Wordpress for Beginners - Build a Website in 20 Minutes

Brent Price

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15 Videos (1h 28m)
    • Introduction To Wordpress

    • 1 SetupHostgator

    • 2 SetupWordPress

    • 3 InstallWordPress

    • 4 theme AddPage AddPost

    • 5 Widgets ChangeTheme Menus

    • 6 CSS Intro

    • 7 AddAnImage

    • 8 Create Custom Page

    • 9 ChangeTheme AddLogo

    • 10 CreateBlogPage Categories

    • 11 Add Dropdown Menu

    • 12 Install Plugins

    • 13 Add Video To Post

    • 14 AddLogo CSS Styling

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About This Class

Want to make a Wordpress website?

Whether this is your first ever website, or you've already created a site and you need a little help, this tutorial is for you.

I'll show you how to ...

  • Register a Domain
  • Setup Website Hosting
  • Install Wordpress
  • Modify Wordpress to your own needs
  • Add Pages, Blog Posts, Images, Videos
  • Install and Modify Themes, Plugins and Widgets
  • Change Colors, Fonts and Logos
  • Learn Simple CSS to have 100% Control over the Style of your Website

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wordpress made simple
Before I began this course a few days ago I did not think I was going to build a website, however, within his short 72 hours I've been able to create the foundation of a great product review website! Brent teaches how to get the ball moving, but ultimately leaves the design and construction up to your own creative abilities.
Although this was published in 2015, it still works well. Moves quickly enough that known topics are not a drudge. It will help to have struggled with Wordpress for a bit so that this course answers questions rather than introduces material, which it does well.





Brent Price is the founder and producer of the daily podcast (The Lifestyle Income Show), where each day he interviews 9-5 escapees (those who have quit their daily jobs) and asks them to share their ideas, tips and strategies about their journey and how they are making money doing what they love.

Brent Price has a background in web design and development, spanning over the last 20 years. He first started building websites professionally back in 1996.

Today, he assists others in...

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