WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation 2018 (Series 3) | Axl Mulat | Skillshare

WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation 2018 (Series 3)

Axl Mulat, WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO /

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13 Videos (2h 15m)
    • 3.1 Effective Google AdSense Requirements

    • 3.2 Create a WordPress Child Theme for theme modification

    • 3.3 Creating AdSense Ad Units

    • 3.4 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Blog Post and Best Placement to make them click

    • 3.5 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Home Page

    • 3.6 Adding AdSense Search to WordPress Site

    • 3.7 Adding AdSense Page Level ads (AdSense Auto ads)

    • 3.8 How much earned in AdSense

    • 3.9 How to Use AdSense Native Ads to Increase Earnings

    • 3.10 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Post List

    • 3.11 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Post List (continued)

    • 3.12 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Sidebar

    • 3.13 Thank you and Next Step


About This Class

Welcome to my class WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation


This Class is very long and will be split to 3 SERIES, this class is the Essential of Creating a Blog or Website and making money on AdSense. 

In this class will teach you how to create a Blog / website using WordPress self hosted site in step by step.

We will install a WordPress application in the desktop or laptop computer then and we will play the WordPress, we will create a...

  • Blog post
  • photo gallery
  • pages, 
  • adding navigation menu, 
  • using widgets
  • and how to customize the theme using customizer. 
  • WordPress Child theme
  • AdSense
  • AdSense Native ads
  • and many more

Domain name and Web Hosting is not required on this course, if you can't purchase Domain name and Web Hosting, you can follow on on this course while in local computer (Localhost) also internet connection is required.

After we play a WordPress in Localhost, we will purchase a domain name and best cheap web hosting for your WordPress website, then we will upload to the live server to get your site live in the internet.

In the live site we will continue the development and choose a new Beautiful WordPress responsive theme and install and customize to look nice, we will customize the navigation menusidebar and footer widget and many more.

and the last chapter on this course we will Implement Google AdSense ads and Native ads and you'll learn how to add the Native Ads correctly to the site.

I know some of you don't have a AdSense account yet, don't worry the have video on this course Effective Google AdSense Requirements for your Website, my advice follow the Requirements and i guarantee to you your application will  be approved.

In AdSense ads section will Implement the ad using a little bit basic HTML and CSS, this is the best way to put AdSense ads in the most clickable part on your website to boost up your Earnings

If you don't have a knowledge in HTML and CSS for now don't worry i will attached the WordPress Child Theme With AdSense Implemented code to this course, so you can download the theme for your reference in the future.

And also we will Implement AdSense Search and Page Level Ads for additional earnings on your WordPress Site.

All links presented in every video are included to the article on this course you must check the article for the links in every video.

If you have a thought
 in every video, kindly ask here in the course, and ill be response as soon as possible.

I design this wordpress tutorial and adsense tutorial for everyone, if you want to share your passion in your own website, like Travel, Cooking, Fashion, Web Development and soon you can create your own website and share, with this tutorial.

You techear:

Axl Mulat
WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO / AdSense Expert





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Axl Mulat

WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO /

I'm Web Developer and eCommerce Developer since 9 years also i have a knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and AdSense, i also run a personal website axlmulat and Icraftwp with AdSense ads implemented. my learnings all over the years well share to my websites, YouTube Channel and Premium Course in SkillsShare.

Also i have video tutorial on Blogger which i teach for FREE in my YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe if you like.

Thank you for your support, more Premium T...

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