think about it like that's the best advice I can give you is just think about things that you have experience and things that you do for your daily job, things that you may know just a bit better than other people and see how much competition there is. If there's maybe 15 pages of courses in that topic, then probably skip it and go to the next one and see if there's something else you know. But if there's only a page or two of listings of courses in that topic, give it a try. The best advice I can give you is try to get a course out there and you really golden from then on out because then you could just monitor it. And then, as sales come in, you can help students out guide them through the process, and you maybe you get hooked. At that point you want to create more courses. That's what happened to me is I have a teaching personality. I put out some courses, and people really started to respond well to the courses. So that motivated me and still does to make more courses. So I really get the gratification from helping students. So if you're anything like me, then you'll really enjoy this one. You'll love it and won't feel like work at all. What I'm trying to get as. Keep that in mind. It's kind of like being an author, but being a video author, if you will. But I really like it, and I hope that you at least put some consideration into it. Browse through the courses and see if there's anything you're interested in teaching again . Feel free to reach out to me at any time. If you have any questions about this stuff, 13. Job Opportunity #10: All right, now we're onto number 10. This is hands down, my favorite way to work from home or work while you're traveling anywhere from your computer. This is a web designer so being a website designer. So this is not the developing of the website. The coding You won't have to do any coating. This is not the website master where you're actually monitoring the website, making sure everything's good when something goes down, you have to fix it. No, this is near of them. This is just designing the website. So I have a friend who does is right now. And I refer him so much business. And his work is great. So everyone loves it. All he does is he uses a website creation tool. He uses squarespace. But you can use wicks. You can use squarespace. You can use Google websites. Anything you want to create websites you're choosing from templates, your dragon drop, even WordPress. You could make it more custom your dragon dropping pieces and creating a really clean looking website. He charges $2000 per project and that's the low end. It goes up to $5000 all he's doing is creating a Squarespace website and then once it's created, he transfers the ownership over to the client and they pick up the monthly fees on the website. It's like $25 a month for the server fees for maintenance. For all the traffic for the storage memory, it's a 25 bucks a month for the client to take over the feet. So when you're dealing with these clients, tell okay, it's 2000 up front and then I'll transfer everything over to you and you just pick up the actual fundamental costs of the website, which is $25 a month. So it's completely hands off for you once you transfer that website over, so you will need some practice. You don't need any special certification, but I definitely say you need practice. I spent easily hundreds of hours designing websites, so I have the experience, so I could easily have someone hire me and I could create their website in a day. It would be done in a day, and that project is $2000 so you're really dealing with. If they have certain copy, they went on the website. If they want certain photos they one of the website and then have them send you a link to a website that they like that you can kind of mimic and then created in Wicks created and squarespace, Google websites anything you want and then just transfer the ownership over to them. So hands down. That's my favorite way. You can do that from anywhere on your computer, but you can get a whole project done in a day if you get really good at it. But just know that you can make anywhere from 2 to $5000 per project, and that's for a website, and over the course of the month, you could make anywhere from 4 to $20,000 per month. That's on a monthly basis. The demand for this is probably medium. It's not as high as some of the others, but it's definitely not low. And there's a lot of competition here. If you put out your profile, make sure that you put in some examples of websites you create it, create mock websites and screenshot those and put them into your profile so people can see how good your work is, and then people will contact you, and you really won't have to chase any clients this way. So Web designer is an amazing way to make project base pay of a couple $1000 to create a website that may take you only a day. So obviously there's the basic of, like creating a square space. And then some people want more in depth that be like your $5000 project, where it's a square space with maybe like 10 different pages on it and like a booking function and things like that, So price it out accordingly. If it's the basic website $2000. If it's gonna get into booking and a calendar function and all different things like that, then go up. 234 $5000. But just know that you can charge easily in the 2 to $5000 price range per website. So that is a Web designer. Now. I hope you guys really take that one into consideration, cause that's an amazing work from home job 14. Thank You and Last Regards: So I really hope you guys enjoyed this course. First off, Thank you for taking the course. And secondly, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. You can send a personal message discussion board. I'll get back to you. Typically, it's within a couple of hours, if not a couple minutes, I'll have a response back to you. So let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help you guys, and I really hope that I earned a good review from you guys. It really helps me with the five star reviews. If you don't think this course was worth of five stars, please reach out to me first. Maybe there's something that I could do to help get to a five star. Maybe I could go above and beyond, answer some questions, give you some strategies, things like that. So just let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for taking this course. I'm here to help you guys, so let me know what I can do