WordPress for Beginners: Create Your First Site for Free From Beginning to End | Daniel Fayette | Skillshare

WordPress for Beginners: Create Your First Site for Free From Beginning to End

Daniel Fayette, Make Creativity Happen

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10 Videos (35m)
    • Design Your First Website From Start to Finish (What You'll Learn)

    • Download a Free Local Development Environment

    • Putting an Outfit on Our Site With a Theme

    • Basic Adjustments to Your Website's Outfit

    • Adding Our First Text Post

    • Create a Picture Post

    • Adjusting the User's Name & Getting a Live Link

    • Design a Custom Logo for Your Website

    • Add a Custom Header Image to Your Website

    • Hosting Your Site & Buying a Domain Name


About This Class

If you have ever wanted to create your first website, you have come to the right place. In this course, I'll be going through how to launch your first website, from beginning to end. The best part - you do not need to purchase anything until you are ready to make your site go live. We will be creating a local WordPress development environment, customizing a theme, creating posts, and launching the site using a couple of online platforms.

If you are ready, then I'm ready. Let's make that website!

Quick Links: 

When we are ready to launch our course, I recommend using Flywheel hosting: https://share.getf.ly/x98l4s

For now, we will be using a service of Flywheel's called Local to install a local development environment of WordPress so we can experiment, develop, and design without having to purchase anything. Here is a link to that: https://local.getflywheel.com/

For registering a domain, I recommend https://www.hover.com/

Note: For transparency's sake, I am an agency partner of Flywheel's and using the Flywheel affiliate link above does help support me & the creation of more courses. I recommend and use Flywheel because I believe that it is the best and for this particular workflow is most beneficial to those who are making their first website. Feel free to shop around at other options. I don't want to feel like I am being a salesman or trying to push you towards a particular option - I legitimately feel Local & Flywheel are simply the best in this case.





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Daniel Fayette

Make Creativity Happen

After getting my Master’s Degree in Digital Storytelling and my Bachelor’s Degree in Video/Audio Production, I began working full-time with businesses consulting them on digital strategies and implementing solutions.

Previously, I worked as a video producer intern in New York City creating educational content for students. Throughout college, I produced videos, websites, and designs for businesses. I also served as a Graduate Assistant, teaching underg...

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