Wordpress For Beginners & Newbies - Create A Professional Website or Ecom Site In Just 30 Minutes | Alvin Phang | Skillshare

Wordpress For Beginners & Newbies - Create A Professional Website or Ecom Site In Just 30 Minutes

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

Wordpress For Beginners & Newbies - Create A Professional Website or Ecom Site In Just 30 Minutes

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Wordpress For Beginners - Build A Pro Site In 30Mins

    • 2. Setup Your Web Hosting & Domain Name

    • 3. How To Setup Wordpress

    • 4. How To Setup Theme and 1st Blog Post

    • 5. Posting 1st Page Post

    • 6. Setup Your Navigation

    • 7. Changing Your Theme Design

    • 8. Improve Your Design With Elementor Pro

    • 9. Bonus How To Adjust Blog Post & Navigation

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About This Class

Need Help To Create A Website / Blog / Ecom Site With Wordpress?

Learn How To Setup A Great Looking, Professional Wordpress Website In Less Than 30 Minutes.

Tap On My 13 Years of Wordpress & Marketing Experience

Hi my name is Alvin Phang and I am a professional business blogger at GatherSuccess.com. I have over 30,000+ social follower and have been blogging since 2006 helping many individuals just like you to create beautiful and high converting website

In this simple to follow course you will learn:

  • Setup Your Web Hosting
  • How To Buy Your Domain Name
  • How To Post Your 1st Blog Post
  • How To Post Your 1st Page Post
  • How To Customise Your Wordpress Theme
  • Get Access To Professional Theme Designs For FREE
  • Access To The World's Most Popular Flexible Theme Builder

This Course is For:

  • Beginners who don't know how to install or configure WordPress
  • Anyone who wants a WordPress powered website
  • Business Owners
  • Aspiring Bloggers
  • Personal Brands
  • People who need to get more leads and sales for their product or service

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvin Phang

Servant of God Since 2011


My name is Alvin Phang and I live in Singapore, I got baptized on the 31st Aug 2011 and since than I had a desire to serve God and have completed my studies at ACTS College Bible School holding a BTH degree in Theology :)

Since 2011, I have been preaching and evanglize in various countries and I am glad God is using me in various ways to reach out to people. God had placed in my heart to start up an online community on Facebook call GatherFaith that currently has over 37,000 likes and activity running to share Jesus online using this video here .

With your support, I be able to purse my passion of serving God and every cent you support will go towards serving God's people. I thank you so much for believing in this movement and thank you again for Loving Jesus. M... See full profile

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1. Wordpress For Beginners - Build A Pro Site In 30Mins: Hey, my name is I mean, welcome to this, cause. About what? Press for beginners, and I'm gonna show you basically how it can be a professional website in just 30 minutes. Yes, you hear right. Just 30 minutes. I'm not kidding. Or even even complete beginner. So I introduced myself. Hi, my name's Alvin. And welcome to my what? Press costs. All right. And what you see in front you is my actual website. Unlike other trainers, I actually run and block myself. So happy blogging for more than 13 years. One tree, 13 years. I can see I have a lot of social followings, more than 30 or $2 in social fallings. So I truly know what you need, right to create a very successful professional block, As you can see here in front of you. This is my actual website. All right, so what do you learn in this cost? Basically, this cost is designed for beginners. People who are totally new to what friends? Or maybe they want to create a website for himself or the store or for their business. So in this cost is a step by step process or sure, everything on how to set up your butt posting how the sell your domain name how to post your first brought post. How to actually pose the first page. What you write in the page. How do you adjust the navigation bar? And most importantly, how to customize your WordPress design team? All right, the Mickey look professional all in just 30 minutes in this cause, right? So I'm saying that in a nutshell, it's a common, this boring blood that you see a one has into this beautiful website that you see here that the beautiful, big just as well on top off that you'll learn hard to get access to all this free Templars which can import into your what breast long. They considered customers each region era alright and untold that you can also customer grocery how the customized T hater, the site bar and everything can be customizable in this basically cost. I don't show you on top of that user learn how do this special powerful editor make actually drag and drop your design or and that's very powerful because you can basically designed wherever you like this by dragging and dropping and has tons and tons off. The features are in this beautiful alone, which means beautiful graphics, as you see here. Or maybe you like to create a foot website. All right, that looks like this. All right, you can do that s well. Or maybe a photo block that looks like this will share your travels. Or maybe you only create an e commerce site. That looks so beautiful. Just ideas. We products, right. Nationals believe who asked about. So you wanna learn more on how to set up your WordPress? But in just 30 minutes and beauty as a professional. All right. Wash my videos in the next video. We'll show you more and sign up for this program and create wash now all Siam Now thank you . And looking forward to see you in the next video. 2. Setup Your Web Hosting & Domain Name: hey is having here won't come to the video in this video. We can talk more about what posting. But more importantly, is to select a reliable Web posting or and what? So wet holes, in case you are nowhere. What ISS To create website, you need two things you need a web host toeholds your website and you need a domain name. These are the two basic things you need to attribute your WordPress block. All right, so I re Heidi recommend site ground. I personally uses myself on my own block for many, many years, and they're proven have very good customer service and trusted by over two million websites . And on talk that they actually highly recommended by what pressed our talk, which is Thedc re ater off. What press? So he says it all about the company. All right, so I have a special link which confined the decision below the video somewhere where I can go to either this link over here or this lingual here you get a special discount only true this link. All right, at this current moment s the recordings video that actually tree packages right now at this price is here. The prices may change by still very good discount. Okay. How do you know which package to choose? All right, depending on your requirements, If you're only intending to be only one website, then you use you can select. This package is only 3 95 per month is extremely affordable. If you have plans to create more than one god, especially for one website. This is for unlimited websites. Okay, so you can build morning one work sites on one plan. But you cited this plant unit can be one website. This plan you can still can be many, many websites and the difference being this and this is that you got more space. Okay? And you got more visitors. I'm currently using this one myself. All right. Can you upgrade in between? Yes, you can. All right. Also. What? I hire a command if you can. So, like the wonders called Grow big in the middle. Alright, I high recommend son, because you would never know. All right, maybe your boot more websites later on. And this is the premium wordpress features. And on s well, so I say use interest in this bank on this bottom here. All right, then. Here. You need to have a domain name. Dominion, basically, is the name for your website. All right, so if you have not true surname, everything of a name that's unique to your store or an entry over here. So you already have your own Dominion can register. Don't have one. Can Really Still one are you really have one can click this one here as well. So now I just for the demo. See our just enter a domain name. We're gonna enter a name that I re found earlier and just random name. All right, so this is actually a brand new domain emission domain name is available, all right. And it did. Only name is not available. You will see something like this. Okay. All right. So it's it's not available. All right? So sometimes you will see that the minister domain name is taken by someone else, so he has to be unique. Take note. The name cannot be changed after you register, and it costs money. The released A, which is a safer prices here. This is actually pretty reasonable. It's not too expensive about stew. Okay? So quick necks and at this point are he says the meanings available means you can restore this name as your ah, what? Press block. All right. Make sure in this form that you see here, Michelle, from your name and email pasta, make sure you write it down on a piece of April in case you're someone who easily forget something. OK, so also feel your particulars. So this country is your country ice dancing up also. That's why it shows Singapore first himself. First name, last inch of sunny. No need to put company. So you know this only those. Stein, if you're in good company, don't feel that, in my view, have confirmed in CT CTL address, zip code and phone number, which is pretty straightforward as well on Tom that you also want to enter your credit card . Information ended the worry about secretary because the website is secure. Okay, and you can see up there. It says that it's secure so they know everything. When you enter credit cut on any website. You just wanna make sure that's a long there. So, you know it's a cure to enter your credit card, so don't worry about that. So entire information there. All right. The plane where we select it's actually grow big. Mystery s Leah. All right. And we What? I said, if you want to change the plan concrete on this bottle. All right. Can we change the plan? This is the basic plan, which is only one website, Many websites and many, many more Because space. All right, what I recommend is truce a location that is nearest to you. So if I say anything up or out of Singapore, you staying us let you ask, You stay in UK so that you has got the location. That's matter on the speed off your website. Okay, So let's say if your clients are majority from the U. S. Even though I stay in Singapore, you want to select us instead of Singapore. So, like my case, my horses, all in USA because my clients are all in U. S A are in the US dancing upon. So make sure that the correct want, which is pretty important because that will determine the speed off your website. All right. That use of their kinds here Not anything. No is you have the option to go for travel month before. 36 months are in my suggestion. If you can go for the tree year plan because what happens after 12 months, after 12 months, which you are paying 5 95 they were trash. You 1995 And he cannot go back to find out if I even if you renew. So you want a fully their bodies off the Discover. I recommended a victory. Yes, which is what I did for my account. All right, so I have fully utilize our fine if I this calm, but you have to pay right now for some off I 95 times studies six pitches to 14 or something. Oh, the beauty over here. Still here. Saving s you plan longer. All right. So being a hit, all right, you cannot fall too much. You always go with the Troutman plan, which is the one year plan. Or you can choose the one mode one. Montreal. I don't recommend this because this is quite expensive for one Montreal. All right, so I recommend is a one year or tree plan. That's what I highly recommend. All right, so it's zany registration. You don't need this to you don't really need these two other holly uses to. And I have to pick this to our friend. All the in form measure on top. And then you create pay now, and you have successfully paid for your web posting and especially how you register for your hosting in the next video. I'm going to show you basically how to set up using site ground after you pit. All right, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. How To Setup Wordpress: Alright. Hi. Welcome to the videos every year in this region and talk more about setting up your work prints on site ground. If you don't have a saint ground hosting plan, I suggest you to go to the link here. Even had done so to get you get a good discount to get back posting plant. So in case you don't know how the law in, I've been sure in. All right, so in the top, right hand corner of the site. Granddaughter calm, Create or not in. All right. You'll be prompted to enter your user name. Password. All right, so the spleen and use a impossible wish you have ready register earlier and just sign in. Once you're inside, you should see this. And this is Mr Freeway or Dashboard iss. And if you have followed on the sent out video, you shouldn't have already said I will press. But don't show you where to find it. In case you don't know where Oh, you want to send a new one or right? So go to my accounts and you should be able to see obviously all the price that you have installed on your own account so you can see I'm under the go get plan, which is the highest plan they have. Okay? And basically, you released all the installation oil press that you have. You can see I have many, many websites on one single account against. Okay, He's told many, many accounts. Okay, So where do you main issue this, OK, it's not manage over here. We need do is click on this button and say, go to see panel. Okay, so we got to see Penhall. You should see this is basically very control. Everything okay? So if you want to install a new world, press there isno on your system or you want to see where you installed it What? Prince, You can goto this button cause sofa licious, right? So once you log into installed, you lot go to the left side. Over here in clear. On what? Press and click on install. Now we're here. Okay, Somebody start just a dummy block for these. Publicize showing you guys how to install. Okay, so this Ah, damn. Or 123 Okay. So, uh, when you you don't have to type the directory there if you just plan here, but explain this. Otherwise your is the wrong place. Okay, so let's say you know, my current domain name is Theis, Right? Okay, this is what you see here, right? You can see the domain name here if you have Allah in your domain name in sight, OK? All yet released. That true? Um, site girl. All right, So if you want to start another block, that means you That means you go to this website is one block. I can install another demo, but like what I'm doing now. So I'm doing them a wonder tree. All right, So if anyone goes so this link is another. What? Press spots like every create mount people, I say, maybe block for another block site up to you. He still has many to one. All right. So take note. This only works on the media and the high end account of the stop coming. Right, because the stop Kony allow you these don't one. Okay. So normally, this is actually blank for most off your If you're intending toe, install a block on the mean just a minute dress. You shouldn't be entering in anything here, but because I'm creating a demo site. So that's why entering it here. So don't enter anything here If you intending to adjust. Half the domain is your blocks site. All right, so you're block name here, but description. Uh, this all can don't take all right, The user name. Make sure you write down whatever use the name is shown there. All right. You can't. She changed a user name, but don't use of what it means. Do not use the what it mean. All right, That's a very common mistake. All right. Do not use your name. All right, This another calling mistake. So truce on random name. That is quite easy to roll for you, but it's not quite half our people to guess. Okay, so it's for the signal, this them or I will put them or want to the tree can. And right on the password, because I'm definitely going to forget this parcel going so long. Okay, you can change your possible it, but mission is strong. Password into your email address. You address? All right, languish. Uh, you want to enable this to breathe when hackers Okay, that will protect websites. So you want any but this? Ah, you want to disable. This constant is pretty ongoing. Okay. Ah, this one don't change and install. So what do we know? It's actually starring in a brand new Ah, what press on your hosting account. And once you're done, you give the translator go here, right now. All right. He shows a brand new, uh what press block? All right. Can see this is a brand new world press block, right? They know if I go to the mean one, which is this one is my main company site. Okay, You know, this is another world press blow. Okay, So that to wordpress. But we didn't want the meaning. That's what trying to tell you. Yeah, OK, so you gonna go to the administration where you can and do the emigration? Agreed on the second link, it's no me. Ah, and we WP dish and mean Okay, you know this amarilla in because on my set up, but this one for the state of demo, I look out first, Okay? And you're not this You will see. All right, this Ah, in screen. Okay, so this long is screen. I'm gonna put, uh, them old tree and the possible it okay. And remember, because I was sure forget and yellow in s. Well, okay, so that's basically how you set up your what? Press block. All right. Very simple. Right? So there waas done like that's 10 5 to 10 minutes. So I see innings video on how to do the posting and customization. 4. How To Setup Theme and 1st Blog Post: he's having here. Welcome to know video in this video, we're going talk more about Syria. Your what? Press design team and also posing your first posts. All right, so now, right now, you should have already installed your what press and not India. What press? If you're not Dancel, watch my previous video on hard to do that. All right, so now what you're looking at right now, it's the what we call the WordPress dashboard. And you can always come back here by going to the button over here called the dashboard. All right, The 1st 1 do when there's a fresh new website. Are you gonna go to appearance? Go to teens. Teams are basically designs for a website, so by default, it chooses the 2019 design. But I highly recommend you use this design in state because this is pretty clean. This on combat to the other two. So you're going on a TV? It okay? And after that, you would say so. Team is activated. You can see there are active there. And you want to see your website? This scroll with this right click here, create visit website and catchy. See your beautiful worksite. All right, Online. All right. It was pretty plain now, but we're going to do in this video. We'll show you how to put your first proposes re one about Post Call Hollow will. This is not returned by you by such a default by the team itself. All right, so in what press, there's two things we need to know is called posts and pages. But it is really going toe only about post. So click on at New. And once you in the at New area. What you see here is what we call the good No book editor. All right? It's called a gonna, but knew what? Press editor. All right, so basically here, you want to be a title. So normally, the first thing input is that Welcome to my block. All right, then you introduce yourself. Hi. My name is Elvin, and I basically you're you write in your first book. Post s basically introduction. Introduction off yourself. All right. What you do? All right. What you do OK. And also right. About what? How you can help. Honest. In what area? Okay. And what top subjects would you be blogging about? All right, So this will give you an idea or what? Your block this about. So this will take some time to write. Okay, Notice on the right side. You have some options here, but normally we don't really touch them. I can choose the test collar. If you want to change the text color, you can t choose the text, color and background color or we're here as well. They're not going to do there. All right? In document you can not This ive lesson. You want to sketch your post? How do you schedule pulls? You click on this button and you can't be scared. You when you want opposed to go, this is extremely useful. When you're on a holiday and your schedule toe have a post every week you can cheat scheduled over there And it's always a good idea to cut the rice your post. So Carney right now is under uncovered, right? So you can create a new category. And maybe the 1st 1 input is I normally put news. Here's my 1st 1 So initiates the news. All right, so this is to categorize your posts. You can give any candidate. Do you want you can also change the canaries over here as well on the left side. All right, so tanks are very useful for us. You purpose. So maybe wonder. Always take your name is your first post. All right? And then type Cuomo and then you notice this attack there. So, in such a such engine shuts just Allen Peng. My blood pools will appear the search engine, all right? And you add a feature image. You can set a feature image here. And normally, this too. We don't really touch them. Just in case you don't people to comment on your post. You can Sheehan think this to disable comments. But no, Mia, this Levy on all right in Crete on publish and a great again. All right. And you saw sensory publisher pulls that see the polls What? We're just posted. So again, See, I have just posted about post, and this is how it looks like a great right. So that's simple to just put a block post online. All right, so in the mix post, I'm gonna talk more about pages and how you can customize the pages s well, So I see you in the next video 5. Posting 1st Page Post: it's having here. Welcome the video in this video, we talked about posting your first pitch posts. All right, It's not about post by the pitch ports. What you see in front of you right now is what we call a pitch balls. And how do you know this is the page bulls? Because there's no debt found on the page. All right, All right. Notice if I go over here, this called block Post. You can see it is a date of the auto and some details off the person who put a post. So no, me a lot post normally has. And some date that's how you know. And you you are out is also some dates over there as well, whereas a page right iss has no debt are and just static page. All right, so let's go on. Go to this video. Hard to clear. First page post. All right, So you go to pages in your dash, bought all right, and click on it new. All right. What's the same wing as how you works for block post, But this time round it just only on aesthetic pitch. All right. So, normally, what's the first thing going to do when you create a peach will be basically about me. All right. So, basically, you're gonna type all your information. All right? Type all your information about yourself in what you do, all right. And basically, what are you specialize in? All right, you see, that's what you should have. You normally will have one. Pish is talking about you. OK, so they normally at one patient. All right, these are the pages I recommend you guys to create One is about me. All right. One iss about your services, if you have any. And also a way to contact contact me. Contact us. All right. So this is the tree stand up pages that all websites should always have about me. So he says content. All right, ive you heart. Having a story can always have another piece that talks about your store. Okay, so maybe you can say our store right? There will be additional pitch. All right, so now you have three or four pages on airy singles website. These are the 34 stand up injures that everywhere. That should have all right. In order to promote whatever you are doing, Obviously if you're block the disc. Er, blogger, you don't have services. You may not have a store yet, but normally you have this to first. All right, so basically, just enter whatever information about yourself here and one thing off dimension is you can insert pictures by clicking on this partners over here. So let's even at a picture in a picture, and then you can create, like, upload, All right? And then you select a picture that you like. So you set my camera Hansel here. All right. So you can easily add a picture here. You can also resize the picture to by just moving this okay, and capture in two weeks. You want toe? So decided that pretty user friendly. This the new good number editor. All right. So what you do is off the adande with this page click publish and could publish again, All right? And then gave you a beautiful page over here. So it's pretty straightforward about how to create your page. So normally you want to create, like, three pages in the next video, we're going to create a navigation bar. You know, this has no way to never get to this page about this only links to as she never get the post. So see the next video on how to create a navigation bar to link toe all your pages. 6. Setup Your Navigation: Yes. I mean, you're working on a video in this video and top mobile creating your navigation bar, or I make sure you have really creative pages before you come to the state's chief, not create pages. Police watch my previous video on how to create pages. All right, so I have in front of me a pinch. But right now, there's no, no, no way to go to the page. All right? You've been a quick home, all right? There's no way to create on the page, Aren't because it's no link to it. Okay, So you want to create a navigation bar here or here, right to go to their. So the first thing I do is go to your dashboard, okay? And go to appearance. All right? And go to mum knows. All right, go to my nose. And basically in here, you're on top there. Uh, mean, menu and click. Create menu. All right. We already have a piece here that we created in a previous video. So click here and add to menu. All right. Normally, I will create one more. One more. Ah, link in the navigation bar. And it's not found as under home. All right, So what you do is you copy a ling off your home page, right? This is the link off my home page. Okay? Which is where buildings up there are, You know, everyone that's different. Okay, So create a customized link, all right? And I'm called his home. All right, so it always should have a home button on top. Anyway. Injuries one dragged this to the top and create safe. Okay, once you're done that since, actually we created to Ling's want to go home and want to go to the about me pitch. Next thing going to do is go to manage location, and you want a sign your primary menu to mean all right and create safe. All right. If you don't assign, the Monroe will not appear. OK. I say again, the moon, you will know appear if you never create safe. So once you assign, you notice that now a new navigation bar. All right? Fall on here on the top, right hand corner. So if I create about me, all right, it goes to the about me Page, This is great. This is what I want or even create home. It goes to the home page. All right, That's how you create the navigation. PH All right. So I hope you found this guitar useful, and I'll see you again in the next video. 7. Changing Your Theme Design: Hey, something here? Welcome to know video in this vehicle. Talk mobile, enhancing your team design options. All right, let's say you are very bored off the states, I, which is pretty plain. Alright. There's no pictures, no color, no nothing. And you want something more vibrant. All right, so we can do is go to appearance, go to teams and click on at New. Okay. And click on popular. Okay. You can see there are many, many ah designs here to choose from that you can t change your team toe Pretty good. All right. So that many, many nice teams out there, but the one that I personally use for all my professional clients is our use. This one, alright? Wishes I don't know, pronounce it is p Haitian l X. Okay. So normally recommend installing this one because this is very, very versatile team. Okay, Want a quick 80? Vint, you wonder in sort of call items, okay. And then you install it successfully. All right? The good thing about this team, it has also they're more important. Was the demo important? Basically, you can import pre populated content onto your website with many, many templates to choose from. All right. Unfortunately, audience have to pay money to actually up to get the features. But it's a very affordable price of only $29. That's why I'm recommending this team. All right. They do have three ones. You can see what your use of the free ones. Okay, but this another free one here. Okay. In another free one. Here. Okay. And he gets on. Alright, get the idea. All right. So there are free or free designs at the bottom. Can see that some very nice free designs. All right to me. A website, a little beauty. Fool. All right, so you may choose not to use that it's up to you, but normally, I prefer the customize it myself to what I like. Okay, So once you changed a team, you notice. Now the team design looks different. Comparing to this boring designed. Now it looks more modern, okay? And you have more options to customize. Okay, So what you can do is that you can actually customize everything from the top to the logo, can eat at logo and so on. And so many features are compared to the normal team site that you see over there? So every pencil they see year can be modified can change your layout. How you want your layout, The look like you can change your such a bar. All right. What? You want to use the title? You can even change The hater are you can change your heater Going to display a second hater? Alright, Are button all rights up to you? All right. There are many, many options to play with, so I recommended even saying you don't a finger with all these things You just need a simple designed to start with. Okay, What suggest is you go to the demo importer, which is found over here. They're more important. Okay, You can actually import any desire you like here. So they just important one that I personally like. Ah, which used the pop Fertile one. All right, so important. This couldn't continue Arctic note. You want to actually only import when your website is new? Either See us already existing Have any content. Eat me over right? Some of the content as well. All right, so take note of that. All right, so this is important and start importing on the plot is required. Ah, for this particular day, more misery is really installing all the popular Platini's that you may need. All right, to get your website running s well, all right, that's what he's doing behind the scene. All right. Unfortunately, this one didn't go true, but it's OK, can start. I'll sell it on. Okay, so once you are done, has tried to gain. So you feel getting try again and see where that goes True. All right. So you have the option to pose. Ah, people, the whole website, All young, pre put or neither. Daytime's after you. So I want everything or you can select you anyone certain, the options and stuff. Normally, even the brand is a brand new website. You choose this if it's not a brand new website union select where you want important. But this is a brand new websites or this import everything. So you think about 5 to 10 minutes gotta holding to go true. So once it's essentially ah important you'll see this screen, says Congregation Demo has been poor that you can create on preview to see the outcome, so it looks very nice now It's very, very professional lead on website with locals and everything. And if you want to customize the team, you can't. You click on customize okay, and you can actually customized the team according to how you like it. So I hope you like this video and I'll see you next video. And it's the last video where talk more about how to customize the team. 8. Improve Your Design With Elementor Pro: Hey, welcome to the video. And this will be your exciting video because show you how to customize your website to make it look professional in powerful, right? And then check out elemental pro. Alright, What we just did install those things were actually introducing a new beautiful call element, a pro against any mental pro and a very steep discount by Sadak home slash elemental or if I in the link description below All right, So basically, what it does is that you can be customized to your liking whatever design your life and it's all drag and drop. All right, That's what I like about element a pro. I use it for all my clients and they love it. And it like the customize as well. It's so much nicer comparing two different initial ah block. They re create a little boring. But right now it looks so standing and professional. And the best part is that all right, you can actually customize It s well, so how do you customize? All right, so if you go to the website now, all right. There's two new buttons now used to be just edit page and night. Does this button here. So you want even a customized a hater? This portion is called the hater or a creek on customize over here. But even a customized this area will hear you and agree on any elemental. Okay? And it's very easy to customize because you can easily drag and drop right. Notice all this now is movable. So let's say, for example, you don't like to have all this images over here you can easily add, or you'll make this thing smaller. Can discreet on this any man over here and get you changed a style off the size off the was every fight is too big. Okay, so that's one beauty off. Using elemental, you can actually adjust all the size and also the weave and everything easily with this thing. Okay. Ah, And also until then, all right, you can also at new any months. So let's say you want to add in a new column that's going on the plus button. You know, this is a new column here. You can get actually a lot off staff. So it was a way out for us, So we created the plus button. You can insert images Editor This is discreet inside your tanks. All right. It's a video. You can insert space going good man images and so much more Over here, the ah, the possibilities are endless. Alright for this. And because I told you to insult the P l X team, I don't know, pronounced dead. Okay, but there are additional free rejects, taken installed and sort of powerful one. The only Pete teams have will be the modern modern moving hater and also taps. Okay, this are normally Infonie and pay teams. You will see that, but you have it for free. All right? When you install this, this team are just the reason why I recommend installing this team because of all the additional. Ah, bonuses. All right. And I say you want to create a plot. You can also do that by actually is dragging this. Okay. And then you have a beautiful or the beautiful block posts. Alright shown that I think are in right now. That's no black hole, so it's not showing right now. Okay? But you were sure that when the hairs are blocked pores or what? They're all right. So there are many things you can explore all right. Using elemental pro a swell and so highly recommend you check out elemental pro. All right, The ling is far at price. Are back home slash elemental. All right, so going to finish this whole series of video by concluding and telling you that it's not hard to create website And if you have your homework for today, is to design your website. All right, design and create your website. I imposed a link to your block so that I can't even get what you have done. So looking forward to see the desires that you guys create are in the community. And thank you so much for watching my videos. And if you're interested to know more about how to actually any elemental are half another cost about it teaching you as Nechita steps how toe Eddie them specifically in every single detail. Alright, So thank you so much for watching my videos. If you can watch my elemental costs as well. So see you very soon. And only for the see your beautiful website too 9. Bonus How To Adjust Blog Post & Navigation: Hey, it's having here. And welcome to this bonus video I taught. I record this video just in case you wondering where your prop host go to. All right, Because I notice this. Ah, the original template design. When you import, there is no way to find your block post. Basically, this is the box pose that we created in earlier videos going to show you housed at this inn so that you can find or block polls on your website. All right, so this reason why I created this bonus feed you Okay, So if I you go back to this page, your main page click on any elemental er you will come to this page. All right. And then here go to posts And we can do is to mystic that we did earlier. We choose the wrong ones. We should be treating this one greet and carousel posts so you can drink it inside here. All right. And he automatically come out the post. All right. Can choose Hominy. Call them to one normally people, but two or one column and can choose to display in different various formats. You can choose whatever form it. This one looks nice. You can see this some effect over there so you can choose a fleet effect, okay? And can choose that carousel more than effect. Okay. And you can also choose. I see. What's this? All right? Or just a normal carousel effect. All right. All right. Whatever style you personally prefer. So I personally before great, all right. And I would know me choose. Uh, missy, this is Yeah. What's content? Yes. All right. Call imagery background. If they're IHS or I can choose display and these other things you can customize how you want to display? Maybe don't show the title. You can hide the title if you want to. Uh, normally I just leave it as it is. I never do any changes. Pick up it. All right. So what's that, Don? All right, we can do is to look at it. Okay, and click on it. Okay. The next thing on due East as irritating extra title up here. I'm sure a lot of you guys wouldn't want at this extra tighter up there. All right, So how do you get rid off this area? Right. Click on customize. Okay. And now we're customizing the team. You know the team that we installed earlier. Okay, so go to Ah, block. Okay, go to block, go to single post title. All right. And then you just until this. All right, Ennio Medically disappear. All right. If you want it to be there, you can still live it there. Ah, what I suggest Ease. Let me see this. People's tighter. No, not this one. And they were Actually, I only want to show this, but it seems that isn't an option for me to choose. Step. Okay, so no choice. You have to remove the whole thing, all right? Because you don't have to titles really, really, really with. All right, that's how you modify that and publish. Okay, so when you go to your website now, Okay, let's close this. Okay, Now we have the format done correctly. All right? The next thing is because now, in navigation, Barlow is different from what we do. You mean wonder where to change this. All right. I'm sure you be wondering about that. So go toe appearance. Goto minnows. Okay, In the audio video, we create a manual call mean Okay. When you import the things from L a mentor or from the team. All right, They create a new menu. All right, so this is our new menu to select the new menu. Okay. And I suggest you delete all this extraordinary suits you don't need. So this all created by the template so you don't need them can remove them, right? This or this thing that you see here, by the way, is this drop down that you see here? All right. So you can't you remove them, all right? It's safe to remove unless we don't use them. Okay. And click save Manu. And if you go here, you refresh now, right? And left me home in about us. Let's remember you under any anything that you wanna debt. Sorry, Eddie. The about us has very nice pictures here. All right, in the contact us or maybe the world. Okay. You can actually go to the page, okay? And and create on any elemental right? Take notice this part the top up here that you see here from here to here, is actually all part of the team. Aiding from here on west is the elemental parole. Okay, so you can see clear any en aumento and you can see immediately with a really can any anything below here any above. Here is a three part after team. Okay, so you can see can edit over here, which is beautifully done. So hopeless Bonus We will help you. I'm sure you have questions asking how that it'll staying because I didn't mention about Emma earlier videos. So that's the reason why I created these bonus feed You do Check out the elemental pro yourself and you can add a little extra features to a Web site by this upgrade and even the pro. And also I have a costs on M and a pro itself again check out my other causes s. Well, thanks for watching this video and hope to see your website design very soon.