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WordPress for Beginners - The Complete 2019 WordPress Guide

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

WordPress for Beginners - The Complete 2019 WordPress Guide

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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67 Lessons (6h 15m)
    • 1. WordPress for Beginners Promo

    • 2. Connect with Me

    • 3. Section Preview

    • 4. Installing WordPress Locally V Live

    • 5. WordPress Versions

    • 6. Installing WordPress Locally

    • 7. Siteground Special Offer

    • 8. Creating a Temporary Domain and Installing WordPress

    • 9. Creating a Sub Domain

    • 10. Adding SSL

    • 11. Creating a Web Mail Account

    • 12. Section Review

    • 13. The WordPress Backend

    • 14. Pages Vs Posts

    • 15. Installing the Classic Page Editor

    • 16. Creating a WordPress Page

    • 17. Page Settings and Attributes

    • 18. Creating our Post Categories

    • 19. Creating our First Post

    • 20. How to Embed YouTube and Vimeo Videos

    • 21. The WordPress Media Library

    • 22. WordPress Image Sizes

    • 23. How to Edit Images and Create an Image Gallery

    • 24. Inserting the Read More Tag

    • 25. How to Export and Import Content

    • 26. WordPress General Settings

    • 27. Discussion Settings

    • 28. Introduction to WordPress Themes

    • 29. Best WordPress Theme Developers

    • 30. 8 Things to Consider when Choosing a Theme

    • 31. Sidebars and Widgets

    • 32. Choosing our Theme

    • 33. Creating the Main Menu

    • 34. Adding our Logo and Favicon

    • 35. Customizing our Theme

    • 36. The Homepage Settings

    • 37. Introduction to WordPress Plugins

    • 38. Creating our Contact Form with Happy Forms Plugin

    • 39. Adding Reviews with WP Review Plugin

    • 40. Enhancing the Comments Section

    • 41. Plugin Management Tips

    • 42. Adding Social Media Part 1

    • 43. Adding Social Media Part 2

    • 44. Working with MailChimp

    • 45. Creating our Mailing List

    • 46. Sending a Sample Email with MailChimp

    • 47. Recap

    • 48. Security Section Preview

    • 49. How to Create User Accoutns

    • 50. WordPress User Roles

    • 51. How to Hide the Default Login URL

    • 52. Fighting Spam with Akismet

    • 53. Creating the Privacy and Policy Page

    • 54. Adding the Cookie Notice

    • 55. WordFence Security Plugin Part 1

    • 56. WordFence Security Plugin Part 2

    • 57. The Footer Widgets

    • 58. Adding the Main Sidebar Widgets

    • 59. Working with the Recent Posts Extended Widget

    • 60. Adding Google Analytivs with Monster Insights

    • 61. The Yoast SEO Plugin Part 1

    • 62. The Yoast SEO Plugin Part 2

    • 63. Optimizing our Images

    • 64. How to Back up a WordPress Website

    • 65. Creating an FTP Account

    • 66. Accessing our Web Directory

    • 67. Conclusion

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About This Class

** One of the most comprehensive WordPress courses you will ever take **

Build your very own website with this complete WordPress course - no experience, programming, or coding necessary!

Are you looking to build your WordPress website for personal use or maybe even for your business?

This course is perfect for you. This complete course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter). You are going to learn how to use WordPress to build your website and best of all WordPress is FREE and you do not need to write any code to achieve this.

What skills are you going to learn in this course?

Okay you already know you will learn how to build a full website but to be more specific, here are some of the skills you will learn

  • Install WordPress either locally on your computer or live on the internet

  • Install SSL encryption on your website

  • Choose the right web hosting company

  • Create a professional web mail account

  • Work with themes and how to choose the right one

  • Configure a wide variety of WordPress plugins

  • Create and edit image galleries

  • Publish content with pages and posts

  • Create user accounts

  • Create privacy and policy pages

  • Integrate social media functionality into your website

  • Build your mailing list using Mailchimp

  • Back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.

  • Optimize your website so that it is noticed by Google, Bing and other major search engines

  • Set up comments and contact pages

  • Prevent spam comments

  • Speed up your website with caching plugins.

  • Export and Import content

  • Protect your website against hackers and malware

  • and much much more :-)


Plugins are programs that you can use to enhance both the functionality and design of your website and in this course you will learn how to work with the following plugins

  • Akismet

  • Happy Forms

  • Word Fence Security

  • WP Reviews

  • WpDiscuz

  • Acurax Social Media Widget

  • Social Buttons by Adder

  • Optin Forms

  • WPS Hide Login

  • Cookie Notice for GDPR

  • Recent Posts Extended Widget

  • Monster Insights

  • Yoast SEO

  • Smush

  • UpDraft Plus

  • Gutenberg Editor

Why learn from me?

Unlike a lot of other instructors with WordPress courses I am a real WordPress developer. I have been building websites with WordPress for almost 9 years now and during this time I have built hundreds of websites including some for very popular institutions like Johns Hopkins University. 

I love WordPress!  and I am also passionate about teaching people how to use this wonderful tool.

Who is this WordPress course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who has never built a website before. Its for individuals who want to build a website either for personal reasons or for their business but do not have any programming experience.

I can't wait to help you build your own WordPress website!

Enroll today and let me teach you how to build your WordPress website.

Alex aka 'The Web Monkey'

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. WordPress for Beginners Promo: are you looking for the perfect course? Tell teacher had a build your very own What press website? In a phone and organized manner. The answer is yes. Then you've come to divide place high minimums, Alex, a k a. The bed monkey. And I'd like to welcome you to this work. First course for beginners. This is, of course, I have designed specifically to help you build either your personal website or maybe even a website for your business. Now I know what you're thinking because I can read your mind. You're thinking there are so many other WordPress causes out there. Why should I angle in your course? Well, I'm glad you asked that question because I'm going to give you three reasons why you absolutely need to involve in this course. The first reason is the simple fact that I am an actual genuine reward press developer. I have been working with war prayers and have been building websites with WordPress for almost eight years. Now endure. This time I have built hundreds of different kinds of upsets, including websites for famous institutions such as Gold's gym and even Johns Hopkins University. I also have a thriving YouTube channel where my WordPress tutorials have been viewed over a 1,000,000 times already. In other words, I'm an expert at using WordPress, and what better whittle and in new skill than by learning from an expert? The second reason is that this course is going to be one of the most intensive what press courses you will ever enroll in. I'm going to start from the very beginning by showing you how to install what press. I will then proceed to show you how to build out the structure of your website and also how to display content. I will also then show you had to protect your website against hackers and malware, and also very importantly, I will show you how to optimize your website. So it's noticed by Google and other measures. Such engines I will even go to additional is to show you how to build your mailing list and also how you can integrate social media into your website. So, basically, think of this course as an all in one package that will show you how to build a full what this website from start to finish in the third and final reason is the fact that if you're taking this course and you end up having any questions or challenges along the way, I will always be here to help you and assist you in any way that I can. So, as you can see, this is the perfect course for you. If you've ever wanted to learn how to use what Chris So what are you waiting for? And wall in the course today? And then how you can build your very own what purse website? I hope you're in wool, and I hope to see you on the inside Abi. 2. Connect with Me: thank you once again for enrolling in the course, and I wanted to use this opportunity to official introduce myself to you. Now, if you're watching this video and you notice that the bagman is different, I look a bit different from the rest of the course. Do not be alarmed. This is because this particular video is very, very new. It's a lot newer than the rest of the videos they're gonna watch in this course. So that's why things look different. But I wanted to make this video to introduce myself officially to you and also provide you with several were upset that you could learn more about me or get in contact with me. So I do have a YouTube channel. It's called the Web Monkey, and there it is right there. So if you're interested in learning more about what press and letting extra tips and things like that, I do have a channel for that. You can subscribe. Hit the bell so that you notify whenever I upload new tutorials. I applaud Eli's once every week. Try to so if interested, I do have YouTube channel for you. I am also on Facebook. I do have a page on Facebook about Bunky on line again, just like YouTube by post tips and things like that. So if you're interested, you could like the page on Facebook and follow me right there. I also I'm also on LinkedIn. So if you're each connecting with me on a professional level, I'm on LinkedIn. Alexander only that's me. Simply send me a message saying that you're a student of mine and then police tell me the course you enrolled in, but also the platform you're in accordance Whether you're involved in my course on your enemy on skill chair or non profit platform. Do let me know I'll be more than happy to accept your invitation to connect. And speaking of my own personal platform, it's called Bad Monkey Academy calm. I do have similar courses in there, but you would find also on skill share or you to me. The only difference is that on Lemack Academy, you're not only my student but also my customer. So students here to get a bit more for special treatment from May, plus the courses you'll find inherited to have more content than what you would find on you , Timmy or on sculpture, so it's entirely up to you. But if interested, be sure to check out my own personal platform. I also have a blawg monkey. Orlando. Come where again? I write articles and articles on topics like What process? Your security plug ins, themes, things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check out the Blawg. I also do have a newsletter to get here. All you need to do is to simply click on Animal of the blogged articles, and then at the bottom you will find you can subscribe to my newsletter. I send out newsletters for more tin, my new courses providing with tips and things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check it out. And then finally, I do have my own personal upside. Alexander only dot com. So if you're interested in any more about me, how I became a course create or things like that website is there for you. So that's it. Thank you so much again. All of this is entirely up to you. You don't have to do it. But if you're interested, these are the websites where you could follow me or get in contact with me so that I think if watching now, let's get on with the actual course itself. 3. Section Preview: All right. So welcome officially to the very first section off this what was beginner's course. And I'm so pumped that you have the senator involved in this course then is very first section. I'm gonna introduce you to the very basic foundations off. What dress? I will talk about the differences between what? Crystal calm. And also what? First of all, I will introduce you to very important concepts such as web hosting, as well as how you can actually install what, Chris, on your website, I'll also introduce you to a very important security concept known as SS l. And why you need SSL on your workers upside. And finally, I'll also show you how you can create a custom email account associate ID with your weapons website. So basically, by the end off this section, you should have yourself a website with war press installed on it. Are you ready? Let's get started 4. Installing WordPress Locally V Live: Now there are basically two ways how you could build your what purse upside. You could decide to build your site locally on your PC, or you could decide to build a life on the Internet. Now. Either way has its advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage off developing Europe said locally on your PC is that you don't need Internet access. So if you're living in an area where you don't have access to good, reliable Internet developing your what perception locally, it might be the ideal solution for you. The downside. The disadvantage of in this way, though, is that if you do end up having any issues with your website, you couldn't send me a link. I would not be able to take a look at your website directly, so that's kind of the downside of developing your site locally. Now, if you do the science to develop your site life on the Internet, the disadvantage is that you are going to need access to fast, reliable Internet, and you also have to probably need Web hosting and also a domain name. But the obvious advantages that if you do have any issues, maybe something isn't working properly for you. You could always send me a link, and I will just click on the link and take a look at your site and advice you on how best to fix the issue. So my advice to you is unless you're living in an area where you don't have fast reliable Internet, you probably want to develop your site life on the Internet. On Lee, Developer said locally, if you don't have access to fast, reliable Internet access. Either way, I've got you covered. In the very next video, I'm gonna show you how you can actually develop your side locally on your PC. And then in the subsequent video, I will show you how you can develop your side life on the Internet, so let's get started. 5. WordPress Versions: Ah, very common question amongst users who are new to award Press is what is the difference between what first of comb and what press start off. They're able to people out there who believe that they're pretty much the same. Well, that is absolutely false. You see, what was that? Comes implements that you will be hosting your website with what press This means you don't have to pay for hosting. This also makes you don't have to pay for a domain name. Unfortunately, with all this free stuff also comes some consequences. And the major consequence here is that you're not gonna have total control over your website, which means you will not be able to on advertisements. Also, the levels at which you can customize your what purse upside will be severely limited with what was that on? What isn't gonna host your website, you would actually have to pay for web hosting. You'll have to choose a company to host your website. You will also have to get yourself a domain name. But the good news here is that you will have full control over your website. You can publish anything you can customize the site anyway you want, and you can want as many ads as you wish. They're gonna ask me, which do you choose between what personal come and what crystal on? There is only one answer and that answer is what? Press talk, talk. So now that you've decided to go with what president or you know that you have to get a domain name and also Web hosting where person is extremely important because your Web hosts are basically the guys who make sure that your website is accessible on the Internet. So if you choose the wrong Web host, well, you could be in a lot of trouble. So Germany Verne eggs video about. We'll talk about workhorse tin in full detail and also why you might want a holes to upset with one particular company. I'll see you then. 6. Installing WordPress Locally: alrighty. So if you've decided to install what press locally on your computer, the video you're about to watch will show you how you can do so on your P C. It's a tutorial I originally had on YouTube, but I have already downloaded for you and every formatted video to fit in into the platform you currently taking this course on. However, if you're using a Mac, unfortunately I don't have a Mac. I don't use a Mac, but I found for you off. Very good tutorial on YouTube. It is titled How to Install Order. Install what? First, locally using example on Mac. And it is by Rob Cuban. Sold. Recommend you go ahead and watch this particular video. It will show you how you console what press locally on your Mac. But if you're on a PC, just sit back, relax and watch how you console war press on your PC. We are going to need to make use off two major software. The very 1st 1 being example. You're looking at a Donald pitch right now. And the second, of course, would be what press. So I needed to do this for me. Go to what pistol or and then click on the Big Blue. Download. What? Press button right here. Click there and you can go ahead and download the version 4.7 point four, which is the latest version off. What press? As of the time of recording this video, and then you want to go ahead and also download the example vision that feats are your computer. So if your windows got like me, you want to go ahead and download the version 7.1 point two. If you're for Lennix, there's a vision for the Knicks right there. And hey, if you're a Mac user, well, we do have visions for Mac as well. So go ahead and download your version. And if you want your what exactly exam is well, it's basically a softer that allows you to create a local Web server for testing and deployment purposes. So, basically, just think of it as what allows you to develop what press locally, all right. And if you are an improvisation freakin leg, knowing exactly what the letters stand for will the X stands for cross platform, which, in other words, means that you can use example on any operating system are the A stands for Apache. The M stands for Maria de B and the peace stand for PHP and pill, respectively. So that's basically what example is So I have already downloaded both ah software, and you can see right now I do have my local What? Press folder. I have one person. I have the example. So what I'm gonna do right now is to double click on the example Seller, file. Let's go ahead now and click Yes, to install example on a PC and you're gonna see, But now me click OK for the one in click Next. Like next. Next click. Don't click next year on Check the books that Cesar Lynn More about bitten Mammy. You don't need that. So check this box. Go back to next. Next. And, uh So there you go. Example is currently running. It's going stolen. Rather. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to pause the video because this could take a few minutes for you to finish in stolen. So I'm gonna pause the video right now, and I'll resume once the installation has completed and we are back. And as you can see right now the in solution has almost completed. You're going to see this message that Cesar, do you understand the control panel now? Click, finish and then click on the If you speak German well, you can slip the German flag. But I don't speak German, so I'm gonna click Save. And there you go. So now we have access to the exam control panel and what you want to do is to go ahead and now click, start for the Apache module and start for the my SQL module as well. Because this is what we're going to need to be able to create a local What Press website? Alright, so I've got both of them wanting. And if you now go to your C folder on your PC, you should see an example delight there so you can double click inside you will cht docks full that of a clicking said as well, and not from here. You're going to see all this files. And of course, if you decided to open up a new window and this type in local hosts press enter, you're going to see this message that dashboard welcome to exam for windows 7.1 point two blah blah, blah, blah, blah. All right, so what I'm gonna do right now would be to go back to my HT docks folder, okay? And then check this out. Okay? I'm gonna go ahead now and delete everything because we don't need it. Gonna delete everything. And our inside of the empty folder. I am going to create a new folder, and I'm going to name this sample site the come all right. And an inside of simple said the calm. I am going to quit in new documents and you text documents. Let's name this index dot PHP and then I'll go ahead now and edit it, and I will say, Ah, this this is a test. You have been warned. So that's a test. I'm gonna go ahead now and save the file. And the reason why I'm doing this is just to make sure that Sam is actually walking properly. All right, so let's not go back. I'm just drag this to my Oh, the window. Let's go back to local host. All right? And then I am going to go ahead now and press enter and you should see your symbol cytochrome. And if you click on the link, you will see your index dot PHP dot txt file click on it. And now you should see the message. That's a space is a test. You have been one. So if you see that congratulations you have successfully installed and configured are exempt on your PC properly. All right. Awesome. So next now would be to install what press locally. All right, so let's go back to my folder. Where is it? Looking for the folder. Ah, Lim. Drugs back here. All right. Local won't press. So for the zip file. For what person? I'm going to go ahead now and extract everything light. So this may take This Shouldn't take too long. They should take a few more seconds, I hope. All right. So come on. Come on, Come on, Come on. Ah. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Come on. Awesome. So now we have the what fits fold up and an inside. We have the major configuration files for WordPress. All right. I'm gonna go ahead right now, and I will cut everything, and then I'm gonna go back to my HT docks folder now create a new folder for our website. All right, for local site. So I am going to name this local site. Calm? No, I and an inside of local said that. Come. I am going to paste all the configuration files for the site. Awesome. So now let's go back to the local host. Let's refresh this page. And now you should see local site dot com. If you click on the link, it should bring you to this page where you can now go ahead and install what person, Right. So for English, I'm gonna go ahead and click, Continue, and then from him, gonna go ahead and click. Let's go. But there is one more thing we need to do, and that is to create a database. Okay, we haven't created a database yet for installation. So to create a database, I am going to bring in a new window in here, and I'm going to go back, and I'm going to say local ah, local hosts and then typing PHP my Edmund and then a phone slash at the end, a light to go ahead to do that and then press enter it should bring you to the Petri. My had been Page, and this is what you're going to use to create a new database. And you'll also need to create a new user as well for that database. So for me, right now, click on data basis, right? And then from I'm gonna create the name for database. So I'm going to say this is going to be the local local sites database. Like gonna go ahead now and create the database. Let's no go back to pitch in my ad, man. Go back to databases And then from here, you should see a list of some other databases created by default. Click on the one for the local site, which is the one that you just created. Click on the check privileges. When I click on the link that says check privileges, click in there and now you should know, See, add user accounts. So let's go ahead and create a new user. So for the user name right now, I am going to say local user would be the name for the host name. Change this to local. All right. And then for the password, you can either usual on password or simply let PHP generate one for you. I'm going to do that. And from here, right now, I am going to click on it. The check all for global privileges because you want to give all rights to this particular use. All right, so let's click on check all and then. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and click. Go and congratulations. If you didn't see this message, then you've successfully created a new user. However, if you see this message, will we have to do something alive? Them is there is something wrong. So if you do sit is message, what you want to do is to go back to your HD Docks folder, right? Don't panic. Just go back to your extra docks folder. Or rather, I'm sorry. Go back to York Sam Folder, right. Exempt folder. So, for example, that you should see my SQL. Alright, double click on my SQL and an inside of this folder create in new folder and you want to name that folder lib, All right. And an inside of the lip full, that was Go ahead and create another folder again called Plug In. I don't know why this happens. But it is an issue with, um, appeared to my I mean, sometimes it happens sometimes. So you've created the lib folder instead of my SQL. And instead of lib, you have another folder called Plug In. So let's go back now and refresh this page again. So I'm going to go ahead and add my, uh, using him again. Local user. All right. For the host name. Let's go back to local again. Generate a new password. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and copy of this new password. Okay? I'll go ahead and companies new password, and you can even pace that somebody safe. All right, so from here again, I'm gonna click Check all for global privileges. And now let's go ahead and click. Go and you go. So you should be able to see this message a message. And we have successfully created a new use ical local user for the database. Local site. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So now let's go back to the World press configuration page because now we have everything we need. I'm gonna go ahead and click the password and pissed the passer that I copied. All right, so for the database name is going to be ah, local host. Like for the user name. It is local user. Uh, I'm just make sure it's actually local host. Okay, Local site, actually. Local local site, not local host local site. Okay. Local site is the name for the database. Local user. That the password? Ah, for the database host, you can leave that for the table. Perfect. If you plan on doing multiple in solutions of what press on several death sites, you may want to add a perfect that will help you identify each unique in solution. So for this one, I'll just add local. All right, so go ahead. Now and click. Submit. And now you can go ahead and click Ravana the install. And now we can now begin to add the titles and some other information ignore this Ice Man delivers on its announcement is because I practiced this previously before I said of recording. So that's what you have Your Iceman over there. So for that site title right now, I'm just gonna say local sites. Ah, the user name is going to be local user, so you could use something else for the password just go ahead and copy this password again . What we have right here is the our credentials for the WordPress. Back and itself are no longer in the database. This is your actual local. What perception? Right now. So for the email, let's go ahead and add our email. And of course, you want to Teoh check the books that saves, discourage such engines from index and decide because this is a local installation. So check the box and then go ahead and click. Install WordPress And there you go. So here, successfully installed WordPress or not science. Let's try and log in in. So now I have my local user as the user name and then the password is the one I just copied again Space that I am going to look and and there you go. So now we have successfully installed wordpress. You can click on local site right here. This will bring you to your front page and consider reusing the WordPress 2017 theme. So that's how you would install wordpress locally on your PC. 7. Siteground Special Offer: Well, hello and welcome to this very special video. If you're watching this video, that means that you are a pain student of mine. Evil on the monkey academy platform. Are you Timmy on skill share? Wherever this video is exclusive to students like you. Now, if you've never heard of site ground In my humble opinion, they are the best web hosting company in the world Now. I've been working inside ground for many years now. I'm in. I mean, by working. I mean, I've been hosting with them, and I'm also and I feel it for them as well. Now I've been able to get them to provide you with a very special deal. If you're interested, side ground will provide you with one free month off hosting. This will give you the opportunity to check out the platform, check out their hosting services and build as many upsets as you want without paying a single dime. Now I'm gonna provide you with a very special link. When you click on that link, it will take you to this page and you can see it right there. It's a special offer for the monkey students. That's the logo off my share of my brand. So this is special for you. One month free hosting. You don't have to pay a single dime. All you have to do is just simply click on the sign up. Now, button. Okay. And then this will take it to a very special Pedro. You add your email, your password filling your information and then in here can see hosting price is zero. You don't even have to provide your credit card details. Nothing. Now, period. Here is one month now. The data center in here is quite important. Make sure you choose the date is, and that's closest to your physical location. So, for example, if your summer in Asia like, let's say, India, you want to go with Singapore, even you. Up you go with either European or UK in South America, North America, you want to go with the United States. So that's very important. Because when you choose a Dennison that's closest to your physical location, your websites would load faster. Now, if you decide to go along with this and sign up for the free one month with side ground, I have made a very special video for you on video. This video will introduce you to the backhand off site ground. I will show you exactly how you can create websites and stole what prayers creates sub domains at SSL. Things like that. Everything that you need to get comfortable working with the back end offside ground Provided you with all the details. Now why side ground? Like I said, I have been hosted with them for many, many years now and I've never had off course to cancel and go elsewhere. I can stick my interpretation on these guys. These gays are amazing even votes a very extensive article of my blawg. Why said God is the best reporting company in the world and it's very, very extensive. I included are facts and figures from polls on Facebook, different kinds of information and I basically let it out here. Why side ground is the best, So don't take my word for it. Read my article. You can even go online. Deal research side ground always pops up whenever people talk about the best Web hosting companies in the world. So, once again, this is a very special exclusive deal for you. You can check out Saigon for free for one whole month. I'm gonna provide you with this very special link you will send up. And then I'm also gonna provide you with the link to the Vineyard video Exclusive to you. There are introduce you to the backhand. Just about everything that you need to get comfortable are walking with site gun. So that's it. If you have any questions about this, of course, be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching. And of course, be sure to check out the free video on video. And, of course, get your one month free hosting with side ground. 8. Creating a Temporary Domain and Installing WordPress: All right. So for the next few videos, I'm going to show you a few things you can do with E site ground Control Panel. I'm going to show you how you can install what press creates domains, sub domains, how you can add SSL and also how you can create an email account. Bless. First start off with are creating a temporary domain or with which and use with the rest off this particular course. So I'm gonna go ahead now and log in to the back end. I'm just go ahead and add my password and OK, so with Saga, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over to websites and I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on new website. And there are different ways how you can go about as you can buy a whole new demand, transfer an existing domain or just go with a temporary demand. For the purposes of this video, I'm going to go with the temporary domain. So I'm gonna click on select and there you go. Saigon will automatically create a temporary domain for you Gonna go ahead now, click and continue. And I'll just say skip and create empty site. I'll just go ahead and hit finish now. This typically takes about two minutes to finish. So what I'll do right now is all simply pause. The video and museum warns the creation has been completed. Welcome back and is a concern right now. It say's you're all set. So from here, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go straight to the manage site, clicking there and then from here, let's go ahead now and install what press. So just a lot. Chris is actually pretty easy. You would see what? First wait here, click on WordPress, click on install and manage now, depending on what you're doing. If you're going to be creating an e commerce store with Luke Hamas, then simply go ahead and choose. Select for what purpose? Welcome us. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and click on Select for War Press. I'm gonna click on select for WordPress and then in here you can uncheck the installed with the start a plug in for a quick set up. Check that, and if it admin info, simply add a using them they're going to use and also add a password using to look into the back end off what presents a very important, by the way and an email picture, you add a really mail. And that's pretty much is Just go ahead now and hit, install and voila girlishness with for a few more seconds. And there you go. What press has been installed? I can click on view site right now. And there you go. This is War Chris Website. 9. Creating a Sub Domain: In addition to co 18 temporary domains with site ground, you could also do something known as creating a sub domain. So what exactly is a sub domain? Now let's take a look at this site right here. It's called the lone Nomad. But come and as I know this is not a complete science is just a sample site. But then note that this domain is actually a real domain. This is not a temporary main. This is an actual real domain. But take a look at this other site, Blawg. That's the loan. No matter calm, you can see right here that the loan, no matter come, is in use. However, there is an extension, which is blawg dot the loan. No matter. Come this right here is a sub domain off the loan nomad dot com. So, in addition to blawg, the low no matter come, I could have something like store dot the low no matter calm news that the longer matter come and so on. So basically sub domains are like extensions off a primary domain, but yet are able to stand alone as an independent. So basically they can have different content, different functionality from the main domain. So basically, sub bombings are useful when you have just one domain. But then you want to create different kinds off websites from that one single domain. So again I can come in here right now, make the low no matter come like a simple blawg and so on. And then I could come into, let's say, our store that a moment of calm and make them like an e commerce site. Basically, it's two different websites, but they shared the same primitive man's. That's that's how that's what it's up to Maine is, and that's how you can make use off a sub domain. So how can you create a sub domain? Well, let's do this. I'm gonna go over again to the back end, and now where we have domain, I'm going to click on sub domains right there and now in here. Note that Alexander rose seven SD has already been selected, so I just come in here right now on the name and then simply choose the extension. So this goes right now it's going to be Blawg, and I'll just go ahead and I'll click on creates. And that is pretty much. That's all you need to do to create a sub domain and to install what prison? The sub domain is very easy again. Go back to what press Go to install and manage. Choose what press and you come down in here and where you have the domain. Simply choose blawg dot You know, Alexander, you know your main domain and then simply on check this box right here at your admitted info password, and then simply go ahead and install what? So that's how to quit. It's off the main and also installed what price on the sub domain. 10. Adding SSL: Let's talk about some security and specifically how you can add something known as SSL to your website. Now you must be wondering, of course, what exactly is SSL? Let's take a look at my temper domain right here. I am using the Google Chrome browser Bob. Regardless of the browser you're using, you should see some sort of message up here where you have the Uriel and it for come. It's a is not secure. Never click on the button right there. It says. Your connection to this site. It's not secure. You should not enter any sensitive information on this side, for example, passwords or credit cards because it could be stolen by Attackers, Right? Okay, let's take a look at Amazon now. Instead of not secure, you can see this padlock right there, and if I click on it, it stays. Connection is secure your information, such as passwords, because it's privately and sent to this site. In other words, whenever you go to amazon dot com and you provide your critical details, that information is encrypted, meaning that if a hacker was somehow able to get their hands on your critical numbers, those numbers will be encrypted in such a way that the hacker would not be able to understand or really decrypt what those numbers are. Basically, In other words, your information is encrypted. It's secure, no one will be able to crack them. Unfortunately, on my site right here, if anyone came to this side right now and provided an email address or any kind of sensitive information, hackers will easily be able to steal that information. So this is where SSL comes into play. SSL basically is the protocol that encrypts all the information provided on your website. And it is extremely important because not only does it help to guarantee the safety off the information of your customers, your clients, but also such engines like Google would actually reward you if they see that. Okay, you're said is secure. Google and other search engines don't like sites that are not secure, so it's very, very important that you get as a sale on your side. So how exactly would you do this? Well again, let's go back to this side ground. Ah, see, panel. And now over here. But you have security gonna click in there and you have the SSL manager I'm gonna click on SSL manager and then I'm simply gonna choose the domain. In this case right now, it's going to be, of course, Alexander will seven. And then for the SSL, please go ahead and shoes. Let's encrypt. However, let's encrypt. While Kat means that Hey, if you create any sub domains from this main domain, those wants to will also have SS Also. In fact, it depends on you if you plan on creating sub domains from this main demand and, of course, used the encrypt wild card. But if you're saying hey, I'm not gonna create sub domains, I'm only going to use this one single domain. They could go with the Let's Encrypt. So just for the purposes of this video, choose, let's encrypt and that's it. I'm gonna go ahead and I'll click on get, and this may take a few seconds. It typically doesn't take too long, so let's just see all that fool like 10 seconds and if it hasn't finished in a post a video , but it should have completed in the next few seconds. OK, so it's Asia Request is being processed. Let's just wait for a few more seconds Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on. I really don't want to pause the video. Come on, Come on, come on. I'm just go ahead and close. Amazon. I'm not doing any shopping today. Uh, my Come on, come on, come on. All right. Maybe I might need Teoh pause the video, but it really doesn't usually take this long. I don't know buying. Maybe because it knows that we called in. Maybe I don't know. Oh, come on. Okay, I guess I'll just have to post the video and I'll resume once the process has up. But just as about the polls, the video it finished. Okay, so not it stays. Let's encrypt is now installed. Awesome. Now you could click on configure https. You can click in there, and this will take it to, like, a whole new tutorial where you can ensure that even though you're saying now is when it's a sell, your said actually loans the SSL. What I mean is that sometimes even though you've ended us a sell, your website may still not have recognized that fact as an example. Even though right now you can see it Say's over here. That the encrypt sort of get is active. If I go to my site, let's just refresh and see what happens Now you can see it's still saying not secure yet Still say not secure, not secure. So if you have this kind of situation, what you can do is you can go over to the very next have been here known as the H T T P s enforce. Basically, what this does is that it forces the website they even stole SSL on to run through. SSL is basically you laying down the hammer saying Hey, look what side I have installed SSL on you now run SSL basically right? So I'm going to go over here right now and simply turn it on right here. But you have STP and force. Let's go back to my site Let's refresh the page and now you can see that the status has changed. Now it's saying the connection is secure so you don't always have to do eight to DPS and force. Sometimes your domain will immediately accept SSL and start on an SSL. Other times it may not. So just in a situation where you're having this issue with SSL not not running civil. Come over to STP s and force and then turn on a T T. P s and four. So that's a full readiness itself. Thinking fortune, I will see you in the next class. 11. Creating a Web Mail Account: Oh, I want a final thing to mention before we continue Would be how to create a professional email account for your website. Obviously, if you're creating an e commerce store or your website is a business website, then you wanna have a riel business email address associated with you Account right. It's not gonna make sense for you to be using Gmail or Yahoo is just not gonna be professional. So how do you create a professional email accounts for your upset? Well, it's simple. We're gonna go over here to email in the back end. We're gonna click on accounts now, you cannot create a an email account with a temporary domain. So what I'll do here is I'm going to switch over to a real domain, which is the lone Imetal com, and not to create the account is very easy way I have the account name. I'm just gonna go ahead now and say, Ah, let's say Alex, Right, Alex, at the Loma dot com, I'm gonna go ahead now and add my password. Let's go ahead. Now click on create And there you go. We've easily created the email account. Now, how do you actually access your email account well over here. But you have actions. You can click on the three buttons right there and then you'll see Log into Web mail. You click on that, and this will take it like a whole new page and then automatically you have looked in. But there was a question, though. Do you now have to always look into sight ground and come over here before you can access your email account? Well, thankfully, no, you don't have to. However, there is a process will have to go through to make this And tapas is a lot easier. Here's the thing. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply Let's just quickly do this. I'm gonna go ahead now, grab. This year, they'll and I would just Let's go to loan them Atacama cape. This is my site. Now. Ideally, I could do something like this. I can just say ford slash and then Web mail, click enter. And then this You take me to the patriarch and actually look in. But how do we actually do this? Let's do this. Okay. I'm gonna go back to the American That's been open. I am going to grab everything right here. Wait. We have run. Cuba will grab everything over here. Let's copy this. Okay? Now, let's go back to you. The back end and I'm going to go over. It's where you have domain. And then on the domain, I'm going to go over to be directs. Okay? It's clicking there. Now what I'm gonna do is I have the domain selected along the metal calm. I'm gonna add four slash web mail, by the way, you can customize is like it. You can say email, email, account, whatever. It doesn't necessarily have to be Web mill, but I'm gonna use web 1,000,000 here. And then I'm going to paste or we copied right in here. Basically, I am telling, say, gonna hate whenever I access long no matter. Come four slash web mail. Take me to the email account is so seated with my website. Okay. Make sure this is such a prominent serial one going to go ahead now. Click on creates. And there you go. So now let's try this again. I'm gonna come in here for first a page and there you go. I have now automatically looked in as you can see, and I can actually look out from here. All I would need to be here is just to add my user name, my password, and I'm looked in. And there you go. It's as simple as that. And by the way, you can also use a different kind off email software. Basically, this is Round Cube. You can go back over here. Let's go back to accounts. And then over here, where you have actions where you have the three dots clicking there and you can go to the male configuration. Over here you have default Web mail. You can go with hoard, click and select right depth confirm. But then let's actually come back here and refresh. I'm not sure if Okay, this will still work. But you can come in here right now and change this one too. Heard, press, enter, and this will take. It is like a whole different eyes against right now, this is a different email software, and you can just log in using their impassive and so on. However, personally, though, I prefer using the Round Cube instead with the other hurts always come back in here and switch this back to the around Cuba in Cuba, I believe, is a lot better. It's a lot more easier to use. It was confirmed that and there you go. That's how to create a professional email account for your website. 12. Section Review: all. Why did? Well congratulations. You finished the very first section in this course. And hopefully at this point you should have what was installed on your website. If you don't, it is absolutely crucial that you ask questions. You haven't any challenges. Please do let me know because without having what persons told on your website you can proceed in this course You need to have what there already installed. So hopefully they're not going to have any problems. You really have what presence told on their website, joining the very next section available. Now take a look at what? The world for its back end and it will begin to build out our what? This website. I'll see you then. 13. The WordPress Backend: All right. Well, welcome. Now let us access the war. Press back end for the very first time. So to do this, I'm gonna go ahead now and add the fold slash And it's gonna be WP dash ad men. This is the golden. You are able to access the back and or fuel workforce upside. So when I click on Enter and we are over here, OK? And I'm gonna choose my his name, which is movie, obviously. And then my password. I'm gonna go with the peasant I used, and I'm gonna go ahead now and hit log in. And, uh, well, but but a pop pop art. So if you're using Saigon, you might see something like this, which is kind of like the wizard to get started with war personal that I'm simply gonna go ahead and just hit exit because I don't want to use their wizard. Oh, okay. All right. So, ideally, this is what you should see right now on the your back, and you should see the dashboard. You should see pose media pages, comments, appearance. So this is essentially the back end off your website. And this is where you can create content, modifying content. You can create user accounts. You can do also really, really cool stuff. What I'm mostly interested in is on the the updates on the adaptable click on updates. All right. And papa Papa, let's wait for a few seconds. Right? So this is what I want you to pay very close attention to. Now, as of the time of the recording this video which is December 32,000 and 18 the very latest version off. What? Chris is 5.0 point two. By the time you watching this video, it might be 20.3 could be point for. But you really want to make sure that you always have this much message, tell you that you have the latest version off. What press? It is always very, very important that you want in the litters visions of what press, right, Because we knew one latest version That means you are secure and you're not gonna be vulnerable to any security flaws that the people's vision of what place might have add. If you don't have the vision, just simply click on the update now or you should see like a similar button that will just are invited to update the letters vision off. What press? You also want to make sure that under plug ins and themes, you are all up to date. Don't worry. I will talk about plug ins and things much later on. So this is the very first stop for you. You should make sure that you're running latest updates on audio themes, plug ins and also you have the latest vision off what Chris installed. So that's it. This is the back end of what press. So as we proceed in this course, I'm gonna walk you through every single this tabs. What they all mean, what you can do with them. But that's it. Congratulations. You have access to the what? Press back in for the first time. I will see you in the next class. 14. Pages Vs Posts: Welcome back. Now what? I want to do this videos to explain to you the differences between posts and pages, you see, by default. These are the two types of content that what press allows you to create. You can either create a post or you can create a page. But then how do you know when to quit? Opposed and went to create a page? What? Our posts for what our pages used for. Now, to explain this, I'm gonna jump over to this website known as the Web Cortez daughters completed will come. And by the way, included in this course, I'm gonna show you how you can create eight this particular business website. So if you're taking this cost so that you can learn how to build yourself a website for your business, well, you're in luck, because I'm gonna show you how you can build this much later on in this course, but and this website right here, you can see that we have seven pages. We've got the team pages, an example, and over here you can see it's basically the page describing the president the head of marketing, basically members of staff over this particular company, you would use a page for these types of content. Basically, pitches are used for content debts. You're not really interested in getting any sort of comments from anyone who might read this particular kind of content? Because, I mean, really, what's anyone gonna ask here like, Hey, how old is Freddie or you know, what qualifications does Tatyana have it? Like you're gonna have people asking those taxes questions on this kinds of pages, right? However, for for a post, I'm gonna jump over here too. One of my sample websites. Now, for example, there is not to go over here that say's the best. What person themes? For 2017. This was a post. Because for these kinds of content, you're actually looking for fit back. You're looking for questions, looking for comments. So typically you would use posts for these kinds of content where you want people to ask it questions? Maybe you want people to voice their own opinion. So that's what posts are essentially useful pages under the hand, all used for content like the team page. The contact US page is an example. You would use a page for this kind of content. You would also use pages for your services like the cancer services you render. For example, this is want for Web design. So in here, for example, you would state what you do, how much you charge, you know, really looking for comments on these kinds of content. You would also use pages full content, like your terms and conditions, your privacy policy. Those are the kinds of contents you would use pages for, but for posts posed are essentially used for articles, articles that you know you would like to have some sort of correspondence between yourself and anyone who reads. That article said you'd use posts for such types of content. A second major difference between posts and pages is the fact that with pages you cannot Kartik allies them. You cannot put pages on the R one particular kind of category with posts. On the other hand, you can do that as an example and this website over here, after categories so on them opposed, have categorised among the articles on the plug ins on the security on the themes. So if anyone is looking for articles that have to do with themes, for example, they can click on themes, the category themes and in here right now they can see all the articles on the the category off themes, same goals with like general articles like just general random articles. You can see all the articles about all the posts that are. Honor the category off articles with pages you cannot do that you cannot categorize pages on the third and final difference between posts and pages is the fact that with pages you cannot out tags. You cannot add packs your pages, but with your posts you can add tax them. So tags like key wards that anyone can use to search for the kind of content and looking for as an example over here right now, you can see we've got all types of tags. So if I was looking for any post or any article that had talked about images and click on the images tag right here and then every single article that has to do with images or logos will be displayed to me because now I'm using the keyword off images. Amazing attack off images. So that's the major, the third major difference between posts and pages, with pages you cannot out talks of them, but with posts, you can add talks to them. So hopefully you now understand the major differences between these two are types of content. Using what? Chris? So coming up, I'm going to give you a very short assignment, kind like a quiz and see how well do you now understand the difference between pages and posts? 15. Installing the Classic Page Editor: all right. Now that you've understood the differences between pages and post someone to use them, let me know. Show you how you can create content, how you can create a page. But before we do this, we need to do something right now. If I go over here to my back end and I go to pages, it's right here. I can click on Add New. Now what you're seeing here is basically the new content, Ed, it'll known as the Gutenberg editor. This came with the letters vision of what, Chris, which is what was 5.0. And in here you can actually create your page. You can add your text, you can have the images and so on. Unfortunately, this new edit all is in quite user friendly, especially if you knew toward press. Now I know the common months they will make sing significant improvements to this a little . But as of right now, personally, I think it's better that I show you how to make use of the old classic editor because that one is much simpler to use. And it's in my humble opinion, it's still better than this new editor that we have. So how can we get this old classic and it'll back? What you're gonna do is gonna come down here over to every have plug ins. All right, click on add new What? Over here, you have the key world such plug ins. I'm gonna go ahead now and such for the classic. It it'll it is by war press contributors. All right. It has of, Ah, milion active insulation. So this is a very, very popular plug in now. I'm just quickly tell you right now, even though we'll talk about plug ins in much deeper detail, it on the plug ins essentially like programs. All right, that can add functionality to your WordPress website. So what I'm gonna do right now is to simply click on install. Now click right there. Okay, so it's now installed. Next. We need to activate the plug a minute to make sure it's now organs. I'm gonna click on activates. You know what, And there you go over here on your plug ins page under the install plug ins. You should see classic head it all this is very important. Don't worry. If you don't see SG optimizer or what play starter. These are this just came with Teesside gun insulation. So if you installed your waters upset on a difference where posting company you might have are different plug ins listed. However, you should see the classic It it'll listed right now on the your list off installed plug ins. What you're gonna do, I have to click on settings, click on sentence right there and then over here, where you have the default. It's off. All users make sure this is sets to the classic edit. All right. And also, make sure this is said to know. Basically, we're gonna be using the classic editor from now on. Later on, in the course, I will show you how you can walk with the new Gutenberg editors. Don't worry. So make sure these two are as they are, and I'm going to school down here. Simply click on save changes. All right, now, if I go back to my pages, click on add New. Now you can see that it looks different from what we originally had. This means right now that this the classic digital is now installed and it's now active, So please go ahead and do exactly what I have done and I will see in the next class we'll will now create our very first page. 16. Creating a WordPress Page: Now that we've installed the old classic, it it'll 11 I will show you how you can create for yourself a page some over here on the add new page. So it here for the title I'm simply going to go ahead now and say test page one right, little bit title. And now in here, where you have this big white empty box we can paste our content, weaken typing content by day like this. Or I could just simply copy and paste some text. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over here to this website known as the generator. Don't let em dash. If some good info And on this upset, you can copy random text they can just use as a test to see how it would look like on the website. So limit some is basically just like feeling text, if you will. So I'm gonna go ahead now and just copy some of this text right here. Just copy that and look at this. By the way, they don't have SSL. You can see this Say is not secure, huh? Shame on them. Shame on you guys. You guys should get us a cylinder website anyway. Doesn't matter. Let's go back in here. Some just gonna go ahead now and simply paste all that text. And Well, there you go. Be now, Hashem. Text in our content area. Now over here this is the toolbar, and it's very similar to what you have with, say, Microsoft War, for example. So in here you can bold your text. You can add some of your text in italic. You can add lists bloated list, numbered lists. You can add coats. You can choose the alignment. You can add links and so on. We can inside a read more tag, which we'll talk about a bit later when it comes to talk about posts. Whether and in here, you can choose to hide the rest of the toolbar or you can choose to expand its. They now have access to other things, like your horizontal line. You can change a text color and so on and so forth so you can feel you can feel free to play around with some off. This are to buy options in here, but what I want to do is to school over here, where we have the set featured image. So basically what this does is you can set one particular image that can describe what this our page is all about. So I'm gonna click on set featured image and now in here because we don't have any files in a media library. It is empty. So I'm gonna click on select files and now over here, I do have an image which I'm going to use. I'm going to click on open and I'm gonna go ahead now and set this as my featured image. And there you go. That's the image. So from here, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply hit. Publish They go. And now let's view the page. I can either click on the link right here that says view page, or I can click on the link up here that stays view page. Either way works. Let's click on a view page and well, you go. That is my new page. You can see this is the background image that shows by the way, By the way, if you can tell me and this is on the joke, this is not a prank. If you can tell me what movie this particular images film. I'm gonna give you a small gift. It might be access to one of my courses. Absolutely free, but doesn't send me a message. Tell me the name off this particular movie. This is a very popular movie. So just tell me if you know the name of this movie, let me know, and I will reward you. But anyway, so that's the image. That's the title right there. Test page one. And this is our text, as you can see. So, congratulations. You've successfully created the very first paid with what press. But before we conclude, let's make some edit. So I So you should see the edit page link right here. I'm gonna click right there. So this brings us back to the back, and and from here, we can make some simple edits. Okay, So for example, I could just highlight this text right here, and we could change the text color to let's say or add. For some reason, we can also add additional images. So even wanted to add an image right here. I can click on add media. All right. And this, by the way, could be ah, video. It could be an image. But let's just say, for example, we wanted to add on image, right, and I'm gonna add this image again. So I click on the image. I'll go ahead now and instead the image into the page and well, there you go. That's the image light there. Now, if I click on the image and now have access to some additional sentence right here so I can change element, I can say it's your line to the center. I can allay into the left rights or just simply use no alignment. But I also have the edit button right here for the image that I can click on and our from here I can choose to the show the full size of the image in medium size, maybe even a thermal size, all a custom size. I'm gonna go with the medium size for now updates, and there you go. So now it's shown in the medium size will talk about images in much greater detail a bit later, and ah well, that's pretty much the few it's you can make again. You can add lists. You can add symbols, special characters. You can add links and so on. In fact, let's add a link. Let's add a link right here. So let's say, for example, the very our last sentence in here. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead now and added link to this of I highlighted the text and I'll click on the instant link. And now in here. I'm gonna go ahead now and seem the type indubitably that movies come. That would be the link. Apply the link. Let's go ahead now and he d update button right here. Okay, Now, let's have you Paige and see the wonderful changes with made Let's cool down here. Okay, so that's already text. That is our image. And over here, that is Ah, link. I click on the link and it takes us to movie stock calm and well, well, well, what do you know they to don't have ssl? Ooh, la la So many websites don't bonus a cell and it drives me nuts. Anyway, that's pretty much how to quit for yourself. A page with war place. If you have any questions about this, be sure to let me know. Join me in appendix video. Bell will continue to create content for our what for subside 17. Page Settings and Attributes: now that we've created our very first page with what press? I wanted to show you some more important settings that you have access to whenever you're trying to create or edit an existing page. So over here to the right, when I have the publish section in, he can see we've got something known as thes status, where now it is set a published, meaning that it's live on the website. Anyone can weed the contents of the page, but if I click on edit, I can change the centers to pen and review or draft pending review simply means that let's say, for example, you had like, a nettle and you wanted him or her to take a look at your content before it goes life you consider depending review and then you a little comment. They will take a look, approve any necessary changes, and then your page can then go live. That's what pending review simply means Draft, on the other hand, just means that hey, I have not finished walking on this article. I want to go have lunch. I want to play some video games, watch a movie or something, and then come back later on and then continue walking on the page. That's what our draft simply means yet. So you have access to these 33 different kinds of statuses. All right, I'm gonna click on OK, next is the visibility, and this controls who as access to your page, who can read the contents of your page by default. It is said to public meaning that anyone in the face of the planet can read your page. But if I click on edit, I have access to password protected. And then Clive eight private in this case just means that on Lee I will be able to read or have access to this page. No one else will be able to do so. Password protected means that unless the individual has the password, he or she will not be able to read the contents of this page. So let's try this out. Okay. For the password, I'm gonna say the password. Teoh, Let's say what press. That's a very strong password. Idea what press? All right, I'm gonna click. OK, let's hit updates. And now let's take a look. I'm gonna try and view the page and Oh, look at that now it stays protected. This content is password protected to you it please enter your password below. So now I have to come in here and simply type in my password, which is WordPress. A quick end to and there you go. Now I have access to the page because I knew the secret password, which was war Press. So that's exactly how you can control visibility to any particular kind of page on your website. I'm gonna go back in here, edit this and set is back to public hit. Okay. And there you go. Next. We also have access to the revisions, and you can see that now it's set to three. So basically made three major revisions to this page content so far, so you can click on, browse and take a look at what we have. All right, So this was the last change, which was, I think, just ah, simple auto safe. Nothing really much happened here, But every school over here now you can see the major changes that was done in here. This was the original text. But then we added the red quarter, our text, and then we also added the link at the last sentence of these were the two major changes, although we also added an image about what press for some reason, did not recognize as a change. But anyway, these are the two major changes, the ones highlighted in green, the changing color and also the link right. And then finally, the third change was when we actually added the Thai tool. And then we added our content. So let's say, for example, we don't like the changes that we made in here. But we added the red color and the link. We can go back in here and then just restored to the original version, which was just the title and then the content area. So to do this, I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on. We stole this revision. Let's do that. And ah, well, the au goes right now, you can see that this has been set back to the original content, which is just a text, and then the simple test page one. So no image right there, no red color and no a link. So that's how you can walk with the revisions. And of course, right now you can see that this has been set to our for Let me go back and changes to public. Okay, so that's it for the revisions. And then we also have the published on. So you can also choose to change the dates when a page was published. Simply click on edit right here. And then you can changes to March of 2015 or July off 1927. You know, whatever. You want to change the date so you can do that. By the way, you can also schedule your pages to be published at a later date. So if I came in here, for example, and say it, add new. Let me open this in a new tab. All right, All right. So in here, by default, you can see it's set to publish immediately. But I can edit this and say, Well, let's publish this first of January 2019 and then he'd okay, and now you can see it Say's scheduled for January 31st. I'm sorry, 2019. So whatever counter that had in ear once I'm done, I can hit on schedule. And then when the data lives, what does will automatically are published. This picture That's how you can set pages we've imposed to be our post published at a later date, Right? Let's go about Teoh Page. Now, over here, under page attributes, you have access to something known as the order. What this simply means is you can tell what press in what order you would like to display. This page is so one would be what, as there would be the highest, and then one will be second to the third and so on. Personally, I don't really make use of this particular future, and I doubt you might want to. But then there is another attributes which isn't available here, and that's known as the apparent attributes you can see for the new page. We have access to the parent attribute both for our very first page. We don't have access to that actual because, well, this is the very first page that exist in the website. So there is no page that this corn page can be a child off if that makes sense, right? So the natural question becomes, Why would I want to make a page to be a child off another page, right? Like, what would I do that. Let's say, for example, you are selling perfumes on your website, all right. What you could do is you could have a main page that will describe this particular perfect selling. And then you could choose to have a child page on this main product piece that will talk about the pricing for the particular kind off perfume. Mighty could discuss the price in, and they could also have a second child page. They'll deal with the shipping for their particular perfume, and then you could even have 1/3 child paid. I will deal with the most frequently asked questions on how to use the particular perfume. So that's kind of like an example of where you might want to make use off payments, pages and child pages. But personally, I never really make use of this particular future, and I also never really make use off the order number. Future either is just something I've never found to be useful. So that's basically it for the additional sentence and features that you have access to on their your pages. If you have any questions about this, be sure to let me know. Thank you so much Fortunate video and I will see you in the next class 18. Creating our Post Categories: All right, so we're done with pages. Now let's take a look at how we can quit eight posts. But before we do that, I want to show you how you can add categories. Hey, can create categories for your WordPress posts. Now it's very easy. Just go to posts and then under posts, you click on categories right clicking there now by default. What? Chris has an on categorized category. So if you don't have any new categories that you create whenever you create a new post, you can choose to add that post to the on categorized category. This essentially should not exist only what? Chris website. So what I'm gonna do right now is to just show you how you can add a new care degree. And then, of course, we'll get rid of this own categorized category. So first things first. How do you add in your category? Well, it's very easy over here. You can add the name of your category, this log. The lawyer weapons will take care of that automatically. You can add a short description for this category, but then you also have the choice off set in this category as a child category under amen category. So at this point, I want you to get a little bit creative. It's perfectly fine if you choose to go with my own categories, but know that my categories will be related to the content off my website bitches about movies. So if you actually building your real website, as you're taking this course now might be a good time for each a pause. Spend maybe five minutes, 10 minutes and think about your categories. Like what kind of content on my creating and how can I create categories? They'll make sense. So as an example of just imagine that you walk writing a block about traveling around the world. What you could do is you could grit categories for the main continents so you could have a category for Africa, a category for Asia category. For Europe, it had a good for South America and so on. And then on the each one of these men categories, you could have sub categories. So, as an example on the Let's say South America, which is the main category, you could have child categories off Brazil, Argentina, Peyroux, Uruguay and so on. So any articles that deal with those respective countries. Maybe you went to Brasil. You spent three months. You can write an article about your expense in Brazil. Put that under the child category of Brazil and then you can link the child Carragher Brazil to your men category, which would be South America. I hope that makes sense. So what I'm gonna do right now is just add my very first category, which would be news. So this would be about general news articles from the world, movies and someone. So I'm gonna go ahead now and add that as my category and then the next category here would be movie reviews. What? I'm gonna add that in there. So I've got to new categories right now. Movie views and news. I'm also gonna add box office as another category box office. Let's at that. And I'll add one more category. Let's go with awards at that category. All right, now I'm gonna add some child categories now on the movie reviews. So what I'll do is, I would add, let's say, action. OK, so this would be action movie reviews. It's apparent category all said is to move reviews at that new category, so you can see right now you've got to dash under. Move Reviews indicated that action it is subcategory off the category movie views. Let's add another one hole putting category, a game of reviews and that Let me add Sai Sai if I Had a small sigh Fire. But this is a court spelling How much? Sure, safe and just leave it as it is SciFi. And I'll add one more to be comedy that's at comedy at doubt one. And let's go with one more Thrilla We was I love thrillers. Fine. So that is it Now. I have added five sub categories under the main category, off movie views. I've got box office awards, news and on catalysed. Now you might notice that the delete option is available for all the categories and also the sub categories. But then for on category devised that the lid Parton isn't available and there is a wide so is because by default, war press has set on categorized to be the default category for our posts. So, in order to delete the own categorized category will have to change this. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come over here to settings and then on the set since I'm gonna click on lighting like and out in here where you have the default post category. I'm gonna change this to let's go with news so news will be the default category. Now, I'm gonna change that to news. Come over here and save my changes. And now let's go back to posts. Go Two categories at night, high school all the way down here. Check that out. Now I can delete the owned categorized category. We don't need you, but I and the au go. So that's how you can create categories With what? Chris, Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 19. Creating our First Post: All right, So now that we've set up all categories, it is time to now create our very first post. So I'm gonna jump over here to add new and let's create all postings against C. It's just like quitting that page. You have access to your tie tool, your content area, your toolbar and so on. I'm gonna go ahead now and just copy this text from limits. Um, let's go over here and pasting text. And then for the title, I'm going to say ter me, NATO to review. And by the way, if you haven't watched too many Terminator two and you love action or siphoned movies, you absolutely must watch this movie. It is my favorite movie off all time. All right, on the categories. I'm gonna jump over two moving reviews. Ultras Action. And I'll also choose SciFi because I feel the movie falls on the these two sorts of Geneva's and then on the tags. I'm gonna go ahead now and add, um, the review as one of my tags review. And then I can add a coma and I'll say, term e. NATO, too, would be another tag. Arnold Schwarznegger, which is the main actor, the main star sures. And how do you spell? It wasn't a good well, it will be my three tags. So if anyone such is full, the key words of movie review Our Terminator to Arnold Schwarzenegger, these articulable pop up. So that's the use of tags. And then, just like with the use of ah, the creation of pages, I can also set a featured images. I'm gonna go ahead now and select my finals. And of course, I do have an image off the Germany to right there. Yep, there he is. I'm gonna say that there's my featured image and there you go. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit. Publish. Don't Don't. All right, let's go ahead now and view the post and see what we have. Well, there you go, you go. So that's it. That's on obstruction ago. It is really attractive looking, fingers staring at someone that's the title of the movie. That's the content area right there. And also you would notice over here that we now have access to the categories, which is the action, and then move reviews and then SciFi. These are the categories, and then these other talks, as you can see, are not Schwarzenegger movie Review chairman into two. Also, you'll notice that we now have the comment box available because this is a post and not a page. So congratulations. Once again, you have created a very first post. Use what purse? If you have any questions about this to let me know, Thank you for watching video. And of course I will see you in the next class. 20. How to Embed YouTube and Vimeo Videos: let me know, show you how you can embed videos in your ward, press posts or even your pages. So in this article, right here, the Terminator to review, I want to display a video about this particular movie. And I've got one from YouTube and it's basically the trailer. So what I want to do now is to embed this particular video from YouTube. So from the YouTube page, I'm gonna click on share down here, all right? And then I am going to click on the embed link right here looking in bed. And now over here, I can go ahead now and simply copy this entire piece of code right here. I could also to say two on check the short player controls so that whoever is watching this video will not be able to stop the video posted video and so on. But I will do that. I'll show the player controls. You can also enable something known as the privacy enhanced mode and the states that when you turn this on YouTube, one store information about this toes on your website, unless they play the video. So, yeah, let's do that. Let's protect our visitors let me scroll down and see what else we have. You have good a Pierre friends about. You don't need any of this, right? There's gonna go ahead now and copy all of the code. Make sure everything is copied. Oh, okay. That's all Copyright. Let's copy that. Now I'm gonna go back to my post click on Edit Post. All right? So from here, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna choose way I want to display the video. So let's say after this paragraph I'm gonna press enter to create new space. Now, this is very important. Okay, Notes is over here to the white, we have the visual aid. It'll and the text editor all. You typically want to switch to your text editor whenever you're trying to display code embedded code from other websites. Self switch to texting can see. Right now it looks different. And now over here, I'm simply going to go ahead now and paste the cold that you see right now have I switch back to visual. Now you can see it's actually this plane so cool. I'm gonna go ahead now and update. And now let's see how this works. Let's view the post. Let's cool down. Two minute to to press play. Same model. Okay, Dan intended in dead intent. And I'm just stop watching that. Cool. Cool. So that's for YouTube. Pretty are some light, but what about V meal Begin also embed from V meals over here. Of course. I've got other videos from Terminator, so I'm going to ah, click on this one right here. Deep focus war against the machines that's clicking here. And I was video. It's a little bit different. I remember you have these share button right here, which I'm gonna click on. And now over here, you've got the embed option right here on bed. You can click on the show options to Anglican show options. You have access to other things, like auto play, this video. Look, this video, you can change its size. And I think the mule general, it seems to be a bit better than YouTube when it comes to these kinds of features. But with a copy. All this code right here, let's copy the embed code. Now let's go back, Teoh post click on edit post, and then I will remove. But I'm not gonna moved on for YouTube. Actually, let's Ah, pays off of vim. You'll just over here instead. Come over here, switch to take steady tool and then I'm going to paste the code switch back to visual that you go. I'm gonna go ahead now and updates. And ah, let's view the post and see what we have. There you go. All right, so that's a video from Vimeo. And that's the video for you. Tube. Awesome. But we can still make some for the changes if I go back to edit post. And now let's go back to the text Eddie Tool. Now, over here, where you have the eye from source female dot com, you can see we have access to do with and the height and we can change these values so we can actually change the height from 3 62 Let's say 6 60 although this will make the video look kind of awkward, But we'll just do that. Just you, she would looks like and the same thing with the YouTube as well. Over here, we've got YouTube. This is the YouTube section, so we can also change the width and height. It's just like with video, so I'll change the with here instead. So let's say 8 60 But note that it doesn't matter. Are the value you put the near food with? If the value here for you with is greater than the width of your browser screen, it will not go beyond that. So just letting you know. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit updates. Let's just see the changes and see what it looks like. All right, let's view the post. Let's go back in here. Okay, so there you go. This is now the mule video that we increase the height. Note that the actual video itself did not increase in height. However, the distance between the video itself and the text below it has now increased. You know that you reflect the change in height that we created. So all school down here and of course, you can see that with for the YouTube video has also increased Awesome. So I'm just gonna go back in here, edit the post once again. Let's just make one final change. Less changes back. Teoh. Let's go with 3 60 and I can remove this link right here that talks about the title de focused against Ah, Warriors machines. I'll just go ahead and delete this texts. Ah, we don't need this. Ah, well, right. And then for the YouTube. I'll just go back and change the with 25 60. Let's go ahead now and updates and let's just take one final look at our post. Once again, scroll down and well, there you go, looking much better. So that's exactly how you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo notes that you can also just simply upload a video to your media library. People talk about that very, very soon and and simply I upload the video for me. The library. I'll show you how to do that in the upcoming video. Thank you for watching and that we'll see the next class. 21. The WordPress Media Library: Oh, it is in people's video. We successfully added to videos to post one from video and then one from YouTube Aren't. What I want to do right now is to walk you through the media library. This is what you have in your back end. So for media, you can just click on library. So basically, it's where you can upload different kinds of documents that you can use in your pages, your post and so on so they can see. Right now, I have gone ahead to applaud for additional documents or files. Rather, I've got a zip file contingents of images from Wu commas. I've got an MP three file, which is basically on audiophile. I have an empty full file, which is a video, and I also have a pdf file. So the what press media library will allow you to upload most types of documents Microsoft , Ward, Excel, pdf's videos, audio files and someone over here. There are two different ways how you can actually view the father to have your library right now. This is the greed style. This is gonna like the default style. But if you click over here, this is the list style, so this is a bit different, but you actually have access to mawr information very quickly. For example, you can see the author whoever applauded the particular kind of file that was me, of course, because my name is movie, so you can see movie everywhere and then you can see right now that uploaded to means, well, these four new father doesn't play it have not been attached to any post to any page. But you can see the previews to the very 1st 1 it was uploaded to are the test page that we created first of all, And then the T two poster, the one with untold and his iron hand, was uploaded to the Terminator to review our post. So you can also see the dates when these were applauded and ah, over here, when you have over any of the files you can edit the file, you can delete permanently the file, or you can view the file. Now the edits will take you in here where you can add a caption. You can add a description. Let's go back. That's for the Zip files for the MP for files. It's a little bit different in that you can add a featured image for this particular video . You also have access overhead to let on Maury information such as the file, time to file size and so on. So that's basically the media library. And of course, in here you can choose bulk actions. You can do it permanently. So you could just check in here right now and just choose to delete all the files. If you wanted to, you could do that. If you have lots and lots of fouls, you have these such books right away. Conceptual departs blocked off. Five. Looking for you can also feel tell based on dates when these particular files will upload it and so on. So it's basically an introduction to the media library. As usual, if you have any questions about is to let me know. Thank you so much. Fortunate Video Germany. The next class well will begin to walk with images 22. WordPress Image Sizes: Welcome back. Now what I want to do this video is to tell you a show. You how, What press actually handles your images? Whenever you upload them to your media library not to do this. I'm gonna jump down away to my settings and I'm gonna click on media. All right, now, over here, take a look at this. You have a thumbnail size, you have a medium size, and then you have a large size as well. What this means is, whenever you upload an image to your media library, war press will try to create three new sizes off that particular image. It will try to create a thumbnail size the medium size and then a large size version off that particular image. So basically, every image you upload to your media library has four different sizes, a thumb, no signs in medium size in large size, and then the full size, the actual full original science of the image. But this will depend on the real side, the actual size off that image, because sometimes you might upload an image that's very, very small. And as a result, waters will not be able to create a large size for that particular kind of image. So right now, by default, you can see that our formal size has been set to 1 50 pixels and with 1 50 pixels in height . And then you can see this check out check box here that say's crop thumbnail to exact dimensions. All right, Well, this means is no matter how this proportionate, the with is on the height of the image, as long as both the width and height of that image is more than 1 50 pixels. War press will make sure that if thermal size off that image is exactly 1 50 by a 1 50 there's exactly what this meant. So this will refer to as a hard crop in war press again, no matter how large do with is or the height of that image, Waters will make sure that the thumbnail sizes exactly 1 50 pixels but one of the pixels. But it's different from the medium size and large size. No, over here we're dealing more with now. Max with Max Height Max with max height Well, this simply means here is that no matter how large the image is, once the medium size and large size have been created. Those sizes will never exceed these dimensions that were set in here, meaning that the medium says of the image will never have. With off war than 300 pixels in the height off more than 300 pixels, that would never happen. And also a large signs will never have with more than 10 24 big souls and imax it of tension for pixels. That's exactly what this means. So you can always come in here and change his values if you wanted to. But for now, all the recommended you stick with what you currently have, so just go ahead and save changes, even though we didn't really make any changes in here. But let me show you this in actual practice, right? So what? He have got my tea to review post and let's see, I wanted to add a new image. So I'm gonna click on add media right here. Let's go with the first image right here. They won't with the are iron fingers. Now, over here, you can see we have the four different sizes. We've got the full size, which was 12 80 by 7 20 We have a large size, we have a medium size and check that out. We have the thunder size of what, 1 50 bio on 15. So the reason why we have these four different says it is because the image itself, which is 12 80 by 7 20 is large enough for workers to create our three additional sizes for this particular image. However, take a look at this other image right here. This is much smaller. This is only for 88 by for 88 and as a result, war press could only create two versions of this image, one that the medium size and then, if formal, size notes that a large size isn't available because a lot size starts from 10 24 by 10 24 . And because the original size of this image is just for eight by 488 waters could not create a large size version off this image. So again, the amount of image sizes and image would have would really depend on the original size off that what press image. Keep in mind that you can always make changes in here if you wanted to, however, if you were going to change anything in here and then save your changes. Another for the actual changes to reflect, you need to do something known as regeneration. Off thumbnails will talk about that a bit later. In this course, don't worry. And for more advanced WordPress users, you can actually create your own our custom image sciences if you wanted to. But that's again a little bit our advance for this course, But that's basically how war press handles your images whenever you upload them to your media library. If you have any questions, please do. Let me know. Thank you for watching video and I will see you in the next class. 23. How to Edit Images and Create an Image Gallery: Let's talk about how you can edit your existent images and also how you can create an image gallery with what place? Now over here, you can see I have added some additional images all. Will it it to two minute to to. But if I clicked on, let's say this image right here, over here to the white, we have access to some information. We have access to the Thai tool, which is T 800 which is actually descriptive because, see, in the movie the machine model played by Anil Trust Miguel was called the T 800. So the title is actually quite good. You want to make sure that the titles of the images are descriptive off. What that image actually, is this where you can actually search for that kind of image if you ever needed to. Let's say you had, like, hundreds of images in Media Library. Sometimes you just want to search very, very quickly for one particular image. And so using really good titles is really encouraged and very, very useful. Now a caption. It has no caption, and this is very optional. There is no by choice or long choice when it comes to using captures. You can use captions to provide more context regarding the image that using you could choose not to all. Text under the hand is very important. And unfortunately ah, lap off what producers do not understand how all text works or just why it is very, very important. You see, they know obviously people who are blind in this wall, people who cannot see now in order to access the contents of a website, they use software that can lead the screen to them so that the sort of all we detects to them telling them what the page or post is all about. Now, when it comes to images because there is no way for US creditor to actually take a look at the image and describe the anti image to the blind person, the screen would able to use the old text to describe that image to the blind person. Unfortunately, if you don't have all text and they blend, person was reading the article where this particular image walls was used. This group of that would just say image and that's it. No description, nothing to describe what that image is about So the all text in this case, I'm going to say t 800 holding and fire in a machine gun. All right, so this is definitely much better right now. At least a blind person will know what this image was about. Plus, let me also mention right now that Google and all the major such engines would actually reward you if you chose to use all texts for your images. It's actually one of the recommendations that Google and other major search engines off a commence. So, please, it's a very useful tip it be sure to use descriptive Well, descriptive all text for the images. Right. So that's it. I'm gonna go ahead now. And, ah, I could just close this and that's saved automatically and go back in here to conceive idea it saved automatically. Great art. That's cool description, by the way, you don't need to add a description. It's not really that important. One more thing on the show you is over here. You've got the edit image button right here and I'm clicking here. You got access to some additional tools you can you will take the image clockwise and two clockwise. You can turn it upside down. You content outsiders if you wanted to. Although it depends on you. You can also choose to crop your image. All you would have to do you can click inside and then just drag your mouse to wherever you want to Co op. Let's say this particular section you want to corrupt this now you have access to the club button. Gonna go ahead and click on the close button and there you go. Now it's been cropped. You can save your image. Click on Safe and A goes Now we now have the crop division off our original image, so there's a few things you can do behind the scenes with. What press now I want to do before I round up. This video is to show you how you can create an image gallery, right? Let's go to posts and let's go toe existing post t two. I'm gonna click on edit and I'm gonna scroll down here over here, Chris and to Let's go ahead and add media. They could also create on audio playlist created video playlists, but we are interested in creating a galleries. I'll click on Quit Gallery and then from here, I'm just simply gonna go ahead now and choose all the images related to T two. I'll skip this one and I'll click on Create new gallery. All right, so either right now you've got the sentence for the gallery right now for each image you on a link those images to the pages or posts very well used. Journaling them to be the file or just simply have no links attached to them. I'm gonna go with no links. You can choose a number of columns. Ah, we'll go with two columns. Random order. Yes, size. Let's go with the medium size. All right, So it's not too big, not too small. And, ah, well, inside the gallery. And there you go. That's the guy you like, did let's updates. And now let's take a look at how this would look like it's gonna be a little bit off, but, hey, we're still learning, right? It was gold down in here and well, there you go. That's our image gallery right there. Now don't worry. If you're a little bit disappointed with the quality of the Image gallery, there are much better ways how you can create really good looking, really sophisticated our image challenge in what place will talk about that much later. And of course. But for now, I just wanted to introduce you to how you could make a few edits to your images and also how you can create yourself a very simple basic. What? Press image? Gallery. Thank you for watching the video. You're awesome. I will see you in the next class. 24. Inserting the Read More Tag: I want to very quickly introduce you to the read more tag, which is very, very important for your perception sight. Now I want to compare our current side, which is the movie caters. Look calm to the blogged about my uncle and dot com. Now you would notice there is a difference. He sit with this particular website. Every post on the home page has the read more link, as you can see. So whenever anyone clicks on the Widmore linked with particular post, it will then take them to their particular page. Continue the article for that post, As you can see, right, and ideally, this is the kind of set up you want to have with your blog's or walkers website. However, right now on my home page, we do have the Post the Terminator two posts. Unfortunately, it's also displaying all the content for this particular one post on our home page. So in other to create something very similar we have here where you have a post and then you have, like a small sample off the content of the article, we need to make use off the read more tag now to add a bit more tact to this post. I'm gonna go ahead and view the post Now go to edit the post. All right. And then let's just say only added right here just after the first paragraph, right? I'm simply going to go ahead now and click on this button that say's and set. Read more tag. There you go. Now you can see we have the more text right there. I'm gonna hit update and that is it. Natha Goldbaek to my home page and there was cooled down. Take a look at that. Now you can see it Say's continue reading So anyone that clicks on continue reading will now take them to the actual full article for the terminal to review post. So that's exactly how you can make use of the read more tags. One question you might have here is Okay, well, why is it that on our website, it say's continue reading. But over here on this website, it Cesar read more. This can depend on the theme that you're using. I know have not talked about themes will talk about themes favor shortly, But don't be worried. If you know your own theme, say's something different just as long as it has a link. Bay users can simply click on there, then take them to the actual full article for that post. You're good to go. Plus, there are also ways how you can customize the kind of text that you want to display the world link users to the full article or for your particular post. So that's how to make use of the inset. We'd more tied bottom. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 25. How to Export and Import Content: welcome back. And I just want to say thank you so much for getting to this point. And I really hope you enjoy the course. What I'm gonna do here right now is to show you how to do something pretty cool. I'm gonna show you how you can export contents from your purse website and then import content as well. So check this out. All right. I have a very similar website that looks exactly like the one we're currently building except that this particular site has lots of different posts. In fact, if I go over here to the back end and I come over here to post click on all posts, you can see that I have, ah, lot off Pacific 10 of them. And you've got the same categories action with views, box office, just like decided we're currently building. So what I'm gonna do here is we really need to get some content into our website at the moment because right now, all we've got so far is just this one simple post. And we also have the one sample page to be created, which was the test page one. So that's all we have those far. And I really want to get a lot of content into our sites. What I'm gonna do here, is this Okay, I'm gonna show you exactly how for future policies you can export content from your coin purse upside and then import content into your new site. All right, so I'm over here and my new site, which is the back up. That could be calm. So I like to export all my posts and old images, So I'm gonna come over here to tools. I'm going to click on Export. All right, look on export. So in here, it says, choose what to export. So I could choose to expert only my posts on my pages or just my media, but I'm gonna go with all the content. All right? I'm gonna click on download export file. All right. So you might get this kind of one in, depending on if you're using an anti virus or something like that. But don't worry. This is a pretty safe content, so I'm gonna get go ahead and click on keep and ah, that is it's a concern right now. I've got in the file. My blocked out. What President XML all downloaded into my documents now to import this file. What? I'm gonna do that right now. I'm gonna go over to my core insight, and this is go ahead and deletes this sample post that we created. Okay, I'm gonna do that. So I'm gonna come over here to my posts, click on all posts, and I'm gonna go ahead now and click on trash, all right? And then from trash, I'm gonna click onto Ash again. And then what I'm gonna do right now is I'll check this and just simply say delete permanently. So that's that. That's going. So now we can import fresh contents to our site. So to do this, I'm gonna come over to my tools, Click on import. All right. Now, to import the to I'm sorry to import the files, we're gonna have to install a particular plug in and is the one right here, which is a WordPress. So simply click on install. And now there's clicking there, and then I'm gonna click on a lawn importer. All right, so right now I can choose the file that I would like to upload. So what I'm gonna do very simple, and that's just a drag. The file in here. Drop it into the choose file. I'm gonna click on upload file and import. All right, so right now I can choose to assign an author or a user to all the post, I'm going to be important. So I'm gonna choose my using images movie, all right? And then I'm gonna click on download and import file attachments as well. I'm gonna click on submit and ah, let's see how this will look like, right? So it's important, and it's a is all done. Have fun. So if import of the files now, if I go back to my front end, take a look at that. I now have the exact same files. The exact same posed this exact same categories as this site over here. All right. In fact, if I go to my media library, let's go to that blawg. Come down here to media Good library. Now you can see all the files that I imported from this particular website. So here's what I'm gonna do, OK? I am going to provide you this particular XML file and I would like you to go ahead and import that file into your own WORDPRESS website. Here's a thin bill. If you have real content that you're walking on and you don't want to make use of this sample polls and images, you can go ahead and create your own real content. Make sure you have, let's say, maybe 45 posts. You can add one or two categories for your posts as well. Make sure your posts have tags and make sure they also have featured images. You can do that if you want to, but if you're building the site like I am, please go ahead and download and import the My Blogged About what? President XML file. I will provide it for you in the resources section. If you have any questions about this particular assignment, please delimited because this is crucial to the development off, all upset. So that's it. That's exactly how you can export and import content for more. What person? Website to another. Thank you so much for it in the video. And as Louis, I will see you in the next class 26. WordPress General Settings: Let's talk about the General War press settings. Now, over here in the back end, I'm gonna jump over here to settings. I'm gonna click on, general. Right. So what do we have here now? This is where you can add the actual real title or fuel website and also a tagline. Now, these all great for Seo purposes. Obviously, you don't people coming into your upset and then saying your your site tattle sets to our my blawg That's not gonna make any sense. So my own site at all right here is going to be movie characters, All right. In fact, it's gonna be the movie characters, right? The movie characters and in the tagline would just be a few wards Explain. What's your site? It's about again. This is great for S e o. So all the potential key words that you can associate with your website, you add them in here. I so me, I'm gonna go. Ah, with movie news and reviews. That's basically my tug line. All right, so over here you can also change the email address that you like to have associated with your website and then over here This is for membership. This is if you wanted to create a membership site and you want people to want to come to your site and automatically could their own accounts. This is where you will take that to allow anyone to register. But we're not dealing with that in this course. The new user default Herbal will talk about walls a bit later in the course. But you want to live it at subscriber, and then you also have access to the site language, time zone, date format and so on. You can feel free to our change. Any of these fellas, if you are wanted to, was called on in here. Save my changes. All right, so let's go to light in and we've had it with the whites in This is where you can choose your default post category. And because we also installed the classic editor, the postpaid genital. We have access to these two options in here. Scroll down here. And ah, well, over here you could potentially make some changes to your email settings. But personally, I will not a commander. You change anything in here? Just leave these as they are. Let's go over to reading now in here, you can control how your home page would look like. You can either choose to display your lettuce post like most blog's do. But if you're running a business website or any other kind of Web site, you might wanna show a particular kind of page. So in the in such an instance, you would choose show a static page, and then you will have to choose a particle up. If you want to use Teoh, display your home page. Basically, that's how you would control this. And then you just want to choose a particular page for all your blood postal talk about this when we create our business website. But since we're building a block and this is a block, I'm gonna go with the your latest posts and then blocked pages show at most. I'm gonna go with six with six posts, all right? And then, for this indication, feels like with our says, I'm going to do the same. I'm gonna show six items and for each article in the feed, I'll go with some worry and such inter visibility. You could choose to not allow Google and other search engines to index your side. But I don't know why you'd want to do this, because the whole point is you want people to be able to access and see you upset. So you definitely did not want to describe search engines. Film are indexing your site. So I'm gonna go ahead now and save my changes. And that's that Full reading. No discussion. Basically deals with comments will talk about this later. Very, very soon. Our media, We've been here already. Let's talk about how you can choose the default of thumbnail size. Become, say is large size and so on. Perma links. This is extremely important. Your ramblings are basically how you're the your bills off your post, you're pages will be constructed. This is very important for SC or because typically, the more structured your prima links are the better for you. Now. My default day and name has been chosen for me. But honestly, you might. You might want to go with the custom structure which I'm going to show you right now. So I'm gonna go with over here, will be humbled the removal of this first of all, So the customer structure would be we're gonna go with the post category, the category of the Post and then the name off the particular post. This is my preferred and recommended girl structure. So basically what this does is whenever anyone tries to view our postal on every published , a new post, the euro for the Post will have the movie characters don't calm, and then it will have the category that was belongs to and then the actual tattle off the post. So that's how this particular structural walks, All right, No school down in here and we'll save this well, what and that will. Privacy will talk about privacy are a bit later in the course. So before I conclude this video, let's take a look now at our posts and see the change in the yellow structure. So that Little Inspector review, for example, let's take a look at the so over here right now. You can see how this looks like, how the prevalent looks like right now. So we've got movie reviews, which is the actual category off the Post and Inspector Review, which is the title off the polls to see how that works. Right now, let's go back to the home page. Let's try to choose a different post. That's a review, All right, Aquaman makes 900 million. Let's click on this one. So now you can see again. Box office is the category of the post, and then Ackerman makes 900 million. Is the title off the post? So again, when you have your clothes in the very structure like this, it's great for Google. So that's why you might want to make an editor a change to your default prima link settings . So that's it for the general settings with what percentage for watchin and I will see you in the next class. 27. Discussion Settings: as I mentioned earlier, when our discussion of the differences between pages and posts posts are typically the kind off content, will you want people to make comments, ask questions, give some feedback and every single post will always have the default comments section where people can come in and buy the comments. Now we're not getting the full picture here because we are locked in. So I'm gonna show you exactly how the comments section Well, it looks like this is a private window. I am locked out. So this is exactly what a reader or a subscriber would see whenever they come to this particular post. When this go down, they will see the comment box. But then they will have to add the name, the email or maybe even website. But it's not compulsory, and then they can post a comment. So how do you regulate comments being posted on your site? How do you control who has the ability to post comments on your side? Well, to check this out well enough to go to a back end, come over here to settings and another settings go to this caution. Right. So this is where you can control the comments for your articles, they can see by default. We've got some checked boxes that have really been ticked. For example, attempted notify any blog's linked to from the article. So if anyone comes into one of your posts and bank make a comment and then in that comment , maybe they add a link to another blogger, another website you will be notified. This can be very useful if you're trying to stop people from those common in and trying to promote their own websites on your own block, so this could be useful. Allow link notifications from other blog's. You typically want to do that. That's that's good for a CEO. Allow people to post comments on new articles. Yes, we want people to be able to post comments on new articles. Other comments, settings. Do you want to come and author to fill out the name and email again? This is entirely relative. You may want people to just call me and simply make a comment without actually creating an account. And some other instances you might want to go to actually first register before they are allowed to make a comment. So in such an instance you would go with. The users must be registered and looked in to comment. All right, but my blood here is going to be a very simple blood where anyone can come in and they come . And so we're not going to do this. So, right, actually, you know what? I take that back. Let's do it. Let's make it so that users will have to be just dead. Don't have to be locked in before they could come into just to give you the full experience . Right? So you've got some other comments in Here are some other options in here that you can change again. All these are entirely relative. There is no right along. Answer to anyone off this. Over here. It's Cesar. Email me whenever anyone posts a comment. This can be quite What's the wood now? Very tasking, especially if you go like a huge block and you have lots and lots of comments. Are you honestly going to get an email whenever anyone posts to comment? That might be a bit too much, so I will strongly recommend it to you. Check this two options and money. It'll them maybe in the beginning. Oh, when your blood is still small, you're getting a few comments. Maybe you can go with these options, but eventually at some point, once you start getting lots and lots of comments and get tired of constantly receiving emails whenever you get comments, you might just wanna come in here and check these options. All right? So if a command appears coming was manually approved comment, author must have a previously approved comment. Well, for this, I'm just gonna go with the second option. This way. We trust any author that's made a previously accessible comment. That means that in most likelihood, there might be a real kind of person and person who makes ah, good comments. So we'll go with this one. It's a comment. Moderation in here, you can add, uh, you can block Commons that have two or more links. Typically, this would be a spam kind of comment. If it comment has more than one or two links, that could be problematic, but could always increased that to maybe 34 If for some reason But I'm going, I'm going to stick with it, too. In here, you can add I P addresses or one ward that will not be allowed to be posted on your blawg if you don't want that in him as well. This is where you would add the ah comments. So if you want it to prevent any foul language or prevent the, you know, politics or things like that, you can come in here and add Ah, those kinds of all sizes when it common contains any of these words and it's content. Name your email. I p address. It will be put in the trash. So again, this is where you can control the cans of woods that can appear on your articles. And then we got avatars. Do you wanna show avatars? Okay. And then in here you can choose the default Alberto. And then you've also got this maximum 18 which I personally have never used before. Ah, X, even for even more mature than a ball over. I don't know. I mean this I don't know if you if you may be creating a blogged about some adult material I don't know about, Maybe you might want to come in here and, uh, check Axel ill. Whatever matches the adult level off the content you are creating. All right. So basically, that is it for the discussion settings. If you have any questions about this, do let me know. Thanks. Fortunate video. And before I go, you may have noticed down that overhit very have comments. I've got two comments on my posts. I'm gonna click on comments, and right now you can see that we have the author. We have the actual comment. We have. The document was made, and then what article? That comment was made on instantly. You might just realize that. Hey, this is spam. This is Pam right here. Because the name of the person is ah three W eight. And the content itself doesn't make any sense. Most press release services are free. However, some are paid. Make sure you don't say anything. Give a good female leads, legal troubles. You know, this is spam. Really? And you can even tell from the i P address and the email that Justice person used. So by default, what press has held is to for moderation, which is great. But don't worry. Later on in this cause, I'm gonna show you exactly how you can fight against spam. I'm gonna show you how you can make use of a particular plugging the alliance. You just automatically now remove any spam material, Owner said, even before it is published. So staging for that think of watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 28. Introduction to WordPress Themes: although it's welcome to this very special topic where we'll be talking about what press themes. And this is without question, one of the most important topics throughout this course because themes are one of the most essential ignatz of your out. What purse website. So what exactly is a war Paris theme? Well, you see, think of your what purse website as a house or a house you want to build right now. Typically, if you had the money, you might want you hire an architect, someone to design the layout of your house. How many bedrooms your house is going to have, what it will have a tennis court, a swimming pool, stuff like that. So your architect might come up with different kinds of plans for the house, right? Think of those architectural plans as themes for your first trip signed. So essentially the kind off what prison theme that you choose will greatly determine how your works that would look like as an example right now, the thing we're currently using on our site at the moment is one of the default war press themes, which is the 2000 and 19 theme as you can see right there. Active 2019. So every year, what press Willis's one off their free themes that anyone can use. But notice in my library, my theme labour that also have 20 17.5 2016. Take a look at my core inside. Right now you can see how it looks like the front page. You can see we have the featured image that has, like, a blue background set off the featured images. Very, very big that we've got some tax. You can see the information about this particular category about this particular post. I'm sorry. The category that was published, the tags and so on. Now check this out. Okay. I'm going to switch to the 2017 thin, and it's now active, as you can see. Now check this out. I'm gonna go back in here and I'm going to refresh my website. Take a look at that. Now you can see everything has changed. Now we have what appears to be a sidebar to the fight. We now have the featured image, but we don't see the blue transplant background defeated images much smaller. And then you can also see that we don't have information like the category of the post when the Post was published. We have the dates. I'm sorry. When did they dispose? But we don't have to category. We don't have the taxman displayed and so on. Let's try something else. I'm gonna go back in here, switch to 2016 and let's see what we have. Now let's refresh and well, there you go. You can see now that again the layout has changed. So really themes determine how content will be displayed on your website. It will determine the colors used to determine how big the featured image is. It will determine how post will be displayed and so much more. So choosing a theme is very, very essential to how you want your contents to look like all how you want to convert to be displayed whenever you're building your workers website. And the good thing about this thing here is that we have tens off thousands off themes available for you to choose From. Now, you can either choose to go with a free fame, all a paid theme. Typically, the paid versions or themes tend to be better because they provide you with more features you be able to customize the themes and do a lot more than the free versions. But don't get me wrong. There are actually some very good free themes out of that you can use for whether it's a blogger or business website, photography website or any kind of upset you wanna build. There are themes out there for just about any kind off website. Now. If you go to war President Ogg four slash themes In here you can search for thousands and thousands and thousands of different kinds of themes, and you can even use the future filter in here. You can click in there, and right now you can choose the subject. Okay, so do you want to go with them? Designed for blog's? Do you want to go with them designed for e commas? Maybe you want to sell products like on Amazon stuff like that you've got for education, entertainment, holiday news, photography, portfolio, food and drink. So you do have subjects which you can search for themes and even have the features. All right, so what should this thing be able to provide for me? Should be a little red custom colors, a custom logo custom menu full with templates. All this stuff will take a look at it later. Don't you worry. And then also the layouts. What kind of layouts will this thing will provide for me? Will they be able to provide aloud where can display my posts in two columns on the before column six rolls, stuff like that. So you can come in here and decide the kind of thing you're looking for, right? But I also wanted to show you something. Now there are companies and I'll talk about is invented video. But there are companies that develop themes right for WordPress. And one of them is my theme shop. What I'm gonna do here is this OK? I'm going to switch back to 2019 and I want to show you just how powerful some free themes can be so you can see it says active 2019. If I go to customize just on the themes customizes where you can make certain changes to your theme to be changed, the bag on call or things like that right now you can see only have access to change the Prem Ical for the theme I can choose to apply the filter or not apply to feel to know. You can see the blue filter has disappeared. And Ah, well, that's pretty much it. There isn't that much I can do anymore with this default 2019 theme. But check this out. Okay? I'm going to go over to my theme shop, and I'm going to download one of their free WordPress themes very quickly. It's gonna be good. Block of click on the link. Right there, by the way, are my theme shop offers free themes and partners that you can get for free. So if you're interested, be sure to check out my thumbs up. We'll talk about this a bit more in the van experience. Don't you worry for very quickly. I want to download this particular theme and install it in and show you if you call thin. So I'm gonna come in here. I'm gonna go to themes right now. So other things I'm gonna click on, add new to install a new theme, and then I'm gonna click on upload the theme, all right? And then I'm gonna drag the zip file, which I got from my thing shop and could install the theme. I'm just close this. Okay, so it's been installed. Now, I can go ahead and activate the thin light. Activate pop, Pop, pop R and this will take a few more seconds. Okay, now it is active. Now, if I go back in here to my front page, look at that. The layout has completely changed. Now, this looks a lot better than what we had origin delights. But I want to show you something even cooler, right? If I go back to the back end. And now, uh, I'm sorry, I have to Okay, We'll talk about that. Leads up If I goto appearance right now. Look at this. I've got something called theme options. This is a very special and created by the theme of just installed. They have a click on theme options. Check this out again. The mean move that one. Okay, are very, very quickly on. Before I can use this particular theme options. I wanted to connect my theme to the theme website the My Thing shop website. So I'm just quickly do this. I apologize. I forgot about this. Ah, I apologize for this. I completely forgot I did it to connect. Okay. I like swollen. I think this should be the white Still. No. Try that again. Okay, I pulled us for this. Okay. All right. So before I could make use of the same options available, I ended to connect my theme. My websites to my theme ship account. Okay, so I apologize for that. It's not connected. Now, let's go back to appearance. Go to theme options. All right, now take a look at this. Over here. You can see I have access to so many options, right? I can go to general sentence as an example. I can upload a logo. I can upload a file icon. I can add my tutor user name. I can add couple X text. Okay. All right, Stellan. Options. I can choose a close. Kim. I can choose the layout style. I can choose it back on Coehlo. I can choose a bag on image if I wanted to. So many options. Even like the header I can do so many things Customize how my home pitch should look like customized Whether or not I want to have a twitter Facebook like buttons on my posts and so on. Basically the whole point here. My point here is that themes Defar and the kinds off options that they can provide for you . You can have things of very, very simple, very basic that would allow you to make me want to changes. And that's it. Or you can have things to provide you with lots off customization features such as this new one that I have shown you. So this has been a very quick introduction to the walled off. What Chris themes were themes are in the very next video. I'm gonna walk you through some of the very best companies that produce and manufacturer will not manufacture. Actually that develop our WordPress name. So thank you for watching, and I will see the next class. 29. Best WordPress Theme Developers: welcome back. And in the previous video we took the boat WordPress themes and I told you just how important themes are when it comes to determining how content will be displayed on your website. Now, I also mentioned that we do have tens of thousands of things available that you can download and use. So the question right now is okay with there been so many things out there, which companies can I trust to get my theme song like which companies? Actually very reputable. There are many of them. But to simplify things, I have nevertheless down to my top five. So these five developers are my recommendations to you. If you ever want to get anything but it's paid or free, these will be the five upsets also typically stuff from Okay, So the very 1st 1 here my number one pick actually will be my theme shop. And I'm picking these guys first because their themes are built with speed in mind. If you want themes a load favorite quickly, you want to go with my theme shop Excellent customer support as well and also the fact that the themes are generally very affordable. So you seem to go to my theme shop, click on themes. And by the way, I think I mentioned in the previous video, they do have right now 18 Free war press things weaken, download and make yourself and these themes are actually very, very good. But it wants something more professional, something a bit more sophisticated. They do have the Magnus theme that you can go for excellent theme. Just click on themes. Okay, so they've got a Magnus team. They've also got a very special theme known ass crypto. So if your website deals with cryptocurrencies as the main topic, you might want to go with the crypto theme. This theme is designed specifically with Cryptocurrency as the main subject, and they've got lots of auto themes available for you. Check them out today. You will not be disappointed. All right. The second company would be studio press. These guys quite possibly make the best looking designs for WordPress themes. My only slight issue with student press is the fact that there seems that to be a bit more on the high side when it comes to pricing. So as an example for let's just take a look of one off them authority, pro theme. So this would be a great thing. If you look into promote yourself, your personal brand, in things like that, this would be the perfect, kind off thing to go with. Unfortunately, it's $129. So compare that with my thing ship that typically sell their themes around $45.50 dollars. You can see that suited presses themes that tend to be a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, their themes are still fantastic. See if we can actually afford to go with their own things, all the command to depress excellent themes. Very, very, very fantastic designs and excellent customer support is always next to be elegant themes. Now, if you haven't heard of this theme, I'm pretty sure eventually you will hear off this particular film. Nothing is known as the Devi theme Devi theme is, I think, probably among the top three most popular what press themes of all time. That's the most developed by elegant themes and Elian themes, as the results are very, very popular. They have different kinds of things that you can choose, not just devalue concern right now, the promoting DVS, ofcourse the very first theme on the list because it's a very powerful theme. However, if you just tell it out with your place, I would not recommend David because it's a bit sophisticated. It's actually quite sophisticated if you knew toward press, so hold off on Different now are recommended much later. Once you become very, very comfortable walking, what press? But if the lots of other things they've got extra and the list goes on, they've got, I think, about 80 themes available. They can choose from. So again, feel free to cruise through their themes. Have got all the available subjects in here? Seems for APS, Blawg, Business E Commerce magazine and so on. Next would be the Actually. Before we go here, let's talk about 25. I think, if I would be my number four choice, are good in a few themes from this guy's before. The themes are very, very good, well designed and also pretty much affordable, right, So as an example, they do offer our membership option off its $9. We can get all the things available, but each individual themes about $49 so it's kind of like along the same range with the My Thing shop so you can check out 35 then finally we've got the in volatile market. This particular website is a little bit different because unlike the People's Five mentioned, this is more like the Amazon off price them. So, basically, if you are a theme developer, you can create your first name and then sell it on and volatile market. So it's a little different. Personally, I have never bought any theme from this particular website before. But the only reason why I'm actually recommending them is because lots of people get the themes from, I think, from ever to market end. Complaints are very minimal. The thinnest into well designed customer support is excellent. So that's kind of like on the mirrors is why I would still recommend are involved in better markets if you are interested in getting your WordPress themes. But definitely check out my theme ship first. Checkouts to depress elegant themes signify and of course, are in volatile market. So those are my top five picks for where you can choose your WordPress themes. Now great, you've introduced you to literally probably hundreds of things at the moment. But the question might have right now is Alex. Okay, So many things. But how do I choose the light? Thim? How do I know when a theme is right for my kind of website? And even more importantly, what should I look for when trying to decide what theme I should choose? So those are two very important questions and I'm gonna answer them in appendix video. Thank you so much for watching this video. And look as always, if you have any questions about anything of took the boat, always feel free to reach out to me. Thank you once again and also the next class. 30. 8 Things to Consider when Choosing a Theme: very about to watch is a tutorial I uploaded to YouTube channel about a year ago, and it's called the Eight Things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme. So, personally, I didn't really see the need to recreate this video specifically for this course. So what I've done here is I have downloaded the video and have uploaded. It's this platform. Second, what? You directly Well, then you haven't to go to YouTube toe Watch the tutorial. So again, what's the tutorial? It's very, very educational and informative. You will learn the eight cleans that you need to think about or considered before he eventually decides to choose your WordPress theme. And if you'd like Teoh, I would appreciate a subscribe. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel. It's called the Web Monkey. I upload tutorials on what press regularly, so if you're interested, you can always go in there and give me a like so sit back, relax, enjoy video, and I will see you next class. You one of the most important decisions you have to make when building your WORDPRESS website is deciding what theme to use now, with thousands and thousands of things available, it can be quite a daunting task choosing that perfect theme. And that's why, in this video we are going to show you eight things to consider when choosing your WordPress theme. The first thing to consider will be the themes category. Now themes are very often grouped on the different categories, like blawg, business, e commerce or even multi purpose all which indicate the kind of upside the theme was designed for. So as an example, if you're looking to build a website for your business, be sure to start your sort for themes on the business category. The second thing to watch out for the very would be the general design and functionality off the theme. Observe if the homepage has been designed to have a slider or if the posts have the featured images displayed. Some things are also SC already optimized for AdSense and even come with the very own child theme. A very important feature to look out for is the theme options. This is particularly important if you have no HTML or CSS experience. The theme options are what would allow you to customize both the default functionality and design off your theme at the very minimum. We recommend going for a theme that allows you to upload your logo, shoes, different color and Baghlan schemes and provides different forms for your topography. Another important thing to watch out for is whether or not the theme is dependent on a plug in to achieve its full capabilities. A classic example is the Devi theme that relies heavily on the divvy page. Build a plug into function. If you're gonna go for such a theme, be prepared to walk with the plugging it relies on. We also recommend avoiding themes that come bundled with plug ins show. It might seem like a good idea when you buy a theme that provides you with the premium plug in for free, but the problem is you will not be able to separate the plug in from the team. The beauty of separate implements from themes is that if it plug and breaks something, you can simply d active be activated when plug ins are baked into the theme. You can't do that. Side balls are great places to display specific kinds of content or information, and this is why you want to make sure that the theme you choose has the kind of sidebar built and that you want as an example, if you're planning to display some information at the bottom of your website and sure that the things you choose has a foot. A sidebar, the number of which templates a layouts offered by the theme should also be taken into conservation. It is often a good idea to go for a theme that offers at least two different layouts won't be in the default tempered with a left or right side bar, and the other are full with template, with no sidebar. Next up our documentation and support. Now these are usually available on Lee for premium themes due to their price in high level of sophistication. As such, if you're going for a premium theme, be sure documentation and support are provided by the developers. And finally, you want to make sure that the theme you choose is responsive, responsive. We mean that the theme has been designed to look good and all mobile devices, including phones and I pads. So there you have it, the eight things to look out for one shoes in your WordPress theme. We hope you enjoyed the video. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe, and until next time. But I 31. Sidebars and Widgets: Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the YouTube video. That one of the points I raised in that video was before you choose a theme, consider the sidebars and budgets made available by that particular theme. And you might have been wondering, what exactly are sidebars? What are which? It. So in this video, I won't explain to you what exactly? These two things off. Now you see, on my home page, you can see I have my posts being displayed. Okay, but over here, to the white, you will not. As we have extra content, we've got a search bar. We've got a recent posts tab. Recent comments, got archives and even got the categories of post and then so meta information to explain this. I'm gonna go over to my back end goto appearance, click on widgets and then from here, take a look at this place called a sidebar. And I look at all this information. This is exactly what we have over here on the fight. So here's a finnic eight side. Bozz are basically content. Avia as that have a dedicated position on a website. I'll say that again side bonds are like content areas that have a dedicated position on a website now. The information of the content contained inside of those sidebars I want with it, too, as widgets. These are all the available widgets, as you can see them right now, so you can easily just drag and drop a rigid inside off any sidebar. So, for example, I'm going to drop the calendar widget just underneath this search widget all right, and that Linda's give it a title. I will say Calendar as an example. Let's save this now let's go back. Let's refresh this page and how you can see on the decision. But we now have our calendar. There you go. So really widgets all great for this plane. Extra kinds of information, extra kinds of content Now going back in here, you would notice that there is another side back. Hold the head. Our ad. So what exactly does this control? Where will this information be displayed? Let's drag Thea archives into ah header outside bar and I'll just hit, Done. Let's go, go, go back here and we first a page and OK, so now you can see that the Hedda add this sidebar will display its budgets at the very top here in the top right hand corner, just above the main content area. This is exactly why I said that. Ah, sidebars have their own dedicated content areas. Let's do something else. Okay, I'm gonna go back to my themes, and I'm gonna switch back to the 2019 theme that's activate that theme. All right, so 2019 is now active. Let's go back to the widgets. All right, Now you would notice that we no longer have any, like main sidebar or a header at sidebar. All we've got here is the footer Sidebar. So you see the theme you choose will determine which kinds off sidebars are made available to you. So for the twin 19 theme, we only have one sidebar, which is the footer Saipa, which simply means that whatever we get you add in here will appear at the footer off your websites. If I come back in here were first the page and then I school old way down. Let me see that mouse. A school old weight down There you go. Now you can see these are the widgets, the search bar, the calendar of its and commenters was imposed. So all this up here at the bottom, off our page. So again, sidebars are dedicated areas of content and then with the widgets, make up the content off that particular side. But and the theme that you choose will determine which side balls you that I made available to you and can also determine which widgets are made available to you as well. Also note that with war press when you install what Chris What? Chris has its own dedicated set off widgets, not sidebars, but widgets and dedicated ones are the widgets, like the archive's audio categories. Calendar custom. Html. In fact, every single bit that you see in here comes with your default installation of what person, Regardless of the thing you use, you will always have access to this particular which it's. However, if I came back into themes, unless it's with the switch to the great block by my theme shop. Okay, if I go back to widgets, you would notice we now have new, which is available like the Facebook lightbox, my thing shop 1 25,000,000,025 ad My theme shot off the post and so on. So again the theme you choose can put use additional widgets and of course will also produce Ah, sidebars again, depending on the thing that to use. But remember that with the default insulation will press. You would always have set a number of available widgets other you can use. So that's it, I hope have been able to explain to you what side buzz are, what widgets are. If you have any questions about this, please do let me know. Thank you, Fortunate Video, and then we'll see the next class. 32. Choosing our Theme: Now that we've talked about themes, you know what they are. You know what to look for when she's in the theme. It is time now to decide on what thing we're going to use for Blawg. And, um, it took me a while to figure out which then I'm going to use. But eventually I have decided to go with the generate press theme, and I'm going with this particular theme for too many reasons. Worn is the fact that there is a free version of the theme, and so you don't have to pay any money to use this theme. And since you're beginning, your soldiers learn how to use what press. It's a good idea to first of all, learn how to walk with what press using free themes. And then eventually, once you become more comfortable, you can then decide to our pay money and purchase professional, well made will design theme. The second reason is because this free theme is actually very, very good again. They do have a paid version, but the free version is actually very, very good. One of the men issues we're going with free themes typically is the fact that they won't offer you that many features or tools, but the fruit version of the General Press, the theme is actually pretty awesome. So that's why I have decided to go with this particular theme. So all you gotta do is go to generate presto, calm, and then click on, install it here. And then on the next page, you can click on, download this stomachache click on download, and we're gonna download the ZIP file right here. So I'm gonna go over to my back end and let's go to appearance. Go to themes from here. I'm gonna click on add New All right? And I'm going to click on upload seem And then from here, I'm simply gonna click drag the zip file. I'll drop it in here. Click on it. Still now. Papa! Papa! Papa, Let's go ahead and activate the theme. And ah, well, that is it. I'm gonna go back right now to the home page of Fresh and that Well, there you go. This is a theme, and it's active. And there you go off successfully installed and activated the Jennet press theme. If every questions about this to let me know. Thank you for watching the video and I will see you the next class 33. Creating the Main Menu: all right. It's another. We've got the general press them all installed and active. It is time to begin to customize the theme. And the first thing we're gonna do here is we're gonna create ourselves a main menu. Every good websites deserves a decent and navigational menu, and this one is no different. But before we do that, let us aids two pages, and I'm going to click on the new button right here. Click on page. No. And then there's gonna call this one of the about page hit publish the first time hit published a second time, and then I'm gonna click on Add new again. We're going to create a contact page. Will add content to this two pages later. Let's hit Publish. Long published, too. And there you go. All right. So how do we now? Kuwait Main menu. I'm gonna go to appearance on, and I'm gonna click on menus right here and for me. I'm gonna click on, create a new menu, click on that link, and then for the many name. I'm gonna call this the main menu click on Kool Aid Menu. So now we can begin to add content to our main many. I'm gonna click on the about and contacted boxes on the pages Click add to menu. And then from here I'm gonna come all the way down here. Two categories. I'm gonna add the categories of our posts. Let's go ahead now and check all of them. Actually, just click on Select All So I will select all of them. Click at two menu. All key. Awesome. Now here's a thin bill. We have to make sure that the sub categories are actually reflected in the main many. Because right now, if I go ahead and save this menu before we do that, if I school down and said this to the premier menu, let's say this to the ah, permament your location. If I save this all right and I go back to my friend Paige. Now you can see everything this place as it is right, however, action thriller horse and for comedy, all these sub categories of the main category off movie reviews. So how do we actually reflect that? How do we create a drop down box for me and many to do this? Let's go back too many use and then from here. What I'm gonna do is I am going to gently drag the sub categories to the rights like fat and then release. Now you can see it becomes a sub item. I'm gonna do the same for three Lead director. The violent release track to the right. A list for horror director. The white police dressed the vital lease. And there you go. Now, this is exactly how the elements should look like you could even take this one step further and assume that if action had a its own subcategory off thriller, then you could just move through to divide again. Release. And there you go. That's exactly how you can create sub categories off sub categories. All right, let's drag this back. And before I save this, I want to drag the contact to the very last page because that's usually how it is. Your contact should be like your last link in the main menu. Let's go ahead now and heat save menu, all right. And let's go back to the front page and take a look at what we have. And there you go. Awesome. Right now you can see that the sub categories from reviews now displays as a drop down, which is exactly what we want it. All right, So there you go. We've successfully created menu. Think if watching the video, and I will see the next class. 34. Adding our Logo and Favicon: So we've got the main menu all set up, which is awesome. Now let's go ahead and add logo and are five icon. Now, you may be wondering to yourself holding the minute I know what a logo is. But what exactly is it? Five icon? Well, if you look at my brother types right here, you would notice that for the movie characters, all we have here to the left is just a symbol off. What? Looks like it filed. Nothing really descriptive right there. But over here for the website can vote, which is, by the way, where I got my logo and five I conform. You can see that the fabric on here is the sea with the Argonauts ship background. That is what we call the five icon. The five seconds more like the logo or the I condole appear on your posits Help when you have you in that particular upside, you can see the one here for the web monkey, my own website. You can see the icon right there is there is the monkey. And of course, YouTube has its own with the red background and the white play icon. So that's exactly what a five icon is. It really adds to the professionalism and the design off the website. And that's why our typical recommend that you try to get a five Aiken for your website, right? So how do we add the logo and the five icon? Well, I have already added my logo, and if I ever come to me to be the library, them to show you it's right here. This is the icon. This is this is the main logo, actually, movie characters. And then it SEZs news, reviews and trailers. And then this is the actual five icon, which is just a big camera. And again, I got these from canvas so you can go ahead to convert. You can get this designs for free. Or you can simply use for the shop or use any message you like for your own. Our logo. All right. So how do we add this? I'm going to go over, hit your appearance. I'm gonna click on customize right quick and customize, and then we're gonna go over to this page. Awesome. Awesome, awesome. Gonna click on site identity now this way, when I click on click on site Identity and in it from here. I'm gonna go ahead now and choose the select logo button right here, and I'll go ahead now and choose my logo over here. Click on select, and I'm gonna make sure that everything is highlighted. So let's expand everything right there. So it's welcomed us against you can see everything. Awesome. I'm gonna click on crop image and Ah, there you go. Now we have the logo show, which is awesome. I'm gonna go ahead now and hide the size title. And I will also hide the site tagline as well, because we don't need those anymore. Now, over here, you can actually control the with off the logo, make it very small, make it very big. It all depends on what you like. I'm gonna drag this down tree about, let's say 2 50 We might still change us a bit later, but I think for now this is okay to 50. And finally, if I schooled way down here, we have the option of adding our sign icon. So I'm gonna click on select image. I will choose the camera right here. Click on select and well, there you go. You can see the preview, How it looks like Annabelle za and also as an app. I'll go ahead right now and just skip the crop. And we don't need to clip anything in there. And ah, now, if you look over here to the tab, you can see the icon is now showing. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit publish to save the changes and Ah, the egg. I'm gonna close this. And now let's go over to the front page and see what we've got. There you go. We've got ah, logo. Beautiful logo, I might add. And we've also got the five icon. Why? They're so that's how to add the five icon and the local with degenerate Personally. Me, You have any questions? As always, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for watching video. And as always, I will see you in the next class. 35. Customizing our Theme: welcome back, and the people's video was successfully added logo, and we also added, are five I corn. Now let us proceed to do some further customization off our theme. So from the home page, I'm gonna click on Customize, and we're going to go back to this very page where we added a logo. But when I'm gonna click on cited NC anymore, we're gonna click on the layout and in here we have access to different kinds of layouts. Let's start from the very top, which is the container now. This essentially controls the with off our content area. Right now, you can see that the content isn't extend are beyond this particular content as you can see the white background. But we can expand this. And as we expand that you cannot see that the content area is expanding. And I think 1500 was like the maximum Harlem said is to 1500. All right, let's save the Islam Just published this and let's see how this would actually look like Let's some but it's a new tab. Okay, so there you go. Now you can see that the content now extends to deal with off our Broza. So that's essentially what this continent does now. You could always bring it back. We'd use it a little bit further, go back to 11. 20. And he could also change the separate continents to one container. So now everything both your main content and then the sidebar content will be inside the exact same container. But I like separate Contin eyes, and I am going to extend this to get old witch 1500 and I will publish. This changes. I kind of like this particular layout. Let's refresh this peach again and see what we have. And, uh, yeah, I like this. I really do like it. However, keep in mind that there is no right or long choice in here. It all depends on your style. So you don't have to go with Ah, 1500 pixels. If you want something smaller, please go ahead and choose something smaller. All right, that's it for the main container. Let's not jump of a to the head and, boy, Oh, boy, we have a lot of things we can do in here. We got some presets where you can choose the Stellan off your local in relation to your main menu, not check this out. Okay, I can go with the navigation before sent. Had a look at what that does. This now brings our main menu at the very top. And then put the logo on the new the main menu. And everything is centered, as you can see. So there's another presets. We could go with the navigation after and then logo in the center. All we can float the navigation to the light and then keep the local on the left or weaken . Do the exact opposites that innovations to the left and then logo is on to the right. So again, there is no right or wrong answer. Here I am going to go with the our navigation white. I like this. I like the fact that the locals on the left and then navigations to the lights. Let me. Now, go ahead and publish the changes and let's see what this looks like. I'm gonna come over here with first page and let's scroll up and okay. Why? Cool, cool, cool logo to left and then made many to the light's not bad. Let's make some other changes now in here, you've got the head out with You Want to go make the head out? The with of the head of go full length are gonna make it contained. We're gonna keep it on full. I like full. Ah, the inner Hedda with will go it full as well. Our head alignment. How would you like to align the elements in your head of what would be the logo and the main menu right now it sets to left. If we go with center now, you can see that the local shifts a bit more to the center. So does the main menu. But I, like left, will just sticking with the left. My death and that is that full of the head up now for the primary navigation. This controls how your menu actually looks like. So again, you've got the with You want to go with the full with or do you want to go with contained? You will not see much of a difference between full and content because of the way it is set up right now as it is. Ah, the navigation alignment left center right again. No real difference. Let's cook school down over here now. over here. You've got this navigation drop point. What this means is, at what point shoot the menu drop below the local. And the reason why is because Keep in mind that whenever you're designing websites or you're building a website, you need to think about how the website will look like on a regular computer on the middle deck. Stop. But also, perhaps, maybe even more importantly, how it would look like on a mobile device. This is important because more devices have smaller screens. So what might look very good on a deck stop? My not may not look that good on a mobile screen. So what does those is? Once the screen off the device is about 9 80 pixels or less. Then the logo are the main. Many will now drop below the logo and go take a look at this a bit later. I'm going to set this to our 9 60 for now. Okay? Also this 9 60 and then the navigation drop down. It's on over. Which means if I hover, my mouse of a movie reviews it drops down and then you can see the job done direction is set to the light we can go with left our navigation search. We're gonna go ahead and enable the navigation search. And let's see. Yeah, so now you can see we have the search button. To be honest, it's not really it's and chill, but I just like the way it actually makes the menu look a bit more professional. So that's why I enabled that. Right? Now, take a look at this. Okay. Over here, we've got access to three different kinds of screens. The default is the main extra, which is what we're looking at right now. But I can switch over to what looks more like an iPad. And you can see right now that this screen where the main menu has dropped below our main local because this screen is less than 960 pixels. So for a mobile device, a smartphone, you can see how the whole thing now looks like. So this is a very, very, very important unuseful tool just to see how your website looked like on different sizes. All right, let me expand this back. Let's get back. All right, now sidebars. Let's go ahead and open up this particular post in here. Over here, you've got the single post sidebar layout. The D 48 is content and then cyber, which is what we have. But you can see just two sidebar and in content. So I know this one. You can see that we have the side but first had left and then the main contents to the right. But I'll stick with the content sidebar. Or if for some reason, you could go be just content and no sidebars in that case will not have any sidebars on our single post pages. But it's a blawg, and typically you would like to have sidebars with your ports. I'm gonna go with the Regula content sidebar. There were some other options in here, like the sidebar side by content, But I don't like this because then the main kind of David becomes very narrow, and as a result, the contents will stretch old way down. And I don't like this particular loud. I'll just go with the content and then they side Bob. All right, let's hit back. Foot out will take a look at this a bit later when we build out the foot off for our website and Ah, for the blawg. Well, we don't need to change anything in here as it is. Let's hit back. And now go over to colors. All right, Now, in here, This is where you can make changes to you'll default ticks. Coehlo, your link color and so on. Now, because I would like to match some of the clothing with our logo. I'm gonna change the link color from the default blue here to something closer to orange. And there you go. So now you can see it. It's not exactly the same color as the local, but that it is. It's close enough, so I'll stick with this. Maybe I can even make this may be a bit darker to try and match extract that. Okay, I think that's maybe close enough. So in here, you've got access to other things, like change the political of is dead. Your blood post title and so on. But ah, I'm happy with what I've done here. I don't think I need to make any more changes. You could add a background color, maybe with red or blue or something again. This is depends and tally on your own choice. You don't have to go with my own options. It all depends on your own taste on the own sense or style designs, stepmother. I'll stick with the default, which is white, and I'm sorry the default is actually not whites. It's kind of like grayish color. So stick with that. Let's hit back. Let's go with topography and, ah, I'll make this very, very quick. I'm going to go with the more to Sarah Fund. I kind of like a monster that is just my one of my favorite funds to use. So you can see Right now the deformed family has changed. I like this. I just like the phones. But again, you have access to many, many different kinds of phones, So feel free to use whatever funds are you. Why don't you fancy And of course, in here we could change the font size. The line hides the paragraph. Imagine all these will change how your content looks like. So be careful when it whenever you choose in the options in here, over here as well, so you can choose your head as well. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but whenever you're trying to add content from your port from your post or page. Read it all. You have access to six different headers. H one to H six. H one typically been the largest and H six typically being the smallest. So in here you can control the actual size or the form family. How bold each one of the head as that you want to be. But it looks like with the free vision, the only have access to a Chuan to h three, which is which is okay. You don't really need to change any other thing in there. Let's hit back. That's for topography, General. Not too much in here. We just don't bother yourself with his option. What else do we have? Your menus. We've added our many already, so we don't need to change anything in there Widgets again. We'll take a look at this a bit later on the course and then homepage settings will take a look at this. Also a bit later. No need to worry about that for now. And additional CSS Well, this is if you are familiar with sisters code in. This is where you can add your costume CSS code. If you're not familiar with what I'm saying. Don't you worry yourself about it. And Ah, that is pretty much it. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit Publish, and we'll take a look at our changes were made quite a few changes in here, but I am pretty happy with what we have so far. Okay, Don't key. All righty then. So that's it for add in some custom designed to our theme again. Remember, you don't have to go with the exact same options have chosen. Get creative, choose whatever you feel is appealing to your eyes and that is it. Feel free to play around with all the options in here. If you have any questions, as always do let me know. Think if watching and I will see in the next last. 36. The Homepage Settings: Well, come back now. In this video, I wanted to talk to you about your home page and how you can control the content that appears on your home page. Now, you may already know this, but your home page is quite possibly the single most important page for your website because it's typically the page a lot of people will arrive at. And you want to make sure that your most important content is on your home page Now by default, Even though we haven't really changed anything, we've not made any edits to our home page or you know how it functions. By default. War press will display your latest block posts on your homepage. Right. So you can see right now the blood post are showing, which is which is awesome. Great. But what if you wanted to display something else? What if you wanted to display maybe a contact form or something like that? How would you actually change that? To do this? You want to go to your back end? Of course. Where else would you go to? And you want to come down here to settings? All right. And you're gonna go to read in a sentence, and then we deny. So over here you're going to see your home. Page displays by default has been set to your latest posts, but you can choose a static page. And then as a result, you would have to choose a page that you want to set as your home page. So for me right now, I could say, OK, you know what? Let's go with taste Page one. That will be my home page now, because we've chosen to go with a static page when it is Hell. What? Chris, what page we want to use as our block paid Republican go to and see our block posts. So as a result, I could just say contact as an example, right? Take a look at this, right. I'm gonna save my changes. Now tickle goes. I'm gonna go to the front page and look at that right now. Ah, home page is now displayed. The contents off our tests. Page won't remember. We are good at this page a while ago, but take a look at this. I'm going to click on the contact link right when I'm in menu. And look at this now all our block posts are showing under the contact page, So this is exactly how you can change the way content is displayed on your phone page. You can either go with aesthetic page. You choose the page, but then you'll also have to choose a page specifically for your blood. In such an instance, you typical on to create a new pitch called blood, and then simply use that as your post page right. Or you could just stick with default, which is what personal display your letters block posts on the home page. So I'm going to go back and change this because I do want to display my latest posts on the home page because this is a blogger, and typically blog's on the homepage will display lettuce posts. If you're building a website for your business under the hand, then your pussy. You might want to use a study page instead. So that is it. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I will see you in the next class 37. Introduction to WordPress Plugins: Well, welcome to thes brand new section. We're going to cover plug ins and plug ins are extremely important. In fact, you see, think of what Chris themes as the left hand off your perception sight are, plug ins would be the right hand of your whatever strips that plug ins are extremely important. So what exactly are these plug ins? One. Our table it plugging is basically a program that can extend either the functionality or the design off your war press website. Basically the A piss off code that you can add a website that can achieve a particular candle function or a task. So think of something right now, I think of something that you would want your website to be able to do. Maybe you want to have a contact form on your what perception? Right? There is a plug in for that. Maybe you want a program that can find against spam comments. There is a plug in for that. Maybe you want social media functionality, and what percent side there is a plug in for that. There is a plug in for just about anything you can think off and take a look at this. I'm on the official plug ins. Paid for what place? And look at that. As of today of me recording this video, which is january 3rd, 2019 we have 54,211 plug ins available. Yeah, this is a crazy COO. Easy amount of plug ins available for you to use. And if you scroll down here, you can begin to see some off the plug ins and what they can do as an example right now you have the events tickets plugging it allows your visitors two hours VP and buy tickets to events on your site. Okay. Oh, look at this. We've got the accuse mitt and to spend money. In fact, I will show you how to use this particular plug in this checks your comments and contact from submissions against the global to the BSO. Spam to basically protect you form spam comments. This is a fantastic plug in. We've already worked with the classic editor plug in, which allows us to add content to both our pities and posts. And again, it's just go down. You begin. This is some more. Ah, plug ins available. You've got one the contact from seven, which is one of the most popular applicants of all time. This creates a contact form on our website, but I've also got the used s e all, which again is one of the most powerful plug ins for S CEO. And I will show you how to make use of this plug in. Don't you worry. And the list goes on and on and on. So essentially this plot gains can enhance the functionality or fuel. What pursuits? I think of themes as the part of Europe said, that takes care of the design. Right plug ins would be the part that takes care of the function out. What can people actually do on your site? What can you do on your own site? Now I'm going to click on the Yost. As earplug invited, I'll click on the link and this will take the streets to the official plugging page for these particular plug in. So it's called Yoast Seo for everyone, and it is by team used. And you can see the blue button right there, which is download every plug in has an official page like this right on the WordPress. Now over here, you have four tabs. You've got the details which basically describes what this plug in can do, Why it's awesome and so on. You've got the reviews so you can take a look at what people have said about this particular plug in what it liked, what they didn't like. You've got support. This tab is used for posting questions. Maybe you have an issue with the plug in. Maybe it's not working the way you expected it to. You can come in here and search for the question. Maybe there is someone who has really act your question. Before, you could even just come in here and post your own question. However, keep in mind that if you're are working with the free version off the plug in the support might not be optimal. So that's kind of like, you know, one of the disadvantages of using a free plug in the support you get from the developers may not be as good as if you will actually bought the plug in. All right, so that's support, and finally we've got the development happen. This is more geared towards developers, but basically in here you can take a look at the changes for more division of the plug in to another. So right now you can see that the latest vision is the 9.3 point zero. This was released December 18th 2018 and you can see the enhancements double made. You can see the book fixes. And there, 9.2 point one was always back on the front of the 1st 2018 and so on. So, basically, you want to make sure that a plug in is constantly updated and this brings meets you the next part of this video, which over here, to the right, you can see we've got some additional information. We've got the version, which is nine point to be last updated. This is probably the most important information for any plug in. Besides, what the planet can actually do. This was updated two weeks ago, So this tells us that this is a well maintained and will updated plug in. The reason why this is extremely important is because plug ins are actually one of the biggest security vulnerabilities for your WordPress website. All right, you see, think of your wordpress website as ah house. All right, think of plug ins as windows to your house. So essentially a burglar could come in through one of those windows and break into your house, and still something do some damage. So essentially, the more plug ins you have installed on your workers upside, the more vulnerable you become. So cybercriminals hackers whenever they want to hack waters, websites they typically target plug ins and plug ins that are not well updated are typically the easiest to hack. This is why you always want to make sure that the plug and you choose to download is will maintain. In fact, I have a rule. Usually I will not up they honored, download and install a plug in that has not been updated in the last six months. Anything more than six months, I will not use that plug in. I would only use the plug in if I cannot find an alternative. But which 54,000 plug ins out there with some digging? You probably find an alternative to had the plug in that unit to use, so you want to make sure that last updated is pretty much within six months, our active installations. This tells us over five million. Again, this is a very, very popular plug in the workplace vision. So this works with 4.9 or higher. This has been tested up to five points. Open to this again is very, very important because plug ins. Unfortunately, even though they're very powerful, they can also break your website, right. You could install the applying that isn't compatible with your vision of what press and that could cost some issues. So again, you want to make sure that the plug and you choose to download and use has been tested with your vision of for prison. My vision of what President? Nice. 5.0 point two. And yep, there's been tested for prints a point, too. That's great. And, ah, Petri version languages and so on. So that's basically the kind of information you wanna look for whenever you're trying to download and install a plug in. And this has been just a general introduction to the world of plug ins and what they can actually do. And well, if you have any questions about this to let me know, I will see you in the next class 38. Creating our Contact Form with Happy Forms Plugin: Now that you understand what plug ins are and what they're used for, let's now walk with very first plug in, and it is gonna be a plug in that we're going to use for creating our contact form. Now that is right. Now you go to the contact page and, well, basically, we don't have any content right here. So we're gonna do is we're gonna create a contact form, very similar the forms you see on many websites, and we're gonna make use off a plug in, known as the happy forms plug in. And it is by the theme foundry. This is quite easily one of my favorite plug ins for Quit informs. Now there are so many for plug ins out Difficult informs you go contact from seven Ninja forms, gravity forms. WP forms like the list of plug ins is endless. But in my experience, happy forms has to be one of my all time favorite because it's very easy to use, but it also provides a lot off features. So let's get this done. I'm going to go over to my back end. I'm going to go straight to the plug ins section. I'm gonna click on add new Let's come in here. Search for plug ins and I'm going to say happy forms. All right, so there it is by theme foundry. I'm gonna go ahead and stole now, and I'm going to activate the plug in. All right, so let's see. All right, So what now? It's ese. You can add your email address to complete the set up so that they can track how you isn't a plug in. But I'm just gonna go ahead and skip this step and I'll click on continue and all right, so by default, as soon as you've activated the plug in, it will create a sample contact from for you. And this is it right here. She can click on it just to take a look at what we have pre built for us. So let's see what we have here. Sample contact form. Right. So the form has the first name last name. It also has, like, a check box full indicating why the customers to contact those it as an age selection as well, which I don't think we're gonna need. And then, of course, your message. So here's how it works. you can see right now over here, to the left, at the bottom is safe. Step one off three. So, basically, you're gonna have to complete three steps in order to get your our form published. All right, So the very first step right now will be to choose the actual contents off our contact mode would be like to see in the contact form. So by default, I think first name and last name is pretty standard. I like that. What's your reason for contact? Knows is also good. Although we're gonna change the options in here because we're not, like a tech or some sort of, ah, security software company that provides I t support. So we're not gonna need technical help and stuff like that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click in here right now. What? She's in for contact contacting us. I'm gonna click on the very 1st 1 that stays, need technical help and actually click on the pen and I click on the penn. Now, over here to the left. You can see we've got the very first level that say's need technical help. I'm just going to say I want to suggest a review. Also, just a movie review. Let's say that. Yeah. So just a movie review and then the second label weaken, Say something very similar concern. Want to suggest Ah, let's say add in new content. Okay. And then we can add 1/3 label that will say something like job inquiry, call inquiry. We can add another option. The last one. I will just say general question. All right, general question or suggestion. So these are the four options available now for anyone to use to contact us. All right, cool like this. Now, what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to remove the job down for the age. I don't think we need to know the ages off the people contacting us. So I'm going to click on the drop down books, and I'm going to school all the way down to the bottom. Wow. They have levels all up to 99. Imagine in the Internet and year old person contact into You know what? That would be awesome. I'm gonna hit delete because we don't need the age text. All right, so basically, these are the four blocks we have right now. first name, last name, multiple, multiple choice and then long texture message. So if you click on any one of those boxes right here inside, you can modify the title. You can choose where you like to place the title either above left below or simply display as a placeholder if you wanted to. So right now you can see that first name is inside the box. So I kind of like that, actually, like using placeholders. Sobel, display first name as a place hold up. And then in here right now, it says you will make this required. Yes. Well, let's make this required. We can duplicate this particular field if you wanted to. Because also click on Advanced in here and we could choose other options. Like, how wide do we want to feel to go? So by default, it said to half. But if we go full right now, I can see that first name has taken over the full width of the entire form. But we don't want that. We want half. Okay, So go first name in there, and that is it. So let's quickly do the same for last name. I'm going to put the title as a placeholder. Sweet matches the first name Good first and last name like that. Let's add one Field, which is gonna be email. Email is really, really important. So I can click on the email and then simply just Ah, drop it in there. And then I cannot click and drag over to where I'd like to place. It's less job that just above last name. So email again the title against this pit as a placeholder but gonna set us required. Let's see what we have on the advanced okay with. So just come on. Email domains were quack information of value we don't need. Either of these two options will just take those. All right, so we got e mail. Multiple choice. I'm sorry. It looks like we double click twice on the email. We have another email box in here. Let me just be devil quickly The lead. So got first name, last name email. What's your isn't for contacting us and then your message. I like this. Keep in mind, though, that we still have other fields available for you. You have website laying multiple choice. You've even got really cool fields like the address. Ah, scale. You even have a legal filled waiting fields story feel so you can get really creative using the happy for responding to build out really are beautiful and content reached contact forms basically. So I like what we have right now. It's very, very simple. I like it. I'm just gonna change the form name, too. Contact form. That's it. All right. So they don't with the very first step. So let's click on set up, move on to step two. So in here, right now. This is where we can control what happens when the user has submitted the form. So by default, we do have this confirmation confirmation message that say's your message has been successfully sent. We appreciate you contact knows, and we will be back in touch. I will be in touch soon so you can customize this if you wanted to. You have the check boxes that say's receive submission? A Let's. So every time someone said Mr Form, you will be notified any out. We definitely want that. So the email address in here, I'm just gonna changes really quickly to my official address, which is Alex at a monkey online dot com Our email subject. So it stays. Each time a user submits a message, you will receive an e mail with this particular subject so we can modify this and say new message from movie blawg. All right, including Mackin and play links and confirmation email. Yes, We want all of this email display. Name the movie characters over here. This is for the center now, the person who actually filled the form, what will they receive on their own end? So they will get an email from movie characters. Yes, and the sergeant will be. Hey, we received your message. And this is, of course, the default message that they will receive or someone like that. Now, over here you have a really powerful feature where you can redirect users once they finished submitting the form. So if you wanted to attack them to a certain page, maybe a thank you page for contacting us, you can simply common era and add that link Once they hit submits and the form has been sent successfully, they will automatically be redirected to that piece of just coming here and add your link. Finally, we've got the submit button labels. Some inform, I think is fine. Special provisions, Yes. You could also enable Google recapture. But then you're going to need your side key and secret key. If you've got those. By all means, you can use Google capture, but happy forms does have. It has an inbuilt spend protection known as the honeypot security and is actually pretty effective. So I'm not sure you're gonna need a Google recapture. I think the in builds Spectravision is actually pretty good. All right, what else do we have? Your saved messages for this form. Okay, add identifying number two messages so you can use, like, a counter. So you get, like, an email noble on the male number 234 and so on. I'm not going to go with that one. Finally, preview veles before submission. Basically, if you check this box, your users will be able to review the form and what they filled in before they actually send it. There is no way The long answer to this it depends on you. I'm not gonna go with that option. And ah, well, that is it. So let's go ahead now and hit style. All right. So, General standing right now. How wide you want to make it 100% you want to add. Padden was the direction Is it left to right or right to left? You can see that's the little of design, which I don't like, so we'll stick with left white notices. What happens when someone has sent the message? Do you want to display the notice above the form or below the form options available for you in here? And finally, you've got the colors. All right, so the primary color, which is black, you've got the success color. If Mr Wilson successfully the message of being green. If there's an error messages to be an orange, you can, of course, clicking here. And then just simply choose your preferred color again. You've got all these options are available for you already. So that is it. I'm just gonna go ahead now and hit safe and close. All right, so here it is. Right now, this is a short code which we're going to use to know display the actual form itself. So let's go ahead and click copy to Clipboard and let's go over to ah, contact Page and very simply, I'm gonna click on edit page. All right, so in here, right now, I'm going to say very quickly. We ruled you like Teoh. Contact us, Phil, and the form below. And we will get Get back to you. A sap. All right, but center. And then we can drop to shut the shot coat. Right? In their alternative leak, you could click on add happy forms and he knew You can just choose it from you want Teoh Insert. All right, let's go ahead and hit updates and let's see how this is going to look like. Let's view the page. All right, well, there you go. Would you like to contact us? Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you. A sap. Alright. What I'm gonna do right now is I am going to fill out this form and we will see how we receive it on our end and also how the user will receive the email on their own end as well . All right, welcome back. And as you can see right now, I filled out the form on my name is James Bond. This was my email address, and these were my reasons for contact in the movie Blawg. One suggested movie view. Want to suggest that a new content and this was my message. So you can see right now that the movie Blawg received the message successfully and then James Bond himself also received a message from the movie block saying, Your message has been successfully sent to appreciate you. Contact knows and we'll be in touch soon so you can see right now that it actually works. They from works perfectly well. So that's how to create a contact form using the happy forms. Blufgan. Thank you so much fortunate video and else in the next one. 39. Adding Reviews with WP Review Plugin: the next book and I'd like to talk about would be the WP review. Plugging now. This plug in is used for writing reviews, and this is important for our blood because, well, we are a blawg and we write movie reviews so such applicant would be excellent. We can review a movie, and then we can give you like a great and maybe three out of five for five. We can indicate what specific parts of the movie we enjoyed maybe was directing the acting descriptions like that. So this is a fantastic plug in full light in reviews, and it is by my theme shop you can actually go to My theme shop will come today and you can grab for yourself some free plug ins. They're over here for you. What, Chris plug ins about 15 of them. But keep in mind that you should only download and start the plug is that you actually want to use Don't just that installing plug ins on you upset because they are free. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead now and install the plug in again. It's WP review by my theme shop, so I'm gonna go ahead now and install the plug in. And, of course, we're gonna activate the plug in. We always have to activate the plug in. All right. So how exactly there's this particular plug in What? Well, what I'm gonna do here is this. I'm gonna come down over here to the plug in right here. You have the set since I'm gonna click on settings right there. And from here we can make general changes to how the plug it will actually work. So on the global, we have access to the general setting some others the safe restrict weight into it. He said users only. So this is useful if you wanted users who are locked in, maybe you have some sort of a membership plan going on and only logged in. Users can actually live. It sends. You can restrict that over a year. But when I'm gonna do that, we're going to allow people just to come in and give the rate in our ad total waiting to thumbnails. This is April feature unfortunately, eso of the other women in features over here. However, with the free version, you can still do a lot of really cool stuff. So don't you worry about this, I'm going to go over here to styling. All right. So by default, you do have this particular style right here where you could have your head in. You can have your product, name of the put a description, the price stuff like that. And then over here, you can give a general waiting. So this is 4.2, and then you can list the pros and cons. This looks good out like this. What else do we have here? We got our Akwa, which is a little bit different right now. You can see the features are listed in like a table format. I've got some other standing in there as well. You've got other ones in here like blue Amazon decks. I the zones are great out. Which means these are only available with the pool version of this article up. Plug in blood schooled in and see what else we have. Okay, well, it's on Lee default. And Akwa, there's a link only to ah, particular styles that we have access to. I'm gonna go with Akwa is actually nicer like the acquis style. So over here, down here, you can change the colors, the default colors. You can change the review color from this. Looks like paying to be something more like red. I think I prefer that you've got the inactive review, Kahlo said to like light paying the Funchal Lorries black, The heading background color is purple and ah again feel free to change all this cost year one taste. I'm just don't leave them as they are. And over here, you've got the ability to choose the icon you want to use for your waiting. Are you going to go with stars? Are you going to go with, like, an address book on address card? None of this would actually make any sense. So we're just going to stick with the actual our star. I can. All right, let's go back up. Let's go to default. All right. So what do we have in here with you Type? You've got the no review. You've got the star point percentage. I'm gonna go with the star. So basically, with this where we can say four stars out of 55 stars out of five are points. Would be more likely be seven out of 10 points or something like that? Of course. Percentage 80% Good. 20% bad stuff like that. I'll go with the star. All right. And then review location. Where exactly would you want to display this actual review? Is it gonna be after the content before the content, or would you like to use a custom shut code? When you use short codes, you determine exactly where you want to place the review, and I'm gonna go with the custom. Ah, shut. Good. Right. So I'm gonna go ahead now, and I'll just copy this for now. Just copy that and let's go down in here. All right, so over here, we've got the features. What kinds of features do we want to use as part all review. All right, I'm gonna come in there right now and at the very first feature is gonna be the acting. So we're going to review our movies based on the actives have edit acting. I'm gonna add director about a direction, all right. And we'll say the script as well. Was the script good at what else came in great movies on the plots, I guess, would be another one. So I got acting directing script plot. And let's just go with special effects. This would be applicable to every movie. But, hey, it's OK. So we got acting direction, script, plot, and then special effects. Okay, You can add default links to maybe all the reviews or the pages, other websites if you wanted to. But when I'm gonna add any links, all right, user ratings. Do you want to disable user ratings? You want to go with the vista waiting Only. How do you want to do this? I'm gonna deserve awaits. And so it's just gonna be us, given the movie, the actual waiting itself. So we're gonna leave the user ratings disabled, and that is pretty much it accept full embed, which, unfortunately, you only have access to this particular features on the pro version, where you can show the Thai tool you can show a thumbnail on, except stuff like that. But it's okay. I'm just gonna go ahead now and save my changes. All right, so that's it for the global settings. Now, Wall Manager in here, you can choose again. Unfortunately, this is only available with the prohibition of the plug in, but with the provision blocking you can actually choose who has divides to use the particular plugging, who can ratchet views, who can import reviews till it reviews and reviews and so on are import reviews. You can actually import reviews from although websites, as long as they're actually using the WP review plug in. So in this case right now, if you and as an example to export your own review would come in here and show the export code and then you'd copy all of this And then what's gonna happen is that whoever wants to actually import your court would simply come in here and say input code, and then they will Now instead, these actual code you've got here onto their own our website in this particular section. So that's how the import and export actually works. All right, so that's it. I'm just gonna go ahead now and save my changes. So let's go ahead now. And like some reviews, I'm gonna go over two posts and let's select the very 1st 1 here, which is the Spectra reviewed. The James Bond Review. So you can see right now we've got no weightings yet. That's okay. Let's hit, edit and let's see what we have here. Okay, I'm going to scroll down and ah, let's add the review just above the very last paragraph. But what we do that down in here, you can see we've got now the review box. All right, so the review Tappy star? Yes. Now we can add all review head in, and I'm going to say very good bond movie. So that's gonna be the heading for the review itself. Good are custom author. We don't need that. The waiting schema. How do you actually wanna wait This? They don't want to go with the author rate in or they want to go with the visitors aggregate waiting again. We're going to go strictly with Onley the authors with them because it's all waiting. We don't want other people to come in and influence the actual waiting. So I'll go with also review its and on Lee. Let's call down here. All right, so now the review items for so for acting what they do want to give Specter, We're gonna give it a four out of five are directing. We're gonna go with against four out of five the script. We're gonna go with three out of five. The plots will go with three out of five and then special effects would just get five out of five for no actual reason, which is going to give it all of that. All right, so we got 44335 Alright, custom location. Yes. We want to display the review at the custom location. I'm gonna use the shot code. So this is the short cut we're gonna use right now, So I'm going to go ahead and copy this shut code. Do we want to use a custom layout if you click? Yes. In here. Right now. You can choose the actual study wanted to go with, but by default, it's been set a record because we already chose Akwa. So we'll stick with Akwa for now. I like aqua, so we'll just hit No and ah, that is it's a review description in here. The summary that's the head. And they will be fine. And now this is the actual review box itself. Someone's gonna get go ahead very quickly and I'll just copy some random texting here. Just copy this entire paragraph. Copy that We're going to school old way down here and we're going to dump that in here. This will be the actually view itself. All right. So again, Usually have used, is disabled. We don't want that, and that is it. Let's just go ahead now and paste the shot code for review, and I'm gonna pasted rights just above. Oh, I made a mistake. I apologize for that. I forgot before Eddie over written the short code because we copy the random texts. OK, let's go back in here. This is a short code. So let's go ahead and copy of this again. Let's cool back up. They should work because it's just good right now and that is it. Let's go ahead now and updates the Post and let us see what we have. It's view The post that was cool down. And there you go. That is the review. Very good Bond movie acting for the five. The other features of this overall, 3.8 out of five, actually. You know what? Maybe we should have just said a good bond movie and not very good. Very good would be more like 4.5 out of five. Something like that. But anyway, so That's the view in here itself. Kind of like the some way of dance high review and that is it. That's how to make use off the review. Plug in. So again, you do have access to other ways of customizing your reviews, but that you wanted to use the Akwa style or the default style stuff like that. So do feel free to play around with review Plug in. It has lots of features again. Vona access. The settin simply come down here to plug ins, go to install plug ins, our go to WP review, Click on Settings and then in here you can change the style in, and they also have other really cool stuff. But that's how to make use off the review plug and say, if you have any questions about this to let me know, thank you for watching and I will see you in the next class. 40. Enhancing the Comments Section: war presses a fantastic platform for building websites. But unfortunately, the default tools the what was provides for comments isn't exactly the greatest. That was an example of ice cold all the way down here on this single post. The Johnny English REVIEW Over here we do have the default common section and is again see , it is very bland. You have this big box for the message for the comment, and then the user can come and put the name the email and then simply posted comments, and that's about it. So this is extremely bland and it is not. Fun is just so bland. And if you're building a blawg and you really want to block to thrive, you want to make it as fun. It's possible for your readers to leave comments. Thankfully, though, there is a fantastic plug in which we can use, known as the WP discuss Plug in. This is a very, very powerful plug in that is, basically you're all in one common smoking for what press it just It has just about really kind of setting that you like to have for moderating in controlling comments on your what perceptive and festival it is lightweight. It is very, very fast. So it is by the G Victor's team. You can go ahead, download, install and activate the plug in. I'm gonna do the same right now. I have already installed it. I'm gonna activate it now. As you can see, I'm gonna click on Activate. All right, so now it's active. Now, if I go back to my website for come over here and I refresh this page, let's scroll old way down here and now you're going to see a massive difference. So now you can see that the common section is now more be represented. Basically, you still have the box. You've got name in email. But now you do have an inbuilt antispam protection. Plus, the user can actually choose to either subscribe to any new comments that might be posted on this particular article. All they could even subscript to receive notifications whenever anyone who plays to their own comments. So by default already, you have a massive improvement over the war press. Our default commences them just by activating the WP discourse are plug in. So let's go ahead now and take a look at how big can modify this plug in even further. To do this, you want to go to comments and you will suitably particles and then click on settings. Now, this plug in has ah whole bunch offset. Since there are a lot of them, I could spend the next 30 40 minutes going through every single one of this settings, but the same time because I don't want anybody to be too long for you. I'm just gonna walk through the most important ones, starting off with the general tab. So in here, you've got the ability to enable the plug in on your home page. I'm going to disable this because we're not accepting comments on the home page we're accepting. Comments on the individual are single article pages right now in here, you have the ability to disable the war press Native Ajax functions basically not to get too technical. If you disable this option, the Libby discos will be allowed to on its own custom Ajax functions, which will make loading comments a lot faster. Although commend you do this, disable this option. However, if you notice any issues on your weapons were upset, maybe something isn't working quite right. You might want to come back in here and enable this feature, but try it deserved in the first and then see. So let's scroll down here. Over here, you have the ability to redirect your force time commenters to a very special page. So maybe you've created a very special thank you page for the first time in one comments on the website, you could redirect them to the particular page. But in all honesty, I haven't seen too many blog's do that. But, hey, you might wanna start there, tend, starts some sort of trend. All right, that is it for the general tab. Let's go over to the common form. Now that form itself. So over here you can hide the head. A text that Cesar leave replying. Well, that's basically up to you. I'm just gonna leave that on checked as it is over here, you've got the comment from competence. You can hide the please login to comment. Text. This is very, very important. Because if you wanted your subscribers or your users to look in first before they can comment, then you want to actually show the please Logan's comment text that way they know that. Hey, before I can actually write it, like to comment. I need to be locked in. But since my blood isn't a membership site, it's basically a block where anyone can come in and live comments. I'm gonna hide the text that says, Please look into coming because they don't have to. They don't have to log in to comment by Let's go down in here. Common author named Length Maximum. You want to control this? You don't want your people to step right in their comment names and have a very, very long name so we can go with him. Max off 12. If an individual's name is more than 12 characters, characters at length delivery discourse will not accept that name. So you really want to set a max in him now? The text Life itself. You also want to set a minimum off, maybe two. That way they can type in words like Okay, men in Old and NK, and maybe some other to let awards, but basically said in this to one might just be inviting spam so you can set that to two and then maximum. You can say that to maybe 18. I do not know the longest would in English, but I'm guessing 18. I guess it's no more than eating characters in length. I might be long. I don't know. All right, let's cool down here. Over here, you have the ability to enable quick tags. So what is this? Is it? Allow your commenters or your commentators to use its simple attack like bold italics, But I'm not going toe. Allow that over here you have the ability for your users to make edits to their comments for no more than 15 minutes. So months 15 minutes has elapsed. They will no longer be able to make edits to the comments. I think that's OK for the comment form section. I'm going to go over to the comment list now. The actual list contains all the comments. What do we have here? I'm going to school over here. So over here you've got the comments loaded pagination type. It's a Z. You can manage the number of comments for load. More option in Satan's discussion page. All right, let me quickly show you this before we actually make a change here. Lenders remind you that if you go to settings and you go to discussion. Over here, you have the ability to break comments into pages after a certain amount of comments, So the default here is set to 50. So after 50 comments, Waters will automatically break the comments list into Page two and then after the next 50 page three and so on and so forth so you can come in here in control this number. Maybe you wanted it to be more. I'm gonna live it on 50. I think fifties appropriate. Let's save our changes here and now. Let's go back to the WB discussed plug in. Go to the comment list, right? So now, though of so 2 50 after 50 comments the Lord more bottled now for displayed. And then when the user clicks on the load more button, it will load the list off the comment. So that's how this particular section works. Over here, you can set the brake value for number of words before a comment is actually separated and they read more links attached. The default is set to 100. I think that's OK now over here, you can choose to either hide or show the voting bottles. I'm gonna go ahead and actually show the bottom. So you want to make sure this is our checked Now what kind off? Putin. I was doing the use. I prefer the thumbs up and thumbs now, although you've got the smell if it's too sad face and of course, applause dash upon town. Ivo display. Wait. Times one is two directions after the content. I think that's OK for now. Let's go back up here. Let's go to the life update. Now they don't discuss. Plug in is a very light with plug in, which means it doesn't take up too many resources from the Web server. However, you might have the temptation off. Go on in life updates to your comments. Outer command. You do not do that, turn off life updates and then simply let the plug and update equipment least every art say every three minutes. This way it takes up as little resource is possible for your Web server. Right? So they're selected three minutes. Let's go to subscription. All right, so over here, what happens? Notify common after one. Once comment is approved. Yes. Okay. Most of all, these options are pretty standard I'm not going to change anything in here are styling again. I'm not going to change anything. And here you have the ability to change the colors for your buttons, your background, your texts and so on. Philippi to come in here and modify your standing to your heart's content are Kachin. Nothing really marching hits you talk about, move on Social Logan and share okay, So again, this is very important. Or what are more important if you wanted users to be locked in before they can leave comments. So if that's the case, then you can come in here and allow them to log in via Facebook account or Twitter account of the Google Plus account. However, to get this done, you'll need to come in here and then show display the log in our buttons, and then you'll have to look and enable looking button for Facebook. But then you'll have to get the oil authentication to so they do have instructions that you have the instruction for Facebook. Here, you've got the one for Twitter in him as well, and the instructions are pretty detailed, so you just need to follow the instructions, get your application I D and secret for Facebook. Get your P A k and A P a secret for Twitter, and you would be good to go. However, I am not going to display such Logan's because I don't need that. Let's go back over here and now. Integrations. This is a little bit advanced, but if you went into great detail, people discuss plugging with other plug ins like body presses a pro. This is really would do that. And finally, we'll finally we've got the add ons. There are lots of Adam's that you can buy. We'll take a look at that, actually, in just a minute. So then just skip. This will take a look at this in just a second. Let's go to our Frisbee for that. Let's just savour changes. Make sure we save our change is very, very important. All right, that settles, let's go to phrases. So in here, I'm not gonna spend too much time in here. Basically, in here you can control the kind of text is displayed for various parts of your form. So be the first comment. You can change the default text there on the form itself. You can make changes to all the kinds of texting here. Singles to your like the comment. It's in time. Email your errors as well. Feel free to comment here and modify any of this text Teoh whatever you want to be displayed on your form. So you have all the power in here Tools over here. This is actually quite useful. If you had delivered this cause installed on another website and you've on your country upside, you've modified that the plug in your middle, your settings and then you don't want to have to repeat those same settings all over again on your new upside. You can settle coming here, and you can click on backup options and I And when you click on backup options, you will see in just a moment you will see this download options. You can click on it. It will download a text file for you. As you can see that that that's a text file right there and then you can go to your second website, go to the import option stab and then simply now choose your text file. They double B this cost options text file, choose it and then import the options and then your new upset. It will have all the imported WP discourse setting. So that's how this particular area walks now for the adults. So, like I said, deliver this cause has Adams that you can buy to further enhance the functionality and design off your comments section. So in here right now, you can buy emoticons. You can buy private comments, Advanced likes your ads manager, common search and so on. So at some point, if your blood really becomes too becomes gets, that's getting bigger and bigger begins to blossom, you might want to enhance your comments section even further, end off course, are recommended common hair and grab If you off these adults. And finally, finally, let's take a look at it forms section who? All right, so over here you've got the default form. You can go ahead and edit it so you can quit your new form if you want to. So over here right now, you can choose to disable comments for particular roles. Maybe you don't want to edit or to leave comments. You can August to comment. Yes, unable to substitution bar yes or no, we're going to go with us because we do want people to be able to be notified whenever anyone responsible comments or anyone puts new comments on the particular article. And then over here, you've got more options that you can play around with. But this is the big one right here. This is the actual form filled itself. She had got game. You've got email, you could website. You can click on the plus button right into at a new field. She can add, like an agreement. Check box a cook. It's consent, multiple choice, color dependent on what you want users to fill in the comment from before they can post the comments. So you have that ability. One thing to change here, though, is the cold capture. You want to click on the edit button right here and make sure that it stays show for guests . This way, your guests will have to fill in the capture before their common camp displayed. So this is a great way to fight against us, Pam Common. All right, let's just go ahead there and, ah, we're gonna save this so you can change the positions of your films by directors. Click and drag. If you want it to? Okay, let's go over here now and updates. Ah, let's make click. OK, and there you go. So let's go back to Firefox and, ah, let us refresh this page and see our brand new shiny comments section. I'm going to school down here. All right, so let's click in here. So right now you can see that the user would have to fill in the capture before their comment can be displayed. Got name of God, email and so on. And of course, you can subscribe to receive notifications whenever anyone puts a new comments on the article. All response to their comments. So that's how to enhance your comments section using the WP discussed plug him. Thank you so much for watching the video, and as always, I will see you in the next class 41. Plugin Management Tips: So at this point, you now know what plug ins are. They're basically programs that can add extra functionality or designed to your website, and it can be very, very powerful. Unfortunately, with all that power comes responsibility. If you don't know how to manage the plug ins on your site, they can pretty much rule your entire website. In fact, hackers typically attack plug. It's because they're more like windows into your website. So the more points you have, the more vulnerable you become. And when you mismanaged use of your plug ins, well, you can leave your side pretty vulnerable toe hackers and malware. So what I want to do it is very special. Video is to give you five tips on how best to manage your but plug ins. So the very first step here is going to be update your plug ins. Keep them updated. I know you probably already know this, but trust me, there are a lot of people out there who never update their plug ins or only do so after several weeks who don't want to be like them. Whenever a new orbit is available for your WordPress plugging, go ahead anyone they opted little. It takes a few seconds, he pure plug ins, updated as often as you can. The second step here is to avoid using plug ins that are outdated. I typically have a general who, if I wanted to download the makers of a plug in, I will check the last date it was updated. And if it's more than nine months from the present day, I will not down the plug. And you typically want to go with plug ins that are updated at least or no more. The name on some today that you actually wanted to download or make use of the plug in out of the plug ins can leave your apps and vulnerable. They can also cost conflicts with other plug ins. So if you're stuck in a situation where you find a plug in you really like, but it's outdated, simply do some more research, and I can guarantee you that you will find another plug in that can do well. This book in those but one that's also updated tip number three here, is to limit the number of plug ins you have installed on the war purse upside. Now I get it. Plug ins are wonderful. They add lots of functionality, but try to keep the number down to a maximum of 15 maybe 18 on very extreme circumstances. You typically don't want to go both 18. Keep in mind that the more applicants you haven't sold any website, the more time you have to spend managing them and the more vulnerable you can become. There is also the tendency for one particular plug ins. You cause a conflict with another plug in after a certain period of time. So really try to limit the number of players you have one in on you upset at a time. Tip number four here is to avoid using plug ins that do more or less the same kind of functionality. So that's if, for example, you might install a plug in that can create slides but can also create an image gallery for you. You decide to use a plug in to create your slights and then neglects its capabilities of quitting the image Galati. Instead, you install a second plugging that can create image galleries for you. These kinds of situations can lead to conflict between both plug ins, so you typically want to go with one plug in that can creature galleries creature slides and then go with a different kind of plugging. That can do something entirely different from the Republicans you have installed on your sense to try to avoid installing more than implying that those mall is the same kind of functionality on your side. And the fifth and final chip here would be. Whenever you're stuck in a situation where you have to plug institutes from, we're not quite sure go with a plug in that has a paid version. The reason why is because, typically with such plug ins, the develop has off that free plug in will keep that free, pleasant off beta delta and maintain it as often as they can because they hope to attract people to the paid vision to plug in which they can then sell and make money. If you install a plug in that doesn't have a paid version, it's free. It's really up to the park to keep it maintained, and many times a lot of this planet's going neglected. And after six months, nine months, they become vulnerable and could cause compatibility issues which are what person upside. So again, the quick tapir is when you're stalking situation where you've got to plug ins and no question to go with go with the one that has a paid vision will typically be the better choice. So that's that's my top five tips on how best to manage and make use off your plug ins. You've had any questions to let me know. Think if watching, and of course, I will see you in the next class. 42. Adding Social Media Part 1: Let's talk about social media. And in this modern day in age, just about every business or an individual in fact has at least one social media account. And if you're a blogger, you looking to build a website. You also wanna have maybe one or two accounts on social media, and you also want to make use off social media to build your all the ends or build your customer base. So, one of the plug ins I can recommend that you used to create your social media following will be the social media, which it by a correx. This is a very simple lightweight plug in that would allow your fans had a costume us to follow you on social media. So what I've done is I have already gonna have to download installed the plug in. You can see right now I'm gonna go ahead and activate the plug in. I'm gonna do that. And from here, what I'm gonna do is you will see the social social media budget settings right here. Just click on social media, which it sets ins, and let's configure all the plug in. All right, so right now you can see that we can set our icons size settings. The default is 32 pixels. And one thing I like about this particular plug in is the fact that they provide you with lots of different stylings for your icons. You can see we've got about 30 of them. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna choose theme number six. I like it. It's just black and white. I like that. I think it goes with the ah, cholera in style off my website. It's over here right now. You have the ability to reorder the icons in however you want to show them. But then over here is where you would actually have to add the links to your pages. So, as an example, if you had your facebook page in here, you would add the UML. I'm gonna go ahead and simply use the hash tag. Just a substitute. All right. So I'm gonna add the same for our instagram. So now we've got Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and instagram, and I think that's okay. I don't think I need to add anything else. I'm gonna go ahead now and save my configuration and ah, that's pretty much it. That's all you need to do with this plug. And so to display the plug in, let's go over to appearance. Let's go to customize. And I'm gonna go over to the widgets now, because we're using the generate press theme. We do have the ability to add a widget in our head of section. So I'm going to go over to head up and then in him going click on add a Widgets and I'm gonna choose the a coup x social media. We did. This is a wicked provided by the plug in. So I'm gonna go ahead now and click on it. And there you go. So right now, you can see we do have the icons displaying just above our menu and I like that I'm going to remove the title. The text we don't need to display in its text there for the Eiken size. It sets to 32 pixels. Move can make that a little bit bigger. Solicit 59 Ah, maybe 42 pixels might be ideal at sea. Okay, lets he'd done Let's hit publish. And let's see how this is gonna look like on our front page. Let's go over there and Voila! There you go. We have our social media icons, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and, of course, instill Gramps. So now anyone who comes to our site can force on our social media accounts. So that's exactly how to create your social media profiles. On what press? Using the social media, which it backwards. Plug in. Thank you for watching, and I will see the next class. 43. Adding Social Media Part 2: Now that we've got in our social media accounts open, ready on the website, it is now time to provide our readers with the ability to share our content on their own social media platforms. There's all the best ways how you can generate even more traffic to your site. When your readers come to your site. Is the weed a particular post? And they like it and they feel you know what I think, Jane, I think Michael is going to enjoy this article. I'm gonna shoot his article on my social media platform. So you're definitely gonna give you readers the ability to share your articles, share your content on social media and one of the best plug ins you can use for this is the simple share buttons and a plug in, and it is by simple share buttons. Now, I have gone ahead to download installed, and I've also activated the plug in. When you do the same, you will see this simple ship buttons right here. Just click on it. And from here you have the bill. Is the choose out off three different options. You have the classic share buttons where you would have the ship Borden's displayed either before the article or at the end of the article. You also have the modern ship bottles, which is exactly the same except for the fact that if you chose the modern share buttons, you will be able to customize the look and feel of your buttons with the Yusof CSS. So the major difference between this, too, is just that the modern ship button has more custom features that allow you to change the look and feel off the bottom. However, I'm gonna go ahead and make use off the share ball instead. This will display the share bar either to the left or to the right of our article, and it will float as well. You're gonna love it. Check this other right? I'm gonna go ahead now and turn it on. All right, I'm gonna turn on the share bar. And now over here we have the ability to choose which icons we want our users to be able to share our content are on which media platforms. So by default, we've got Facebook Pinterest of got Twitter. We've got LinkedIn, which is good, but I'm gonna dragon Reddit, which is of course. Very, very popular. I'm gonna drag dig it as well. And let's see, What else do we have here? I'm gonna go with Tumbler. All right, so we've got seven social media icons. And now over here, the location. Where would you like to display the social media share bar? I'm gonna go with posts only. All right. And then do you want to display this on Dexter? Up or on Mobile? Or maybe even both? I'm gonna go with both. Why not? And over here for styling. So over here right now, you can see the alignment. You can either go with sticker left or you can go with the sticky. Right, Because we have our sidebar position on the right, off a website. I'm gonna go with the stick you left instead. And now in here you can choose the style you want to go with round you've got this square. You've also even got three D, which is kind of interesting, but I'm gonna go with the block border simply because the cologne is just black and white. And it goes with the color scheme that I have for my blawg. I know it can be a bit dull just having black and let everywhere. You're more than welcome to choose something more colorful. So you've got, like, the body around, got on the line and got mawr are colorful styles But I'm gonna go with the black border And then in here you can choose the mobile break point. At what point would you like your device to show your social media ship button in a mobile fashion? 7 80 is the default. You can change that, Teoh something else if you wanted to our size with I consigns margin. I'm gonna leave all those as they are. Color overrides. Nope. I'm gonna live everything as they are. So that's full styling now counters this plug and provides you with the ability to display the counts the number of times a particular article has been shared on any particular kind of social media platform. However, I will know a command that you do this because it will take up more resources. And unless you have a very specific reason why you want to display the number of times as goes up and shared, I don't see the point in it. If your article was really good. Anyone if he readouts feels compelled to share it, they will shared regardless of whether or not they know how many times that article has been shared. So I'm not gonna turn it on. But if you wanted to do so for some reasonable, you can come in here 20 on and then in here right now, you would see an example of how the council, but displayed so 18,000 times it's 1000 times, but And over here you will now have to also enable your shed dot com. Maybe I can sum for a free account here. It's basically ah, bit more Look to dio, But again, I'm not a ton on the shed count because I don't want to Something to make use off that. But you do have the option available to you. Ah, let's come over here to advance. Now, over here, the only thing that you might be interested in here would be the Facebook in science. You'll have to turn it on, and then you also have to apply for your up. I d things like that. You do have the Lincoln headache and read more on how you can set this up, but I'm not going to go with Facebook insights. I'm not gonna do that. Let's click out of this and then finally with CSS. If you do have your custom CSS you can come in here on apply your costume ceases if you wanted to. That's it. I'm gonna go ahead now and click on the save button right here on the lights and let's take a look and see how this looks like. I'm going to go over right now to one of my articles. And there you go. He can see it. Why there on the left? And I like that. I really like this a lot. It floats sticks on the left, and now our readers can simply come in here and decide to share the article, maybe on Facebook to click on the physic I can. And then they can come in here and say, Whoa, you know, fantastic. Ah, article. My mind is blown. You guys will enjoy this and they will shit on the timeline and that is it. So that's how to provide social sharing capabilities for your readers On your what percent that if you have any questions about this, do let me know. Thank you for watching. And I will see the next class 44. Working with MailChimp: Now that we have social media all set up on a website, the next thing we need to do would be to build our mail and lists. If you don't know what a 1,000,000 list is, it's basically a list containing the email addresses off your subscribers. Now you typically wanna have this list because it allows you to send your readers e mails. You can send them newsletters, and if you're selling products or services, you can sell those services and by simply emailing them and telling them about your service . So a mailing list is a great way to really build the audience. Unbilled your business. All right now, Mill Chimp is one of those services that you can use to build your meal in list. There are other services out there, such as all Weber Active Campaign, but typically come in Milton because they do have an account that is free that you can set up with. And then, if you need to upgrade, you can always away to a paid account with male chimp. Now, if you really familiar with mailing lists and you have the service, you're using, your more than welcome to skip this video and move on to the next. But if you're new to this, let's carry on. So I'm on Milton dot com. All right, so what I want to do here is I'm gonna click on sign up free. And now over here, you'll have to provide your email and then creates a user name and password. Now, I'm gonna use the email that they used to create a web mail account initially, which is Alex at the movie Characters don't calm. So I'm gonna come over here and say, Alex at the movie characters look calm. And my using them would be Alex the movie guy. Alex the movie guy? Yeah, that's what I'm gonna use. And then I'm gonna add a very strong password right there. All right? And I'm gonna click on get started. All right. All right. So he says, check your email. So I'm gonna go ahead now and jump over here to around Cube, and you can see I've got in the email from Mill chimp, So I'm gonna go ahead now and open it, and I'm gonna go ahead now and activates my account with mill chimp. Say it says, confirm your human Yes, I am human. I am not a lo bots. Okay, let us wait for a few more seconds. All right, So says let's set us up. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who all you What's your first name with your last name, Right? May I gonna say, uh, Alex and my last name here is going to be a tang. That's not my real lasting. I'm just using this as an example. So, Alex, get Tang. Why could tank actually don't know why Anyway, what's them of your business? I'm going to say the movie characters. What is your websites? Okay, so I'm gonna come over here right now and just type in. Ah, put up. This is all wrong. The movie characters dot com Let's hit, continue and from, and I will have to add our address. Now, the thing is, this is actually important. And by law, you do need to provide a real physical address and stays here. Believe it or not, we need a physical address to make sure your emails comply with the international anti spam laws. So there is a law out there stating that if you're gonna be sending e mails to people. You do need to have a physical address. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to add an actual real address from the U. S. I'm gonna click. Continue, and it says, Do you have a list of email subscribers? No, I don't have any. And when I click, continue. All right. So it's a is connected social media share campaigns with followers and create social posts . We can do this later. I'm gonna click. Continue. All right, let's find your Mecca Tin path. I'm gonna click in the light. Now grow your audience to the recommended bundle. Uh, not right now. Want to take such a mill chimps skills? I can recommend that you take this so that usually they'll send you tips on how you can build your meal unless things like that. So it is a good thing to have. So I will take tick box right there and that click. Let's go. And there you go. So we've successfully created account with mill chip. So that's that's have successfully created our mail chimp account. Germany next video wearable will now start building our Miller list using milk chimp 45. Creating our Mailing List: Now that we have a mill ship account, it is time to set up milch him on our website and begin to collect some email addresses. Now there is a plug in called the often forms pocketed you can use to actually and ties users to provide the email address in exchange for content. There are other places you can use out there. You can even in bed our form directly from milk shrimp onto your website. But I buffet is in this particular plug it because it's very lightweight and it's also very simple to use. So let's go ahead and install this plug in. It's called Upton Forms by Fences themes. So it's right here. I'm gonna go ahead now and click on and still now and I'm gonna go ahead and hit. Activate now. We ended the same You will see. Opt informs Over here I'm gonna click on often forms. And so first things first year is what is your email solution? Are you using a Weber? No, we're using mail chimp. So if it chose militant, it's gonna request for a form action. You are l. And if you click on the question mark right here. Basically, this from action. Ariel is what will connect Ah website with our mill chimp account. So they do have instructions in here on how you would do this. It's a little different now because Milton just on the when some changes. So let me show you how exactly you can get your form action you are else. So if you go to military account, you should see the big green create button. Just click in there and then click on, sign up form, right, and then click on begin. And OK, so from here, you want to go over to the on styled where you have the embedded forms. Just click on the on styled right here, and they can school down and an over here, you have this code. I'm just gonna go ahead now and copy everything I'm gonna make use of. Ah, note pad. Greg Lynn Note pad. I'm gonna paste all the text in here. And what you want to grab is going to be the form action. You are. L which is right up here. We heard from action, so I'm gonna go ahead now and just grab all of this, okay? Make sure you don't copy anything from the method? Just inform action. Go ahead and copy that. And I'm gonna go over to my WordPress back in, and I'm gonna go ahead now and pace that. And they you go. That is my form. Action. I'm gonna go ahead and save my changes. And that is it. Oh, so now that we've connected mill chimp with a website, we can now choose the particular form we want to use to entice users to provide the email address This But it got putting provides six different styles. I like number five the most everyday. Like the way it looks like. And then we can style the form. You can change your background color, chance to tie to the phones. You have options in here to change the text. The call of the style. Everything. Ah, the form options as well. Do you want to hide that title? The subtitle disclaimer. Things like that you have all the control from functionality. Do you wanna open the from submission in new window? Not necessarily from placement. All right. So there would be like to display this sign of form. Now you could display the form on your sidebar by making use of the shot code, but added up displayed the form at the end off each particular post. So I'm going to go with after the post and then on pages, I'll say don't display on pages. We only want this particular sign up form on our posts. And ah, that is pretty much it. Let's go ahead now and see if that changes. And let's take a look. If I go over to my website right now, let's take a look at it. Difference Post. Like a Terminator to view. Let's take a look at this. All right? Never school. Old way. Don't hear Luke that Now we have the big join A newsletter, Jennifer 3000 fister to receiving newsletter stuff like that. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to tests to see if this are actually works. All right, so I am locked out. I'm on Firefox pretending to be a subscriber or a potential subscriber, so I'm gonna test to see if this mailing list actually works. I'm going to school down here, and I'm gonna call myself Jones and my email going to provide my email address right there . And I'm gonna say, Yep. I agree to have my personal info transferred to mold Champ, and I'm gonna subscribe for free, so let's see if this would actually work. Okay. Substitution confirmed. Thanks for subscribing. Okay, I'm going to go back to the website. All right. So I as the reader, my email address as been accepted by Mill Chimp. Let's now see, if we form the movie characters end, we can actually see Jones's email address on our list. All right, so from here in Mill Chimp, I'm gonna go over now to lists and let's see what we have and voila. Look at that. We now have the movie characters list. Could it automatically? And we got to subscribers. Let's click on the movie characters. Let's see who also scrap is off. And look at that. We have Alex get tank. That's us. We were added automatically by mill chimp and I Look at that Jones with the email address. If when Alex 14 at Gmail. Doc home. So you can see right now that it actually works. Every time anyone goes to our site, they go to the Sino political vital name the email address. We will get access to that in religious on our mill chimp list. So this is exactly how you can connect mill chimp with your purse website and also how you can accept the e mails from your subscribers. So that's it. Germany never next Video Bay. I will now show you a very basic way how you can send e mails to your subscribers using mill champ. 46. Sending a Sample Email with MailChimp: Now that we have our mailing list all set up, let me quickly show you how you could send an email to yourself. Scarver is now in honor to take full advantage of milk Jim's features. You might need to do a lot more reading. You might need to take another course on Milton specifically, but what I want to do here is just to give you a very quick introduction. How would you make use of Milton to send out an email? So over here on your mill chimp account, you would see the bottom creating and click on create. And now in here you have different what types of things you can create. A You quit in an email, a postcard lead in paints and a performance on. I'm going to go with the email. So I'm gonna click on the email, and then you can choose to send out a regular email, or you can even quit like an automated email. So whenever anyone signs up to your list for the first time, you can create like, ah, welcome to the club. Welcome to the family. You know, stuff like that. I'm just gonna go with the Vega email. So I'm gonna create a campaign name and I can say, Let's say, Ah, news, letter, uh, news. Let ah, zero all one. Just as an example, I'll hit begin. So it stays. Who are you sending this campaign to? You're gonna come in here and then can choose your list? I'm gonna go with the movie characters list. And then over here, you can also choose to personalize the toe field nearby. The email will set off with the person's our first name. Last name. You'll have to choose a tag in here so I can go with the first name. So to be like, Hello, Jane. Hello, John. Catherine. Stuff like that. All right, so that's good. Now the from who is the person sending this particular email? It is Alex at them. Victories is the come. So I don't need to change that. And then you can add your subjects and it could just say weekly news. Let's Ah, one. I'll save that. And now over here, you can design your emails. I'm gonna click on design email. Let's see what we have. So Milton Compton, all these kinds of pre built temples that you can just simply choose and just make edits toothy actual content. So in this guy's right now you've got the future. Do you want to share your big news trio education products? Ah, share your story and so on. Taken school down here, you've got basic templates as well. One column. Want two columns full with and so on. Ah, you can go with the simple text if you wanted to. Let's see. I'm going to school over here and ah, let's go to themes. Actually, that's what we have on the themes I. So in your you've got pre build themes, asshole, they can simply choose. In this case, I'm actually tone the crystals. There's a lot of, ah, different, really good looking themes here. Let's go with Ah, let's just go with the invitation as example. Let's just go with amputation. So I've chosen the imitation theme to use, So it's load in art so female. Right now I can change. Make edits to the content so you have the edit block booking like Tech and click in there. I can change the title to welcome to the movie characters I can hit, save and close, although automatically multiple. Save your changes every 20 seconds again. You come in here, you can click on the button, replace your image with another one. You have so many or the our buttons and elements you can use in here. You have your buttons so she'll follow. You can add video image, contexts, box text and so on. That's on the content. By the way, you'll kick on design he can design. Your header will be changed back on call old bottle bottom. So there's a lot of things you can do with milk shrimp. And I don't want to spend too much time going over this because this isn't exactly a milk chip course. So just hit, save on their Let's cool down here, see what else we have. All right, So let's just I'm just going to open book. Invited to edit this text will quick, I'm just gonna say Ah, well, come Teoh this website, I will be send in you lots of good and free content, okay? Safe and close. And thats itself. I mean, I'm just gonna go ahead now. Click on saving close. Okay? So from here, right now, you can actually choose to send a test email if you wanted to. An AL typically recommend that you do that. You can also decide to schedule when you want to send out this particular email, or you can just send it out now. So let's do that as a test, I'm gonna click send it's gonna warn you and say, Hey, you know, you're about to send out the email. Are you sure everything is in place? Have you crossed your your teas and dotted your I's I'm just gonna say yes. I'm gonna go ahead and send now, and it says high fives your campaign is and to send Queue and will go out shortly. So let's no see if Jones, one of our subscribers, has actually received our email and take a look at this. This is my Gmail account on Alex 14 at gmail dot com, which I used to subscribe as Jones and you can see right another. I have received the newsletter from Alex at them. Vic caters to comb, and ah, there you go, so you can see it actually works. That's exactly how you can send emails using our milk chimp and again, there is so much you can do with mill champ. You might actually have to take a different course on this at the time have been making this video. I do not have a course on Milton. Maybe I might actually create one in the future. But if you really invested in militant when you like it off the command that you learn more on how to use Milton, because again you can do lots of things. That is not just about sending emails. You can create ads. You can create landing pages, postcards, things like that. So, although commend, you spend some time going over milk chimp and see what else you can do with this wonderful meal and service. Thank you so much. Fortunate video. And I'll see you the next class. 47. Recap: before we continue. I just want to touch base with you quickly and have a recap on what we've don't so far. So, really, at this point, we fit much built out all the necessary content for our website. We have our pages. We have opposed to have a logo off menu. We've also built out the widget areas both on the side bar as well as in foot area. We also integrated social media. We've also built out our mailing list. So from a constant perspective, we're pretty much done with this course. But coming up, I'm going to show exactly how you can optimize both your website and your content for S e O will also take a look at more press security, how you can protect your upset against hackers and malware. And of course, I will also give you some mental and steps how you can improve the speed of your website, how you can buck up your website as well. So I hope you enjoyed the cause thus far and let's continue with the rest of the course 48. Security Section Preview: all that's a welcome to quite possibly my favorite section in this entire course work with security and speaking strictly as a cybersecurity expert. I love talking about security, and security is something you should take absolutely serious, especially when it comes to your WordPress website. Now, Did you know that every single week Google reported that over 20,000 weapons looks as get attacked by malware and hackers? So what? This upsets are definitely and needed to get for lots of hackers, hackers love targets and what their sub sites. So in this section, I'm going to show you exactly how you can protect your what personal upset against malware and the bad guys take this section it very, very seriously. I cannot tell you the number of times I've had my past students or clients of mine complain about the website's been infected by malware or viruses. It is a paid, so it's always best that you actually apply preventive measures before you become a victim . So again, in this section, I'm gonna walk you through the best methods. The best ways you can protect your waters upside against hackers and malware. Are you pumped? Are you ready? Let's get started 49. How to Create User Accoutns: Let's kick of this section on security with how to create new user accounts on your purse. Upside. So a question you might have is, Well, why would I need to create a user account or a new user account? Well, imagine if you wanted to hire someone to help you light, you'll post. So maybe make some changes to your website. You would want to create an account for them so they can log in and do whatever they need to do. So how exactly would you create an account? Well, it's very easy on your back end. All you want to do is go to users and then click on add new. So you click in there and over here right now, you'll have to add a user name for that particular user. So what I'm gonna do here right now is well, I do have some names right here. I'm just going to go with developer. So let's just imagine I'm good in that. An account for my developer. Ever hear you'll have to add the email address for that particular person. So I'm just going to go with my official email address and then first name and last name. Well, these are not necessary. You don't have to feel this out. And then for the password, our war purse automatically will generate a very, very strong password for you. But you can choose to edit the password and this just simply common air and type the password. And then over here, you can decide to allow war purse to send the user name and password to the new user to the email address. So make sure this box is checked and then finally, you'll have to choose the Wole for this particular user. All these rules have different powers and abilities. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna go simply go ahead and choose author for now. I will go ahead now and click on Add New User. So developer who has images of Alex add women Galindo com would receive. He's used name and password. So here is the email I've just received. It's from the movie characters and it says your user name and password info, and then it Cesar. Using them is developer and then to set your password visited full an address. So I, as the developer now have to click on this link, and then it will take me to this new page where I can just simply go ahead now and choose my own password and then I'll be able to look in. So that's exactly how quitting users all works with War Press. Now, I mentioned Asai was creating the accounts. I mentioned that you do have access to different kinds of roles, and they're about five of them here there. You've got the subscriber you've got contributor, author, editor and administrator Self John Denver next video, where I will now describe the differences between this five rolls. 50. WordPress User Roles: celestic about the five default bowls that comes with War press, and the very 1st 1 is going to be that off the administrator. And as the name suggests, this is the most powerful wall in both press, and this role grants supreme power. And when I mean here is that the admin has complete control over all content. They can create new content, published, delete, edit. They can do whatever they like with contents. Plus, they can also perform all technical tasks. What this means is that can install new plug ins that can change themes that can create new user accounts that can do just about anything on the WORDPRESS website. So be very careful before you Grant, are anyone the wall off an admin? Because that wall is extremely powerful. The second was palpable is that of the editor, and the editor has complete control over all content and comments. The different between the editor and the admin is that the editor can not perform technical tasks, which means they cannot change themes they can't installed your plug ins. They only have control over content and comments. The third role is that off the author and the author can create the lead publish and modify their own content. They cannot modify or delete all the people's content on the water's website. They can only manage their own particular content so that the difference between an author and editor next is the contributor. And the major difference between the contributor and the author is that, unlike the author that can publish their own content, a contributor cannot publish their own contradicting, create content. They can deleted the gamble fight, but they cannot publish their own content. So this kind of all is typically a science to force time content. Creators on the website when basically the admin or the owner of the website just wants to try them out and see how well they can write content. And last but not least, we do have the subscriber vel and ah well, the gentleman. They look very happy. Maybe it's because the subscriber can vel Riedel posts, but that's just about it. The subscriber. I cannot do anything. I'm guessing the man is very happy because he's got no responsibility is all he has to do is just report. So this discovery role is very, very limited, and it's really ever used. Now, one thing or two things to take note off is that one ALS and capabilities can be modified. So just because what is by default makes it so that an editor cannot perform technical tasks. You can actually change the default options and give technical abilities to your editors. And second, custom rules can be created. You can decide to create your own custom rules, like King or queen or developer or something like that. So you're not restricted to the five default walls that comes up. What press? So that's it for the five default. What results Think of watching and else in the next class. 51. How to Hide the Default Login URL: it's often very easy to tell when a site was built with what press you do have lots of tools and online services out there that can actually tell you what themes and what plug ins were used to build. Ah, particular about purse website. However, one thing you really want to do is to change the default. Logan, you are well, everyone knows that you access the back end of the world s website. All you need to do is to go to the well and then type in WP dash admin and then you're taking straight to the logon page. Now, if a hacker was able to get to this particular looking page, his our chances of hacking you has increased. So what you really want to do is to change the default log in your will and make it something a lot more difficult for the hacker to guests and as such but gonna make use of a plug in known as the WPS hide Logan by WP servo. This is a fantastic plugging with which you can change the default WP dish admin to something else. So let me go ahead now and log and I have already installed the plug in Alexis. Not my user name movies by using them. OK, let me look in again. So I go over here to plug ins down here, you will see that the plug in has not been activated. I'm gonna go ahead now and activates the plug in. Now, if I go to my settings over here, you will see the WPS hide. Logan, I'm gonna click in there. And now down here, you have the section specifically for the WPS hide. Logan, You can also access this from the general tab. So over here, by default, as soon as you activate the plug in, it will add. Look in as your default. Are you a bill for Logan in? So right now as it is, if I just came over here and I looked out All right, let's do this. Now. Let's just go to the front page first, okay? Now let me try the WP desh admin looking to the back end Admin. Look at that. Now it stays. Hopes that page can be found, Solvej. It doesn't exist anymore. So unless I came in here right now and I specifically now said okay, log. And instead, now it's gonna take me toothy back end if I cannot actually look in so you can see how the plug in actually works. So what I want to do right now is to just change log into studio. So I'm going to use looking. I'm going to use studio instead. All right? And then if a user attempted to access the back end and chose the longer will, you can choose a specific page where you'd like to redirect them to Maybe could we direct them to a very funny pages? You couldn't specifically for hackers, and you might systems like Ha ha ha ha. Nice try. You tried hacking me. This is what happens when you don't succeed or something like that, you know? So, by default, you do have your four full page sets in there, which is just fine. I'm just gonna go ahead now and, ah, save my changes. No. Right. So let's no see how this works. Let's look out. Let's go back to the phone page. All right, so let's try this again. I'm gonna go ahead and say WP dash admin on hope that did not work. Okay, let's try it, Logan. Instead up that did not work either. So anyone trying to hackers, anyone transfer gained unauthorized access or what back and would not be able to do so unless they know that studio is the actual U R L to access the back end. So this is a great, great way to enhance the security of what, Mr. Website and I absolutely recommend that you do this light now. So that is it. Just make sure that you never forget the you ever that you've set to look. And because if you forget well, you could have some problems. So that isn't Thank you. So much fortune to video. I will see you in the next class. 52. Fighting Spam with Akismet: one thing you might find extremely annoying when you step quitting websites and you have people putting comments is spam comments, and this is something you absolutely want to fight against because not only would it make your website look very unprofessional, Google and other major search engines can rank you down. If in notes, Is that Europe's? That has a lot off spam comments. Now take a look at this. If I actually went over to my comments right now, as it is, you can see, I do have to comments. But these are obviously spam comments. Look at the first guy here. Ah, Herman might see it say's most press Phyllis. Services are free, however some paid. Make sure you don't say anything to gay tree. Uh, okay. And again he would kind of hope it's himself over here is from the same user three w. Eight. So really, you want to make sure that you have a plug in that just takes care of nonsense like this. And the best plug in for fighting against Pam, in my humble opinion is accuse Mitt. This is a plug in that's been around for many, many years, and it's a really, really good plug in for fighting against spam. So what I want to do is to go ahead and simply download, install and activates the plug in. Now, when you do it, you will see this book near that say's set up your accuse mitt account. So I'm gonna click on the button and now over here in other for kismet to actually work, you need an A P I key. So I'm going to click on get your A p a ki and clicking here, and we'll click on Activate a kismet next. Now, in order for you to be able to get this key, you need to have an account with what pressed Ought calm. No war, personal ogg. But what? Preston come. So you can company right now? If you don't have an account with them, just come in. Here are your email address, chooses and password, and then simply are create your account. I already have an account with them, so I'm simply gonna go ahead now and click on Logan now and then just go ahead and use my email that I have with them. Continue. And then, of course, I'm going to go ahead now and add my password. All right, load me end. Let's go, Art. So once you looked in and once you have your account with what President come, you can choose the account type they want to go with. They do have. Plus, they do have your enterprise, but also have a personal account which is absolutely free. Eventually, Once you, your Billups, it becomes very big and popular. I'll recommend you go with the plus account before it starts. You can go with the personals. I'm gonna get Couldn't get personal. Now, over here, you can actually decide to make a small contribution. And please, I am making a very humble plea here. If you can afford it, please do endeavor to you give them something like a because these guys, they make this really awesome plug in free of charge. And it's really good way to support developers like this would actually make our really good products and free. So in here you can choose to go with whatever amount you can contribute to them and ah, it's funny. You can see the yellow face being very, very happy. The more you spend and then the less you spend starts to become less yellow and doesn't smile. And then if you go exude ALS per year, the face is completely white and it's not smiling. Actually, do send them money every year. So please, if you can afford it, please, Duke, and able to contribute something for them. Ah, so over here. And I'm just gonna quickly go ahead and choose this, and I'm gonna go ahead and grab my UML. Just copy this and you paste up in there. Ah, last names Get tang. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and click on. Continue with your personal subscription. Come on. A kismet. Let's go, Let's go, Let's go! So it stays. Looks like you're adding a site. Yes, I'm gonna go ahead now and say activate this site. I'm gonna do that, Papa. Papa! And there you go. So it's a is a kismet is now protecting your site from Spam. Happy bla again. Okay. And over here, you can see you've got some settings. You've got the show. The number of approved comments beside each comment author. I'm not gonna do that over here. It stays. The strictness silently discard the worst and most professors, Pam. So I never said or you can actually choose to have a kinsman put the potentials pump comments in a folder for you to review a kismet are very, very good at detecting spam comments. So I'm just going I'm just gonna go with the very first option and then privacy. Ah, do not display a privacy notice. You can choose to actually display a privacy notices at the bottom of your comment forms if you are wanted. Thio was gonna go ahead now and save my changes, and that is pretty much it. So you don't need to bother yourself, animal. But anything accuse Mitt right now is working behind the scenes, and it is taking care off any spam comments on your side before they are ever seen by even you. So that is it. Thank you so much for watching the video. And of course, I will see you in the next class. 53. Creating the Privacy and Policy Page: Have you ever heard off the GDP? Outlaw? Well, if you haven't, it stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, and it's basically a little's passed last year. May that's 2018 May. And it's the law that was meant to protect users from having their information collected by own authorized users. So basically, the idea here is that websites need to explicitly state that either they track users by the use of cookies all they collect email addresses of users need to explicitly state this. And then if the user decides to continue to visit the website of used website, then the user has given consents to have their information collected. So that was kind of like the general idea behind G. D. P. Our end. You really want to be GDP? Our complaint because there are penalties. If you're tracking users by the use of cookies or your collecting the email addresses things like that, you do need to be Judy pl compliant. And how can you be GDP our complaint before we actually do this, only showing an example. So here is gold or com, one of my favorite websites, because I'm a huge football fan, you can see it at the bottom. It say's We use cookies to give you the best all and experience By using the Web site, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. So right now if I said okay, except that means I have accepted to have Goto com tracked me with the use of cookies. That's kind of like how gold a home are being GDP. I'll compliant. So with war press, what press as a result of the law, are produced some new features that would allow anyone to be Judi people compliant when they use water. So the first thing we need to do right now is to create our privacy and policy page. Where will explicitly state that? Yes, we use cookies. We collected mail addresses, things like that. So to create this Paris and policy page. What? This actually has an inbuilt feature for this. And to do this, I'm gonna go over here to the our citizens. Oh, and then on the settings, you should see privacy right there. Just click on privacy so it stays as a website, or now you may need to full of national or international privacy laws. Sounds like that. Now, if you have a lawyer, you can have a lawyer, A draft, a promise employs a pitch for you. Or you can simply use the one that's been pre built by. What press? I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna click on, create new page. And just like that, what personal created this privacy and policy page and an over here. It has really filled out. The website addresses the memory cutters. Don't calm what personal data we collect and why we collect it. So in here, right now, it's your responsibilities. Change any sexting here? So, for example, are comments we call it Comments Media. Ah, contact forms cookies. So for contact forms as well, because we do have a contact form. I'm gonna typing him and see we have our contact. We have a contact form that requires uses to submit their email. Actress. We believe that any user who uses the contacts form has given consent to have the email address recorded by us. Now, of course, I'm not a lawyer s. I don't know if what have doesn't written is actually applicable in court. But you really want to make sure that you have your privacy and policy page and just make sure that you stated explicitly that hate. We have a contact form. We collect your email address, we use cookies, things like that. So most of this stuff in here is pretty good. It's pretty extensive again. You might need to make a few changes, depending on what it is that you exactly do with information you collect for your users. So, uh, that is it? You do have additional texting. They're like your contact information. So you can comment right now. We'd be at your phone number, your physical address anyway, how anyone can reach out to you. And then you can also add additional information how we protect your data. So, for example, you ready are protecting your users data by use of SS Celtic and come in and say we use SSL to protect your data just as an example. So if you have other things you're using out there, you can come in here and add them. Aziz. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and move all of this, and that is its I'm gonna go ahead now and simply hit publish. So we now have our privacy and policy. Hey, guys, this is one of the ways how you can be GDP. I'll compliant now. German Avonex video where I will now show you how you can add a cookie. Consent notice. Just like the one that we saw over here on goal. Bolcom. I'll see you then. 54. Adding the Cookie Notice: now that recruited the privacy policy page, we will need to display a link on our website so that users can click on the link and then we'd what we've got going on on the privacy and pulls the page. But before we do that, let us make use off a plug in here known as the Cookie Notice for GDP L by D Factory. This is the plug in there would allow us to display a notice to our user saying, Hey, we use cookies on the website. If you continue to use the website, we're going to assume that you're OK with this. It is possible that your website doesn't use cookies, but I will still recommend that you make use of this plug in just to be on the safe side. So it is buying D factory. I have already gone ahead to install. I have activated the plug in as well. I mean, you do the same. If you go to settings, you will see cookie notice. Click in there. And now over here you have the default message. You can change the text if you wanted to. I am going to enable the privacy and pull Sealink and I will link it to the privacy and policy page are Let's scroll down here. So over here you have the ability to give users to refuse for party nonfunctional cookies. So I'm going to enable that, and I will also enable them to that we evoke cookies as well. So let's just give them those two options. I will say this to automatic. Let's cool down here. So you got some additional options to enable the unable to reload the page after cookies are accepted? Not really. We don't need that cook Ex Perry. One month I will go with warm week instead. Script placements. I'm gonna place this into Futa and Ah, that is pretty much it position we would like to display. The note says bottom, it's fine and emissions fade again. All this I'm just gonna leave them as they are. I don't need to change anything in here. I'm gonna go ahead now and save my changes. And let's see how this actually now works. If I go to my website, I'm using Firefox. Now, let's see. Okay, take a look at that. It says we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best expense on our website. If you continue to use, this site will assume that you're happy with it. So these I can click on OK, they can click on No. If they click on no well, cookies have been revoked, so we will not be able to track them with the use of cookies, which is fine. But again, this depends on your business. If you really need to track them with the use of cookies than all the command that you don't provide the option for them to revoke or refuse cookies, just say OK or link them to the privacy and policy page, so that is pretty much it. Let's just check here privacy policy so they couldn't purpose, and policy takes them to the privacy and policy page, as you can see. So and that's how to make use off the D factory plug in, known as the Cookie Notice for GDP out of this pickle case to your users. Halle recommend that you make use of this program is one of the best ways how you can be GDP l compliance. If you have any questions of all we don't in here Please do. Let me know. Thank you for watching the video. And of course, as always, I will see you in the next class. 55. WordFence Security Plugin Part 1: Let's talk about one of the most powerful plug ins you can use to enhance the security of your WordPress website. And I'm talking about the ward fan Security plug in by what? Fans? And this is one of the most popular plug ins out there against the active installations over two million already. And this is one of my favorite plug ins. For what? Security? It is very real bossed, which means it has lots of different kinds of features. So what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna split this tutorial into two videos. So in the very first video will just cover the basics off what fans and how you can configure certain parts. And then in the second part, we will band up how to use this plug in. So please go ahead, download, install, and activate this fantastic plug in. Now, once you're done, you will see this message from what fans, which is part of insulation asking you to provide your email address where they will send you security alerts. This is extremely important to please make sure you use an actual real email address that you have. I'm gonna come in here right now And just add one of my official email addresses. All right? Oh, I'm sorry, Alex. Add the movie characters will come. It should be Alex at the movie characters that come out. So that's my email. So it stays. Would you like to join the mailing list? Yes, Elder Commander. You do. So they do, Santa. Very useful tips every now and then. When I checked the books here and I'm gonna click on Continue. All right. So what France does have a premium version off the plug in, but we're gonna deal with the free vision. And if you're interested, you can always get the pay division. Later, I'm gonna click on No, thanks. And, ah, let's take a look at this. Fantastic plug in. You will see a world fence at the bottom right here. Let's go straight to the dashboard and see what what friends has to tell us. Ok, I'm just close. This all right? I must call all the way to the top. So in here, right now, you will see this message asking that what friends be allowed to update automatically whenever there's a new version. So, yes, go ahead and enable the auto update. I think that's very, very useful. And in here you will see those measures saying To make your side as secure as possible. Take a moment to optimize the world fans Web application. Final wall Just click here to configure Now. Now, depending on your Web host, you might see a different value in here. So don't be concerned if your fellow here is different for minor adjustments that your Web post is using a different kind off ah, Web server. So what fence automatically will detect the kind of civilians on in, And that would enable Itsu run as efficiently as possible, based on your ah, seven configurations went just to be on the safe side. I would recommend that you click on the your download 0.80 access file so you have a backup off this particular fellow. It is very, very important. Once that's done, just click on, continue and click close and ah, that is it. That's old you need to do to optimize your file wall. Okay, so let's take a look over here right now. No, there'll be a under the final section now, so any I would say is, Well, you've got the Web application Final wall, and it's currently in learning mode. Okay, let's cool down here. Over here, it stays linen mode, and then it will automatically be enabled. One week from now. I am recording this video second day off February 2000 and 19. So what exactly is this living mode? See? Think off the firewall. Think of the what fence firewall as a bodyguard that's been assigned to protect declined for the very first time. Now the bodyguard needs to understand what the client does feel live in where they go to the kinds of places they visited. Cans of people that visit damn this way, the body, God knows what to expect. The bodyguard. No, stay with teen, and the bodyguard is in a better position to identify any sort of unusual activity. That's basically what the firewall is doing in the lunatic mode. It's learning about your website, the kinds of content you could used, the kinds of traffic that you typically typically get onto your site, the things that people typically do when they come to your site. Maybe your site is the top off site where users can upload files, download files So basically, your firewall is just learning as much as it can about your site before it actually begins to act. This is why you want to go with the linen mode. First of all, you could come in here and just disable the firewall, which will not be a good idea. You could just go ahead and say, enabled and protect him. But at this point, your final doesn't know much about your site. So it's best to just stick with the leading mode and it's against C automatically. One week from today, the affair will be will immediately switch to the enabled and protected. So you really don't need to do anything in here. All right, let's scroll down. And over here, we've got the advanced firewall options. I know if you're watching this video, you're probably not a security goo. So what I'm gonna do is I'm only going to focus on the most important parts and not where you down with too many technicalities, Thankfully, our offense by default. Actually, there's a very good job of providing you with some good options that you don't even need to configure all that much. So over here, right Now you've got the delay I p and country and country blocking until after WordPress and plug ins have loaded only possess firewalls early in here. This is useful. If you have certain people that you trust, maybe it's your Web developer or one of your ad mains, Or so you trust. If they're having issues logging into your site or access in your sight for one reason or the other, you can ask them for the I P addressing and coming here and put the I P address this way that appear jobs will automatically bypass your firewall and will give the user access to your site. So this is where this is actually very useful limb. Just close this. All right, let's go old way down here. So over here, you've got this section that Cesar immediately block eyepiece that access these. You are Els. This is a little bit tricky. Um, whenever a hacker tries to hack your website there is set in. You are else maybe like four slash WP dish. Add main for slash looking PHP. There might be certain kinds of euros the treaty access in order to find out if there is a particle of an ability with your science and someone. If you are familiar with such a rails or you have a security expert, this is really can come in and add such a also that if anyone tries to access such variables, there will be blocked. However, I'll just recommend that's unless you know what it is that you're doing. Don't come in here and add, and if it just leave it blank as it is, all right, that is pretty much it for the advanced firewall options. Let's take a look now at the boot force protection. What do we have here? All right, if you don't know what brute force is basically in a brute force attack, the hack out will try to guess your password and we'll try different combinations of letters numbers. And they do have software that can actually try thousands of combinations per second. So that's basically what a brute force attack is. Just basically a hacker try and lots of combination of letters, and was just to guess your password. So you really want to protect your site against such users so any right now, but I like to do here is lockout after having Logan failures. I'm gonna go with five, Okay? We'll go with five and then look out after me. After how many forgot password attempt again. I'll go with five. And then confidence of over temperate forecast for us. I think this is This is perfect. This other sentence, all the command. So basically, if anyone Phil's mawr than five times to correctly access the backend of the website, they will be logged out for four hours. That's basically what this means, and I think this is actually pretty cool. Now, over here, you've got this very re veil. We powerful feature that what fits provides and that is the immediately lookout. Invalid user names. If anyone tries to use a using them that isn't on your site, there will be locked out immediately. This is perfect. I'm gonna come in here right now and take this. Now let me open up my users in a new window when a new tab and show you something right now you can see I've got to use the names of the developer and also have movie. However, I do not have user name searchers add mean or administrator. So if a company right now, and I say, Yep. I'm gonna block anyone that tries to use using them off admin and then Oh, not at. Sorry. Add mean is trey toll cool? The visit while I'm doing this is because many times whenever a hacker wants to access your backhand, there will typically go for use names like admin and administrator. Because a lot of people have such user names on their website. This is why all the command? You don't have any user name on a counter pass, admin or or administrator as the using it don't just have genetic. He's the names. And also don't use your first name as your user name. It is a very bad idea. So and they can see I've added Alex. I'm also gonna add Alexander. Just it gets in. The one tries to hack this website because they know my name is Alex. So you can see admin Administrator Alex, Alex and out. I will look, when you do exactly the same thing, add admin administrator and an ad your first name block Any I p o just addressed to use any one of these user names to access your back end Okay, let's cool down in here. We've got the prevent the use of passwords licked indebted breaches for Adnan's only you can go with for all these us with published post capability. I'll go with this one. What is those? Here basically is. If the plug in the text that there's been a security bridge, it will immediately vendor any passwords associated with accounts that have the published post capability useless. So basically, most accounts that have the publish post capability are your admin, your editor as well as your awful those air three kinds of accounts that have the published ports capability. So this is a good setting for this particular section. And then you've got the additional options and four strong passwords. You can force your ad men's and publishers to have strong passwords, or you can just go with force. All members also commended, Go with the force, all members, and that is pretty much eight full These section. I'm just close this for before protection. Let's now go to the rate limiting right? What exactly is weight limits? And this controls just how much traffic a particular I P address can get or how much request they can make on your side per minute that basically what late limiting is basically you regulating How much traffic, Uh, you are allowing the particular I P address to get onto your site Soap. In here, you can choose to immediately block fake Google koalas. Yes, let's do that. How should we treat Google's Are cola's. I like to give very fine Google collapse on limited access because they're verified there from Google. And you typically want your call us Google Colas to access your sight unless for some reason, you don't want to be optimized and Google. So I like to give very fragile vocalize on limited access. And now over here, you've got the If anyone's requests exceed everything here said so lamentable. This is bad. I'm going to go over here to 240 requests per minute. What this means is, is if anyone's I P address has made more than 240 requests per minute and my requests, I mean page access, posts, access basically them doing stuff on your side as basically what requests mean so if it exceeds 240 per minute, that's typically vagaries of species, and I'll just throttle it. You can, either through it'll or block throttle means you're glades matrons. You deny them access for a while and then give them access again after a period of time. Blood just means block. They were banned from accessing your site. So I'm gonna go with 2 40 permits and then throw it fertile. It are the second. If a color spit views exceed again, I'll go with 240 per minute and then throttle. And now, over here, you've got the If Nicholas paid is not found, 44 exceed. What this means is if a cola has found more than a set in amount off, not found pages per minute. Or do we do in this case right now, I'm going to go as low as 10. Typically, if any color or any person is looking for booking link on your page, that's typically every but sign it could be. Couldn't ended looking for vulnerabilities. I'm going to say if they find 10 more than 10 per minute, I'm just gonna go ahead now and block it, all right? You also want to make sure that you said is actually well configured. You don't have too many booking links on your site. Just letting you know if a few months page views exceed. Okay, this one again. We can make this to 40. Not into harmful here. And now, if humans pages not found four for exceed again, I'm gonna go very, very low here. Basically, a human being finds more than 10 booking links per minute on my site. Well, I'm gonna go ahead and block them. Why are they looking for booking links? That's typically are very, very suspicious. And now over here, it says, How long is an I P. Address blocked When it breaks our rules, I'm gonna go with one day. So basically, if an I p address breaks, any one of these rules are set in here. There will be blocked for one day. You do have the option for one month, which is the highest. But I'll recommend one day because remember that when people use the Internet, they're using dynamic AP addresses one I p address that they might be a Santa militias user who tries to hack your site. But then the very next day, that same I p address could be a scientist. Someone who legitimately wants to access your site and do good stuff. That's why you don't want to go with one month because you could deny villages as form access in your sets. Simple because they've been assigned an I. P address was previously used by a hacker. So one day and ah, that is that whiteness that your bill is This is a little bit complicated, so I'm not gonna delve too much into this. Okay, let's go ahead now and save changes. And that is it for part one for configuring are what fans? Security plug in German event exhibited away Our will round up how you can use the word physical to plug in to protect your website. 56. WordFence Security Plugin Part 2: all come to part two, and I just realized that power on ran for about 16 or even 17 minutes. So I'm gonna do my very best friend Shell, that the second part doesn't exceed, Let's say 10 minutes. Okay, so let's get moving. So, previously we already talked about the firewall and how you can configure your rate limiting brute force attacks and so on. Let's go straight to scan, all right. And with this particular plugging, you can actually scan your site, fall vulnerabilities or any sort off malware. So you come in here right now, just click on start a new scan manually, and right now you can see that it's running in the background. You can see it's a it's contact civil defense, initiate scan and so on. So you could do that if you wanted to. I'm just gonna go ahead and stop this can. For now, it's close. And let's take a look at the options. Full scanning. All right, so you will see the link that says can options and scheduling. I'm gonna click in there and let's see what we have. All right, you go to scan scheduling right here. Now I'll recommend that you enable the scheduled. What fence scans. It's better this way. And then let what France shoes went to scan your site. That is typically the recommended or future. Now, over here, you can choose the kind of scan what fans should want. Your ideal option here would be the standard scan Limited means that well, it's not gonna take up too much of your resource is. But then this candy would not be solo. You don't wanna go with high sensitivity either because unless your site has actually been hacked or you field your site has been hacked. There is really no point in going high sensitivity because this will use a lot of resources . And a lot of times it could generate something known as the false positives where the plug in tells you that Hey, this is a malicious file. There is. In fact, it's actually not militias. So you want to go with the standards? Can are most off the time. Now you've got your general options in here. There wasn't anything much to change in here. I'll recommend you leave all these as they are known to check on chicken of the boxes in there. So let me close the general options. Let's go to performance options. Now, over here, you can actually use something on. That's the law resource scanning. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose this. What this does is it will limit the number of resource is the plugging would use from your Web server. But at the same time, it will also extend the duration off this can. So this is very useful, especially if you on a shared hosting plan with your posts. And now over here, you can limit the number off issues sent in this can results email. The limit here is 1000 which I think is a little bit extreme. Unless you have, like, a really bad dysfunctional website. I don't think you should have more than 500 issues. Max, like even 500 is like, Ah, lots. But I'm just gonna go with 500. You've got the time limit that this can can run in seconds zero or empty means the default of three hours are will be used. This there is really no light along and said to this one, I'm just gonna leave it blank as it is just go with the default off three hours now over here, very, very important. You have the how much memory should what friends request when scanning. This will depend heavily on your server configuration and how much memory you actually have . 2 56 is pretty standard. But if for some reason you realize that whenever what fences running in the background, your side becomes a slow you can do certain things you might want to come in here and reduce the amount of memory that the pocket of requests all you can do. You can do something else, which is actually the better option. You can request that you have more memorable volunteer upside by your Web hopes. That would be the ideal option to go with now over here, after developed here to 15. And what is does is it say's the maximum execution time for each scan stage. What this means is you want to set a period of time where a scan can fully complete his objectives, but then it isn't assigned excess time as well. So you don't come in here and go with something like 40 for example, because most scans might take maybe a value of 15 maybe 18. So if they were able to complete their scan within 15 18 seconds, then why give it 40 seconds as maybe too much So for most service as recommended by the plug in. You want to go with somewhere around 10 or 20? I'm gonna go with 15 as my option. Let me close this. And finally, we have the advanced scan options. This is pretty advanced. And unless you know what you're doing, I will not recommend that you play with any of the options in. It'll add any sort of text in here. OK, that is it. Full of the scan. And I'm going to go ahead now and save my changes for the scan. Now let's go over to the tools. What do we have under tools? Lots of critical stuff. Unfortunately, one of the really cool features is the two factor authentication, but this is only available with the premium version of the plug in. But you do have life traffic, and this becomes actually very useful once your side begins to get lots of traffic and you can see the pages have been visited. When the page was visited the i p address the host name and so on and so forth. You can also expand your results which show you more information. Depending on how much traffic you've gotten. You've also gotten this. You also have this very useful always look up tool where you can actually look up the credentials off an I p address. So it's an example. I'm just ah, type in a random I p address in here. Ah, 60 full 29. Maybe so, if you've noticed a particular AP address that seems to be access in sets in pages that you don't like or you feel kind of suspicious, you can simply come in here and access that I p address and see who owns the site. Let me try another random i p address. And this doesn't seem to work in. Come on, give me an address. Let's try this one. And okay, you go. Thankfully, the plug in has been able to figure out who owns this I p address. So what do we have? It looks like it's someone from our Finland Geology Geological Survey of Finland. Okay, not too much information here. This is depends Business name. Associated with this I p address Hannah Chi va calorie. We've got vessel hella and, uh, insulin. Well, anyway, you can always just take the happy address of any person whom you feel may be engaging in malicious activity on your site. That's the whole point of the who is Look up feature. You've got the import and export options. So let's say you fully configured what fence on your website. You're happy and you want this exact same sentence on another website. You can simply come in here, click on export what fence options. And this will provide you with a token which Richard can copy. All right, this is the talking right there. And then you can go to the second website and then go to this box right here, pays to talking from your site and then simply import the wood fence options. That's how you can export and import your whoppers. Are weapons options from one websites to another. And then you've got your diagnostics. Well, let's take a look. So over here right now, you can get reports on your email based on sets in kinds of configurations on your site. This page shows information that can be used for troubleshooting conflicts, configuration issues or compatibility with other plug ins, themes or host environment. So for the most part, hopefully you would not need to access this particular page. But if we want to know the other, your transfer you to some trouble shoots. And this is basically in here, where you'll find a lot of information about your plug ins, your sex scenes and some and so much more. Okay, that is it for the tools that's now jump into the last option, which is all options, thankfully. So in him again, you've got the final options down here, which we've taken a look at. You've got to blocking options, and you also have the advanced country plucking options, which unfortunately is only available for the human vision. Off the plug in. You've got to scan options which have taken look at the ready, and you've also gotten the tool options, which have just taken a look at already as well. But over here, the very top you've got your ward friends global options. So in here you have access to your lion sense. In here, you can customize whether you want to display the block in Manu I term display Elect traffic menu item if you want it to. You've got the general. What? Fence options Where you can choose to where you want your email, others to be sent to. This is the default email address. And then how does what friends get I, p's just go with the recommended option in here. Don't change anything in here. Let's go down here. You've got the hide waters version, our high level commander. You do this. This is a great way to protect your site from hackers because hackers typically one in the world vision of what person of one in so they can see what possible for the bustamonte exists. So by hiding your preservation, it's a good way to further enhance the security off your our WORDPRESS website dissemble court execution of opposite victory. Yes, you want to the civil court execution here, so because basically this directory should only be reserved for images, video files are your files basically known executable files? So, yes, do this. This will be a great way to protect your site. And let's come down here where you've got your dashboard notification options again, I'll keep these as they are. And then you've got your email alert preferences. Email me whenever what France is automatically updated? Sure, why not? Let's cool down here. You've got other options in here. Or let on one ends when I p addresses blocked? Yes. Give all these information to me. I wanna be notified whenever something major happens on my site. Now, over here, you've got the ah, let me when someone with admin access signs in This is useful if you're the only admin on your science. But if you have several Adnan's, I'll recommend that you only get elected when one admin sensing from a new device or location This way you limit the number of times you get unnecessary. Are leichtman one of your agenda in admin stress to look in? Let me when in non admin user signs. And again this will depend on the continuation of your site. If all the accounts in your sight, our ad mean accounts and obviously you want to make sure that you notified when someone with known admin rights gets locked in All right, maximum email to send part our In this case, I'll go with maybe 20. Hopefully you're not gonna get more than 20 or less per hour. And then finally we've got the activity report once a week is pretty decent. You could go with once a day, but that may be too much. Once a month, maybe two little once a week would be ideal. In my humble opinion. Let's save our changes, and that is pretty much it for the world. Fence security plugging Whoa, we have done a lot. It's been almost 30 minutes, just trying to cover how to use this particular plug in. So if you have any questions about this, do let me know. Thank you so much Fortunate video, and I will see the next class. 57. The Footer Widgets: Let's talk about the widgets and specifically let's talk about widgets in the food section off our website. Now by default, The general press theme off results the bullets to add three widget areas footer But we can actually go all the way up to five. Now if I click on customize all right, and I go over to lay out, I go to Fouda over here, where we have foot Toby Jets. I can go all the way down to five and then suddenly I would be able to add five different widgets down here in the food section. Now. Typically, a lot of websites have content at the bottom of the website. They might have links to Maybe the contact us page might have a low goal. They might have other things like that. But the truth is, just because you can add content does not mean you should add content. The point I'm trying to make here is that Onley add content when it is necessary to do so. In the case off my particular upset. Now, which is a blawg, I don't feel I need to add anything additional here in the foot area primarily because we're still gonna add a lot of contents to our sidebar right here on the right. I'm gonna add a lot of content there. So basically, the footer rejects are not really necessary again. This could depend on the particular candidate website that your build And if it's a business website, then maybe you don't wanna add links to your Let's say your contractors page services page . Maybe you're recruiting. You might decide to add a link in the footer saying, Okay, you wanna walk with those? Here is the link to apply things like that, but I'm running the blood care so I don't need a footer section. So what I'm gonna do here is very simply, and then a change photo. Widgets all the way down to zero. That's it. That's all I'm going to do for the footer. I don't need the widgets there. I'm going to hit publish. But now check this out. If I go back to the back end, remember that We've already create a Ted. We have created a privacy policy page. It is important that we display a link to this page somewhere on our website. Now we're not displayed practice and policy on the main menu. As you can see, it's not there. So we need to display some way. And one of the best places to do so would be at the bottom off our website. So how do we do this? Very simple. I'm going to go back to the back end. I'm gonna I'm gonna go to appearance, click on menus, and I'm going to create a new menu. I would call this the footer menu, create menu, and then I will add privacy policy. And I can't even add the contact page just for good measure. I'm gonna add both of them. There you go. I'm gonna go ahead now and save the menu. All right, I'm gonna go back to widgets now. And now Over here. Take a look at this again. We've got footage. It 12345 We're not interested in those. Were interested in the foot are bar. This is all you're actually really interested in. So to display the privacy policy, many I'm gonna drag navigation, many widgets. I'll drag that and drop that in here. And then I'm gonna choose the foot. A menu which contains the premise impulsive and contact those pages. Click on Save and now let's go back and see how are foot and it looks like less cool old way down here, amusement mouse and the you go Paris impulses that click on it. It's exempt straight to the prime example is the page, and there you go to click on contact, exempted the contact page. Awesome. That looks. And that is that this is a very, very clean foot area. We don't have any on this informational idea. You've got the 2009 team of the characters trademark copyright protection right there and then to the right. You've got person pulse and then contact links. So that's it again, you don't have to do exactly what I've done. It depends on the website, but I guess the point I'm gonna make Kerry's don't just add information for this sake. Off Adan content or information. Make sure the images actually real event and you're upset isn't cluttered with too much information. So that's it for our fertile rejects. Thank you for watching German Avonex very well will. Now take a look at the sidebar widgets 58. Adding the Main Sidebar Widgets: welcome back. And in the previous video was successfully added the privacy policy and contact Pages two footer. But now it is time to take a look at the actual rejects on our main sidebar, which is the want to the light here. So, by default, we do have this search ball, which is kind of redundant, especially given the fact that we already have a such function within the main menu. We do have the calendar. We do have recent posts with comments, archives, categories and matter. That's all that we have. So we can definitely make with some improvements to the side, but that we have. All right, so let's do this. I'm gonna go over to the back end, and I'm gonna jump down to appearance. Go to widgets. Oh, okay. So this is the area we're interested in the right sidebar. So here's what I'm gonna do. Okay. I'm gonna drag the search about way. Move, calendar. We move. Polls, comments. When we met, I will leave archives and categories. For now, let's drag categories above archives. Now, the very first widget I want to add will be a video widget. And why not? This is a block about movies, so it only makes sense that we should add clips from films. Right, So here's what I want to do. Okay? I wanna add the trailer from the our upcoming Avengers Endgame trailer. So I want to add this video specifically from YouTube. Say, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna grab the Uriel right here. I'm gonna copy that. I'm going over here and I'm gonna click on add video. Now, you could also add videos directly from the media library. Just click on the video and insert it, but you can instead from your bell. So if you have a video from Vimeo YouTube any other video platform you can just click on instead from your level and then simply paste the UML light there. So there you go, Avengers and game. I'm gonna add to the widget, and you can also edit video. Over here, you have the ability to select loop so the video loops automatically, and then also it loads automatically. But this doesn't walk all the time, and I'm not exactly sure why this happens, but sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead now and hit up dates. Let's heat safe. And now let's take a look at what we have right now. And there you go of unjust endgame. Phila plates. There you go. Cool. So it actually plays. It works perfectly well. Ah, let's see if you actually loops. So I go all the way to the end. Let's see, uh, Skip my, uh Let's just wait for a few seconds. I just want to see if this would actually loop once against to the end. And yeah, it doesn't sell, but anyway, that's not very important. Let's go back, Teoh back. And so I've got the video, which is great. We've got video of categories. We got archives. So what else can we actually add to our sidebar? That would make a really sense. So let's cool down here. We've got the tag cloud. This is really good, actually, because would attack Cloud users can just simply click on a particular attack, and it will take them to the posts that contains that particular that particular attack. So let's do this. I'm gonna he'd done Let's see right now how? Ah side but looks like And there you go. So we've got tags so anyone can come in right now and just click on anyone off this tags and will take them straight to the post that contains such tax. So this is an excellent our feature to have in your sidebar. Okay, well, that is it for now. We've added a video with added are tag cloud widgets, Jimmy of Independence with the way. I'm not sure you how we can add recent posts to a sidebar. 59. Working with the Recent Posts Extended Widget: a very fantastic plugging you can use to display recent posts on your warp. Recite bar would be the wizened posts which it extended plug in, and it is by Satyagraha. Now, by default. War press will provide you with a recent posts widgets, and it's right here. The challenge with this particular widget is the fact that you can't really do much with it . Like if I clicked and dragged it over here right now, as an example, only those is, it says. Okay, number of posters show 56 display the post dates. Okay, let's hit safe and let's take a look and see what does looks like now. And ah, well, here it is recent posts, and that's it. So I mean, it's decent, but it's not really that great, is it? And this is why the recent post, which is extended plug in, is a plug in that you wanna have because it allows us to display our reason posts, but with much, much better content. So let's do this. I have already installed and I've activated the plug in. So if you haven't done so, please go ahead and do so. I'm going to remove the recent posts widget, and I'm going to make use of the recent posts extended, which it instead lets jump that has been in the video. We now take a look at this fool a lot. So much more options. All right, So what we have here well, you can change a title. You can add your your well, if working with HTML CSS, you can add your code right here your classes on your i ds by default. It's been said to ignore sticky posts. So if you have any post has been set to sticky, which means the post always shows up at the very top. No matter what, it's gonna ignore it this, but it will not display that post. It's part of the recent posts are exclude current post, Yes, but like that now, post types by default posts has been chosen. But if for some reason you want to display pages as part of your recent posts, you can come in here and take pages. But our advice you don't do that. And then, of course, in here you can choose the post status, the order of descendant or sending you want to order by the day to the author. The title. You've got lots of all these options in here and then over here you can limit to category. So maybe you on Lee wanted to display post from a particular category or sort of categories . You can come in here right now and choose those categories. Otherwise, by default, the widget will display posts from all categories. Same applies to tags as well, but this is math. Things begin to get really interesting. So over here you can choose the number of posts that you want to show. I'm going to go with seven. And then there's this thing called the offset. How many posts would you like to skip before the we did actually steps to display the posts ? I'm going to go old way to three with this, and I'll explain why in just a moment, display thumbnails. Yes, let's just put a thumbnail that we can choose the height and with I'm going to go all the way to 90 I know this will look good with 1990 art default thumbnail, which means that if your post doesn't have a thumbnail or if your image, then you can add the UML to a placeholder image. If you wanted to display, they accept. Yes, we wanted to split the accept and I'm going to go all the way to 45 words for Except let's display the read more text as well I'll let scroll down. Here are displayed dates, Yes, display coming count? Not really. All right, I think this is good. Let's go ahead and save this. And now let's take a look at newly improved recent posts, widgets. And look at that reason posters look so much better. Now we've got the featured image of Got a title, the date and a short except off the post. And then we read more link and there you have it. This looks so much better now. So here's the thing, right. The reason why I chose an offset off three remember, which was enough sort of three here specifically is because if we didn't choose any offsets , is it just me justice? Let's go to zero and let's see what happens. Okay. Riccio's zero offset Let's come in here right now and we're first the page. Now take a look at this. So on the main page and I'm a candidate where we have to respect. I review. We've got an English review with good Aquaman mixed 900 million and then over here to the light we've got again. Inspector Review, John English Review Equipment makes 100 million. So it becomes kind of redundant when you're showing the same continent your main page and then in your sidebar as well. That's why I chose to go with an offset off our three. I could have gone with four as well if I wanted to, but three is. Okay, let's go back here and save options. Let's go back in there. That's refresh. And there you have it. OK, one more thing you need to do is to limit the number of posts were showing by default on our home page. Right now, the sidebar looks pretty healthy, but lots of content. But if we scroll down and keep on going down, well, take a look at that. We still have an empty side, but we still have to additional poll Sweet. No content to the white. Okay, so, you know, to make the main concert area and a sidebar look balanced, we need to reduce the number of posts were showing on our homepage. So we're gonna reduce this to want Teoh and then three case. Let's do this. I'm going to go over to my settings, go to reading. All right, blocked pages. Show it most. Let's go with three, three posts. Let's refresh the page. And there you have it. Pretty awesome. Okay, so that is it. We have successfully added the recent posts extended with it to our sidebar. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching almost in the next class. 60. Adding Google Analytivs with Monster Insights: the very first blood and we're gonna work with would be the monster insights. And this is a plug in with which we can access Google analytics right from all war press dashboard. It is by monster insights themselves and it can see Right now we've got over two million plus active installations. This is a very, very popular plugging with what prez users. So please go ahead, download activates and stole the plug in download install and then activate the plug in. I'm gonna zoom. You already have your Google analytics account. If you don't, please go ahead and create one. You need one in her to walk with this plug in. Now, as soon as you activate the plug in, this is the very first page you will see you'll be taken to the we set set up. So the first question right now here is what kind of category best describes your website. Mine is gonna be a blawg when I click on save and continue. And then I'm gonna come in here right now and just say, connect monster insights to Google Analytics. So it's authentic Katainen. All right, so I'm gonna have to sign in going to use my Google account. I'm going to allow monster insights to have access to my account as well. Okay. So any right now I'm going to choose one of my poor files, and you can see I've got quite a few of them. I'm just gonna go with the very 1st 1 just for the purposes of this particular video, and I'll just click on complete connection And okay, so we are done. So now you can see it Say's recommended settings are mostly answers were committed, falling sentence based on your configuration. So yours might be a little bit different from what I have. Just let most hindsight's take care of all of this for you don't need to bother yourself and was gonna come all the way down here. Now, in here, you can decide who can see the reports by default to have the admin and little enabled. I'm gonna go ahead and give access only to the ad bean. But again, feel free to add as many accounts as you want are installed. Updates automatically. I'm gonna turn this on as well. I help us improve you. Why not? I'm gonna turn it on as well. Let's go to conceive and continue. And now over here, mostly Insides has professional version of the plug in, which will offer you a lot more features off course. We're gonna deal only with the free vision for now. So I'm gonna click on safe and continue. I'm gonna skip this step. We don't need to install a WP forms. Really have, ah, plug in for that. And that is pretty much it's a say is awesome. You're all set. Please note. Google analytics is properly set up and track in everything. It does not send it back to what was immediately depending on the size of your website. It can take between a few hours to 24 hours for a post repopulate. So relax. You're not gonna get results immediately. After with a list a day, maybe even to before you start seeing the announces show up on your dash board, we'll click on Finish it up and exit Wizard And OK, so this is the actual back and setting you will see here called insights so you can click on reports after, like, a day or two and then in here it's with for a second. So in here is where you would see your sessions. Your page views the session duration and then conclude on page views. And then you can see exactly where people are, what pages that were viewing from what country? Things like that. And then over here, you've got your bounce weight as well. If you don't know the bounce weight is basically a bounce. Wit is a measure off How much time people actually spend on your website and on your pages We hired the bounce weights. Then that means the less time to spend, which is actually bad for your s e. Also, you typically want to push for a very low are bounds late. So that's it for the reports in here you've got the settings which we, for the most part of, really walked with the settings already. You can always come back in here and long show is that if you wanted to and and finally you've got your tools. So in here you can export your settings from this particular website to another website. If you wanted to all you can do the opposite, which is just to simply import sentence from another website you do have access to your U R L buildup, but unfortunately, this is Onley available. The ob great division off the monster insights are plug in. So that is it. That's how to install monster insights and get Google analysis right in your WordPress dash . But if you have any questions about is to let me know thinking, fortune and I will see the next class. 61. The Yoast SEO Plugin Part 1: There is simply no way how we can talk about what press s e. O without mentioning Yost s A Oh, this is arguably the single greatest R S C O plugging off all time and you can see right now we've got over five million active installations. This plug in is really fantastic, and it is quite easily my favorite plug in for S E O. It's very robust, actually. Half or full course dedicated to teaching how you can properly install, configure and make the most use off the U. S S C o. But what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to try and provide you with as much content as possible and over the next two video. So in part one, I'm going to show you hey, can configure Yost s CEO and in part two, I'll show you how you can write really good articles with the plug in. So let's quickly go ahead and install the plug in used S e o. Okay, Today it is. It is by Team Joo's. I'm gonna go ahead now and install the plug in. And then, of course, I'm gonna go ahead and activate the plug in. All right, so it's active. All right, so here's I'm going to do You will see sc. All right, now, I'm gonna go there and click on General. Let's go ahead now and conf Eagle the plug in. All right, So where is it? So in here, it's a his first time. It's your configuration and gets there quickly with the Yost configuration. With that, I'm going to click on the Wizard and let's get this done. A s a p art. So I'm gonna click on the very first when they're configure used CEO in a few steps. What's clicking there? All right, so the very first question right now is Is your site ready to be indexed or not? Basically, if you're building your site from scratch and you don't have any content yet, then it's best just say my set is under construction and should not be indexed. However, if you have content real content in your side and the goods ago, you can just click on my set is live and ready to be indexed. So I'm going to do that. I'm gonna click on next. All right. What does this site for presents? Well, it represents a blawg. I'm gonna click on next, all right? I am a person, not a company. And I am Alex Alexander. That's me. I was quick. Next, So in here, right now you can add social profiles if you've got them for Facebook. Twitter, instagram, you name it. I don't have any, so I'm just going to click on next. You can always add these later. By the way, you don't necessarily have to do them right now. All right. Such engines should allow should show posting such results. Yes. Should show pages. Yes. Let's click on next. Those all will us. I'd have multiple authors. In my case, the answer is no. If the answer is yes. In your case, please click. Click? Yes. All right. So now we can integrate Yoast Seo with our Google search console. So we need this. So I'm gonna go in here right now. If you don't have Google search console, there is a link right here. They can click on, and this will provide you with more information on how you can do. This is actually pretty straightforward. Gonna close this. I'm gonna click on get Google authorization code going to choose my email. And of course, I'm gonna give Yost SQL access to my account signing arts. I'm gonna copy this code right now. Doesn't cold. I need gonna come in here. I'm gonna pace that. And I'm going to go ahead now and authenticates. She's a profile. I'm gonna go with the movie characters to calm. Click on next website. Name is movie character. Still separate or is a dash That's okay. Click on next and that from here. You consent up for the newsletter? If you're interested, I'm gonna go ahead and click on next and let's go all the way down here. Click on next and that's it. You've done it. We've done it. Yes, I'm gonna click on close, and that is pretty much it. Alright. So very quickly from the back end itself. We'v