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WordPress SEO 2016: The Complete Technical SEO for WordPress Websites

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Why Technical WordPress SEO Factors matter?

    • 2. WordPress SEO 2016 Factor 1: Meta Description in Google Search Results

    • 3. WordPress SEO Factor 2: Heading Tags on your WordPress Websites

    • 4. WordPress SEO Factor 3: Importance of H1 and H2 Tags for Google Search

    • 5. SEO Factor 4: Domain SEO Visibility

    • 6. SEO Factor 5: Keyword in Domain name

    • 7. SEO Factor 6: HTTPS

    • 8. SEO Factor 7: Search Volume of Domain Name on Google

    • 9. SEO Factor 8: Ratio of Home Pages on Google search

    • 10. SEO Factor 9: Top Level Domain is .com

    • 11. SEO Factor 10: Flash Content

    • 12. SEO Factor 11: URL Length: SEO for WordPress

    • 13. SEO Factor 12: File Size

    • 14. SEO Factor 13: Page Speed

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About This Class

WordPress SEO: The Complete Technical SEO Factors Class for WordPress Websites

This seo class on skillshare is all about search engine optimization or WordPress SEO. All the SEO factors discussed in this class are based on Jan to Dec 2015 market research. So they are all new and they apply 100% to 2016 and up.

SEO is NOT a Cost but an Investment. This class is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization or SEO Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank # 1 in Google.

This class will help you to

  •  Master Technical SEO factors – The entry ticket to search Engines for your WordPress Websites

Once you rank #1 in Google

  • Your brand name will be popular
  • You will be invited for exclusive product releases in your niche
  • Your business / ad revenue will grow 2X to 100X based on your current position
  • Your unique visitors per day, subscribers will increase
  • And Much more

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Why Technical WordPress SEO Factors matter?: in this lecture, let's see why technical ranking matters in on Aceval technical factors just like an entry ticket when you enter inside a temple. In technical factors, we talk one about the own page optimization off your website and not about the content. There is a separate section for content. Technical factors are not so crucial factors to get higher rankings in search engine bristles, but they are very essence. You'll enter into the search engine drizzles you can have heard everywhere that content is king. Yes, I do accept. But without these technical factors, just having good content will not take you toe better search engine rankings he would are getting their importance declined day by day. I will explain this through a simple example some 8 to 9 years back, as your exports used to stuff keywords for every other ordinate line in the post or in the content. But after some 2 to 3 years, they reduced the number off times off keywords appearance in the polls for every 50 words in Los. True to three years, the keeper appearance has got reduced toe every 100 old. But do you know one thing now? The best as CEO. Continent is the one which doesn't have a key would in the body off the post. Do you wonder how it can happen? Because recently there is a higher rate off emergence off proof domes, 11 terms, etcetera. Don't confuse yourself with what is approved, Soemadi said. 11 Tum ho. What is that? We will see everything in detail in the upcoming sections and upcoming lectures. Just learned one thing that what is a civil a year or two years back is a negative acero. Now a negative. SFO is something which, if you do in your block, then it will reduce your search engine ranking rather than improving the condition. Let's move on to the next important point that is, readability improvement. All the keyboard research, off photos and 13 2014 and 2015 search engines are giving more importance to readability, read abilities. Nothing, but can 1/6 grade or 1/9 grade student the able to radio post are Is it readable? One. Li Bai, a postgraduate or a graduate student. So if you read ability, score is more then it means that 1/6 or eighth grade student can read on understand your content. Next comes hitch tags on description. Search engines expect the existence off headings inside your content, for example. Instead off, just bolding are increasing the next size. For headings, you should assign Hitch one Hedge to Hedge three dags for headings. Subheadings on minor headings, respectively. Also the expect you to give a separate meta description in WordPress accepts. Next comes the demine, a neural authority a don't mine with hire. A civil visibility is 1000 times better than a normal website, with 1000 keyword optimized particles corpus. Nowadays, people are writing longer and longer pose, for example, post that are running a bow to those on the three toes and words. Also, people didn't add more multimedia content. For example, videos in majors hand several animation efforts inside their post, which causes slower loading. Earlier, Google tends to boost searching drac ings for the websites which loads foster. But that's not the case now. If your website loads slower, then your search engine ranking will move a lot. Many places back in the search engine results. So Paige speed our page loading time was a luxury Toto three years back isn't essential commodity now, so let's see how we can improve on implement all these technical factors inside our website 2. WordPress SEO 2016 Factor 1: Meta Description in Google Search Results: in this lecture we are going to see the importance off metal description existence here I have searched for AMG AM Full socket. This is a key would on my search result abuse Here this is the item on this is a urine. Leave these two things. The thing that you need to concentrate is these two lines. These are called metal descriptions. Do you know why they are called my car descriptions? Let's see the post hell normally when you don't give me your description, Google automatically generates it by taking some 1st 1 50 to 1. Fortify characters from your post. If I haven't embroidered the meta description then just see here There is no aim The aim for socket keyboard in the 1st 1 50 characters which could have led me to a technical disadvantage. But I have provided a custom metal description who are aim The aim for socket keyboard is available. Si he'll This is a matter description have provided here you can see Am the aim for socket keyword in the matter description. Do you know why I insist on adding meta description for your posts? Just see this just wrestled or research off 10,000 keywords by search metrics. Here, you can see that for the top 30 search results almost 98 to 99% off the holes. How matter Description into those and 14 on this percent age has increased even by another 1% age in Toto's and 15. This is why I insist you toe add matter description. So all off your posts in the upcoming Lucio's let's see how we can admit or description toe each off your post. But in the next lecture, I'm going toe. Explain you the importance off Hitch one unhitch two bags. These are also called us heading tags. 3. WordPress SEO Factor 2: Heading Tags on your WordPress Websites: in this lecture, we are going to see the importance off existence off Hitch one on H two tags in your posts . Let's start with the research off search metrics. Here is a graph sewing the existence off. Hitched your bags in the top 30. Search whistles off the research conducted by search metrics in around 10,000 keywords. Hedge on a hedge toe tags or nothing but heading tanks. In this lecture, you're going to learn how toe insert hetch one on Hester attacks in your post before that, let me so you or let me make you understand one essential thing. Noticed that in photos and 14 the average usage off hitch two bags in 30th search result. These are owned 65 to 68% but the all red usage off hitched attacks in the second search Result East. Our own 80% This percent age has increased by our own 4 to 5% age into those 9 16 from search desert to 2 30 Also, you can see that the percentage off usage off this hedge to on even hit your bags is increasing gradually from the 30th search. Result to the second search results. That's why this technical factor is a prerequisite to get your post in the friend off Search results. Let's see how we can add Hitch one. Unhedged your bags in your post. Unlike matter descriptions or other civil technical factors, you don't need a separate Blufgan toe. Insert these heading tax for a bunch off paragraphs, had a consolidated title or heading like this and then select the text. Then first Tolbert Tuggle on you. Or assign it as heading one on Heading to are some buildings, like heading three heading for its A troll. But I do recommend to keep one Lee one heading one in your entire post, and you can assign multiple heading to on heading through tax to several other titles that , like Title do only one fitting one. This will inform the search engine that this is hit three. Tag on. This is history back, etcetera. You can even verify it by going toe next more and you can see that I am the AM four socket Finalized. This title is surrounded by Hetch. One acts in the front and back. This will say to the search engine that this title belongs to heading one time also you made How wonder that the percentage off existence is increasing gradually from 30th. Search result to second search result. But why? There is a sudden drop always in the first search result even in hitch to or in hatch one. Along with the answer to this question, I will also make you realize the importance off Hitch one hedge to meta description tags in your post Aspell s. These tax not only benefit you in search engine rankings, but also for the user experience in your sight. Let's see that in the next lecture. 4. WordPress SEO Factor 3: Importance of H1 and H2 Tags for Google Search: in this lecture, you're going to learn the answer for the question, I said in the previous lecture. That is why always the first search result doesn't mingle with the factors that we see in second toe. The did search results. Also, you're going to learn the importance off hedge one hedge to on Matar description tags for the user experience in your sight. First, let's see the uniqueness off the number one search results. You could have seen that the first search result has got a lesser percentage off Hetch One hedge toe on metal description existence. But still it ranks first, isn't it? This is because off the term we call that this brand factor. You can also referred to domain s civil disability. For example, when a similar condiment is posted by High Authority website on the new upside, Google gives the higher ranking for the higher authority website. Higher authority refers to the better as CEO dough mine visibility but still the all regis are very high. That is the use off each one hedge toe on metal description tax. So I do recommend you to use these heading tax as a less metal description in your post toe . Get higher rankings in search results Coming to the answer for how this heading tax on Matar description increases the user experience in your sight. I have sold you that for am the A four socket keyword. The meta description has got the key vote that is, the search results Matar description. So it induces the Yucel Click My search result compact toe any other search result, which doesnt how that particular T would. So it increases the city or that is click through rate. But once the user clicks, that search result and comes to my post, if he doesn't find anything related toe that key would. Then he made bounce back to the search Result page. Or he may close the browser altogether, which will increase the bones straight off my post. Alternatively, if you want to reduce the bounce straight, you should include one leader related Andi optimized keyboard for your post in the matter description. This is how it enhances that user experience by reducing the Bond Street. Also, when you segregate the content with heading one and heading toe tax, it's easier for the reader to read. Also, it's structures he opposed to the reader in such a way that he can directly go to the required information section. For example, in this post, I have given to different heading tools. The days specifications off aimed is end processor on features off, Submit Ridge Platform or breast Aldridge platform here. If any user specifically wants to read about aimed the Zen processors specification, he can straight of a motor. This section on. Read about the specification off, then processor Paris. If he's interested in features off some Ettridge or re storage platform, he can definitely come here to read this segment. In this way, you help the user toe find his required information easily on effectively. This is how you're increasing that user experience as well. US. You're getting higher search engine rankings in search results. I have used a term called domain a civil visibility in this lecture for 3 to 4 times, isn't it? Let me tell you what is domain a civil visibility or let us see the importance off keyword in the domain name itself. In the next lecture 5. SEO Factor 4: Domain SEO Visibility: in this lecture we are going to see. Don't mind as civil disability to explain what is domain a civil visibility? Let me show you. With an example in this Google search page, a house searched for WordPress website. You can see that the first result is an ad. So let's keep that coming to the next result, which is so seem to be the first result in the search page. He's from more press dot com. The second result is from what pressed not orgy on. Only the fifth or sixth result is from side grown dot com. So even if side drone dot com optimizes its page or bulls for WordPress website keyboard, the chances off appearing in the fulls in the search results is very, very lis this east because off don't mind a civil visibility score off the domain fortress dot com. This core can be easily muscled and is available in several tools, such as search metrics. Shoot here I have searched for wordpress dot com on you can see that the Aceval Visibility School off wordpress dot com. He's around for 22,000. Where us for what president or d? The stories to 15,000 But the score for side don't dot com is just 16,000. That's why, even if side drone dot com optimizes its page for the keyword WordPress website, it has very, very, very lesser chance toe appear in the first search. Result Compact, a wordpress dot com So now you could have understood that the importance off dome in a civil visibility is much more higher, then optimizing your page for a particular keyboard. Let's see the research conducted by Searchmont rigs in Toto's and 15 always the first Google search result is an exception on it will not follow our back to wolf research. So let's analyze from the second search result to the 30th search research here. The second search result has got a school off about 10 million that is around 11 million. Barest the domain, a civil visibility school for the 30th search result is somewhere around two million. This court is an all ridge off 18,000 keywords. Soul. If you want to buy a domain name, don't look for the key word. Instead, choose a good brand name on developed the brand name so that people search for the data domain name in the Google search. So the increase Norman Aceval visibility the domain should. How God two important things. The first thing. Ace number off back Ling's from high authority domains. For example, wordpress dot com has got so maney authority to links from several websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus on several other websites, too. We can easily see that using open side Explorer this domain authority score is Samos. That s evil disability score by search metrics. Instead, most names it as domain authority. You can see that the domain authority is 96 out off 100. This means it has got so many established links from so maney authoritative domains. You can see that wordpress dot com has got 1 26,000 links from several other authority. Do root domains on the daughter links amounts to 7.8 million, which is not an easy task toe attain. That's why more press has got the higher dominant authority or go main Aceval visibility. The second factor that improves domain a service abilities that people sabbatical e search for the domain name, for example, seen it dot com This is all off the famous website writing PC hardware reviews, news gadgets, etcetera. But with more and more people searching for the term seen it in Google, search increases the dominant issue of disability school or domain authority school. Hoard that particular domain. So now you could have understood what is the meaning off domain as civil disability or domain authority. In the next lecture, let's see about the word in the door my name. 6. SEO Factor 5: Keyword in Domain name: in this lecture, we are going to see Key would in domain name. So before entering into the finalization or interpretation off Key wouldn't know my name. You should know two important terms that is e M. D. On BMD. What is a MD E M D is exact match doing. For example, if you search in Google for the term die apples, then no apples dot com would be the exact much dough mine. Empty can be a single word like insurance dot com or even a phrase such as reputation repair dot com. So what is BMD be Mde's foresail? Much? No mine. Here are the three examples off partial match domain here. The key would a spay on the domain name is all day Where the whole off the domain name that this be has the key would. So it's or silly matching with the keyword. That's why this is called or seal match. No mine. So let's come back to get a word in demine interpretation. Here is the research off 10,000 keywords with exact match domain. This transparent orange line represents to those in 14 on this thick orange line represents to those and 15. As you already know, the exact sis in this graph represents the ranking off search result in Google Search engine where us The Y axis represents the percentage off key would in domain as useful. Let's keep the first search result on Let's Analyze from the second search result toe 30th Search results here You can see that in 2000 and 14 only 8% off the search results have got the keyword in their domain name, whereas in 2015 this percent age has got reduced considerably. Toe 5 to 6% what you can in for from this research before coming to a conclusion. Read this feet from Matt Cutts from Google. He had tweeted into those 9 12 that Google all go change AIDS and algorithm change which will radios low quality Exact much dinz in search results. Here is the graph off the immediate effort after Google Argo change the exact match no mine caused, which was in the first search Result Waas Moto 11th position on the post with exact match. Do mine in around full toe 13th position Waas Moto 41 on. You can see the rest in this image hype questions study indicated that all rage e M D ranking went from number 13.4, toe number 26.6 on the average topline exact match, domain went from number 3.2 to number 12. Here you can see the graph off PM The influence where the X axis represents the date this is April 4 on Here is August 22. These dates are in the ear toe those 9 12 in April for 5.5% off. Search results were influenced by Forssell match domains, which has got reduced considerably in August 22 toe our own just 4% On the over a year, this influence has got reduced considerably. So what is the final outcome off this research? If you're going to buy a new do mine, don't Don't look for the key word in your domain name. Instead, off giving you a search ranking boost, it will push you behind in the search results. So instead of searching for a domain with keyboard, build some new brand on a time higher domain, a civil visibility or domain authority which we saw in the previous lecture In the next lecture, let's see the importance off Hedge TTP Yes. Oh, the secured history db protocol 7. SEO Factor 6: HTTPS: hedge, TBS. What is Hedge too Devious? Hatred? Abuse is nothing but a secure, hedged GDP, so why not everyone can use has treaty peers in their websites. If you want your website to be supported with history TPS Protocol, then you need to buy a SSL certificates for your website, which may cost from $20 to 60 to $80 based on your requirement. Here is what Google the most of central block say's on history. GPS from August toe Those 9 14 boo considers history DBS as the ranking signal. It is becoming more and more relevant and even a ranking signal for Google, but it's not necessary for every site. Https is like an encryption, which is primarily important for sites with purchasing processes or sensitive plant information. Toe increase trust on Converse and rates. But at Google, Ivo Google calls for history, GPS everywhere on the Web, more and more river monsters or allotting history. De Beers, which is also known as hedge TDB over the LS, which is transport layer security. You can buy a single or multi domain or a while, called as the sun certificate Google recommends you to use, so those in and 48 bit K certificates. Also, there are several other recommendations from Google, but let's see our let's check for the security level off new egg website. Using this qualities lap pool you had not come is an equal most flipside, which sells computer ports on many other things related to electron ICS. I have added a product toe my court in your dot com website. Once they have added the product to the court, you can see that in the address board, the normal new york dot com has got converted into hedge to DPS. This denotes me that this is a secure job age on My details, which I provide on this page will be secured on perfected using SSL labs. I checked for new dot com for the security grade on The result is Grady. You can search for any dough mine for its history. GPS security using Wallace SSL Labs tool for a normal blogged or a new swept side history, GPS or assistance certificate is not needed. But when Google says that it is a ranking facto, it's advisable to buy SSL certificates for each and every Web sites. Let's come back to the research off 10,000 keywords in 2015. The first and second search results. How become irrelevant because off the brand facto let's analyze from third to sixth all ridge search results the percentage off head https dough mines from the search result toe Sixth search result has increased tremendously from 15 to 25%. So if your dough mine is secured with history GPS protocol, then you have a slightly upper hand to get higher rankings in search whistles. There are several websites which provides you SSL certificates on you can buy for birth. Here Go Daddy offers you a Cecil certificates for dollars 63 per year for single domain or one website. If you want SSL certificates for multiple domains, then you need to pay dollar 1 35 Oreo on this rate de force from website to website, for example, Rapid thistle provides you a single demine SSL certificates for just all of 50 with cheese around $13 less so than go Daddy. Named cheap dot com, this website provides you SSL certificate for poor domain basis for just $9. Perea. So based on the SSL certificate that you buy on based on the features or perfection it gives. The price varies and also it varies from website, website or SSL certificate provider to provider. But I recommend you toe by a Cecil certificates while you by the doe mine or costing from your Austin provide Oh, which will give you a slightly better search engine rankings. To wrap up the advantages and disadvantages off history. Pierce History TPS gives you greater use or trust, especially for websites with security payments such as the coma swept sites, and it protects you against fizzing and hacks. And it also gives you slighter ranking and want ages in Google search results. But it also comes with a set off drawbacks or disadvantages. Implementing history D peers inside your website is a time consuming process. Also, it's certificate based. So what, he said. Forget based earlier you need to buy a Cecil certificate for Ikuma swept sides on. Now Google recommends you to buy dealers, said Fickett, which is also termed us a Cecil Blessed certificates. So there are many possibilities to get a free SSL ordeal. A certificate the implementation is a time consuming one on it requires the modification off link structure off your entire website, Our soul. There are probably please for speed losses, which means your page speed may decrease a bit, which also means that the page loading time may increase a bit. So if your page loading time increases, then it negatively affects your search engine ranking. So once you have implemented Hester TPS in your website, he said, Moto a little bit powerful sewer such as VPs or dedicated hosting. You can see that Wikipedia has completely more from STD B toe history. DBS Whenever you search for Wikipedia, you can see that in the search results. It appears as https. This is why I recommend you to move toe Hester De Beers to get a slight of boost in search engine ranking The next lecture. Let's see the importance off search volume off your domain name on how it affects Seo search engine ranking 8. SEO Factor 7: Search Volume of Domain Name on Google: in this lecture, we are going to see search volume off though my name and its importance in the ranking factor. So what is search volume off a domain name? Let's see an example. A house searched for a MD's in aimed is N is a processor off the brand MD, and it hasn't come out, that is, it's not released officially. So all news or articles that are published on the Internet about this processor will either be a rumor or some prediction about the performance off this processor. So when a search about aimed is in, this is a new section, so let's leave it. Here is the first search result on its from the demine wcc of tech. The first to search results are from the same demine. The third search result ease from Wikipedia. Wikipedia always comes in the top fight to six reserves because off its domain authority or domain search engine visibility, which we saw in the previous lecture. So let's keep keep it there alone for this comparison, let's assume this as 1/3 result, which comes from PC world dot com domain and then comes game sport on extreme take. So how we can analyze this search results with search volume off demining There is a tool in Google AdWords, which is called Google AdWords keyword tool or keyword planner with which we can find. Or we can know about the search volume trends for any keywords. I have searched for the domain names that is WCC of tech PC World Game sport on extreme take in the keyword planner tool on the sore. The average monthly searchers off these domains game sport tops it. 6 73,000 monthly searches What this means. This represents the popularity of the brand name game sport for every month this game sport keyboard he searched for around 6 73,000 times in Google Search engine. This brings more domain authority on a civil visibility toe game spot. So, as I said in the previous lecture, if you want domain authority, you want your domain name to get searched many times. Also, you need to get more back. Wings are more links from several authority to sites, so let's come here. The next sport is PC World, which is surged 200,000 times every month. But do you observe one thing WCC of Tech, which is searched just 40,000 times a month, comes first on second in the search results rather than PC World on Game spot. But the actual inference should be in the opposite way. Wcc of Texas's Side, which publicist? All the rumors and upcoming processor's specifications features etcetera, so it's highly relevant to the keyword Aimed is in. So there is no wonder in WCC of tech appearing the first or top to search results but PC World and gain sport or not such websites, they are much more later toe reviews on gaming hardware's. So how come they appear in the second and third search results come back toe Extreme Dig are far Godzilla, which are also highly related to WCC of Take This Case because off the search volume off their domain name, which leads to more domain authority and hence they comes in the first page. Also, let's analyze the search results. This is the WCC of tech post, which we saw in the search result on. They have optimized their boast in almost the best way possible because they have included hatchling tax. Multiple images, interlinked there, pose on provided external links and much more, which we're going to see in the scores. But one Lee, after optimizing their content this much, they could come to the first search result, but coming toe piece evil. Just see this posed one Lee one title on one image Under are no indolence, no bold nothing in this post, but still they managed to come in the second or third search result. This is because off search volume off their domain name, which translates to domain authority. So if your website is new on, if you're just competing with other niche pages, are other competitors in your niche you need toe optimize each and every post in your website with all the elements that we're going to discuss in this course. Once you have got higher dominant authority like PC world or Game Sport, then you can even compromise on optimizing your content because once you have got enough domain authority, you will automatically come to the first page for almost any keyword that is related to your website. One more thing you should know that game sport is almost in the fifth sport in the search result, but when I opened the link off, this result it came out to be just a foreign post. So it's not even an official post by game sport. But still it managed toe up here in the fifth or sixth position for aimed is in. This is all because off the search volume off the domain name or the domain authority Now you could understand what is a search for Lima for domain name and how it lings are, how it translates to domain authority, see in dodos and 14 these are the search volume off domain name off the search results that appear from one toe 30th position in Google searches. The same Web sides have got higher amount off search volume off their domain name into those, and 15 on the increases almost 300 to 400%. So what you can infer from this wants you how developed the domain authority or a brand name popularity. You will come up in the search result for every related keyword off your website, so the simple process off searching and optimization is first, you need toe. Optimize your content when you're new. Once you have attained a domain popularity or domain authority, then you can skip or you can compromise on your content optimization, but still you will up your forced in the search results in the next lecture. Let's see the racing off home pages on how it acts US. A technical factor in Google search engine ranking. 9. SEO Factor 8: Ratio of Home Pages on Google search: in this lecture, we are going to see the ratio off home pages in search results. For example, when you search for a giver among the top 10 to 30 results, there may be a few results that don't link toe the home page off some domain names. These are gold home pages in the search results on from the research off the 10,000 key votes by Search Metrics. The up line This draft, which represents the ratio of calm pages from 1 to 38 Google Search result. Normally, when people search for a particular keyboard, for example, game sport or WCC of tech, only the first search result links directly to the home pitch on the remaining second toe. 30th search result. Directly linked toe some off the Urals. All the content pages in those websites. What this means for the brands. With the recent focus, we branch toe in versed in content marketing on the strategy to develop content hubs on the evergreen content, the service, their search demand. This he's paying dividends for the brand's toe identified themselves as knowledge centres in maximizing on serving best user experience. Direct uses to these most relevant content pages. This trend also holds true combat toe two dozen 13 to 2014 which indicates that this is a long term trend on this trend is going to follow for the coming years. Also, this is in line with Google's development on end DeVos toe constantly Darrick the user the best page on every site that is directly to the page that has the answer for the use those search terms. So what is the final inference from this graph? Approximately 90% of the search results, with rankings to 2 30 or interior pages on They're Not the home page, on the other hand, that be percent off the Urals, listed in Position one or the home pages to the domains many off you might have a doubt that if I buy a domain with dot C William or dot com extension, will I get a search ranking boost? Let's see the answer for that question. In the next lecture 10. SEO Factor 9: Top Level Domain is .com: in this lecture, we're going to see what is the percentage off dot com No mines in Google Search result. This lecture is just a kind off information lecture because normally the top level domains that is, whether it is dot com or dot org or dot net doesn't how any influence on search engine ranking factors. But still, it's good to know the percentage off dot com do mines in Top 30 search results and also top in search results on in War Maral Google Search Missiles You already know that these wanted 30 represents the already job search results in Google search engine on this 72 toe 86 presents post on page off no mine that is dot com domains. So the already job don't search results can tiene 84% off dot com domains. Where us The already Joe presents off dot com domain in first toe 30th search result is 81% coming toe. The overall all rage in Google Search results dot com contributes toe. 79% age on not orgy contributes to 10% age on remaining or some of the smaller contributions from local dot Net on other domains. A chest, not eggs. Rise that in central, but apart from search engine ranking factor, I recommend you to keep dot condo mines. It's because people tend to use control plus temple while going into your website, for example, instead off searching for New Year. If I press control and then enter, it will directly go toe tribute of Blue Dot knew it not calm. This is a habitable facto for red monsters. Bloggers. So if you have a dot com domain, then you have a slightly competent to at one stage in case off your customers or visitors being a blogger or with Moscow in the next lecture, let's see the usage off flask content in your webpages on how it affects your ranking in Google search engine. 11. SEO Factor 10: Flash Content: in this lecture, we are going to see how many percentage off rip sides that come in one toe. 30th search results contains flash content. The proportion off pages that use flats is significantly lower in 1st 2 to 3 search result positions than combat toe fourth till their teeth positions. This graph represents one Lee. The desktop search results in the mobile search engine results pages. The fraction off last pages is just 5% compared to 14% age average in desktop search results. So you could observe that the top three positions are occupied by the pages, which contain significantly lesser flash content. Though Google is not against flash content, it's good tow. Avoid or restrict the usage of flash in your pages. This is because with the increase in flash usage, your sights file size will increase by a significant Ammon, which leads to slower page loading time. In the next lecture, let's see another search engine result. Fatto that is your length on. We will also see how it affects your ranking in Google Search results page 12. SEO Factor 11: URL Length: SEO for WordPress: in this lecture, we're going to see your length as search result. Fatto you're length has increased by a smaller amount since 2000 and 14 according to Search Metrics analysis. The average your length in top 10 in 2000 and 14 was just that. The six characters Paris It has increased to 43.64 characters into those men, 15 on the average off top that the search results in 2000 and 14 waas just 39 characters, but it has increased to 47.46 characters into those 9 15 But Google advises the generally avoid unnecessary parameters in favour. Off speaking yours, that is you need are the words on related terms and proof terms inside that you're instead off some unnecessary characters symbols. It's a true, but you can notice that the first search result has got the sort ist your isn't it? This is because most of the first search result links toe the homepage off top level domains. That's why the your length or first search result is always lower compact toe the following positions in the next lecture, let's see how file size affect your search. Ranking facto in Google search results 13. SEO Factor 12: File Size: in this lecture, we're going to see the search ranking fractal the days file size compact, though those 9 14 the average paid size off Dalton as well as Top 30 rankings has increased by around Fighter 10-K b. The average file size off top 10 search results is around 25 kilobytes on the average off top that research results. It's around 22 kilobytes. You may wonder how the higher file size pages ranks better than the lower file sales pages . This is because though the file size is hyo, they are better optimized for side speeds on. That's why they also Lord Quicker Compact Toe 10 30 a cranking pages. So even if your file size increases haven't I own your side speed, this fine size increase? He's also do toe the longer post. And two dozen 15 blocks on websites nowadays are writing 3002 photos and words longer articles in 2000 and 15 combat toe. So those 9 14 And that's why the file size has increased around 5 to 10 KB's In the next lecture, let's see one off the most important search ranking fatto that is page speed 14. SEO Factor 13: Page Speed: in this lecture, we are going to see one off the most important search engine ranking fractal the days site speed instead of comparing the previous year's search result with this year, which is done in all other lectures in this section, search metrics has done a comparision between desktop side speed on mobile site speed. You can see clearly that mobile side speed is comparatively force toe than this topside speed this days because off cool reasons, the 1st 1 is the mobile optimized theme or the mobile exclusive team is comparatively less so in file size, compact toe desktop pages. The difference also go upto one tent off a second between Mobile on the stop age loading time. The or age off go in search results is that 1.16 seconds for this top on 1.1 2nd for mobile ? Where is the ovary? Jawf Torbert Top 30 Search result. He's 1.2 seconds for this scope on 1.17 2nd form Obey. This tells you clearly that the sites with local page luring time or higher side speed perform higher in such bristles, compact toe pages or websites which have higher pitch during time or lower side speed. So in general pages with higher ranking. How quicker loading times in the next lecture, let's wrap up what we have seen in this section.