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Wordpress For Beginners - Create a Professional Website Today

teacher avatar Robin Haney, Web Developer and Online Instructor

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introductory To The Course

    • 2. What Is Wordpress?

    • 3. Self-Hosted or Wordpress.com?

    • 4. How To Setup a Domain Name and Hosting Account

    • 5. Setting Up Your Nameservers

    • 6. How To Install Wordpress In Less Than 5 Minutes

    • 7. Introductory To The Wordpress Dashboard

    • 8. How To Change Your Site title and Description

    • 9. How To Create Posts and Pages

    • 10. How To Add an Image To a Post

    • 11. How To Add Video Content To Your Posts

    • 12. How To Correctly Format Your Posts and Pages

    • 13. How To Set-up Your Website Navigation

    • 14. How To Change Your Homepage

    • 15. Discussion Settings

    • 16. How To Disable Comments

    • 17. How To Install a Wordpress Theme

    • 18. How To Customize a Wordpress Theme

    • 19. How To Add a Featured Posts Thumbnail

    • 20. What is a Wordpress Theme Framework

    • 21. Genesis and Canvas Theme Frameworks

    • 22. What are Widgets

    • 23. How To Add Users To Your Website

    • 24. What is a Plugin

    • 25. A List of Common Plugins

    • 26. How To Install and Set-up Wordpress SEO by Yoast

    • 27. WP Super Cache

    • 28. How To Install and Activate BackupWordpress

    • 29. Conclusion For The Course

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About This Class

Creating a website for your business online doesn't have to be complicated and stressful or even remotely hard at all - all you need is a good understanding of how Wordpress works.

My name is Robin Haney and I am a Web developer, Blogger, Author, Internet Marketer and SEO specialist. I have been created websites online for over 8 years and have been loving it ever since.

In this course you are going to learn how you can easily build a website for your own/someone's business. In this course we are going to cover:

  • Picking a domain name for your website and hosting it online.
  • The pros and cons of free website hosts and self-hosted websites online.
  • How to hook-up your domain name to your hosting account in no time.
  • How to install Wordpress in a matter of minutes.

We are also going to be working in wordpress where you will learn how to do the following:

  • Navigate and work within the Wordpress interface with confidence and clarity.
  • Adding content to our website by publishing posts and pages as well as formating our content so it looks all nice and pretty.
  • Adding images and video to your website.
  • Installing and customizing Wordpress Themes.
  • Installing plugins and drastically changing the way our Website operates.
  • Adding and working with widgets so you can easily customize all areas of your website.
  • Learn how to SEO optimize your Wordpress website to get extra organic SEO traffic.

I created this course so that everyday people can reap the rewards of taking their business online. This course is also great for beginners learning how to get started in web development and design or for anyone who just wants to learn how to use Wordpress effectively.

I really enjoy designing websites and creating online businesses and now you can too.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robin Haney

Web Developer and Online Instructor



My name is Robin Haney and I am an instructor here at Skillshare. I primarily teach web developing and programming tutorials. 

You can check out my blog here - www.robinhaney.com 

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1. Introductory To The Course: Hello. My name is Robin Heaney. I am an online Web developer and have been cranial obsessed online for over eight years. I understand that creating a website online can seem like a very daunting task. This is why I've created this course on you to me, called how to create a WordPress block. In this course, I will take your hand and walk you through the process of getting a WORDPRESS website online and up and running on your own domain name. In this course, we will cover what WordPress is self hosted websites and free Web sites on the Web. How to step a domain name and hosting account, how to install WordPress working WordPress and last but not least a little bit on search engine optimization as well. At the end of this video course, you will be able to confidently work in WordPress. You can then use the skills to create your own website or start your journey as a freelance web developer, creating websites for others. Throughout this course, we will be working on our own website from the very start all the way to the finish. This course is for anybody who wants to get started online. Who doesn't understand how to work with WORDPRESS or who wants to get started designing websites for others. Thank you for watching. And I look forward to hearing your opinion in discussion settings of my videos. Lets get started, shall we? 2. What Is Wordpress?: welcome to the first video of my course in the first video. We're going to go over what, exactly, workplaces and why we're going to use it to build websites where Chris is the biggest content management system on the Web, and it is for a good reason. It's easy for everyday people to use, and it has all kinds of cool futures and plug ins. And best of all, it's free. Now let's look over a few popular Web sites that are using WordPress. So I managed to find the school article on the Internet that showcases some of the top blocks using WordPress right now. So, as you can see, we got tell a crunch. We got the New Yorker, the BBC website, the Star Wars official, blawg, even Variety and Sony Music. So there's some pretty big Web sites that are using WordPress. As you can see, all these websites look amazing. And with WordPress everyday people just like you and me can build websites and make them look amazing, just like the ones of. So when you're so far and you don't even need to know a single line of code, that is the best part now that we have a better staying what WordPress is, let's go over the two different ways. We can start building a word press website and get right into it. 3. Self-Hosted or Wordpress.com?: There are two different types of WordPress websites that we can create online. The two different types are free Host website on wordpress dot com and a self hosted WordPress. Install on your own domain and hosting account. In this video, we will briefly go over how to set up a free website and go over the pros and cons of doing so. In order to get started, we will need to head on over to wordpress dot com. We will then click the giant blue button in the middle here and begin the process of creating our own free website. Next, we pick the site address of her blawg, which would generally be the name that our site to be cold. Let's go with the www dot Learned how to create wordpress dot com or whichever you prefer. We click create your site, and the screen that follows will pop up. We will enter our email end user named Tito's quickly and complete the step. We then want to click on no thanks and select the free option for our blawg. Now, if we click on my site and then BUE our website, we can see that everything is correctly set up and working just the way we want it to. We can go back into our dashboard and add posts and pages and get started with designing and changing how our new we're pressed. Blawg will look. The pros of using this approach is that we can get a free website set up quickly and working on the Web. For some people, this will work perfectly fine. But if you are really serious about your website, you are going to want your own domain name and hosting account so you can access more features in WordPress, have more control and, more importantly, being in 100% control and ownership of your website. In the next video, we're going to learn exactly how to set up a domain name and get started creating our self hosted WORDPRESS website. 4. How To Setup a Domain Name and Hosting Account: in this video, we're going to learn exactly what a domain name is and how to buy a domain name online from an online domain name provider. I'm also going to go through some simple and quick tips for when it comes to picking a domain name that you can use for your business as well. First of all, what exactly is domain name? Well, the domain name is basically the home page. You are l of your website. For example, if you go to the google dot com home page, we can see that the home page and domain name is www dot google dot com or, in this case, google dot c A. When it comes to picking a domain name, you would normally pick the name of your company or business. Or, in the case of my own personal blawg, you could pick your name as well. Start when people search, they would know how to find me. So now we're going to head on over to go daddy dot com, which is also an example of a domain name you can find Go Daddy by typing it into Google or by looking in the course text files for each lesson that I will be providing for reference links and materials that I mentioned thrilled discourse as well. So now that we are headed on over to go daddy dot com, this is what we see on the main homepage of the website. If we're interested in a particular domain name, weaken, type it into the search box here and see if it is available for us to purchase the domain name for the project that we're going to be building throughout this course is W W. Don't learn how to wordpress dot com. We can see that our domain name it's available, as well as the dot com extension, which is ideal in most situations in cases. If you can't manage to get a dot com extension free website, that is fine. Any other variations, such as dot net dot org's or even dot info, would do Justus well if needed. So now we're going to hit the select button. They would take us to this next screen on this next screen. We're going to decide if we want to purchase the hosting account to go with our domain name as well. When it comes to hosting. I like to keep my domain name and Web post with the same company that makes supporting everything much easier to manage. Now let's look at the hosting plans that go with that you can offer us. We can see that they have either the economy hosting packets or the deluxe hosting package . I'm going to go with the deluxe here. Since it is a better dear. Once you have decided on the hosting plan you want, we will scroll down and go to the next screen. Here. Go. Daddy wants us to select our payment plan in details. I'm going to go with the one year plan for the domain name and the one month plan for the hosting package as well. Now that we have finished selecting our plan for a hosting and domain name, we will see the total here on the side and we can proceed to the check out. If you are new customer to go, Daddy, you will want to fill your details here. And if not, you can like it on the side. We will select new customers. Since most people watching this video, we're probably not have a hosting account. Previously set up doing your personal information and pay for your order. And we will continue where we left off in the next video. 5. Setting Up Your Nameservers: at the end of this video, you will have a good, solid understanding of what a hosting account is and how you can link your domain name and hosting account together so that your website could be live on the Internet. We're going to cover name servers, see panel and all that fun stuff in this lesson as well. No, if you remember where we last left off in the last video, we have just finished purchasing a domain name and hosting account for Go daddy dot com. Now, if you log into her account and we head onto the management domains page, we're showing a list of all the domain names that are currently registered on our hosting. We're going to see our domain name. Learn how to wordpress dot com here, we're going to click the Drop down arrow and go to the manage my domain section. No, If you purchased your domain name and hosting account through Go Daddy, they might have already set this up, but we're gonna have to go through it just in case. This process can also be applied if you have a different host with a different company as well. So to begin, we will manage your name servers and make sure they appointed to the domain name servers that we sit up with her hosting account. Now, when you first signed up for your hosting account, your host should have sent you a welcome email with all the details. You need to do this in that email. You should have your name servers as well. But we're going to do here is point our domain to those name servers. So in our case, our name servers are at s 27 dot domain control dot com in n S. 28 dr Mean control dot com Double check to make sure they're correct. And after you're done typing them in, make sure you click. Save again. Your name servers should be sent in your welcome email. If you ever leave your name servers, you need help with this step. Try sending a support ticket to your Web host and they will give you all the answers you need. Once we're done that, we'll head back to our Doumanian section, click on the arrow and go to build a website. Next we will navigate to the hosting tab and click on use with your domain, which automatically connector, domain, name, toe are hosting account on Go, Daddy. Now, when we click, manage were taken to a domain name control panel where we can access all the files. Pro domain. I told everybody in this stuff yet we will learn about it as we go. But there is one last thing we need to do. Just before we have finished up here, we need to scroll down to the domain section and navigate to the add on domains icon. Now we need to set up our domain name. We just persist and connect it to a hosting account. If you're using a host other than go Daddy, you will need to navigate to your C panel on your Web post and follow the same steps in the first box. We would taper domain name in the sub domain and document root who automatically feeling so you don't need to worry about them. We will click add domain name and if you refresh the page after it's done loading, if we scroll to the bottom, we will see our domain as long with any other domains that we have currently registered on her hosting account. Now that's pretty much it. You're done here, and we could move on to the next up, which is a stolen WordPress on our newly acquired domain. This can be a little tricky and can be hard for some people. So if you do have problems, feel free to shoot me a message or strip a discussion for this video lesson. Alternatively, you can always message of what post, and they can help you to swell. 6. How To Install Wordpress In Less Than 5 Minutes: And now that we have everything set up with a domain name and hosting account, we can begin to install WordPress on our domain. This is a super easy thing to do, and we're going to go through the process of how to install WordPress under new go daddy hosting account you were using in different airports. The overall general process should be the same. So in our C panel, we're going to school, roll down to the Web applications section and click on WordPress. This is going to take us to the script that were automatically install WordPress on her domain. Look for the installed this application, but give it a click. We're then going to select our domain that we want to use and use the default directory to install repress in. So we're gonna leave this section here blank will make sure that the latest version of WordPress is slickened as well as whatever language you wanted to be in. In our case, we're going to pick English who would choose to accept the license agreement automatically said our WordPress to automatically update sore website is secure and we always using the latest version of WordPress. We were center themes to not automatically update. But we definitely want to select the option to automatically back up a website just in case something ever goes wrong. And now we need to fill in her settings. Pick, user name and password as well as an email. You want to use fortifications. Be sure to write them down, just in case your block title will be the title of your website. We will use our domain for this, and in the tagline, we will give a brief description of what a website is all about. We would not enable two factor authentication just for simplicity sake, and we would not live in log in attempts as well. After we're done with all these settings, we can go ahead and install WordPress. It would take a few moments, but once didn't Stella's finish, we can move on to the next step. Once our installation is done, we can click on the you Earl of our website and check to make sure that everything is working correctly. As we can see where press is up and running and everything looks pretty good, we can also access the admin part of your website by doing the following, we would go to the address bar at the top and add slash WP dash log in dot PHP. This would take us to admin log in and we will use our user name and password that we made previously during the installation. Once we're logged in, we would see a WordPress dashboard. Now we have a working with President Stone are demanding we can get started with actually building out our website. Congratulations. Your website is now live on the internet. 7. Introductory To The Wordpress Dashboard: in this video, we're going to get an overall view of our WordPress Stass board as well as familiarize ourselves with everything in WordPress. We will start with the dashboard in this video and slowly work away through the different future that we're press can offer us. So once we get were pressed, set up and everything is running. If we log into her admin area, we will be greeted with the following screen. This is called your WordPress dashboard. At the top, we can see a news feed for anything that needs to be updated or any other various notifications. If you have no new items that need your attention, this area may appear blank on your screen. Next, we have a quick glance at how many posts and pages we have as well as what thing we're currently running under WordPress installation Over to the right. We have a quick draft section where we can quickly jot down and he s pretty post 3 may have very handy for mobile devices. If you don't have a lot of time underneath, we can see a new section for anything that has been posted from the official WordPress bog . Keep in mind that plug ins can also affect the way this dashboard looks. But for now we will discuss Plagens and further details later on in this course. For now, let's quickly go over some of the menu items here on the left side of the screen. Up at the top. We have our home. If we click on it, the updates type would take just any themes or plug ins on a website that need to be updated. The post tab will allow us to managing create post on a website. The media section is where we can upload images and videos as well as other various attachments to our website, the link sections where we could control our blawg role where we can link it to other various helpful or relevant websites that may benefit our visitors. The page tab function is the same as the post tab, except that we're dealing with static content. More information on this in the posts and pages lesson in the future comment will take us to various comments that you just have submitted to our blawg where we can edit them or manage them. The appearance section is a very powerful section where we can control the look of the website as well as our theme. Any actual code of our WordPress installation. The plug ins dashboard is where we can install and configure plug ins that can alter the way our state performs dramatically. The setting stab has all kinds of general options we can use to control on a WORDPRESS website. We would discuss these options as well as subsections later on. So this pretty much sums up the WordPress dashboard. In the future, we would dive into more details and learn about how each of these different sections work. But for now, this is just gonna give us a general idea of how the WordPress admin national works. 8. How To Change Your Site title and Description: in the following video, we're gonna learn how to change the site title in sight description of the WordPress website. So the first thing we're going to do is navigate to the settings tab and click on the general subsection. Here we can see a box for a state title as well as a tagline or description for website. If we change one of these boxes and then hit the save button and updated and then you were a website, you would know what it's that whatever changes you make will be applied to the header of our website. So anything that we enter in the site title or state description will be applied to all the pages under website here. We're going to change it back to what we want, but you can add whatever you want to be the site title or description of your website. Generally speaking, most people will add the name of their company or their website name or even u r l, as well as a site Taito in a nice description to let your visitors know which website is about 9. How To Create Posts and Pages: in this video, we're going to learn how to add some real content to our website and have a lot of fun in the process. If we're locked into our WordPress dashboard, we will take a look at the post section on the left and give it a click here on the screen . We can see all the posts that we have on a website. Let's go in the left side here and click Add new post. Next, we will be given a screen. We can start adding in our content. First, we want to add the Taito over post. So I will write a simple sample title here and underneath our title, we will have the body of the post, which is where we display our main content. I'm going to go and head on over to a random text generator website and grab some warm Epsom just to fill some random Texans so that we can see how a finished post will look. Once we have our tax ready and everything is good to go, we can at her post to new category or create anyone. So we were creating new category and at our post to it who also add a few takes as well. Now, tags are generally used for sorting and s e o purposes. You generally want to make your tags something that has to do with your post and keywords that people will usually search up for in a search engine. I'm just gonna put some sample takes in here just to give you an idea of what everything is gonna look like when we're done. Generally speaking, you want to use somewhere around 5 to 7 tags anything more than seven. What kind of look a little spy me. So keep it around that number. All right? So once we're done that we're gonna screw up in a hit publish. Now that our post is life, we can open it up in our website and a new tab here and see you at the home page Now has the post on it. Our home page will list out our post, and if we click on the heading of a post, we will be directed to a single page of that post. This is how you can simply and easily add content to your WordPress website. I've already added a few posts here just to give you a more general idea how this home page feature works. Now that we know how to add a post to her website, let's go over how to create a page for a website. Pages are generally the same as posts, except that they do not show up on a whole page when three published him. Post can, however, be added to our navigation section, which would discuss more in the sitting up a navigation lesson of the scores. So now that we know how to add posts and pages to up so we can start building up content, I'm going to add a few sample post to meet you back here in an like next lesson. But we will learn how to add media and for matter posts to make them look. Oh, nice and fancy. 10. How To Add an Image To a Post: So now that we have a basic understanding of how posts work and we know how to publish posts, we can start to dress up her posts and pages and style them even further. Where press makes it very easy for you to add video images and other various styles of format into your content. Let's begin above our textbooks. You will see it there. Some icons. You also see a button that says, Add Media, Let's start with that. Now we'll be greeted with screen that we can use to upload files to our website and in particular, the post that we're currently working on. If we wanted to add an image, we could do the following click on select files navigate to where our file is located on our local computer. Double click it and wait for the file to finish. Uploading. Once we're done after a picture is done uploading, we will see a thumbnail display on the left side. Here we were now click insert into post to add it to her post. If we click on our image, we will see icons that we can use to quickly align our image to the left center or even to the right. If we click on the edit button, we can customize our image even further. In the caption section, we can add something that was show was text underneath her picture. The alternative text will show up if for some reason, the image doesn't load in the user's browser. This is important for S E O as it will tell search engines. What are images about? We'll write something long lines of nature picture here. We can also see the line things on the bottom as well. We can also change the size of our image. Let's go with medium. For now, we will click update and then preview, opposed to see the changes that we have made. As we can see, our picture is looking nice and it's on our post in our block. Now that you know how to add images to your website, we will look into adding a YouTube video to your post in the next video 11. How To Add Video Content To Your Posts: in this video, you are going to learn how to add a YouTube video to either your post or page. Now, in the last video, we learned how to upload and images to her post. But if we had a video on our computer, we wanted to upload, we would use the same process. What if, however, we wanted to upload a YouTube video we have on our YouTube channel word on the website? Well, we're going to learn how you can do just that. All right, so let's on over to YouTube and finding meteor that we want to add to our post. All right, so let's say that we want at this video of Taylor Swift to our website. What we do is open the video up and school down just underneath the video. We will look for a button that says, Share Now we could link to it, but let's say we want the actual player to show up so visitors can view the actual video on her page. In order to do this, we will need to m bend the video onto our page. We will be given the code we need to copy and paste here. If we click the show more button, we can also change some of the features of the video player as well. Once we have everything the way you want it, we will copy that line of code. Switch back to her edit post screen. Well, in the edit post screen, we'll click the text tab up top and navigate to where we want to insert a code. We can now see a preview of the video showing up in her edit post dashboard. Now, if we go to a preview changes, you will notice a video is displaying exactly how we wanted to in her post. Now that you know how to do this, you can add all kinds of videos as those other videos on the Internet to your website as well. 12. How To Correctly Format Your Posts and Pages: after this video, you would have a solid understanding on how to correctly format your posts and add some style to your posts and pages. So far, we have covered adding images and videos to your Web posts. But let's go over some other types of formatting. We can do so to start things off. Let's select a little group of text and make it bolt notice. I do this by clicking the big P button in The Post Editor. We can also do the same by tickling the big I button to add some more emphasis to a section of text we have in our post. If we like, we can also create a cool crossover effect by clicking the crossroad effect button as well . Now let's cover bullet list types. Our first list type isn't another list type. Let's make a sample list, but clicking the button and then entering in some list items. We can separate each list item by hitting the enter button. Once we're done with her list, we hit the enter button twice to switch back to a paragraph text. We can also do the same with an ordered list. Now let's add some quotes toe a chunk of text. We would do this by selecting our text first and then hitting the block text button. This will add a cool quotes effect to detects that we desire. The next button, we will add, is a horizontal line into a post for styling and separation of certain pieces of text. With the next three buttons, we can align our content or images to the left, center or right. The insert Link command is very helpful. To use it. We will highlight our anchor text, which is the text that we want to link. Click the button and then type in the URL of the peach we would like to link to. In this case, we're gonna make our section of text linked to google dot com. The next button is the read More take, and this is used for post excerpts. So let's go to the home page of her block and we can see that we have a few posts that we created showing up here. Let's say we only wanted the first paragraph a proposed to show as an excerpt. Well, we can do that with the read more Take all we have to do is insert a take where you want the content to stop being displayed. If we save her post and then go back to her home page, you will see that the full length of the post is no longer being displayed. Just a section before the read More take is going to be showing here. Lastly, we have the toolbar Ta Go where we're given some more different ways to study proposed. For now, let's see what our post with our different styles, is going to look like. As we can see, all of our different stars are being applied to the finished published version of her post . Keep in mind that East WordPress theme were used and style these formats differently, and you will notice this more once we start looking at different themes for a WordPress website. Now that you know how to style your posts a challenge you to write a short our record, too, and add an image, video or even a link as a resource and maybe a list or two. You can take these schools. You've just learned to create some great looking post for your website 13. How To Set-up Your Website Navigation: in this video, we're going to learn how to set up your WordPress navigation bar. A navigation bar is the streets of links at the top of your website that will help your users navigate your website fast and easily while you away. I went ahead and added a couple of sample pages. Underwear, purse. Weps it because, remember, only pages will appear in your navigation bar. Posts will not. Once we have a couple of pages to use. For example, let's I don't head on over to an appearance. Type and click on the menu subheading here. We're going to give her menu the name Primary navigation on the left side. We will select all the pages we want to include in the menu. In our case, we want them all. We can change the order. The pages will appear on the menu by moving these items around. We can also make the menu items parents or Children of each other by dragging them ran on each other. Next we would check the box primary menu and click save. If you go back to our homepage, we should see our navigation when you appear Interwebs a header No, keep in mind. Different themes will display this navigation menu differently. Some themes who display across the top what others will not. Once we start changing our pristine, you will see exactly what I mean. Well, that's it. You now know how to add a navigation menu to your WordPress name. Try any new P just that you would like to include any website and add them into your new primary navigation menu. 14. How To Change Your Homepage: in this video, you're going to learn how to alter the way our WordPress home page is displayed on our website. So the first thing we're going to do is navigate to the Settings tab in their WordPress admin and go to the reading sub menu. Here you can see all the different options we have for all to your homepage. We can have her latest post display or aesthetic page. We can select which page you want to be displayed here. If we save these settings and then refresh your home page, we can see that now our Pedrie selected is being displayed instead of our posts. If we go back into your sayings, we can also said it to display a certain number of posts. Organists like to and see what it looks like. Now you can see only the first two latest posts that we published will be displayed on the home page and the rest weekend access here. So now you know how to edit your WordPress home page and make it set up to display certain pages or certain amount of posts. 15. Discussion Settings: Hello, everybody. In this video, we're going to quickly go over the discussion settings in our WordPress dashboard. We can find the discussion settings by navigating to the settings tab and clicking the discussion drop down menu on the left side. A lot of the settings on this page will have to do with interactivity in the comment system on your website, you can set up notifications as well as if comments should be approved right away will go through a filter system. If we scroll down, we will get to some cool avatar options as well that you can customize to your liking for our website. We're gonna leave all these settings as they are, but feel free to customize them as you please. Now that you know how to use a discussion panel, we can Can you continue on to learning what a wordpress theme is and how we can drastically change the way over upset looks 16. How To Disable Comments: so not too long ago I had a student asking me, How do I delete comments on my WordPress book? And it's time to make a video about this to show you guys how to do this, just in case if anybody else had the same question. So we're gonna do is I'm going to get the example of a comment on a block post here and we could see the common here. Let's say that we wanted to delete this particular comment and we wanted to make it so that nobody can comment on a blogging anymore. Like we have right here. Comments are closed. So we're gonna do is we're gonna go back into her dashboard. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna go go to Settings in the discussion section. We're gonna make sure that this box right here allow people to post comments on new articles is not checked. So this is going to be checked by default and WordPress so we're gonna make sure that that's not checked. We're gonna hit save here, and then what we're gonna do is going to go into posts. We're going to select this button up here, which likes all the post that we have. I'm gonna go to bolt that bulk actions who edit, hit, apply. And then in the comments section, right here gonna go, do not allow update there. And now we're gonna go into her comments. And if we have any comments underlined that you want to delete, we can again select them all here if you wanted to leave tomorrow, or we can just pick individual ones and trash them. So let's say I want to get rid of this comment that I had earlier with trash. And now if you go back to the website, you see if my comment is known gone and if we go through any other post on the blawg, we can now see that there's no common section. Just a quick and easy way to delete the comment fuel in your past block and stop it from people from posting comments in the future. And again, you can go back in your discussion settings and making it make it so that people can post articles. I mean comments on your articles, if you like to. So I hope you guys like this video. If you have any questions about comments or getting rid of them. Please let me know and I'll see you guys later on. Have a good on. 17. How To Install a Wordpress Theme: all right, so in this video, we're going to cover a lot of ground. But this is going to be pretty cool, because once we learn how wordpress teams work and how to use them, you will be able to drastically alter the way your website looks. Alright. So, first up, what is the work? Christine? Well, the theme is basically a template that has a certain stylist settings that are applied to over posts pages. Thieves generally come with their own custom settings, plug ins, widgets, which we will all learn about in much more detail later on. All right, so let him still our first word, Christine. So the first method is to navigate to reappearance, tab and click on themes. He were given a list of WordPress teams that are already installed on a WordPress installation. We can click on a theme to activate it. If we choose, we can also do a quick life preview to see how our theme will look on a website before we actually choose to activate it. Let's activate the 2013 theme and see how it looks on her website. As we can see, our website is gonna look completely different than it did previously. Our navigation menu is now displayed differently, as well as the header and footer of our website. Now let's go back and find another WordPress team to install onto a website. Let's go back into the dashboard and click on Add New. Now you're given a list of themes that we can download notice. We can also apply filters to further nearer our search. Let's type in magazine and see what pops up. Now we see a bunch of WordPress teams that have a magazine style it to them. Let's go in and stole this one here after Winstar theme, we could activate and see how our new website looks. As we can see, our website has once again changed. Now let's look at it. Another way to install were pristine. We're going to head on over to Google and do a search for free, responsive WordPress teams. We're going to find a theme that we like, pick it and then download it. Once our theme is done downloading, we will head on back to her theme settings, click on add new and drag and drop a file we just previously downloaded. It might take a while to install. Once it is complete, we can activate in preview our new theme. In the next video, we will go over how to make some customization to a newly installed WordPress theme. There are a lot of WordPress teams out there, so try not to spend too much time picking and choosing. Look for one that you like and stick with it for now. You can always change your theme later on if you desire. 18. How To Customize a Wordpress Theme: in this video, we're going to learn how to customise our WordPress theme. Using the built in WordPress Customizer as a boat is using the customizable settings for each individual WordPress name. Alright, So I've decided to activate the beyond magazine theme for our block because it looks so nice and pretty First, Reina trackable toe built in WordPress customizer. To access it, we need to head on over to Europeans, type and click on customized. Now we're taking to a screen with the left side navigation with some customizable options. On the right side, we can see exactly what each of these opens do as we apply them. For example, if we went to the site title and take Ling section, any changes we make will be applied instantly so we can see them. Remember to hit, save unpublished after you're finished making your changes alongside the built in WordPress customizer somewhere press seems also come with their own custom built in dashboard as well . If we take a look at the appearance tub again, we can see that there's a tab that says beyond magazine settings, this tablet will only be visible when we have our work. Christine activity and not over person who even had this custom in you. If you click on the tab, we can see all kinds of different settings that we can apply to our block. Generally speaking, paid in premium WordPress teams and frameworks, we'll have a lot more customizable options than free ones. Now that you know how to make some custom edits to your website, trying change you some things around, and when you're ready, meet me in the next video. Try switching themes and seeing what different options there are. 19. How To Add a Featured Posts Thumbnail: in this video, we're going to dress up our homepage a little bit and make her post look a little bit more better. Some themes will allow us to add a featured image that will show up is a thumbnail on her home page for Korean theme we have activated will allow us to do just that. Let's go into the edit post section and slight the Post we wrote in the previous videos. If we scroll down, you will see an option for featured posts. Keep in mind if your theme does not support featured posts, then this field might not display. We're going to click on the featured image and upload, Then select the image we would like to use after we hit, publish and then update our post. We should see her thumb. No display on the homepage. Awesome looks really good. This is a great way to make your list of recent Post I know. Go through some of your posts and add some images to spice up the look of your website. This is especially handy for magazine and news styled websites 20. What is a Wordpress Theme Framework: welcome back. Once again, we're making pretty good progress so far. So I'm going to congratulate you on making it this far. Great job in this video, we're going to talk a little bit about WordPress theme frameworks. What are we're cresting frameworks? Well, a framework is basically an existing back in template that offers all kinds of different customization that you can use to easily build a website. Think of it like a foundation that has already made that can be used to easily create new existing ripped it off of it. There are many different types of frameworks out there, and, you know, costs are pretty good chunk of money. However, generally speaking, you could easily get your money's worth out of these frameworks, especially if you're planning on building multiple websites. We're stuck with two popular framers. I'm going to go over the Genesis and Canvas Famer. I'm going to go over them briefly in the next video to give you a better idea of how these two frameworks operate. Deciding whether to go with the free or paid theme is going to be up to you, but always remember that you can start off with a free theme for now and eventually switched repaid team if need be 21. Genesis and Canvas Theme Frameworks: in the last video, we briefly talked about the different types of theme frameworks out there, the two most common types for pristine frameworks. Our genesis in canvas. Let's first talk about Genesis. Genesis, the very popular theme framework made by Studio Press it currently cuts 59 98 is a great resource for designing websites from One thing I do want to mention is that Genesis is built in a way to benefit Web developers more so that you're going to need to know how to code a little bit. Were at least willing to learn a little bit of code if you want to use this theme framework effectively. Generally speaking, if you are thinking about getting into the Web development industry they're working with the Genesis theme framework is a really great option. I use it myself. Design websites for clients You can learn all about the framework by going to the Genesis Support Docks in Studio Press Live website. The second framework we're going to discuss and mention is the canvas Theme Framework Chemist is made by the folks at Wu themes, and it's more geared towards people who want to have an easy interface that will allow them to make all the adjustments they need without No, I had a code. If you're thinking about buying a framework for the vast majority of people watching this course, the canvas theme framework might be the right one for you. The standard package to purchase canvas at this time cost $99. Now keep in mind there were a lot of different frameworks out there, and finding the right one can be tricky. If you have any questions about frameworks, be sure to make a discussion in this video, and I will try my best to help you. Overall, the best way to find out what the best framework is for you is to do your research and look on Google. Everyone is going to need a different framework, depending on their skill and how they want their website to look. So now that you know about Genesis and canvas, let's continue on with Siri's 22. What are Widgets: widgets are probably a term that you have heard in regards to work for us. But what are widgets and what do they do? We're going to finances to that very question in this video. First off, what is a widget? Well, let's take a look at home page for a second on the right side of her home page. You might have noticed a sidebar in that side bar. We have religions. We can currently see a recent posts widget, a recent comments, widget, archives and etcetera. Now let's find out how we can edit the content in our sidebar using widgets. Let's go to our dashboard and under appearance you would see a tap cold widgets. Now, depending on what theme you have installed, this area might look a little bit different. Each team will have sidebars and dynamic widget areas so you can edit, for example, our sidebar type here controls all the way. Just in our sidebar, you also notice that our current theme we have activated also supports a left and right footer. Cyber. Let's edit our sidebar a little bit. For starters, let's put a lynx type of top and a take cloud at the bottom. Make sure you save the settings in each of your widgets. If we refresh the page, we can see that air changes have been made. If we go back, we can see that there are a few different widgets we have here. Have fun experimenting and moving your widgets around. Keep in mind that WordPress themes and plug ins will also add their own widgets that you can customize as well. We will cover were pressed plug ins later on in the course, but for now, try making some widgets and change the design of your boat like a little bit. 23. How To Add Users To Your Website: In this video, you will learn how you can add users to your website. Let's first navigate over to the users tab from within the WordPress dashboard. Here we could see an overview of all these years that are currently registered on our WORDPRESS website. We can edit a particular user from the screen as well. Let's see that you have just hired a news writer for your Web site. Let's go ahead and make them an account. You will give them a user name and password, and as a rule, we will select other. This will allow the user to log in, but they were only be granted access to the posting dashboard on WordPress. All of the admin settings will be disabled, so this could be helpful for limited account access. If you like to create another count that will have full access to everything in your WordPress dashboard, you're going to want to make them an administrator again. If you're a company or have many different people working for you, it can be helpful to set up multiple accounts and limit their access in your presentment settings. You can also click on the edit profile tab configure your own account settings in personal preferences. Now you know how to add, delete and edit users for your WORDPRESS website. 24. What is a Plugin: in this video, you're going to learn what plug ins are and WordPress and how we can use them to add some pretty cool features onto our block. For starters, let's instil a sample plug in so I can show you how they work. Let's go into the plug in settings in our WordPress dashboard. Let's go to add new and see what we have here, we can see a giant list of plug ins that we can install in our block. Begin season filters for searching, as well as a description of what each played in does an A rating system, so we know which planes are good. Let's look at this one called contact Form seven. Let's go ahead and stole it and activate it right now. We can now see that are plaguing us, showing up in their plug ins dashboard. From here, we can deactivate a plug in if we wish reactivated or even delete it. After we have a plug in installed, you might have noticed the new contact tab has shown up in a WordPress admin dashboard. Here we have all the settings for setting up our new plug in, which would create a Kardec for on our website. Let's add a new form, but going up topping, clicking at new Let's give it a name contact form in the form section. We will keep everything else it is. If we scroll down, we can see the mail settings, which will determine where submissions will be sent to make sure that your email is in the to field here so that you make sure that you get the messages to email address. Let's go back up to the top and it's safe. We will click back on our contact form to never get back to the main settings screen for the plug in. Next, we will take a short code and paste it wherever we want our new form to be displayed. In our case, we're going to post the short code on our contact page, so let's do that right now. If Reviewer page we can see a nice looking contact form does all set up and working correctly. All right, so everything is working. As you can see, Plagens a very powerful and can be used to do many different things that WordPress be sure not to use too many plug ins as the morning have, the slower the performance and loading time will be for your website, which is very important now that you know how to stop a plug in. Try looking up some plug ins that you might like and try to set them up for yourself in the next video, where you're going to go over some commonly use plug ins for WordPress websites. 25. A List of Common Plugins: the next plug in we're going to mention is W three total cash. She This is a cash. A plug in. What this does is it saves files so that when users come to your website loading pages air a lot faster, this is a good plaguing. If your WORDPRESS website is maybe a little slow maybe not loaning correctly, you can dramatically increase the speed, the website just buying and selling this plug in. Best of all, it's free and easy to set up the next leg and we're gonna mention is WordPress seo by Yoast . This is the top number one s CEO plugging for optimizing a wordpress website. We're gonna talk about Seo by Yoast and more details in the bonus content module. How Tosu, your WordPress website. For now. Just think of it as a go to plug in and check out that video if you want to learn more about it. Gravity forms is based of the premium contact form. Plug in, like the one recovered earlier in the course except gravity forms is the pay plugging that can offer all kinds of new and exciting futures performs. It's definitely worth a check, but it does cost money. Disk rece is a common system plugging that can really add some cool features to the comments section on your WordPress log. It's free and easy to use. Wu Commerce is a great plug in for anybody who wants to add e commerce functionality to the WordPress website. For the most part, route commerce is free, but some of the futures are paid for who commerce is very easy to set up. It can easily turn any normal WordPress website into a fully functioning store. It's definitely worth a look if you're interested in that kind of thing back up. But he is a number one plugging that you wanna have now you don't necessarily need displayed in, but it's by far the best premium back of plug in. You always want to back up your WordPress website just in case this something never goes wrong. You want to be stuck in a situation where your weapon site gets hacked or something was wrong and you can't revert back to the old install. When looking for plug ins in your website, you're gonna want to review some websites and go into Google and see what there is to offer . Sometimes pain for a plug in is the right option, and sometimes free plug ins can work just as well. The rule Fleming to remember here is trying to get by with his least plug ins as possible. As again, too many plug ins can affect the performance and functionality of your website. It's best to keep things simple. If there any plug and you want to add to this list, please started discussions video and let everybody else know of your great plug ins. 26. How To Install and Set-up Wordpress SEO by Yoast: All right, everybody. So in this video, we're gonna learn how to install the Yoast Seo pelican. So from our WordPress theme, you go into dashboard here, and we're gonna go into our plug ins now, this plug and I believe, is already installed in this website. No, it's not. OK, so we're going to install it right now. And Joost plaguing is basically a plugging that SDO optimizes your WordPress and lets you add some title tags and keywords and things like that into your posts. So we're gonna go to plug in and goingto add new. We're gonna type and Yost here, and it should pop up. Yep. It's gonna be WordPress Seo by Yoast. Okay, it is installed. Ah, Let's see what it is here. Must be work. Process sealed in. They don't see a yost one in here, so activate it to go to general. Okay, so this is the Yost one. So our general settings were going to go through here. There is a tour you can do, but it's pretty self explanatory and simple. Usually don't need to do that. We're gonna go to restore default settings, just in case. If I did switch anything around. But generally speaking, there's not much we need to do here. Your info. So you can put your website name here. And the altar name here. This is this part right here. Is going to your website name that appears in the search engines. You can the default one. Is this your website name? But you can put it all three name so that when you type in, let's type in the URL here, see if we can find it, for example. Whoops. All right, so you see a website pop up right here. So learn how to WordPress right here would be our website title. So if you put your alternate name, that'll change this pretty piece of text read at the top here. And our company a person you can just choose person or company. Your name? Uh, let's go with Robin Haney for my name. Click Save Changes. What? Master tools. You can add your Alexa verification. I d. You're being Webmaster tools, Google Search Council and your Yandex Webmaster tools. You can go ahead and do that if you like. We're not gonna worry about that Security. We're going Teoh. All right, so we're gonna disable this for now, just in case. It gives us a lot of ants tools that we don't really need in our post section. And it keeps a simpler if we just disable that. Let's go to titles and made us our general sittings. 43 Right. Entitles we're gonna not enable this because we don't want to reread her titles. You want to keep it the way we write them? This little icon right here was separated title. So getting going back to research and result we see this little dasher in between our WordPress name and whatever the pages, we can change this dash by clicking on any of these here. We can use this one. We can use that one. The star, whatever you want, I'd probably keep it simple and you used the dash here Or use the line break Here is the most to common ones that people use. So let's pick the line. Break. Here. Go. Same changes. Go back to home page. Our title or title template is how are name is gonna appear in the search results. So site name re here's or site name. Learn how the WordPress page would be the page that were on and in this case, our home page. So it was sore description. If we're in a page for a post, for example, let's go to a post here, then, since our post is a YouTube video example in this part right here would say a YouTube video example. And then the separation is a separation icon we use. So this little dash here and in ST description, what if our description is would be the little text underneath here. So this part right here, which is, I believe, our tagline that we have right now but for your post would be your post description. So that's that part. We if you ever want you can change stuff. You can give her the separation and get rid of the page. But we're just gonna keep things that way They are, and save the changes, our post types again. Same thing we can change the template, our posts or pages, our media like images. We're just gonna keep everything the same. I like I like things the way they are and their best issue optimized like this. The great thing about this plug in is we don't really need to change to too much inner Cut . The tax nominees is our categories. Page takes page format again. We're just gonna keep everything the same. But But one thing I'm going to do is okay. One thing you want toe make sure is make sure that these boxes no and next follow on your takes and categories are not selected. We don't want to know index or categories and taste. You want to make sure that Google seats thes, so just keep that in mind up to you, save your changes. And Arthur archives. We're going to keep this page the same. Make sure that this box is not checked. Make sure that the disable other Arthur archives is not checked either. Um, this one right here. You can check this if you like. This is just protecting you from duplicate content. It's up to you whether you want to do it. We're just gonna leave it check. Since we're just gonna follow the default settings for this plug in and OK, it looks like everything here is good. So we're safe changes. Make sure none of these boxes are checked. Yeah, make sure none of these reject and we're gonna go to social settings. Here. You can insert all your social pages. You can put your Facebook hero, your Twitter user name and other things like that. Just add these in here. If you have them Facebook, you can has your Facebook or Twitter. This has just made a key words for your social properties. You can them if you want. You don't have to you, but I would just in case because it would help make your website look better in Google's eyes. In your exit, Most state maps we're gonna click our state map. You're basically what a site map is. It looks like we don't have them created. But a site map is like basically like a map of your website that you can send a Google and it just kind of makes Google the Google search bought index your website easier and stuff like that. So we're gonna enable make sure that this box is enabled because you want XML site Mac functionality, good hit save changes. Going to just look at this really quickly. I don't think we need to change anything in here. No, it's all good, so we can leave that in the advanced section enable breadcrumbs. This is bread crumbs or basically lake. If we go to a Web page and we go to, let's say we navigate to a post, we're on a post right now. So bread comes like a little trail here that goes your website, your category, your post. Take anything. You can put them here if you want. It's up to you if you want to enable them or not. Perma links we've already set up, so you don't have to worry about that. Our arrest feed. We don't have to worry about any of this, either. In the tools, options doesn't look like there's anything here we need to do. And the extensions. There's a lot of different things you can add as extensions. You can get the premium version. Where for US CEO, which I wouldn't really bother with. You don't really need that, but you can take a look. If you want video s, you optimize your readers to throw them off in search, still to get more clicks. If you have a lot of videos on your website, you might want to get that Google News SCL would be If you're making a news website and local issue is for ranking with Google maps and stuff like that, I'm not sure if these air free just going to take a quick, quick look here. Yes, it looks like they are paid paid extensions for the plug in. So those are options, If you want include them, they're not necessary at all. But you can include them if you want. So that's pretty much all we need to do for the plug in everything is pretty much set up. If we go to our post and we edit a post the school to the bottom, we can see this little section here that we're press s you. But you have to add to your post pages, and here we're gonna We can add some things like keywords RSO title. And they're made of descriptions. But we're going to go over that in a couple of videos in the future, So don't worry about that right now and just keep it as it is. And that's pretty much it for the WordPress s yose, yose plugging. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the discussion saying this video and thanks, guys for watching. Now you know how to install Wordpress Seo by Yoast 27. WP Super Cache : All right, So now in this figure, we're gonna take a look at another plug in that we can use for a website in the plug in that we're going to look at today is the WP Super Cash A plug in for WordPress Now, with this plug in does is whenever somebody visits our website, they will put files and save them onto their computer so that whenever they reload the page , not as much content has slowed. So, for example, things like images and tax and stuff like that is already loaded onto their computer whenever they revisit the page or different pages. The website that had the same content, it makes it load faster. So it's a very good way to speed up euro speed of a website and make your website load faster. So we're gonna take a look at that plague in today, and I'm gonna show you guys how to install it and set it all up. It's the first thing we need to do. I need to go into her dashboard and we're going to go into the plug in section and go add new and in the search plug ins. We can see, it's already right here. It's one of the most popular used plug ins across all WordPress. So we're gonna hit this install here. If this isn't showing up here on your screen, then just type in W W P C pre cachet in the search plug in section here, and it should pop up. It's by automatic. So we're gonna install that and says everything installed up to install we're going to activate the plug in. All right, so now we're going to do, we're gonna go into our settings, navigate the WP Super Cachet section and give it a click. All right, so we're gonna look at some options here, and the first thing we want to do is to in cash a on this is what makes the plug and actually work. And we're gonna update status. So now you go back to the web page and reload it. Depending on the size of your website in what you have in your website, they might load faster. We can see, not sure if we can tell Really, on this site, it's hard to tell because it's a it's so small. But I personally can tell that the pages air loading a little bit faster. So give it a go on your website. So it is. There is a lot of setting than here we contest. I like we contest the cachet by clicking here. A lot of the options in this plug, it are sort of events. So if you don't know what you're doing, just leave it be. The main thing you want to do is just make sure that cash Shane is on. You can update status, and you're pretty much good to go. But let's look a take a quick look here. If you do the cash a test or make sure that the time starts on both pages match and we're gonna go through some of these options here just to see anything we need to do Most of this stuff is advanced, and you don't really need to worry. But so after you have that, then you're pretty much done with the plug in. We're going to navigate back to the homepage. Alright, guys, that's it for this video. Now you know how to use WP super cash aid and stone on your block. I see you guys later Have a good one 28. How To Install and Activate BackupWordpress: all right. So today we're gonna learn how to get a black up program for our WordPress website. And what a backup plug and will do is it will allow us to back up a wordpress website. Just a case of, let's say, for example, are psyched attacked, or a server goes down, or for some reason, over parasite gets compromised. We can use the backup plug into regularly send scheduled backups to your email address so that if this ever does happen, we can install WordPress to what we had in a previous state. Now, well, you might not be able to make it perfect, but at least we can still get a website back. And that's the most important factor. So the plug in that we're going to use his backup, WordPress, and this is a free plug in. There's a lot of free and premium plug ins out there, and we're gonna search for it here. They put back up WordPress, do a quick search for it, and it's gonna be this one right here. The very, very first option we have. You're going to install and activate the booking. All right. We can see that it is now activated. So we're gonna go under tools and backups that wears tools here, tools, then backups. And we're gonna do here is we're gonna go back up over website So backup database daily at 11 p.m. Store the last time backups in this is gonna be the file path for backups. So just in case, if, for example, are say, does go down, we can go into our server and get the backups of a website read here. So if you're going into studying section, we could actually change what we're backing up data base and files. You wanna have database and files? Both actually went out both selected state owned as much as you want. If it's up to you, I would probably go once daily at least, especially if you have a larger site. Or do you have a lot of you do a lot of posting and different changes on your website. Like you got a lot of content flowing that I would at least back up at least daily. You pick your start time and the number of backup system on the server seven should be good . I mean, if you're doing what every day. That's perfectly fine. And once we get some backup school and they're going appear right here in this section of the bottom. So we're gonna go back to that last last screen and what we're gonna do is we're gonna run our backup reader, and it's gonna take time. Take some time to do the backup. But once that backups going are, ah, backup plugging is now scheduled to do a backup over website every day at 11 p.m. And the store seven backup. So using this option, you can guarantee that least your website a safe feeling, just happen from it. So now that you know how to back up your website, you're pretty much safe. And I wouldn't worry about it too much because of any questions about using this plug in Or if you want some alternatives to, like maybe a premium plugging a difference between the two, please let me know, just ready to restrain a comment or something. That and I'll get back to you. So thanks for watching video. Now you know how to back up your WordPress database and website easily 29. Conclusion For The Course: all right. First of all, I would like to see congratulations on completing this course. You now know how to set up a domain name. You're hosting account and work and edit in wordpress table, the website. You can now use thes skills to both the website for your business or start building websites for other businesses. If you like. The idea of building websites for other businesses or maybe starting freelancing than pursuing a career and Web development might be right for you. If this is the case, then you might want to look up some html CSS or even somewhere WordPress tutorials on you to meet or just in general, in life. There's lots to learn when it comes to building websites. So you want to make sure that you're always continually educating and trying to learn as much as you can. I'm also going to make this video the feedback section of the course where I'm gonna allow people to post their websites and I will go over them and evaluate them and let you know any improvements or anything I see that you can fix. This is a great way to showcase your free website that you built during this course or your self hosted website that you created on your own domain name. So don't be shy. Show me and everybody else what you made and we'll take a look at and let you know what we think. And last but not least, I want to thank you for taking this course. Let me know if there's anything I can improve on. Please give me any feedback. If you want to write a review, that would be much appreciated. Thank you for watching the course, and I'll see you guys later.