WordPress SEO: Optimize Your Site For Google And Other Search Engines

Brad Merrill, Entrepreneur & Tech Journalist

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34 Videos (58m)
    • Welcome!

    • A Brief Introduction To SEO

    • The Main Goal Of Every Search Engine

    • How Search Engines Work

    • [Settings] Making Sure Your Website Is Accessible To Search Engines

    • [Settings] SEO-Friendly Permalinks

    • [Settings] WWW Or No WWW?

    • Site Structure & Metadata

    • [Structure] Optimizing Your Page Titles For SEO

    • [Structure] Customizing Your Meta Descriptions

    • [Structure] Adding Social Media Metadata

    • [Structure] Creating A Dynamic XML Sitemap

    • WordPress Themes And Template Settings

    • [Themes] The Importance Of Responsive Design

    • [Themes] An Underutilized Way To Customize Your Search Snippet

    • [Themes] SEO-Friendly Headings

    • [Themes] Avoid This Potentially Dangerous Habit

    • [Themes] The WordPress Duplicate Content Problem (And How To Fix It)

    • 01 How Your Site's Speed And Performance Can Impact Your SEO

    • [Speed] Plugins And Their Impact On Performance

    • [Speed] Setting Up A Caching Plugin To Speed Up Your Site

    • [Speed] Using A CDN To Reduce The Load On Your Server

    • [Speed] Are You Using The Right Web Host?

    • [Speed] Monitoring Your Site's Performance

    • What Is SSL, And How Could It Impact Your SEO?

    • [SSL] The Easiest Way To Set Up SSL (HTTPS) With WordPress

    • The Importance Of Amazing Content

    • [Content] Content Analysis: Are Your Posts & Pages Fully Optimized?

    • [Content] How To Choose The Right Keywords And Create High-Ranking Content On Any Topic

    • [Content] Does Keyword Density Matter?

    • [Content] The Importance Of Internal Links

    • [Content] Optimizing Your Images For SEO

    • Measuring The Results Of Your SEO Campaign

    • Wrapping Up


About This Class

This course is an all-inclusive beginner's guide to WordPress SEO (search engine optimization).

Over the last few years, WordPress sites of mine have been able to achieve high search rankings for a wide variety of keywords, resulting in millions of page views of free, organic traffic.

Through massive amounts of research as well as a good deal of trial and error, I've developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of WordPress, the various ranking signals that Google and other search engines use to deliver results, and the relationship between the two.

To be sure, WordPress plays pretty well with search engines right out of the box. But I've learned that there are a lot of ways to further optimize your site to maximize your exposure.

In this course, I'll lay out a step-by-step SEO roadmap that you can follow to optimize your site and your content using the best practices that Google and other search engines like to see.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

  • How search engines work, what they're actually looking for, and how you can leverage that to your advantage
  • How to configure your WordPress settings to ensure your site is accessible to search engines
  • How to optimize your site's underlying code and metadata to help search engines understand exactly what you have to offer (don't worry, we use plugins for this—no web development experience necessary!)
  • How to choose the right WordPress theme and how factors like responsive design, breadcrumbs, external links, and duplicate content can impact your SEO
  • How to improve the speed and performance of your site (Google uses speed as a ranking signal)
  • How to choose the right keywords to target
  • How to create amazing, high-ranking content on any topic—regardless of the competition

The goal of this course is to give you all the tools you need to dominate the search results with your WordPress site. If that sounds good to you, I hope to see you inside!

4 of 4 students recommendSee All

Great class for people like me that are new in SEO world, understandable and quick! Thanks a lot for the knowledge:)
Tea Hreščić

Packaging design

Must take class. most of my questions got answered. each video is crisp and to the point and have high density of usefull information.
Perfect! Great overview of WordPress SEO.
Nicole Anderson

creative dreamer





Brad Merrill

Entrepreneur & Tech Journalist

Brad Merrill is a serial entrepreneur, blogger, and tech journalist who has been writing and building things on the web for over a decade. His work has been read by millions of people, featured on Techmeme, and cited by a number of notable publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

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"Chapter 16 is worth it's weight in gold. Brad actually gives value with his classes not an overview of non useful material. I had to follow him after this cour...

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