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27 Lessons (2h 17m)
    • 1. 1.WordPress tutorials course for beginners - Bizanosa1

    • 2. 2. xampp installation and create database video

    • 3. 3.WordPress Installation with Xampp

    • 4. 4.Overview of the WordPress DashBoard

    • 5. 5.Wordpress dashboard log in log out

    • 6. 6.All about Wordpress settings

    • 7. 7 difference between wordpress posts and pages

    • 8. 8 Create a wordpress post and the wordpress editor area

    • 9. 9. WordPress posts categories and tags

    • 10. 10. Edit a WordPress post

    • 11. 11. All about WordPress Pages create about and blog page video

    • 12. 12 Working with WordPress Pages create about and blog page video

    • 13. 13 Set up a blog and homepage in WordPress

    • 14. 14.create a WordPress Menu- menus in wordpress video

    • 15. 15. Wordpress menu - category - submenus etc

    • 16. 16 Introduction to WordPress Plugins

    • 17. 17. How to install WordPress Plugins

    • 18. 18. installing WordPress Plugins in the directory by upload

    • 19. 19. Wordpress themes Intro - Install , Delete and change themes video

    • 20. 20. Manual way to Install Wordpress themes

    • 21. 21.How to Create a WordPress child theme bizanosa.com_

    • 22. 22. create child theme using a plugin - child theme plugin

    • 23. 23. All you need to know about WordPress widgets

    • 24. 24. WOrdpress Roles managing users and wordpress profile

    • 25. 25. All about WordPress settings - wp settings in details - bizanosa

    • 26. 26. important wordpress plugins for a new website

    • 27. 27. Wordpress course conclusion - how to get help with wordpress


About This Class

Why should you learn WordPress (WP) ?

Currently, WordPress is the most used tool for creating Websites and blogs. Think of it this way, every influencer , in whatever field, blogs. And probably, each and every one of them runs a WordPress blog. The largest Media companies in the word are running WordPress. Their websites are built using WP.

Chances are you have an idea. A business idea. A blogging idea. A consultancy idea. It doesn’t matter. The first thing that comes to your mind is, ‘I need a website’. You have heard in the past how expensive it may be to get a website. A website of your own, that will showcase all your services . And will also enable you to blog constantly.

Well, not anymore . WordPress can enable you to get online without spending thousands. Once you buy a domain and Hosting from any Web Host,  you can get online. Most web hosts provide one click installation of WordPress . Once you install WordPress , you will install your theme. Then create a few pages and you may start blogging as well. Because blogging comes by default in WordPress.

A website is a marketing tool.  And you can learn to make one using WordPress .

The following are some reasons why you should consider learning WordPress .


WordPress as your Web Design Tool

You need to get online. There are a lot of options available out there. In some hosted platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and Weebly, you can create your account and set up your Website. This is a very quick way of getting online. You don’t need to worry about buying hosting. You will just pay your Monthly subscription so that your Website continues staying online.

I like control. And that means I prefer to install WordPress in my own web hosting space.  The reason I like this is because it gives me a lot of possibilities. Let’s say I want to create another sub division in my business. I will just create a subdomain or a subdirectory, add WordPress to it and boom I have another site. May be I want another blog niche , I can just set up a subdomain on my hosting .

If I know I will be doing this setting up new websites under my domain name, I can just activate MultiSite in WordPress. Something similar to This comes by default. You just need to activate it. CNN also runs a multisite. Among lots of Universities.

WordPress is easy to learn. And once you learn it, you can work on any WordPress website in the world. You will become a WordPress superhero . Building your own websites and also helping those you love , get online.

You can use WordPress without any programming skills. You don’t need to have coding skills to use WordPress. You can choose to be above the average user by learning HTML and CSS so that you can change your WordPress appearance easily . Then add some PHP skills and you will become a WordPress guru. If you don’t know what these are, don’t think about them for now.

So, all in all, WordPress will give you the capability to build any Website or Blog. WordPress has lots of free plugins that can give you virtually any kind of website. For example there are eCommerce , Social Media , Social Network, Business Directory, Forum plugins and so on. These can give you the power to build any website using WordPress.


Save on Web Maintenance costs

A lot of times there will be changes and improvements to be made on your Website. If you hired someone else to build your Website for you, there are chances they will need to maintain the Website for you.

If the website is built off of WordPress, with WP knowledge, you can maintain and update the Website yourself. There are lots of simple things like updating texts, images or sidebar items that you can easily do yourself.

The only reason that should warrant you hiring someone else to improve these simple things for you, is lack of time. You should only hire a WordPress web designer because your time is better spent working on something else. And not because you are unable to do the simple task.

When you learn WordPress, you can improve your Website as you see fit. If you take it upon yourself to improve your knowledge even further. By taking more advanced WordPress courses. You will be able to accomplish anything on your Website.

 Learning how to update and maintain your WP Website or blog, will eventually help you in saving costs.


Alleviate the Pains in your website

You can always improve your Website by adding features to it. After learning WP you will be able to add plugins that interest you . When you come across plugins that will help improve your site, you will do the work yourself.

For instance you will be able to improve your site’s SEO. By learning how to optimize WordPress posts and pages, you will put your website ahead of competitors on Google Rankings.

If in the past your website has suffered from spam and attacks, you will be able to improve the situation. You will be at a better position to take counter measures. And you will also be able to do the same for your loved ones' websites.

Learn WordPress and improve all the pains that you are experiencing on your Websites.


Grow your WordPress Website into your dreams

Here is the story. You started with a blog. Writing about things that interest you. Writing about topics related to your career.

You were then able to learn how to add an eCommerce plugin on your Website. Then you started selling digital products on your website. How much do you think would have been the cost of adding ecommerce capability to your Website? Turns out, they were just adding a plugin and tweaking payment settings. You saved thousands!

May be, like me you love teaching what you know . So you decide to add a Learning Management System on your Website. You will invest in a LMS plugin. Add your courses and avail your classes so that people can register. Of course it will not be that easy. You will have to do some marketing. Just to let people know that they can learn from you.

Time passes by, and you become this online guru. Just because you were able to learn WordPress . And you transcended your fears, added your teaching platform. Marketed to your potential students. You built trust. At this point you won’t even need to maintain your website anymore. Since you will have people for that. But you got to start from somewhere, right?

WordPress can help you achieve your dreams.


Just a WordPress Blogger

Recently I’ve been reading about people making thousands from their blogs and social Media. People getting paid by brands to post about their products.

Wouldn’t you like that. You built your blog . Wrote posts consistently. Initially no one cared about your blog. Then slowly and steadily people started reading, and linking to and sharing your posts.

You have been writing about pets. Or whatever it is you like. Based on the people who have gotten value from your blog, you have a following. Brands start to notice. Especially now that you even have a following on YouTube and your social Media. They contact you to push something for them. Are you going to say no?

Some bloggers started by learning WordPress. Building their blog and growing from there. Of course others paid someone to get everything set up. Why spend when you can learn and own the knowledge forever.

WordPress  is the best blogging tool available today.

Learn WordPress .

This is a beginner's WordPress course.

You will learn how to use WordPress and Improve your Website.

You will learn step by step.