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WordPress WooCommerce 2022 - Build a World Class Online Store

teacher avatar Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (3h 25m)
    • 1. WooCommerce Course Preview

    • 2. Creating a Temporary Domain and Installing WordPress

    • 3. Creating a Sub Domain

    • 4. Adding SSL

    • 5. Creating a Web Mail Account

    • 6. Installing WooCommerce

    • 7. WooCommerce Settings

    • 8. Setting up Shipping Zones

    • 9. Setting up Shipping Classes

    • 10. Setting up Shipping Classes Part 2

    • 11. WooCommerce Assignment 1

    • 12. Creating our First Product

    • 13. Creating Variable Products

    • 14. WooCommerce Assignment 2

    • 15. Creating Grouped Products

    • 16. Upsells and Cross Sells

    • 17. Payment Gateways

    • 18. Creating Sandbox Accounts

    • 19. Testing Sandbox Payments

    • 20. Setting up Stripe Payments

    • 21. Working with Coupons

    • 22. Managing Refunds

    • 23. WooCommerce Update

    • 24. Populating our Store

    • 25. Choosing our Store Theme

    • 26. Customizing our Store Theme Part 1

    • 27. Customizing our Store Theme Part 2

    • 28. Creating the Contact and About Us Pages

    • 29. ShopIsle Theme Options

    • 30. Publishing Announcements

    • 31. FaceBook Marketing

    • 32. Adding Live Chat Functionality

    • 33. Adding Social Media Share Buttons

    • 34. WooCommerce Image Optimization

    • 35. WooCommerce Conclusion

    • 36. Conclusion

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About This Class

According to an article on Forbes magazine, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass the trillion dollar mark by 2020. As more people are embracing e-commerce, businesses have taken to selling their services and products online as well. If you are such an individual or business looking to sell your products online via an e-commerce store and are looking to learn how to create such a store, then you have come to the right place. 

In this course you are going to learn how to build your very own e-commerce store using one of the most powerful plugins known as WooCommerce.


With this plugin

  • Create different kinds of products - simple, grouped, variable and affiliate
  • Create shipping zones and classes
  • Add pricing 
  • Manage customer accounts and refunds
  • Work with coupons
  • Install and configure payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe

In addition to this, I will show you how to extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store and you will learn how to do the following

  • Connect your store to Facebook so you can advertise your products there
  • Add social media share functionality
  • Create and publish store wide notices advertising sales
  • Add live chat customer support
  • Optimize your images to improve site speed and performance

By the end of this course, you will have learned all the necessary skills needed to build your e-commerce store.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. WooCommerce Course Preview: Well, hello and welcome to the wall commas course. My name is Alex, and if you've ever wanted to build an online stop using Woo Commerz, then you've come to the right course together. We're gonna build this store known as the Cool Store and is basically a retail store that sells men's clothes and women's close as well. As you can see. If I go to mind shopping page, you can see that they do have a wide variety of different kinds of products from Boyz. Let's two jackets, two sneakers, jeans. Ah, who these blazers bags and so on. So I'm going to show you how you can create different kinds of products, from civil products to variable products to Philip Products, group bullets and so on and so forth. Now, as an example off a variable product. If you had any kind of product that comes in a different shape in a different size call. Oh, wait, I'm gonna show you how you can add those kinds of AC tributes when you're creating such products as an example with my cool hoodie. I do have two different kinds of cause. I've got the gray color, but also have the red color as well as you can see. So I'm gonna show you how you can create these various kinds of attributes off the same product. I'm also going to show you how you can incorporate different kinds off payment processors such as PayPal of stripe. I will show you how you can add the's to payment features onto your local news website. And then I'm also going to show you how you can add additional features such as shipping. Shipping options is extremely important. And as you can see right here, I do have a variety off shipping options for the United States and Canada. I've got four mill and local of also good international shipping options. So I'm gonna show you how you can create this different kinds of shipping zones and also shipping classes as well. I'm also gonna show you how you can walk with coupons so that in case you're offering huge discounts on particular days like Christmas for in Times Day, I will show you how you can create coupons and offer them to your customers. And finally, I will show you how you can extend the functionality off your store. So that you can allow your customers to share your products on their social media platforms , and I will even show you how you can incorporate live chat functionality so that you're able to provide wall class supports to your potential customers or clients. So if you've ever wanted to build your online stories in Kamas, this is the perfect cost for you. I hope he any role in the course today. I can't wait to teach. You had a building on online store, so let's get started. 2. Creating a Temporary Domain and Installing WordPress: All right. So for the next few videos, I'm going to show you a few things you can do with E site ground Control Panel. I'm going to show you how you can install what press creates domains, sub domains, how you can add SSL and also how you can create an email account. Bless. First start off with are creating a temporary domain or with which and use with the rest off this particular course. So I'm gonna go ahead now and log in to the back end. I'm just go ahead and add my password and OK, so with Saga, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over to websites and I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on new website. And there are different ways how you can go about as you can buy a whole new demand, transfer an existing domain or just go with a temporary demand. For the purposes of this video, I'm going to go with the temporary domain. So I'm gonna click on select and there you go. Saigon will automatically create a temporary domain for you Gonna go ahead now, click and continue. And I'll just say skip and create empty site. I'll just go ahead and hit finish now. This typically takes about two minutes to finish. So what I'll do right now is all simply pause. The video and museum warns the creation has been completed. Welcome back and is a concern right now. It say's you're all set. So from here, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go straight to the manage site, clicking there and then from here, let's go ahead now and install what press. So just a lot. Chris is actually pretty easy. You would see what? First wait here, click on WordPress, click on install and manage now, depending on what you're doing. If you're going to be creating an e commerce store with Luke Hamas, then simply go ahead and choose. Select for what purpose? Welcome us. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and click on Select for War Press. I'm gonna click on select for WordPress and then in here you can uncheck the installed with the start a plug in for a quick set up. Check that, and if it admin info, simply add a using them they're going to use and also add a password using to look into the back end off what presents a very important, by the way and an email picture, you add a really mail. And that's pretty much is Just go ahead now and hit, install and voila girlishness with for a few more seconds. And there you go. What press has been installed? I can click on view site right now. And there you go. This is War Chris Website. 3. Creating a Sub Domain: In addition to co 18 temporary domains with site ground, you could also do something known as creating a sub domain. So what exactly is a sub domain? Now let's take a look at this site right here. It's called the lone Nomad. But come and as I know this is not a complete science is just a sample site. But then note that this domain is actually a real domain. This is not a temporary main. This is an actual real domain. But take a look at this other site, Blawg. That's the loan. No matter calm, you can see right here that the loan, no matter come, is in use. However, there is an extension, which is blawg dot the loan. No matter. Come this right here is a sub domain off the loan nomad dot com. So, in addition to blawg, the low no matter come, I could have something like store dot the low no matter calm news that the longer matter come and so on. So basically sub domains are like extensions off a primary domain, but yet are able to stand alone as an independent. So basically they can have different content, different functionality from the main domain. So basically, sub bombings are useful when you have just one domain. But then you want to create different kinds off websites from that one single domain. So again I can come in here right now, make the low no matter come like a simple blawg and so on. And then I could come into, let's say, our store that a moment of calm and make them like an e commerce site. Basically, it's two different websites, but they shared the same primitive man's. That's that's how that's what it's up to Maine is, and that's how you can make use off a sub domain. So how can you create a sub domain? Well, let's do this. I'm gonna go over again to the back end, and now where we have domain, I'm going to click on sub domains right there and now in here. Note that Alexander rose seven SD has already been selected, so I just come in here right now on the name and then simply choose the extension. So this goes right now it's going to be Blawg, and I'll just go ahead and I'll click on creates. And that is pretty much. That's all you need to do to create a sub domain and to install what prison? The sub domain is very easy again. Go back to what press Go to install and manage. Choose what press and you come down in here and where you have the domain. Simply choose blawg dot You know, Alexander, you know your main domain and then simply on check this box right here at your admitted info password, and then simply go ahead and install what? So that's how to quit. It's off the main and also installed what price on the sub domain. 4. Adding SSL: Let's talk about some security and specifically how you can add something known as SSL to your website. Now you must be wondering, of course, what exactly is SSL? Let's take a look at my temper domain right here. I am using the Google Chrome browser Bob. Regardless of the browser you're using, you should see some sort of message up here where you have the Uriel and it for come. It's a is not secure. Never click on the button right there. It says. Your connection to this site. It's not secure. You should not enter any sensitive information on this side, for example, passwords or credit cards because it could be stolen by Attackers, Right? Okay, let's take a look at Amazon now. Instead of not secure, you can see this padlock right there, and if I click on it, it stays. Connection is secure your information, such as passwords, because it's privately and sent to this site. In other words, whenever you go to amazon dot com and you provide your critical details, that information is encrypted, meaning that if a hacker was somehow able to get their hands on your critical numbers, those numbers will be encrypted in such a way that the hacker would not be able to understand or really decrypt what those numbers are. Basically, In other words, your information is encrypted. It's secure, no one will be able to crack them. Unfortunately, on my site right here, if anyone came to this side right now and provided an email address or any kind of sensitive information, hackers will easily be able to steal that information. So this is where SSL comes into play. SSL basically is the protocol that encrypts all the information provided on your website. And it is extremely important because not only does it help to guarantee the safety off the information of your customers, your clients, but also such engines like Google would actually reward you if they see that. Okay, you're said is secure. Google and other search engines don't like sites that are not secure, so it's very, very important that you get as a sale on your side. So how exactly would you do this? Well again, let's go back to this side ground. Ah, see, panel. And now over here. But you have security gonna click in there and you have the SSL manager I'm gonna click on SSL manager and then I'm simply gonna choose the domain. In this case right now, it's going to be, of course, Alexander will seven. And then for the SSL, please go ahead and shoes. Let's encrypt. However, let's encrypt. While Kat means that Hey, if you create any sub domains from this main domain, those wants to will also have SS Also. In fact, it depends on you if you plan on creating sub domains from this main demand and, of course, used the encrypt wild card. But if you're saying hey, I'm not gonna create sub domains, I'm only going to use this one single domain. They could go with the Let's Encrypt. So just for the purposes of this video, choose, let's encrypt and that's it. I'm gonna go ahead and I'll click on get, and this may take a few seconds. It typically doesn't take too long, so let's just see all that fool like 10 seconds and if it hasn't finished in a post a video , but it should have completed in the next few seconds. OK, so it's Asia Request is being processed. Let's just wait for a few more seconds Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on. I really don't want to pause the video. Come on, Come on, come on. I'm just go ahead and close. Amazon. I'm not doing any shopping today. Uh, my Come on, come on, come on. All right. Maybe I might need Teoh pause the video, but it really doesn't usually take this long. I don't know buying. Maybe because it knows that we called in. Maybe I don't know. Oh, come on. Okay, I guess I'll just have to post the video and I'll resume once the process has up. But just as about the polls, the video it finished. Okay, so not it stays. Let's encrypt is now installed. Awesome. Now you could click on configure https. You can click in there, and this will take it to, like, a whole new tutorial where you can ensure that even though you're saying now is when it's a sell, your said actually loans the SSL. What I mean is that sometimes even though you've ended us a sell, your website may still not have recognized that fact as an example. Even though right now you can see it Say's over here. That the encrypt sort of get is active. If I go to my site, let's just refresh and see what happens Now you can see it's still saying not secure yet Still say not secure, not secure. So if you have this kind of situation, what you can do is you can go over to the very next have been here known as the H T T P s enforce. Basically, what this does is that it forces the website they even stole SSL on to run through. SSL is basically you laying down the hammer saying Hey, look what side I have installed SSL on you now run SSL basically right? So I'm going to go over here right now and simply turn it on right here. But you have STP and force. Let's go back to my site Let's refresh the page and now you can see that the status has changed. Now it's saying the connection is secure so you don't always have to do eight to DPS and force. Sometimes your domain will immediately accept SSL and start on an SSL. Other times it may not. So just in a situation where you're having this issue with SSL not not running civil. Come over to STP s and force and then turn on a T T. P s and four. So that's a full readiness itself. Thinking fortune, I will see you in the next class. 5. Creating a Web Mail Account: Oh, I want a final thing to mention before we continue Would be how to create a professional email account for your website. Obviously, if you're creating an e commerce store or your website is a business website, then you wanna have a riel business email address associated with you Account right. It's not gonna make sense for you to be using Gmail or Yahoo is just not gonna be professional. So how do you create a professional email accounts for your upset? Well, it's simple. We're gonna go over here to email in the back end. We're gonna click on accounts now, you cannot create a an email account with a temporary domain. So what I'll do here is I'm going to switch over to a real domain, which is the lone Imetal com, and not to create the account is very easy way I have the account name. I'm just gonna go ahead now and say, Ah, let's say Alex, Right, Alex, at the Loma dot com, I'm gonna go ahead now and add my password. Let's go ahead. Now click on create And there you go. We've easily created the email account. Now, how do you actually access your email account well over here. But you have actions. You can click on the three buttons right there and then you'll see Log into Web mail. You click on that, and this will take it like a whole new page and then automatically you have looked in. But there was a question, though. Do you now have to always look into sight ground and come over here before you can access your email account? Well, thankfully, no, you don't have to. However, there is a process will have to go through to make this And tapas is a lot easier. Here's the thing. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply Let's just quickly do this. I'm gonna go ahead now, grab. This year, they'll and I would just Let's go to loan them Atacama cape. This is my site. Now. Ideally, I could do something like this. I can just say ford slash and then Web mail, click enter. And then this You take me to the patriarch and actually look in. But how do we actually do this? Let's do this. Okay. I'm gonna go back to the American That's been open. I am going to grab everything right here. Wait. We have run. Cuba will grab everything over here. Let's copy this. Okay? Now, let's go back to you. The back end and I'm going to go over. It's where you have domain. And then on the domain, I'm going to go over to be directs. Okay? It's clicking there. Now what I'm gonna do is I have the domain selected along the metal calm. I'm gonna add four slash web mail, by the way, you can customize is like it. You can say email, email, account, whatever. It doesn't necessarily have to be Web mill, but I'm gonna use web 1,000,000 here. And then I'm going to paste or we copied right in here. Basically, I am telling, say, gonna hate whenever I access long no matter. Come four slash web mail. Take me to the email account is so seated with my website. Okay. Make sure this is such a prominent serial one going to go ahead now. Click on creates. And there you go. So now let's try this again. I'm gonna come in here for first a page and there you go. I have now automatically looked in as you can see, and I can actually look out from here. All I would need to be here is just to add my user name, my password, and I'm looked in. And there you go. It's as simple as that. And by the way, you can also use a different kind off email software. Basically, this is Round Cube. You can go back over here. Let's go back to accounts. And then over here, where you have actions where you have the three dots clicking there and you can go to the male configuration. Over here you have default Web mail. You can go with hoard, click and select right depth confirm. But then let's actually come back here and refresh. I'm not sure if Okay, this will still work. But you can come in here right now and change this one too. Heard, press, enter, and this will take. It is like a whole different eyes against right now, this is a different email software, and you can just log in using their impassive and so on. However, personally, though, I prefer using the Round Cube instead with the other hurts always come back in here and switch this back to the around Cuba in Cuba, I believe, is a lot better. It's a lot more easier to use. It was confirmed that and there you go. That's how to create a professional email account for your website. 6. Installing WooCommerce: All right, so let's get this show started. And eyes I mentioned previously, we're gonna be using woke amiss to build our store and welcome us for very obvious reasons . It's one of the most powerful and one of the most popular plug ins for e commerce. Self. What I'm gonna do right now is I'm simply going to jump over to my domain right here. Come down to plug ins, click on at New, and let's go ahead now and such full will come us, Uh, MME O C e. Right. And of course, that's it, right. They will come us by automatic. Let's go ahead and install the plug in. Let's activate the plug in as well, and we're going to be taken to the set up page. Okay. Okay. All right. So in here. Gonna fill in some few questions. The 1st 1 here is very Is your stole based on was gonna go with the United States? Ah, for the address. I will just leave this one out for now. Are what currency to be acceptably except three U. S. Dollars. What type of products do you plan to sell? Well, we're going to sell physical products. Okay, We're not selling digital products or just go with physical. And, um, if you want, you can also take the books that say's I will also be selling products or services in person. If that, of course, our pretends to you. And then you have the option here off helping welcome us improve with usage tracking. I'm gonna check this. I'll just click home. Let's go. And okay, so it says, Well, we've got to fill out this field. All right, So I was gonna go ahead and use a address. A typical use. Just put in something different now. And let's just click on that. Let's go. Oh, right now, In here, you can set up a payment via stripe of papal, but to keep things easy and simple, I'm just going on. Check this for now. Let's turn this off. Will set this up later. As time goes on, let's continue. And then something with shipping as well. I'm gonna turn this off again. Don't worry. We'll talk about shipping later as we progress. Let's click. Continue. And next we're going to have All right, so in here, right now, we've got some recommendations to install the storefront Thim, which is one of the things designed specifically with wall commerce. That's okay. So I will lift is checked, and then we have the ultimate it Taxus. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and on. Check this for now because this will require the installation off a different plug in known as jetpack. Now, jetpack is a very, very powerful plug in. Unfortunately, it tends to also slow down the speed off websites. So for now, what is going on? Check this. As time goes on, we might later on the sites here in started pack and go with the automated taxes. But for now, let's just on check this now. Mail Chimp. We're gonna leave militant as it is because we also want to build out our mailing list. We want to be able to capture the email addresses off potential customers so well installed a stuff on theme and also our mill chimp. Let's go ahead and hit. Continue, but put a pop up, uh, a white. So it's training system. We connect our started jetpack, but no, but I'm going to do that just yet. We'll just skip this step for now and OK, so it stays. Well, we're ready to start selling. You can get useful tips and updates and inspiration right into your mailbox. So in here you can add animal address that you like to receive all the steps from Wu commas if you wanted to. And Ah, Well, that is it. So in here. Well, you could also created put up with the war. We will take a look at this later. So from here, I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on visit Dash Board. And that is it. Congratulations. You've successfully installed woo commas on your website. 7. WooCommerce Settings: although it is in a previous video we successfully installed and activated will come us and you should see the Wu commas. Ah, link right now in your back. And so what I want to do here is to walk you through very quickly. Some of the settings that we have on the commerce to click on settings right there. And first up, we have what we have this big giant noticia saying Hail, design your store, blah, blah, blah. This is from the stuff on theme. So I'm just gonna go ahead now and I will close this books. We don't need that. All right, so first things first under the general tab. This is where you can change the physical location of your stores address. And you also have the general options doing sell to all countries Or are there specific countries you only want to sell to stuff like that. So we'll live it to sell to all countries and in shipping locations as well. Again, you can determine where you would like to ship your products to. This is based on personal preference. There is really no right or wrong answer to any of this and then the fold. Customer location. Do you want to go with the shopper base address or just simply a Jill Kate will go with the Geo locate. Do you want to enable tax weight and calculations? Now again, this is going to be based primarily on your preference. If you would like to charge taxes, then obviously you'll check this box right here in my own store. We're not gonna be are charging for taxes, civil lifters and checked as it is and, of course, enable the use of coupons. Yes, we would like to offer coupon codes because, well, on special occasions, like maybe Black Friday or Christmas, you typically might want to offer coupons as an incentive for customers to buy your product . So, yes, we will use coupon codes, and then you have the option in here off calculating coupon discounts sequentially. So what happens here is if, for example, you have a customer who is looking enough to have two or more coupons for the same product . If they apply the very first coupon, say, it's, ah, 50% off. If you choose this option to calculate coupon discounts sequentially. The second coupon that the customer applies will then be applied to the new place. That is a result off the first coupon that has been applied. And I really hope that makes sense to you. So that's what, uh, coupons being sequentially discounted means. All right, so any of you have got also got the currency options again, you can change from the United States dollar to the Ugandan shilling. If you are based, Ntaganda and increasing position, the separator, all good stuff. I'm just gonna go ahead and save my changes under the general settings now for products. Let's jump in here. You do have no by default. When you install our woo commas. Welcome us will automatically create some pages for you. And if you go to your pages, you will see them. You have to cock page to check out page my account page and, of course, the shop page. So in here, by default, the shop Pedro will basically be the page still displayed. Your products has been set to shop. That's okay. And then you've got the art to can't behavior. Would you like to return to the carpet after successful addition? No, because typically you might have customers who would want to buy more than one single products. So it's not gonna be very convenient if once they choose the first player to add to the carpet, they immediately redirected to the cart. No, you want them to add as many items as possible and then let them choose by themselves. Went to go to the cock page, enable Ajax add to cut buttons on archives. Okay, We'll live that as it is. And now in here, You've got something called the placeholder image should, in case you don't have an image for any kind of products. Whatever I d or you're out, an image that you add in here will be used as a temporary substitute. All right, But in my case, I'm always gonna have images, so I don't need to fill this out. Measurements, weights. We're going to go with pounds. All right. Dimensions unit. We've got inches. Millimeters centimeters are 11 inches. That's okay. And then reviews. Would you like to enable productive use? Absolutely. Show very fight on a label on customer reviews. Absolutely. Reviews can only be left by very fight owners. Yes, We don't want anyone to be able to just comment and living review, even when they didn't buy the product, so will allow it used to be on Lee. Written by for a fight Owners Product ratings Yes, enable separate interviews, turrets and should be quiet and optional. That's okay. Let's say that changes, all right. Not shipping and payments. We will to take a look at this later. Don't worry about that. Let's jump into accounts and apply Casey. And now in here you can determine several kinds off features festival. It says the guest check out. Would you like customers to place orders without on account? Yes, because again, you really want to make it as convenient as possible for your customers to come into your shop and buy the products. Sometimes you're gonna have customers who come to your store, only wants just to buy a very specific kind of product. In that case, you want them to go to just comment by the products and check out. You don't want to have to force them. Teoh create an account that could turn them off. It also says allow course must look into an existing account doing check out yes, for customers already have an account. They could decide to log in when they want to check out so that they don't have to feel in the same details like their critical information or that shipping address, things like that. And then I can creation. Allow course. Must acquit on the counter in check out. Yes. Why not? All costs must to quit on account on the my account page. Okay. We'll just leave all this checked and then you've got the account. Are racial requests? Remove personal details from orders. Yes. We move access to downloads. Yes. So whenever any customer decides to say, Hey, look, I would like to you guess tourism ways. My account will no longer be buying products on their stop. You typically want to ensure that you remove everything associated with that particular client. Their account downloads, history, everything. Then you've got the privacy and policy. Now, we haven't yet created a privacy page. So for now, this should be left blank. As it is, we'll take a look at this a bit later, and then finally we've got the personal data. Our attention, it say's choose how long to it in personal data when it's no longer needed for processing I like to go with one month for the inactive accounts. Pending orders will be three days filled on those three days, 33 days fulfilled orders and then three days for canceled orders as well. And finally, for the retain completed orders one month again, This is based entirely on your own personal preference, going to go ahead and save my changes. And then we've got e mails Will take a look at this a bit later. But this is where you can configure all at the kinds of emails that you would receive or the Cosmo would to save, based on setting kinds off conditions. And infinitely, we've got the at fans tab. All right, so in here, right now you've got the page set up. You've got the different kinds of pages with your links. There is no need to change anything in here. And then the check out endpoints as well again. You don't have to change any of this. This is all you are well, and Pima links sentence. You don't have to change anything in here. The account endpoints as well. Boulders live that as it is. There is absolutely that you need to change our in here And, of course, in here for the arrest. AP I Web Hawks is a little bit more advanced, their mobile DeKoven in this course. So we'll just leave these as they are. So that's it. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 8. Setting up Shipping Zones: Now, I know at this point you're probably very eager to create your very first product. But before we can create a product with Wu, commas will have to create something known as the shipping zones and shipping methods. Because when you're quitting your product, you will eventually have to determine are what shipping method, what shipping cost will be applicable to that particular product. So but you have to take care of shipping. First of all, I'm gonna jump in here to welcome us, going to go to my citizens, and I'm gonna clip click on shipping right here. All right, so, you know, right now we have to create something known as a shipping zone. And in here you can see examples you've got the local zone for California. You've got the U. S. Domestic zone, which is all U. S states, and then you've got the Europe zone, any country in Europe and so on and so forth. Now, remember that my stole or our storm is based in the United States. But it's also based in Baltimore, which is a city in the state off Maryland. All right, so what I'm gonna do right now is to quit my very first ship in zone. You know what? And I'm gonna name the zone, the local. In fact, I will say, maybe lend local. All right? And then for the zone regions, Any hammer's going to type in Maryland. Alright. So anyone who is buying our products within the state of male and will be under the zone name off Maryland local right now in here. Oh, by the way, before I forget, you can also limit a very specific zip codes. So with male and you can say male end are 21117 or 21119 Something like that. You know, just be more specific for the shipping methods. I'm gonna add our very first method now, by default with Buchman's, we've got three times they called the flat wait free shipping and then local pick up right now because this is may well and local. I'm gonna go with free ship in as one off the methods to ship the product. All right? And then I'm also gonna add a second shipping method, which should be the local pickup. In this case, if the customer wants coming and pick up to protect themselves. So we'll add that one. All right. So basically, offering free shipping and local pick up to any of our customers who are within our Maryland now, within the actual shipping methods themselves, you can click on the edit button a white, and then you can say, Hey, the free shipping will require a setting kind of condition. Maybe you've you plays a minimum order a month. So it's a valid ofr a ship and coupon stuff like that. So obviously we don't want any of our customers within male and two by maybe 10 15 products , and then we'll have to ship. All of this are for free. That again depends on you on the own personal preference. So in such a scenario, you could say, Well, I'm gonna go with a minimum order a month, and then you would say we will offer free shipping to our customers in Maryland as long as they buy products that are worth at least $300. You could do that if you wanted to. You could also go with the minimum order mount or a coupon and then, of course, in minimum order, amount and a coupon. So again there is no right or wrong answer. These depends on your own personal preference and how you want to go on your own, our personal business to keep things simple. I'm just gonna go with not available nothing, you know, for shipping its friendship in as long as you're in Maryland will send out your orders to you for free. So it's safer changes and all k. So that's it for the Maryland local. I'm gonna come over here right now and go back to my ship in zones. Let's add the next one. Let's add shipping zone and this one's gonna be for the United States and Canada. No. So the regions within the zone will go with the United States. And of course, we'll go with Canada as well. All right, what's jumping here? Let's add some shipping methods for this two countries. So we're gonna go with flat Wait, that's at the shipping method flat late. All right, now, let's go ahead and hit. Edit. All right. So the method title here, iss, let later kay the tax state as well. A negative charge talks is the cost in this case is going to be 9 99 $9 it's nonsense to ship items to, uh, Canada and the United States. So we'll save the changes. 99 all right, so that's it. Flat wait for the United States and for Canada. We're gonna go ahead and add another ship in zone, and this one will be international, right? So let's name it into Nasher now. And of course, the divisions in here would now be you up. Let's go with the U up. Let's go with South America, South America. Where are you? There is South America will go with Africa as well. We'll go with Asia, and we'll go with Australia as well. You can also add, of course, Central America and some other parts, but we'll just go with this five. For now. Let's go down here and add our shipping method, and we're going to go with the flat waits. Let's add the shipping method. Flood raids. Let's go ahead and add it to the flat. Wait. All right, so in this case right now, it's going to be non taxable. Another costs because it's international. In this case, when I will be 29 19 men is getting more expensive saver changes, and there we go. So we're successfully created three defense shipping zones, one for the Maryland local, another one for the United States and Canada, and then finally one for international. Now there is also an option in here for locations not covered by your author zones and say is this zone is optional used for regions that are not included in any other ship in zone. So for this, you can just come in here, click on manage shipping methods, and then you can come in here and simply add what if I kind of shipment that you want to include in here? You can go with the flat rate, add shipping method, and then let's go ahead and hit edit nontaxable. In this case, right now, this would be Let's go with 59 are Nance nine. Okay, there's going to be the most expensive save changes, and that is it. So we have created four different shipping zones. Maryland, local United States and Canada International, of course, locations not covered by our all the zones. That's now jump into the shipping options, right click on shipping options. So what do we have here. Calculations enable the shipping calculator on the court page. Yes, hide shipping costs until an address is entered. Yes, we should only display the shipping costs once the customer has actually added their address. Now the shipping destination. Do you want to default to the customer billing address or the shipping address or simply for shipping to the customer billing address? We're gonna live it as it is. The building address. Our enable the bug mode. This will show imagine shipping zones and to bypass ship in cash. Now we don't need to change that. Bulls ever changes, and that is it for part worn for shipping with creditor shipping zones. Joined May in part two. Where will now take a look at something on as shipping classes? 9. Setting up Shipping Classes: all right. It's in people's video. We successfully created shipping zones for off them, to be exact. And before we go on, I want to make a very quick adjustment to the names off our shipping methods. Right now, you can see therefore United States and Canada. It's flat weight, but it's also flat rate for international flat way for locations not covered by our although zones. So what I want to do here very quickly is just to make some adjustments to the names. All right, some were gonna click on edit right here. And I'm just gonna go ahead and make a change to the flat. Wait here. I'm going to call this the domestic domestic flood rates. Okay, let me save that. Let's quickly go back to a shipping zones. I'm going to do the same full international. So we'll call this the international flat weight line in Teoh Nationale Fluctuate. And finally, the one for the other zones will call this one the ah worldwide flat way to cable to do it that way. So that's called Is the world wide flat Wait, save changes. Let's go back to a shipping zones and all right, so right now, it's Is it a different shit from one flat? Wait to another. Now, over here, we've got something called shipping classes. What exactly? All shipping classes over here on Amazon. I have some glasses drinking glasses. You can see you've got them made of glass. But then guess what. We also have plastic cups. Now, if you're gonna sheep one of this order both of these kinds of items. Which of them do you think would be more expensive to ship? Obviously, it's going to be the one for glass because glass is breakable. It's very, very delicate the way you would package a cup of glass and glass Couple, but different from the way your package A plastic cup. So as a result, there has to be a way how you can set higher shipping prices for certain products. Products that are delicate. The same thing can apply to a store that sells electron ICS. Okay, Now you might charge maybe, ah, $100 to sheep A laptop. However, if you're also selling like a 60 inch l see the flat screen TV, you're obviously gonna want chair charge mawr to ship such a pretty because it's bigger, it's heavier. And it's also more delicates. This is where the concept off shipping classes comes into play. So with shipping classes, you can set setting kinds of prices for our very special kinds of products. So what I'm gonna do here is it's okay. I'm gonna go ahead now and add a shipping class and gonna call this class. Name dedicates. All right. In my store here won't be a selling our clothes Accessories. The delicate items will refer Teoh accessories like jewelry and even are expensive wristwatches. Okay, so, description for reference right here, I will say, Ah, jewelry and ah, wrist watches. So these are the two kinds off products, all full on the the daily Kate class. So I'm gonna go ahead now on add that. I'm sorry. I'm gonna go ahead and save my shipping classes. You don't have another one. I'll just say that. All right, So now we've got delicates as a ship in class. Now check this out. If I go back to my shipping zones and they come over here on the let's say, the United States and Canada and I click on edit. Now, if I come over here on the flat weight and I click on edit again. Take a look at this. Now we have a special category that's popped up, asking what the Delic eight shipping class cost is going to be. In other words, if there is a certain product that is meant to be shipped to a customer within the United States or Canada and that product is a delicate product, how much do you want to charge for that product? Okay, so what I'm gonna do right now is very simply, I can come in here and say $20. We can charge $20 for any delicate item that's gonna be shipped within the United States and Canada. But I won't introduce you to a new way off adding your costs If I jump over here to this article from or commas, it's called advanced costs, and it stays. The cost field allows you to charge a flat weight per item, a percentage based cost of a minimum fee. And now in here you've got quantity and if also got fee and you have an example in here saying, if you put this down as your costs is an example, but this means is that the 10 would be the base shipping cost plus $2 for every item in that caught. And you have a second example here, which is 20 plus. And that in packets feet percent equals 10 minimum vehicles. For this means a based shipping cost of $20 plus 10% off the order total, which is at least $4. All right, so moving back to the flat rate sentence for our domestic flat weight but I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in here for the delicate shipping class cost, and I'm gonna use the example that I just copied from the article and say, $10 as the base shipping cost and then $2 additional for every single item that is Deli Cate in that shopping cart. Now, we also have something they're known as the no shipping class cost. What if we are shipping a product within the United States of Canada that isn't in the delicate ship in class? Well, but simply going to go with the 9 99 and we no longer need this costs right here. It is no longer a living because now we're walking with shipping classes and and finally, we now have the calculation type. Do you calculate shipping based per class or per order per class implements that you'll chart shipping for each shipping class? Individually order means you charge shipping for the most expensive shipping class. So class typically would be MAWR because now you're saying, OK, well, if we have one shipping class, that's $30 for one particular product and then in the cart, there's another part of that is $20 for its shipping. The total shipping in this case would not be $50. Because you're charging for the shipping class individually, per order would be a $50 instant, because now you're simply going with the most expensive shipping class, which is the $30. So this, of course, is based on your own personal preference. I'm gonna go with the poor class. I'm gonna go ahead now and save this changes and awesome. So now we are able to assign the delicate shipping class to particular products. But he was a small issue. If I go back to my shipping zones, all right, and I come over here to mayoral and local Well, check this out. We're offering just first Shippen and local pickup for our customers within mill and local pick up. It's fine. They can always come in and pick up their expensive wristwatch or that jewelry. But then what if they decide to put chase one of my expensive wristwatches or some other expensive piece of jewelry? Are we still going to offer them free shipping? I don't think so. We want them to have to pay for the shipping if they're buying any product that has the delicate ship in class. So how do we know Do this at this point right now because we've offered free shipping, It doesn't matter. The customer can simply go to the shop page, pick the risk, torture the jewelry and then simply choose free shipping when he or she wants to check out . So what we have to do now is to remove free shipping all together, so that's coming here at it may within local, and then for the first shipping, which is going to go ahead now and delete that. Okay, so now we've taken away the ability for our customers toe order through shipping for products that are in the delicate class. But Now we have a second challenge. Now that we've removed free shipping for our clients in the middle in local area. How then do we now give them free shipping? If they chose a product that is not in the delicate class? What do we do? The answer is very simple. We a good chef to add the new shipping method, which would be the flat weight. All right. And now I'm from here. We're gonna go in here, click on edit, and then we're going to say, for the delicate shipping class course, what does go ahead and paste this right here. So we charge $5 as a base shipping fee and then $2 for every item in the cart. And now for the no shipping class cost or just said this 20 This way we can now provide free shipping to our customers with in Maryland who order items that are not delicates. This is exactly how you do this. Let's go ahead. Now. Ceva changes, and that is it. So now we're able to offer free shipping to our customers with in Maryland. Who other items that are not delegate while still charging them for products that are Delic . Eight. So that's it. Thank you for watching the video. If you have any questions about what we've done, be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching. And I will see you the next class. 10. Setting up Shipping Classes Part 2: welcome back. An appearance video with successfully created our shipping class off delicates. Now, before we move on, I wanted to quickly rectify a potential issue within our ship in zones. Now, so far, we have got Maryland local as one of our ship in zones, which is the region of Maryland in the United States. And then we have a second region, which is the United States and Canada. Okay, put a good. Unfortunately, there is a potential to be confused when you say a region off Milland. Now, for Americans who live in the United States, they obviously know Maryland in No, Maryland is in the East off the United States. But guess what? They could be another city or state called Maryland. In another country, you could have mill. And in Australia you could have Maryland, United Kingdom. Who knows so to avoid any potential mix up or confusion, it's always a very good idea that whenever you're creating local zones that are physical in the same city or state as your store, you want to go ahead and add the country as part over the region. So this goes right now, I'm gonna come in here and click on edit. And then I would say there's on regions of Maryland and then also the United States. Let's go ahead, save this. Go back to our ship in zones and there you go. So now you can see that we're specifically talking about Mill and in the United States, that's what we mean by Maryland local, not mill. And in the kingdom or Maryland in Australia but talking about male and in the United States . So this is something that you should always do whenever you're creating our local shipping zones. All right, Now, with that out of the way, I have a small assignment or a challenge for you for United States in Canada. All right. But we have currently is the flat weight shipping method. Right. And what we have right now is okay for any item that is not in the delicate shipping class cost. Charge them $9.99 for shipping, and for any item that's delicate will check them $10 1st as the base shipping fee and then $2 extra for every item that is delicates in the cart. Here is my question to you. What if there are very specific kinds of items that you wanted to ship for free to any of your customers within the United States or Canada. I'm not talking about male and local. Now. I'm talking about all the parts of America like California and New York banner and then in Canada. What if there was sitting items You wanted to ship them for free? How would you do this? You can pause the video and think about this. Fall a few seconds. If you've gotten your answer, I'm gonna give you the answer right now. And it's quite simple. What you want to do is to simply go ahead and create another class known as free settle. I'm gonna come in here guilty shipping classes, let's at a new shipping class. And we something called his class free. Just free freedom. Oh, I'm sorry. How do I spell free? Yeah, right. Free description. Just I'm just gonna go ahead and say free stuff. Yeah, but does go ahead, Ziva, Shipping classes. So from here, and I'm gonna go back to my shipping zones, Jum down specifically to the United States and Canada. Hit, edit, and then I'm gonna come in here, edit the flat weights. And now all we here for the free shipping class costs. I'm just simply gonna go ahead and say zero and that is it. So right now, as it is whenever anyone within the United States that is, isn't that isn't in Maryland or O. I know there's in Canada. If they pick a product that is, delegates will charge them this amount. If they pick it, put that has the free shipping class course associated with it. With the product, it's gonna be free shipping because it's gonna be Israel cost. And any item that isn't delicate or free will charge them to regla line dollars 99 cents. So there you go save changes. And that is it. Thank you for watching the video join me in the next gas. Well will now go ahead and begin to create eight. Our very first product 11. WooCommerce Assignment 1: all right, so it's time for a very quick assignment. Now that you've learned how to create shipping zones and walk with shipping classes, I would like you to spend some time to go over all the other ship in zones that you have. Make sure that they have shipping methods associated with them. And, of course, make sure that the shipping methods have pricing and we're gonna walk with shipping classes . Also, make sure that every single one of your shipping zones have the necessary shipping classes that will be applicable to your shipping preferences. So that's going to be your assignment. Obviously, you should do this assignment if you are building your E commerce store in real life, you want to make sure that you have covered all shipping options for all kinds of clients, whether their domestic, whether they're living your country or whether they live in Africa or in any other parts of the world. You want to ensure that you've got shipping options available for every single kind off your client, so that's it. Good luck, and I will see you the next class 12. Creating our First Product: okay, The time the glorious time has come for us to create off very first product. So let's do this. I'm gonna come over here to put October. You have flex right here. I'm gonna click on add New. And the very first put it we're gonna create is called the vintage of int Age Lo X wristwatch. Obviously, it should be a little expert. Tate, we have our own brand off luxury watches. It's called Low X or not Rolex. All right, so any you can add a very quick, brief description, and I'm just going to say, Ah, but the ladies, this is gonna be full for men, obviously. So we'll just say get the ladies with this. Ah, wristwatch. So I'm gonna come here right now. Now, on the product data, you can choose different kinds of products. We are creating a simple, predictable just choose. Simple as it is, the regular price here is going to be our $999 because it's very expensive. And now in here on the inventory, you can add the stock. What's going to stock keeping units? That's what's referred to. So you can use this to simply manage your stock. So for the SK you I'm just gonna type in Ah, event would be the SK you and you can also manage. Talk at a level of this means is you can keep track manually off many items you have in your content you can sell. So this gets right now for this to quantity. I'm going to go ahead and say we have 20 of these available now. Do you want to allow back orders? You can say Do not allow you can allow, but then you can also allow. But notify the customer. I'll go ahead and say allow but notify customer and then you can set a low stroke threshold . What this means is you'll be elected whenever your amount off. This particular product has reached a settle level. So that's good, because we only have 20. Let's say once we reach five, let's get an alert saying, Hey, before a lot of stock, meaning to get new looks, wristwatches in the store and then in here you have the special option off, enabling the I tend to be sold Onley in a single order, but now we won't check that. All right, shipping. Check this out for the weights, but it's gonna go ahead and say, this is £2 dimensions now. Well, but about that Noah shipping class, you can see this is exactly where we can set the shipping class for this particular kind off product we're gonna go with delicate because it is delicate. This is a very expensive wristwatch, Right? Link products will tickle. Get that later. Attributes will take a look at this later as well. And then under advanced, you can add things like ah, purchased notes. Thank you. You are definitely gonna get the ladies now, wink. All right, we can also enable reviews. That's cool. All right, now, in here, we got the product are short description, so I'm just gonna see ah, with this classic luxury. Ah, Lache you Ah, definitely going to get the attention of the opposites. Ah, sex and be the envy off your male peers. I should be a salesman, huh? This is obviously very, very cheesy, but hey, who cares? I just Let's just Let's just go ahead and do the best of what we need to do. Put a categories. I'm gonna have a new category in here and simply called It's luxury. I'm sorry, Watches, watches will be the category. Okay, so we'll have a category for watches. Let's Advent. And then for the tags, we can say, Ah, watch. We can say men we conceal luxury. All right, luxury. And let's also say vintage. These are the put attacks that we can add them. And now in here you can add the product image. Now, I do have some images in the media library already. I will provide these for years so you can download them, check the resources. I'm going to use these as the main public image. And then you can also add some product gallery images. So at this one, and I also add this one as well. Let's add those. And there you go. We are set. Let's go ahead now and publish our product. And while LA let's go ahead and view the products and there you go vintage looks wristwatch . You've got it right there. You've got some other pictures of the image on it. Say's OK, we've got the description right here. 20. There wasn't stock. Tsk you The description. Get the ladies at its information with its £2 reviews? None yet because no one has bought our vintage looks. Wished. Watch. So this is exactly how you can create a simple product using Welcome us. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 13. Creating Variable Products: all right. It's an abuse video was successfully created our very first product, which is the Vint Age Love X wristwatch costing 999 U. S. Dollars. Now what? I wanna do these videos to show you how to create eight variable products. In this case right now in my media library, I have this image is right here. I have a T shirt that say's she Pio idea. This is the back off the same T shirt. And now here's a different version off the same tissue. The color here is dark green or dark, our lime highway one and discovers color. So this is basically a V aviation off the Black Sea. Shit. So how can you could ate this kind off part of because if you're creating a real or in store and you're selling clothes, you're probably gonna need are variations, not even just clothes. It could be our Any other kind of polity may want to sell one particular product, but with a different Carlo with a different size with a different weight. So that's all referred to as V Aviation. So I'm going to show you now how you can create your own variable Put. Let's come down to products. Click on, add new. All right. Now we're going to say this will be this call, uh, T shirt, and then we'll say a fancy ah T shirt full boys, I guess. Full stop. School down. All right, so, product data, this is gonna be a very valuable product. SK you? Yep. T shirt B for boys enables. Took management. Still, quantity will say we have 100 back orders. Yes, a Lebanon to fire. Low stock threshold will go with over 20. No, Right, 20. I'm not for shipping. We'll just go with the, uh, no shipping class. All right, so this won't have any shipping class weights is £3.2. I just made that up. We'll go with £2.2. All right. Link for that's not yet attributes. Yes, this is Now we will have to start adding the attributes for this particular kind of part. The 1st 1 we're going to adhere would be color. That's going to be the attributes. And now we can add some text which will be developed, and then we consider this fellow's by using this particular our symbol So let's do this. The first color here will be black, right? And then we can separate it. And then we say green. So these are the two values available with Kobe half in black that we haven't in green. And I'm going to say used full variations as well. Let's save the actual boots. Now let's add another attribute here, and this one in this case is going to be size. Now what a devoto says that we have Well, we have a large And then, of course, we'll have medium. And of course, we're gonna have small, useful variations. Safety attributes. Cool. So now we've got color and size. Now I'm going to jump over here, too, where we have variations, okay? And then from here, I'm gonna come over here right now. Click on this and say, coed deviations from all attributes. What this means now is it's going to create a large size for black, medium size, for black, small size, for black, large size for green, medium size for green and in small science for green. That's what referred to as creating deviations from all attributes. Go ahead and hit. Go and it stays. Are you sure you wouldn't do this? Yes. I want to do it. Let's go ahead and do that. And I would say six variations have been added. Awesome. And now you can see these are all the variations from are two attributes. Now we can come in here individually and begin to set individual pricing and even individual shipping. If you wanted to. As an example, we've got the black large. What's coming here? Click on the air right here. All right, so in here we can add an image specifically for black and large. Let's do this. We'll choose this one here for the block and Large said, that is the image all right in here, we can said the SK you if we wanted to began, put the regular price in here. This is going to be 99. Selfies were not often facility moments or just say on the 1.99 weight in this case will be £3.2. Now, the dimensions we can say Ah, 23 by 24 by 21. It is a completely made up, by the way. So, yeah, that's a school down in here and now you can see we've got the ship in class by default is going to say same s parents. The parent shipping class in this case was no shipping class, but then you could decide to go with delicate or even free. So again, you can be very, very specific with your variations. You can set a particular price for one variation and said its own our individual shipping costs as well. So description. We could just come in here and say, Large black T shirt. Four boys. All right, and, Ah, there you go. We have set individual values for our black and large size. And then, of course, you can do the same for your black and small, your green and large and so on and so forth. Over here we have the default form values. So which Vela's will book from us use by default. When the customer has chosen this particular parked, we're gonna go with the black and the default size. That would be medium. All right, cool. Let's come down in here products that description, and we'll just say a fancy, well designed ah t shirt ful boys. And, uh, yeah, that's it. I think that's that's OK. We'll come over here right now for the product. Categories are gonna add a new category, and we'll just call this T shirts. See shirts and that's okay, Let's add the category. All right, so tags in this case right now. Well, say T shirts will say, boys, we can add those. And then for the puts image, we're gonna said the black funds as the main image and then for the gallery will just add the remaining three images in here. That's add those to the gallery and Ah, there you go. I think we've successfully created this paralysis. Make sure everything is as it should. Well, advanced on the events. Will. You could decide to add, like a very specific purchase note for this particular product if you wanted to, But that's okay. That's it. Let's go ahead. No and hit. Publish and voila! Let's take a look. Let's go to up its page. The first page. Let's do a hard refresh, actually. Hot. Fresh up. There you go. That's it. See? Shit. Okay, so now I can open it. Let's take a look. Okay. We have a T shirt. We have the other images from the gallery. We can choose option. Right now, we've got black and then because it was the science for large. But then know that we can only choose black and latch because we've Onley set price in and shipping for black and large. That's why we don't have the other options available. So I came back down here and I said, Let's go straight back to the variations and then that's it for green and larger, let's even say green and medium Let me come in here. All right. So for green and medium, I'll put the price in here as in line Antanas Well, and for the image just very quickly. I will use, disagree and image right here said that vibration image and ah, for the dimensions will say 18 20 and then 21. Let's save changes. All right, good. Let's come back in here right now. Let's refresh this page now let's see. So choose an option. Now you have going available and with the medium size, because we've set by both the price and for green medium and then present for black large. So until you set the individual person for your variations, you will not see the possible affiliations that made available to the customer. So that's it. Thank you so much. Fortunate video. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me thinking fortune. I will see you in the next class. 14. WooCommerce Assignment 2: it is time for a second assignment. And now that you've learned how to create AIDS both simple and variable products, I would like you to check your downloads folder. And in it you should see these images off hoodies. They should be six of them. You've got the black or blue one, the gray one and then the red one. I would like you to create one simple products using the image, the hooded. It has the who text in it. I want you to create a simple product out of this and then create a variable. Pull it out of the remaining two types of hoodies. So right now you can see if I go to my products. I do have the Wu hoodie. That is a simple product. I started at 14. 99 after my category off hoodies and then tags, hoodie and man. And then for the cool hoody, which is the variable product I'm gonna show you. I do have the red versions and of course, the great vision. So I want to go ahead and create the necessary variations for this particular kind of hoodie. You can go with the size you can go with the color or any other kind of variation that you want, But I want you. And this is seven to have two new put ups, a simple product and a variable put. Thank you for watching. And of course, good luck with the Yes, I meant I'll see you in the next class. 15. Creating Grouped Products: already. We're moving on. And if you've done the assembly just gave you your shop should now have at least four products. You should have to simple products. In my case, I've got the US call now. I'm sorry. I got the vintage lyrics restored and, of course, the hoodie. And then, of course, for my vegetable products. I've got the cool hoodie and this call. See? Shit. Okay, well, it is time now to show you how to create 1/3 kind of product, which is going to be grouped product. Now, under what circumstances would you want to create a group product to see right now in our store, you can see I do have a cool hoodie, but I also have another productive. It's another similar product known as the Woo hoodie. In this case right now, because they're both hoodies. I could decide to group them and the same class within same category. This is rare. Quitting grouped products comes into play something with your own particular store. You might be selling different kinds of T shirts for women, for girls, for boys. You may just want to group all the two shits on the one group item in and say, Hey, you know, you can buy these kinds of T shirts If you interest itself, let them just go to show you how you would actually do this. Let's jump over into the back end, go over to products. And what I'm gonna do right now is to create a group product with the who Dees and for the product name. I'm just gonna say hoodie would be the product name hoodie. Okay, then I will. Just for the description range of Classy. Who these for men. What? I'm going to school down here for the categories. I'll go with hoodies again. Now for the product data. I'm gonna change this show of course, Group product. Now in here for the SK you. I'm gonna provide hoodie as CSK you. And now in here we've got linked products. What products do you want to put under this group? So I'm gonna click in there and then for the group products, the very 1st 1 of course, is going to be the hoodie. I just have to type in the 1st 3 and then say's woo hoo, I'm gonna choose that one, and then I'm gonna go with cool searching for the cool hoodie And there you go. So now I've got both the Rudy and cool Hoody on the this Hoody grouped product. All right, So what else do we need to do? Said the plus image? I'm gonna use the one for the who. I'm just used on a Ziploc image. And then for the gallery of images, I'll just add all of the other ones, the back, this one, this one, this one, that one. Let's add them to the gallery. And there you go. All right. I'll just go ahead and copy what I have in here and use this full. The description Avenger question It is for men. Comes in different colors, different colors and, ah, different colors and styles. All right. Okey dokey. What else? Let's add some tags with good hoodie. Got men. Let's just add that in there. And I think that's pretty much it You can off course coming here and add specific attributes. If you wanted to, you could also do the usual. Ah, enable the visible reviews photos. Go ahead. Go to inventory. Only have tsk you to add there. That's all. All right. Good to go, Let's hit, Publish. And now let's go over to, Ah, shop page coming here. Let's do a hard refresh. Let's cool down here and very okay, so now you can see we've got the hoodie. It's right there Now. If I go ahead now, you can see it Say's view products and not select options. It now says a few products slim. Just go ahead. Now hit view products and then in here can see that we've got the Ah Vinge of classy duties for men comes in different colors. And because we bundled over there, we grouped a simple product, which was the blue hoodie. You can come in here and choose the quantity, but then we also have a variable public, which is the cool Cody. So you have the option off now, selecting the options which call over its size and so on so I can come in here, choose the gray and then add to cart and so on and so forth. So this is how you would create eight Group I attempt with Luke Omagh's first. You would into create your either your simple off label products and then add those similar products on the A single group Itim. So that's it. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 16. Upsells and Cross Sells: the next know nothing about here would be the concept off up cells and close cells. I'm over here where I have my hoodie single product never school down here, and I come all the way over here to linked products you can see I've got up cells and I've got Cosell's. So what exactly does this mean? Well, OpSail say's These are products, which you recommend instead of the current livery product, for example, products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive. So in this case, right now, the viewer or the potential customer might be looking at the Wu hoodie. But guess what? I could come in here and say, Well, I'm just add this up, sell for the cool hoodie you can see right there. I can just simply go in there and add the cool hoodie or simply go with variations off the cool who they've got grave good read. So I don't go with Red as an example, because I think the cool who do it was a bit more expensive, so I can at that one in there. Let's see how this would now look like with this Upsell. Let me update this particular product. And now, let's view to put it, let's see how the observable represented. All right, I scroll down in here description, and now you can see over here it say's You may also like, and now you can see there now advertising the red hoodie. Okay, so that's for an Upsell. Let's go back, Inhale. Let's check out what across cell would look like. Let's go back in here. Goodling products so far across Sell What does disable this say's crystals are products which you promote in the cart based on the corn product. So if, for example, you are selling women's clothes, it could be that the woman just chosen maybe a particular kind off bag. Maybe it za red bag. Andi, you might want to advertise. Maybe, Ah, shoes that go with the bag, right? See? Could add the shoes that will match that bag as a cross sell. That's exactly how you would use course cells. Just additional products that complement the Cohen. Put it that the customer is taken. A look at that's what cross cells are. So this gives. Right now, we've got the, uh, the hoodie for the project for the port of Ecuador's come in here and say a T shirt. You know, I think T shirts go with Hootie's second. Had this coltish it as the cross sell. Let's update to this. OK, and now let's go ahead and view the products and say, Well, we have rights of us Go down in here first We've got the Upsell, as you can see and then we have related products. But we don't see the cross sell well. We're going to have to First of all, add this to our caught. So let's pretend we're gonna added to a cart. It's been added. Now let's view the caught. Okay, and now you can see over here it's saying, Hey, you may be interested in and I considers cultish had been advertised. So with our up cells ops ALS, you'll see up cells just beneath the product on the main page. But for the cost cells, you would not to the course cell until the customer wants to check out. And that's when ah woke. Most will now attempt to entice the customer to try to add even more items into their cut, and I think that's ah pretty smart actually. So there you go. That's how you can walk with up cells and cross cells. Thank you. Fortunate video. And as always, I will see you in the next class. 17. Payment Gateways: besides the product that you're selling on your wall comin store Another extremely important feature off your store would be the payment gateways now without payment gateways . Well, guess what? Your customers would not be able to pay for your products, and you will not be able to take them on the either. So As a result, it is very, very important and advisable that you offer as many payment options as possible to your customers. You want to offer them as many options as possible. All right, by default, If you jump into will commas settings and then click on the payments tab, you will see these full options available. You've got the direct bank trans far. You've got check payments, you've got PayPal and then you have cash on delivery. What I want to do here is to set up and enable the cash on delivery. So clicking here, turn it on and then I'll come in here, click on manage. All right. And now in here, you can change the text for all these options. But the most important in here is going to be the enable for shipping methods. I'm gonna come in here right now, and I'm going to choose there. Is it the male and local pick up? Remember that we're offering the ability for our customers within mill and to come in and pick up the productive they've paid for or products that they would like. So this guy's right. Now, this will be available on Lee for residents with in Maryland. They can choose the products they want to buy, and then they will come in, pay the cash, and then pick up the products. So this against off course depends primarily on your own preference. You may not want these option because then you may have customers who would, in a way, order sets in items, but then they never turn up to our pay for those atoms and pick up those items. So this depends heavily on you. If you wanted to enable cash on delivery, this is exactly how you would do this. So I'm just gonna check this because we're not taking virtual orders or comments save my changes. And that would be how to nibble cash on delivery. Now going back to the payments. The next one here is going to be pay, pal. I'm gonna turn on people right now. And then I'll come in here. Click on set up. All right. Now, by default, you've got the enable Papal standard, which is cool in here would be where you would add your PayPal email address, but out any of you've got the advanced options. And we have something known as the Pay Pal Sand box. I'm gonna go ahead now and enable this sandbox. What this means is we want to, first of all tests to see if PayPal is actually walking with our website. So in this case, right now, we'll be able to make our test payments and just to see if we can receive payments, form our potential customers. So go ahead and enable these people send box. I'm gonna come all the way down in here. All right? I will ignore all these other options in here. I'll just go ahead and save my changes. All right, So now that we've enabled the sandbox, I'm gonna show you never Knicks video right now how you can create sandbox accounts with PayPal 18. Creating Sandbox Accounts: all right. As I said previously in the last video, we have enabled the papal sandbox, which would allow us to test payments using PayPal. So now what I want to do so sure, you how you can create the sandbox accounts on PayPal. Now, obviously, you should already have an account with PayPal. If you don't have an account with PayPal, then please, You're simply goal to PayPal. It'll calm and simply register. It is very, very easy. I'm gonna zoom the jury, have an account with PayPal. So what you need to do is to simply go to Google. You can type in san books, accounts, PayPal. I think this is the easiest way to really find the location of where you can build our sandbox accounts. So in here, I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on send books, accounts. PayPal Developer. I am already signed into papal. By the way, you can see my name. Alexander. It's right there. So in here right now, we have the ability to create sand books accounts so you can see the big blue button right here that says create account. I'm gonna go ahead and click on it. arts. The country? Well, you can choose any kind of country from the United States to train to Germany to India. Take your pick. I'm going to stick with the United States now In here Already have the personal buyer account over the chosen. So this one, the personal account will represent the customer. The customer who is coming to buy the product. So for the email address in this case have used so many of them. The miller just in here, I'm going to say cool buyer at by a dot com. It doesn't have to be like a real legit email address, by the way, so you can choose any kind of just like us. It has the at Sissoko com. You should be fine. So called buyer cool by at buyer that come. All right, and then pass What? I'm gonna add a very strict password and ah, that sits of payment methods for the papal balance. I'm just gonna go ahead and say I've got ah, $2 million or something like that. That's fine. It's verified by the bank. The payment card. This isn't necessarily we can live it on discover credit cards. It's fine visa. That's okay. I'm just gonna go ahead now and click on create eight account. And just like that, you know, we go. So it's processing. As you can see, I'm gonna go ahead now and create ate a second account, and this one will be for us. The owners of the store, because we're gonna need an account out, would receive money from the our sandbox account off the potential customer. So in here, right now, I'm gonna choose business instead. And then for the villages I'm going to say cool cilla at cella dot com. Okay. Ah, let's see. Okay, that's available and then passed. What? I'm gonna go ahead now, and ah, simply admit password. Let's cool down, people. Balance. I'm just gonna say 10 10 bucks. No, $10 way are very poor stole and are looking for customers to give us lots of money. So 10 bucks. That's what we have. Enough people balance. It is bunk verified. I can just gonna go ahead and click, create accounts and Ah, there you go. So all right. So you can see it's processing. The one for the cool buyer has been completed. I'll go by here and with first, This shouldn't take too long. It's usually a few seconds for it to finish processing them just to refresh again. All right, so there you go. So now I've got the business account. Cool cellar at Slate com already processed. And we also have a personal account. Cool buyer at by it that come Already processed as well. So Germany next video available. Now test. How? Payments. Using our sandbox accounts. 19. Testing Sandbox Payments: Oh, it's another. We've got our sandbox accounts. It is time to now experiment to see if our customers can pay for products and then we can receive their payments. Now, before we do this, I want you to go to your payments tab and then on the papal. Make sure that the people email has been set to the business Matron's E mail that we used for our sandbox account. Minor was cool cellar at celeb of council. Mitchell people email is set to this mixture. Enable people sandboxes also are active. Right? Um, eligible. Rare to Firefox. And I'm going to pretend like about customer of coming here right now. And ah, let's go ahead and choose the skull T shit. I like it. And let's see, I'm gonna choose the green color. I'll choose the medium size I like it on for the big picture of them. Let's art to the cards. Let's view our cart pump, pump, pump bum capes. Everything is to the 97. That's fine. Let's proceed to check out. Oh, all right, so, billing details. I'm gonna come in here right now and say my name is Bob. Uh, Jones. Ah, that's my address. My state in this case would be main. Ah, zip code for number is 78 blah, blah, blah, blah. Email address is going to be Bob Jones at yahoo dot com. Of course, all this can be freaky. Doesn't have to be real. All right? And then, of course, remember when we were setting up Welcome us. We said that we wanted customers to be able to create an account. So I'm gonna go ahead and take this box so that Bob would be able to simply log in the next time he wants to buy something for my store. And then, of course, ship into different addresses. Depends on the customer. But they have the option of choosing a different address from shipping two billion island. Shake this. Let's come over here right now. And ah, let's just proceed to pay. Proceed to pay policy concedes that. O k Papa. Papa! Papa, Let's it was gonna happen all Kate not pay attention to this. The you always see essays, sandbox toe PayPal took home. So you can see now that this send books environment is now active. All right, so I'm gonna log in right now. with the personal account that we created, which was the cool Ah, Byam at by it'll come and then I'm gonna add my password. Let's look in. I don't save. Um um um ok, Ok, OK, we're been securely locked in. Thank you very much. Paypal. Oh, why did then pay now? Yes, but want to pay. We want a T shirt. Let's pay for it. And OK, so you can see that now. We've paid with my 97 That's awesome. Now let's return to the match ins. And now that you can see, the customer will get the message saying Okay. Thank you. Your order has been received. Order for to warn the 77 2018. That's the email. Total payment method was pay, pal. And of course, you can see for the clarification the product was this call to show the green medium size. Everything is right here. Building address, shipping address. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Okay, what I'm going to do right now is I'm gonna open up the sandbox of paypal dot com site again. But in this case, right, I'm gonna open this up in a private tab and I will say sandbox of people to come and never gonna log in as the merchant as us. So email in this case was a cool cellar at Cilla. Come and in the past would Now I'm doing this because I want to make sure that I've actually received the payment on my PayPal account due to due to a light. Let's come in here. Now, let's see what we have. Okay, lets see. And Okay, so it does say payment from Alexander. Only it doesn't say from Bob Jones, but you can see right now that we have the correct amount, which is 29 97. So one thing on the point out here is that I don't get alarmed if you have slights issues like this where maybe the name of the person making the payment isn't same. This happens a lot whenever you're testing out with this sandbox environment. All right? Just as long as you can see that we've received the money. That's all that willing matters now just to confirm that, indeed. Welcome us has registered Bob Jones as a customer. If I go back to our back end, if I come over here right now to order as I clicking here. You will now see the actual real person that made the order, which is Bob Jones four minutes ago. And it stays on hold because, well, we haven't confirmed payment yet from Paypal, so I can come in here right now and simply click on this and simply come over here and then say on hold. But it's now completed. There you go. Updates. And that is if I go back to my orders. There you go. So, Bob Jones, his order has been completed and was 29 97. So this tells us that yes, we are now able to receive payments from customers. Customers are also able Teoh pay for put up on our online store. Thank you for watching. I will see in the next class. 20. Setting up Stripe Payments: all rights in a previous video was successfully were able to conduct test payments via PayPal. Now, if you're ready to begin to accept riel payments with PayPal, make sure that your PayPal email here is sets to your real email. And, of course, on check the enable PayPal sandbox as well. That's of course, if you're ready to begin to accept riel payments. Now, what I want to do here is to introduce you to a second payment gateway, which is, of course, going to be our stripe strap is very, very popular, and again, when you're building a real shop, you want offer as many payment options as possible for your customers. Certain customers of yours might not have access to PayPal. Say, if they don't have a politic and have stripe. Those who don't have strep can have access to PayPal and so on and so forth. Now get in strip is pretty easy. All you have to do simply, just typing. Welcome a strap on Google, or you can just go straight to look a monster. Com four slash police force less tripe and you can get it for free now. There is also an article in here from Ruby Garage that compares stripe PayPal and are also Braintree as well. And there is a very interesting table white it just gives you are the processing fees. How much vision of this payment gateways are would charge based on setting kinds of conditions and right here. So if you're interested in any more about these particular gateways, you can go to the garage door. Ogg four slash blogger and enforce slash Travis's Braintree vessels. People, How do these payment are? Platforms competes of a very interesting article, and I would encourage you to read up on it. And what I wanted to do right now is to go ahead, download, install and activate to stripe plug in. And now, once you do it, if you can go back to your settings on the wall, Commerz and, of course, go to your payments. You should know, see stripe, and in fact, you will see stripe in all sorts of different versions. You've got the stripes separate or a debit structural pay straight PPS, blah blah, blah, blah, blah. If the only one that we're interested in is the very first time, which is the major one, this is tripe payments with the credit card. So I'm gonna go ahead now and turn these on, right? And then I'm gonna click sets up. All right? And now from here, you obviously want to enable stripe the tackle, the credit cards trap. That's okay. Now in here. Let's test out. Just like a papal. Let's test to see if we would accept payments of a stripe. So the test mode has been activated automatically. Now, we're gonna need the publishable key and a secret key. Now, in order to get this, you obviously are going to need a stripe account. So if you don't have a strap account, simply go distribute calm and centered. Fun account is very easy. Its ownership for I'm going to assume that you already have an accountant stripe. Now to get these keys on your dashboard. Calm down here to where you have developers. You click in there and then click on a P I keys. This is what you need. And now make sure you turn on the view test data because now you want to use the keys for testing purposes. So turn this on. All right. You should see the orange takes the same test data. And now in here we have the publishable key. I'm gonna go ahead and grab this first. Copy that. Let's go back in here paste. It's for key. And then I'm going to reveal the secret key which really isn't so secret at this point. I'm gonna come in here right now and then, of course, a piece that in here. Alright, Awesome. So now we have our publishable key and we also have our secret key as well. There are some other options in here like the in languid form. So what this does? Is it say's chooses tell you want to show fear Critical to form when unchecked, the credit card, fumble displaced, separate credit card number, field experience, desert filled and seriously field. So this really depends on you. Ah, enables trap Check out. You don't want to do this because I cut into the useful text it say's that if enable this option will show a pay button and a model credit card form. Ah, we recommend you live this disabled and used the embedded form as that is the preferred method. Okay, so we're not going to enable these track check out now in here. Of course. You can change the text for the payment request. Change the theme and so on are saved cards. Yes, We're going to enable the payment of via save cards so that customers would have to constantly add their credit card information once they have an account. Was the comment. The critical information will be stored. Note, though, that these intermission will be stored on the servers off strip and not your own service. Right. Gonna go ahead now and save my changes. And cool. So, Venable stripe. I am now going to go ahead now and open up in new tab. And let's test to see if we can make payments with stripe. All right, I'm gonna come in here to shop. Let's see what we have. I'm going to buy the Wu hoodie. Oh, what's? And now you can see the buy now. Button for stripe. I was gonna go ahead and click on it straight up. All right, so in here, right now, you can change the are choose the shipping address, choose the payment method. All this is because of course, this has been stalled in my cash. So for the payment. Actually, let's let's do this week. I'm gonna cancel payments. Let's just go straight to out to court instead. I think this would be easier this way. Let's view the cart. Let's call down here. Proceeded check out. Oh, okay. All right. So let's just do this way. I'm gonna add my name, Alexander, the address and all that. Okay, cool That. OK, that's fine. All right, so in here, right now, you've got the option for the Critic at Stripe, As you can see. Awesome. Let's go ahead. Click in here and now it saves pay with a credit card verse trip. Test mode is enabled. So in testament, you can use the card number 4 to 40 40 44 to. So I'm gonna go ahead and copy this number. Let's come in here and paste that number. The experiment. If you can choose any dates, I'm going to say 09 and the 19 CVC for 56 All right was did that way. And I want to do here is to just to change my name. Let's go with something different. Jon Snow Jones, Nell from game of Thrones. Ah, Email address. I'm going to use my yahoo email just for testing purposes. Crittenton account? Yes. Let's create an account Safe payment information to my account for future purposes. Now you can see that the option is now available for the customer to save their critical information because of all prettied earlier. All right, this is good to go. Let's go ahead now and place. Order and let's see if this will work. But but up, um, although received. Well, there you have it. Okay, Awesome. Let's go back to I'm sorry. I've got way too many. Are windows open in here? Let's go back to my cool stall. Let's go over to orders and let's see. Okay, Order from Jon Snow. Wow. Okay, that's for 39 7 Cool. I'm gonna come in here right now. Let's go ahead and say this is complete. It is complete Updates. Ah, some Okay, now I'm gonna go to my striped dashboard. Let's go out to payments and let's see if we had any and look at that. OK, that is it Succeeded. 15 in 97. The customer is another 64 year old dot com. It doesn't say Jones, nobody s This is the E villages that I used for Jon Snow. So there you go. We can now accept payments are via stripe. Now, of course, if you're ready to begin to accept real payments, you want to go back to your settings. I go to payments. And now in here, of course, on the stripe. You want to manage that And of course, make sure that this is no longer on the testimony. And then for your life, Publishable key and your life Secret key. Go back to your main. That's but for stripe goat soup. Developers tab, make sure that the our test data under the a p A. Kids, make sure this is turned off. And now you can copy the publishable key and the secret key and then go back in here and pays them. You be able to use strapped to accept view payments from now on. So that I think, is much water in the video. And as always, if you have any questions, do let me know. Think of fortune. I will see you in the next class 21. Working with Coupons: Let's talk about every customer's favorite topic, and that is coupons. Everyone. Those keepers Wait. You have a key pony able to save some money by simply applying the coupon to a particular product that you want to buy. And, of course, with your online store. Every now and then, you may want to offer a coupon for certain occasions like Christmas, Halloween in the Black Friday sales, things like that. So how would you create coupons for your products? Well, it's easy. I'm gonna jump over here to coupons under Will Calmus, And we're gonna go ahead now and create our very first coupon. Oh, right. All case, the first, its first. We need the coupon code. In this case right now, I'm gonna go ahead and say Avengers 19 will be the coupon code description. I'm not gonna add in description. I think it's self explanatory. Is it? Is all right. So under the general, we've got three different types of discount types. First, you have the percentage discount this when a straightforward this will apply a certain percentage off discount you. The total are mont off the products that the customer wants to buy. You've got the fixed court discount. Whatever percentage, this will be a fixed amount of money, so you could say $50 off of your entire cart. And finally you have the fixed product discount. This would apply only to specific our products inside off the court for simplicity and was gonna go ahead and choose the percentage discount. And the coupon amount of this case will be 50% because we have feeling very generous. All right, You could allow free shipping with this particular our coupon as well. But note that a free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and beset. Require a dallied free shipping coupon. So make sure you satisfy these requirements before you are able to allow Cubans to have free shipping with them. Cuban expiry dates are going to go ahead with different off. December 2018. Use age restriction. Very, very important. Now in here, you can determine if a minimum amount of money must be spends before the Cuban can be used . And yeah, we'll just say $1. You must spend at least $1 understood before you can apply how to use this. Keep on and then you also have the opposite a maximum spend. Once you've spent a certain amount of money and then you go above that amount, the coupon will no longer be valid. In truth, I don't quite I don't really know what kind of under what circumstances this might be useful in because I can't imagine why a a store. Ah, business. And I will say, Hey, you know, if you spend more than this amount of money, then we're not going to give you Keep on it should be the other way around. You should you should want to encourage your cosmos to spend as much money as possible before they can be able to use Ah, keep on. But anyway, you've got the individual use only where it say's uses. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with although coupons. So you have a future in there. You can also choose to exclude the use of coupon on items that already on Sil. And yes, I'll check that if an atom is ancillary, it's pretty much been discounted. So a plan, a further discount might be bad for business. Right? So I'm gonna check this. Make sure that we exclude any items that on sale from the use off this coupon. And now in here, you can choose certain products that this coupon can only be applied to. You can come in here and then just simply search for the products. It is because I can go with something like Woo as an example. Now I have the Wu hoodie. What this means is that this coupon will only be applied to this particular product called the Hoodie. However, if I live this blank as a raise, it will apply toe every single product. And now in here you've got the exclude products I can choose set in products where this couple will not be applicable to. In this case right now, I can come in here and say, Ah, the T shirt. Let's see which one we have this cultish. OK, so we're going to exclude, do you? So this coupon from the puts this call T shirt all right. And then, of course, you can choose the setting categories where this coupon can only be apply to you can explica degrees as well, and then you've got the allowed e mails. This is interesting and stays you could white least 1,000,000,000 emails to check against when another. It's placed so you can actually choose sitting kinds of e mails that can be used with this . Keep on. If he used hysterics, for example, hysterics hysterics gmail dot com, for example. You can see right there an example. Are any email that has the extension Gmail will be able to use this coupon if it's Yahoo or Hotmail or any of that kind of email, they will not be able to use this. Keep on. So this is a very, very our interest in future. And finally, we have the usage limits. How many times can he uses? Keep on. You've got the usage living per coupon. I'm gonna go with two. You can limit the use of this. Keep onto a set amount of items in your cart in here. You've got the option off saying Well, apply to only one item in the cart or two items or three items, and so on. I'll just go with a Plato all qualifying items in the cart and finally, the usage limits part use of how many times you want one, particularly that's available to use this coupon under is gonna go with Ah, let's go with twice. Why not? Because we're really very, very generous. Going to go ahead now and publish this coupon. Avengers 19. Now, let's go ahead and test to see if this would actually work. All right, I'm gonna open up in new tab right here and let's see. Let's go to the shop. All right, let's test it out with this. Ah, woo hoodie. First to see. Ah, select options. Let's go with the gray. Let's go ahead. And at that one, it's 15 99. Let's view the carts. Okay, let's not try to play the coupon in here. I've got the Avengers 19. Let's apply the coupon And there you go. So you can see right now that the coupon has been successfully applied. 6 99 That's pretty awesome light. Okay, let's do something else. I'm gonna go ahead now and remove this item from the cart and let's try our Adan, the T shirt and what we said. We don't want to teach you to be able to use the coupon, so let's try to see if we can bypassed the Cuban restriction. Black large. Let's go ahead and adds to the cart view the carts. Okay, We're gonna apply the coupon code right now. Avenges 19 apply. Keep on. That's if it work. Nope. They say sorry. This coupon is not applicable to select a product. Soap. There you go. The coupon. It was actually not applicable to this call to should because we said the coupon should be applicable to every product except our skull T ships. Okay, so that's I think if watching the video, you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I will see you in the next class. 22. Managing Refunds: Oh, why'd so we're doing very well. We've been able to we set up different payment, get ways we've been able to walk with coupons. However, there is one very important feature that we haven't talked about yet. And that is the ability for customers to requests for refunds Every now and then. Every business always has refunds. And if you're selling stuff online, you're probably going to get one or two customers who might want to have a refund. Maybe they didn't like the product may be the order they plugged by mistake. So you wanna offer the opportunity of the ability for your customers to make requests for refunds. Now, what I have over here is the account off, one off our customers who has the email address of when elect 64. So right now, this is how the account set up looks like for our customers. They can come in here under the dashboard and they will see old is text. They can take a look at the previews orders they're saved, addresses, their billing address, the shipping address and so on and so forth. You can also add our payment methods and save them as well, and they also have their full account details where they can change. Ah, their name, the last name, the email address change the password and so on and so forth. One thing that's missing here, though, is the ability for them to request for a refund. And that's what we're gonna do here. But before we do this, I'm gonna jump back over here. And when I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come away to my settings, go to General and little mixing quick changes. I'm gonna change title for my blawg to our cool stall. All right, let's go. Cool store. And then, uh, the tagline will be cool clothes for every man and woman. Okay. All right. Make sure the email address in here is the one that 20 use for your admin purposes. I'm gonna come down here right now and save my changes. And then if I'm gonna go over to welcome us, go to settings, come over here to e mails, right, and then down in here, I'm gonna change the from name to cool store. All right. And then email address. I'm gonna changes to Alex. Adds the Web a monkey online dot com. Okay, all right. And the reason why I'm do this is because I don't want our customers to get emails. Whenever they have credit in a counter, whenever they've purchased a polygamous, and then the from name will be my block. That would be so unprofessional. So you want to use the name of your store instead where you have the from name. All right. Gonna go many right now. Save my changes. And we are good to go. How do you provide the ability for customers to request for a refund? Well, there is a plug in, known as the hiker woke Hamas. Refund plug in. There is a free version, which is, of course, free. But it is also a paid version. For now, we're gonna go ahead and use the free vision, so please go over to boycott dot com. Ah, fourth slash plug ins for slash. Refund, and then you can get this plug in absolutely free off charge. Go ahead. Install the plug in and I have it installed it. I'm gonna go ahead now and activate the plug in. You can see why their refund. I'm gonna activate it and cool. Okay. Now if I go back to the account page for our customer limit, refresh this page right here. You can now see that we have the link that say's we phoned request all because we have just activated the refund plug in. But before we delve any further into this But Scott Page, let's go back. Let me show you how to set up this particular are plugging. So from here right now, I can go to settings, all right. And it'll bring goes over here to this particular page refund requests in here. This is where you would see all the letters. Different requests not have been. Don't so far. So let's go back a refund. So on the general, you have the different settings and it will refund. Yes, you could enable partial refunds, but this is only available with the premium version off the plug in. You can also enable refund for sell products, and but again, that's only available with the premium version of the plug in. And now over here, it say's display the different button when or dusters becomes completed. You cannot change this to any other particular kind off status with the free vision but it's OK. It's fine. Complete. It is. Okay. I mean, we typically want a customers to be able to request a refund. All the after a transaction has actually been completed. Right? All right, now over here. Well, the options in here also on Lee, available with the Puma confession of the plug it. But again, don't worry, it's fine. You can still do a lot with the free version. Typically down in here, right? Never got the refund request from settings. And you can add some preloaded reasons for a refund. Things like the port was the wrong size. It didn't match me. Met my expectation. You can add them in here if you wanted to. Okay, that's fine. Let's come over here now to email. Right now, the email sets inside what kind off tempered wanna go with you Have the work must temperature of the HTML template. I'm going to stick with the book. Almost template. And then from name Cool store? Yes, from email. Alex of their monkey online. Yes, that's exactly what we want. You could also potentially show the on subscribe on subscription option to your customers, but then that's only available with the Purim version. No ways for that. Let's cool down in here. All right? Now, do we want to notify our customers when a refund has been made? Yes, This case Right now, they'll get animal saying, Hey, we've received your request for reformed its under consideration block. So any you have the default till it which you can change. Not if I had been a swell. Yes. We want to be notified whenever a customer has made a request for a refund. Our conversation. This is only available with the human vision, but we don't actually need it. Refund of Chris accepted. Yes, we wanted and fighting customer that. Hey, we've accepted your request for a refund. They won't identify ourselves. No, I don't think there's any receive we want. Identify ourselves. Unidentified customer that every quest has been rejected. Yes, we're going to tell him that. Hey, Sorry. We've got in your money. There's nothing can do about it, you know. You want his oz. That's it Now. All right. Let me just check that so we can notify customers when we've rejected a request for a refund. All right. And then you've got the defend refund requested. this update so we can notify the customer that Hey, will you have taking your refund request into consideration? It's on the constellation police, you know will be a birther stuff like that. You can do that by simply checking his bucks. Okay, let's go ahead and save all of this and all right, so we've got the localization, but you can change the default text. So for the refund bottom right now, you can save request, refund, or you can say something like, you know, Ah, I want my money back. Or, you know, you can get creative with the kind of text you wanna put for your buttons. Same in here as well. You've got all of them available. Refund from labels isn't for question. We phoned. You can change all the sticks to your own content. Compatibility. Well, this is for the wallet. Reformed wards, which I won't go into. Now you've got access to different kinds or shut colds, which you can use. Teoh. Modify the kinds of emails that you can get so you can use short codes like the refund day to reform time, new status and so on. So you can use all this kind of short codes to modify the emails that you can get is an admin or the emails that you're our customers can get as a result. Okay, I think that's pretty much it's. Let's go ahead now and test this out. Right. I'm going to go back to customers page right here. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead now and click on the refund requests. All right? Okay. So let's see. Refund requests. None having made by also far. But to make a refund, we can go to the orders. So let's see. Okay, so we just made this order. That is seven. Answer for two items. Now you can see I can save request a refund, So I'm gonna go ahead and click on request Refund. Oh, okay. And now you can see the preloaded reasons why we want to refund in this case. Well, it's debunk size. We are extra, extra large and the centers of very small size. All right, we found mobile statement of money and then reason in detail. Uh, sorry I ordered, uh, How do you spell ordered I ordered the wrong size. All right. Request a refund. and Cesar. You sure you want to request a reformed? Yes, I am absolutely sure. All right, so now it says the request has been sent. That's coming here. Go to admin section. They come away to refund requests. You can see right now that we've got in the request saying, Hey. Ah, incorrect sign. Sorry. I ordered the wrong size. This is for money, Alex 64. Although I 10 46. Okay. And you can also see from my email. Alex David monkey online dot com. You can see that I have gotten the email saying the new refer new question cool store customer on Alexis to four has submitted a refund requests for the seven Ford for the six at the cool store December 8 2018. But block okay. And from our customers email from Yahoo, It say's refund requests a minute. And cool store your refund requests for the seven for the for. The six has been submitted successfully on cool store, so you can see right now that the emails sequences are actually walking properly. Great. I'm gonna go back to my stall, and in this case right now, I'm gonna view the request all right. And let's see, we can decide to reformed via stripe, or we can reformed manually as well. What I'm gonna do right now is I'm over here on the actions, and I'll say are processing. Okay, but processing, it's ah, it would have taken on the other co situation. We're processing your reformed as we speak now, going back to the email of our customer. They have not gotten a new email saying Your real friend, I'm sure your refund requests for the seven for the 1st 6 is now Process in. So again, you can see that the email sequences are walking as they shoot. Let's go back. Teoh stole, and what I'm gonna do it now is I am simply going to go ahead now and accept the request. So I'm just gonna go ahead and say Okay. Well, all we friend, you manually. Okay. And there you go to the current status now is accepted. We have decided to re phone our customer back the amount of money and going back to the email of our customer. You can see with they've got into new emails are reformed requests except Ted. And of course, your cool store order has been refunded as well. So there you go. This is exactly how you can set up the refund ability for your customers on your online store. Using the hiker woke Hamas refund plug in. So if you have any questions about, just be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 23. WooCommerce Update: before we go on. I just wanted to do a quick week hap and to congratulate you on all that you've learned so far. Believe it or not, you've actually learned most of the core functionality off any welcome a store. You've learned how to create products, whether they're simple group variable, you've learned how to create different kinds of shipping zones. You've learned how to add our price saying attributes for your products as well. You've learned how to create women, get ways such as PayPal and stripe. You've learned how to walk with three phones. You've learned how to walk with coupons. So from the functionality aspect, we have covered quite a lot in the next few videos. Reagan now focus heavily on the design. Off are still because right now as it is, our store doesn't look good at all. Even though we have a really good place to sell. No one will be I convinced that our political legit, because our sights doesn't look reputable. So in the next series of videos, regular focus fully on implementing a really clean, modern design Teoh R e commerce store, so that we can attract our potential customers. So let's get started 24. Populating our Store: all right. Now, the very first step we're gonna do right now would be to create new product categories. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump of a two products. I'm gonna go to categories. And what I want to do here is to create two massive categories. OK, one for men and then one for woman because I'm gonna be selling clothes and accessories for both sexes. All right, so I'm gonna come in here right now and call this men. I'll scroll down here. This plate type, you can go with default products. It doesn't matter. I'll go with products, and then for the thumbnail, I'm gonna go ahead and use an image from my library. And by the way, you should now have access to all thes images. You will find them and it downloads. So please go ahead and upload them to your library. I'm gonna go ahead and choose this smart looking guy as the couple for my category. I'll add this new category, all right. And now, with the existing categories I have in here, Such as Who? These T shirts. I'm gonna make them Children categories for the men. Right. So who is right now or click on edit. And then from here, I'm gonna choose the parent category as men, I'll come over here, the thumbnail. I'm going to go ahead now and upload one of the hoodies as the firm nail of school down here. Or choose the Wu hoodie as the thumbnail and updates and ah, there you go. So I'm gonna go ahead now and create another main category here off women. What? I'm gonna come down in here, upload a new image for the women, and, ah, who am I going to use? What model am I gonna use in here? I'll go ahead and use this lady. This smell looking lady. Hell, use her as a model. Add the new category and there you go. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna create new categories for women Elkridge categories for jeans, bags, wristwatches and so on. And then I'll do the same for men as well. And all rights. Not as you can see. I have gone ahead to create several categories on the Man of God jackets and good shoes. Blazes who these T shirts, watches. And then for the woman of God blouses, bags, jeans, necklaces and bracelets. So I really wanted to take some time now to create these categories for your products. If you're selling for both men and women, make sure you have men and women as the main categories, and then you can have sub categories of the items on the minute woman. If you're selling any other thing, maybe a selling electro Knicks as an example, or your cell in toys. Whatever it is that you're selling on your online stole, I would like to now take some time out to really categorize your products, have main categories and then try to create our sub categories out of those men categories . Now, once you're don't with this, it's no time to go ahead and begin to add are lots off new products into our store. Now again, if you're building your own real store on potential, you already have your own images that you're going to use. So please go ahead now and create at least 10 different products. If you're building this same store as I am and you're using my images, then please go ahead. And also our Kuwait, 10 different items, ideally you could create five items for the men. Five items for the woman. As for me, I'm going to create probably At least 12 are different kinds of products. Out of all of these are images. All right. And as you can see right now, I have 20 products in my stole. I have created different products for men, for women, from bags to choose two blouses to necklaces. And of course, if we go over to my shop page, you can now see all the products listed out with the different images price in and so on and so forth. So I really want to know to go ahead and populate your store with as many products as you can join me the next class where will not begin to walk with a different theme for work on the store. 25. Choosing our Store Theme: now that we for player stall with different kinds of products, it is time to choose a decent thing that we can use to really are. Build out our site Now, at the moment I'm using the active storefront thing, which is one of the three themes that comes with, Ah, walk amounts were committed but will come us. But the truth is, this theme is very, very basic. It's not the most well designed theme and ah, well, you can do your best to walk with this theme, but it's limited. All right, now, I do have an article in here that will offer you 35 off the best free walk. Almost themes. Now, there is no right or wrong answer here. When it comes to choose in a thin, it all depends on you the kind of thing you like the layout, the structure of the color palette and all that. It really depends on the own personal preference. So if you'd like, you can go to this site thing, Gilda calm and then simply check out the article on the free woke almost themes. This is updated for 2018 and now in here, you've got a list of many of them. You've got Zachariah, you've got Ah heh Steer, You've got shop I'll access per story store and so on. Now I have decided to go with the shop I'll theme, but then again, feel free to choose and no other kind off theme, however, do bear in mind that she's anything would also require that you are able Teoh set it up. So if you're someone who's new toe, what press and you're still not very familiar with walking with themes over command, you simply go with the shop I'll theme for now. And then later, when she got more experience, you can decide to switch to another thing, so getting this theme is very easy. Simply click on the download Dimopoulos details so you can just Google shop. I'll theme for free, and then you'll find a link them as well. And now in here it's from the theme. I'll just click on download enough for free and you can just say No, thanks. I just want to download the zip file and ah, there you go. You will have access to the theme art. I have already installed the theme on my what per site You can see right here. It's shop I'll. So what I'm gonna do right now is to simply go ahead and activate. Let's activate. Ah, theme. And this may take a while because this theme also has some sample data. Some sample images and pictures that you belittle import. And so there you go. It's no active Now if I go back to my stole and do a refresh Now, take a look at that. It looks so much better than what we had originally, right? His looks like a real are welcome stores you can see right now the design is really good. You've got all the slides and even the shop page looks really, really good. Looks much better than what we used to have originally. You see, this is the new design and ah, this is the old design right here. So there's really no contest right now, simply choosing the shop. I'll thimble make your are still look so much better. All right, so that's a German of a next class available now begin to customize and walk with the shop . I'll theme 26. Customizing our Store Theme Part 1: Oh, we've installed the shop. I'll theme. Now it is time to customize the way it looks like, right? I'm going to click on the cool store. Let's go to the back and, first of all, medical Mafia to appearance. Go to menus and I'm gonna create Ah menu. Let's click on Create at New Menu and I will named his menu the main menu. Click on Create Menu. No, it's let's odd my account check out the car to shop. It's adul of those to the menu and now in him gonna add the product categories not to do this. I'm gonna come over here to the screen options and you should see put of categories in here . Simply check the box and then we can close this and now we have access to the port of categories. I'm gonna go ahead right now and just add everything. Let's add these men. Who? These shoes. We'll have a love categories. All right, let's jackets watches. That's a menu I could have hit select all. By the way, I should have done that. All right, So if a woman well, im just drag woman here. Necklaces and bracelets will be a subcategory gin, subcategory bag, strip category blouses, subcategory. Cool and awful. Man. We've got the Hootie's or got the shoes. We got jackets and we have the watches. No, What I want to do is I'm gonna bring check out all the way down here. Check out. Will be down here just after the man. And then card will also just be before check out. All right, so we have my account shopping and woman men called check out sadistic primary menu. Let's go ahead and save the menu. And OK, so let's take a look and see what is looks like and awesome Zagat woman. We got the man card check out. Good. All right. So for me, right now, I'm gonna hit, customize, and I'm gonna come away to cite identity. Let's our logo because every worker must own its logo. Here's my logo, which has a transparent background. I'm gonna hit select. I will just say Skip Karpin. And there you go. Coastal fashion Courtois and art. Okay, that's cool. Let's click back. Let's come over here to the front page sections. And now I'm gonna go to the slightest section and I'm gonna add my new slide. Let's change the image that we have in here. We're gonna use the Asian model right here and then make sure that over here, the size is set to the full size. Okay, Make sure accepted the full size and sit into the post. And there you go. Looking very shop the title. I'm going to say, Ah, fashion for him and then the subtitle. I'm not gonna have any subtitle in here Now for the button link. I'm going to make sure that this goes straight to the mains are category or shopping cell like like this. Open this in a new tab. And then I was gonna go ahead now and grab. Well, we have in here. I only need the category calls, man. That's all I need. I don't need customizing the rest of this year. Well, I don't need that. So all those go ahead and I'll paste that in here. And in fact, I don't even need the rest of ah more having here. All I need is just the four slash kristen. I put a cot equals man and then I can say shop now. All right, let's go ahead and publish this. I want to make sure that this link actually our works. So let's close this. Let's go to the fun page. Okay. Shop now clicking there and it goes straight sued. Immense category off items. Awesome. So that link actually walked. Good. Let's go on and keep on customizing are slides. Let's go back to front paid sections, slightest. Section I'm actually, we need to go to the very front page first. Okay, so we need to edit this from the front page. Right? So we've added the first slide fel the man. That's good. Now I'm gonna go ahead now and add the slide for the 2nd 1 Then I'll put a new image and I'm going to upload the image for the woman in here again. Make sure this is set to the full size and sit into the post. And of course, the test will be, ah, fashion for her. We moved the subtitle and then the button link. In this case, I'm just going to remove all of this and caught here will be equal to a woman. And I'm going to say shop now. Oh, let's see how this will look like. And there you go Look at that fashion for her shop now. Awesome! This is looking very, very, very fashionable. Let's are the final slide, and this one will be, Ah, fashion for everyone and sit into the post. The title here would be fashion for everyone, for everybody We move us Subtitle The bottling here would be will go straight to the shop page and in fact, windows make sure that the shop link is actually what I think it is. Let's up on this in a new tab. Okay, Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and simply copy this. I think this is all I need. Let's copy that. Come back in here, paste that in the link prosthetic als products and that we're gonna say shop now and lets you publish Hit Publish. Let's close this. And now let's go to our front page and make sure that the slides look good fashioned for him. Awesome fashion for her. That's awesome. And finally fashion for everyone. Yeah, London's Make sure this link actually works and go straight to the product store. And cool, awesome state When straights Teoh put up Ah page. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome self. That's it for part one in this video have successfully added our logo. We've created our main menu and we also are created The slides for our front page. Awesome. Awesome, Awesome. So Germany a gym in the next video, where will move on to customizing our theme in part two. 27. Customizing our Store Theme Part 2: Oh, hi. Welcome to part two of customizing our theme. And we're moving on now. Over here, right after the slightest section. You've got the banners section and you've got this default images advertising products of a few percent off man collection. So in here, you can get really creative with what you want to do with this particular section. You can add our links that will go straight to the character of products for men or the category Brooks For women, you can create a very special category for all your products that are either 50% off for 75% off or just any kinds of products that are on sale. So it's very easy. Just go to your Bennis section for this section title. You can say something like latest deals as an example, and then you can set Adam banners for the represent of the products that are on sale so you can get really, really quickly for this section, and then you've got the product section again. You've got latest products by default, but you can change this to men's products, for example, and then you come down here and then simply choose the particular category of men's production on the show. So I don't want to spend too much time going over this because it's all relative. You can be really, really, really creative with how you want to display your products. And finally, you've got the exclusive products. So again in here, you could use this to showcase your most expensive products. Maybe it's jewelry or electronics. So whatever it is that you're selling, what I really want to focus on in this video is the food section, because they're for the section is also very, very important. Now, right now, by default, we don't really have anything going here. We just have some text saying I hope I'll part by what price And that's it. So this definitely needs to be beefed up with a lot of content. So I'm gonna come in here. We're gonna go over here to the foods up now before I actually do this. I have already done some things behind the system, just published my letters change. Let me share what I've done really, really quickly. I have created some new pages and ideally, you want to do the same if you're creating your online store. You want to create a privacy policy page, refund policy page and maybe even a terms and conditions are page. These are three pages that you typically find in most e commerce stores. I have also gone ahead to create another menu known as The Foot, a menu that now has to be reformed policy, privacy and policy and then Tim's and Conditions pages. So you can do the same if you are interested. Now let's jump over hits you all widgets Now the shop I'll theme. We have full budget areas for for our foot of which is good. So we're gonna add some content in here for my foot Area one. I'm gonna come in here and I'll drag a navigational menu in here. Choose the foot a menu, and and I will say, Ah, just say something quick links or additional links and stuff like that. I'll save this so there's gonna be my first ah, widget in my footer, the 2nd 1 right here. Guess what? I'm gonna go with filter products or what up used. Put it. Put tags. Let's go with the product tags. So we have to put a tag cloud here I'm going to drag that and peace debt a weight in here. Let's do that again. All right, so put tags. Okay, Done. And then for foot, Area three, I'm going to go with our product search. What do that put up? Search on being my mouse in here like that over here. Put up search, and I'll just say, Yeah, product search, I Let's see, it's safe. And then finally for foot area, for I am going to add a gallery, All right? And now for the images, I do have some images here which is Get on the Google store gets on the APP store as well. So I will add this to new images. I'm gonna sit this ice to medium. Let's in sit Galati and then out for the title. Just say, Ah, mobile links something like that. That's the at mobile links. Let's save that. And now let's take a look at what we have. Let me open up my stole in the new tab. Let's cool down here. And ah, look at that. This is definitely ah ah, lot better. And as you can see, however, I'm going to make a change here. This looks very, very small. The images look really small, so it's to this. Let's go back in here, edit the gallery, and from here I'm gonna change the number of columns from 3 to 1. Let's go with one instead. Updated gallery. Let's save this. And now this should look a lot better. Let's refresh the page. Do do, do do do. There you go really big and I like it. Okay, this definitely looks a lot better than what we had originally. So finally, let's add some Ah, let's add some copyrights stuff over here at the very bottom. So let's go to customize. And we're gonna come down here to foot A and and finally and was going to say all rights. Ah, reserve. Ah deserved the cool store 2000 and ah 18. Okay. And then you also had You also have the ability to add some social media links at the bottom right here as well. So you can do this. Just click on add new social. And for the I can we can go with phrasebook as an example. Ah, phrasebook. Okay, Choose the Facebook. I can. Right here. Let's a scroll down. You can add now your link right there. We can add another one. Let's go down again. Ah, In this case, let's go with our Pinter vest. So choose the pencil rest I can at ah link It is a little bit wonky. Okay, let me just add my hashtag is the link and let's add one more and ah yeah, Let's go with Instagram. My instagram is very, very, very good. Okay, that's the Instagram I couldn't like there And then, of course we can add Ah link And there you go. So if you want real store you can obviously add the real links in here I'll go to your social media platforms Let's publish and ah, let's take a look at our newly redesigned FOTA And there you go. This looks way better than we originally had. It got the quick clings to put a tags. You've got the product search mumbling so that your customers can get your app on the Google play store or on the APP store and then all that reserve the cool store 2018 and then it got the very small social media links light here. So there you have it. Thank you for watching the video. Join me The next class where we'll go about and quick eight are contact us and about those pages I'll see you then. 28. Creating the Contact and About Us Pages: Welcome back. Now what I want to do here is to create the contact horse and about us. Page is now, if we go to the customized section in here, you will see that we do have the about US page and then contact page. However, when you click on any of them to customize, it will say something like to customize the contact page. Are you need to first selected template contact page for the page you want to use. Then open that page in the browser and press customize. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna create ate the two different pages. All right, So I'm gonna come in here to my back end. Let's add a new page, and this one is going to be the contacts OSS page. And now on the page attributes note that I'm using what press? 5.0. This is the latest Goodson. Forget it'll. So if you're using this editor, fine, we'll just follow what I'm doing. If you're using the old classic it, it'll it's still pretty much the same thing. All you need to do right now is just go to your page attributes and then choose the contact page templates. Okay, This is the temple you want to go with. Hit that hit. Publish it. Published again. And Alice do the same with the about us page right now, You may have noticed a small function kind of ever message that pops up before we actually get to this page. That's because it isn't what person? 5.0. But the goods implicated toe and the editors at this point still isn't perfect. So you might have a few little little bugs like that. But don't worry. The pages will still I'll walk properly. So about us. Is that the same templates? I'm gonna choose the about us page and let's hit. Publish published Once again. And there you go. Okey dokey. Now let's do this. All right, let's go back to a dashboard. No, it. And now you may have noticed that it stays this theme of commenced the foreign plug ins, image optimization of it, folks and w p forms lit. I'm gonna go ahead now and install this particular plug in because we're gonna use this one to create our contact form. Let's go ahead and install the WP forms by the way. There are other form builders out there. You've got the contact from seven Ninja forms. You've got gravity forms. So if there's any form plugging that charity comfortable with, please used a plug. You don't have to use this particular one that I I am using. All right, let's activate its. OK, Cool. It's been activated. Now it's a creator form. I'm gonna come in here to double P forms, as you can see. Hit. Add new. All right. So what's good about this particular plug in is that you have these default templates already built out for you, so I'm just gonna keep things very simple. I'll go with this simple contact form, so I'm gonna click on, create a simple contact form. All right, So now in here, you can add the additional boxes like a drop down multiple choice numbers and so on. But I don't like this as it is. It's pretty. Ah, decent is pretty. Standard name feels email fuels come into message, and there you go. So far filled options in here. You can change the format at description making field required, and then other advanced options that you can control the size of the fields and so on hide labels. Addy assesses classes and are so on and so forth on the settings. And here you've got the generals, you can change the form name to something else for identifications. This is where you will now begin to edit where you want the are forms. 2% of what email address the email subject and so on. And and finally, you've got the confirmation. OK, what message should the user get once they've successfully sent out the form? So the default here is Thanks for contacting us will be in touch with you shortly so you can change this to whatever text you want to. You could also changing from a message to short particular page all go to a u R L. You can redirect them to a particular page so you could get very creative. You could create a page that says something like, Oh, thank you so much for contacting us additional. You can also follow us on these social media platforms and then can add your links for Facebook instagram and so on so you can get really creative with how you want to use this particular confirmation type. I'm gonna stick with message and I will just hit Save. Ah, Let's hit the embed button. I'm gonna go ahead now and grab what I have in here. Let's copy this text. You go. Let's close this. And now let's go back to our pages and I'm gonna choose the Contact us page. Oh, Alright then. So in here, I'm just going to say ah needs to You can contact us. Ah, use the form below to Oh my God. I'm technically better to get in touch with us today. Yeah, Go. And then I'm gonna pays the circle right there. And let's also go back to a document. Let's add an image for featured image, which is right here. Featured image said efficient image. And I do have this. Ah, contact us, Bano I got from Google. So, like that one and ah, let's update the page and let's see what the new page now looks like. Ah, view the page and ah, There you go, Contractors banner. And then the form and ah of Allah. Very, very, very, very simple Are formed Indeed. Now let's go to our back end. Once again, let's go to our pages. Let's go to the about US page. Now let's hit view at cases from here right now. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit, Customize. And so for me right now we can begin to edit how this particular page looks like. So the thing is in here, you can see you've got this pens right here next to the elements. You can use that you edit this template. She can click depending here, right now. Change the title for meet our team to meet. Also, you can add your subtitle and then you can add team members. You can add the images in here. You can change their names. You can change the subtitles. So from developer, I can say something like designer. Instead, you can add a short description of who that person is, and I would feel advice. You if you if this is a stole. Ah, and it's kind of personal to you. Like if you're a designer or something like that. If it's a family one. Ah, online store. You may really want to personalize your about us page because that is where you can actually build trust. When people see your face, they can read a little bit a little bit about you. So it really does help to boost our confidence and trust with your potential clients. That's just my little cheap right there. All right. And then further down in here, you can add a video. So you just click on the video right here. You can change the title at a background and then simply add a link to your video. See if you have a video about your business, what you're selling stuff like that. This would be a great way to present that video. And and finally, you've got the are advantages. So again you can click in here and inches attachable like, say, for example, why cool store fashion, right? And then in here you can add things like competitive prices, flexible refund policy. You know, just give reasons why customers should do business with you. So again, I don't spend too much time. Just edit in every single item in here because you already had a template. It's all for you to just go in there and add their own images at your own text and customize the way this page you want to do what you want this place to look like? So there you go. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit the publish button. And now let's go to ah menu and just add the two new pages. Let's do that. Ah! Parents go! Teoh Menus Bumper Bumble Boehm about us. Contact us. Oh, I made a mistake. We added, is that it puts a menu and that shouldn't be I'm just quickly. Ah, remove this. That was a little embarrassing. Okay, let me ah change them. Just save this real quick, just to make sure that we don't have any issues. Oi Changes back to the main menu hit, Select. And now we can add about us and contact us islands at that to the menu and Ah, yeah, OK about those contractors. That's fine. Should be at the end. Let's go ahead. Save a menu. Tom. Papa, Papa, go back to the front page and Ah, there you go. Because about also got to contact those pages And ah, that is it. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class 29. ShopIsle Theme Options: before we begin to extend the functional tee off our local must store, I want to spend a few minutes just to walk you through the last two main options customization options that you have available with the shop. I'll theme. Now, Before I do that, I just want to address this notice right here. Now, if you've installed a shop, I'll theme like I did. You would see that the theme of Commence and Stolen the image of a musician service by optimal and then orbit Fox. The reason why I have chosen not to go with this plug ins is because when it comes to image optimization, there are better plug ins in my opinion, and I will introduce you to one of them a bit later. Orbit Fox by itself is a very good plug in. It's more like a Swiss Army knife of blood gins. So with this particular blogging, you get access to lots of different cancel functionalities like your menu. ICANN's Beaver Builder. We jets you have elemental rejects, social sharing and so on. The downside towards using plug ins like this is that you end up having ah, lot of features a lot of functional is that you don't even need. So in my humble opinion, I'd rather not use this particular plugging because it's very, very bloated. And, yes, you can disable the features that you don't want to use. But our brother just install one plugging that those one very specific function that install wanted those 10 functions, and then I only have to use our one or two of those functions. So that's why I have chosen not to go with the orbit folks by theme, ill. So I'm just gonna go ahead now and ah dismissed this notice once and for all. All right, let's go to appearance. Go to customize lenders, walk you through the remaining options that you have available with the shop. I'll theme. Now keep in mind that there is April version off this particular fiddle offer you, ah, lot more functionality. So if you're interested, you can take a look at what they have to offer. But what the free version You have colors. You can change your head. A text color back on color. Two. Black green. Whatever suits you'll identity now for the head out. Whenever you create a new page with the shop I'll theme This will be the default header that will be used. So if you want to change this, you'll have to use the featured image option for your pages now not to use. Ah, this particular image Let me click back here I was tilted front sections food tell under advanced options, you can disable the pre loader If you don't like it, you can change your phone size from 13 pixels to 16 however you want to put it. And then for your 44 pages, you can add your title and then at the request. I'm sorry at the text saying, Hey, survey, are you in? The long page of this place doesn't exist anymore on. Then you can add a link that will redirect them to maybe the home page or your products page or something like that. So Ah, that's what you have on dead the advanced options. Let me go back up in here, all right. And of course, Baghlan image. You can add Ah, full long bargain image for your story If it fits your design style and ah, finally on the Wu Comus Stone elders will talk about this next But for your product catalog , you can decide to change how you want to display products on your main shop page. So rather than just showing products by default as it is right now, you could decide to show both categories and public so only categories, and then on your category display itself. You can decide it should products, sub categories and so on. And then, ah, these sorting as well. You can change how you want to sort your books. You want to go with the purpose of the very popular in sales, or sort them by prisoners in ascending order or and it isn't in order. So you have all these options available for you and then put images, which is important. This is where you can choose how you let two crop your images. So you do have three different options in here. You have the one on one bare, your images will be cropped into a square, as you can see right now, this is how it looks like, which isn't too bad. It's not too bad at all. You've also got the custom where you choose the aspect ratio of how you want your images to be coped, and then you have the last option here. Just going on co opt. Don't cut my images. Just just display them as they are. So choose your options in here wisely. Make sure that your customers can see your products easily. They can, like, see the whole thing like you can see the way these products look like. They can see the whole bag, the whole ah hoodie, the jacket right there. It's very easy for them to see the shoes and so on. So make sure that your images are very good quality and that your clients or customers can see them really well. So that is pretty much it for the remaining options with the shop I'll theme. And, of course, of course, if you're into CSS, you can come in here and actual additional CSS styles and so on and so forth if you I wanted to make use of that. So that's I think if war change, join me the next class where I will show you how to create our stall wide notices for your customers. I will see you then 30. Publishing Announcements: number. Sure, you must have seen announcements like this before on several kinds of websites announcing a huge discount for a particular product for a limited time or something like that. So every once in a while on your online store, you may want to create something very similar. Say, for example, it's Christmas, so it's Ah, Valentine's Day or is Halloween. You may want to offer huge discounts to your customers, and you want them to be able to see such announcements once they arrive on Europe side. So what I'm gonna do here to show you how you can create a similar and answer like this and Megan making use the plug in known as the WP notification bars Plug in its free, so I'll show you how you can make use of this plug in. But before we do this, I want to show you a featured its in Built with the shop I'll theme if you go down to your customize a link and you school all the way down here on the wall commas very something known as the store notice. So if you click in here right now, you can enable the stone note is. And then you can change the text that you have in here. And this is exactly what you will find or anyone whether I would see at the bottom off your website. So this it's okay for settin kinds off announcement, but for often big sales. This is not going to do. I just wanted to show you this feature just in case you may have are some useful. It's all right. Well, I want you to do right now is to go ahead, download, install and activate the WPT notification bus. Plug in It is by my thing shop, right. No money to the same. All you have to do is to go to your back end. And from here you will see the intensification bars. Click on add new. All right. And, ah, let's just say this is Ah, Christmas sale. So that would be the title off announcement bar. And now in here on the general, you can choose several kinds off, design our concepts. You can choose either to go with a toggle button or close button. I'll go with Tuggle content with our live it online. 60 fixed. That's okay. I lived as it is now for the content itself. I'm gonna go ahead now and pay some texts. So it's gonna be enjoy. Huge sevens with 50% discount across all cool stop products. And then in here I can add the A link to the particular page where I'm offering these huge discounts and then are in here for the text. Oh, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. The text should be the enjoy huge savings with 20% discount and then the link button text itself. I'm gonna type in shop now. All right. So do forgive me. I made a mistake right there. And a cost for the link style. You can go with it. A justifiable a link or a button. And from here, you can actually preview the bar. You click on the PV bar, and now you will see what it's going to look like. A straight proving that again. Okay, so there you go. So that's it. Enjoy. Huge sevens with 50% discount. Of course. All cool. Still products shop now? All right, That looks good. I'm gonna change the style, though. The bag on cola, I'm going to go with black. All right, let's preview that again. OK, I like this much better. So it black. Let's increase the font size to 24. Make it delivered. Bigger, more pronounced better. It looks much better. And all right. So conditions now Well, would you like to display this identification? You obviously want to make sure that you displayed on your home page. This is absolutely the most important place where you want to display your announcement. So the good thing about this article plug in is that you can also how specify from Google or from Facebook, you know, should you display this link if it's from Google, if it's not from Google, is it from Facebook during displays? If it's not from Facebook, stuff like that. So you can really modify and control how Ah, the lynx l will be displayed. I'm going to a check from Google and and check from face because well, so we'll only display this on the home page. That's what I'm gonna do. All right. There's gonna go ahead now and publish this and ah, that is that. Let's go to the front page and voila! Enjoy huge savings with 50% discount across all coastal products ship now. And of course, they can close it. Open it. Close it. Open it. So there you go. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 31. FaceBook Marketing: being able to market your products across social media sites like Facebook is extremely important for the growth off your e commerce stores. Now, I'm pretty sure that at some point you would want to start going ads and Facebook advertising your products. Let in the whole world know that you're selling really good clothing, electron ICS or toys or whatever it is that you're selling. So what I want to do in these videos to show you how to make use off it. Plug in, known as the walker must for Facebook. Plug in to connect your store with Facebook. Now I'm over here at Luka Mostar calm. And by the way, I will strongly encourage you to create an account with them. Because from here, if you go to the extension store, you have access to hundreds of different kinds of music that can really enhance your store and many of them actually free. So really encourage you to go to work muster, calm Critton account. It's free. And once you've don't that let's come over here to the extension store. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come over here to markets in, and I'm gonna click on Social. All right, So the plug in you want to get right now is the Facebook plugging it Say's get the official Facebook for work must plug in for two powerful ways to help grow your business. So this is the plug in that you want to go with its absolutely free. You just click in there. And once you've clicked in there, it'll take it to this page. You will simply added to the cart. And I think you can see an example of what I'm talking about. You see, this kind of ads were you have the designer of the company and then just below you can browse through the product that you're selling. So just out this plug into the cart and then they'll simply click. Continue, download and you'll be good to go Now. I have already installed the plug in on my site. I'm going to go ahead now and activate the plug in. All right, this may take a few more seconds. Ah, come on. Ok, All right. Now you should see the Facebook full. Comus is almost ready. Notice to complete your configuration, complete this set up steps, she can click in here right now. All right. Okay. So now here is what we're gonna do. You gonna sit is a message right here. Click on Get started. All right, Now, there's a few things you're gonna need, obviously, before this kind of work, You need your facebook page, and you also need a Facebook pixel. So if you haven't done that, please go ahead quick of Facebook page. And also learn how you can create a Facebook pixelated you can use for tracking. Now, I already have my Facebook page. I'm going to simply go ahead and click next. All right? And he has an example. I have a few ones I use. So just as an example, I'm gonna go ahead now and used the American salad bowl. These are not real pages, by the way. I'm just using them as an experiment as an example. So don't go to Facebook and such for this, because it's not gonna be them that I'm gonna click on next from here. And I've also got my pixel already it ready. So I'm going to click on next from here. All right, so right now you can see the Facebook has already pulled in the products from my store and says there are 20 products in your eventually at the moment. Awesome. That's good. I like that. I simply click on finish and ah, that is it. You're now very secret acts for online sales and add phages for your business from Instagram Messenger. And more shops and parks are usually reviewed within 24 hours. Awesome. Let's look, continue. And there you go. So now we have the ability to create ads. What you really want to do for me? Just click on the get more hours that purchases link, and then this will take you to your page. And then from here, you can begin to our creature adds physical will Bring this out. Then you can create your budget situation, your targeted audience and so on and so forth. So this is an entirely different topic on its own. Something's gonna go ahead and close. Ah, closest. Add. Let's closes Page. Let's go back. Uh, over here. I'm going to go back to my window over here. All right, So you also have the option of adding the messenger chat directly to your scientists, simply click on view and then from here, you can add the plug in so that your customers who already sending into Facebook can chat with you directly on fizzy pencil from your side. So now it's been added. I'm gonna go ahead now and ah, go to my sights. Let's refresh. I'm just do a hard refresh, okay? Yeah, You can see it's really popped up right there. So because I'm already logged into Facebook, you can see my name is right day Alexander only and I can start to our child directly without the cool store just like that. You know, I can continue and I'll begin to chat with the cool store. So this is one method of off offering chat options with your potential customers. Although I will not recommend you go along this thought Not everyone likes to use their own ah, Facebook name and whatever to chat with customers or clients or shops or whatever. So I'm gonna show you never next video or in a few videos of now how you can use a different plug in for your messaging system. Something's gonna go back in here, go back to my window right here, and I'll just disable this. But again, feel free to use this extension. If you want customers terrible to use Facebook. Teoh check with you. It really depends on your on you and what it is that you like, right? Gonna head to disable this art. So the message that has been disabled and if I go back in here and I refresh my home page Ah, you can see that the link is no longer there. The plug in has been deactivated for real. All right, A few more things to show. You gonna go back to the back end, go back to plug ins and go to the Facebook for local must click on settings. So from here, you can create your ad. You can also do something known as sinking. Okay, if you've just added new products to your store and you want Facebook to immediately pull in those new products, you can simply click on sing products and then just click, OK, and then Facebook will be forced to check your store and pull in the data for the latest products that you've are added. All right. So show advanced settings again. You can disable the political sync with Facebook if you don't want Facebook to sink with it , or you can simply set a schedule and say like, Okay, every day at 11 PM or 10 a.m. or whatever. Ah, synchronized Facebook with my online store. So that is how you would use the Facebook for work. Must plug in to create ads. Sell your proximity from Facebook on DA. That is, if you have any questions about this, do let me know. Thank you for watching the video, and I will see you in the next class. 32. Adding Live Chat Functionality: one feature you could add to support your customers would be the live chat functionality. And I'm pretty sure you must have seen this feature on a few upsets before. Now for Woo Comas. Welcome. ER's recommends these particular plug in known as the live chat for War Comus Plug in. It is free to download, however, to actually use the plug in itself. You'll need to subscribe to some sort of ah, monthly plan. Now, this is their page on the what? Press off a repository. So over here, right now, it lists all the benefits of this plot gain and all that. But then when you school old way down here Wow, that was it. Ah, OK, so it's a Z. So here's a question right here. Now do any of your life should account to use his lecture plugging. Yes, you're gonna need an account about, however, that I can't. You'll have to pay for the account. And now it says Jeffrey Futural. Yes, they will offer your future for 30 days after the 30 days. You'll interesting up for one of their R pay plans. I believe that she passes, I think, $19 per month to use this particular are plugging. So you could if you want, you could try out this plug in for 30 days and then see if you like it. However, I found a different plug in which has a paid vision but also actually has a free vision that you can use in a plug in is called the WP live chat Support a plug in. So you do have the free vision futures right here, which is quite a lot, to be honest. I mean, you can even integrate things like Google analytics and gives and things like that. And then, of course, they've got the paid version which will have things like the old limited life chat agents, agent to agent chats and so on. So what? I'm gonna do this video, just give you a quick walk through on how to use this particular plug in. So I have already downloaded, and I've installed and activated the plug in as well. And you can see right now that without even doing anything without doing any sentence over here right now, you can see that there is the orange circle right there, which anyone can now use to begin to chat with us on the store now to modify the settings. All you have to do is to go to your back end and you will see the live chat link right here . Simply come over here, click on life chats to begin with. So am I. Right now you will see this message saying, Hey Ah, you don't have the GPL compliance. Ah, fame going on now. This depends on you could, of course, off course we're coming that you go ahead and ensure that your GDP l compliant. But for the purposes of this video is going to go ahead now and dismiss and accept responsibility. You know what, So right now you can see that it has we detected that I am on the website. I'm using the chrome Boza, um in Thailand. Amusing windows I'm using. I desktop is well, so you can see right now that the plug in has already recognized that I am life on the site . So let's take a look at some of the sentence that we have right here. Sit ins and it's quite a lot, But trust me, the sections are pretty straightforward. So you've got the general settings, right? And of course you want to enable the chat. You can determine what checkbooks feels will be required so you can go with name, email and so on. You can change the guest name, add some default texting there. And, of course, you've got all these available options in air play sand. When there's a new vis store, why not? Let's do that school all the way down here. You can enable your Google analytics integration if you wanted to. Now this is very, very important under the advanced settings. Now, for some reason, you discover that your sight has become slow as a result of this plug in. You want to come in here and choose the ideal kind of environment at your own. So if you're in a shed hosting ah, low level plan already and for some reason it it's still very slow. You may want to upgrade your hosting plan to something better so that you can at least support your customers. Viol life chat. If your normal plan and again, if it's still slow, you may want to upgrade your server. Just contact your Web host and let them figure out something for you. All right, let's cool. Old way down here. You've got the chat transcripts, settings as well. So you can decide to enable the chat transcripts, and you can send them to the user or send them to an admin you can choose to send trussed up in the chat ends. And so we can modifying the email body, head on foot and so on. So all this you have under the general settings Now for the chat box itself. Okay, you can change the element. Where would you like the box to be? Typically, you would find them on the bottom. Right corner auto. Pop up. Yes or no? I'm gonna live in. No. And then in here you can do things like display the name show an avatar show the day, the time things like that you can add social. Although I'm sorry, this is only available with the premium version. But in here you can enable give integration. So ah, your agents, The people answering questions can send gifts. Your customers can also send gifts if you don't want to do that. So that's a bill before you. And then you got the offline messages. All right. Do you want to use us to send off like messages? Show why not s. And as an agent becomes online, they will read those offline messages, and then they can respond in kind again. You can come in here and change all the default text in the air. You can add your email addressed to where the off limits just sent two identifications and so on. Ah, you've got style. And as well, you can choose the kind of style that you want for your chat box call scheme. Changed the full text and so on. And then agents. Okay. Now, by default, you only have one agent with the free version. If you need to have more agents, more people that will be allowed to answer questions you will need to upgrade to the premium vision off this particular plug in. I've got blocked visitors in here. You can add I p addresses that you want to block. Maybe they were setting people who just come to your chat and begin typing nonsense, asking some very stupid questions. You can get the i P address and simply plug it in here and just banned him from ever being able to contact you. You've got surveys and lead forms, doc suggestions and so on that there's a lot of other features in here that you can go over what? I want to do it here. Just walk you through the basic functionalities that you're not overwhelmed. So that's pretty much how you can set up this live chat support system I want I want to do right now is to test this very quickly. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up. I'm sorry. I'm gonna open up a private window, all right? And I'm going to go to the cool stole. You know why? So in here right now, pretending to be a new guest a lot. I'm gonna come in here right now, clicking here, shot with those. I'm gonna click on stuff. Chart my name. My name is James. My email is James 4567 off for 568 at James dot com. There's a very fiqh email address. All right. Start the charts, and I'm going to say hello. Can you hear me? You know. So that's me pretending to be ah, customer. So over here right now. If I go to my back end, I come away. It's a live chat, so you can see right now that it said, Oh, there's someone here cold James who is active and what I'm gonna do it. Nice to go ahead and accept the chart. So right now we can begin to chat with James so I can say hello, James. Okay, all you James Bond, you know you can You can ask questions like that coming here and then from over here right now from James's Ah, window, you can see right now that cool store has joined. So that's basically have it goes back and forth so you can see that the plug in are actually does its job in it does a pretty are decent job. So that's how you can add the live chat support to your online store. It's optional, but it's a good way to really build trust and relationship with potential customers when they know that there is under the carry child to look and answer. Their questions are immediately. Thank you for watching. I will see you in a next class 33. Adding Social Media Share Buttons: one of the easiest and best ways of marketing your products would be through the use of social media. But it shouldn't just be you constantly putting stuff on Facebook or Twitter. You also want your customers to help you promote your products. Now I'm over here at Tommy Hill figure and scrolling down here on this particular product. You can see that they've got their share buttons right here for Pinter's Facebook, Twitter and, of course, our tumbler. So what I wanted in this video to show you how you can create something similar so that your customers can share your products on their own social media platforms. So we're going to make use of a plug in here known as share it. And for some really old strange reason they are into any plug ins out there that you can get for free that are compatible with Wu commas. And I'm speaking strictly about plug ins for social media sharing. You can get a lot of them for your regular posts and what press pages but for walk must put out specifically, they are very way and they're not too many. But anyways, this is a pretty good plug in its by deaf themes and also well maintained. So you can go ahead, download and still activate the plug in already. Don't that now, when you do the same, you will see the share it link right here and click in there. And this is where you can choose the general settings. Where would you like to display? The social media buttons I will typical like to display them are on after the single put summary section. You can also just click on there. There are. If you're not sure, your buttons and other positions. You can just click on as many as you want, and you can click on them again to remove the particular position. So I'm only gonna go with the own after single pull ups are great section and I'm in here the floating modus typically for our your pages and posts. But because this is strictly a welcome stole, I'm not walking with posts and we're just gonna go ahead and turn this off. And there you go on. So that's it for the general settings in here. We've got the networks, all right. Which notebooks would elect? You are enable sharing with and one major gripe I have this plug in is that they don't have Instagram, and I think that's very, very strange. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, and they don't have ah, one for it. But I'm hoping maybe with the next update, they will include Instagram. Anyways, we got Facebook tweets. I'm gonna add Google. I'll add pence arrests. Also add very it. And of course, I will act tumbler as well. All right. And finally, we have the display options. You've got different themes. Got a modern theme. And over here, you've got the preview, Um, one of them circle modern thing rounded. I'm going to go with the regular our modern theme as a days and despite the message, Should has put up. Yeah, why not? Let's go ahead. Civil changes. And you know what? Before we actually check this out, let's change the theme to round it instead. I think I like the rounded better than the regular Morton theme. So, yeah, let's do this. Let's go to the modern theme rounded. All right, let's go over to our store and see what it looks like. Let's go with women genes. Ah, what we have here. We've got the blue jeans. Let's go ahead and view that one few Jin's And there you go. We have the products right here where they can share the links idea. But there and there can click on Facebook and it goes straight in here. And of course you can see. Right now I can type in something about this particular genes and then post it so that all my friends on Facebook will know that I am buying some lovely pair of jeans for my lovely girlfriend. So there you go. That's how you can add social media buttons to your welcome our store so that your customers can share your products on the social media platforms. Thank you for watching the video, and I will see you next class. 34. WooCommerce Image Optimization: as you begin to add new images and products to your stole. Eventually you're gonna have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different kinds of images. Now, while it's good for your business to have as many products as possible to sell, it could be a potential problem because the more images you have, the most space Europe server is going to need and potentially the slower you website is going to be, because now your site has to load the images off all these products of yours. And of course, because you're selling images, your images air actually like the main selling points of your products. You wanna upload high quality images as well and high quality means, Ah, heavier data. This means that these images will take up most space and they will also take a bit longer to load. Now, the thing is to avoid your website becoming very slow because, listen, if you didn't know this, the average are span. Human span, attention span on. The website is six seconds. It is six seconds. So imagine if someone comes to your store for the very first time and they're actually interested in buying the future products. But then if your website takes too long to load. Well, guess what? We're just gonna go elsewhere and buy whatever they want to buy elsewhere. So to avoid this and to make sure that your images optimized, you want to make use offsetting plug ins to compress and optimize your images as much as possible. Now, there are two main plug ins for these. You've got the small sh image compression and optimization by the WP and you def team. And you've also got this other one called the U Image optimizer now both. Oh, really good. But I prefer the smush image, compression and optimization. I just think it's a little easier to use. So what I want to do here is to show you how this plug and actually work. So please go ahead, download, activate, download and stolen and activate the plug in. Now, I have done the same already, and when you do the same, you will see this marshalling down here so much. Just click and smush. All right, All right. So in here you will be presented with this. Oh, I'm so Yeah, I clicked out of it. Uh, I don't You would have seen. Okay, there it is again. It's a quick set up, so basically in here, you can choose some quick options. So the very 1st 1 here is to automatically smush your images when you upload. I think this is a great idea. So, yeah, lived that on now stripping my image Metadata. Now, here's the thing. Okay. Whenever you take photographs off images with cameras, you typically have this thing called the meta data that will have information like the focal length, the time the picture was taking the location. And someone. If you don't need this kind off data, it is essential that you stripped them off. Because when you have them them, we'll take up more space and will also take images longer to load. So unless you really, really, really need this information for your customers, unless your customers really need this information, it's best that you strip off those kinds off information and then in here you've got Oh, my God. I clicked. Other really get I'm sorry. Let me click back inside. Okay. That is the last time I'll click outside. I promise. All right, So the little estimate here is to resize your full sized images Any here it stays. Detect unnecessarily large oversize images on your pages to with use this size and decrees low times. I think this is a great option. So I'm going to go ahead now and turn it on. And now in here, you can set a max with an IMAX height. So whenever you buy mistake, you upload images that exceed this limits. Then the smush plugging will automatically re science. That man, I think 2014 it is even be two lots. I'm gonna bring this down to, let's say, 1920 by 10. 80. I could do this if I wanted to sell. If I upload an image is larger than this size is. Then the plug gambled besides them so that you go gonna click outside now and there you have it. All right, So what do we have here? You've got the ability to bulk small sh all the images, your library. Right now they're 91 that you can see so I can come in here right now and just click on box Marsh now and that will happen. But before we do that, let's jump over here to the settings so in here right now, you can see the various kinds off image size that have been created as a result off the theme use images a shop I'll theme and also, as a result, off the work must plugging. So this depends on the kind of theme you're using. Your theme may have created less image sizes, and we have credit more. But if you're using the exact same thing, Azam using you should have the exact same number off different sizes. So for particular reasons, you could decide just to remove set in Image says it's from being optimized. But I really don't see why you would want to do that. Let the school down in here. All right. So strict image data. Yes, that's that. Ah, resize my full size images. We've been through this radio and just quickly do this one more time. 1920 by 10. 80. Okay, All right. So it is detect and show in quickly Science images. Now, one of the very powerful features of this program, but I haven't found elsewhere is the fact that this plug in actually has the ability to run through your site and then check images that I eat a too large or too small for the containers. So this is a great way to, like, double checking and show that your images are well up to mice for whatever sizes for forever continents that been displayed in. So I'm gonna go ahead now and turn this on. The good thing here is that even if there's certain images that are in properly sized for the containers, your visitors will not save on Lee. You as an admin will be able to see such images. There'll be No, you've been notified. Gonna go ahead now and updates my settings in here. Oh, okay. Let's click outside. Right? Just so you know, we do have a premier division of the plugging. They'll give you additional features like this. So if you're interested, you can simply go ahead and check that out. Right? So that's for the bulk. Smash. Now you've got something in here known as the do victory smarts where you can choose to specifically resize are certain images within a setting kind of fold up. So from here right now, what you do is you click on the choose directory. But please, before you go with this option, you need to ensure that you know what you're doing. It. You need to understand the Watercress folder directory set up properly. Okay, so in here, right now, for example, on the WP content, I can open this up right now. Ah, and then I can go to my themes. I can go to shop I'll and then they can choose a sets in our directory in here that would have set in our images, like, see assets as an example and then and so on. So, really, you can just choose the Ford of that. You want to optimize in here, but make sure that you know what it is. Ah, that you're doing. All right, that's that now, integrations. You can also integrate the plug in with sets in our kinds off features like your Gutenberg with the Amazon as well. But the next General NextGen gallery plug in. But before these can work, you need to have this plug ins actually activated and one in on your site. And then finally, you've got the CD and the content delivery network settings. God, I'm getting kind of annoyed with this over this constant public that keeps appearing. All right, so in here, right now, you can automatically compress and re size your images by using a CD en, which is a content delivery network. But then this will require the premium vision off the plug in and then finally, settings, which just involves all language. Translation. You don't really need this. All right, let's go now to you. Our books. Marsh. Oh, my And something's gonna go ahead now and click on box mush now And there you go. It be a baby this is gonna take I think, ah, a while Because I've got NATO one images optimized or that there had to be optimized. So this is gonna take a while, So I'm just gonna go ahead now, positive video, and I'll resume the video once the optimization has been completed. Oh, I welcome back. And as you can see right now, there is a notice saying that you have reached the 50 attachment limit for box motion in the free version. Upgrade to protest Marshall into the images or click resume to smush another 50 attachments . I'm just gonna go ahead now and hit resume, all right? And it's gonna keep on optimizing the remaining images. So here's the thing about the uh smash image plugging right. There is a free version, and there's a pro vision now with the free version. It is my understanding that you can smush Aziz many images as you want individually, however, when your box marsh and I think they do have a limit off 50 or 100 I'm not quite sure exactly how this works to be honest, because I have tried this before, and every time you smush your 1st 50 images by bulk, you'll get that message saying, Ah, hey, you know, you need to upgrade to the pro version and any click on the resume. It just keeps on optimizing. So I'm not quite sure exactly what's going on here, But as long as it works, I guess it works. So. But seriously, you should consider get in the pro vision of this plug in, because it really does a very, very good job, and it is a plug and I actually use. I do use the pro version for setting cancel websites, and I can guarantee you can tell you right now that the plug in diplo vision are those really really, really good job. So if you really uploading lots of images and immediate library, it might be a good idea for you to invest and gets in the prison vision off this particular plug it. All right, so it's almost done. Ah, it is six of 91 in seven. So we'll just wait until all the images have bean smushed. And in here right now, you can see the latest stats. You can see how many images in total were smushed in here. It saves 832 days because of the different sizes of the same kind of image. So keep in mind that one image can have various kinds of sizes. You can have thumbnail sizes, the product catalog sizes, the parts in my size and so on. So that's why you have 832 in total, and you can see right now I have saved 14.6 megabytes, which is for men, 20% in total savings, which is which is great. All right. So just realized what was happening with the 50 image limits are bulk optimization feature . So what happened? What's happened here is that with the free version of the plug, and you can only optimize 50 images at a go. So if you had maybe, like, 200 images that you wanted to optimize the very first time you click on Box Marsh, it will smart the 1st 50 and then you have to go back manually. Click the button to box much next 50 and then you go back again. You books much for the 3rd 50 and so on and so forth. So with the free version, you can only optimize or compressed 50 images at a goal. I was confused because I always work with the premium version where you click the button once and it just compresses as as many images as you have in your media library. So that's what was happening there. All right, good to know before he won the sublime to show you how you can also optimize your images individually from a media library. So I've been coming here to media Good. She'll library in here right now. Once you click on any image cities one right here, you would typically see the small sh bottom mightiest say okay, you can smash this image to optimize it But because we have already optimized this image, that option isn't there any longer. But ideally, if you uploaded a new image and you set your plug in not too optimized images, especially upload them. If you came in here right now and looked at the image, you will see the button here that say's are small sh image now or something like that. So that is it. All right, So that's how to bulk, optimized and compress your images with this much image compression optimization Plug in. Thank you for watching the video, and of course I will see you in the next class. 35. WooCommerce Conclusion: Well, there you have it. Thank you so much. We've come to the end off this course where we built held a full on store using will commas . And I really hope you've learned a lot. I really hope you've got enough skills now to go ahead and build your own online store and our old really appreciate it. If you could live a review. If you've enjoyed this course and you feel like you've learned a thinner too, I would will appreciate every view. I want to wish you all the very best in your endeavors. We show the very best end all the success in your online store. End off course. As always. If you had any questions with what we've done in this course, or be looking for some advice, feel free to reach out to me. Elbow booze. Be here to answer your questions and help you in any way that I can Thank you so much once again and all the very best of luck to you. 36. Conclusion: Well, that's it. You've officially come to the end off this course here on skill share, and I really hope that found it informative, educational, and that you also injured yourself a while taking this course now just to remind you, you can ask a question. If there's anything that you found maybe a bit confusing, simply go down to the committee section and you can post a comment, ask a question, or just simply thank me for creating this course So you can also follow me here on skill share. I do applaud tutorials on what press and cybersecurity on a weekly basis. So I would recommend that you follow me. You're gonna keep track off the new classes that I upload here on skill ship. You can also send me a request on LinkedIn. If you are into that stuff in, just make sure to indicate that you are a student of mine from school share, and I'll be more than happy to accept your invitation to connect on a lengthen. So once again, my name is Alex, and it's been a palatial teaching you discourse. Phil Fritz, you brush through the rest of my courses hair on skill share. And I hope you will enroll in a few more off them. Thank you so much once again and good luck that we showed the very best in whatever it is that you decide to do. And I'll see you next time. But by