WordPress Security - Stop Your Website from Getting Hacked! | Chris Towland | Skillshare

WordPress Security - Stop Your Website from Getting Hacked!

Chris Towland, Local Marketing Specialist & Entrepreneur

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    • 1. WordPress Security


About This Class

This 15 Minute Marketing Tip will show you simple (and free) steps you can take to secure your WordPress website so that it will be able to stand up to attacks from bots and hackers.

These are simple steps that anyone with a WordPress blog or website should take to secure their site.






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Chris Towland

Local Marketing Specialist & Entrepreneur

"Chris Towland is a local marketing expert and author who has worked (both directly and indirectly) with hundreds of small businesses across the UK to help them improve their marketing and boost their profits.

Chris was recently called an "internet marketing expert" by former Dragon's Den star Rachel Elnaugh who was so impressed with Chris's SEO DVD's that she recorded a video recommendation of it.

He is also the author of a number of popular business books, DVD's, online c...

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