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WordPress SEO Fundamentals

Renganath M

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2 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. WordPress SEO Techniques

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About This Class

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of a website. It gives the visibility for your website on search engines when someone searches for a service or product or information related to your website. This class will teach you to do SEO on a WordPress webiste.

In this class you will learn,

SEO Fundamentals

On Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques


1. Introduction: Hello there. Welcome to the whole press. I see a cost. So here and this, cause I'm going toe show you the fundamentals of CEO. So I start with what is Google analytics on how we can use the data from Google Analytics to improve your search engine optimization on Google. Essentially, what is Google such console? After these, I'll show you how to do keyword search with Google. Ask your planet on some of the key water. Such tools, like ECM Rescue. We're told that I will less aircraft dot com and a lot more have fringing these. I want toe XML state maps. What are they? How would they work next? I didn't want to. Robert starts text file how it can impact your s e will. Next I show you the or press issue plaguing yours on how to use it on your workers dog or website toe. You know, optimized the on pitch. It's your techniques needed to get better rankings on Google. So finally, I want toe some on page on off page Seo techniques. So in on page as your next section and sure you the technique that I'm using on my website on like many people are also using the step off on base your techniques to get, you know, better rankings on Google. So you start with made a title optimization How to structure your morning off your post op . Amazing. The head attacks. What is the key word? Density on. I would get back to your Asiago next. I'll show you what I'm Ajax and Oaken. You can use that toe Improve Acevedo next time. So you see impact off post land our word count on your website on how it can impact your s your results. Next I will show you skew ma markup. And finally I want to interlinking after that Also your bone length I'm finally even if you follow all the steps, your content should be the made a focus because content is king, right? If we write good content off jobs tack, the remaining points can add some extra He just to your you know Yes, you're efforts, right? So after show you the on pages your techniques movinto off beds as your techniques which magically concentrates on getting quality bag wings. So far I'm just starting with where I lived in the lost light This on Page Seo. You should write good content that should make your audience share with their friends, collects our teammates or something like that. Next time, show how to approach, you know, influencers to read. You content Onda. Possibly you could get a back link from there of up site, which will add a lot to your banking profile except show you what is guest blogging and how we can do that to get back length. So let's well, more into social media like Facebook Lincoln too. And so 10 no. We can post your website links there and get back links. The next you can see that social marking one of these words coincides. And after that I'll show you how to do form submission. We get more into the Lord vanity solution, then next I'll show you what it started. Its abolition. Onda next week. Unsure how What are the key? One day websites we can use to get quality traffic and also bag wings Onda find actually really a posting. After that, I show you how to submit, made its on different websites on X and show you document shedding websites to get back links and finally press releases. It's after showing press releases. I will show you some websites which are Web two point websites that you can create sub domain and get back in fast food. All right, so just go ahead and only cause, and I'm sure that you will be extremely satisfied because content And after implementing the technician along this coast, I I strongly believe that you will get better as yourselves for your upset. All right, so seeing to the coast, but by 2. WordPress SEO Techniques: Hello there. So I told you in the last video, I'm going to start with cool. And what expel the basically Google Analytics is a free tool from Google, which you can use to get different insights about your websites. Like what's working are not working on our website. What are the content your audience, like most? What they don't like. What are the police they are receiving frequently and a lot on a lot more insides. So just go to Google on search for Google Analytics, and here we can see that Go let I mean Goal Analytics lets you make sure you are raising our way, as well as track your flash video and social networking sites and applications. Onda You can see that regularities, one of the most popular, this blend of software. It's cool Free Web lunatic service that allows you to analyze inducted level the visitors on your website on it can be a valuable insight that you can help you shape the sector strategy off a business on life. All right, so if I click on the first link, yer will take me to Google Analytics. So I already signed up for and sample ghoul antics account Onda here we can see that the act uses right now on the website. I'm gonna repeating this isn't sample They don't want the day off my website share against the number If users revenue generated concentrate and assertions light I didn't care here, Right? Safer going, please. Real time. You can see that the number off users were currently using the website right? And you can see the big turn off The timing are tracking sugar on their show. The top active pages Top preference top social time traffic The key words with your audience used to land on your website on But it's called bottom against the top locations. From that the audience are coming on June a bangle aru and stuff like that, right? A lot more cities our own my country so many complications again You will get the big one off This like indie Oscar got the maximum active users Next comes into port breakfast. It's China, Algeria on all of the cities, right con traffic sources. It will show you the source from which develop it is getting traffic like this is direct practice Our go nick are going from Google CPC, that is from your paid campaigns are going from Baidu. That is, the 30 engine widely used in China and excesses. Everyone from mill dot google dot com and social sites from YouTube and stuff like right. The next is content. Your audience are now on your website, and you can see the homepage, the other pages on your website. And if I click on evens, you can see that based on the even to you have set up on your website. It'll the UN's yet even show you how to set up you want and how they work in the latter part of the video. Next these conversions. Basically, if you're running any more so tight, you have progressed a drop site and selling it to your audience. You can set up conversion tracking and see how much revenue has been generated in your website. Using Google Analytics, Texas comes audience. So when I click on audience, you can see that based on the time. Then I select so basically the victory is for three, and the from due to later should be selected so kind of desolate one week as the timeline and against it in the past one week. I have got around told us on on a date. Users among them 7 10,004 users have bean new users and the total cough sessions. The number of patricians pay user the total pages he stick to. What was an 849 biggest poster saying Average size and duration Bond Street and you can t the languages your audience speak right? So Jen, haven't don't about these terms at the beginning, but you will get used to that. When you use good analytics, you can just do a Google search toe. Know how these dumps book right and against the demographics so we can get this in the right spot. Right? Cervical active users. So one day activities have been 2251. Someone day I uses have been told us on 88 on 14 day and 20 a. The active users. So again, life where new I am caught on a lot of trees are still in the testing, so I don't want toe really go there on confuse you with the initial explanation. Google Analytics. You will get used to do that. If you are using an E commerce upside but again, which is beyond the scope of this video. This is all about how to improve the ASIO off your block weapons back into civic, say fickle audience here. Something problem. So if you look on demographics or view, ensure the demographics off your audience in the selected timeline. So let's wait for the system to load it. I didn't I don't know why it's taken more time than usual, and you can see the all users ages 25 to 34 asked me. 40 2.4% age and uses from the age of digital before is 24 point 67 and the list goes on here, right? Someone them female users are 37.9 and male users are 62.1%. Right, So that's teacher. Typically, I mean, you got the gentle already. Next, you can see the interest off your audience. So is this a week? Most upside, it's showing that shoppers and value shoppers at the Africa category and in market segment has been employment and all this so you can get this data basically like who is leaving your website on what they are interested in. Cripes, using that you can go up my sword for change. And I mean, if your efforts more on get better drinking some good right the next I'll goto geo. So using this option, you can see which language your audience are speaking most. So this is English, us English. Give me something on. You can see a lot more languages year, right? If it tick on location, you can see interested Time stopping the list. Next comes India, United Kingdom, Canada and Spain, France, Germany, Japan and some other countries. Right, So next is behavior. Vertical knew it is returning. You can see there are 10 toes and 6 96 Yes, he does. They are completing new toe upside. Next you can see returning, Mr uh 8 2033 on 20.9 for 50% off returning visitor. Right. So I can you can just go and click on frequency and recency. You can see that confidence has bean Hi for 10,000 tone 9 12 sessions And this is the pages we have got in the sections. So people who are given we're not wanted to doesn't No Wonder Sessions is then on the pelvis is 40 right? So that so we can get a breakdown off. How your audience are behaving on your website. Let's count the number of delusions based on tank like think toe. I mean 0 to 10 seconds. I mean, someone and drug counselors and four, not three sessions and also the baby's ear got in. This hasn't do it right Session quality. You can see that. I mean, the big dog, basically, Google Analytics is all about, you know, getting in insights in completing six after your website so you can see that acquisition which is basically the source off your traffic so you can see that the agony such as given you the most number off traffic like 58.5% off traffic come from Google nexus directly que musings next step for the sides affiliate social display and paid such so if I called on, you can get the breakdown here, have become ill traffic and click on channels here. Just wait for the system to load the data and you can see here that are going to search direct relief reference athletes and a lot more options here so you can still get the big one for their by clicking on the source year. It's a nexus partner, fickle compartment. And no, that's it right so you can click on and see about the source in medium When it took on behaviour it enjoy the be just your audience as insisted more. My company has been Mr More in the So like a timeline here that this Jan. 22 22 laboratory toe 20 uh, basket doctors general on. We can see the previous year right the next these commotions. So if you're running and he came out of upside, you can in a get number off goals achieved by your audience based on what you have said on your goal analytics e commerce If you're running any human upset so again, good analytically send extraordinary tool which is basically free off cost you can use to get deep intense about your website. Like in this. Since this is the fundamental issue class, I don't want toe make you bored are, uh, you know, scatter what? The Fugees of polarities. You will get used to these features eventually based on your natural developed site, you're running right. So if you're using a block. You Not No need all these, did I? Some data may be needed for you. So next is I mean. I mean, you can go and set up different goals filters, e commerce settings and a lot more here using the admin area. I don't touch it since this, you know the later version off. Cool antics. Since I'm teaching some fundamental issue, I don't want to, you know, make you convinced with all these complex storms. So, Lord discos, I would be using this upside as an example and show you how you make your CEO. So in, particularly in this video, I'm gonna show you how to sign up for a good analytics account and used the gold. Another strike in court on a website to pull that out of your upset and show you the rule analytics dashboard here. All right, so this website, that's already good on the second coat, and I don't want toe let us of that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to a time for granted. For him. Some doing basically something. Is it all going part of our website using? No, but for analytics You should use a separate good and right. So I'll recruit and fundamental contact even taking stock. Come, I'm gonna show you how to I think for Google analytics here and deploy the goal and just talking cut off site. So I'm just going to type in Google analytics, So I'm gonna type in on off me email, ladies. Next is the password. No. For after. They just paid for a few moments, toe. So since I already used this website here, just not showing. So why didn't do is I create a new German 80 and show you how it and started there. So I already used this, uh, Google analytics idea here. So I continued from first. I know I'm gonna show you how dressing up for good and it exactly on deploy the Golan's tracking code on your website. So let's get started. So I'm just going to type in Google analytics on Google on training for that. So the bustling and I'm just going to click that sign up with one off my German ID's mentoring the buzzword. Sure. Oh, sorry. So, once I entered the password, it will take me to Google Analytics. I guess and I'm just going to click on set up for free. So I told you, you're the cool and exists. And Friedel So you know, to pay anything, right? So my website name will be I mean, I can't name would be contact so thes and mot I'm just going to enter some random next year , Right? Next days, just go through these data sharing policies off cool. After reading it, just go and click on next, and you can see the offense your right abs on. Absent. Still, it isn't the biggest stage. So basically, if you're using a website, you can use Golan Dicks to deploy here in Europe site with adoption. If you're using app on, want to measure it inflates off your app. Using good land takes, you can choose this option. So since I'm just going with have upside, I'm just living it with the default One clicking on next year annexation End up the website name. You're going to use Google analytics on it, so I'm just going to mentor. Hi. 10 contact. Right? So I'm just going to enter the side. Euro copying. Get your so you can see it's to Teepees orders present here, so I'm just going to remove it. So make sure you have cities. It's to do GPS or it's a TDB. So so basically does the defense, but may include state and in all in Rupert website So next index tree category. So if you're running a black, make sure you just type in the Cody's letter to your block shirt and just the gotta get here, so I'm just going to all right, other next to the time zone, I mean putting times on. So based on the country, you will reside and want to see the dads stats there. You can choose the time Joe, so I'm just going to click on create after choosing the times unsure. So just go through the Thompson conditions here. Like the data parsing terms on the policies off Google Onda. Make sure you read all the dumps, and after eating that you can just this box and I accept. Right now we have signed up for Google Analytics. The next step is to just go and copy cool and striking coat on and based it on your website . So this G eight that is the global Cytyc off cool I'm just going to copy this. So basically again in style. Cool analytics. Different steps. You contentedly copy and paste this court honored header off your website. You can use cool tag miniter to implement. So I'm just going to follow the first tip. Like copying this on based it on our website. So here I am. Good piping my what? Dress password and use the name. I'm a WordPress account. You mean about prospects eight on show you how to deploy that tracking. So I'm just going to day being the humane idea. The workers upside next is the password. Well, it all right? So you can, you know, just deployed tracking court in multiple ways. So what? Google says his issue basically four between, head off every patient that you want to track. So basically feel under self page. It's in your upset. You need to put the tag on all pages. So there are a lot off break ins available on were pressed to do the job so you can basically deploy any court and we're dropping upside using a plug in called headers and footers. Times is going to show you how to start it. So you can see that being of sound looking solid instead of telling you plugging in Europe , it's obviously going to click on add new, which will take you to this page. Next, we should search for the leading Devon and four. So this is the plaguing areas speaking about, like inside headers and footers. So it make sure you have good reviews for the plaguing Jagan. Just choose different begging for you. I'm just going to and sell these It doesn't for displaying. Did not activate, right? So if a quote settings here, you can see instead of medicine, right? So we just need to copy these and basted here that simple, right? So I'm just going to click on Save So know just regent. Good analytics on a The very gun, just troubled by the European style go line index on our plate is using a simple step. So just go to home, go to real time. So if someone is using your upset country, it will be shown here right at the act users for let me shown going check whether it works fine. So now I am on the website, so I guess I should to shoes I mean, see the glad X do the user here just refreshing it and see where that gold artist it's tracking the use of? No, you know why? So I'm just going to click on Save Sitting City guy sport. So let's go to Cooler into second. Refresh it. So this is actually one way off troubleshooting. Whether the open stealthy, our debate naming and deployed the court correctional upside. Sometimes the tool may not show the real time stats correctly on the case. You can just go to your website, click on big source and see what they're Google analytics. I've bean dip or a little, so you're just ahead and you can see that did detect conflagration has been deployed here. At no way it is not showing on Google analytics, but that's actually done right so that so we can use good analytics like action in the previous video like get the big don't off insights on our website on outside showing you how to in starting line. It takes on the role played by deploying the dragon called on overtime, right, seeing the next video about Google search counsel on how to use that. No, no So in the last video your thing about good Magnetics on holding cell Google Analytics on your website by deploying the GS I tagged. So instead I'm gonna show you what is good such control and how you can sign up for that. All right, times going to Google Onside for mobile search control Smith Global Sort console. It's nothing but set off tools and reports which held Butte to measure your side search traffic and performance, fix, use and make your side chain in Google search results. So it basically you know, it upsets about gold which are close to your toe. A monster to take indexing statics after MySpace ability off their website. So beautiful It was called us Google the most us. But after no, uh, May 2015 Global changed its name to go such concert so we can see the Google search console off my website that is hectic and start Come sure, So it just got six not to total are going to clicks on Google from this timeline to here, right, you can choose some monthly data here like this is my generally for humans. So in generally, the state has got 200 clicks from Google alone, which is completely are gonna next is the impression is long 0.2 K pages with first inversions estimated. Next is your country current are humans so you can see that these pages caught 12 leagues and this page is called Eight Legs. On this Last Bit. It's got four less clicks, right? This dog performing pages on Google but 99 clicks for this page. So this is for I mean, this growing periods been compared to the last month. This place is caught told, place additional clicks and this is a top performing bulges out People find you so people are coming to upset Bill Zone. This gives us after this type in. Google, like peaceable, is an online course free. It has got five plus cakes next PC, but it's free on them cause it has got three plus clicks and you can see that top off. Um, close is this right? Learn about your absence audience. Like, um, want activity people is my stub users. Next is 87 mobile users and tablet is one top country sees obviously India next Turkey, Nigeria and gold. Such type of means video and this is the website we have been speaking about to know, and you can see that different. So it's because of each month has been listed here like this is the, um issues? Sure. So if I click on open report, it will show you the detail to put off the clicks and God. So the last updated starts is six. Ours cynics is You can see such type Web remains are video, whichever you want to see. Did I lost six months? Next is the Cory's, which it's caught You clicks from Google. The pages which caught modem off legs countries devises such appearance. Bob Late results is a prince and next is dates. All right, um, next if I click on overview So all the stops here flexed its coverage Visuals like the Baylor's got no errors in the past three months, and it has caught totally 20 valid pages, right? The next enhancement. No way they civility. It is a valid logo, citing x such box. I'm everything right. The fighting's is nothing but like if you go on and such for Oh, sorry. I tend to know largest and against you that this is the website, and you can see these are this sighting listed here. Height. So that's how it works. So if I click on performance, it'll tell me total trick. They got the Cory's all stuff. If I click on your instep, you can just put in any your own that you made out like, But it's working or not. You can just putting the Ural here and see it's working. Find all right. Actually, scholar dates. So the pages no got no coverage issues in the So if the timeline so nothing to worry about . So I will show you how to, you know, red state map in the next few videos on how it works. Next is removals. You could remove someone used. Your eyes are water for errors using this option like you can't remove the page from Google . If you want to remove some pages, you know what site Sexy speed. It's still in the claimant states. If I click on trial pits, pits insides, if you ask me. Toe intermittent the plate, you and solid and listen. Let's see what is the big speech here. So 37 is the post a country full painted card. 2.5 seconds. Speed index is 8.4 2nd time to interact is 10.8 seconds. Plus, the meaningful paint is 2.5 positive to understand one thing, Mac, for insulin put this play and all of these steps. Right? So it's going that diagnostics. That part is called back in the main trade off 4 1080 milliseconds. Minimus main ted work. It is Jurassic Institution time. So what started assets with evidence to catch policy on a lot more. So you didn't just go ahead. I'm implement all these on a website to no. Yeah. So, ladies, a good more for desktops. I have got issues with nobody. This stop is always fine. Right? So you're using these data. You can just go to the upside. I'm tryingto after makes all these others and make your website load faster. I mean, what force it to get back 10 years? So now what is spirit is very, very important since he uses a lot of note very, uh, short home when it comes to a right. So next to nobody usability nothing in election year. So it's already fine. So logo's fine failing first boss No, there are snow so length. It will show you the back links have got. So you can see that the total number off back in court. So I got around one not well, extra links from different listed here, which I'm going to show you how to get this links in the next few videos. Like so, all these subsidies is a combination of different of backing options, like social book marking art contamination Que interstates on all Like I have explained in the indirection video. Right. So to find up for Google search control, it's pretty simple again. You can just go here to the outside Mexico Google thoughts, control go to the upside. If if you can start new, it will ask me to sign them. Do what I could. So basically we have already signed up for cool and it extracts if you use the same humility here lost, It will not ask you to verify it if using different emulating Year last you to verify your website using different methods. But how do you like when you do instead? Go landed it fast when you take my department ruling striking down are upset. After that you can use the same humility to send up a poolside control. So all right, so that's so cool Side console can help you to get different issues about Europe site. And you just get the data on the employment effect to improve paid speed. Fix your former for errors, indexing, error and a lot more. All right, So if you have any doubts in this good such control video, just go ahead and post the don't recorded in the discussion type of this class. I'm always happy to help you, so no, I'm goingto show you how to use different keyword research tools to toothy best keywords. Using you can go and write new block post on your website. First, I'll start with the Google. Ask your planet, which is a freak. Q. What are such tool from Google ads? Right, So just goto, um google dot com Andi, I'm going to start with ads here. Onda, pick on the first sardonic Winky Wright civically cornstalk. No, it will take me toe apace but all my accounts here. So since I have already signed up for good active joining the account here. But if you are starting up but I mean, signing up for you Eloquence for first time didn't enter your business details, back information. A lot more information. But I'm just going to skip that step. We can do it by us self. So after signing up for Google ads, times have been to city. I don't know toe enough May actually, you will execute which I have signed up purely Europe. Just wait for the system to load the data show. So basically Google ads, it's nothing but a tool marriage in use to pay and get website clicks are traffic, so I could see the different campaigns have set up. But if you just want to Tokyo what set? Just goto tools and settings. Here go toa que what planner? So it will take me to this page, but you should enter. Um, the key words here. You can get the such William and Forecast year by entering the Cure Theatre. If you want to get new keywords, you can use this option. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going toe yet some keywords letter toe. What else in body position off me their story sports. I'm just going to click on get results. Before that, you can just enter the mind to use a filter. I can start with the new works I'd answered. It's your own wish on you can see the language option we can what language you want to search for and as a location here. Right. If we just want to call it the whole world, I'm just click on save. I'm get presents. All right. So currently, body hotels have the search warrant 100 k to one million, such as every month on average. On you can see a lot more key. What? Listed here. Right. So we can get exited results Bali The thoughts in body on also right for using that began to cure besides and rescue what you want to write Black Force and also get into the boat The bit trickier. Toe Rankin First pages off Google, including band names. You can see some Beckham. What isn't. See arrested, right? Perfectly gone. Add filter. We can keep what text you can just filtered. Dickie, what? Based on the three drops since provided here just dominate in this and stuff like on cue a text you can just hunting or does not contain. If it is C A play. No, nothing, is there. So that's actually basically you can go. You go give a planet toe, find new keywords and there are a lot off upset, like a sim breast dot com. Just you can enter acute and get starts later. Toe that just a load off. Absolutely unethical dot com. Some tools make ask you for money that are sometimes offi so cool, adds Skipper. Pain is completely free that some assemblers as, um subscription fees for every month I guess they are. They point a free trade. Also, just go inside and see how it works. The electrical orders in I will show you all these like beach chipotles in Bali and the federally my sweat right, the competition to rank and a lot more. So when I search it for in your rush, people ask you to sign a funny account so that basically it works on don't want to, like you were told that I, which is one of my favorite keyboard to such tools I mean for typing portals you can see this is also asking, and I think that accommodation in beachfront, a condition bunny, their thoughts on all toughs, right? I don't to get, you know, start trouble that we can just copy the data and placed it in Google ads as well. So let me show how to do that. Now sign up to use. Yeah, that's what it's showing. Let's try copying these. And basically, goal adds took it. They essentially want stuff like that saying in going toe Cure planner, come on. They take some time to load, I guess. Just wait for the system to load the data Going to keep up again. Oh, basing it. Clicking long gets daughter No, we will get the He would ideas in such volume off these key would, Joe, uh, and you can see that fight start on scene. Could a body has got 100 to 1 key Man, you got to think you were ideas here. That's what can do keywords and choose the best keywords you want, right? For a blogger on your like life upside to get it. If you optimize in this video, I'm gonna show you how to create an example sytem site map file for your website and uploaded your solar and request investing any indexing on good? All right, so I'm just going toe leave upset here. So before cleaning, make sure you have all pages set up on your website. So used time include the new pages of a page on the site map and operate your solar and objecting, Google said. Concern as well. Let me show you how to do that. So first I'm blogging into my work transit upside on. I'm just going to create some dummy pages here. Bids one Bobby's I knew. So I'm going to clear some three Tommy Bayas. But please, the three populace. That's right. So if I go and click on visit site, you can see some business uric. So next we should goto Google on a so much for state map later. So this is another for you applied to tell it to examine site maps. Onda Next. I just I want to put in my You are here, and you can see that the call off the plate is let you create in a common site map that can be submitted to Google. Buying. Another threatens to help them call. You have said, better created except map to our plane list off all your pages gendered and it's time. Attack map, Dollar offset To start too easy and I get to your site. So I'm just going to click on sort here. Safer taken visit site map. Yeah, So this you can see that Really soft pages are being shown here in the site map. So if a kick on don't let thought my file So we just need you and, you know, make sure that the site map should be in this order, like site map dot exam. Oh, sorry. So there is no sight of our product. It's showing us page not found. So toe a porn site map. We should goto our c panel here. Click on file manager. So since I'm using a sub domain, I just need to applaud the side. My police. Fuller. If you're using a main domain, we can just go to your public It's German folder and just upload the site. My find here, you can see that I have already uploaded the or about architects. Finally here. So what? I'll be showing you how to do that in the next video. So far? No, I just need to upload the statement, right. Sorry for the just a minute. Couldn't upload the contact file. Click on downloads onto the site map. Your Oh, but man, difficult born this. So if you go and probabilities and based it here, it might show you the pit it's working out. So next we should go toe Google search console on a quest on index. Unfortunate indexing across basically. So I'm just closing the penalty. We might need the same simple for Robert text file Aspirin. So just really many people here. I'm going to type in Google. So console speaking on start now at a property. Oh, so this is my website, right? Called me here. Posted here. Click on Continue particles continue. But if paying, so to verified the ownership of your website just need toe signing. Your mom provided godaddy dot com or com. What are meta Copy the text below into the DS confusion. So, as I told you earlier, he should use the same email lady, you're signed up for your um what? Like the golem in this account? So I will just pick up the second and show you how to sign up for Google Google search once we're there. As I told you earlier, you should use the same email i D u s signed up for golden antics to sign up for. Good. So it's catalyze for so the reason is you mean you don't need to go and retire multiple times. So I recommended to use the same immunity used for goal and the text when you sign up for Google search Contrast. So I'm just going to google dot com. Onda cried to sign up for Google search one sold for that began. Just submit are, in fact, the website using Google short console start No entering the password off the account. Yeah, began, See? Oh, no, it's still doing it, Boss would I don't know why it's showing like this, but so it doesn't sign up for your Google acts account. I will do my account, and after entering, you know, into your go inside because Leconte will see the interest like I've shown you in the last video about Google. Such concern. So you just how toe you know, suddenly the, uh, statement Google start? No, I like the humanity as we know it. You go there. You would see this is my website and against the statement. You're right. So I already, you know, signed up for the, um what, like good sides goto macron. And you just need to and are your website Next you should enter your said my baby like you can see here, right? So if I go on just the first, that's all. So this is the site map, and you just need toe to get your uncle contaminants or Google and French all the pages on your bike. All right, so that's so you can create an example. Take my file on submitted to Google on make all based index on Google, right? Selects and show you how to do the same for robots. Dots X. So I'll show you how to generate robots. Don't text fight for your website. So the process pretty similar toe body in turn when you need next on state maps. So just goto google dot com Thought for robots Next generally took so it can show you a lot off, you know, websites. So I'm just going to pick the first link. Your it's called on to the bottom. Hello? All websites to be called all I would like a little bored. Marie apartment bought Amazon, bought on all the surgeons and what's so next year's state map, You're all your about text file. So I guess this that is not good. Someone was going to second up to it and see what it could offer a note holding an orderly site map. Let's go on the site, my pure. And I'm just going toe core pedis and basic here in the abstract. Right. You can see different robots here by do on. You can just read our district some directors to be block so we can use to distribute next options here. So I'm just going to be concrete and yep, defined God don't ordered on. I mean, you should go to the C panel and upload the file there. Right on The process is pretty similar to what we have done for excellent eight maps. Just goto your sub coming, so I can I'm repeating. Since I already have the XML and take maps file on my main object. I'm just usually sub moment, but the process remain usual. So you're just go toe upload contact file. We can indeed what dot txt file. Onda. Yeah, everything is done. We can just called on the bottom and see the file uploaded. Oh, just bust you upside here. I'm going to find Manager King on this on. I should see the robot sex. Right. So this is the example of a product on the leaderboard stacks so that so you can upload your site map and double tax to your upside on. Make sure Google can crawl whole pages on a website the next. I'll show you what it's used issue plaguing on how we can use that. So now I'm gonna show you out on Saudi Yost as you're clicking on your workers upside and how it can impact your on page issue. What's it to me? So just goto your agains click on add new. So there are a lot off a super against available on WordPress, but highly or committed to use yours, which is one of the most familiar begins people are using. So you can see that Yes. Right. So just click on this, active it. So now we're gonna goto page our post in the bottom. I can see right so you can see that this is the preview. I will get on Google here. Oh, Tom, Trickery. What? I'm just going to call it down to the bottle. So this is the key. What? I returned these black posts long pieces designed so you can see the preview here for Mobile. I don't know why it's crashing again and again because off the post s you're plugged in or do you know the And if it could conduct stop presents, it will show you the division. I know some problem with plugging. I guess I'm just going to plug in here. Everything is fine. Just go to the settings and see it's have any problems. Everything is fine again. Frequent futures Fine Monster tools 50. So it's going to second going to the page post. So you here, you can see that needs improvement. Basically, the school by us needs improvement. It's OK, and it's improvements. So this is I see your score, and this is really the score. Right? And in the bottom, you can see native woman needs and remind okay and not off stuff. You're right. So if I just click on this post and see what that used Yes. You can off for what should be changed. In this post, you can see the focus keep what I have used. So I want toe rank. These Polish men people search for peaceable in companies in China and you get just a distant. But here I don't some problem with the plugging It seems so basically, you're stressed. You're plugging will show you the points you covered toe have a good one big issue on a website. So don't problem like this.