Wordpress Membership Websites: Cash-in on Subscription Websites | Brian Dale | Skillshare

Wordpress Membership Websites: Cash-in on Subscription Websites

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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11 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Locating Plugins

    • 2. Quick Start Guide

    • 3. General Options

    • 4. Login Page Design

    • 5. Custom Fields

    • 6. Assigning Pages

    • 7. Restrictions Options

    • 8. Download Options

    • 9. Paypal Options - Part 1

    • 10. Paypal Options - Part 2

    • 11. Inserting Paypal Buttons


About This Class

If you're serious about membership - subsciber based earnings and management in WordPress, you want s2Member! s2Member supports custom Pages for registration (including Custom Registration/Profile Fields), account access, and a whole lot more. s2Member is compatible with Multisite Networking as well.

With the s2Member Pro add-on, you can add support for unlimited Membership Levels, Stripe™ (w/ Pro Forms to facilitate on-site credit card processing) the best known of which is PayPal as well as many other enhancements.

s2Member supports Free Subscribers, and up to four primary Membership Levels [1-4] You can label your Membership Levels anything you like. Custom Capabilities are an easy way to extend s2Member in creative ways. Custom Capabilities allow you to create an unlimited number of Membership Packages, all with different Capabilities and prices.

In this course, we cut through all of the noise and teach students basic Wordpress Membership Plugin install, set-up as well as management so join us TODAY!





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Brian Dale

Internet Marketing Coach

Brian Dale specializes in teaching numerous areas and disciplines in online
marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He believes an effective
online marketing plan must be centered around industry specific
geo-targeted keyword strategies as well as executed through use of Internet
marketing best practices.

With each new product and service launch, entrepreneurs must have an
effective strategy which must extend well beyond their website. Key to

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