WordPress - Transfer Website From LocalHost To LiveServer in 5 Easy Steps.

Ikwechegh James, WordPress developer and Java Progammer

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Purchase a domain name and hosting plan

    • Install Plugin to LocalHost and Export Files

    • Install Plugin to Live Server And Import Files

    • Update Permalinks


About This Class

A virtual web server installed on your computer (or local server) allows you to build and customize a WordPress website with ease and speed. Since every edit requires saving and refreshing, developing a WordPress site on a live server can easily turn into a nightmare given the limitations of bandwidth and Internet traffic.

This class is more of a sequel to my other class where we designed a website offline with the help of  a software called xampp, i would strongly RECOMMEND  you take that class before this but if you have that knowledge already then your welcome to continue from here.

There are a ton of ways to do this such as using an FTP client like Filezilla or transferring directly from your File manger. The methods i mentioned above works but can be tedious especially for newbies with no prior experience with MySQL. 

So I would be disclosing the method which would be easy and flexible for all users to use. In this class we are going to

  • Purchase a domain name and hosting plan
  • Install WordPress on our live server
  • Install and activate our secret plugin on Locally Hosted Website
  • Export WordPress files
  • Install and activate our secret plugin on Live WordPress Website.
  •  Import WordPress Files
  • Edit Permalink

I urge you to enroll and i would reveal to you my personally preferred method of doing this. Click on the Enroll button and i would see you on the inside!!!





Ikwechegh James

WordPress developer and Java Progammer

Hello everyone!! I am James a Computer Scientist with over 4 years experience on Java Programming and Web Development.

I Design Websites with WordPress, Joomla, HTML and CSS etc fluent in mobile application development with Android and GUI application designs with Java Swing and JavaFx, specifically Native applications and Web applications.

I Learnt by reading a lot of books and watching tutorials which i believe is an effective way because you learn by doing and that is what i ...

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