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WordPress For Beginners : Free domain name and hosting .

Mohamed Nid Said

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Course

    • 2. getting free domain name and free hosting

    • 3. How To Install Wordpress

    • 4. How To Install A Free Theme

    • 5. How To Install basic plugins

    • 6. How To Delete the sample content

    • 7. How To Create The home page about us contact us

    • 8. How To Customize the About us and contact us page

    • 9. How To Create Blog posts

    • 10. Installing Sumo Social Sharing


About This Class

this Wordpress course have been designed from a beginners perspective to provide you with a step by step guide from zero to help you create a free website using a free domain name and a hosting service as well it not only easy to create but also easy to use

with this step by step course you will end up creating as many websites as you want .

You will start with getting a free domain name and a web hosting service also for free. You will then learn the basics of installing your Wordpress and a quick view of the Admin Panel.

The next step will be about making your website clean because you have to delete the default pages and hello post.

after that we will learn how to install Plugins and how to use them.

You will also get to know about SEO and tags.

in the end of this course I will show you how to create posts with classic editor and we will set up sumo Plugin as a last lessen .

after this course I’m sure you will have lot’s of websites and you will do that for free.remember you will have a 12 months free domain name and a lasting host service for life.


1. Introduction To The Course: Hello, guys. On the welcome. Today I'm going to show you how to create a three world Greece website using free domain name and three web hosting service. So I'm going to show you this is the whip say that I just created for for free. I mean, I didn't say anything. And this is the dummy name fitness for us. That's in l. It's very, very, very, really responsive. Aziz fencing. I created a home pitch a block about Paige. Most peach Contact US privacy policy. And as you can see, you have the ability to shift in reports here on I didn't say anything. I used a freeway boasting, um for for its forever. You will not be well. If you want to upgrade it, you can, but you don't have to. And they used a free domain name for Do you really lost for a year? So if you are interested and you want to learn how to create three words, he you want to place websites and burn money with it. You are welcome to enroll to this course. And they thank you for enrolling and please believe positive feed book. Thank you. 2. getting free domain name and free hosting: hello again And this first chapter we're going to we're going to get the three remaining and a free hosting service. So so do what you do is to go to this website that I'm going to leave a link in. The resource is so that you can access it so easily. The first thing to do is to go to this box here and you put your domain name that you want . For example, I choose to to work in the fitness niche. So which was or wasn't a witness for us and they would cheek It's available. Ondas You can see they have I have four options. The truth from this one is chicken that so That's why it's not available. So what I'm going to truth is this one I will just get get it now on and check out. So once you are here, change the period from three months to 12 months, it's free And copy this link I mean just that the name off your domain eat and go to this website proof re host that come. This is the hosting company that it's giving you 100% free hosting with unlimited discs press off course. You have a website boiler when we will go to that later. And you have three sub domains. E would explain. Explain it later. So which we're going to do is lines idea and we would go into creates account. Once you are here, go to a custom domain. Learn. Must your domain name? Yeah. Once it's available, you can see here. Can't be this custom domain name soon copy and go to free. No. Used the n s. Use your own in s and trusted here. Go back to pro FiOS and get the 2nd 1 plus. Yeah. And canteen. Once you click, continue. It will get you to the speech with weapons. It says that I don't mean really registration for fitness for us. That's me in a costume. Nothing. Once you're you can sign a sign in with Facebook. Well, you can put the email address that you want to sign it. I'm going to sign with this in my others. Going to copy face. Really? Find my my others. You have to prove that you're not a robot. One student. That's really fine. It will send you an email. Others it says verification link sense to your email. Others? Yes, it is here. Once they click this link that you will give me this speech and they have to give them some informations. So, for example, I would give you you know, your name, company, your company, other street, the evil six zip code they will get, for example. But you have to put your really informations for me. I This is just for tutorial purposes, so I don't have to give them my real ones. Um going to choose muscle. It's more we're getting Hello. My dance past Would I have to go get a password? So okay. Angry. You have to give your own information's not fake ones because this is your you're domain Name comes. You will need it later. Completes order. True is the bus and e think are done? Yes. And now go to your client A My moments. Now you have an active know Many next step is to confirm You also host you too. So I'm going to really find this one. As you can see, it says the nips ever for are not six off. Okay, you just some Struble beautifully. And we go now All you have to do is to wait for like, two or three minutes and your silver will be created. Chicken descent. You, uh email? No, on here. So as I said, this this this domain name will be with you for 12 12 months for free. And the house in service is free forever. So we can wait a little. The refresh the page and it's there. But it's not working. It becomes we have to quoted sleep on it. This is your websites. The center is not working because we have to go with C panel and installed What price? So see you in the next lecture. 3. How To Install Wordpress: So we're going again to the second. Listen, when we're going to installed are what press So but we're going to do is to go to free the prophet horse dot com and this is domain name that were installed. Go to manage. It will take your true internal panel. This is your information. Your user name? Starriest main domain. Exceptional. But that's what we're going to do is to go to control jeweler direction Very direct you to control band, which we call C span. So school. This is important. You have to wait a little bit. Listen second, okay. As you can see, your plan is free. Hosting we have I don't know means sub domains my s cable that obvious And this is not important. What you have but you need to do now is to go to scroll down on you have this abstinence dollar Click on it. Two antique You too WordPress installation. And this is what we need. Now we have toe installed water press just myself weasel until it's reloaded. Because I have slow wide find that sweets only to slow. Yes, way you have also you're online flying monitor. This is if you want to change something in your WordPress files? Yeah. If you want to add the sub domain, this isn't your will. Okay, Studio, much more. Okay. See? So this is the top skits that we have. We have or press. We have a bunch of cards. We have PRESTA shop Exeter. But what we are going to install is WordPress. As you can see, what you have to do is install. Now, don't change. This is sticky P. But because it's not in any way, we will change to http. Yes, but nothing. This is your domain name that you choose. This is the directory deleted. This is your sit name. This is what we're going. It's going to show to people. So you have to change it to your domain. Name? 20. Some play with choose. Uh, on this is your description. This is very important for Google. So you have to choose a description that will will appear in global tracked. So, for example, I would say that Hey, miss is I am a poor example. Just anything for Oh, uh, you know, is what So anyway, puts a description, fitness description. This is easier. I mean, Here's a name that would put fitness What class? You know, First work. Okay. And it's better to changes up. Nicolas reports small profession and this is your language longer should, for example, For me it's English. I don't know for you if you have to trust other languages so installed I went for a minute . It says it 3 to 4 but it takes listening that Okay, so now we have our website installed successfully. You have to activities, Mrs From Pero Free House. It's important I forgot to see it. So it's accelerated now. Now your websites is activated. Let's see if it's its own lying yet? Yes, As you can see, this is your website. It's a free website. So this is it for installing your work. Want breasts Website? This is your admin area. Just after. Click on it on your tab and it will take you to your I mean I area Thank you for watching and they will see you the next lesson 4. How To Install A Free Theme: Welcome again to the third lesson. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to install a WordPress theme. So this is the best book because you can see. And if we go visit our website, this is a little websites. It's the default theme and it's empty bus. We're going to change this. So what I want you to do is to go toe appearances. Teens on this is the corn team that they are using actually basis, and this is not, actually so it's not. We are not using this one on this one we can use. We can use them. Just what? Activating that the But this is not the ones we want. So we go to a new go to this search years on for this list. As you can see this feature themes, there is a lot of free things. He's also popular laid system and federal. It's but what we are going to do, it's too Look for news car. This is the team we're going to use. This is the team amusing in on off my on their websites. It's free and it's very effective. You can click to preview as you consider city team. It's so beautiful, clean. It has stopped stories you feature story. Look also So I'm going toe installed. The team. Just wait thinking in store and we for some minutes one of many toe Your guess depends on your WiFi. Okay, so it's install TV's. Once you activated team, you will have this work on Mrs It says. Get stuffed with News Corp and you have here some loading their commendations. So what we're going to do is to begin in store. Lucky, this is really important. Or you have to do is to say, Look the plugging goto bolt action in store a place That's it. It's really easy. All installations have been completed. Go to the desperate and is it? No. One? Welcome. So your website, it's still empty and we're going to I feel some posts. But as you can see, the difference between this one the default one on the new one. Thank you for watching. See you next lesson 5. How To Install basic plugins: in this video, I'm going to show you how to install some plug ins, and they were stuffed with important one. The first, so to install a plucking well you have to do is to go to your left side. Bolivians of you first breaking recommended living toe installed you classic medication because and to see the difference between this classic editor on the default militar with Screw You the default. Uh, so this is a different insurgent. As you can see, it's not stylish, and it's more than I think that's what I'm going to instant classic A little Just wait looking in store and TV's now go toe posts I knew, and you will see the difference between the default one on the new one. So this this is the classic. Everything this is different, Do you consider is a big additions. She's more beautiful than this one. One such. So that's the first recommended plugging. The second planning that we're going to install is it's called Contact for plugging of the contact form is I mean just full. This one will be used to create a contact us for as you can see, it is five million active installation stowing and activates well at when you're driving. I need scold you trust U. S C or displaying is for April your WordPress search engine optimization. Just the stonings. Well, it's sticking more than the others. This is a very important plugging because it will help you Blunk drink in Google rank. And this is where we want you to use our meta description a lot of time. Okay? It's installed and activated on now are going to another one on it's called. So this one is used for the shaving purposes. This is the way that your visitors will share your blood with others in Facebook. Gmail account. Ah, interest Rita Exit statement loving. And it's activated off course. You will have Teoh go to the settings and start your students, for example, have for so more you have tow connect. It's a very simple Just follow the instructions and you would you will live. You're so Marco owns Same goes for used CEO. You have followed the wizard installations and connect you have a website with. So this is it for this lesson. They hope you enjoy 6. How To Delete the sample content: So after installing your thing, um, you go to your investable, they want you toe. Always pay attention to this part. This is, uh this is the way. What press? Giving you notifications. Important notifications for for example, this one. It says the father winner come in the blogging. It's goingto enactor. So what I want you to do is to begin excavating party If you remember we installed, displayed in. But we didn't activate it so that it's important to activated just by clicking actually, and the following slogan was activated successfully. So no officer activated blogging. I want you to go to the dashboard and look, That's guns here. You will find that we have won't post on one page. But we didn't post or creative pitch. We have to lead this true. So how did the elite it is very simple. All you have to do is Goto Post. You will find a hello world boasts selected action. Move the trash in the place. This way, you're you have moved to Detroit. So it's the living and if you want to, the latest permanently or you have to do is click on trash. Its electoral award. Police predominantly. Let's go. The same goes for beaches because we didn't skate. Create the speech. It's a default speech when you have to do. If you have a lot of pages, just select title. If you don't just go to trust and it's gone. I don't believe this privacy policy because it's it's a draft we'll have to modify, go to trust the least bit imminently. And now we have nothing. And if you go to your website, you have a clean 10 points. No pages, no posts. Thank you for watching. See you next time. 7. How To Create The home page about us contact us: Now we are going to create some pages for our states if we visit our website. And as you can see, it seems there is no pages. So the first thing we're going to do is to go toe pitches I knew. And the first speech is a womb beach on the way to hold the glint betterment link. OK, publish on you. 2nd 1 use I want to belong h and wait for the pair. Morning. This is the pair money publish you. I'm very we don't want How about, huh? The last one is contractors on Because we have our privacy policy. We will not have it. So on that Oh, now we see our pages hold us below. Contact us on page privacy policy. So this second the second step is to at a many to do it else adjustable for appearance many All right, you name it. Main Manu on it. Okay, create. So when we give you all and on on page contact block about us. And of course, we don't have that. You talked about that need now we will create a for every support. Yes. So it was, uh, forgets. I forgot to add privacy policy because it's a draft, we will edit it. As you can see, this is our privacy. Port Police so and publish. We will go to a penance many way going off that, uh, now we will have to put the home page is the first, then below I will ask the privacy policy and we would sit of the primary managed soon meant So after that we will go to sitting, reading, and we will sit our homepage displays as aesthetic speech. We will select home page and we would sit edicts. I will book full text save change Now we will go toe visit our website. And as you can see, this is our home page. I wouldn't block about US privacy policy. See you in the next lecture. 8. How To Customize the About us and contact us page: As you can see, these are our pages, our home page. Contact us block on about us. But let's start with the boathouse pitch if we give it it. And as you can see, it's empty and you love to add content. Truth. Because if someone is reading about us and hey found it empty so he will not fall. She will not trust our website. So the best way to do this is to go to this website. It's called evolution. It gives us a free template for our about Rush, Peter, about cancer patients. So to get started, we will use our company name Bigness. That's for me. And we're with yours. That war do you make of this menacing? Now we will have to wait, you know? So let's start. As you can see, we have a short division medium and the long version for this tutorial. I will use the shirts one. So who really here? Well, come to fitness for us. Your number one research off all you have to modify it for all formations. We are ditty dedicated to providing you the best off. For example, this are this is with the focus execute ex cetera on here we're country turned politician fitness into a foaming online look fully off. Do you the name of the fungal. So we copy and based its This is just one example You will, of course, morning fights on a photo. If you want some teachers, it's a view of the pitch. This is a small about us, so and if we go to contact us, you will find it's empty on. We don't want that. So this second step, he's to go to We have contact. Have me. If you remember, we had installed displaying. So now all you have to do to create here on the yes and see Copy this short code Well, two pages it it contact us with text. But here we go. Pop faces and refresh paints. Very, very. Is your name human? Others subject message. Thank you for watching. And we'll see you in the next election. 9. How To Create Blog posts: Hello again. And now I'm going to show you how toe boost your block. If you visit our website, there is no blonds yet so but I'm going to do is to show you how to post. All you have to do is to go toe posts in your sidebar. Not new on this is where we're going to post. So for example, I will post it's based. Wait for it Bilma link. Ok, I'm going to take It's a gummy fixed. It was an example posted here. Yeah, I'm going to use Ah, that is Ah Subtitle I was hating True and they will use picture. I have two pictures. Andi, where I got them is very important because you have to use three pictures. You don't don't use other people's pictures. I want to do that. Go to these websites Pics of me. It's a free website that can you therefore just put the title here, for example, fitness. And you have three photos big care for from copyrights. It's very important. So it's goto. Choose this one. Since this intra post, it's on truce. Full sites update Now I'm going to choose a category If you don't have got your body's just are you getting good for, Which is fitness I want you some time State nous workout your countries your own tax and select future Post picture in No one will want you. This is very important that you you issue CEO You have to pay attention to this one. For example Snip Snip Italy Bill Preview. You have to add a meta description. This is very important. So are the middle description. Don't do as a copy paste. I'm just showing your house The 2nd 1 East Aerial Ability Analytics analysis. You have to to pay attention to this one to make your your blawg readable. The next one is focused. Freeze. I will just This is example. It has to be green. So pay attention to this CEO is okay, but the readability needs improvement. Publish? No, thanks for you post. So this is our post, as you can see. Very simple. Very clean. No. Here we go. They were asked a new post just to make it so Anu Plenty to talk to. This is something being, uh, with him, you know? No picture publish. Now let's see his second post. Well, we have the best workout on This is the title of This is the title only title, As you can see, Block, this is the category. Health. Fitness. So this is it for this lecture. I hope you learned something. You Thank you for watching. 10. Installing Sumo Social Sharing: Hello again and welcome. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to sit up some for social share. So in the previous lecture, I showed you how to install the plug in. And now I'm going to show you how toe sit up into CNN's. So when you go to dashboard, you will find some more. So in orderto connect normal, just click connect. It will ask for your amen. And thus will so give it the first war. So I know. And here we go. So now go to the sport, you know, have a notification, my ups. So this is this is ah, it's just suits. Could I Mrs just turn it on the default Tony is good. That's just in one I'm using. It's published. Now go to dashboard. And what we're looking for is my UPS court. Your big star share oxi right now. Go to settings. This is the service is selected. Facebook, Twitter Movil plus and Pinterest. Okay, now se, it's visit our website and here we go. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. See you in the next