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Wordpress 2020: Create a professional webshop in wordpress step by step in less than four hours

teacher avatar Ronnie., Visual storyteller

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

46 Lessons (3h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Resources

    • 3. Website Overview

    • 4. Get Wordpress Locally

    • 5. Hosting Providers

    • 6. Nameservers

    • 7. Install Wordpress in Hostinger

    • 8. 7 Install A free SSL new

    • 9. Install A free SSL

    • 10. Login to Wordpress

    • 11. Plugins and Themes

    • 12. Wordpress Settings

    • 13. Create Pages and Main Menu

    • 14. Top Bar and Footer Menu

    • 15. Change Fonts

    • 16. Woocommerce Settings

    • 17. Tax

    • 18. Shipping Methods

    • 19. Stripe Payment Gateway

    • 20. Geolocation Services

    • 21. Simple Product

    • 22. Variable Product

    • 23. Digital Product

    • 24. Design Resources

    • 25. Connect to printful

    • 26. Push Products from Printful

    • 27. Creating Products

    • 28. Custom Products

    • 29. Top Bar

    • 30. Header

    • 31. Hero

    • 32. Responsive Hero Section

    • 33. Categories

    • 34. Bestsellers Widget

    • 35. Bestsellers Page

    • 36. Instagram

    • 37. Product Page

    • 38. Buttons

    • 39. Footer and Bottom Footer

    • 40. Contact Us and Track Order Page

    • 41. Sidebar

    • 42. Testing and Minor Changes

    • 43. Minor Fixes

    • 44. Coupons

    • 45. Email

    • 46. Conclusion

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About This Class

Create a live and professional webshop for less than 100$ that will earn you money.

Access the blueprint website here.

In this course, I go through the best method of getting a professional webshop up and running that has the potential to earn money with minimum investment. The only thing that is required to buy is the Hosting and the Domain name. This is possible because of the popularity and open-source nature of WordPress and WooCommerce.

We start by setting up WordPress, then moving on to downloading the themes and plugins that help us in creating our website. In the process, we will learn how to install themes, plugins, navigate through the dashboard and how different plugins and themes work. We learn how to put in Tax rates, Shipping methods, Integrate payment right into our website using stripe and create different types of products. Once we do that we will connect with Printful which is a print-on-demand service.

After setting up our store we move on to building the front end by using a Webpage builder- no coding required. Here we will get the opportunity to make our website look as we want it to. The best parts about this entire build are that it won't burn a hole in our pocket, it will have the potential to earn money, and we will learn how to create professional webshops- in case we want to start a web design and development business. We will also learn how to manipulate code in CSS in order to take our website customization skills to the next level.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn to create web-based stores, start with WordPress, delve deep into WooCommerce or anyone else who wants to do it for a hobby. No prior knowledge is needed however a basic understanding of how websites work will be great to have.

Download the resources.zip file attached, it is required in order to go through this course.

I will see you in the course.

All the best!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Visual storyteller


-I like listening to metal \m/
-I like everything about design
-I am an adept video editor for corporate and educational video content
-I taught myself Wordpress because getting a website built was expensive
-I think everyone should learn about sound
-I like learning new things
-I am from India
-I am working as a freelance filmmaker and video editor in Bangalore, India.

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. So thank you for choosing the scores. And this is the store that we will cared in the score. So, as you can see, it's quite a good looking nice and clean looking store. We have this amazing hero section here. We have some social links. Were search thing this cruel? Allowing we have the category. Ling's the best sellers. We can scroll through these. We have the instagram. Okay, below that, we have all these pages. We have our maneuvering care, as you can see. Let me go to one of these. Yeah, And this is how our category page looks like. We have filters on the left as well on the shopping guard. All right, if I ardor let me at this product at the basket. As you can see, we have the shopping guard as well. Okay, let me be with the basket. Yeah. So this is how our store looks like. And you are You will be actually able to customize the store Asper, your liking the Sister Esther blueprint store that I will be using to create this website. All right, now, in this Trigoria series, you will not only learn to make a story and who commerce. But you will also have alleged business. If you are serious about it at the end of the structural series, you will have products on your store that you will be actually able to sell to customers who will visit your website. Okay, now how will we do that? So the kind of story that will build is called a print on demand store. So what happens is whenever someone orders something on your store, it goes to what hurt party vendor who will take that order and print and ship it on your behalf to your customer. Now, if you're serious about it at the end of this tutorial series, you will have a store which can be used to run alleged business 100% working with 100% real products. OK, but if you don't want to run a business, you will definitely learn how to build websites on who commers and you will also again the understanding off WordPress, how it works, why it works and why so many people use it soya. That will be all for this introduction video. And I hope to see you in the course 2. Resources: Hello, guys. So there is a file attached in the stroller series, which we will be needing in order to go through this Pretoria cities. Okay, so inside. That's a fail. There are these illustrations. Okay, that we will use images. All right. These are quite important some locals that I have included for you. Okay, so you can use any off the logo inside this SVG folder on some workups. These are the markers that you can use on your store for practicing andare These text trails choleric scored. These are the two colors that we will use O. K. C s says is the CSS that will go through that will use in building this website and some useful links. All right, so go ahead and download doesn't fail or right. And I will see you in the next radio by 3. Website Overview: Hi, guys. Welcome back. So this is the we've said that we will create today on duh. As you can see, it's quite a good looking website. I have taken inspiration from different websites which are like we show it to you. And there is this website Gold Awards, your diminutive U A rds awards. So if you need, if you need inspiration for this one, it's Yeah, you triple of new ideas. All right. Okay. So let me start with this. So this is a website where you can go toe, get inspiration. Like the select websites which are good looking quite nice looking and have good your eye and you x behind them so you can go here and search for inspiration before starting a project. So yeah, I have taken direct inspiration from some off the website learned, mr. Yet All right. And I have come up with this. So this is the website that will create in distributed series. Ondo, let me begin. So yeah, at the top we have this top bar with my account log in links and check out card is execrable sum some contact information, and below that we have our below that we have our header with the search form doors left our logo in the center and some social media links to the right. Alright. And below that we have our men. You are OK with some drop down links. Good. And final thing is the card. As you can see, there are no products in the card right now. All right, OK, moving on below that. We have our hero section. And as you can see, it is the pictures are changing automatically. And when I click on these thieves are linked to another bridge. So yeah, away. So I link this one toe the speech. Women. All right, Ghost us. Okay. No. Yeah. Lots more ahead on below the hero section. We have these three links Disregard agrees on. And as you can see, when I however one of these, they start to float in the air. How clueless Act. All right, on you can link these two any base and I'll show you how to do that in the future videos. But right now I'm not telling them to anywhere. So as you can see, a guy can just to your image, right. Okay, on below that we have our best sellers. And you can click on these and drag here and there left, right or break. All right. And you can see all the best sellers. So when you click on this link, it goes to bestsellers. All right, excuse this and one. And now we have a divider on some space for Instagram. So hashtag watermelon, which have it is the time for our brand to get featured by showing us how you work on my own on Instagram. All right, below that, we have instagram feed. So this is my field and I show you how to do that. How to link Ah, stuffy to our website. And we know that we have Lord Moore's as you can see and now, below that, we have some text, so this space can be used to give the site with her some more information about your Brian . All right. And there are some links in between. So I Lindholm linked to be used to some random places. Yeah, linked and les were two T shirts, men T shirts. All right. And I actually also do that on below that we have the photo with our company information, support pages, orders and returns information. Lastly, again, the again our social media links. And below that, we have Ah, bottom photo that I have to meet by crazy designed or space and privacy policy in terms incarnations. All right. No, I'll give you your homework. All right. Now you will create is absurd along with me. But I have what I will not shoe is what I will not show you to make Is our story about us team players. All right, Thank you. All these pitches, other than the contractor speeds under Dr Carter Page, I'll show you how to read these two pages. Smart. And I learned that what you do is create all these other pages, all right? And commented them below. Okay, so they're going, doctor speed on the one doctor speed as he conceived. There is this form and this works. So whenever recite with her, what's anything here? You will receive the information in the back and off. You're upset the tribe or a piece here. Whenever someone orders, they contract their orders from here. With George ready on the billing email. Okay, let me close this for now. Let's move on. Now let me go to the T shirt speeds. So there has our car ticketea page Mind T shirts. All right. Side you can see. And just the speed looks quite nice. It's a very clean design on. You don't have to actually spend any money in creating this website. What you need is ah, maximum is domain name, which is this thing on duh hosting somewhere. So you need to put your upside on the internet somewhere, right? So you need a hosting on their doing name that you have to buy. Other than that, you don't need to spend any money. Like if you are willing to spend money, then you can do You can customize this website, ask for your liking like whatever you want. You can do it if you're willing to spend money, but they are, as of now, for free. This is Ah, this is quite good conduct you get. So yeah, this is the category Pavement T shirts and towards the left there is this a joke. Warmer side, but with filters. So if I click on bags, um, I can see the backs. And when I go back to men, I can see all the main T shirts, and below that we have fritters, filters for sorting T shirts by stays on by color and by price. All right, now, you must be wondering, Can I get color here like you can, but you have to spend some money. Ah, similarly women T shirts, bags, access cities, nine custom. No war discussed. Um, square cool. So what happens is whenever someone with their see our website, they can break you on disciplines over and against the left, the size and word a Z can see there's this personalized design. But in here, So when I click on it, just window opens up on Wait for it, Wait for it. Yeah. So the visitors on Europe's side can upload their one designs. So let me cancer. So instead of this zombie in the city, what they will get is upload. Um, let me approach this one. That dear John Lyric upload. Yeah. As you can see, the zombie is replaced by the deer. So the visitors on your website can put their own designs and they can order their designs on your upside. How cool is that? So let's close this now. I wanted me hired this product apart. Ah, guard. All right. And then it goes here. As you can see, when Howard over the Skype, I can see the I can see the verdict. No. Check out. Yeah, so it comes here. And as you can see, this is quite a good looking, quite nice and clean. Check out page. And we have cash on delivery people on credit, debit card so the visitors can pay using PayPal and credit debit card. Now, I'll be integrating striping this upside to get payments from the visitors on Europe's right Now, the thing with stripe is you can accept the pavements right here on your upset. And I don't know what recipe, if you can do that. But I've used is a ban on that. What happened is for the payment. When you click on pay, another window opens up and then the customer can was is able to pay for the order. But here they can just put in their credit card information and payment has done. All right. Now, I have told you that we have all these foreigners on our absurd, and you can even customize all this. But how are we going to fulfill these orders? Um, so there are these services online which allow you to fulfill these orders, and what they do is whenever someone orders something from Europe side, they take it and they print it on a T shirt and the ship it under your brand name to your customer. Okay, so one of those is print full print full. All right. What happens is they'll take the order which are which you received. They will print it and ship our shepherd on your behalf. Do the customer now. They are b is done now, the U. S. I think, and their fulfillment centers in the Europe and the USA. So it's good for North America and Europe. If you are in India, then you can use print role control dot com. Yeah, the Aaron. And yes. So if you are somewhere in the unions apart in India when he was this on the ship internationally, so not school. They even Shipton automatic. So that's quite nice. Try both of these, whichever you like, but I will in the scrotal you'll use print full. I guess that will be all for this video on, uh I hope you are excited because you're not only ableto build a website and if you are really serious, you can actually run it on on money. And if you're not, if you don't want oh, sell stuff. But what you can learn is creating websites and you will learn and you learn how WordPress works. So you will be able to create websites for your clients. All right, so, yeah, I'll see you in the next radio. My 4. Get Wordpress Locally: Welcome back, guys. You can create your website locally. Where does not mean that means that you can create your report on your computer and put it on the infinitely. You can do that by using a locus over by creating a Lucas over and using a software called example exam. Be Yeah, exam, baby. It's quite a good software. How would it can get? Quite It can get quite complicated. So what? Human uses local, my flaming, and you can now lord it on it. Some looks something like this. So what you gonna do is you can create a new site. You can put your sights name local, uh, website. Okay, continue. You've been relatively preferred. Continue. Now, what is your user name now? This is the user name and password, which you will use to access the backing off your WordPress upside. Okay. And it is quite important, so make sure their distinctive strong enough so that hackers are not ableto crack it easily . And believe me, there are many radios or tax on wordpress websites. So peace use strong passwords there. Okay, Come. So let me Joe's attitudes. 123 Because I believe this upside after a while. Your name is on every possible is one degree outside. All right, now it is creating the website. So our website is done. Now let's click on argument. All right, now it goes here. Now put in their log in on a bus word integrated in the biggest step. Okay, on wall off here is your WordPress dashboard. All right, local aside, You can visit site in a world. All right. On da Don't fret and show you what all this means in future videos. Alright, guys. So how that's how you get your ah website Locally, I'll show you another matter to do that. I don't like local because it is written with bugs. It does not work for me. Um, that one lady, even once. So we are. I don't like it, but it is very easy to use. So let me show you the other way on the better way to do this. Mm. We need this. Oh, yes, Beard. Everything are no more dick. I don't need it. It was cool. Zampa. No, no. Nor do we television. Dad works for you. For the nose. Lennox. Where's ex extra? Start the apology. More dude started a my SQL Morty. All right. No. Goto word press dot org. All right, Can you can get wordpress download WordPress 5.3 point two. All right. And after you have done that, go to wherever you installed Sam. So it goes in tow. Seagrave, zam and head inside. Go to its T dogs then. Ah, goto They downloaded. WordPress fails, right? So mine is I don't know where Edwin that there's no noting, actually, had he known order. Yeah. So we're headed us. Let me open this. Okay. What? Chris make me extracted to work, Chris 500 goingto No. Um here it is a bar. Chris wife. When everyone to open this corporatists and based it here in HD docks right now it is gone dropping. You make sure it is the The WordPress files are directly inside the school. Oh, okay. Don't go for that. Inside of for low. Just make sure it is Drink here. Now you're gonna renamed. Accepts this folder to anything Solar media. Name it. Local. No, Something else. Commerce. Fear Route 2020. Rascal. Derek Writing would with this one would. Ready? Ready. All right. No, This Okay. Now What you need to do is go to your browser and type in local host smash we're doing. Dont enter and this window shows up. All right, click on. Continue No welcome to WordPress before getting started. We need some information on the database. You will need to know the following items before proceeding. Proceeding. So these are the things that you will need. What school? Okay, here it is. Sort dws name. Ah, but what is the date of the same? Do you even know it? No, you don't. Nobody knows. What did it of his name is because they are not created it. How will we know the name? So first, What we need to do is create the database. All right, so what do you need to do? Is go toe exam in the my SQL model Goto admin now goto databases and created a tubby's? No, um, make sure the date of his name is ah, easy to remember. So let me name it. Woo 2020. Only on created. All right, now it's turning as you can see. What's here? Will 2020. Now close this and put in. We're doing You ready here? All right he was. The name is route. All right. Make sure it is root. Password. Leah Blank Database host. Local Whose table? Prefix? WP. Whatever. Whatever. Now, if you're getting more than one website on this so locally, then, Ah, we never double everyone. All right, otherwise isolated. We love you. Be on the school and click on submit on. All right, now we hear older Sparky. I made it through this part of the installation. WordPress can now communicate with your database on you already. I'm now to run the installation. All right, Cool. Now that we're here now, let me remain. No. Sorry. Rename it to Wolf 2020. User name. Ah, 123 Password is 123 I really lead it off. Course. Confirm. Use off. We password for your email. Discourage search engines from indexing the site. Please don't take on this or this Will do is ah. I want ah discouraged Google toe surgery next year upside so it won't show up on the search results. So please run. If you are like if you are doing something secretive if you're in the CIA year, then then peace, then you can go ahead and take it. But if you are not, if you are selling something or if you are creating in our studio upside or something that people use to see, then please don't take on it. All right. Next, install WordPress and it is running this tradition. All right, As you can see, you success lock in again. 123123 Log in. I don't see you. Ah, cool. Again. We're here. All right. I like this. Similar better. Uh, when compared to local. Ah, we got a local life. Does not working for me. I don't know. I cannot access my database. Well, when I used local. All right, so yeah, these are the two metres off getting your website locally, So yeah. Next. I will tell you about the web hosts in the next video. So I'll see you there by 5. Hosting Providers: guys, Welcome back. Now, as I told you, really need two things to get this website up and running. Actually, the hard thing is we have a great created what? Anyway, the two things are needed to buy. Took, uh, to meet this upset is the domain name and hosting. All right, so you can use any of the hosting writers such as GoDaddy Holsteins are the M cheap? Um, blue host? I don't know. Like there are so many of them on good ideas, leg moves, the most popular one. Bart, I strong. I would strongly suggest not to opt for Gordie because their plans are really, really expensive and limiting. Just staring from Gordy. Um, word. However you can use a host, Inder. Now, I am assuming that most of us who are watching the screw Tutorials series are They're beginners on the road. They don't have enough money toe get distant, running up and running. And you can use this because they're quite chief. Come on over 99 Parliament. Ah, isn't that very Tulis? Because you get, um, single hosting for this. Ah, price off business will sting on some off the but that, um hosting providers. But the take, that whole scene there is there quite cheap and they're not barred for the price and then northward. Actually, they're quite good for the price. If you ask me now, if you want to get a really reliable service, then you should opt for side grow. There are always indirect on de everybody prefers side run because they have. Ah, I wouldn't Of course, the most service and the hosting is quite fast and reliable. Everybody is users side drop, but they're a little bit too expensive when come back toe Cosenza All right. No. Ah, The third thing which I didn't tell you about earlier is the SS. ALS are difficult. Can you see this SL? I don't know what the full voices, Ellis, but it is quite important for Europe site What this is a cell does is it encrypts your data when it is transferred over the internet. So this is very necessary if you're going to create an e commerce upside on the Secondly, Google will not rank your upside if you don't have ah, systems are difficult. Okay, So you can see despite loggia, right? This Ah look. So you chose kind of insecure. Now, if you don't have Ah, it's a certificate. This will show sock of the connection to the Web site seasons ago. So you need to buy an SSL now with host injure you get a free as a cell with the business hosting. All right, Just play are a little bit and go through all these plants. And what the offer on DA Get the one which suits you the most. What if you are starting Oakley, you got a big enough. Then you are forcing a child listening. All right. Don't go for wordpress hosting. Like these guys who are offer were presidents being managed hosting. All right, Um what resistant going down Going to go? Go there. Please don't. Because of this quite limiting. We will be using what rest? But don't use this. I'll get the shared hosting plan. Will rate. Um, OK, so when you buy it, you will also need to buy our domain name on DA piece. Dubai That also eso I think you get a free domain name with this one. Business shared hosting. Yeah, I know. You get debris freedom in with the premiums are hosting as well in host injure and, uh, on inside grow. I think you get free. You don't get a free domain with side Rome anyway, so you can buy if you are not getting off, you know? Mean, um, you're gonna get you can buy any other plan dirty like and for the domain name you can go to name cheap, which doesnt really cheap, in my opinion, so you can get their domain name from here. So get your domain name on and get your hosting. Now, if we are getting ruining, hosting and hosting from the same, uh, from the same provider than it is were you disquiet Easy toe linker domain name to a rising right. Now, if you are getting the hosting and domain from different brighter than I show you how to connect your domain to your hosting provider in the next video. Okay, so I'll see you there by 6. Nameservers: Hi, guys. Welcome back. So now let's see how to connect your domain name to your hosting provider. All right, So if you have barred your domain from different respirator and you have hosting on a difference of us we're on a different service, Ramona. Then you'll have to connect your domain. Very hosting is so as you can see. Ah, I hope Board does no mean crazy divine lord space from named cheap. All right, so I can, eh? So what I need to do is I need to add the names are worse off the hosting provider where I'm hosting. All right, when I award the hosting, So I have hosting in host injure Onda. What I need to do is I need to select my domain from here in hosting your then go to account details, and I can see the names are were there. So now copy these copy disorder. All right, Go toe. You are Ah, do mean service operator and search for your domain. Click on manage. And what do you need to search for is, um names are wars or rate the search for it needs the words where it is. Then select custom doing and copy and paste there. Two names are worse from your hosting provider. We are domain provider rate. As you can see, I have the cool names or was here and this one are gardena sparking, nor common. And a studio audience back in Arkham and I woke opulent basically. Amir. All right. No, it's done by. The thing is, it won't work immediately. It takes around a maximum of 48 hours to get your domain character to wear hosting. Bride are. So don't fret if it doesn't work right away. Yeah, So that will be all for this video and see in the next one by 7. Install Wordpress in Hostinger: Welcome back, Daddy's. So now, after we're now that we have connected our domain toe no service provider who are hosting provider. What we need to do is install WordPress on this domain and how to do that. Ah, in hosting the, um, you need to hold a website and order with Stoller. All right, then. As you can see, I have already installed WordPress. Unclear. Crazy design Lord Space or let me just deleted. Confirm? Yeah. Yeah, it's going now. So what I need to make sure is Ah, the dome Increasing design North space is selected from here. Crazy. Really North space. All right, Now you just go alone. And as you can see, I can install all these. Ah, other CMS is they're not available. So there is wordpress do never structure whatever, whatever. All right, But right now we need what crest? So let me click on wordpress. Okay? Install obligation. Yeah. What is a person publishing equipped Rexach experiences real about it. Um version Whatever domain it's to TPS now. If you have an SSL, I'm sure you must have connected, so make sure it is s t. P p s next administrator user name Ronnie son Password Pazar is 123 I really this website after sometime website title. Okay. Application updates what? They were like letting me to update only Maria version. Okay. And we're gonna stall. Yeah, it's done. So what I need to do next is go toward press, and here I am. So I'm wrong. His upside. And 12345 It's the password. Log in. And here we are on the dashboard off our website, So yeah. Now, as you can see, I already have the SSL in story. And because I previously added it, um, in the next video, I'll show you how to have the Free Aceh since are difficult. All right, so this upside let me go ahead and leader first, so I'll just set it up on day. I'll see you in the next video 8. 7 Install A free SSL new: Okay, so now let's install a free SSL certificate. Okay, But before moving forward, I would like toa remind you to. Actually, why? SSL certificate? Because this method works only for three months. What that means is the SSL certificate you're going to install using the free mattered needs to be reinstalled every three months. Because it expires every three months. Every 90 days it will expire. Okay, so it's better to just by a single certificate. But if you want to learn how to install a free SSL certificate just for distinct purposes or do you want to show your clients an example website or something like that, then you can definitely learned this. And one more thing you went skip the next video because this video I'm recording later on because the original matured that I showed is no longer working. It is working, actually, but the U I off the website that I used has completely changed. And this method I found to be much easier than the old over. All right, so now let's see how to do that. Let's go toe dashboard. And here let's go to plug ins on are the new, then search for plug ins. SSL then Okay, is the name of the plug in SSL Zen, this one. All right, let's install it on. Active it. Okay, let's give this one. All right, system requirement check. Everything is OK. All right, Now we reached her. Let's agree to the downside and click on next. Okay, Now we have to matters to do the same thing. One is by using HDP B, and the other one is DNs. OK, so let's use the STD prima turn because this one is easier on selected on Click on next. All right, and release here. Now, these are the steps and that we need to take in order to install the certificate. OK, so you go. You can go ahead and read this on. Similarly for DNS. If you opt for the Ennis and these are the on the right, Say these are the steps that you need to follow. Okay, so let's go back to http and hear what we need to do is first create a folder dot well known where our website is hosted, where our wordpress who where our wordpress website is holstered and inside the daughter well known folder, we need to create another fuller Ackman challenge. Okay, so let me go back here on go to my file manager. All right? And here I am. Let me select my domain. Okay. Would do. Indeed. 20. All right, in here. Let's create a fuller dot Well, no one. Okay, there's. Open it on here. Cleared acne challenge. All right, idiot. It's open this one as well. All right, Now let's go back. Now. We need to download this file, so alerts download it. And here it is. School back here and those drag and drop it here and upload. Okay, we have the file. Now let's go back. And now we need to verify it. So let's click on Verify. And it will verify whether we have copied this file in the folder or not. Okay. Successfully verified. Let's click on next. Okay, Now, we have the information about how to install the SSL certificate. It is generated. Okay. And these are the three things that really see now to install this own whole stranger. Go to your hosting a panel, scroll down, select SSL, okay. And I agree. Show you their list or install as the cells. All right, scroll down in the domain. Select the domain would 22 nd whatever it is, Whatever your demeanors. All right, Now let's go back. CRT certificate. Let's open this or there is an option to copy. Okay, So instead of downloading it, we can copy this Copy. This is those certificate. So Well, let's copy this and go back here and beast. The certificate. Let's go back. Close this Private G. Copy this. Scorpy on private key. Be a studio. Let's go back. Okay? Don't leave any space or anything like that. All right? Let's close this hand to see a bundle. Copy. Done. Based on, we are done. Now, you will receive this certificate in your email as well. Certainly. Sure. Do as you can see you from WordPress. Confidential assistance are divided, Father Domain. All right, So you receive this in your email as well. Let me dismiss this. Okay, so on install. All right. We have The results are difficult. It started. Now it's close. This on fresh and we longed out. Let me put in the password on based, Logan. Okay. And connection is secure. See, that is just too easy. Okay, let's just test it out and then in our incognito windows. Well, let me just type it in 2020. Yes, This seems to be working. Sort of figured, valued Kobe zeros in news or right leg weekend, and we can check it on another Web browser as well. Solar. So open Firefox and type the website presenter. Yes, I would. SSL certificate isn't start. All right, but the certificate will expire in three months, so just keep that in mind on also again, you can skip the next video because it shows the same thing. But if you want to know the website what it is, you can go there. But I'll tell you in advance that the U I off the website has completely changed from the time when I meet the next video. All right, so obviously, in the next one, my 9. Install A free SSL: that. Guys, Welcome back. Now let us install SSL for free. But before we won, I would like to again tell you that I would strongly suggest you guys to buy an SSL and started on your website because it because you get it for lifetime. And if you are going to proceed with the mattered that I'm going to show you in this video , then it happens for just three months and you have to do this process again and again and again every three months, so that's kind of a hassle. But anyway, if you if you want to learn how to install a free SSL, then continue watching this video here, one more thing the It's a seltzer to figure that you get to buy from Ah, who stranger they're doing and this one are exactly the same boots off the assistance or difficult sort of the same. All right, so go toe as a cell for free dot com on. And yeah, this opens up, put in your Web address so minus crazy really indoor space and then create free SSL certificate. So then go to manual verification. All right, Mind really referred to Minister tp so Okay. I should not accept. I just studied all this if you want. Oh, then, man, Really Verify Don't mean Nike will do something He are now what it will do it. Will you do face? Just download them. But before downloading, create Ah Fuller called dot Well known. All right, so let me create it. No folder, not well known. All right. And inside this, you need to get another four languages. Acme Challenge or right. So let me just copy this Acme on and your folder at my challenge. All right. Not even close this. Go back to this webpage and download these two files. Oh, I'm sorry. Now, nor these two files File one. Okay, Say, what's a file? Okay. On Goto well known Acme Talyn's and save it here. All right, again. Same thing down. What if I go save it in the same folder, which is well known, Agnes Challenge. And here, Su now that they're known loaded, what you need to do is go into your hosting provider and, uh, goto the file manager off your website or right so minus, um, files while manager select the domain and Goto file manager and Now, when I click on it, it comes here. All right. Now, what I need to do is I need to upload those files here. Upload those two. Fuller's here or right. So letters just upload fails. Select files. Well known. Open. Okay, Not like this. Canceled. Um, I think I cannot upload folder here, and so I just drag and drop you. Mendoza. Dragon broke. Yeah, on upload. All right. No, I need to go back here and click on this link. Yes, I can download that file. Are getting the 2nd 1 Yes, I can download the file. All right. Just make sure ah, separate tab opens up with the random numbers when you click on these two files or you are able to download the files again already falling. What I'm saying just click on these two links on a new tab Might open up with the random numbers. What if that is not happening? You just This thing will happen. When I click on this, it will tell me to download the file. Okay. So what? Uh, what actually is happening is it is going toe this. Ah, goingto this going. It is coming here and distilling with you. Download these fights from those are were in which these files are actually located. Okay? No, it would that two things are not happening. Then please go ahead with the entire process again. All right, but any of the do things might happen. All right, Now you can't down or the sizzles are difficult. Yeah, So we come here. All right, So what we need to do now is copy this one, control, See? Oh, Carmine C now in hosting the Goto advanced SSL. All right, select the do increasing. Resigned Lord. Space and CRTs are difficult, which is start difficult. This one begins. Certificate popular. Don't be a suit here. Okay, Go back. Head again. Copy this entire thing. Private G copy on Bay Street here, Private G. All right, now go back again. Copy to see ever Nil control. See? Come on. See? On space right here. Right now. Click on install. Now it Is it hiding the SSL certificate? Here it is. Crazy resigned or space? Let's in group authority X tree. All right. Our direct this time except no, um click on force its duty P s on. Yeah, you are done now you can see the expire date me 24th. All right, So this is how you are. The freest settles are difficult. So, yeah, that will be all for this video on. And I'll see you in the next one way. 10. Login to Wordpress: All right, guys. Welcome back. Now, let's see how to log in to you work for us. All right? So go to your domain name. Go to your room in the sty. Britain on then towards the end, w slash the blue p a d and my end. All right, And it will take you here. Okay, The and the other thing is the other way to log in. And sometimes, um, this redirect stool somewhere else. Like, if you're messing around, if you're playing with it and some things happen and it redirects you to, like some nameless is All right, So the other way to log in is WP log in, Not be h B. All right, then, click and yeah, the same thing happens. Okay, so these other dealings that can be used to log in. Okay, so let me just log in. Um 12345 Lauren. All right, so it guns here. Know what? Yeah. Let's just make it cleaner looking. So go to screen options, and I don't want welcome. I don't anything. Okay, cool. I don't want anything air. Then goto appearance teams. Oh, I think I really did all the teams. Where do you will have something there? All right, so just delete all those buried everything. Delete whatever teams you have. Okay, then Goto plug ins. Yeah. One more thing. Believe whatever teams are, except one because they near because in, you know, at least one team for WordPress to work for your upside to work. Secondly, goto plug ins in store plug ins, and you need all these. Whatever. You have deleted reading. We don't want anything first. Deactivate a play? Yeah. Then, um, select all delete apply. Okay, Could it? So I think that will be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next one, right? 11. Plugins and Themes: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let us see. What What are the plug ins and teams that we need to install to get our website up and running? So first goto opinions and teams. Okay, Aziz, you can see there is nothing here. I deleted everything. Kick on our new now search for ocean Khushi M w Yeah, and you will see this. Just do it. Gun. Install it. All right, All right. Now, Activity it all right? And delete any other team that you have. Okay, we just need one. This one All right. Ah, next to go to plug ins I knew are in search for ocean. All right, eso dealer. The search results now install Yushi an extra. Okay, Let it install hand and installed wishin social sharing. Okay, Next. Uh, there is the score. Lucien had the room. Mm. Get this one we share WP sticky harder. Install it. All right. Now, don't accurate them. The state or wait for sometime will accuse them all at once. Next to search for element or nearly every e l d o r. Okay. Yeah. Element or peas will install it. Next. We need to install. Remember arounds for eliminate door. And after that, search for elements skipped. It must be some very are Here it is installed this one as well. Yeah, it's known now, Sarge, for in India forms and I N g before I miss forms needs of phones, Nina forms. Install it. Now it's time to install the most important plug in, which is blue commerce. Okay. Yeah, Install it. Now. Let us screw Lana. Search for other plug ins that we might need. Yeah, really, In this one card in school Commerce, email Designer, install it. Andi, there is one more that we neared. Scored Boland. Oh, yeah. Now let's search for wool. Unda. Yeah, the little oily anti o r Bolander and install it. All right. Now we are installing all this pregnancy. Must be wondering why are we doing with this? So the ocean plug ins that we installed, they act, Um, they enhance the functionality off the team. Our team, which is ocean of loopy. Okay, Now, Ocean WP is just a team, and we will using our webpage builder on top of that team to actually below upside. And that pitch will There is a limit or okay. And Since we are using the free version of Element Door, we need some extra functionality. I agree to it. That's why we haven't stores some other plug ins like Elements kit. And remember Adams for Element or on, you'll understand this more and more as we go on to go to a distributed etc. Is all right. And the other plug ins, like the Cardinals. Who commerce designer. Let me just go in there and started plug ins. Yeah, the Cardinals will commerce. He really went about the study there. It allows you to create emails with your customers will receive in the order something. All right, So that school on da Commerz runs on top of port press. Who commerce adds, ah, e commerce compatibility to WordPress. All right, so yeah, all these are the plug ins that we need that we installed, and they're somewhat like it's, for example, there print full blogging that we need on the stripe plug in That will lead, but we'll do that later on. Okay, so for now, let's just activate all these, um look, care and accurate a play. Yeah. Now all these are actuated. And as you can see, some off the because you see some of these notices so we don't need this one. Okay? This boy element, Dargo would've been more. No, I don't know what this is. Now that we're here, I would suggest you to install to buy eliminator. I mean, it's quite a nice piece. Build up. It's quite clean. It's very easier as well on because I'm delivered by it. But it adds so much extra functionality toe the builder that you will not need toe get extravagance like a women's skate and accept all these. Okay, So just by element, or don't dismiss all these, we will run sort of wizarding. Then in a future video on one wedding. Yeah. It is asking you to install the Blue Bombers. Arman just install it. So yeah, this. Ah, that will be all for this video. And I will see you in the next one. My 12. Wordpress Settings: Hi, guys. Welcome back. Now, let's set up WordPress in your dashboard. Um, go to settings, General and here to the site title that you weren't on the tagline that you want. So the tagline is when you was it site I chose here, just around the world. President State. All right, so that's the tagline. And make sure they're the WordPress. Address is http s make sure there's an s here. All right. Um, okay, moving on. Let's do Perma wings. Now here in pummeling select post name. Now, we don't want our links to show all these numbers because it it's not good for a CEO. Great. So select Post name on school, Ronan. See you, genius. All right, Yeah. Now, let's go to dashboard again, man under smoke, calmer, stepped up, reside. All right, so let's do it. Run. Sort of bizarre. Yeah. Where is your store based? So minus B is doing there. All right, so India put in the address. Whatever. What? Couldn't see do you want Do you accept payments and let me select U. S dollars? Okay. I poured. Do you plan to sell? I am planning to sell only physical products so let me just selected on. Um it also be selling products is there was No, I'm not going to do that. So let's go. Oh, I need to put address. So 123 We just put the $36 gilling. See, it sort of got and years playing. All right. City Kolkata school no value or this is just some, actually, actually, 36 starring Gillian is Ah, is ah, he's a film. I think it's a Bengali film, so Yeah, it is some just some random actress I'm putting now. Karnataka 561 Yeah, their school Learn more about you Say striking. No, I don't want to do that. All right. Are you going to use PayPal? If you are? Let did we on If you're not, Then turn it off. Okay, No shipping zone. So we have really to shipping ZOLL for in the and the rest of the world. I'll know, like just continue a little sector doubling down Friday the spin it off revision that started off. Just really do it later on. Okay, uh, we don't burn me in chimpanzees, but right now, uh, let's continue. Yeah, Jack bag. We don't warned that. It's just a bloody plug in. Don't know. Do they skip the set up? Okay, we're here to get tips further up. Didn't know we don't want that create and brought it. We'll do it later on how this dashboard reveals that things were in customized alerts just to visit our dash work for the garden update. So whenever you receive an update, it'll show it here. Okay, here and here So you can just click on it. A light meter is opening a new tab. Okay. Welcome to ashamed of new Pluto due to create an army isn't website. Um, I am on a nuclear, then amusing website. Well, guess alerts just that. I'm dissecting his. I get started. I'm sorry for their dogs case. Okay, I work team. Are we using? Um, actually, we will build a team so that this doesn't matter at all. You can choose anyone if you like. Please give this step step. Okay, Logo. If you have a logo infuse, I'll tell you how to get a local. But if you already have a lower, you can upload it from here. If you have a retina works across, I take your time and whatever gains seem thinks the site I can. It's the thing that shows up here. Let me show it to you. Um, let me open London. Yeah. This thing that I am think this is the site I can. Okay, So if you have that on five. Want to hire by? If I went to pick Silicon Authority, a primary color, our primary color water, whatever. If you have have low color scheme decided, then you can put it here. But I was skippered for now. Okay, Now get the extension. But little for free. What? They were? No. With Europe side, it's still cr absurd. Okay, this is our website. Next. Just go back. You know what? The update? What we got is new translations are available, so alerts just updated translations. Okay. All right. So I guess it'll be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next one. So my 13. Create Pages and Main Menu: All right. Welcome back, guys. So now let us start building our website Onda. We will begin with creating all these pages my around pages, long invaders, checkup card, except try and all these. Okay, so let's just go to our dashboard and we had and go toe pages, all pages. Yeah. So, as you can see, we have all these pages already created for us. So the basket we'd check out page my account except for the Spader's I created when we install boo commers. All right, so commerce automatically creates the experience for us. So let us first create the home page. Okay, Which is displayed this one. All right, so go ahead. Go to our new. Yeah, I'm at home. Okay, now, content layout. Full weight. Sidebar are We don't want Let it be Default and then Goto title. I'm disabled. All right. On publish. Publish. Okay, Now let's review the page, and it looks like this. It is nothing like how we wondered to look, but we'll get there. We'll get there. Okay, Now let's go toe all pieces. Yeah. Here, let me just dismiss these notices. Yeah, go away. Okay. Now the other pages, which are the men Women bags, accessories and custom. So these pages are actually not be just these air categories. So what are categories? Categories are decent. Commerz are no sorry products categories. So we create different categories to segregate products. According to these categories, for example, men is like our degree. Okay, so all the men's products will be are not discarded. Carey women is a car ticketea. All the women products will be inside the scategory. Okay, so let us just create these categories which are men, women bags, access cities, custom T shirt on polos. All these are categories. So let me just put it here. Got to get the name, uh, men. Okay. Slug men nor the slug slug is distinct. What comes after this? You know you can't see it here. Slug is distinct when this this thing is called slug Whatever is after our domain. All right, little slug. So you have men, sluggers, men parent getting getting then because many is apparent guard agree. So now a new category. All right, here it is again. Women is a category e. Okay, slug women. All right? You got to get E. What else is there bags. So bags, sluggers, bags. I had no got to get it. Next is excess cities. Okay, Maxus cities, You got to get E on. The last one is custom. All right, so All right. I knew God to get you know, letters are subpar. Diggory's with our in this case T shirt and Polo's. All right, so T shirts behind. Let me get men T shirts immune. The yes men T shirts. All right, Onda parent category for this one is men. Okay, men T shirts barren. Kartika, These men I knew got ticketea. Okay, again. Same thing. Hulu's Boulos polos. Men. All right, but I got to get the men. Add new car ticketea Similarly, for women. Ah, T shirts. Uh, women T shirts of new a 1,000,000 women be shirts. Okay, the pattern category now is women. All right, Our new category again. Polo's okay. Laws, women. All right. I knew. Got to get e No. So we have created all these categories, but how to put them in the menu. So let's go toe, um, A PD INTs on menus. All right, this is how you create a menu. Know what is a menu? My new is this thing? This is the menu. All right. So let us create that we go toe appearance menus. My new name, Primary menu. Okay, I cleared menu. There's the mean annual rate. So menu settings sport being mean menu is this one off which occurs in our head That is called the main menu, or late. So just pick on it, okay? And then I did my account alert to see or what we have in our me and menu, your men, women bags, excess cities custom my account log in. No, no, we don't have all these men. We have men, women bags, excess cities and customer and our shopping cart. So, basically, we have We have all the categories in this menu bar. Okay, So lettuce put them there and our report back, actually, those are rather Kartik eighties and this categories which we are visible here. These are posts. Carter, gaze this one. All right. And we don't have the product categories visible here. And to make them visible, we have to go to screen options and take on this product arteries. All right. And now we have got a cardigan. Easier. Keep this in mind. If you are searching for something and it is not available, then, uh, it is possible that it is not yet turned on from here on the screen options. All right, so keep that in Maine. So let's go to a product. Categories view all and are all these all right, actually doing that, uh, loaned out these right now, I to Manu. Okay, don't at all those t shirts, polos, t shirts, Because they have the same name and it will become difficult to arrange them here. Okay, so first, let's arrange these mean menu items. We have men, women, and then we have, ah, bags, axes and custom. So bags, accessories and custom and guarded raised. We don't mean we can remove it. Okay, Now alert side polos and T shirts, which are under men and are to menu. Okay, then bring it here like this. Okay. And now, ag, for losing T shirts under women I to Manu. Okay. T shirts under women polos under women. Okay, so, yeah, that's how you greet them. And you see, when you now, next thing what we need to do is remember, we created the speech home page. Lou Pidge make sure to see the menu first. Okay. New bids? Yeah, I do remember we created the space home bids. But when we go here, whether it's site, we see something else. That is because we have dark meat, this home pace as our main pace. And to do that, you need to go to settings reading, all right. And from here, we can put our home page as a static page, which is home base, OK, through alone. See? It changes. All right, Now, let me just ah, opened this other browser and see or website no crazy designed Lord Space presenter. And here we are. So this is our menu, all right, with our shopping card. Okay. And this will put our logo here. All right, So, yeah, that will be all for this video. And I'll see you in the next one. Why 14. Top Bar and Footer Menu: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let us create our top Hedeman. You this one and the three bottom and use the company's support and orders Undertones menu . All right, so let's go back to our dashboard. Go to pieces, all pieces. Yeah, And let us add all these pages. So I knew our story. Content layout fun. Right? Page tied. Maybe it a six part of me running for that Onda Your title disabled. All right, Publish. Publish, huh? Okay. No, it was this on. Ah, from here you can add another page. So if goto this plus Aiken goto page and that about us. All right. Content layout for right are entitled Disabled. Publish, Publish. All right again, Bean. So plus page on a theme. Constantly. Our 100 wasn't full of it. Control your full weight. No. Entitled Disable of flesh on publish reggae's. So let's go. I'll go ahead and meet these. Okay? I'm just going to fast forward more. No. All right. Now that we have created all our pages, let's go toe opinions my news and create our top bar menu. Okay, So create a new menu. New page on and cough bar. Manu All right, Andi, create menu. Okay, so click on our bar on duh active pages, which are my a cone. Check out on basket, which is our card beats our menu. Okay. Now I deem ah, my account page once again both starts because our my account and log in pages are actually the same pages. Okay, so let us change the label of one of these one of these, So Logan slash. Sign up. Okay. See you. Me and you. Okay, let's just review our website. Here it is. Nowhere is it. Yeah. Here it is. My account log and sign up. Check out on basket. Okay. Let us rename rubber basket. Wish to Carter page. All page is blue page. Yeah. Basket. I don't like baskets. So we connect on card on again. God. Okay. Update. Yeah. Let us refresh this and God. All right. Yeah. Now let us create now. Bottom menus. So goto opinions my news on and create a new menu, please. Page no. Let's see. Company. All right. So let's name this man new company. Okay? Create menu turned I d. Our story about us anti. Okay, so let's do that. Our story about us do you add to menu? Yes, Our story about the same team. All right. Now I will fast forward and add all these pages. Cool. So you guys also go ahead and do that. All right? All over. Menus and Peters are created, and we'll add all these full term in use later on when we'll work on the wizard section. All right, so that'll be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next one by 15. Change Fonts: All right. Welcome back, guys. So let's just stay in the form that we will use. Okay? So in art school to visit site? Yeah. Now click on customers. So these are the team options are available to us. Okay, So go into typography, General on. We don't need to disable Google forms. Go back. Body Foreign family is Roboto. We are going to use a robot over this one. Okay, Wardo, on publish. Go back all headings, Roberto. Okay, go back hitting one. Actually, all endings are reward or in the logo. We will change top bar in the two roboto. Just make everything, Robert. All right? That's what I'm trying to say. This will help us not to, like, t injured again and again later on while we actually a designer upside. Okay, so, yeah, Do we do this? Change your phone right here. And you're under standard when we'll start designing our website. Okay, so yeah, that is all for this video on. I'll go ahead and change the forint. Tilden. So yeah, Why 16. Woocommerce Settings: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's start setting up homers. Okay? So go to your dashboard. Who? Commerce on and settings? Yeah, here in the general tab. Just make sure everything is okay. Eso were slain. Whatever your addresses somewhere, no matter is that I have put earlier during the quick set of his art. Okay, let's move on. Selling locations. Where are you going to sell? So do all countries. Um, please don't. Please don't sell to all countries for obvious reasons. So let's just select Where are we going to sell our products? We for the sake of this territorial, I'll be selling my products to the United States. Okay. Us. All right. And shipping location shipped to all countries you sell. Do OK. Customer location. Make IDs. You look it. All right. And make sure enable taxes stick down. Okay. Make sure this is big in April Coupons. So if you want, coupons are just to make sure toe pick this on. Okay, let's mourn currency. What is dependency? So we are selling to United States, so naturally it is United States. All right, now see of genius. Now let's move toe accountant privacy. Okay? Guess check out, allow customers to place orders without an account. Do you warned that if you don't want that, I remove it So guys is go through all these settings. These are all quite self explanatory. So if you want the allow customers to logging into an existing are going doing check out, do you warn that? I warned that upon creation, allow customers to create our own during check out? Yes, I warned that I lost in my city. Then I got on my own page. Yeah, sure, when creating an account or tomorrow dailies and great and I can use any forecast. Ownby's wrong the names on him. Whether it's not do that, let's give our customers and option. They played them to use their own, using him when creating an account Automatic village under it on account password. No. Let them create their own Cussler. All right account. AirAsia requests, remove or soldered. I like just go. Guys, guys just go through all this settings. All these settings. Onda. It's quite self explanatory, you know, Make sure privacy policy is privacy policy Page on. You can put the privacy policy here, take our privacy policy, whatever that is. You can put it here. All right. So personally attended. And 100 inactive accounts for how many days? Months except Robert ever after. You like safety INGE's. Okay, now. Emails. So these are the emails that you are. Your customers will receive. So who is the recipient? It is listed below customer. Or you. What kind of harder new order you will? Yeah. For new order, you will receive the email. Okay. If you want to change it, click on manage. And you Can I d recipient. Alright. Or if you want to enable disabled. Whatever. Okay. And if you do that, save changes. Let's go back. So yeah, similarly, you can just go through a list, what they want and what you're doing. One. All right. Next integration. So this is Faro integrating the geo location services, which is Max, my license key. You need to get the maximum geo location services AP and P Street here. All right, to enable you locating your customer. Okay, so yeah, then advanced. Advanced. We'd set up. Make sure the basket peaches are carpets because it seems the name. Check out pages to court page. My iPhone, peaches, my phone Pete's. Those in condition speeds we have not needed yet. All right. And these are the record in points, so account and points and check ordering points are the last points. Ah, where you can wear where your customers can teach. All right, so Ah, one utility off. These are counter and pointers. If you want to customize your account space, then these come in handy. All right. Ah, let's see it. India's if you change anything, okay? And more. Okay. What else? Foretells s Oh, yeah. Let's go to products as well. Product shop. It's make sure the shop it is shop. All right, on go to all these settings. If you want to attend any you canteen there. Taubate Unit Gezi, I think the responding us. Yeah. Now And I don't know about the little unit. What is that in us? Okay, So later rescinded it and it will reviews. Do you want to enable reviews and ratings? If you want, Just let them be. Or if you don't just remove this, okay? I want so let it be on on city in this. Great. So guys diets all for this. We do in the next video. Let's go through the taxation. Okay? We'll set up the tax rates and all. All right, so I'll see you there by 17. Tax: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's set up the tax rate on our commerce upside so goto Commerz settings. And here, goto Tax, scroll down on DA price. Interpret tax. Do you want to place to be inclusive or exclusive or tax calculation B is done. Shipping address. Okay, tax close. Just leave everything as is, but go to additional tax classes. And here include the tax that is in your country. So in India, it is DST Okay, on for a barrel. I think it is 18% on for other things. I know. I just wonder some random numbers. Solar's and 30 a stupid. Okay, No. So alone and see, genius, you can enter as many tax classes as you weren't here. Okay, Now, when you save it, you can see there are these two classes are radio, so let's go do the A student rates. Okay. Inside row. The country, which is the US In our case, If there is different tax for different states, you can include it here. Okay, now there it is. Spend because that is the A street 10 great solar. It's worth 10 here on tax name gsp, then All right, and remove the shipping. Now City in this similarly for GST 80. Go here inside row country as us Andre, it is 18. Okay, tax Name G s D 18. Alright. Remove shipping and see Eugene Just Okay, So there's how you ad tax in lieu, commers. All right, so that will be all and I see in the next one. 18. Shipping Methods: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now alerts set up shipping. All right, So go toward calmer settings on DA. Um, Yeah, go to shipping. And here we need to are the shipping zone solar. It's true that our shipping zone zone name This can be anything but like me in the USA because we're selling in the USA. Okay, zone reasons. North America, United States. Now, you can add the friend shipping rates for each and every state that you like, but I will not do that. Recovery, Legal art of fame. As you can see, there are so many states in the US so us if we just select the end our country USA all right, and then add shipping mattered. Okay, Click on it. We'll charge a flat rate. Are chipping matter yet? It is now. I did it. Okay. Matter title. Flat rate tax status Taxable. How much do you want to charge for the shipping? Let's say I want to charge $10. So then, on safety India's Okay, now off. The thing is, we entertained. But what if the customer orders 100 different items for me? We drifted a friend right on the water and we will be charging really for one item and we don't want that. Okay, So to prevent that, what we can do is a debt. We can go here on day, put this piece Asterix again. This piece square bracket. Que de by. Okay. And then close the square bracket. So what this means is we are charging $10 multiplied by the number of items that the customer is ordering. Okay, You can see the formula here. If you have over this question Mark, you can see the entire formula. All right? No. See you, genius. Now, the thing is, we are selling T shirts and accessories on our website. And shipping for these two products will be different. Obviously, because an accessory is really tiny. Item on a T shirt is a little bigger. So how to do that? To do that, we need to create classes. And to do that, go here. Shipping classes. No ID, shipping class. Name the shipping class T shirt. All right, and then again, are shipping class on access Audi's accessories. Okay, now, same shipping glasses. Now go back to shipping zones. And I did it and red zone. All right, flat rate in debt. As you can see, we have accessory shipping, class cost and be shirt shipping glass cost. So if removed this cost from here. Come on, X on be stirred. Here. We're starting $10 for the T shirt, right? So pastry here. And let's say we are charging $5 for back. Very so worked. Five year. All right, no safety. India's so guys. That's how you add shipping methods. All right. And that will be all I'll see in the next one, right? 19. Stripe Payment Gateway: All right. Welcome back, guys. Knowledge sparred the payment methods on order. Upside. So we are going to use type as the payment mattered on our website. Okay, So to do that, go to your, uh, blue bombers on goto payments. And here you can see we have people with what? We don't have stripe. Okay. So to get straight goto plug ins, you need to get a plug in tow, get stripe. So go to plug ins. I knew. And here search for scrape. Never be okay. Now, let's see. Yes. Straight demons. Yeah. This one has good rating, so install it straight free. Actually, you can use any one of these. Okay, then. Accurate. Yeah. Let me just dismiss this Paypal and your location will configure it later on. Okay, Now let's go. Toe vu. Calmer settings on the mints. School alone. And as you can see, we have three new options. Spry payment. A leap airstrip. Check our solar. It's just turned this one on. Okay, I'm set up here. Transaction mood is just more right now. I will let it be on test more if you want to, but you don't live more. I mean, so What is the difference between the small and light one when you use the test ward, The credit card. The credit card. It is 30 Well under will not be charged basically and live more so. Basically what they were the credit card details will be under will be charged. Okay, put it on. Too small for the purpose. For for their territorial purposes. All right, now, Strollo spy payment. Any will illustrate. Well, you any Will I tell the wire? Could it the bit guard. Okay, secure payment wire. I predict the bit card. All right, order, but text be, you know, be no. Okay. Preferred guard. Whatever. These are captured. Payment. Okay. Restrict car. You know, enable transaction precept if you want to go. All right. Now go back up again, and we need the test. Publishable key on the test. Secret key. Now, to get that, go to your scribe dashboard. All right, then go to developers. And here goto a p I keys. All right. And you can see now it is on the testimony. You ain't just a via Gerry's toggle to view life keys so you can talk from here. All right, So let me. Just get the test skis and the publisher. Wilkie's this one. Copy it a copy. And Mr Tear. All right. On the secret G. Her real secret. G copy this one. All right, Mr Tear. Okay, scroll down and seal. All right. So the guys, there's how you ad stripe payment. Gateway to your website. Now, let's go back to payments here. If you want to enable cash on delivery, you can do so from here. You can just struggle this, then Goto set up. All right. Enable cash on delivery title cash on delivery, order description instructions. What? They were enable for shipping matters. No. What is this? Remember in the last video in the previous video, we made one shipping mattered for USA. So what this means is, whenever this shipping material is selected, cash on delivery option will be a really Well, all right, so save changes. Okay, Now, let's go back. If you want to add PayPal, you can do so by enabling these and going to your PayPal account on getting the keys and pasting them here. All right, so that will be all for this video. And I'll see you in the next one by 20. Geolocation Services: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's sort this delegation thing out. So goto this, Max. Mine integration, sitting speeds. Okay, It will take you here and from here. Open this link, Max. Mind you, Location integration documentation. Okay. And you click on this if we take your hair. All right? Now, when you reach here. So they This is the procedure to get the license key. So you can go through this or just watch this video when you reach here, go to Max. Mind you. Location. Okay. And agree. Take your hair. Now. School out and sign affords you like to Okay? Yeah. So fill in your details and sign up, make an account, and then log in. After you log in. Go to my account section, OK? And when you eat there, scroll down and you'll find this under services. You'll fight my license key. All right, Now generate a new license. Ah, license key descriptions. Who? Let me type something. Class. Ah. What does give be used for the i p of data on? No. And then confirm. All right, now, this will give you the license key already. Toe. Copy this I be a state Oh, where is it? Degree consulting speeds. Yeah. Be a strict. Yeah. Alright. Dance 18 is so you will receive this era. The max. My license key is invalid. If you have recently created the ski, you may need to wait for it to become active. All right. So you will have to wait for it to become active. Okay? Andi? So yeah, that's how you integrate Max mine into your we'll call more sound. Okay, so you have that will be all, and I'll see you in the next run by 21. Simple Product: All right. Welcome back, guys. Knowledge Clear some products for our store. So go toe products. And I knew here, enter the product name. So let me ask this chili back for now. So chilly. Bag copy. On based. Okay. This area is further description. Okay, So what is the description? This thing is the description of Okay, let me just copy all this. Mm. Okay. Yeah. Copy. On based. No, I don't know why all the scheme, I think Cooperative reading. Yeah. Recorded everything. Americanism, Elect. All right, so little description is done now. Alert school below. Wish NWFP settings were not going to go through these right now. Okay, let's go alone. Now, These this section is the product section or right? So as you can see, product lead a simple product, group product, external affiliate product or very well, product. So this right here this bag is a simple product because we don't have any variations for this bag. All right, so let me to simple product for now. And the regular price eyes, it's $10. All right, so we'll report something 199 U. S. Dollars. We'll get there somewhere too steep. if 149 U. S. Dollars. All right, seal. Praise your so yeah, if you want to. But disparate on sale, for example, some, um, festival is coming in, USA. Let's say Halloween is coming, so we should do well. I can should alert and seal prices, maybe 119 years orders. And I can said the sale price date. So what is? Let me start first of February toe crinoline off this month? No. 2 31st of march. All right, so now the product will go into sale during this time period automatically. All right, let's go alone. Okay. Now, Tax Staters, yesterday's taxable tax class. Remember, in the previous video, in a previous video, we made tax classes, So select the one which are when is applicable. Select missile existed. 10 in this case. All right, let's move on. Inventory. Now, SK, You know, let's say for this where to go to a product. They excuse B A. G s bags. 09875641 Okay, this is just said I know, Mom, but I made up right now, but yeah, excuse. Look like there's something like this. Okay, This sq can be used to manager barracks in your inventory and your store. All right. Do you want to manage stock for this? And he will stock management at the product level? Yes, I won't. Toe. So how much is the stock quantity? Let's say I have 30 off these. No, 300 of these. Okay? Now, do you want to allow back orders? What is back? Orders by borders is when the product is finished. But still, you can accept the orders for that particular product. So, for example, this product is out of struggling your inventory. But you know that this part, it will be coming back so you can take back orders. And if you want to allow it, you can choose one of these options allow, but notify customers are you just want to allow it, Okay. Now, when you allow this, you can put the stock quantity in negatives. So how many back orders we won't allow? Let's say I want to allow three are Let's say I want to allow 10. So minus and all right, but for I would not recommend you to do that. Let's just nor do that, okay? No stock threshold. When do you want yourself to be notified? When? Ah, about this product being low in stock. So let's say when the product quantity reaches five an hour, um, in our inventory, then I want to be notified. All right, Now, don't click on this one. Sold individually. What this will do is only allow customers to order one of these. Okay, so this thing this quarter this Ah, um uh, quantity. This will go if your take on this. All right. No shipping. What is there? Wait off this product. Select. Say, I don't know, £1. I don't know. You can put all these all this information here. Okay. And what is the shipping class? So is this an accessory or is deserting shirt or there is no shipping class attached to it . So we made the shipping classes in one of the previous videos on night and go forward to make for bags one of the back. So that missile it access I used for this one. All right, now, let's more link products. Do you want to up sell a product? We select reason that three or more characters so you can endure more products that we want to Upsell along with this border and Ryan Sport. Just know what? If anything, product bad is, if anything, more options. No, I don't want to get any more options. All right, let's move on. Product sharp now. Product, short description. The product short description is displayed right beside the right below the price. Okay, so let me for now. Just copied this paragraph basted here. Okay, let's scroll up. Now. Select the category sword. We do remember we created all these categories earlier. So let me select the car. Take any bags because this is a bag. Okay? If you want to add and you gotta go, you can do so from here now. Product. Excellent. Me Enter bag, bag, bag, bag and chili. Now that'll be all. No product emits said product even salute me. Open hair and goto upload file. Select files. Go back where my files are stored. Resource is markups. Grow up. Simple grata. Yeah, So let me show this as the product image and open to the uploading. Yeah, All right. Said product image. Now let me our product Gallery images. So click here. Upload fires. Select files on select these three man open. All right, Our totality. Cool. Now, from here, I can are just the sequence in which they are displaying. All right, so let me just put this one of the last or right Cooley. Now our simple product is created. Let me publish it. Okay. Publish. All right, let me close the sun Interview. The Scarlet View. Yeah. So, you narratives, chili bag. It's on sale right now. Okay, this is the short description on our toe basket All over the days, we continue the for those from here on because you can see it's on sale right now. Our description, additional information. It's £1 on reviews, all right? Ah, but this ah Ph is not looking great right now. We'll fix it later on. All right. So this is how you create a simple product in the next. Really? Let's see how to create a valuable product. All right, So I'll see you there, right 22. Variable Product: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's create the variable products. So go to products. Hard rocks. Okay, So as you can see, we have this Ah, symbol Warner can on. We have to create a valuable product. Now, before creating a variable product. We need to specify some attributes to the variable product. Okay. And those attributes generally in a case off T shirt are the color and the size. Okay, because those two things are required. So let's are dire tributes Soto attributes. All right, let's side the attribute. First of color. Okay on. Make sure to enable our guys OK, now are that tribute? Here it is. Solar. It's conficker terms. Okay, Now, what are the colors that will be available? So alerts are the red color okay. And scroll down our new color. All right, let's start another one. Ah, I want to wear the yellow color. Okay. So yellow. For the sake of Distrito. Really wearing two colors. All right, dollars. Go back to attributes, okay. And cleared those size attribute. So Saiz all right? And they will our cave on that tribute on configured bombs. All right, let's say we how, um small on and new size on large. Okay. And and add new size. So we have the attributes we created two out of your scholar and size. Now let's go toe at new or no products and Ardo. Really well product Solarte started T shirt. Let me open Our blueprint website would win during the road. Crazy resigned Lord Space. Okay, let's go to women and T shirts. And I had this one. All right, so Bartell women T shirt. I'll just put it here and remove the red from here. All right, Now their description Let me just copied from here. Baster Tear scroll down with you end up to be settings. We don't have to look into that right for now. Product data. And here we have to salute variable product. All right now. Ah, tax status. Flexible. Tax class GST 18 Invented A If you have an SQL, you can put that you If you want to manage stock from here, you can do that. All right, It's not do that for now. Shipping the way dimensions you if you want to put shipping class T shirt. All right, now let's movinto attributes. Okay, This one on from this drop down menu. Let's select color and Dad. Okay, let's select the values. So these other two will use that recreated So red. Select both off them and yellow. All right. And make sure to take condoms used for variations and Sierra attributes. Now again, for the size, select a size ad. Okay, so let both off. These used for variations on sale attributes. All right, now jump to variations. All right, from here's from this drop down menu select create variations from all attributes. Now, what this means is it will create all the fermentation combinations off the Arctic. We're start, we have. So we have the red color on the yellow color and we're to side. They're small and large, so it will create a large with red color large with the yellow color or small with a red color. Are small with yellow gullah. Okay, so let me select this on Go Okay. And c, we have four radiations are did. All right, let's click on. Ok, And here are the variations. Now, let's ah, look at each of these individually. So didn't click here. Alright. And as you can see, we have all these settings which are available to us. Okay. So, alert. Select the image for this one. So we This is the red one. Red, large, select Mickley care. And let me upload the files. I think I've already have ordered them. Yeah, so I upload the files on Let me select this one. Okay. Certain radiation image. And here we are. Red large. Okay. Scare you. If you have one regular price, let me put $19. 99 years dollar and it is on sale. So $14. 99. Okay, stocks, Traitors in stock. Wait. Shipping classes, T shirt, tax classes, DST 18. Description if you want to put something. All right, now, let's see. Red. Okay. Select the image. Search radiation image again. Regular price. $19. 99 Sale price. 14 Lord 99. Stock in stock shipping class T shirt tax. Clausen GST 18. All right again. Similarly, for yellow. I'll select the yellow T shirt. This one Certain radiation image price. $19. 99 on 14 or 99. A very shipping class T shirt tax cosy. Astir. Dean. Now the final one. Yellow. No. Let me select again. The same one you Lohan. We're sale price. $14.99 $19. 99. We're getting okay. Shipping class T shirt tax, classy STD in safety in just. Yeah. So that's how you create all the radiations. Okay, Now let's support the shard description. Let me to Skopje this thing for now. Copy and based. Okay, let's moulder towards the side. And this is a woman's T shirt. Toller. So let me select the men and T shirts, Product bags, women T shirts. Read the yellow. All right, Now the product image. Select this one. Um, yeah, Specifically, alone. All right, select terrorist. Off the images. Our toe gallery done. Okay. No, Guys, don't worry about the design. All right. Um, just assume their design on board. The these T shirt is the same. This is just for tutorial purposes. All right? Don't get confused. You cannot Our t shirts with different designs on a single product, please. Okay, this is just for color. This is just for the variations. OK, I hope you get that now. Publisher. It's beautiful product, and here we are, So bottle women T shirt. Okay. We can select the color on the size, and as you can see the seniors automatically. You can jeans. A cholera comes to yellow automatically, all right. And we continue from here as well. So that's how you create a valuable product. Okay? And I'll see you in the next one. Where? Real creator, Digital products. So I see you there by 23. Digital Product: All right. Welcome back, guys. Knowledge started digital product. So click on our new on. Let's ah, name. There's something. Um it seemed his music music file. Okay, let's hear. Ah, let me to support some random next. So Yeah. Okay. We should have lived a certain things. We don't want that. It is a donor Devil product. OK, regular Preiser $200 knows Ill Grace. Okay, where did we wonder to let us a look for $50 downloadable files. Now you have to add a file, which can be a pdf. It can be a music fail. It's gonna be premier. Pro presets are Toby after referred pre Certs or anything like light room research. Anything intangible? Okay? Anything which can be downloaded via the Internet. You portrait here, So downloadable file, you can add a file. Okay, fine name. And you are ill, or you can choose a file. So let me upload one upload select files. Let me select something in yen. Okay, Open Now it is uploading. Okay, let me insert the file. Okay. Now put the file name. Ah, some thing Indian. All right. If you want to put a download limit you can put it from here, but letting were limited renowned lords downward expiry if you wanted. I don't know to expire sometimes. So you can do that from here. So enter the number of days before or download. Link expires or leave long If you don't want to expire. Ever. All right. So let's just say 3 65 days. That is one year. So let the round will be available for one year from the date of parties. Okay. Tak studios. Um it is taxable tax law. So choose the 11 1 if you have one. Okay. Solar for now, Let me just select DST 18. Okay? No short description. Let me just bring right now. Um, things from here. Okay, Comma. Copy. On based. All right, now here. Select the category. If you have some things like reported on unguarded race for now, brother tags, Indian music. True mental. Okay, said product image. Upload file. Select files. Here it is. Open and sit product image. All right. And we are done. Okay. And when did he? No, this is a Donald Able president of product, so this makes no sense. Shipping makes no sense. Link productive. You want toe upset, some other digital products or any product you were imported from here. Attributes that are none advanced. None. Product bags. Okay, all this makes no sense for a digital product right now. Let's publish it. Okay, let's view the product. No. So here is our music file, All right? But we have this, Actually, we don't Warner, because this is Ah, this is a downloadable product on May make distinct. Makes no sense. And we know that you go back here, go to invent Terry and take on this thing Sold individually. All right, on update. Now, let's sort of fresh this. Yeah, and it's gone. Okay, So that's how you create a known, reliable product. Yeah. So that will be all for this, Will you? And I see you in the next run by 24. Design Resources: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now, if you're confused, where to get designs for your store. There are various online services and website that you can visit to get these designs on one of these Ayerza picks a B so inflexibly open picks up and go to illustrations and screw alone. Discard more. As you can see, there are so many designs available here. Yeah, so all these, um, you can use any off these for free? OK, As you can see, Pixar realizes free for commercial use and no attribution required as well. Um, OK, so you can use any of these, but, um, I would not recommend you to do that somehow. I don't trust this website fully. There is no way to very five. Their design is actually three for commercial use and not sourced from ah, not taken from someone who is actually a designer and who doesn't want his designs to be used for free. Okay, so that's a risk that you will have to take if you are going to use spec sub. All right. When more thing that defines that I have included with within the resource phase, they're not high resolution images so if you're thinking of using those, you cannot, because the printing quality won't be good enough. All right. Make sure. Yeah, keep this in mind as well. Their designs that you choose should be off high resolution. At least 300 DP I Okay, so, yeah, picks a B is the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 is our place. It so you This is a pared their website, and they have really good T shirt designs that you can use. And I think they're pricing is not, uh they're not expensive, So yeah, monthly's $15 an annual is $100 so you can choose any of these. And for this price, you get unlimited designs on limited videos and limited locals on limited markups. This is a very leg and win solution to get your print on demand service up and running now . Third, the third thing is on fire. Were all right. So we are goto fiber are common here. You can search for T shirt designs. Okay. All right. As you can see, all these people are offering their services for not a big sum off money. All right. So as you can get the sweetness just looks quite nice. Yeah. Black and red illustration. And simple or typographic t shirt design based on your we have seen a brief. Alright, someone initial concepts just there for $35 will give you one design. I see the premium thing. Okay, One or some complex plus detailing illustration. Bags go for character type of graphic design. All right, So you can just froze this website and select the person you want to work with and just order the gig. Okay, so you're gonna do that on the last minutes of arc. Similar toe fiber. So again, you can search for T shirt design. Andi. Yeah. Here are the people who are offering their services within T shirt design. So you can do that. Now, If you're a designer yourself, you can obviously make your own designs. And that, in my opinion, is the best thing to do. Okay, That'll be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next run by 25. Connect to printful: All right. Welcome back, guys. Dollars candid print. Full do our store. Okay, But before we going goto brimful dot com and create your account. Er, all right, After you do that, come back to your dashboard on goto plug ins at new answered for print. Full. Okay, install this. Plug in. Find. Activate. Okay. Oh, behind. Updated. So let me just updated. No. Okay. Okay. Now, as you can see, we have this spring full time here. So go there. All right, now and we can connect. Make sure you're logged into urban full account. Okay, now, this were no shows up. This will go print. Full read, write access, which will allow it to create Were books. All this. All these things are right now. It's a poet. Yeah. Connect to an existing around log into your account. Nicknamed would Act connect Store to Rana Gardiner. Yes, please. To alright, guys. So that is how easy it is to connect our store. Do painful. Okay, not and we scroll down. As you can see, these are the two brothers that we made earlier. So yeah, that will be all for this video. And I'll see you in the next one. My 26. Push Products from Printful: All right. Welcome back, guys. LA Let us create some products from print. Full indoor store. To do that, we need to push some products from print full to our store. So let's go toe print full. All right, Go to stores. Okay. Go to stores and select your store. Okay? Yeah. Not at miss. Grow below. Now, this is these are there to products that we already mean? So let me just delete them first. Rocks on products. Okay. Yeah, let me read. This one is a lot of bad reactions. Moved. Tobin A play? Yeah, that school back here on a fresh data we are. As you can see, there are no products in our store right now. Okay, Now, before moving ahead, goto this product catalog thing, okay? Yeah. So this is a list off rockets. What the print full is offering. So go through all this. Go through all this iron, select the products that you want to push. OK, select. See men's clothing on. These are the T shirts that are available for us. So, um, let's selector T shirts. Okay. Now these are the T shirts that we can meet that we can use and each have different price and colors that they're available in both Roll this which you aren't select with her when you like and make a list. So, for example, it may select selectors on the 1st 1 unisex premium T shirt by loveless candles to 3001. All right, it ships from the U. S. A. On the Europe all right. And it is readying around 2.2 business days. On this ice is available are, um extra small to four extra large. OK, the life size. I like this one and I write it down somewhere. Let's go back. Okay on. Look at women's clothings. Okay, lets see t shirts. Yeah, I like first. Let's say I like this one. Unique premium teacher Develop glass can house 3001. All right, now let's go back on just like this. Just write down whatever you like. All right? Now let's go back. I'm telling you to write down all that because the designs that you will be creating will be according to the products. So, for example, if I go in tow hats, let's say I like broken hearts. Okay, let me select this one. No, when I start designing. Oh, in this one. As you can see, the design size is really small. And naturally the design size on a T shirt will be larger. So you need to get designed according to this size is this is just a basic example that I'm giving You'll have toe go through all the products and the kind of printing that they're offering. There are all over render T shirts as well. So the l A printed, like everywhere. So you cannot put the design which can be printed only on the front in that all over rendered T shirts. So let me go back. Now let's add a product. So go toe at Florida Selectman, excluding on da Let's a T shirt on, units. Extremely shirt. Okay, Now alerts to drop our design. There are no no designs. Let me upload some. Let me upload this one. Open. Okay, let's choose this one. Yeah. Now let's air just the size, okay? Yeah, I like that. And if I want to put their design towards the bag, I can go there and drop her design years. Right? Mr. Like this one again. All right. And it's making super small and put it up top. This is a sort of our numbers, and I'm just doing random things. If I want to put something on the left sleeve, I can do that as well from here. So alerts, electors, design again? Yes. So this way you can customize your entire T shirt. All right. Knowledge school back here planned. Proceed to mark ups. Gay here. Let's select the markers that we want to push on. Da. Okay, so let's select this $1 school down. Select additional markups. All right, let's select this one. Okay. On, DA. This one and this one. All right now on its well known And we have Marco, Former De Peg or PNG's Just select the epic Don't go for P and G, because the file sizes are larger and come back to deep sorrow. Jpg JPEG and proceed to description. All right, now our description is already present there. If you want to put something else, you can do that and put the product title. So this is Ah, let's a colorful city. Okay. Oh, yeah. I missed one thing. Let's go back and again. Ah, here, go to product and select the colors that you want This T shirt Toby printed in. All right, select the colors and the sizes that you want. This T shirt to be available in this particular design will be available in the color 30 select here and the sizes that you select here. Okay. So let's see, I want this one in black color as well. All right? Yeah. And I am doing one it in extra small and four extra loads. Cool. Ah, let's move again. Move forward again. So you have received a markups. Now you can select the main markup image, so Yeah, you can do that. Add additional markups again. So select the ones that you want. I want this one on for this back color again. I want. Now, let's suppose eater description again. But what? They were description you want to. And now this isn't border. Select the category. All right, so this is in men. Okay, again. Men. T shirts. All right, but this is a unit of units X T shirt, so you can put them in on women T shirts. All right, then. Prosciutto pricing can select your profit. Whatever it is. Solid missile, FBI, I am on, Dwight. Happy with $8 really worsens. Now go to submit to store right now what this will do. It will push this product into your store then. So the product is pushed into our store now. So let's go to our store, look at all products and headed as its view. It and yeah, here is our T shirt. So yeah, that's how you push products from print full into your who? Calmer store. All right, um, now I will go ahead and ah, push somewhere Products from print full. And I will see you in the next one. My 27. Creating Products: All right. Welcome back. Days. Now, in this video, I'll be just pushing products from painful to our store. Um, you can totally skip this video, but if you want to watch me how to do that, you can continue watching. All right. So yeah, let's begin. 28. Custom Products: All right. Welcome back, guys. Um, I pushed some products. Indoor store. I pushed some T shirts. So here they are for men. Women? I pushed a bag on when Sock as an access city. Now, let's more onto custom. Okay, so let's push some custom barks now. So go here on duh R tronic. Ah, again. Clothing, T shirt, Eunice. Extreme T shirt. Okay. No. Mm. Select the color Solar, Miss Select. Necessary to go. Low quarter design. Drop your design. Let me select. Mm. Let this eagle. Okay. No. Oh, yeah, Yeah. Now, nor down this size. Okay. Nor down to size. Ah, 1.34 with and Haider's 15 Boise over. All right, now here is You can see this option here on up image. Personalization. Later, customers create personalized version off your design in real time. On your store, click on this. All right, Now proceed to more cups. Okay. Lets wait for it to be pushed. Okay. Lets viewer than book armor. So on. Here it is. All right now, click or personalized design and Nivola your customers Now. Candra, please. This design so a floored. Now let's say I want to push this out here instead of this eagle open. And here is the owl. All right, are to cut. And here it is. You basket. Okay, As you can see, there is this out there. All right, so this way your customers can put their own designs. Now, do you remember? I told your door I don't not size. I told you to write down their size to let your customers know about their size. Because this because they're designed that developed Lord has to be off. That seems I saw you can do that by going back here. You can put it somewhere in their description, okay? Or additional information. So you can do that by going back to We are print full Ended the product here. Ah, here did description. Yeah. And before this yes. Board, uh, just put a notice stating the size off the design. Okay, so let me write her on. Okay. So, yeah, that's how you push custom designs into your store. All right, So, guys, dis concludes all our settings that we were doing till now. From the next radio, we will start designing our website. All right, so we'll make this. Ah will make this into this. He ah will make it look like this. All right, so I'll see you there by 29. Top Bar: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's start building the home paid off our website. Okay, so let's go through our blueprint website, which is this one. Okay, so we'll make this. Now, let's start with the top hitter. So go to your dashboard and visit site here. Click on customers. Okay. Now, these are the options that are available in the ocean. WPT Okay, now let's go. Toe top bar General, do you wonder enabled nobody s full. Wait, No visibility show on all devices. Okay. Style left. Car intendant. Right. Social. Let's see how it is. The content is towards the right. So we were in the car. Dent left Switzerland. Right Content. All right, now we weren't abiding, Toby. 10 from the top and then from the bottom. All right, let's roll out the background color. Okay. The background color is black. Seoul, Let's make it black. Now. Border color. There is no border here. Ah, the text color is wipe okay on the link. Color is white as well. Okay. On link Alor Howard Linker. How is green on the heck scores are in a text file with your class files. More right. So open that up. It's there. OK, so let's copy this copy and paste it here. Yeah, and when you have over them, it becomes green. Just like these. All right? No. Ah, we have to write. The contact information is from general go back toe content on Right the card. And what is the content? Um, hello. Added water. My lawn dart. Comment a phone number. So let's just type it here. All right? Now we have these icons here to get these Aikens Goto front. Awesome foreign awesome dot com. Yeah, and her search for email from here. Let's select a one. Ah, alert. Select this one. Okay, on. Copy this. You just click on it, it gets copied. Now go back here on Bay Street before the email address. Yeah, As you can see, we have the I can hear all right. Nuts with this piece. Yeah. Now let's go back to Foreign Dawson and search for, uh, daily phone. Yeah, I learnt selected this one. And copy this aren't be stirred before our phone number. As you can see, we have that I can hear. All right, now, let's publish. Okay, Now let's go back. Goto Social on Disabled a social, all right, Because we have We don't have any social links here. Okay? No other school back and publish again. Let's go back. Yeah, so this way, you, creator, This way we can create our Tobar. All right, In the next video, let's do our header section. Okay, so we'll change this into this. OK? So as you there by 30. Header: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's make our header. Okay, so from our dashboard, go here and wizard site. Now click on customers. Now, first of all, go to general options. Okay? And here, go to general styling. No, he's the primary color to green. Okay, which is this one? Yeah. As you can see, our basket color is green. Now, on how our primary color let's make it or darker shade of green. Yeah. Okay. Knowledge's go back now and go toe header General on demand the style two medium. All right, as you can see. Ah, we have the layout that we weren't? No. All right, now, a screw loan kind. Stick on transparent header. Okay, now the hilarious transferring scroll down. Make sure the position. My new position is center and Hyde is 39. All right, I'm the item parting. Zarr 22 20 do from right and left. Okay, let's go low. Now Go to search form and ah antes A input background colored or transparent. All right. The button Howard color seeing there to green. Yeah. Now let's see. Now you can see the magnifying glass turns green. When I heard about it. All right, Now let's go back to our header Media. We don't need to put anything here. Let's go back, Lou, select our logo. Upload. Upload the logo. It's in the resources file. Okay, so here is our lower. Let me selected on Skip Cropping. Okay, Now make sure the maximum with is 90. All right, now, let's go back on. Go to social menu on enable social menu. Okay, now let's scroll down. And as you can see, we have the We have all this area to put the social links in. So whatever your twitter handle is, you can put it here. Um, for now, let me the sport A hashtag on for Facebook was a hash tag on. Been dressed hashtag you can add as many as you like oil. Everything is here. Okay, now Ah, let's say is the color of the social links. So, um, go hair social color changes to black, as you can see. There. Black? No. All right. Okay, let's publish this Now on Goto Mobile. You okay? And click on menu. As you can see, we have the menu like this. We can change it by going into it going here into the mobile menu. Okay, let's click on it on mobile menu style allergy. Let's stay in there to full screen. All right, now it looks like this. Okay, let's see the Howard color now. Links color our solar to make it green. Yeah, all right. Knowledge is published. This on. Go back to the desktop view school. Now, let's go back. Okay. As you can see, we have to search magnifying glasses here on. We don't need this one on to remove that goto header menu. Okay, I scrolled down. Yeah. So it's Aiken on maker disabled. All right, it's gone. Let's go back and publish. Now we need to fix the our search form here. Okay? And to do that, um, let's hide these controls for now. Um, we need a border at the bottom of this search form. As you can see, we have border at the bottom of the search form. Ah, to do that he wanted me need to do is right. Click on it on. Inspect element. All right, now come here. Now this thing will open up. OK, so in the filter styles school down. And in this first section here, goto border and type border bottom. Okay, I'm using Firefox. So this which automatically it automatically shows me the CSS value. CSS Kamar started available. Okay, now border boredom. Let's make it one pixel. Weighed one B x one PX earned, then type solid. All right, As you can see, we have the border now. Knowledge School down. Okay. Here, let's remove this one. All right. On me could transparent nothing. I've been mortar in years. Oh, yeah, it's from here. Okay, So what I did is I right? Clicked on it. Inspect element. OK, then. It comes here under the site header Medium dash, header. Hashtag medium dash. Ah, search form input. Scroll down. Search for border. And after the border type dash Bardem, then one pixel solid. All right, now. School down. Mm. Yeah, No school down and find and find this border areas and make it zero pixels. All right. After you do that, copy everything from here. Still here on a copy. All right, who is this? And close this. Okay, we have nothing here. Now again. Go back to Customizer. Okay. Here. Go toe custom. CSS Js on based everything here. All right. Now, as you can see. You're just showing. Ah, CSS error. Solar's fixed that scroll down. Okay. We don't need the transition stuff. We're stream all this. Ah, we need the barter radius to be zero plexus. All right? Okay. Andi, I think we need to close it. Yeah, and remove all this that we don't need. Ah, All right, on publish what I did. That is my right leg here. And inspector living. So they shows the site is the so they shows the ah contents and the CSS off where we're page. Okay. What words? The live decidedly HTML, which is the current ending. This side is a CSS, which is the style of their country. So what I did is I selected this search form, okay? And it took me to the core intent. Then when I selected the London, it showed me all the CSS properties, all right, on my modified these properties as but I liked. Okay, you can actually do this for any off the webpages. You like you and even change the google paid. Okay, so inspect element on. Let me select this logo. Okay. On da. Let me change of parting toe and 90. Okay, As you can see you, it is going down like it is going. 10 90 picks is below from the top of this Repeat so you can modify anywhere pays on the Internet this way. But obviously this is ah, temporary thing just for you to play around. When I refresh this, it goes back to how it waas Okay, This way. Ah, this You can use this matter toe modified, overpaid Jasper your liking and then copied a CSS and come back to your team Options into customs? Yes. Isn't based everything here? All right now ever header is done. So in the next really alerts mourn toe the body. Okay. And we'll start with the hero section, so I'll see you there by 31. Hero: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's create the hero section off our home page. Okay? So go to pages. All peaches, Look for home base. We connect now before clicking on, edit with a limb and or make sure the content layout is full worked. Decide what is default on and the title is disabled. Okay, Now click on edit with 11 door, and it will take you here. So this is how the element or workspace looks like towards the left. We have all these elements. Okay? A Liberace orbiters, as you call them. And words, the right is all over page. Okay, now we need to make er go sell. All right, So let's search for the Jerusalem Richard here, all right? And you can see there is this testimonial, Cosell, But we don't need that one. We need the medical cell, but we're not going to use this one because this does not provide us with the functions that we need. Okay, now they're schooled on more. Let's cool down a search for Carlos El. Yeah, I remember. I don't. We need this for premium goes silent. All right, swoop. Pick it up and dragged. Here now to use the supreme, um, carro cell. We need templates. Okay. And we have to create those templates. I created one already, Which is this 11 So as you can see Ah, I hope please this image in this template. Okay, so let me believe this for now and create some templates which are in our heroes section. Okay, so let's ah, let's drag this image here, all right, and select our image. Um, all these files are there in your exercise. Ah, resources file. Okay, So insert media knowledge. We just Now what we need to do is make the emit size full. Now go to link, OK? And click on custom mural. Okay, now let's open our website. Crazy design, Lord Space. Okay, let's go toe men and copy this link. All right, copy. Go back here and baster tear. So this photograph is now linked with our category men. Okay, Now, what we need to do is goto this thing navigator thing, Okay? This will help us understand how our webpages being ah made all right. Oh, yeah. Before one more thing. Ah, Select the section from the navigator. All right. Select the section thing Ah, in the properties. Make this make this resection toe. Yes. Content with full weight and columns, cap. No gap now, as you can see this Ah, images. This image covers the entire worked off this webpage. Okay? No. Ah, right. Look on the section and see us, Template. Let's name it. He'll one All right on sale. All right, it deceived. Let's close this. Now click on the image. All right, Jules, image and select this one inside. Media, go back to our website. Click on women. Alright, Copy this link. Copy. Go back and replace this one with this with the ah link off the category women. All right, now again. Goto section right. Click on save us Template. There's named this hell. Cool. Ah, he will do. All right on sale Excludes this again. Now go back to image a gain. Select the third image, Which is this one? Insert media. Now we're back here. Lex. Alec. Bags. Copy This link yesterday. Here on. See it. All right. SE us Template hero three. See you. Uh, close again. Flick care. Select this one on insert media. Okay, let me just fast forwarded from here. All right? I'm done saving while the hero sections. Now let's believe this and bring our carousel back. Premium. Corrosive. Okay, click on the section. Distinct. The six darts and agree Showed a section properties. Let's make it. Ah! Full direct source. Straight section contained with full weight. Harlem's cap. No gap, No Goto Navigator Premium Cosell on content types, select repeater templates. Add item content. Now we don't have our templates here. That is because we need to refresh it first. Swell. It's updated from here on the refresh. Now open the section and select team. Um Carro cell. Okay, template content. As you can see, we have our templates here. Okay, so let's select hero one now. I like him content hero. Do I write them? Hero tree on here. Hero four. And lastly, hero five. All right now, let's open slight sittings in finally group years. Fair transitions. Okay, let's turn it on. Zoom effect. No transition speed. Let's increase toe 800. Do you want to do warned the slice to play automatically? Yes. Or to play speed 5000. Okay. And emissions. Let's elect freed in. All right now, additional settings. Do you warn trackable effect? Yes. Matchmove Yes. Okay, let's just go through all the set England done on the ones that you want to end. Turn off the ones. But you don't want toe. No problems on how I want it right now. Let's go toe style. Okay. And, ah, select the navigation arrows. All right. I want these one, but I want to remove these starts. Ah, I think it's in Gun Tank. Yeah, Yeah, from here. Remove their darts. All right, let's go back here. Okay, Now increase the size off the arrows. Where are they? Where are they? Here they are. Okay. On position. Uh, all right. Ah, the color of the arrow. Let's make it right. Okay. On. And however color, let's make it grayish. All right? Yeah. Um, yeah, I think that's all. As you can see, we have a cargo cell. We're just changing nicely, but we need to remove the scrap. Let me show you why. So let me update this. Okay? Preview changes. As you can see, there is this gap here, okay? Or and this weird thing is also happening. All right, so let's just fix all these things. So first, let's remove this cap. So select the section go to advanced from the marzen. Unlock it on top. Goto, go into the negative direction. Ok? All right. When it Let's see when it touches the top. Yeah. Now did it. As you can see, your dispatching their top. Now let's fix this. This is happening because we meet the header transplanted to fix start Goto customers. And here Goto header General Andi, remove this are transparent, harder Onda hiding anywhere schooling and turn on stick Only the manual, right? Not top had earlier make the background color to white. Okay. Ah White. All right, on publish. Now let me close this and let's see if it worked. Indeed, it worked. All right, so this way our heroes action is done. And when I click on this, it takes me to the bags. All right. In the next video, we'll make a response. So let me show you what I mean by that. So when I he scaled my browser. As you can see, as the screen goes smaller, our Caruso looks very bad. As you can see this so in the next one will create 14 especially for devices with smaller screens such as mobile phones. All right, so I'll see you there by 32. Responsive Hero Section: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now leads our justice hero section for the mobile view. Okay, because now, as you can see who and I I just Ah, Groza this thing, This hair, you know, section becomes very weird. As you can see, the arrows are here on DA. This becomes very tiny on a mobile phone. It will look very weird. So elects adjusted. Okay, it's open here. Select the section Goto advanced. I will bend response Ooh, yeah Hided on mobile or right? No, we need to go through that process again off creating the templates and are letting or right? So let's create images. Let's create templates again. So dragon name is here. All right, I'll make it full. Select damage. Let me upload it. Mobile. So in your exercise fails, There is this mobile folder and these ones are grob for mobile. Okay, so we need to make different answers for mobile or red. Select me this upload or lease open. Okay, so I like this one in certain media. All right, now let's make the link custom. You are ill. Go here, men. Copy. On based. All right, Now, let's make it full weight. So select the section from here. Straight section contained with full weight columns, Cap. No gap. All right, it is full right now. Let's go back on C of this section. See us? Template mobile hero one. Okay, Sale Knowledge Strip, please. This image with this one. Insert media on the link with this one. Copy on based. All right, on, see a section. See us template Mobile heat or two on Sue. All right, Now, let me fast forward it from here. Now that I'm done saving you. Excuse this on update. Okay. Lets the freshness No. Let's bring the premium. Cosell Premium colossal on Dragon below In the drag it here. All right, we have the premium. Go, Rossell. It's make it full weight problems have no gap. Yeah. Now select a premium. Cosell content type. Repeater templates contained Mobile. He'll one had item. Mobile hero to a right, um, mobile hero. Three mobile hero four and finally mobile hero five. All right, now let's select the mobile view from here. Right. As you're going to see, we can see the mobile. And this is our Caro cell. Actually, this one is the best often. Okay, let's remove the darts first. So darts. No. All right, arrows. We don't want the arrows as well. Okay, European slight settings. Infinitely lugubrious. Feed on zoom affect. No transition speed. Um, 800 on pan emission. Feared in. All right. Style of 13 years to pay. Okay, apply. Let's go back. Toe them mobile view again. Okay, This thing of it, this thing is Ah, a bit slow. Yeah. Here we are. Slurred. Select a premium car. Rossell. Ah, Update the page now. Style. Do you want to change anything in the style by ground type background? Overly? Oh, actually, no. I don't want to change anything on it is updated. Let's look at Let's look at this on the same page. So like me. Ah, Okay. I think I need to refresh it. Refresh. All right, A so you can see. This will change. Yeah, Okay. Ah, the thing is, we need to hide this one on the stop. Okay, so let's go back here. So, like this Goto advanced. Responsive hide on the stop on update. Okay, let's go back and check. Yeah, it's gone. Now. There is this point where we can see both off these. Okay, so that's because it is visible on tablet. All right, so flirts hide this on tablet as well and update. Okay, I alerts. Refresh this and check again. All right. Uh, as you can see take routines here. Yeah, it changed, right? So that's how we make a responsive element on or rapids using element. Or all right now you can make one for tablet as well. Okay. No, that will be all for this video. And I'll see you in the next one where we will continue building our homepage. Right. So I'll see you there by 33. Categories: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let us create the section with different category Ling's. All right, so go back to eliminate or hi below the section. Okay. Click on plus and select the structure. We just the screen divided into three parts. Okay, so like this now, goto section property, straight section contento it Full weight. Call ups, cap. No gap. All right, nurture me. Open this. Where is it then? I can see it. I'm not able to see it in the navigator now. Right now I run away. Anyway, let's click on this on. Go back to our visits. Me, Newman Dragon Image here. Select damage. Let me upload doors. Select files categories. Upload these three open. Okay, In certain media again. Go back here where they made the 2nd 1 Cops inside. Media on in the 3rd 1 as well. Image. All right, watch in certain media. Okay, Now let's introduced this gap on disk up. Okay, So here, let's select our and we just updated first and prevue. Okay, Right. Let's select this section and from the advanced. Unlock this and from the top. Increase the value. Okay, let's make it 40 and review. Okay, This is good enough, I think. All right, let's go back. Now. Select the from the Navegar duck. Go to the first column. Okay, Go to advanced on in the margin from the right week, then. Okay. In the watch column, Go to advanced from the left. Make, then. All right. And in the centre one, which is this one from the column. Go to advanced from the right. Make five. No. Western lingered. Okay, um, on link it from the left, Make it five. And from the right. Make it five. Okay. Knowledge's preview it. Yeah. As you can see, we have the gaps as we need as we wanted. Okay, that is much more. Grab here, So Well, let's just increase the values. So Ah, let me click on this pencil. Advanced. No. This column. Yeah. I'm making the changes in the column. Okay. So call them. Let me make the spring tea. Okay. The scholar, um, advanced no. From the left maker. 10 from the right to make it. Then on this one again, the column from the left. Make it bring deep on review. Right. We have those peace as we needed. Okay, let me update it. All right. Oh, now let's me click on this image, okay? No, guys, if it becomes difficult to click on the image, you can definitely go back to the navigator, OK? And select whatever column or images that you want. Oh, you just need to be aware off what section is where. Okay, so in this case, calling, when is this one? And the image under the inside this column is this one. All right. So you need to be aware of that, right? Yeah. So let me click on this image from the navigator. Oregon, directly. Click on it here. Now go. Toe content link. Custom mural on. Let's link it with, um let me say, let's say, Ah, look, we lingered with the speech, okay? So you can linger it And any bases that you like, But for the sequel Distrito. Really? I'm linking the back speech with the bag speech. Let milling the caps page with accessories. Copy. Okay. Content link custom. You are a learned based on the watch page. Alert. Milling Good. Red. Ah, custom. Okay. Could be on custom mural based. No. Let me select damage kind at Dillard. Select the entire section I can do that from here are against the Lego section from the navigator. Then go to advanced open motion effects on Let's make the entrance animation. Toby, zoom in. No, there doesn't look good bouncing. No zooming up. No, absolutely not. Feeding down. Yeah, just her. Swain, this looks good. Really left. No fading up. This is also nice. Yeah, So you can just sell it, whatever you like starting up. So let me select Slide Enough. All right. Now, um, let's select this image. Okay. On under the style Goto Hauer on our animation. Let's make it float. As you can see, it's floating. No, When I don't warn that I wanted to hang. Yeah, as you can see when I bring them My When I bring the course over this image, it starts to hang in the air. Similarly, Let Mr like this one go toe style goto our our animation. Huh? Huh? Again, for this one style our our animation And hang on a bit as you can see our Jeanne there's our life on the speech or right in the next video. Let's make the divider and put in our hashtag on instagram. Okay, so I'll see you that by 34. Bestsellers Widget: All right. Welcome back, guys. Knowledge make our best seller section. So click on this place and select the structure. Um, we'll select this one. Okay? No. Let's added the section properties go to advance. No, Go to lay out. Straight section contained with full weight columns. Cap. No gap. OK, no, let's bring it down. So from addressed Goto Martin on link and from tablets. Springer, 50 pixels down. Okay, now go toe digits on. Bring the blue l product tap, but could open dragged in this. All right, Cool. So we have this. No. Let's select the product stage. Product started to filter by. Best selling products columns. Let make it. Let's make it one. No, we don't know, Nurse. Make it for all right. No, there was one products count. Let's make this How many brought best selling products that we want to show? Let's sure 20 even best selling products rose one. And don't on this product slider thing, OK? Yeah. Now we have this. All right, let's cool down. Hurts in the slider options. Snyder? I don't know. We don't want it. Okay. Slider darts. We don't want pause on how our yes or top play s lighter items to school. Let's make this too. Okay. Are no hurts. Make it for all right. Slider controller style. We don't have any control up. Okay, Dollars more in the style. Here. Let's scroll down. Entitle alignment center. Biography. Entertainer. Just two stays. I think 15 is good. Okay. On product price. Let's are just the typography ease eyes. I think that's maker Tartine. All right, on and okay. Alignment center. Okay, let's preview this. All right? We need toe or toe slowly. So let's go back here on Goto content. I'm slider Options Slider Or to play. Make it on or to play speed 3000. OK, what a player! Animations Read 300 milliseconds like that. I don't to scroll for now. Let's period this. Okay, now we can drive the products and see all the best selling products. All right, now let's go back An update. Cool. Let's see our blueprint Website 2020 Lord crazy. It is in large space. Great on. So we have this written best sellers shop all and an arrow okay sooner to do that And to do that meaning to maker intersection inside this section. Okay, So dragged this intersection thing here. Okay, we have this click on this intersection. Goto structure aren't select this one. No, select this world. Right? We need more space towards the right. Okay, Now let's bring the heading and put it here. Let's write best sellers. Okay? Size large on a steamer. Tag each one. Okay, let's go. Toe style. Text color. Let's make it black. OK, nice. Now. Typography, I think Roberto Immediate Roboto. Yeah, it's a Bordeaux. All right. Now, the next thing we have to write shop all. So let's bring another intersection below this one. Mm. Okay. Yeah. Cooley. No, it's entered a structure. Okay, go back here. Now we have to bring another heading. Let's put it in here and right shop on. All right, it's Jimmer targets to size. Medium style text color, black. All right, Now we have to put an arrow below this. So goto elements again. Bring in a section. What did below this one structure. Okay, go back and search for I can What? Right. Bigger. Dublin. Porter. Terra, select the Eiken. Okay, Right arrow. Let's selective. Let's select this one on. Insert. All right, now. Alignment. Words left Goto style and I just to size? Yeah. On primary color. It's make it black. Okay, knowledge is just are just all these things I need to increase the sale of this bestsellers . Cool on and Ah, make it lower caps. All right, More dense. Actually, this thing is not entirely black. It's somewhere here. 47. Okay, we on sharp fall as well. Next color. Mm. Yeah. And I can as well Okay. All right. This looks OK. Um, not if you want this adult thing here. You can bring it back. So go to we are, uh go to your W l product up. Okay. On. And slider. If you want it, you can turn it on. As you can see, we have this arrow and you can adjust the properties from the controller style, but I don't want it here. Swiller meeting forward school now update. Let's preview this. All right. All right. This looks OK, but I think we need more space up here, So let's click here on advanced top are great and update. Yeah. Now it looks much better. Person disappear. Thing is happening. I don't know what this is. Okay, let me fixed us. This should not happen. Mm. Or oxtail one. Okay. I think there is some problem with the Yeah, there's some problem with the Blufgan. I really need an update game yesterday. So no. Today, itself, maybe because of dark testing is happening. Okay, if if this is happening to us. Well, to stop, did it? Okay, I don't Here. Right wing anywhere. Inspect element. Selectors are voting. Okay, no click on this button and it will take you towards property. So All right, so this is the best email And the Cyrus, though. CSS All right, guys, I found the setting. So, um, actually, I have the CSS file in the resources with very little resources file. So go that go there On for in this year. Says filed, there is accord, which is called. Okay, so that is just tinker product Martins. So inside is the cord. Copy this. Okay, go back here. Go to customize on in here. Go to customs uses beast, the entire thing. All right. Okay, Now, let's see. Yeah, it's fixed and publish. Let me close this. All right, You We need to connect this link as well. Andi, I think we'll do that in the next radio because we first need to create the best seller spades. OK, so we'll do that. So we'll do that in the next radio. I'll see you there. Why? 35. Bestsellers Page: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's link this at all. Do our best selling product, speed. Okay? And to do that work first we need to do is go back to our dashboard and creator bestseller speech. So go toe pages. Aaron, add new here. Let's stay best sellers. Okay? Content. Lee out. Make it left side by the steam and decide what is vou Calmer sidebar. Okay, title disabled. Publish. Publish. Now let's view page and it will be empty. As you can see, it is empty. Let's go back here on. And actually, we need to search for do commerce. Short cords. Welcome. A short codes. Okay. Short cords included with Commerz here, search for best selling products. Okay, so this is the shark gold for best selling products. Let's copy this copy on Mr Tear. All right, Now update on Let's view Page and Walla. Here are our best selling products. OK, so now let's change the foreign. So right click. Inspect Element. Select the distinct selector and click on this next. All right, vu Commerce ul Crops list product. Let's not title. Copy this. Okay, copy then. Goto customize. All right, scroll down. Custom CIA says there's school down here basted acting. Then open a curly racket. All right? And I phoned family. Okay, Colin on Roboto. Enter now. As you can see, we have the title. Indra Bordeaux. Now. All right, now publish now. Similarly, Select the selector again and click on the categories. Okay, and agree. Take you here. Copy this copy on Easter's below our list based. Open a curly record on copy. This thing phoned Family B and B Street here. All right. Similarly again for the price. Okay, copy. Distinct. Copy be stirred below the category. Eating based on. Copy this. Let's copy the foreign family copy on based. Okay, Now everything is in Roboto. Okay, Let me include this in the CSS file as well. Copy. I will include this in the CSS file as well. Okay. So yeah, this is how we make the best selling product is. Okay, let's publish the snow. All right. Close it on a copy. This leg copy. Go back here. Nine. No, we need to update this on all pieces. Go to home. Ended with element door scroll down here. Let's select our arrow in the link. Let's based it. All right, All right, now go to style. Our our animation grow. Okay, on update. Let's preview. Okay. Yeah. So this is how we make the best sellers page or right? So that will be all for this video. And I will see you in the next one when we will finally start with Instagram thing. All right, so I'll see you there by 36. Instagram: All right, guys will come back. Now, let's add Instagram below our best sellers. Okay. Solar to see our blueprint website. So we have a divider on hashed a watermelon. Get featured by showing us how you want time alone on Instagram. And there is the Sarah going very about it. So let's put in the divider. There it is so big adopting dragged here. And we have the divider below that we have hashed a watermelon. So go back here and bring in the heading portrait here. All right? That's right. Hashtag water my lawn. Okay. A steamer dog. Which one? Center sighs. Akseli. Okay, style. Text color black. No, Let's make it a little lighter. Um, yeah, I think last one was 47 or 74 side. Yeah. Good. Let's go back here and work this next. Get featured by showing us. Okay, let's bring the heading again on Put it below this thing. All right. On a copy. This Mr Tell? All right on me. Make it at six. Cool. Center style. Text color. 47 474 4007. All right, now, below that no, below that, we have the instagram, So let me update this. And actually, we will need a plug in to Al Instagram. All right, now go back to the dashboard. Okay. On Goto plug ins at new hair. Search for Instagram, Alan Strong this one. Smash balloon social for the feed. Install on. Activate. Okay, now school down and go to Instagram. Feed head, connect to your instagram Here, click on Instagram on. Are you gonna tell? Personal or business? So let me select. Ah, business. I don't on connect and it will take us to Facebook. Now continue. Um All right, select Dark out. Next. Select the page. Which one you want to connect? Next? Give the permissions I'm done. Okay. All right. As you can see, our instagram is now connected. Stick on it and connect accounts. All right, are two primary feed, OK? And we're done school down, Say, 15 years. Now, display your feed. So here, copy this Instagram feed. All right. Go back to pages. All pieces home and ended with element or All right, scroll down. Okay. Yeah. Here. You're dis Lord. Yeah. Search for short cord. Okay. Bring the short court here on baster thing Instagram feed, and it will show us the feed. All right, then click on a bit. Now let's preview this. As you can see, we have about instagram feed here. All right, now, work is next. Next is we have some text here, so let's go back on. Goto Richards being in this Dexter Data. Yeah, we copy this thing. Copy. Now, this area can we used this area can be used to give your site with their some information about your brand. Okay, you may not do this, but I just want to show you how toe how to do the stick. All right, Now, as you can see in this, Peter has a linker dash toward Soto. Attach a link. Just select the text that you want the link to were attached with. Then Goto here in Britain circling and this thing will open up and I put this random links a Let me for now, Put this one copy, aunt based. All right. Similarly, for this random text go here on Porter link that you want. You can put any language report you do blink. Okay. Remember the your deal. Blink just to show it to you for Gaillard me Select this one extra four copy goes on and based on update. Now, let's go. Toe style alignment left text color making black. No force enforcement for 74747 Yeah, typography it is. Ah, I think the border itself. Yeah, it is. Reward or act Just the size. Yeah, well, it looks good. All right. I think that will be all An update. Let's go here, stroll down Andi. Resolution instrument. Like when I click on this, it will take me to you to No, no, no, no. Not a resolution Instrument. Something else, E think beast. Yeah. I don't know. Oh, where does it good? I made a mistake. East mine And yeah, now a great statement. Do you do so? As you can see, the links are not visible. So to make the visible, it's just select this thing and make right, Alec. Okay. Lineups here also. Let's make this thing right, Alec. Right on a bit on. Let's see school down. All right? Yeah, And it took me toe. You do all right. I think we're done with the homepage. How nice is that? And this looks good enough. Yeah. I will see you in the next run by 37. Product Page: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's customize our product, Pete. So select any product and it takes so Sierra here, click on customers. Now let's remove this title bar. So go to General Options Beach title on and score Loan spell hidden. All right, Knowledge school back and make distinct. Full wrecked. So for that, Goto Bombers on and single product maker Full Rick. All right. No, the price color. We have to make it the green, which is our green. Right? This screen, not there's something else to do that go back. Oh, Commerce. Advanced styling. Yeah, on single color. So product entry toolbar, garlic. Any three nights. Search for single color you afghanis sidebar. Here it is. Signal Garlock price color. Let me open their text file. Yeah, Let me copy this copy. Go back Aren't based. Yeah. Now the color is our green, which is this one. Okay, so, yeah, that will be all for this video. And I will see you in the next one by 38. Buttons: All right. Welcome back, guys. Knowledge steins doesn't drop down menu into buttons. To do that, go back to your dashboard and going to plug ins at new hair. Search for variation swatches now installed. The swelling Relations Watches for Woo Bombers by Imran Ahmad Install and activate. Okay, evacuated now Lord school back here and refresh the page. As you can see, we have buttons. OK, now let's screw alone. And we are. We see this floating bar thing and we don't want it. Sort of. You know that, right? Like inspect element. Select distinct. This selector. Click on the floating bar on degree. Take us here. Okay. Again, Let's cool down in the visibility taken, visible and type hidden. All right, now copy everything from here like we did earlier. Stay here. Copy. Okay, Now let's open another correct. You know, Goto customers scroll down. Custom CSS gs ruled out. I'll be a strict here. Let's see if it is gone or not. It's gone. Yes. Now let's remove the extract things that we don't want. So we don't want anything from high to opacity. Let's dilute all these. We just wanted hidden All right? Yeah. Okay, so Yeah, that will be all for this video. One more thing. Publish it. Let us publish it. All right. So that will be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next one by 39. Footer and Bottom Footer: All right. Welcome back, guys. Dollars create the foot off our website. Okay, to do that, go back to the dashboard in tow. Appear Ian's Goto Widgets here in the customer. New click on it. Select photo one school down and add widget. It comes here into photo one. All right. No other. Select them a new company and give it the title company. Okay. Scroll down on are just any something that you want to nine seal. All right, now scroll up again. Custom menu for there to throw down on ad It comes here into the foot. I do. All right now, Lord, select orders and return. No, Sorry. Let's select support on title support. All right, schooled out. Don't see again. Custom. A new photo three. Our visit. Here it is. Select orders under turn. Yeah, give it the title orders on returns. Okay. On sale. And lastly, 44. We need Social Aitken's Or guess alert. Search for social likens here. Social share. No. Social Aiken's I'm 44. Our budget. Here it is. 44. So she likens. Give it the title. Whatever you want to. All right. School outing is the color. If you want to social lengths. Um, put the links off your social media pages. But from now I will put hashtag critter, hash tag, instagram hashtag and been dressed hashtag or right school down and say, Now, let's go to our page. Refresh it. Okay, let's go down. Yeah, we have our footer. All right. Now we need to create the contractor. Speed and the tricorder, Pedes. All right, So before doing that, let's just fix this bottom for their thing as well. OK, Sold. Ah, let's see our blueprint website first. Let's see what's there. We have privacy policy and terms and conditions, and towards the left we have made by Fraser Design Lord Space. All right, let me close these two pages. And here, let me click on customers. All right, scroll down on porter. Bottom hair. Let's gender too. Property off your company, whatever your company is. All right? So let me rewrite some Let me night crazy design darts space for now. Okay, now I want pleaser design space to be linked somewhere against. To do that, I pin this e a h r e f equals two in the brackets, but in the link, so Ah, let me put this link. Skopje On based. All right, goes the bracket. And here slash a Okay, No publish. Yeah. So property off age actually put the space here? Yeah. No, he Okay, now, as you can see, we have this link. Esther Tapia's. We're going to bring decrease their design north space. All right, gun, this is the text. Solar. Remove this space. All right, You're and publish. Now we have their terms and conditions on the privacy policy paid. Soak. Let me close this and go back to dashboard hair. Click on pieces and we don't have the two pages. So no, we have privacy policy. We have. And we have. I think we need to create the other one terms and conditions. So let me created our new terms on conditions. Publish. Publish. Okay. Beach published. Now let's go back to appear Ian's menus and create a Newman. You create a new menu. You Paige menu name. Bottom photo when you cleared menu. All right, let me at the Dublin condition speeds dying privacy policy page. So where is the privacy policy page? Nor is er's posts costume Ling's categories. You are? No. Where does that page. Ah, let me see you. This menu. Ah, make sure to take on this photo, okay? And didn't save this menu. Way to start Beach. He just paid. Well, this is a draft Iook. So let me open it on. Publisher publish. Publish. Okay. Yeah. So now let's go back to the main news on and it should appear here now. Here it is. Privacy policy actor menu. So, Townsend conditions and privacy policy. Make sure to take one photo on and save it. Knowledge's go back to our website with its site. You in your view page school now. And as you can see, we have the two pages here. All right. Now there are websites online that will generate terms and conditions and privacy policy for you. All right, so you're going to work with Google Search, and you can find such websites. Now, there are paid ones on DA free ones, so you can use it accordingly. But since we're here, I would like to suggest you to actually hire ah lawyer and make him write this for you. All right, so, yeah, that will be all for this video on. And I will see you in the next one by 40. Contact Us and Track Order Page: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now we are almost done building our website. Um, only a few things are left. For example, the side what is left. And we have to clear the tri border and contact a speech. Okay, let us create contractors and track order pages first. All right, so go back to dashboard and peaches. All pieces here. Go to contact of spades. Can end it with a lemon door. Now, all sorts for ninja. Remember, be we installed a plug in called Ninja Forms. Select Nina form. Contact me. Okay, let's preview this where I think we need to create this first. No, it's already. Yeah. So anyway, this way you create the contact. A speech. Now we can edit this. Ah form to do that. They're subdued. This go back to our dashboard and Gordon in their farms. Lord, No. Okay, lets drink. This one. I did. Yeah. Advanced displaces things. Display form title. No, I don't want the form title Clear. Successfully completed. Form. Yes. Hide Successfully completed form. Yes. Advanced. All right. Just go through all this. If you want to change anything, then click on don and publish. Let's preview form. Okay? you mean is an action store submission. Now, if you want to change anything, for example, if you want to teens a success message just put just injured here. All right? Again. Email. Notification. Where will the email go? You can change it there. All right. Okay. So yeah. Similarly, just go through a list of things, and it's not difficult. Really? Form fields. Okay, if you want. Oh, just all these is this required Feel. Yes. This is required. Field display. Default value. If you want to put something here that is already there. Okay. Similarly again for email. You can change it. Label email. Is this a required field? Yesterday's right. Done. Okay, this looks okay to me. Now, let's go back and publish. Kind close. This. It was this. Yeah. If you want to make it smaller, we need We can do that by going into element or Mm. Oh, no. Well, no exit to bash food. We need to go pages all pages on. Contact us at it with a women door. Okay, select the section advanced on padding. Let me unlinked this and from left. Oh, let me put 50 on from the right. Let me board 50. So what this does is it will make the form smaller. Now, if you're wondering what the difference between margin and parting is, the margin, it is the space outside off the section, all right. And parting it is inside the section. So this is the boundary of the section. Anything outside is the margin. Anything inside is the parting. All right, now there's update this on a preview changes. Okay, let's make it a bit smaller. Ah, 100. Okay, left 100. And from the top, let me bring it of 40 pixels. Bowel on preview. Yeah, actually, let me just play around with it a bit. Now we can put another text before this, so let me put it here for now. I okay, Size um it's 1/4 to media is steamer tag. It's five. OK, and left style. Select nickel of black. OK, and we bring this up on and wait does again. Let me put it in the center. Okay. Let me preview this. No, let's put it on the left. Goto advanced on from the padding from the left. Make Let's let's make it 200. Okay, Knowledge preview. Yeah. Okay. So just just this. Ask for your liking. I think I leave this form at this point now. All right, let me go back to dashboard and let's create the recorder. Pays now. All right, all peaches on go do track order. Now. We need to search again. For who? Commerce. Short code short goods. All right, headlight search for or not liking. Here it is. Mughal Moore's order tracking. Copy this. Aren't Hastert here? Okay, update. Let's view the page. Here it is. We are there to track your order, please. In the yard. Right in the box. We learn. Prester Dr Welton. Okay, Now what we're left with this is the sidebar. All right, So in the next video, let's clear the sidebar. I'll see you there by 41. Sidebar: All right. Welcome back, guys. No, he gives this. Yeah, in our category pages. Let's builder sidebar. All right to do that goto dashboard goto appearance than with its here. As you can see, we have the walk home or sidebar? No, thanks. Yeah, We have the work on your sidebar Solar. It's just put some stuff in it. So were can report. We can put the categories. Okay, definitely. All right. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We cannot put leg arteries. We should put the product categories. Okay, so, yeah, we can put filter Arabs by attributes. Id on da filter title filter by Kyllo. All right. Attribute color, despair, dive. Okay, See you again. Filter filter products by our tribute target. Again. I understand. Well, Jews size down here size. All right, And see you done and done. Let's see what else filled up. Rocks by price. Yes, aren't reject. Done. Let's see. Product are degrees. Yes. Hard widget on high them two categories. All right. On product categories. Order by name on. See you. Okay. Lets ideologies these product categories, then the color the size actually let sports size up on color than the price And after that , we can put the recently of your products. So ah, recent viewed rocks. Average IQ. Okay, I'm done. Let's go back here and refresh. All right. As you can see, the other Barak arteries felt about price and the recently of your products. But we don't have what we don't have. We don't have the size on the color. That is because we don't have the attributes, addict. So these products and we need to actually, I had those attributes for us in order to get them here. Okay. Now, to add attributes we need to do, what we need to do is go to products attributes. And here, as you can see, we have toe attributes already we created These are earlier on in one of the videos. Now, what we need to do is configure terms, and here we need to add all the colors off the tee shirt that we have on our website. Okay, so I think we have red, white, green on black red. Yeah. So let's add all these. We have white and you'll orderly looks Sardo, green, black. I invite. Yeah, I think that will be all okay, so yeah, knowledge go back to attributes on configure terms for the size we have small and large. Already created. Let's create the medium size. Okay. Odd. I'll let spring the small size up medium large. Onda, Extra large. All right, let's see. What decides is that we have. We have small, medium, large, extra large and two extra allowance. Okay, then. Two extra large and I knew size. All right, Now let me bring the extra large down on Dwork Star Lars down. Okay, Now what we need to do is go into the all products. Okay? Open it. Open one of the rockets. Scroll down on. Go into attributes here. If you will see that we have one attributes already added. Now this one is from print full. Whenever bring full pushes products, it adds, and I attribute that we insert there were rate. So if you have also included color, you will see another attribute with this color. Now, when you click here custom product, right tribute, color and size. These two attributes are the ones that we created. Just know. All right, please pay attention here. These two attributes are the ones that we created just now and the ones present here are from print Full. All right. Be extremely mindful of this because we need to show these variations on the product bids or right? So we used for variations. When we take on it, it will show up here. No, let me. I'd size ad And the STI shirt is available in all the sizes. Soul just select. Select. All on visible on the product page. No, we don't want a visible. All right. Now are the color and add from here. Select the color or we didn't 100. All right, let me just add a redacted. Well, all right, let's close this and see what attributes. Okay, the fresh. No. Let's add the red color attributes on color ad not visible on the product. Piers and red. All right. And Sierra attributes. Now, when I go back here, as you can see, we have the site is available and the color all right. Now, the thing is, we need to do this for all the products. Okay, let me show it to you again for this T shirt. Here's go alone on variation. No attributes Attributes on by the color are this is white. So from here. Select right. Remove Visible on the product page again. Goto size and add. Select all not visible on parapets. Save attributes. Once again. Let we remind you this size is the one that we created in this one. It is from print full. All right, take special care of this thing because this one is used for mediation, and this one is just to get there. Sidebar. All right. Same attributes. Now, the thing is, we need to do this for all the products. And there is no work around for this. So if you have 100 products, we will have to go into each one of those aren't at these attributes manually. Uh, I mean, there is no other way. So you have I will go into fast forward more now and do this. Meanwhile, you also do that. Okay, so, yeah. All right, guys. Arm done. Adding all the attributes. Let's visit our website. All right, men. And as you can see, I have 60 shirt and these sizes do T shirts and red color. All right, on three T shirts and right color weren t shirt and green color. Okay, so yeah. Now we are done creating our website. We are almost done. Actually, we're done. There is nothing else. Notice left in the next video. Let's test or upside so I will see you there by 42. Testing and Minor Changes: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let us test our website. The purpose of testing is finding out the flaws that we might have missed while building a website. So in order to get ah, unbiased result, I will suggest you to give the store to a friend who has not seen the website. Yeah, No. If you don't want to give it to a friend, you can do it yourself as well. I mean, that's also cool. But I was strong is a district to give it to your friend. All right, let's do that. Let's test our website. Ah, no, These will not work because I have just port hashtags. All right. Ah, the link is working. Let's try ordering one off the products. Oh, let me order this one. Okay? I am large on our toe basket to check out. Yeah, and this is the first problem that I see. The speech is not full weight. Okay, so let's do that. Let's make it full of it. Go back here to your dashboard. Goto page is all pages open. Check out on constantly out. Make it full weight on update. OK, now refresh it. It's fixed now. at school. Ah. What is this? There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly. Okay. Now, to fix this, go back to your dashboard and in the Wu calmer settings go to shipping. And here you'll see print full shipping now enable this. Okay. Disabled with former ST Yes. Show painful warnings. Yes. See, you changes. Now go back to check out on. Refresh this. As you can see, I have these options now. All right, so So now, as you can see, I have all these details, and, uh, I'm all supporting the address for number X. Extra. Okay. Delivered to a different address. No. Oh, let me put the card number. This is in test more now. Now, if this goes through, that means our website is ready to take payments. All right, Now be all right. Thank you. Your order has been received. Now, let's logging. Do print full hair. Let's see the notification. We were productive. No. Let's go to the stores on Scroll down. No, would. When you're doing the class view store. Okay. I think we need to go into Yeah. We need to win new orders. Yeah, it is here. All right, all right. Waiting for fulfillment. Let's click on it. Okay. Now, when I press confirm order, product will go to I ordered an embroidered women's polo T shirt. 1 22 50 The total is 26 49. And here it is, As you can see, $21. 72. So we'll have to pay $21.72 toe print full and as, ah, on our profit will be $4.77. Okay, now, payment fail. No billing mattered added. We need to other building mattered here. We need to our our credit card. So what happens is whenever an order is received, it goes to print full them, they will charge your credit card, and order will go through. So yeah, I think that will be all for this video on. I'll see you in the next one. By 43. Minor Fixes: Okay, well, number guys. So today, when I log in, I got to a bleeds. So we let me just update them as soon as possible. Update. OK, okay. Nobody. It is done. So let's go back here and see what else What else is left to be done? Um, now, as you can see, we have this color, this button in blue. So we have to make this green, This one. Okay, lets fix start. What else is there? Nortel's and all this looks fine. Mags. Yeah. So this all is fine. All this is fine. Yeah. I think we should mention here that we should mention here about their design size. Okay, so there are two things you have to fix. The bartender. We are toe mention about their design size era writing. We should seize the basket. Eigen as well. Okay, lets see. There. See the bus skirt. Okay. There is nothing here. Let me are just coming out of the product. Ah, I have to ask it from your basket. Okay. All this looks good. Okay. Coupon. Gord? Yeah, This is also left. We'll make the group in court in the next video. All right, Let's see, though, check out Page. Yeah, This looks good. And we have yard. One more thing. We have to change the teams this from test more to life more. Okay, so strive is a test more. So let's do that as well. All right. Click here to interview Cord. Yeah, I think that it would be also let's start from the beginning. First, let's tease the color off this button. Okay, so right. Click. Inspect element select. Distinct The selector. Click on the button. All right, Now it takes us here. Box shadow. No, by grown. Yes. Okay. Let me open the text file a copy. Mm. Based. All right. Okay. We have to change for Howard as well. Yeah, it's done. Now, let's copy all this. Everything from here. A copy. Close this. Go to customers. Okay, head. Let's through. Loud on and custom. CSS gs. Cool down. Nine based everything here. Okay, it's green. Now let's remove The extracting is that we don't need. Let's remove this color. We need this. Okay, We're going to continue any of this, okay? All right. So this is green. Now. What else is there to publish this? I think we should change the car taken now, So let's go back from here. Goto woke. Armor's my new basket. Uh, change the basket. I like this one. Okay, publish. Knowledge score. Do the custom page. Yeah. To write anything here, we need to go to the dashboard. Products are in categories. Care. Open the custom category on in their description box. Right? Right. Something like Jack out. Okay, I think that would be all update on here. Look, Mary Freshness. Yeah. So we have this north acea, all right? I think one year I think we should change this as well. Sold. Right. Click, inspect Element. Select this thing. Okay, so we have done this already. Good. Let's go to custom ways. I think we have already fixed us. We should seems the color there, so Yeah, it's this one would learn door. Okay. Okay. We need to change this to green. Absolutely. Copy this. Copy on bond. Best. All right. Into green. Now, let's publish this. Yeah, I think that would be all for this video. Our website is done. Um, so in the next really alert, see how to make opens. All right, so I'll see you there by 44. Coupons: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's create some coupons. All right, so in the book, calmer Stab Gotoku pins here. Go toe add Group in. Now let's make the group and cord 50 watermelon. Okay, So what is their discount type? Fixed Bhaskar Discount fixed product, discount off parts and a discount. Let's make Person Day the Scone Band. Where you 50. Okay, now this will not work. Allow free shipping because we are using print full shipping. All right. Okay. Now what is the coupon Expiry date. So put their daily report April 30. All right, you say restrictions minimum spend. Let's say if they are getting 50% out, they should at least spend 1999 U. S. Dollars Maximum. No, no, no. And it was really user. Yes. We don't want it to be used in any other group in exclude sale items. Definitely products. If you want to applied the scooping do only a certain number Certain products. Then you can enter those products here. All right, exclude rocks. If you want the scooper not to be applied to the products you have entered that hear any categories that you want to include or you want to exclude. Okay, Allowed email. So if you enter the emails, only those emails will get this coop and all right. You said lim, etc. Uses limit park open. So how many days we warn the school, but it will be used. Let's say 3000. All right. Limited usage to ex items. How many items do we want the school Mento be applied on? Okay, I want this to be applied to all the qualifying items in the basket. All right. You say limit per user. Ah, user kind user once. Okay, Now let's publish this. You can put in their description if you like. Let me copy this. 50 watermelon. Copy Now there's trying, User. Ah, I think they should. We 2000 U. S. Dollars. Okay, well, basket, this is 504 only Unity update Basket. Well, there's faith housing. Now let me put the coupon Gold 50 Watermelon, as you can see here, regarded discount off 2500 grand deep. All right. Ah, if I make it 18 let's see what happens on. Put the coupon code apply. It warned because the minimum spend for the scoop in its 1999. All right, so our coupon is working. Fine. Okay, so you have that will be all for this video, and I'll see you in the next run by 45. Email: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's make the email. So Goto woo Commerce and email customizer. All right, so this is the evil that your customers and you will receive solar to see some pre built templates on. Right? Um, I think I like this one on load template. Okay. What is this? Free fluid template? Your guide will warn Dyke. Get me close this now. Email. Diaper in. Text review. Order markup. Let me select this one. Nor that I created earlier. Okay, so here you can select the email type. No new order. This will, you will receive this one. So, yeah. You have this here in order from Ron Uparmored. Order is as follows. Okay, You've sa select their type of order. Uh, I'm sorry that you can select the type of evil that you want, okay? And then proceed to customize ERT customer processing order. Let me select, um, new order. Okay. Lets go back. Cantina Cantina, Background color. I think I'm quite OK with this design. Where do you got No design it ask for your liking, You'll I mean, you cannot just everything from here. Okay, let's go back. Header Very amazed. Let me select our logo because we don't want this thing. We don't want a brand. Okay, let's elect our logo. Yeah, here it is on our Justo size, which is the background color Dwight on her. Very much placement inside body container on a measure line. Let me make it left. Nor certain terrorist frame. Okay. Yeah, I think I'm quite will give it the style on. I'll save it. All right. And send a plea. We email, send email. Okay, Let's see. And here it is. All right, Now, this looks weird because I have set a team for this app, right? Not rated looking weird other ways. When are your customer opens this? In our browser, it will look like this. All right, so that's how we create the emails. Now, you can customize all the types of email from here, so let the one that you want to customize and then proceed with customizing it. Okay? I never forget to say All right, so, yeah, that'll be all for this video. And I will see you in the next one by 46. Conclusion: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now we are done making our website, and I'm quite happy with this. Okay? I hope you are too on. Do you can customize it? As for your liking, Like how you want? Oh, um, if you followed me by Alaska, you think this toe upside. Please do share your links in the description below on DA. One thing. If you're making this on a Lucas over, I have another tutorial. You can watch that and put it online somewhere. Okay, so that's a tutorial on how to my great year website from once over to another. Okay, so you can watch the iodine uploaded somewhere. You can get a free domain name like all the details are there in that. All right, Andi, I hope you're contend with this upset. And if you are really serious about selling stuff, I hope your store takes off. All right. Now, um, I would like to mention here that we used the team called wishing WP with up with the page builder element are all right. And this is quite the famous, an effective combination. Now, if you're a beginner and you want to explore more, you can definitely explore the Ocean WP team because it's so extremely was a total team. And when combined with a limb indoor like these, dis combination is unstoppable. Secondly, there are other teams on and we'll learn as well, which I like or should. The blue Pages were definitely one of those. The other one is flight some. Okay, now, this team especially optimized for e commerce. Okay on. But this is a pay team. That is quite a nice even I've used it before. So if you want to explore more, you can get this. You can get this one and build your store in this. Okay, Another one is a straw. Like this one is also multipurpose teams, so you can use this one as well. You can use this for free. I mean, they have a free version as well. For a strike team. Another one is generated. Press. You can get a free team from 100 prisoners. Will. Okay, so these are that team that I would like to recover, and you should've loopy flight some Astra and 100 press. No, The page builder element er is definitely the one which I used. This industry, which I used in this tutorial cities and it's amazing There is another one called the D. V. Okay. And I like maybe more than 11 or like if, uh, I had to choose, I will choose Devi over 11 door any day because off the ease off use DVD is extremely easy to use on very designer friendly, since we are not quarters, do you? Makes it really easy for us designers to create websites. Okay, so you can check this one out as well. Okay, Now, you can also check out the view A builder. It's quite popular online on the drive architect Peacebuilding as well. Okay, so you can check out all these teams are on pace bowlers and continue with your work president. Me. Okay, now, one thing is really important. Stick to one team when you start. Just explore all these and stick to one team on builder. Don't jump between different teams and pace bowlers because there is a lot to exploring easy and everything and it takes a lot off time to go through each of these soya. That will be all for this video on. This is the last really on this tutorial series, and I hope you learned what you came here for. And I wish you good luck. I have made some other tutorials are So check them out as well on the party. Or definitely don't forget to put a little present links in the comments. And if you have any problems, if you have any doubts or queries, email me at contact. Are the redrawn upon my dot com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to follow me. All right, on. And if you follow me. Thank you for that. So, yeah, that will be all for this video. And I'll be coming with more tutorials in the future, So wait for those by