WordPress: The Complete Web Design Course For Small Business Owners

KC Tan, Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

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43 Videos (2h 34m)
    • Course Overview

    • How To Determine Good Domain Name

    • How To Identify A Good Hosting Provider

    • How To Install WordPress In Your Domain Name

    • Optimal WordPress Settings For Business

    • Upgrade To Business Theme (Free)

    • The Six Essential Pages You Must Create For A Business Website!

    • What Elements To Include In Your About Us Page

    • Creating Your First Page Using WordPress

    • Uploading Images To Your Web Page

    • Key Elements For An Effective Testimonial Page

    • Designing The Testimonial Page Using WordPress

    • How To Write Content That Sells

    • Creating Your Product/Services Page

    • How A Business Blog Can Help You To Get First Page Ranking

    • Integrating A Business Blog Into Your WordPress Website

    • Introduction To WordPress Plugins

    • Installing & Creating Your Contact Form

    • Secret Elements That Make People Use Your Contact Form!

    • Customizing Your Contact Form

    • Creating Attractive Sliders For Your Home Page

    • Creating Featured Pages

    • Customizing Your Home Page Menu

    • Creating The Call-To-Action Button

    • Creating An External Link In Navigation Menu

    • Never Leave Out The Footer!

    • Sidebar - Left Or Right?

    • What To Include And What Not To Include In The Sidebar

    • Plugins You Must Install

    • How To Backup Your Website Automatically

    • How To Eliminate Spam

    • Tracking Every Single Visitor That Comes To Your Website

    • How To Restore Your Website

    • How To Put Your Website Offline (Maintenance Mode)

    • Free Or Paid Themes?

    • Install & Configure Your Theme

    • Accepting Credit Card, Debit Card And PayPal Funds Online

    • Integrating Payment Gateway Into Your Website

    • Introduction To Autoresponder

    • Creating A New Campaign

    • Secrets In Getting Subscribers!

    • Creating The Opt-In Form In Your Website

    • How To Create And Schedule Email Follow-ups


About This Class

Do you wish to have the skills to create a website of your own?

Or maybe you are tired of relying on someone else to update your website when you could be better off doing it yourself!

Creating a website is a skill that you can learn, and this course will show you how.

This step-by-step course will teach you exactly how to get a professional business website up and running from scratch using WordPress and it is a course that is suitable for beginners (no prior experience is required)!


Question: What do you think is the biggest hurdle when it comes to creating your business site?

Is it mastering the tool (WordPress) to create the website? 

The fact is, many people struggle even more with thinking about what to write in their website, and they get stuck! 

Knowing WordPress helps you to create the skeleton for your site, but more importantly, it is the content that you write in it that delivers the true value of your website (do you know what you should write?)

This practical course is designed to fill your learning gap by teaching you both the skills to use WordPress and the content essentials of a good business website so that you can get your website up and running in as short a time as possible!

You will learn the specifics of what makes a highly effective business website (including what pages and content you need to include in your website) and how you can turn your website into a leads-generating tool for your business.

Here is an overview of what you will take away from this comprehensive course:

  • Master the basic essentials to get started from scratch (choosing a good domain and hosting)
  • Learn the important concepts of what pages you need for your business website to effectively deliver your value proposition
  • Learn techniques on how to write good content for your website to attract more people to buy your products and services
  • Master the skill of using WordPress to create a professional business site! 
  • Integrate an automated system in your website (auto-responder) to capture and nurture leads for your business,... and more!

By the end of the course, you will gain the skills to create a fully functioning business website that is capable of generating leads automatically for your business and accepting payment from your customers 24/7!

See you inside and I look forward to connect with you :)

Through my website: http://websproutacademy.com

Through my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/websproutacademy






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KC Tan

Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

In 2008, KC founded his first business, developing professional websites for business owners and helping them to market their websites online through search engines. Today, KC gets to do what he enjoys most, which is training – bringing his years of experiences and expertise to teach business owners and individuals on how to create their own websites and marketing them online.

Over the years, KC found that most people actually do not have much difficulty learning a new tool (say using WordPress to create a website). What the real problem was - people often find themselves stuck or see no results because they simply had no idea what to use those newly acquired tools for! This motivated KC to put even more focus on helping people to bridge this gap.

KC believes that everyone has something so valuable in them that other people would want to learn from. The challenge is most people do not have a system to package and sell their knowledge. KC aims to equip everyone with the skill of turning what you know into something that people is willing to pay them for.

KC specializes in the areas of Google Analytics (certified by Google), Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and eCommerce. He has extensive training experience and has conducted training courses for organizations including Singapore Compact CSR, Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Civil Service Club, JobsCentral Portal, CareerMinded and Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

KC's entrepreneurial journey has also been featured in the book – “Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?" – showcasing more than 30 successful stories of aspiring entrepreneurs! You can grab a copy at the local libraries as well.