WordPress : Install Free forever HTTPS SSL certificate for your site | Jay Mayu | Skillshare

WordPress : Install Free forever HTTPS SSL certificate for your site

Jay Mayu, Illustrator & Software Developer

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9 Videos (32m)
    • Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Advantages of https

    • Add a site to Cloudflare

    • Complete Cloudflare setup

    • Install Wordpress Plugins

    • Complete the setup

    • Cloudflare Features related to WordPress

    • Thanks and Goodbye


About This Class

Do you have a WordPress website currently running on HTTP protocol and you want to install SSL certificates and let your readers/customer browse your site with HTTPS protocol? Then this is the ideal course for you. 

you will learn everything necessary to install an HTTPS / SSL certificate on your WordPress powered website with the help of the third party provider Cloudflare's free tier. You don't even need a card to enable this service. We will learn step by step on how to implement it without spending a single penny. 

By taking this course you will be able to convert your HTTP websites into HTTPS powered secure website. This will not only boost your customer’s confidence on your site, but it will also boost the SEO rankings in Google. If you are a freelancer, you may use this skill to deliver secure WordPress powered websites to your clients. All this you can do it without spending a penny!

 We are going to make use of the third-party certificate provider Cloudflare. We will also learn how to take advantage of Cloudflare other than the SSL / HTTPS certificate. If you already have a WordPress website or if you are a WordPress freelancer who has some basic knowledge of WordPress then this is the course for you. All you need is basic WordPress knowledge and a will to learn a new skill.

Addition to installing SSL certificate on your website, you will also learn some advantages of having Cloudflare integration on your WordPress website. For an example, you will learn how the CDN network helps and how to save your site if it's under an attack from hackers. 

So why are you still waiting? You have nothing to lose. Join the course and I’ll see you inside. 





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Jay Mayu

Illustrator & Software Developer

Hello, I'm Jay. I'm an Illustrator and a Software Engineer.

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