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WordPress E-Commerce - Build a 2 E-Commerce Stores

teacher avatar Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

80 Lessons (6h 27m)
    • 1. The Course Promo

    • 2. Connect with Me

    • 3. Siteground Special Offer

    • 4. E-Commerce Overview

    • 5. What We Shall be Building

    • 6. Setting Up WooCommerce

    • 7. WooCommerce Overview

    • 8. WooCommerce General Settings

    • 9. Product Settings

    • 10. WordPress Cropping

    • 11. Regeneating Thumbnails

    • 12. Tax Settings

    • 13. Shipping Settings

    • 14. The Products Section

    • 15. Product Types in WooCommerce

    • 16. Creating a Simple Product

    • 17. Creating a Grouped Product

    • 18. Creating Affiliate Products

    • 19. Creating a Variable Product

    • 20. UpSells and CrossSells

    • 21. Populating our Store with WooCommerce Sample Data

    • 22. The StoreFront Theme

    • 23. The Mystile Theme

    • 24. The Mystile Theme Part 2

    • 25. Creating Our Main Menu

    • 26. The WR Mega Menu

    • 27. WR Mega Menu 2

    • 28. WR Mega Menu 3

    • 29. WR Mega Menu 4

    • 30. Choosing a Premium Theme

    • 31. Creating Test Accounts on PayPal

    • 32. Making Test Payments via PayPal

    • 33. Using Stripe Payments

    • 34. Using Amazon Payments

    • 35. Managing Orders

    • 36. Managing Refunds

    • 37. Managing Coupons

    • 38. Managing Customer Accounts

    • 39. WooCommerce Widgets

    • 40. WooCommerce Products Per Page Plugin

    • 41. The Price Filter Widget

    • 42. Layered Nav Filter Widgets

    • 43. The Color Filters Plugin

    • 44. WooCommerce Product Widgets

    • 45. WooCommerce Shortcodes

    • 46. The Order Delivery Date Plugin

    • 47. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

    • 48. YITH Zoom Magnifier Plugin

    • 49. WooCommerce Menu Cart Plugin

    • 50. WooCommerce Extensions

    • 51. MaxMind GeoIP Database

    • 52. Site Wide Notices

    • 53. Digital Store Preview

    • 54. EDD Site Preview

    • 55. The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Plugin

    • 56. EDD Overview

    • 57. EDD General Settings

    • 58. EDD Email, Styles Settings

    • 59. EDD Tax Settings

    • 60. EDD Misc Settings

    • 61. How to Create a Simple Digital Product

    • 62. Creating a Variable Digital Product

    • 63. The Checkout Process

    • 64. The Downloads and Category Pages

    • 65. Customizing the Downloads Page

    • 66. PayPal Payment Gateway

    • 67. Testing the Payment Gateway

    • 68. The Buy Now Button

    • 69. Creating and Managing Customer Accounts

    • 70. Login Registration Pages

    • 71. Creating the Edit Profile Page

    • 72. Creating the Logout Page

    • 73. The Vendd Theme

    • 74. Customizing our Menu

    • 75. Hiding the Admin Bar

    • 76. Setting Up our Pages

    • 77. Setting up the Home Page

    • 78. Designing the Main Menu

    • 79. EDD Extensions

    • 80. Digital Store Review

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About This Class

According to an article on Forbes magazine, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass the trillion dollar mark by 2020. As more people are embracing e-commerce, businesses have taken to selling their services and products online as well. If you are such an individual or business looking to sell your products online via an e-commerce store and are looking to learn how to create such a store, then you have come to the right place. 

The course is divided into 2 main parts plus an introductory section where you will learn how to setup a sub domain of your existing website and how to incorporate SSL encryption to greatly enhance the security of your online store. 

PART 1 - WooCommerce Section

In the first part, we will build a store that sells clothes and music albums using one of the most powerful and popular e-commerce plugins known as WooCommerce. 

With WooCommerce, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Create simple, grouped, variable and affiliate products

  • Set up taxes

  • Configure shipping options

  • Set up payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe to accept payments

  • Managing orders and refunds

  • Managing coupons

Every online store requires a decent design, structure and efficient navigation system which is why you will learn about the different types of WordPress themes you could use to design your online store. 

You will also learn how to use an extremely powerful mega menu plugin 'WR MEGA MENU' to design and create beautiful menus to ensure that your customers can quickly and easily find the products they want to buy in your store.

We will cover a very important aspect of E-Commerce - the processing of payments and refunds. You will learn how to install and setup different payment systems in your store such as PayPal and Stripe payments. You will learn about 'sandbox' environments that would allow you to test the entire transaction process on your website without using any actual money. 

We will also cover how to manage orders, refunds, coupons and customer accounts as well.

One of the most advantageous features of WooCommerce is the ability to extend its functionality and design by numerous plugins available. We will round up part 1 by analyzing a few of these plugins and see how they can be used to improve the overall functionality of your e-commerce store. 

We will cover how to use the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce Price Filter Widget

  • Layered Nav Filtered Widget

  • Color Filters Plugin

  • WooCommerece Product Widgets

  • WooCommerce Shortcodes Plugin

  • Ordery Delivery Date Plugin

  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

  • and much much more

By the end of this section, you will have learned enough to be able to build and manage your very own WooCommerce store.

PART 2 - Virtual Store Section

If you are looking to build a virtual store that sells downloadable products like music files, images and e-books then you are going to love this section.

I will show you how to build the store using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. In this store, we will be selling digital products such as e-books, audio files and posters. Customers will be able to pick which products they want to buy, pay for the products and then be able to download the product once payment has been approved.

The EDD plugin is one of the very best plugins for building virtual stores and you will learn how to use it to its maximum abilities.

You will learn how to how to create bundled virtual products and how to manage downloads from your customers

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. The Course Promo: Hello and welcome to the course what person e commerce built to online stores. My name is Alex, and I'm going to be your instructor. Now, According to a recent article from Forbes magazine, the e commerce industry is set to become worth over a trillion dollars by the year 2020. There has never been a better time to learn how to build an online store and sold your products and services to customers from all over the world, and this course will show you exactly how to do so. Now this course is divided into three parts. In Part one, we shall build a store called the Cool Store that sells physical products such as clothes and record albums. You will learn how to build the store using one of the most powerful and most popular plug ins for economists known as Wu Commerz. I will walk you through how to set up rukum us on your website, and you will learn how to perform some very important tasks, such as creating different types of products, including variable products that have attributes like color and size. You will learn how to manage shipping options, coupons and how Jackson payments through payment gateways such as PayPal and stripe. You will also learn different types of extensions that will improve the overall functionality or fuel willkommen store. In Part two, we shall be building a digital store that sells only downloadable products such as images, order tracks and PdF books. We shall be doing so using that the easy digital downloads plugging that's considered by many to be the best plugging for building such a store. So if all this sounds good to you and you're ready to build your online store, signed up for the course today and I hope to see on the inside. 2. Connect with Me: thank you once again for enrolling in the course, and I wanted to use this opportunity to official introduce myself to you. Now, if you're watching this video and you notice that the bagman is different, I look a bit different from the rest of the course. Do not be alarmed. This is because this particular video is very, very new. It's a lot newer than the rest of the videos they're gonna watch in this course. So that's why things look different. But I wanted to make this video to introduce myself officially to you and also provide you with several were upset that you could learn more about me or get in contact with me. So I do have a YouTube channel. It's called the Web Monkey, and there it is right there. So if you're interested in learning more about what press and letting extra tips and things like that, I do have a channel for that. You can subscribe. Hit the bell so that you notify whenever I upload new tutorials. I applaud Eli's once every week. Try to so if interested, I do have YouTube channel for you. I am also on Facebook. I do have a page on Facebook about Bunky on line again, just like YouTube by post tips and things like that. So if you're interested, you could like the page on Facebook and follow me right there. I also I'm also on LinkedIn. So if you're each connecting with me on a professional level, I'm on LinkedIn. Alexander only that's me. Simply send me a message saying that you're a student of mine and then police tell me the course you enrolled in, but also the platform you're in accordance Whether you're involved in my course on your enemy on skill chair or non profit platform. Do let me know I'll be more than happy to accept your invitation to connect. And speaking of my own personal platform, it's called Bad Monkey Academy calm. I do have similar courses in there, but you would find also on skill share or you to me. The only difference is that on Lemack Academy, you're not only my student but also my customer. So students here to get a bit more for special treatment from May, plus the courses you'll find inherited to have more content than what you would find on you , Timmy or on sculpture, so it's entirely up to you. But if interested, be sure to check out my own personal platform. I also have a blawg monkey. Orlando. Come where again? I write articles and articles on topics like What process? Your security plug ins, themes, things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check out the Blawg. I also do have a newsletter to get here. All you need to do is to simply click on Animal of the blogged articles, and then at the bottom you will find you can subscribe to my newsletter. I send out newsletters for more tin, my new courses providing with tips and things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check it out. And then finally, I do have my own personal upside. Alexander only dot com. So if you're interested in any more about me, how I became a course create or things like that website is there for you. So that's it. Thank you so much again. All of this is entirely up to you. You don't have to do it. But if you're interested, these are the websites where you could follow me or get in contact with me so that I think if watching now, let's get on with the actual course itself. 3. Siteground Special Offer: Well, hello and welcome to this very special video. If you're watching this video, that means that you are a pain student of mine. Evil on the monkey academy platform. Are you Timmy on skill share? Wherever this video is exclusive to students like you. Now, if you've never heard of site ground In my humble opinion, they are the best web hosting company in the world Now. I've been working inside ground for many years now. I'm in. I mean, by working. I mean, I've been hosting with them, and I'm also and I feel it for them as well. Now I've been able to get them to provide you with a very special deal. If you're interested, side ground will provide you with one free month off hosting. This will give you the opportunity to check out the platform, check out their hosting services and build as many upsets as you want without paying a single dime. Now I'm gonna provide you with a very special link. When you click on that link, it will take you to this page and you can see it right there. It's a special offer for the monkey students. That's the logo off my share of my brand. So this is special for you. One month free hosting. You don't have to pay a single dime. All you have to do is just simply click on the sign up. Now, button. Okay. And then this will take it to a very special Pedro. You add your email, your password filling your information and then in here can see hosting price is zero. You don't even have to provide your credit card details. Nothing. Now, period. Here is one month now. The data center in here is quite important. Make sure you choose the date is, and that's closest to your physical location. So, for example, if your summer in Asia like, let's say, India, you want to go with Singapore, even you. Up you go with either European or UK in South America, North America, you want to go with the United States. So that's very important. Because when you choose a Dennison that's closest to your physical location, your websites would load faster. Now, if you decide to go along with this and sign up for the free one month with side ground, I have made a very special video for you on video. This video will introduce you to the backhand off site ground. I will show you exactly how you can create websites and stole what prayers creates sub domains at SSL. Things like that. Everything that you need to get comfortable working with the back end offside ground Provided you with all the details. Now why side ground? Like I said, I have been hosted with them for many, many years now and I've never had off course to cancel and go elsewhere. I can stick my interpretation on these guys. These gays are amazing even votes a very extensive article of my blawg. Why said God is the best reporting company in the world and it's very, very extensive. I included are facts and figures from polls on Facebook, different kinds of information and I basically let it out here. Why side ground is the best, So don't take my word for it. Read my article. You can even go online. Deal research side ground always pops up whenever people talk about the best Web hosting companies in the world. So, once again, this is a very special exclusive deal for you. You can check out Saigon for free for one whole month. I'm gonna provide you with this very special link you will send up. And then I'm also gonna provide you with the link to the Vineyard video Exclusive to you. There are introduce you to the backhand. Just about everything that you need to get comfortable are walking with site gun. So that's it. If you have any questions about this, of course, be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching. And of course, be sure to check out the free video on video. And, of course, get your one month free hosting with side ground. 4. E-Commerce Overview: all right. So before we begin building our online store, I think it's important that we have a quick overview off e commerce in general. I am over here on the website called Jack Thread Stock Calm, and you may or may not be familiar with this side, but this is where I tend to buy most of my clothes. I do enjoy buying from them because they give you the option off trying out your clothes reef, actually painful them and have been very happy with the clothes and shoes off gotten from them over the last few years. Now, whether it's a clothing store or a store that sells for the physical products like electron , ICS, computers, toys, food, you name it, or even if it's an online store that sells digital products like software, there is a standard to all these online stores. There is a standard process for the entire transaction from the potential client picking out a product and then paying for that product. That is pretty much a standard that you're gonna have on every one of this online stores. In the case of Jack Threads and your own online store, you would want to make your products and services as easy to find as possible. Now, if it's a clothing stall like Jack Foods in particular on the clothing they have their categories. They have out outerwear. They have shirts, tees, pants, denim and so on and so forth. So this is all of the ways how they make it very easy for the potential clients and customers to find what it is that they're looking for. They have clothing, they have shoes and then under shoes. They have sub categories as well. They've got boots and sneakers and shoes. They've got new arrivals and and have also good accessories. And then again, on the accessories they have watches, bags, hats. So you can, in an instance, find what it is that you're looking for. I as an example. Let's say I mean you, uh, client, a new potential client customer. I come in here, I want to buy a shirt. I can come on the clothing and I see shirts Instantly I click on shirts and then over here they do have a process off Children to find exactly that kind of show Did you looking for? They have the size they have the lifestyle, which this is kind of unique, I think, to Jack Threads on other online stores that I know if I don't really know of any other only stores that offers this sort of subcategory on the lifestyle. But anyway, I may be wrong. I don't really buy includes that much on lines in a way, so. But anyway, they've got size lifestyle. They have sleeve length. They have style brand, so you have the option of even for the narrowing down your search. So in distances, let me just see. I'm looking for something casual. So I click on Casual and I come down here. I start saying all the shows they have under the casual subcategory, and in this instance, I could say, OK, you know what I like. The Bradley should, for example, and then on the Bradley, they have the size extra small, two extra extra large. This is another kind of option that you want to make easily accessible for your customers. You want them to be able to choose the size off the clothes that I want to buy, or in other instances, if you're selling our computers, for example, you would want to list out the departs off the computer Hamilton Ram. It has once they hard disk space, the process of speed and so on and so forth. You want to build to add the descriptions to your put it as well. So in this case, I'm gonna peaks small size because I am a small man. So Ah, big, small. And in this instance, it. Since this is jack threads, you have the option of trade off for free on other online stores. You would find a button that would say, add to caught most of the time so I could click Try it for free. And over here now you have the option of trusted into try out or on other omens. Does it to be the option to proceed to check out check out is often the stage where you want to pay for the product that you're looking for. But in this case right now, you want to be able to have your clients be able to take a look at their card where they currently have in the shopping cart, or to continue shopping so I could press the excellent and close this window and then continue shopping and keep on adding to my cart. Notice that over here to the white, where they have the cut button do it. There's already a figure number worn in it, indicating that I've already added an item to my shopping cart. So let's say I wanted to peek shoes. Now I could come down back to shoes. Let's go with boots and I'm looking for size of seven because I've got some more feet and I could just big the Charles cap toe. This is actually pretty nice looking the boot. I might actually buy this right after I finish recording this video anyway. Anyway, over here you have to put up details with material so material care origin you want to build to add as much description as possible to your products to further entice your clients into buying them. Clans typically want to know what customers typically want to know What, what it is that painful Exactly. So let's just say I'm impressed. I'm gonna click on trout for free. Please select size. In this case, I'm gonna go with a site seven and then, of course, quantity. Another very important. The aspect of shopping you want to make it easy for your customers built to choose the R Mont that they're looking to buy so I could click trout for free. And then, of course, my shopping cart has now been operated with two items. So in this instance, I could quick on push it to try out. Now over here, this is a very important stage, and this is where the business, hopefully your store has the option of being able to capture the email address off your clients. Now there isn't why this is highly recommended, even though it's not compulsory. It's hell ever committed because you want to be able Teoh, communicate with your past customers in the future. I am no marketing expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have read and countless articles and have walked with market as in the past. And they always say that Ah, returning customers are often It's easy to sell new products to your past customers, then new the new customers. So you want to be able to be in a position where you capture your customers email address, and then the next time you have produced a new product that sort of matches or you feel your past customer will be interested in You can easily send them an email saying, Hey, ah, we know that you bought this shirt a while ago from our stop. Well, check out this new shadow we've now gotten. We feel that you might like the show. You want to be able to communicate with your past customers, and it is highly recommended that you are able to capture the email addresses. So in this case right now, since I am not a new customer table gonna click on returning customer and let me just sign and quickly with my Gmail address and put in my password. Okay. All right. So in this case, since a closing stole ships out sales physical products, you want to be able to also ship out the products and you want them to be able to select the canned off shipping options that you've got you have friendship in. You would also have an upgraded from of shipping would be more expensive, but then they put it, Will the life faster. So you want to be able to offer these kind of options to your clients as well you also want them to be able to add their shipping address and off course they're billing information. As you can see, this is my critical information that's been stored in the database and this process. Right now, you also want to be able to secure the credit card or debit card information off your clients. And, of course, if you look up here, this is https, which means that this particular page is secure. This is exactly what you want to be able to do for your clients you want to be able to protect. They're critical information and prevented information from getting into the hands off hackers. End would be cybercriminals. This typically would be the very last stage I don't want to click submit to try out, so I'm going to do that. But typically, another own started to be something like check out or pay now and so on and so forth. So you click that button and then are. What happens is your payment processor, which you're going to have to get the world process. The credit card, adept of the delicate details off your client, and then once they have approved the payment, you can then send an email or a we seat to your clients saying, Hey, you know, we've gotten your payment. Ah, we're gonna be shooting your production soon as possible and so on and so forth. And that's pretty much the that the process off, basically, having a customer corn teal stole and then selecting new product and then pain for that product. If it's a physical product, you will typically want to be able to offer our money back guarantees. Ah, an instance where your clients can ship back the products of a Baltin exchange for something else just flat out for a refund. So you would also want to be in a position where you can track all the products that have shipped the current status and so on and so forth. So these are the things that were going to treat in this course. We're going to build an online store, and we're gonna have all these options from the shipping options to the size to the color and so on and so forth. We're going to do all these stuff and hopefully by the end of this particular section you would have the tools and skills necessary to build out your online store. So that's our economists. A quick overview of e commerce in general. Thank you for watching. And of course, I will see you in the next class. 5. What We Shall be Building: Well, hello and welcome to the very forced to store that you and I are going to be building. And this store is called the Cool Store where we sell cool stuff and we sell primarily T shirts, hoodies and albums and singles as well. So you're gonna learn how to create these different kinds of products using the most popular and the most powerful e commerce plugging out there called Wu commas. You're gonna learn about welcome us in all of its glory. You're gonna learn about shipping. You're gonna let about taxes. Are you gonna learn how to create different kinds Off products such as simple products are variable products of Philip products and so on and so forth. They're gonna learn how to create attributes so that you put it and have different colors like blue and green, different sizes like large, small and so on and so forth. You're gonna learn about the check out process is well, you're gonna learn how you can charge. Clients are based on the shipping location. You're going to learn about the different payment gateways like PayPal and stripe. You're gonna learn about how you can manage reforms, coupons and so on and so forth. You're also going to learn how to create mega menus so that your clients and customers can easily find one of these. Did they look in fort? You're also going to learn about different kinds of extensions that can enhance the functionality of your store such as the zooming magnifier plug in. So if all this sounds good to you and you excited you ready to go German? The very next class rebel start creating are cool store. I will see you then. 6. Setting Up WooCommerce: All right, so that's install wall commerce on ah website. I'm gonna jump down here to the back end, come down to plug ins, click add new and in the search box. I'm just going to type in who commerce and her. And let's see what we have. We don't see broken with anyway. So what I'm gonna do is to remove the space between bull and commerce. I think that that might solve the issue. There we go there. We have welcomes by with themes. So I'm just going to install now and will activate the plug in. All right. So immediately you activated plugging. You will find this page where you can set up Vocal was right away. So let's go ahead and begin the set up. I'm gonna click on Let's go. All right, So you're Stone is a few essential pages and basically welcome us would create this pages for you automatically. We have a page for the shop which will display our products. We're gonna have the court where customers can I take a look at the products that they've selected to buy and of course, the check out page where they can pay for the productive, selected and, of course, our their account, my account page, where they can ah view their past orders and present orders. So I'm gonna click and continue so that who comes can create these pages for us and now the store. Locate the store set up. Where is your store located? I'm just gonna leave mine in Alabama. And which currency will you still use? Ah, mine is going to be dollars, so I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Ah, well, you should be used for put up weights. I'm going to leave it pounds. And, um, which unit should be used for product dimensions? You have injures meters intimate is and so on and so forth. I'm just gonna leave mine on inches. But feel free to change these options to whatever suits your particular store clinically can continue. And our shipping in tax Ah, really, Bushman products. In our case, since it's going to be a clothing stole, we will be shipping physical goods to the customers. So, yes, As for sales tax, we're not changing. Still stacks because, you know, we have good people, so just get in. I'm not changing. Still stacks I'm just gonna click and continue now for payments. We are going to skip this step for now. We will talk about this much later, so I'm gonna click on Skip this step and finally it say's your store is ready. And you can also choose to allow A with things to collect. Nonsense. They've diagnostic data and usage information. If you want. I'm just gonna click on. Well, thanks. And, um, we pretty much have ah installed Woo Commerz on a website. So I'm just click create your first product. And Ah, well, that pretty much brings us to this page where we can begin, create in are put accents on and so forth. We'll take a look at this much later, but we've successfully installed ah well commerce on our website. You should find the will. Calmus tab right over here will come out So we'll talk about these settings in the next video. Thanks for watching. I will see you then. 7. WooCommerce Overview: now that we've installed will come us. It's time to take a closer look at what we can do with this awesome plug in down here in the back and you will find the will come a stab and I knew hover over that. You will see all these additional sub tabs opening up are the very 1st 1 is orders, and if I click on that, this is basically where you can view all the orders that have been made on your store. We have coupons, and this is what you can add coupons so that your potential clients or customers can use them. Ah, when you click on, add a new coupon, you'll find this page, or you can add the code. Add a description for the coupon. You can offer a discount type, so you either have a car to discount or a product discount. So as an example, you could offer discounts full. Let's say shirts, whatever. Should they you by or you can offer a discount on the entire on the entire court that the customer is trying to by saying 20% off everything that you want a poor chase on your shopping cart and so on and so forth. You could offer different kinds off our discounts. You have to keep in amounts you can allow for shipping. You have to keep on experiment day to you have you stayed restriction usage limits as well , and so on and so forth. We will be building and creating coupons later on in the course, so we will visit this page again. Are you have reports where you can keep track of how much you've made, How much, if sold, your course sales, your net sales or this place that we funded orders? How much of chance for shipping how much has been spent with coupons? You can do that by a specific time period with the last seven days that small last month. By a year you have sales by product, sales by category, coupons by date, and you can export all this information as well to your excel. If you wanted to. You have your customers as well. They can keep track of new centers that you've made off a period of time. We have customer sales. We have guests, seals as well, at the difference here being customers, customer sales would be those who have already provided and a count who have an account with you guessed sales will be customers who prefer not to sign up by providing email address so that will be on the guest sales. We have stalkers. Well, they can keep track off your products that are low in stock, those that are out of stock of those that are most stocked. So reports is probably one of the more important taps, which you're gonna be walking with throughout the division off your online store. Now we do have settings, and we are gonna talk about all these tabs in the next few videos because there's extremely important. So I will skip sentence for now on the system status. The information you would typically find under your system status would be very useful in terms off troubleshooting, because this bit provides you information about your your Web server, your website and about the Paktika work, almost plugging that you're using. Azan Example. We have the what preservation here, which is 4.6 point one What president will admit 716 megabytes. We have the server environment for a reason and Apache server. We have the pitch version My school version. Basically, if you're having issues with with commerce and you wanted to contact their support them of their technical team, they may ask you for setting cans of information. And this is typically where you would find that sort of information. We also have the databases well, and down here, you might find this error message that says Max mind GeoEye p database does not exist. Basically, the G oh, I P database is basically used to Julich eight customers. So you can finally, where customers are making the orders from, we will take a look at how we can solve this particular issue in a much later class because we don't need this for now. So just just ignore that. And down here, of course, you set ins. Ah, taxonomy is theme. And some other information down here on the extensions is where has it told you earlier? You can install adults too. You're welcome. Us plugged in to make it even more powerful. Animal functionality. And we have the featured are plug ins over here for subscriptions for bookends, memberships and so on and so forth. If you come all the way down here to free. This is where we can install additional add ons that a free from strive to Amazon payments to pay, pal and so on and so forth. So we will be installing a few of these Adams as we progress in the course. So that's it for the general overview. Off the welcome us, Blufgan. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next class. 8. WooCommerce General Settings: All right, So the people's video we talked about the orders, coupons, reports, System Staters, extensions. Now we're going to jump into the Wu comma sentence prop are so clicking on this tabloid, have been close to the general options. Well, we can set our base location. We can change it from Alabama to Gundha. You know, wherever your story is based, are selling locations. We can indicate where their waste into all countries or itself the specific countries. Same goes with shipping as well. You can choose to ship to seven countries or just shipped all countries. The before customer location of Buchman's by default would use Jill locate. Or you can simply disable that are simply used the shop based address if you want to use that, instead enabling taxes. If I clicked on a noble Texas and text calculations and I click save changes over here, we have the tax stab all created for so little. Talk about this later on. Let's just jump back to General Tab now. Over here for the storm it is. You can choose to enable a site wide stone noticed checked. So in an instance, where you are offering, let's say, 20% on all products on your store. You can enable this and then simply send out a message saying Hey, you know, But offering this this discount uses Cuban to get this discount and the gallus of the page where your customer is, he or she would see it. That's what the are still noticed. Doors. However, keep in mind that there are other plug ins that can dupe a slightly better job. Then what will commence provides? We will get into that later on. Down here we have the currency options. You can choose your currency and trust me. Welcome. This has everything every possible currency can think off. They've got Turkish leva. Ah, salt women Principe Deborah £7 I mean, it's ridiculous. Swedish krona Ah, Qatari riyal! And and so on and so forth. He can pretty much find any currency looking for over here. And then, of course, you can customize how your courses displayed, whether it's displayed on the left, off the numbers or to the right, and then you can choose theseventies total number of decimals and so on and so forth limits click on save changes. Now I am going to skip products tax, ship it and check out because these are for major options on their own. So we will talk about these as we progress. So from general, I'm just gonna jump down to accounts. So let's take a little we have on accounts and the my account page. Remember that when we installed will commas and we set it up. Welcome are automatically created this page for so we don't have to change it. My account should be the my account page. Enable registration. Remember that. I said, whenever your first time customers are checking out, you want to look for a way how you can get their email addresses, so you certainly can keep in touch with them. This is where this comes into play. You want to enable registration on the check out page and then down here for the log in, you can display a returning custom elaborate mind. I want to check out Page. Let me show you what I'm talking about over here on the jack threads clips that I have our pretended to be a first time customer. I haven't signed in science like of the issue it. And now I'm gonna click on procedure. Tryout. Now down here, Jack. Threats A Zeya, your new Cosmo. Please provide you email address. This is where they're gonna capture my email address since I'm a first timer. However, because I am not the first time I can click on returning customer. And then over here I can provide my email address and password and log in. That is exactly what we asked is not over here. Now, for the account creation you can allow, walk almost automatically generate a user name from the email address that your costume provides you. And then you can also have woo commas automatically generate a cost. A password as well. Slumbers do that. Set up both down here. My account in points. You don't need to mess with these. These are simply appended to the U. R l off each page. You don't need to make any changes here. These are all set up correctly nicely. Someone's gonna click on save changes. Let's jump down to e mails. Now, over here, you can customize the kind of emails that are sent to your customers when they make orders or they cancel orders and you can even customize the kind of image that will be sent to you . You the proprietor of your store by commas. When something happens on your store as an example in new order, let's say a customer has made in new order on your website. If you want to customize how this is sent, you can click on the gear button over here to configure. And now over here, you can either choose to enable this notification or not, but I am pretty sure you would want to enable this live. This enabled because you want to be notified when someone has made an order on your store. This would be the email address where the notification will be sent to. And of course, the subject will be your site title. New customer order. Well, im just on do that. All right, Side tassel, New custom order order number And we also have the order date. I believe we have the order. Date as well at Gmail headed will be new customer order. You can change the email type from HTML to plain text. And of course, if you are into what press, customization and development and you are PHP savvy, you can actually choose to over hide how these template actually works. You can simply click on a few template down here. And this is the code that controls how this particularly Melis sent. And of course, you can customize all the court they have over here to suit your specific needs. We will go into this much let end of the course. But of course, the very first time in tow. What press or you know, tech savvy. Please, Please, no. Make any changes to this template. Just leave them as they are. Save changes. Let's go back. Let's take a look at one off. The emails will be sent you our customers over here, we have completed order. So let me click on the gear. But this would be the email that will be sent to a customer when he or she has completed in order. And of course, this will be the subject. Your site title order from all the date is complete. Are your order is complete? Now, over here we have subject email heading, but then we also have subject email head in and in the because we have downloadable. The difference between these two piers is with Wu Cuomo's. You can either sell physical products like clothes Julie computers, you know. Or you can sell virtual products like audiophiles, videophiles, pdf's and books. You know, things like that. The latter kind of products, which would be the virtual products, are downloadable. So an instance where you're selling such products, you would want to include your subject and your email. Aidan over here, not the first pair retreat for the physical products. However, if you hover over the question mark, it say's it defaults to your site. It'll order from ordered it is complete. Download your file so this basically would be the subject that would be in your in the email sent to your customers when they've made an order on your website. There isn't really any need to change any of this unless, of course, there is something very specific that you like to indicate in your subject or in your email heading as well. And, of course, the email tap. You can change that from your plain text to HTML and so on and so forth. It's safe. That and let's jump back down to the email. Step again. Now, down here we have the emails and the options you can change the from Limoges changes were now to the cool, not cool star Cool online store. The email address is fine. Now. Over here, you can customize the emails sent to your customers where if you click here to be your email template, this is how it's going to look like so we can customize this. We can change the E call off the text. The base called the Burger and Cola. Let me just change it for the text as well, too. Cooling stole. Just paste it over here. Save changes. Ah, little preview that but so cool online store part but will comment. That's fine. So you can customize the emails sent to your clients over here by again changing the text or changing the color and so on and so forth. Last magnolias we have Mr A. P I. And we are not going to take a look at this because what this covers basically is the extension. If your transfer extend the capabilities and the functionalities of Fukuyama's, this is where you're going to jump into end. This is way, way beyond the scope of this course, so and is going to quietly exit from this tab and jump back to general. So that's been it for the general accounts. Emails, tabs, adjournment in the next class, where we will start talking about the products tab. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you then. 9. Product Settings: All right, So let's take a look at the Products tab, which is one of the major tabs that we have under the general settings in Will Commas. Now, over here, the general settings on the product stop. But we have measurements so you can choose the weight unit from pounds two kilograms, two grams. We have the dimensions unit from inches to centimeters millimeters inches yards. What have you now on the reviews by default Anibal Retton's? When reviews have been ticked, Britons are required to leave a review and then, of course, show very fight on the label for customer reviews. These three have been ticked by default and the pretty self explanatory you can enable ratings on reviews ratings that that weightings are quite delivery of you. Basically, what this means is that you're not going to allow people just to leave a waiting. Let's, let's say, for example, four stars out of 55 stars. Out of five, they would have to write a review that goes along with their waiting. Explain why they actually shows the waiting that they chose show verified on a label for customer reviews. This really should go hand in hand with aligned on Ley reviews film very fight owners and verified owners simply means that before someone can leave a review, they actually I need to have bought the product. And what happens here is the client, or the customer would have signed in hold quitting account by the product, and then he or she can leave the review for the product. And I think Amazon does that something very similar like this. So I'm just click save changes. Let's go down to display Now the shop page by default has been said to shop. And of course, you can change this or you would have to do is to create a new page and thence like that page over here in the drop down the shop page displayed on What exactly do you want to show on your shop page on a show? The products, Or do you wanna show the categories or doing a short categories and products? Also here for the default category display? What do you would you like to? What would you like your customers to see when they click on a category politics page? Do you want to see the product so you want to say the sub categories. Orders up categories and products. Let me bring over here my favorite site. Once again, Jack threads, and over here you can see they don't actually even have a shop page. They do have major categories, like clothing, shoes and then, of course, accessories. And then under these major categories, they have sub categories, like underclothing. We have outerwear, shirts, tees, pants so you can click on shirts as an example and then on the shirts. We now have the shows that the assailant, so we could do something very similar like this. So rather than having a shop page, a singular shop picture shows all your products. You can have your major categories of products, have their own menu items and then create the sub categories for each major category off a shopping item. And that's what we're going to do for our online store. Let me move that. Let's calm down here to the default put sorting. How would you like to sort out your products? Do you want to do that by custom ordering or by the popularity in sales, the average rating and so on and so forth odd to cut ah, behavior. Now the very first option here gives you the option of redirect into the carpet after a successful addition. So what happens here is if you chose this option. What happens is as soon as a customer or client has chosen a pull to add to the court, they will be redirected to that page automatically. And I don't think you want that. You want your clients, your customers to shop for as many products as they can before they themselves choose to go to the R card picks themselves. So I am going to uncheck this Enable Ajax add to cut buttons on archives? Well, this is basically means that you can allow users or clients to add products as they wells through your website product images. Over here we have the defaults for the catalogue images, which is 300 pixels by 300 pixels. It's been said to a hard crop. That's something for the single put image. And put a Tom Nel's Now. If you want to change the dimensions, say, for example, from 300 to 300 100 by 300 to, let's say, 200 by 200 what would happen here is this. Once you change the dimensions and click save changes if you off already, if you've already uploaded those images to your media library, you would need to do something called regenerating thumbnails regional. Every generating a thumbnail simply means that you're telling the world press to recreate eight new sizes off. All the images that you have in your media library and such a new size would be the new dimension that you've added over here, the new dimension that you've changed so you can check the very next class. I will add a very short video explaining to you how to generate thumbnails and also the difference between a heart crop and a soft crop. You can check out the very next video for more explanation about that Over here for the Public Image Gallery, you can enable lightbox for product images that are when you when a client clicks on a product, it will pop out in from of the late books. I think that's pretty cool. So I'm going to leave that as it is. Let's jump down to the in Venturi. What do we have yet? Would you like to manage stock? Absolutely. So I'm going to live this box ticked. Now hold stock. Hear what the supplements is that if a customer decides to add a portal to the ah caught, they would have a set number of minutes. In this case, 60 minutes wonderful are to pay for that product before it's taken off the court. So you can change the value over here. Or you can simply disabled by just making this particular box blank. Now, notifications would elect me notified when you have low stock away out of stock. Absolutely. I don't see any reason why you would not want to be notified when you wouldn't low on your stock when you out of stock. And of course, this is the email address. That would be bad enough. Notifications will be sent to you now. Low stocked fresh Aled. What value would you like to add? L'd indicate when a particular product is running out of stock. The D 40 is too. But I think I'm gonna put that to five out of stock threshold. Naturally, he's been set to zero because that's literally what it means You out of stock when you put a number is zero. So you can. You can change this if you want it to you. But I'm just gonna leave this zero. I don't stuck visibility. Would you like to? You still show items to customers that actually out of stock. I think it's often a good idea. This way you can actually entice them to come back and check your site later, Just in case that product has been headed back. So I will take this box. And of course, finally we have the stock display format. How would you like to display your stock? Always showed a stock like, for example, too often stock. All you can say, Well, we only have two left in stock, or you could just never decide to show the stock amount. So I'm just gonna choose this for now. Never show stock amount of this. My changes, your progress. Safe changes. Finally, over here we have done the downloadable products, but since we're not since we're selling physical products were not selling downloadable products. I'm not going to spend any time talking about this, but it's pretty self expenditure on its own, so I will just ignore the step for now. So that's it for the products tab. Join me in the next class where we will talk about the head cop and soft equipment off. Also, how you can regenerate our your thermals. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you then. 10. WordPress Cropping: all right, so let's very quickly talk about the difference between a hard cope and a soft crop by default over here on your product images, the Heart Corp has been set automatically, and the difference between a Hard Corp and a Soft Corp a sort cup, of course, would be a few on checked the box right here you are looking for a soft crop, so the difference between a hot cup and a soft Corp is basically I'm going to use this particular website right here to explain to you imagine, we had two images, the one over here with the yellow background and the one here with a blue background. Let's imagine that the yellow bag on had a size off. Let's say this is 400 pixels by 200 pixels and the image of the blue bag under the portrait style as a height of, let's say, 600 pixels and with off 200 pixels, if you set a heart cope and dimensions in dimensions to be ah, 100 pixels by 100 pixels, a hat crop would always, as you can see, will always cut off any part off the image that is too big for the new dimensions that you specified. It just gives right now what he did. The author of this blawg, what he did here was that he said, a new image size to be 200 pixels by 200 pixels. And, of course, the orginal sizes. Why a little bit bigger? So with a hardcore pay hot couple cut off any part of the image that's too big for the new dimensions and is against the right Now, part of the image has been caught off. We can no longer see the full, smaller circles in both images. This is what a hot club I would do for you. A hot couple always match the exact dimensions that you've specified with a soft up. On the other hand, a soft crop is different Over here. We have the images again. You can see them with a soft Corp. A soft crop will not caught off any part off the image at all. Rather, it will do its best to match the new dimensions that you specified without cutting off any part of the image. So let's say, for example, in the case of this particular image right now, that is, uh, 10 24 pixels wide and six pixels tall. If you set your new dimensions to be 800 pixels by 800 pixels, Obviously there is no way how want Chris can automatically crop these exact same image, right? A. To match your exact dimensions, which is 800 pixels by 800 pixels. Because the always know size is not that off a rectangle, the decides not equal. So with a soft Kobe software will do its best to match the new dimensions that you've said so rather than it bean exactly 800 pixels by 800 pixels. You could have something like, let's say, 940 pixels by 790 pixels or something like that. So they're soft carpets off couple not caught off any part off the image. Rather, it will produced the dimensions that closely the closest match the new dimensions that you specified without losing any part over the image. Now, the downside off a soft crop is that my new upload images off different sizes and you want those images to appear on. Your shopping page is an example. You're not gonna have images with the same sciences. So that's going to Kuwait. Some inconsistency in terms of the design off that particular shop page. And this is why, by default, what press has the heart club set this way, even though you might lose part of the image, at least all your images are gonna going to be off the same size, and you would have consistency and the design off your shopping page. And, of course, as a tip, it would make sense to try as much as possible to upload images that are fairly off the same dimensions this way to make it even easier for what press to properly crop your images . So that's the difference between a hardcore on A Soft Corp. I will attach the link to this particular page and resources links so you can check the check it out for more information. Thank you for watching German. Let's go. Israel will show you have to regenerate thumbnails 11. Regeneating Thumbnails: What exactly does it mean to regenerate thumbnails? Now, over here in your media settings on those settings, we have three sizes. We have a thumbnail size in medium size and a large size. Whenever you upload a new image to your media library, Ward Press would automatically create three separate sizes off that particular image. We would have the thumbnail size, the medium size and then the large size. So now you have four sizes off the very possibility of just of the very image whether that you've just uploaded to meet Jimmy Library. In addition to these three sizes, don't forget you're going to have the original size as well. Now a new install will commas and you activate woke Hamas. Welcome US also has its own separate set off sizes. The 600 by 600 the 1 80 by 1 83 103 100 We already have it in here by default for what press. So when you install will come out and you activate you now are going to end up have in our six sizes off every image that you upload your media library. Like I said again, in addition to the three says is you have here, you're going to have two more sizes, which would be the single public image 606 100. And, of course, the product thumbnail 1 80 by 1 80 So that's five. And, of course, the original size off the image. That's what happens whenever you upload images to your media library in this particular scenario. Now here's a thin dope If, after we've already uploaded images to Media Library End, I came down here and said, You know what? I want to change the single product image from 600 by 600 to, let's say for 50 by 4 50 when you save your changes and you now have a new dimension. That dimension is not going to take an effect on the images that is already in the past uploaded to your media library. So in order for those images to now have a size that matches the new dimension that you just created, you would have to do something called regenerating thumb Nils. And that's where this particular plugging comes into play. The plug in is by Alex Mills, and it is a very, very good plug in for which 100 terminals, as you can see, over a 1,000,000 plus active installs. So if in your one online store after you've already uploaded images and you wanted to change the dimensions, you can simply come down here, install this plug in, and then let's actually even go ahead and do that. I just install it so I can show you how to walk with it. All right, self install of activated. Now, what you do is you come to tools and then you'll see region thumbnails. You click over there. And now over here, all you'd have to do is to simply click on regenerate all thumbnails. And this plug in will create the new dimension sizes for your images by simply regenerating the thump meals. So that's basically thumbnails and regional it in thumbnails and not shell. If you have any questions, of course. Always feel free to ask me Thank you, fortune. And of course I will see you in the next class. Bye. 12. Tax Settings: all right, so let's talk about the text options that we have on the Who Comas. Over here. The very first option we have is to either enter prices for products inclusive off the tax or exclusive off the tax. So by default, the option No, I will enterprises exclusive of taxes chosen. You can change that. We also have calculate tax based on the customer's shipping. Address the customers billing address or simply use your own show based address for your tax purposes. And you can also attach a text class to your shipping. And there are three major classes here by default, which welcome us, provides us standard with just wait civil rate. All you can just cockle actual tax based on the items that you have. I think that makes the most sense. In my opinion, something's gonna lift. That, as it is, are rounding down tax that subtitle level. If you want to additional text classes, we'll talk about this in just a second. Over here we have the option off this plane. When this plane presence in the shop, we can exclude the tax or we can also include the tax and Simpson up appears here for the card and check out pages. We can either excluded tax cost or we can also include the tax costs if we wanted to. And of course, you have it. Price display suffix. If you have over the question mark, it say's the fine text to show after your product prices. So let's say, for example, you wanted to add your tax costs. Do the price of the product. You could add something like including tax so that the your customers would know that this price of this product includes that tax as well. So you can add the text over here. And, of course, you can display your tax turtles, either itemized or as a single total. Now, over here we have stunted waits, read used relates rate weights and zero weight. Leight's These are the three major tax classes, if you will, which will call. Most provides force automatically. You do have your standard weight, and when I click in there over here, you can now begin to add your taxes. We have some stuff of angelic country, cold state code away, tax name and so on and so forth. If I jump down here to Google and typing Ruka most tax documentation. You will find his linkage that say's setting up Texas and welcome us. This will take us to the complete documentation for setting up taxes in woo commas, and I would encourage you to spend some time looking at this page if you intend to tax you'll customers on your online store. There are lots of videos on lots of content, but we're looking for here. It sets no tax. Wait, So I'm gonna click on that. And now down here, they describe what all these attributes mean. Country code is the two digit Contra good for the rate we have to state code raid, percentage priority and so on and so forth, and they even have examples. So it says here is an example of a tax set up for a UK store. 20% for you Get UK customers on Lee. You click on the image. You have the lightbox for my and over here what you do is you add G B, which would be the country good contra code for Great Britain. And of course, you have the way. 20%. And that's how you would do that in this example. There's another example over here where we have a 6% tax rate for all U. S. States except California. Reach has a 7% tax rate and then a local tax rate off 2%. So if I click on this image right here, we have down here, we have us. And then we have hysterics. Hysterics simply means all. So the very first taxi do we have is for everyone living in the United States. It's a standard 6%. And now over here, we do have a special tax rate for people living in California, which is 7%. But guess what? There is an even more specific tax for people living in California, but then living in this zip code and their tax rate is 2% and noticed the priority Phase two and the very prosperity essays wants. A parity basically means taxes that can be layered on top of one another. So for everyone living in California, you will have a 7% tax rate. But and for people living in California with the zip code, Nana Tuna will have a father 2% tax rate applied to Thea products. So once again. I will encourage you to spend some time going over this documentation. It's very exhaustive. They have videos and some further examples down here below. You can spend some time reading up if you intend to add taxes to your products on your online storm. So let me just jump down here. So from here, we can now begin to inset rolls. Just click on and set. Go and then you can add your country code. For example, the nights this would be you as you can add your state code, your zip code, and so on and so forth. And then you can begin to Kuwait your tax rates, something to commend on four reduced Wait, wait's I also for zero wait waits and so on and so forth. And then how you will actually apply this weight is when you come down to products, click on add a product. When you're creating to public, you can come down here and simply attach the tax class will be specific to this particular product. So that's it for setting up Texas in woo commas. Thank you for watching. And, of course, as usual, I will see you in the next class 13. Shipping Settings: all rights. Now let's talk about a very, very important part off your online store, and that's going to be shipping. I'm over here on the ship in Zones Page, and if you're falling along with me, you might see a slightly different page. In fact, this is what you should actually see. If you see something that has all this tax and so on and so forth, there isn't why this is a bit different is because I already vista disputes before. And so I'm not. Don't saying exactly the same thing, but it's all good. Before we start creating ship in zones, I'm just gonna come down here to shipping classes. Gonna click on that Now, what exactly is a ship in class? Let's say, for example, and you're online store, you sold kitchen items, items fall bacon for cookin, for boiling and so on and so forth. Now you might have said in products made off glass you might have so made of plastic. Now, naturally, because glass is easily breakable. You might want to charge a bit more for selling product made off glass as opposed to put ups made off plastic so you could use a shipping class. For such products. You could create a shipping class called Glass. And then whenever you're quitting a new product, you can attach the shipping class off glass to that particular product. And, of course, the shipping cost for that predictable go up as a result. So that's one way how you could end up using shipping classes. So for the sake of this course, I am going to Kuwait to classes for my clothing online store. And the 1st 1 is going to be a class for suits. No need to create a slog. Welcome us will do that by default. Ah, description for reference. I'm just a shipping costs shipping cost for shipping. It suits. Oops. Shipping is two peas and not three peas, right? I'm just copy this, saving my shipping classes. Let's add one more that is going to be full shoes. I'm just paste my description over here and change suits to shoes. Shipping costs for shipping shoes save my shipping classes, so now we have to shipping classes for shoes and suits. Now, how you would actually apply the shipping classes is this. When you come down to products, click on add product down here on the shipping. This is where you would now choose the shipping Claris that you'd like to apply to that particular product. Of course, we'll talk about this later. Let's go back, Teoh Shipping. All right, so now let's talk about the shipping zones. This is very, very important. Woke Amar's allows us to Kuwait multiple shipping zones, depending on the location where our customers are. So, for example, you could create a ship in zone four. People live in outside the country you're based in which is actually by default. Really have the one called West off the world. You could create a ship insulin for people live in within your continents of your in Europe or Africa or Asia, you could create a special zone for people living inside of your continent. You could create one for people living inside of your country for who believe inside of your stage. Four people live inside of your city and so on and so forth. So due to the fact that my shipping base here is in Alabama, the United States, what I'm gonna do is I work who ate a new ship in zone and I'm going to name that local local. And this would be for people leave in in Alabama Sweet home Alabama. So Alabama gonna save my changes. And now I will create no shipping zone for people living inside off the good old USA. So you say. And the region here, of course, would be unite its pates states if changes. And if your shop is based in the United States, don't forget that. Ever sit in places like Hawaii and Alaska, which even though they technically in the United States, they actually are more expensive for you should put out stoops if they're using us Bs or your use in What is it now? Ups or the Fed ex whatever. They will charge you more for shipping to such places because they're so far away. So I will add another ship in zone, and I think it's called noncontiguous. I think that's how they're referred to. Certain places. Noncontiguous U. S. A Regency would be Hawaii. And of course, we have less Kerr. All right, let me save my changes. All right, We have basically full zones local USA, Noncontiguous USA and, of course, rest of the world. Now here's the thing. The position of your shipping zones is very, very important. And why? Well, this is our welcome US operates. Whenever a customer puts in their shipping address, walk on Mars will take a look at the shipping zones and then try to begin to match the address of your costume are to the ship insoles that you have. It will first of all, look for the very first Shippen's on attribute local it checks to see Okay, is this customer base in Alabama? It's gonna come down to the next ship in zone, which in this case is the U. S. A. And if the person lives in the USA, that's fine based shipping. They're not too much automatically gets matched with the customer. However, in this particular scenario, this arrangement is long because here's the thing. Okay, I want people live in in Alaska on a way to get charged more than people living in, say, California or Maryland or other states within the United States, even though Alaska and ah why are inside off the United States? I want them charged more again because of the distance. So this arrangement is wrong, because if someone who lives in Alaska or Hawaii comes to my store picture product puts in the shipping address. Welcome US checks to see Okay, Instant Alabama, is it in? United States, Alaska and Hawaii are in the United States. So this will be the actual shipping zone that welcome us with selective after they don't consider us USA. So I'm gonna click and then just drag this over here. So it's now local noncontiguous U S A. And, of course, the rest of the world. So this is exactly how I want my shipping zones to be positioned. And if you don't have any shipping zones by default, welcome us with always use rest off the world as the ship in zone. And that's why it's created automatically and you can't delete it either. So let me save my changes. So now we have our zone names and the region's Now I can begin to add shipping methods over here for local. I'm gonna click on the plus button over here, and we have three major shipping methods. We've got the flat wait first ship in and, of course, local pick up. I'll start with the local pickup. Let me add that now I can click on local, pick up flexible? No, because people are commenting to pick up the item so the cost will be zero. And that is, of course, no need to tax them. So let me say the changes there. I will also add a flat weight as well. I'll become now here, attend applause button flat, wait for people living in Alabama, but do not want to go and pick up the item. Quicken fucked. Wait. So this is just gonna be, let's say to 99 very cheap now over here because we already created to shipping classes called shoes and suits. This is where we can now add the cost there to take to ship products with setting classes associated with them. So in this case, because it's shoes, but because it's in Alabama, it's going to be expensive. So I just make this 3 99 for suits. Let's make that full 99. So in this case, if I'm selling a product with a shoes cost with the shoes class rather to people living in Alabama, it's gonna be 3 99 Now, down here, you have the calculation type. You can either calculate per class or part order. Now, this refers to products or items that have more than one class associated with them. So you can either choose to have the class have a charge stupid for each shipping class, individually in this case shoes and then suits separately. Or you can simply charge but for the most expensive shipping class, which in this case would be suits on its own, which is for 99. So then go with the part order, save my changes. And last but not least, I am going to offer a free shipping. Okay, it's at that now for first shipping over here, the titles for shipping our fish requires you can choose certain options. You can either go with a minimum or the amount and a coupon or a minimum order, amount or coupon. I'll just go with a minimum or the amount, and the minimum amount here should be five. So if you live in Alabama and you order five products, I am going to show them to you for free. So let's do that. Changes. Let's jump back. So now we've got three shipping methods for people living in Alabama. You could do the same for people living in noncontiguous. You say off course if you live in the United States, you could do that for people living in the U. S. C as well. Off course. I don't think you're gonna add local pickup for people living in noncontiguous USA for People live in outside off your local region. But then again, it depends on the contrary. In I live in the USA, you maybe entire land or burial, you know, wherever. So things might be a little bit different for you. But basically, that's how to add shipping regions and shipping classes and shipping methods to your products. Before I go, I'm gonna jump down here. Two shipping options. Let's not forget about this particular page over here. We've got calculations he could enable the shipping calculate toe on the court page. Or you could hide shipping costs until an address is anted. I prefer the second option. You could actually enable both options if you wanted to, but how does deserve all the shipping calculator and instead hide shipping costs down here shipping destination. You can default to the customer shipping address default to the customers billing address off course force shipping to the customers billing address. Now, in most cases, the customers blend address tends to match the shipping address. And that's why that is the chosen option over here by default. And I'm just gonna leave that as it is. So save my changes and that's that over here I do have a very, very good ah where Page That explains in more detail the ship in zones and shipping method and classes so you could spend maybe five minutes going off this particular page. It's favor useful, very interesting, that will attach the link in the resources link. So once again, thank you for watching the video. And, of course, as always, I will see you in the next class by 14. The Products Section: Oh, hello and welcome to a brand new section where everything we're gonna be talking about would be products related. So in this video, I'm going to give you a very quick preview of what to expect in this section when we installed welcome as we had the woke almost stab. But we also had the product stab created force automatically. I have a click on products down here you can see. Ideally, this is where we should be able to see all the products were selling. But since we don't have any to sell at the moment, we have this message saying, Create your first product so I can click on add. Put it down here, and this is typically where you would begin to create your products. You would add the product name at the price and the sale price, if any shipping. Eventually, the description on the tags, images and so on and so forth. This is basically where you will do everything out down here. Under the product data, we have different kinds of products, which will talk about in the very next video. Down here we have the categories. This is recon created the categories and this sub categories off your products. You can also add tags for each put it So, for example, if I will sell in a T shirt I could used could use tags like Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve, cooperate formal stuff like that and finally be af attributes. Attributes refer to data like your size call law, and so on and so forth. Visible, of course, would be a very, very important part off our clothing store. So that's it for this quick introduction to the Section German in the very next class, where we will begin to talk about the different kinds of products that you can sell using woo commas. I'll see you then, bye. 15. Product Types in WooCommerce: All right, let's take a look at the different kinds off products that we can sell using commas now down here, whenever you're creating a new product, this is where you can select the kind off product that you're selling. So let's jump down here to the documentation and look at the descriptions of the different cans off products. The very 1st 1 we have is a simple product, and this will come out the vast majority of products that you might sell on your own line. Stole a simple docked, is shipped and has no options. A very good example would be that off a book. A book is a book. Okay, Another example would be electron ICS. A TV is a TV. A DVD player is a DVD player. That's basically how it is that will be perfect that you call simple. We also have grouped products, which is a collection of related products that can be purchased individually and Onley. Onley consist of simple products. An example would be a set off six drinking glasses. Another example would be that off a PlayStation, the PlayStation 34 into video games. You have a position three. That's our 80 gig off off, off storage, we have one that's 100 gig of storage, one that's 120 gig of storage and so on and so forth. Those are basically collection off PS three related products. We also have virtual and then downloadable products that are very similar in nature. These are products that you don't ship. They are not physical in nature, Visual put. It will be a service. As an example, a done little product would be put us that you can download. An example would be a PDF magazine on e book, a video photograph, digital album and audio track, and so on and so forth. Those would be downloadable products. You also have the option off selling external or affiliate products on your website. And then, of course, finally, we have a variable product. If you're selling clothes, the very vast majority off your products will be variable because variable put us on like on. Like simple products actually have options. They have deviations as an example. Here they have the T shirt. You have a T shirt available in different polos. Different sizes be possibly even different kinds of material used to make the same kind of shirt and so on and so forth. Those will be variable products. Now. You can also sell additional kinds of products, such as subscriptions. If you come down here to welcome us, let's go to extensions. Let's jump down here to products down here. We have Luke. Most memberships say, if you were selling memberships, you could do that using who? Comus You click over here, and this will take us to the site, and unfortunately, it's a little pricey down here for a single set. It's 100 and $49 so it is a bit crazy. But of course, if you or charging your members some decent amount of money to be a member on your side and potential, this would be affordable for you. So those are the different kinds of products that you can sell using. Welcome us. Think of watching, and as usual, I will see you in the next class 16. Creating a Simple Product : All right. So it's time to create a simple product. And before I do that, I just wanted to let you know that I do have to images of heredity shit that I've already uploaded to my media library. You can find this images in the resources link. You will find them in a zip folder so you can unzip the folder and upload the images to a library. And I'm also gonna be using the site called Low M Epsom per bank decay. Basically, just grab some dummy text, which we're gonna be using for our product description. So let me jump down here to products add product, and it put up. Name is going to be read T shirt. Let me have a dash between. All right. So for the description, I'm just gonna grab everything over here. This would be the full description off the product. Let me just paste other for here. All right, So don't. Here we have the product data, and this is a simple product, so I'm gonna live that as it is. But what What happens if I clicked on virtual notice that some of the options here disappear like shipping for example, has disappeared because you can ship a virtual product. And if I take downloadable, notice that we now have options over here to add the downloadable file of the limit X, Perry, and so on and so forth. So the options you will have below here really depend on what boxes you tick or don't take . But this is a simple product. It's a T shirt. They're going to ship in. So I'll uncheck the boxes over here, So regular price for this is going to be 12 99. Let me just say that there is a still price and so price is 9 39 Now, over here for the link shuttle. I can add for how long the sale is going to last, but this city is going to last forever. So I'm gonna add any initiative for that. All right, it is taxable. And in the text class. Of course, you can choose either one of these three options. I'm just gonna leave that are standard. Let's come down here to inventory now for the sq that the stock keeping unit. And if you hover over the question, make it say's Ske refers to a stock keeping unit unit a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. So let me just add an s Q U here off t s are won t s would be too Should I will be red and one will be the 1st 1 basically himself. Tears are one mullet stock. Yes, I would like to manage the stock, so I'm gonna take that. So let's imagine we have 10 off this in stalk. Allow back orders. Now, if you're over the question, make it say's these controls with a note back orders aloud backward as generally, of course, mean if your customer can make an order for the product, even even though it no longer exists. Even though you've learnt it off event tree, they can still make an order for it so that basically what it means when you are allowing back orders. In my case, I did not want to allow back out as if your product has a lot of stock. The customer should not be able to make any order for it. So lived it as it is stock status. I do have it in stock, so I'm gonna live that as it is now, this is a very interesting option. Sold individually. Now, if you wanted to, you called disable your customers from ordering more than one single item off the same product. So this is an interesting way of preventing greedy customers from coming into your store. Imagine you had only 10 in store and one of her customers just came in and said, OK, give me all 10. You know, that would be let up. How frustrating. For although customers who wanted the same product So you could you could do this or not. I was going to live this as it is, I I like, greeted customers. I mean, they're paying me money, So who cares where the money comes from? All rights. Over here we have the product shot description. Let me just grab just a shot text of a Highlanders. Copy this and that. I'm just paste this over here for the short description. All right, Fromem. Andrea. Let's jump down to shipping all rights over here. I can add the weight in pounds and it's £2 dimensions in length. Let's say 12 by 12 by 14. I actually have no idea what I just did. But who? Whatever. 12 to 14. It's fine now. Shipping class. Remember we created to shipping classes for suits and shoes, But this isn't this suit. It's not a shoe. Something's gonna live it on. No shipping class now linked products. This would make more sense when we begin to have more products on our store. But basically, over here you have two options. You have up cells across cells. If you hover over the question, Max over here again, Op sells their products, which are were commended instead of the currently viewed product. So this would usually be productive out better in quality and, as a result, may be more expensive. You could add such products over here. Now cross sales are put us in a very similar to the one that the customer is currently taking a look at, and typically you would find the officers and cross cross cells below. They put out that they're looking at. That's basically how it works well off first, Look at this in more detail a little bit later on now grouping. Of course, if we were selling a group product, this is where this would make more sense So we'll just leave this for now. We'll talk more about this when we create Begin creating group products attributes. Let's create an attribute. Gonna click add So the adieu But I'm gonna create here would be size Let's add a very first regiment off size. Now, over here I can add the values So I'm gonna go with s for small And then we have to use the symbol to separate options. So we have small We have medium and we have large So these are the three sizes I have Something's going to click on safe attributes And finally we have advanced. Just click on that. Now, over here you can add a purchase note for anyone who biases particle up red T shirt. I'm just write something like I know you love Red Sang. Oops. Thank you for buying this shit. So for the many order, you can also control the order off the product in the menu. And if I you can either choose to enable all disable leave use, I'm gonna leave these essays because I like views. All right, so over hits you the light. Let's add a product category which is going to be shirts. Okay, so we add in the very first, put a category right now. Shirts. Let's at that. This is gonna fall on the shirts and ever put for the tags. I can add shirt read. Let's go with cars. Will. Casual, right? I mean, actually, make this small. So you've got shirt ready. Good casual image. I'm going to choose from a media library. This one over here. Woo, let me add that. And now don't heal. I can add all the images as well. I'm just add both of them to the gallery. All right, so let's see. That's pretty much everything that we needed to do for these shirt. Let's go back. Let's see, General, eventually ship in. Everything seems to be in place. So I am going to click on Publish. And now let's see what we have over here. I'm going to click on the view product. Let's do that. Okay. So what do you know? We have ah t shirt over here, and you can see because we created a cell price. We have the symbol here saying sale and you can see the original plies. And now the supplies, in effect we have the shot description over here we have the full description. Over here all we have the SK you we have the tags. That category. We have the images when you click on the images because we enabled lightbox you have the images popping up over here. I actually made a mistake for the gallery. Once you've said your featured image, you don't have to add the same image to your gallery. So there was a mistake on my part. But it's all good. Over half a klick own additional information. Here we have the way to the dimensions the size that we set up. And, of course, if anyone adds reviews, this is we will find the reviews for the product. So that's how to add a simple product. Join me in the next class where we will now begin Adan Grouped Products. Thank you for watching 17. Creating a Grouped Product: All right. So now I am gonna show you how to create a group product I have already added for additional images. And again, you can find them in the resources link you'll build to download them individually. So I do have four images, basically two images off one product. We have the gray hoodie, the phones and back designs. And then, of course, we have the great tissues as well the front and the back designs. So what I'm gonna do is to come down to products. I'm going to click on add product. And this time I'm going to say the product name here would be the I'll just say the great look and the great look. Let me come down here. Copy. Let him keep some text. Peace that over here. Onley. Grab this. Come down here for the short description paste that. All right, so over here, in product data, I'm gonna change this from simple product to grouped product. And you really don't have to do more chair except maybe add and sk you. Which would be It's a GP one that's for group product. I don't have to do anything with attributes or advanced or anything of the sort. I'm just gonna come down here. I'm going to add a new product category, which would be looks, looks and I'm just do that and for the tags, I'm just going to say gray all in small it as grey grouped, I would say hoodie and T shirt Oh, for the product image. Just come down here and l grab the hoodie. Let me sit, is the image and I am going to click publish? Oh, it's a night of a click view product Down here, you can see we have the product. We have the title, the description, the tags and older. But we don't have any place very can actually odd or even check the price off this product . And that's because this is a group product, and a group put it consists off simple products only to create civil products and add them to this group or at existence, civil products to this group. So what I'm gonna do is to jump back to the back end. Let's go ahead now and create too simple products for this good productivity gray hoodie and the great T shirts. So let me just start with gray hoodie. Let's odd. Ah, text again. Couple that shot one over here. Copy that. Let's come down, Paste that. All right. I'm gonna live this as a simple put it because it is a simple product. I'm just at the place here for 1999. It's not on sale. Ah, Eventually and was going to ignore this for now. I'm gonna come down here toe linked products. And now down here. This is where I can now, Such for the group product. I quitted initially. So I'm gonna go with Gray and now, after happening Greek, and I'll see the name popping up. So this is the grouped product name gonna click that. And now I'm going to select my looks category and let me just click publish. Actually, I forgot to add to protect the image them Just do that. Let me add that for the back. Let me sit fat. And we also have the gallery limits. Add the phone images Well, for that one. All right, so let me just click update. And now I'm gonna add one more, which would be for the gray T shirt. Gray T shirt. Just paced my text is my text down here? Price here would be full 99. And on the link products, of course, I'm going to do the same thing again. I'm going to type in gray gray, look like this on the shirts said the put image to be the front, add one more image, which would be the back for the gallery and let me publish this. All right, So I'm gonna do is to come back to my products. And over here right now, you can see all the products. With added, we have our gray look, which is the group product. We have the individual products that make up off the make up. This put this group product. We have the gray hoodie, great T shirt and you can see the Advil pointing towards the product. The good put a name. Great look. So let's go ahead now and view our group product. And now you can see we have the prices, the price for the shirt and in the place for the hoodie. And now down here, you can see we now have the ability to add as many off each individual product as we want. I can do all of that. And now we can add to our caught. So this is how you can create grouped products in Kamas? Don't forget that with group products, they are compressed off simple products. Okay, not affiliate products, not variable puts puts, but simple products. So that's it for now. Thank you for watching. And as usual, I will see you in the next class. 18. Creating Affiliate Products: all right. So far, we've ated simple products. We have create head group products as well. And now it is time for me to show you how to create and a feel it product on your online store. And as an example, I am going to use Amazon, and I am going to try and sell this really good looking sweater on the online store. And it's a Williams Kashmir men's 100% long sleeve crew neck sweater. That's a mouthful. So just copy this. Come down to you. My back and click added products I am going to paste is the name. And of course, this is just an example a sample. So I'm just gonna copy some sample text. I am not gonna copy the real actual text on the site. Just paste that over here and let's see what we have. Okay, so over here, product data, I'm gonna change this from simple products, you external affiliate product. And now, once that selected over, he consume being now have options to add the particular l the booking text and some more information. So I'm going to do is I can copy this entire u R L But this is actually a very long, ugly looking You are l So there is a way how you can shorten You are else from Amazon. He can simply remove all the text just before the DP. You'll have DP force less and you will have a set of numbers. And then after the fourth slash, you can remove all that content. So this is basically although we need so I'm just copy that. Jump back to my your l Let me piss it over here. And now for the button text Aiken, say bye from Amazon. Buy from Amazon Regla Prize. Let's see, it's about $103. I didn't even see that. It's pretty expensive, actually. Well, but it looks good. Anyway, just come back 103. There is no sale price. Eso inventory will. I'm just gonna add the sk you We can, of course, said in an inventor because this is an affiliate product, Okay? We're not the ones managing the stock for the product cell. I'm just gonna say a f p a flip product one So show description lived. Just copy some text here. Copy that. Let me pay. Sit over here. Ah, put a categories non put a tags. I'm just add sweater. Very mind again that this is just a sample. I'm still gonna delete this. So the public image them just add This is an example. I didn't want to grab any one of these images from the side because I honestly don't know if it's allowed for me to copy images from Amazon and pretty sure it's not so in order to avoid any trouble, I'm just going to use this same image over here, and it was going to publish it. It's now let's view the product. And now you can see we have this bottom that says Buy from Amazon. We have the title, the description, but he considered text is different. It says Buy from Amazon. And in fact, let's take a look at ah pages. I want you to see the shop page. Let's view the shop page for all our products, and now you can see the buttons tells you something we have are two cat. We have few products, and then we have buy from Amazon. These obviously means this isn't a Philip product art to cut. It means these are simple products and, of course, view products means that this is part off a group product. So that's how to create and sell a Philip Products. Own your online store. Join me the next class. But we will take a look at how to quit eight variable products. Thank you for watching else you then. 19. Creating a Variable Product: Now it's time to talk about variable products, and this is gonna be a lot of fun. So fasten your seat bills and let's get cracking. All right. So the very vast majority of products you find on online starts tend to be either simple products or variable products. We call that simple products have no attributes. The product is just the product, however, with variable products, you do have differences. You have attributes. You have the small signs, the large sized red color, the black hello and so on and so forth. So here's what we're gonna deal. I am going to create a product, and Lemon named this the Rawlings T shirt line. And as usual, I'm just copy some text down here, but it's that copy. This pays that for the short description, and what I'm gonna do is down here. I'm going to switch from simple to variable product Now, once I do that, notice that we now have a tab you called Variations. I am good to ignore inventory, shipping all that stuff phenomenal. To know this, I will jump straight down two attributes and because we don't have any costume, put it that you could see it. I am going to click on add And the very first attribute we're going to quit would be size. And now over here, I'm going to add my values small, medium and then large. Now, you might recall that we actually did something like this earlier for these wet T shirt product. We actually created an attribute and we added the sizes. There s M and L. However, this made absolutely no sense back then because this is a simple product. It makes no sense to create an attribute for s and put it only did that just for the sake of sure knew how to create attributes. So how this is not gonna make sense is we are going to click this button here that say is used for vacations. I'm gonna check that, and we don't need to show this animal on the product page because our customers can simply select the size they'll want. So I'm going to uncheck this and I am going to save the attributes. Now I am going to add one more attributes, which would be color. So let me come down here. That's good with color. And let's see What do we have? We have black. We have read and we have Guay. Safe attributes. All right, so now we have two attributes with three different fellows each. Now I am gonna come down to variations now, here in variations. This very can now create variations based on the attributes we have. Remember, we have two major attributes size and culo and each one of these attributes have three different values. So a variation would be something like small with a red color large with a black collar and so on and so forth. We could do that. Now, over here, there are two things we could do. We could either add a variation individually. All we can create divisions from all attributes. I am going to go with this second option right here to create fear. Recreation somewhat attributes. So like that. Click go. I know we have this message saying, Are you sure you wanna link off aviation's? This will create a new variation for each and every possible combination off division attributes. Let's guilt. Let's do it. Nine Vivi ations added. Okay, cool. Okay. And now here you can see all the possible variations. We have small and black, small and red Medium black latch Blackledge red, large gray and so on and so forth So these are the nine possible divisions that we have based on the attributes there we created. So from here right now I can calm down here to the right click on the drop down and now begin to add the sk you the regular prize to sell price and all that good stuff. So let's go with the very first S k u v a r er one. The price here is going to be 1999. And yes, we do have a sale price or 14 99 for the wait and all that stuff. I'm just going to ignore that. Lets Tuggle that up. Let's come down here to small and red situation. Price is going to be 15 99. No still price. Let me tuggle that up. Let's jump down to medium and gray. Biederman. Gray, Let me add eight price here, go over 2099 s k u. Off v a r 02 Okay, let me tuggle that up. Come down here to a large and growing actually large and gray. Let's go with a the, uh, three big lump eyes off 22 99. And so I'm just gonna save this for now. Let's just say the changes. So we have all this. I'm going to select my category of shirts. I'm going to publish the product and let's view the product and see how it looks like. So check this out. Oh, I'm sorry we don't add a product image, but never never mind. Over here, you can see we have the description, the title institution with a description. And now you can see the price range from 14. 99 to 22 99. The reason why we have this cancellation right here. This this dash is because remember that we created a sale price for the small and red version, which is the 49. And then that's where we have this show. An appeal as it is. So for me right now, we cannot slip out size. We can go with small and the color we can go with red. And now that's the prize. 15 99. Ah, let's go with the let's see, I can clay, everything. I can go with medium and I could go with black bought, since we didn't add any price for this. It's a so it is productive on available. Let's clear that I remember we lived with large and gray, and that's 22 99 now you people can begin to add the defend cans or physicians that they want. Awesome. So that's it for these particular product. Let's come back down here and add yet another product again. I am going to go with a the Excalibur Excalibur T shirt. I'm just coming up it all different kinds of names today. I'm just pays that peace that over here and product image only, just like one this time that just go with the black, he said. That put a gallery images lenders go with theirs with theirs. With this, I mean, that's a gallery. All right number switches from simple back to variable. Now, if I come down here to attributes, notice that the size and the color attribute that we created earlier is no longer there. That is because those two attributes was specific to our violence T shirt. So if you want institution where you have certain attributes that will be available for all your products. We have to Kuwait custom product attributes. And to do that, let me, first of all, just save this as a draft. I am gonna come down to my attributes over here and now here we can begin to create our custom attributes. So let's go with the very 1st 1 which is size. I don't want to enable any archives. Now, over here, you can either select or have it as a text text will be where you have to type in the attribute, or you can have a select option where you can simply choose from a set of options. So I'm gonna go with select I'm going to live this as it is, click. Add attributes. So now we have size. And now to the right, I'm gonna click on the gear button, and now here we can begin to add our sizes. Let's go with small. Let's add that. Let's go with medium. Let's add that as well. And let's just go with large. I don't forget that for your real actual store, you can add descriptions if you wanted to, so all right, so if I click back on attributes, notice that we now have the size as the attributes. We now have the terms large, medium and small. Let's one more attributes, which is going to be color again? It's gonna be select. Let's add the attributes. Let's click on the gear. And now let's begin to add Kalou's read Let's go with Let's go with Green I like Gwyn Green black And of course, let's go with gray. Everybody loves gray color. All right, so got we got gray, black, green and red. If I click on the attributes again, you can now see we now have the terms. So let's jump back down to our products. Over here. I have my Excalibur T shirt, so I'm gonna click on edit. How this jump down to attributes. And now over here we can now begin to add whatever adieu but we want so I can go with color . Let's save the attributes. Excuse me, I should have added at the edge of but not safe. So after adding it would down here, can now begin to select the colors that I have with this particular T shirts. I can go with black click on the button again. I can go with Gray. Let's switch this. Say that. Let's know. So let's size click, add. And now here we have the small and we have medium Sorry, tall people. Nothing for you. So limits safe that. All right, so now I'm gonna come down to variations. In the previous example, we created visions from all attributes. OK, but what if we wanted to create our very own specific attributes? Aiken, just click on goal, okay? And now from here, we cannot begin to manually create our variations so I can go with any color. I can go if let's say with black. And now that's what we have. Black and small. Let's go with that. Black and small. Let me click down the Arab looking over here and let me just say B s a one. This place here is 99 No still price. Let me save my changes. And I am going to add another variation because I can go. And now here I can again choose the color which is gonna be gray and medium Come down here . AWS full regular price is going to be 11 99 and click save changes and let's create one more variation. Let's go with Ah, what do we have? What we have? Let's go with black and medium click Don't here. And very version Product is going to be 15 99 and let's have it supplies off. 12 99 Okay, cool. Esco, you is gonna B B B s ah Bs a to I'm just coming up with different kinds off escaped use. I'm just save that. All right, so let me select shirts. Let's klieg publish. Awesome. So now let's view the product and see what we have. The X. Oh, my gosh, I do apologize. This isn't actually the spelling of Excalibur. Oh, my Lord. Excalibur is e x e a l i b you how? Whatever. Excalibur. Excalibur to share. That's my That's my ovulation. You hit this first. Okay, x Excalibur you to shit. Okay, fine. So we have the description. We have the range of prices. We have a color black with the option of medium that the prize. Ah, let's reset. Let's come back down to gray and medium. And we have 11 99 and so on and so forth. So that's typically how you can create variable products for your online stubble before I go. Let me just go to the shop page where we can see all the custom products that we have created and ups. Okay, just jump back to the back end. Let's go to pages. I thought Shop was going to take a straight to this page. Okay. All right. So now what? You can see the buttons that we have based on the kind of product that you're selling. As usual, a simple product will have add to cart while group Felix will have view products. If it's in the Philip product, you would have something like by foam. Is this one? So if it's a variable product, you will have the option, the text, other select options. So that's it for now. Thank you so much. We have created four different kinds of products on our online store. Thank you so much fortune. I will see you in the next class. 20. UpSells and CrossSells: now they have created some sample products on our store. I believe I can now show you the difference between up cells and cross cells and how you can use them. Let's take a look at the Excalibur you to shed. First of all, to begin with limit, click on view. All right, So what do we have? We have the description, the title, the images and now, down here, take a look at this. We already have a section called Related Products. We have the better shared great issued in violence to shit. These particular section comes from the work. Most plug in itself automatically the mucus plug gambled. Add these section to every product that you have on your online store. Now, you would notice that these products have something in common, which is the T shirt. If we go back Teoh products down here, you can city categories. We have four shirts for prints on that the shirts category. So when they can look at the x scalability shit the related products section simple looks at all the products on the the shirts section and in this place, those products under the main correct that the customers could live viewing. So let's do this. I'm going to click on Edit now down here, where we have linked products, I'm going to click on that. And now for the up cells I am going to type in. Let's go with the gray look. Remember that your up cells tend to be products that are more expensive and are generally off better quality than the product the customer's currently looking at. So let's go with the great look and let's also go with the gray who d just as an example. So we have to up cells. Now let's update this. And now let's see how this page is gonna look like. So down here you we now have the section that says you may also like and take a look at that we have is the two up cells. So when a customer licks at the two shootings like, wow, this looks good. Okay, Limits uses color limits, use the size, add to cart and then he comes on and it takes a look at this. It says, Wow, I might also like this. That sound. This looks cool. You know, he didn't goes on to click the image and then hopefully adds to put it to he Zohar caught. So that's it for the up cells. Let's go back. And now let's take a look at the cross cells. Cross cells tend to be products that are very similar to the one currently being viewed by the customer, and you typically would find the cross cells in the caught page in the check out page does typically where you will find sort products. So let's do this. Let's see, what can I add? I'm going to add the Williams the Williams Kashmir remains Long sleeve sweater. Let me add that. And ah, let me also go with the gray T shirt as well. So I now have to cross cells. That's update this. Let's go back. Let's fear product. So we still have the up cells. We have devoted products. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to choose a color of black small size and now I'm gonna click on add to cart. Okay, so that's been added. And now I'm gonna click on view caught. And now in here, take a look at this Down here, we now have the cross cells saying, Hey, you may be interested in the Williams cashmere sweater and the Great Citian, so this is where you would find the cross cells in local news is typically where they will be advertised, basically. So that's the difference between the op cells and the cross cells in common, so be sure to use them very wisely. If you do use the upstairs and across sells very well, you could actually make more money because your clan's your customers. We've introduced two similar products, better products, and they generally will be more interested in adding them to their carts up. That's it for the op cells and cross cells. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 21. Populating our Store with WooCommerce Sample Data: all right. So far, so good. We have seen how to create the different kinds of products we have seen, how to create attributes and how to manage the inventory of products. We've seen up cells and cross cells and so on and so forth. Now, what I want to do is to import the sample Beta that welcome us, actually has. And I would like to do this because in the very next section, we're going to begin to design our actual store, and it will be nice if we had more sample data. So what I'm going to do is I am going to clear out all these data, all the sample products, that we've quit it so far. So let me just click on the checkbooks over here. Come down here. Click move to trash. I'm gonna click on apply. So all that goes away. I am going to come down to the categories as well. That's to the same team. Delete, apply. Let's come down, Teoh tags to the same thing. Delete. Apply Well, basically flushing out everything over here. Let me just come down here, and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to. It's the same thing. Delete, apply. Okay, so let's click. Unnatural. It's again. Click on the lead over here. Actually, I could just click delete over here as well, So Okay, cool that Claire's on everything. So we have cleared out the attributes, detox, two categories. Let's come down to the media. Click on the button over here. Let's click everything. Delete permanently apply. And okay, let's do the next batch. The lip imminently apply. Okay, so with completely gotten rid off all products and images on our site. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come down to this page. And, of course, you will find the link in the resources links. So this is the group Hamas dummy data. And I'm going to right click on from here and would click on save Link Ass, and it should be an XML document. Some going to save that to my dick. Stop. Cool. All right, I'm gonna jump back down here. Come down to tools, click own imports. I'm going to come down here and click Install now, under what press? This is the plug in which we're going to use to import XML data into our site. I'm gonna click on Install now and then I'm going to click on Importer. All right, so it's a Z. Let's upload the file that we want to import. I'm gonna click on Choose File and now over him going to click on the dummy data Click Open and I'm gonna click on upload file and imports. All right, I'm just going to select my user name as the author. I will check the box that says Download and import file attachments. Click, Submit and and it is done all done. Have fun. So let's now come back to the products. Let's get click on folks and now you can see we have all these products over here with all their images, the prices and stuff for that, let's go to pages. Let's click on Shop. That's view the page and look at that. We now have actual dummy content dumping products on our side. Let's click on number two. We have all this could cool stuff. Three. Cool. All right, so we've got images, end products and titles and prices and stuff like that. Cool. Let's go back two products. All right, now over here. Take a look at this over here. To the right. You can see we have some icons representing the kind off product that we are viewing the box over here. Say simple. But now take a look at this. We have products that are downloadable. Okay, so I would like to get weed off the productive downloadable because we are selling Onley physical products on our sites. What I'm gonna do is I am going to come down to show all prototypes, and here I'm going to click on downloadable. I'm gonna click on Filter. So we have five products that are considered to be downloadable, and I don't like that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on edit. We're going to remove the downloadable here, going to add the update whether I'm going to update that. Let's go back. All right. So let's to the symptom for number one as well on check the check books for the eligible. Let's click on the dates. Okay, lets go back. And then I was going to do that for one more. Let's edit. Well, Album number three who moved the check box again? Click Hope dates and all right, so let's go back once again. Let's see. All right. So for the remaining three, all I'm gonna do is I'm just going to delete them. Somebody come down here or actually before delivering them on it to show you how you can bulk at it. Your so imagine, for example, you wanted to change the price off all your downloadable all your civil products from $9 to , let's say, $10. How you do that is when you check the books over here that highlights every single product , you can come down here and then click, edit, then click apply. And now over here, you have the option of changing any kind of public data that you want you. So from here for the price we can change this to Let's go with $12 instead and out down here I can click on updates and I'll take a look at this our products and now $12 no longer $9 Which was the initial our price. So that's typically how you would bulk edit products and your welcome a store again. Check the books Over here. Come down here. Click on edit, Click apply. And now here you can change with its featured rates and stock or not stuffing it again. Bulk added all products on the A particular category, making it very, very easy for you to edit your products. So I got up late once again and love, just delete this last you off the trash apply O. K. So we no longer have any downloadable or visual products on our site. All we have are simple grouped and variable products. We might even have some of flip product somewhere in there. But that's it for now. Are pull ups off being populated? We now have an actual store. Let's take a look at that one more time view. Cool, awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Let's even check the categories as well. Put a categories. And as you can see, we do have clothing, music and posters as major categories and on the clothing we have hoodies and T shirts as sub categories. Music has albums and singles as sub categories. I know I I realized that our store was supposed to be selling clothes, but unfortunately I couldn't find sample images for, like, shoes and suits and handkerchiefs and things like that sell just for the purposes off this particular course. Legis. Assume that, uh, we're also selling music and albums and singles as well on online stores. Less posters. So that's it. Full the categories for tags. No product tags. But that's fine. It's OK. Ah attributes as well. We do have a natural it for column, which is just OK. It's fine. No need for more than that. So that's it for importing and populating our own lines story. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to me. Thank you so much for watching the video. And as usual, I will see you in the next class. 22. The StoreFront Theme: Well, hello and welcome to a brand new section where we're going to begin to design the look and feel off our online store. And as you can see right now, the store looks more like a blawg, then an actual store where people can come in and buy products. So let's change that. But before we begin to talk about themes and plug ins and all that good stuff, I would like to make some very simple changes. I want to change the name off the store from my block to something better. I want to add a menu and also changed the Pima Wing structure as well. So let's quickly do that going to jump down here to settings General changes to was that cool store called Store and then the tug line is going to be we still cool stuff. So we sell cool stuff in the cool stole. I think that limes, I think it's ah, it's catchy, so I'm just save my changes. Let's go down to the prima links. Change from plane to post name change the product prima wings from default to shop base with category. I think this is better for Seo purposes. Google tends to like it when you're Pima. Links are structured, so I think this is the best. Our style beacon go with Let me save my changes. Come down to appearance menus. Let's create a main menu menu. Let's create that. And then from here, I'm just going to add all pages Octa menu and let me rearrange being shut down here. Set it to the primary menu safety menu. Let's take a look and okay, so cool stole the cell Cool stuff. And then we have ah, menu as well. Cool. All right, now let's address the elephant in the room if I can put it that way. Want theme? Do we use for online store? What theme do you use for your own online store? Now it is the an age where we have hundreds, if not thousands, off what themes available. It can become quite a challenge to choose the right theme, the perfect theme for your online store, and we have premium themes. We have free themes, and in a nutshell, my recommendation to you will be to always go for a premium theme. If you're serious about building your online store and the reason is because a problem theme has more flexibility. Premium themes generally are better than free themes. End the support you're going to get from a premium theme could be very, very useful in case your stock in case something isn't working as it should, you could always contact the authors, the developers off the theme end in. In most cases, there will be obligated to assist you to help you out. That's why I would always recommend using a premium theme. But for the purposes off this course, I thought that you know what? Maybe it might be a good idea to start off with a free thing. Instead, get you more comfortable working with will Commerce. And then at the end of the course, when you feel more comfortable, what commit premium themes, you have the confidence you can Then go ahead and select one. I will talk about some of the people themes all recommend to you much later in the course, but for now, let's go ahead and install a free theme, and the thing we're going to use is the theme recommended by who commas here on the website of a community themes click on e commerce themes. We have one called Store front. This is the thing were committed by the people who developed woke Hamas itself. So it only makes sense that this is the plugging that we're going to use. So what I'm going to do is to click on download storefront and let's come down to the back and over here, themes at new upload. Straggly. Stop here, Trump that when stole now and stole and then activate. All right, let's take a look. And as you can see right now, the theme has indeed being activated. Cool. Now, if I come back to the back End Com Ave. To appearance, click on Storefront over here to the wet. We have the child themes, and it stays. Take a look at our range of child themes for storefront that allow you to easily change the look off your store to suit a specific industry. As an example, I convey Click here, open this in a new tab. This is the best role child theme, and it is for people who have who sell food basically, and you can see right now this theme hasn't been built to give you that look and feel off a food store. You can see the pictures have everything. Looks This is just awesome. There were other child teams. We have one for the hotel. We have one for a pet shop. Let's take a look at the one for the hotel. You come down here, click on life demo And as you can see right now, everything has been laid out for you. For your customers Over here, they can see pictures off places, American staying. They can book now. Some pretty cool stuff for the Petrobas. Well, click on the live demo over here. This is for people who sell products for pets, like cats and dogs and sharks and whatever. Ah, but it's pretty much you have all these teams that have been built out for you already. So if you are taking this course and you belong to one of these very specific industries, I would recommend to you to take a look at these things that they have. Okay, I will recommend that we that been said since we're using a free theme in store phoned, I kind of feel that you know what the slight negative I have about store found itself is that it's a very basic theme. It's not very flashy. You can't really do much stuff in it. I mean, people can still come down to your shop page and then, you know, select puts by them. But it's it's it's not very catch Eve, you know, for lack of a bit award. We need something more punchy, something that looks it bit better, more elegant. So thankfully would soften has free child things that we can actually use. So if I come back the hit down here to start fund and down here, right click on view, all store French, all themes it takes us in here and now over here and the menu I can click on free. And over here we do have one called May Steal my steel, or however you want to you pronounce it. If I click on there, click on the Life demo. This looks a lot better than the storefront theme, right? It looks more, more, more, more catchy again for lack of a better word, and the shop page looks better. We have all sorts of stuff looking really, really cool, so I kind of figured out that You know what? Let's eventually decide to use theme. I steal theme instead, as opposed to the store from theme. So join me. The next class were I will show you how to install the my still thin and will begin to customize the design off our website. Think if watching, I will see you in the next class. 23. The Mystile Theme: All right, let's go ahead and install the my still theme. Come down to themes E commerce themes. Click on storefront child themes, Click on Free and Let's Come Down Here to Miss Still, Click there. And now the thing about the my still theme is that even though it's free, it's not exactly the kind of thing you can download from the what pres back. And just like that, you actually have to odd the theme to your caught. So what I'm gonna do is to click on to caught and then in here you can You can apply it coupon if you have one. This is just funny. The price is $0 but you can still apply a coupon. I want what? I don't know what the Cuban could do for you in this instance. Maybe welcomes will have to pay you for downloading their theme. Anyway, I'm gonna click and continue and all right, so here's authenticate. You would have to create an account with Will Calmus. You would have to provide your user name your password, add your first name you address and and so on and so forth. Now, honestly, I really don't know why they chose to do it this way. But animal at the end of the day, really, the thing was free. So you might as well just go ahead and quit. You account with them. And if you're gonna be building the online store, I have a pretty good feeling that you're eventually going to want to buy some products from Yokohama. So you would need an account then. Anyways, so go ahead and create your account. I am a returning customers. So all I'm going to do right now is to provide my email address, and I'm going to log in. Now. Once you've provided all that information, you can simply click on per chase, and you would find the download link. Let's just wait for a second, I Come on, Come on. Come on. Command and Okay. All right. So whoa, Download your files. We have the download button, the subscription key as well. And as you can see, that's pretty much the order details. I'm just gonna click on download, and this is gonna take a little while. Come on, download. Oh, Anyway, I can come down here as well. Over here, under my account name. I can click on, download your products. I can go there instead and Okay. All right. So here, I'm gonna click on download. All right, So I do have that. I'm just going to come down here to the back, and I've already downloaded the thing before. That's where you can see the one there. I'm just come down to your parents themes at new. Let's upload the theme jet this over here and letting stole that. And let's activate the theme and cool. Alright, Awesome. So let's take a look at the site now and okay. All right. So we do have this. Let's not begin to customize the home page to begin with. So what I'm gonna do is to come down here. You will find the my still tab over here, and there is something there called remove team thump. I honestly do not know what this is, but in any case, it's been officially discounted. She can go ahead and click. Remove Tim thumb. Okay, so now I'm gonna click on settings. All right, so down here, this is where you can control how your pages look like. We have the general settings. We have style in topography and so on and so forth born. It wouldn't want to do in this video east to get the home page runnings. I'm gonna click on the home page tab over here and it saves. You want to display a banner? Yes, I want to display it. Bennett on the home page, I'm going to click on upload and I'm going to use this image which I found for free on the internet. I'm going to use that. You can also find his image in the resources Hlinka. We'll play it for you to use as well. And what I'm going to do here is to type some messages down here where we have the bona stand first text and also the headline the I like the headline here that seems welcome to our store. But I do have some text over here, which is going to grab very quickly. Let me paste that in here. So what did I come up with? I said we had make the most awesomest products in the world. This is actually from the theme. But then I added we a genuine, reliable, affordable and fashionable give products try today. Cool. All right, So let's do that. Let's come all the way down here as well. Do we want to display product categories on the home page? Yes, We wanted to split the port of categories. Display featured products? Yes, let's display eight of them. This baby's in products. Yes, display eight of them. And then for the block. We can also display block posts on the homepage is what I'm gonna click on. Save changes. And now let's take a look at the home page and shake that out. No, this looks way better, but actually you know what? Let's hide. Keep it of categories instead. Since we don't have images for them, let's just stick with the featured products and the recent products. I think we can do that. Instead, let's come back their head to the back end. Ah, that's going down to me. Still settings. Ah, home page. So let's hide the put up categories that save the changes. All right, so cool. All right, so we have the featured products and then we have the recent products. Awesome. And then, of course, we have the block post from our block, which is the one that came by default from this side ground. Ah, hosting. So that's it for the my still theme for the home page. As you can see right now, it's beginning our Web page. A website begins to look more like an online store, and if you're wanting where I got this image from, I got it for free from a site called Picks Obey. You can find products for free over here. Just come down to the home page, and you can simply type in something like, Let's say, fashion in here. Press enter. And now you will have all these images that you can download for free so you could click in here and then here in here you'll find the link that says Free download. You click there, choose the size click download. You would have to provide this capture, or you can sign up. And when you sign up, you wouldn't be provided with any capture, so you can download images for free from this side. It's a really, really cool site, and I encourage you to take a look at it. But that's it full. The home page joined me. If next class rail will begin to popular designed the other pages and take a look at regional sentence. Fourth in my stool theme. Thank you for watching. I will see you then. 24. The Mystile Theme Part 2: Okay, so let's continue with the design off. Ah, website now and before I go on when you downloaded the my still think you should have received this kind of email from welcome was telling you that the theme has been downloaded and I think it's pretty cool the way it looks like. And one more scene on your account page where you you have the my still theme. You should have this link here for the documentation. When you click on the documentation down here, it will show you how to set up the theme, which we're going to do right now, but you can always use this page does documentation as a guide for future references. So let's jump back down to a back end. Let's come down to my steel click on settings, and the very first in right now is going to be the general setting. So what do we have? We have the themes style. Should we have the fold? CSS. But I could go with blue dot CSS, and this would change the general coloring off the entire site. So let's see, for example, it's on blue dots. Is is now. Let's see what we have, I come here and that you can see the links have been turned to blue. Let's go back. Let's Genesis to yellow. He was all yellow, yellow that CSS Let's see with fresh and you can see right now it's yellow so you could change the coloring scheme based on your own. Personal preferences are like blue, so I'm going to stick with blue. You can upload your custom logo Over here. You can enable the text title and set description, which, of course, we have. Over here, let's come back. You can upload your five icon or put your tracking code. So just Google analytics in here. If you want to, you could add your Imo subscription. Your arrest says you're Eolas Well, and if you are a developer who knows how to use a CSS, you could dump in your custom style shits in here if you wanted to. Now you could also choose to allow comments either on pages or posts or both on none. I'm just going to select posts on Lee because only one commits to appear on my posts. Wish I'll show the except of the post this play bread comes Yes, we want breadcrumbs. And if you don't know what breadcrumbs are, let me show you what they are. Let me check this box. Save the changes. And if I come down here and let's say I clicked on the Ninja Schilit product in here, you can see right now we have, like a structure for the links. The initial it is on the shop and the shop is under home. This is what we refer to as a breadcrumb. It's an easy way for customers or clients on your ability to navigate their way around. Well, then them haven't come all the way here and cooking on tropical usually just click shop over here as well, and you can see that spin much. How but comes work. So you want to activate breadcrumbs in most instances on your online stop all right, display pagination. Yes, we could use numbers or next Previous are like numbers. Let's say that let's jump down to the styling options. And now over here you could choose to select a background color if you wanted to. You could applaud a bag on image as well. If you want to see SS, if you know the basics of CSS. You shouldn't know what background image repeat is the position and so on and so forth. But if you're completely new to CSS, I would recommend that you play around with some of these options, upload a bag on image and then see how these options of hit affects how the bag one image is going to look like for the links as well. We could change the links if you wanted to, but I'm just gonna live it as it is topography. In here, you can choose custom topography for different sections. For general topography. I'm going to change from Aerial Teoh Boon to like we've been to a lot Go to go with a boon to navigation. Let's go with trouble. Shape the page Title Postpartum doesn't leave all this. And then, of course, you can also change the size as well. Off the phones. You could change the line height as well. You could go with a thin design or thin, italic, bold and so on and so forth. You have really lots of ways of customizing your topography over here, so let me save my changes and now let's come down to the layout options, you could choose to up your side content instead of a frame. It will put your upset inside off. Something looks like a box. Let me just check this and see what it looks like. So let's That's a fresh And now you can see over here on the edges we have. This are pixels of the background. That's what a box from will do for you. I personally don't like that. So I'm going to check it. And now we have the layout for your page for pages that have sidebars. You can go either go with the side but the light or inside about to the left. We've talked about the home page. Let's talk about the work most page itself and pretty much here. We have very similar options to what we had on the home page. Way could choose to display the product categories, the featured products and and so on and so forth. Now down here products. But page, you can go either 12 or more. You could choose to display the product review at your tabs and put out details. Page yes, display leather products. Yes, now the layout displayed a sidebar on shop archives. No, we don't want to display the sidebar. We're not gonna be is inside bars in this website, so I'm just gonna click on save changes, dynamic images. What do we have over here? All right, so in here, you can choose to again are selected different kinds of sizes. You want for your thumbnail image dimensions. Remember, we talked about custom image sizes and originality and thumbnails and so on and so forth. You could change how you'll thumbnails look like in this particular section for the customization. Let's take a look at the foot of section down here. We have cool storm. All that's reserved part by what prayers designed but will themes. You could change that if you wanted to. I could come down here and add some custom text. So let me just say something like this is a great store. This is a great store living enable that. Let me also enable the costume texted the right. Ah, be sure to buy something. Let me say this and Ah, Come back, man. Heavy. Fresh. All right. So where does that publisher? It now says this is a great store. Be sure to buy something, But of course I'm not going to do. That's a limb just deactivated. But now you know what this sections will do. And of course, over here is well, you can choose to determine how many, uh, Ridge, it's or sidebars you want in your footer area. The default is for So I'm just gonna leave that as it is. Let's say that changes. And now over here for subscribe and connect. Now, what this does is it allows us to be able to provide our social medial links and four ways for our customers or clients to share our block post and also follow some social media. So what I'm gonna do is time I'm going to enable the subscribe and connect area on single posts. I'm gonna click there, and I'm going to type in the title on Say, follow us. Let me add some text. Keep up with us. Keep up with us on social media on social media, I am good trainable related posts. And now in here. If you have your brother, if you connected with ah feed Boehner or mill chimp, you could add your ideas over here to connect your email your email clients to your website . So over here I'm going to add some bugger's links for social media. So we have for Twitter. We have a phrasebook we have for YouTube. We have for linguine as well. Oh, and of course, we're Flicka as well. So let me save this changes. And now let's see how this looks like. If I come down to let's go to home. Let's come down here, Teoh, An individual block post. Now, down here at the bottom, you can see we have to take the states, follow us, give up with us on social media. And now we have the social media links that we provided. So this is what the are subscribing connect link will do for you. And last but not least, we do have the contact page how we can enable the contact information panel. So let's check that. Ah, location. Name is Alabama location. Address is very quickly. Number six. Ah, uh, Bama Cool road. I'm just typing stuff in here. Ah, Wing Mills Alabama and ah, USA. My telephone is going to be 2 to 2, 3334433 So be sure to give us a call. Ah, fax is gonna be the same thing as well. I'm just in the last 1 to 4. Oh, an email address we have add mean at cool online store the gum. All right. So unable to subscribing connect functionality on the contact page template. You know, we don't want to do that on the contact page. We only want that on the single our post pages. And last but not least, you can also choose to add a Google map is. Well, if you wanted to, you would have to add the coordinates. And here simply click on the Google Maps link and you will be instructed on how you could do that. So I'm just save my changes and let's come down two pages and let me add a new one. Okay? It's gonna be for the contact page and now down here to divide. I'm going to change the template from default to the contact form. Let's publish that. Let's view the page and cool. All right. So, as you can see, we now have the address, the wonderful edges that we put in. We have the telephone number, the fax number of the email address and, of course, a form with which people can use to contact or swift. And if you edit your ah Google map, you would find the Google map just beneath the form as well. So that's it. We still have the boxed layout. I don't like that lemon check. That's if changes. Let's come back down here in a fresh Let's see. All right, cool. So we no longer have the box from it. Last thing before I go, if I come down to shop Ah, you would notice that we have the pages all laid out in a full with cooking on an individual pages. Well, for you. Put it We have the full with how ever If I come down to my pages, let's go to shop, Get it now Over here. This is where we can select the layout for our individual pages. So I could choose to, for example, select this layout with a right side boss Evan Evan out updates and come down to the puts page and refreshed. That still won't show up. So what you would need to do if you want to display sidebars and pictures like this is to come back to the back end, go to my still go to settings and then in here, where we have woo commas you want to select to display this side ball on shop archives and and product pages so you can check. This box is right here. Save the changes and I have to come down here. Refresh again. Now you can see the side by showing up so you can control the layouts for your product pages and your individual single product pities as well. So that's it for now. Generally the next class available continue to design. Ah, but sign. Thank you for watching. I will see you then. 25. Creating Our Main Menu: one of the most important parts of your entire website is going to be your main menu. And the reason why this is so is because that is the default place where your potential clients and customers are going to go to when searching for a product that they're interested in. Take a look here at Jack Threads, a first timer all the first time it has to do here is to come down to, let's say, clothing and instantly. Instantly he can see the sub categories. It is looking for shirts. He's got the shots. Why did he comes down to shoes? He can see shop all shoes. He can city categories, boots, Nichols shoes. He comes on to accessories. He sees all these sub categories on the accessories instantly. So you really want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what it is that they're looking for. Especially if your all installed starts getting bigger and bigger. You start selling 5 to 6 different categories of products. You want to make it as easy as possible for your costume us to come in and find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. And that's why your main menu is crucial to the success of your entire online store. Now, unfortunately, the default menu system fall. Ah, what difference doesn't really do a good job? I mean, in a way you can. Still, your customers can still look at what they're looking for is just not going to be as as enticing as it as it's supposed to be. Before we delve into that, let's for civil create on actual manual. It's at the product categories to our main menu. Right now we have the my account page to Shop page to check out an undercard. However, we do have product categories, so they come down to put UPS categories. We do have clothing, which is the main category. We have the sub categories of hoodies and T shirts. We have music with the sub categories of albums and singles and enemy have posters, which is another I mean category. So what I want to do is to add these menu items to our main menu. However, if a community appearance go to menus, there is no place for me to add those meadows. Those items you can see on the post it's not there. It's not on the custom links, and it's not on the categories. So well you want to do is to jump down to your customized button under appearance. We can customize now in here. Click on the widgets. Well, im sorry budgets, menus, rather menus. And then he did in here. Click on your premiere menu, click on odd items and now, down Here, you would find that the product categories swick and click on product categories and I can just begin to hit the pause button, the plus button, the plus button, the plus button to add everything. Singles albums. Okay, click outside I can save and before Stephen in publish in. I can actually rearrange the product categories. So what I'm gonna do, I hear is on the clothing. I'm going to drag Who these to the rights? Just a little bit a drag T shirts to the light. Just a little bit. Could we have music as a main category drag singles to the right drag albums to the right as well? And then we have posters. Awesome. So right now I'm gonna click, save and publish and let's see what we have. Let's go back Teoh Insight. And now, on the clothing. We have the sub categories on the music. We have this subcategory. It's fine, but these does not look anything like Obi half over here. This is really interesting with all the images and text, and it just makes you wanna click on the links. So what I'm going to do in the very next video is I'm going to introduce you to a plug in that will allow obstacle eight mega menus like the one we have here in Jack threats. I will see you then. 26. The WR Mega Menu: while I was trying to figure out what plugging we're going to use to replicate what it is that we have in here on the jack threads or in fact, the kind of menu system that you would find on any major online store. I ran into a problem, and the problem was that every plugging that could do something like this. Waas not free. There were all premium plug ins, some war, $29 somewhere as high as $59 so on and so forth showers. Real discouraged, I was thinking to myself, Wow, I might have to actually use a premium plug in to build out the mega menu for the online store. Luckily, though I can be can be very stubborn when it comes to second for free stuff. So I hung in there and I kept searching, searching, searching, trying to find a free plug in with which we could use to build out a mega menu end. I am very happy to tell you that I finally found such a plug in, and this plug in is called the W All Mega menu in its by Wu Rockets and let me just say a huge thank you to these guys for making is plugging food because it is amazing what it can do. It is a fantastic plug in, and it is one that I absolutely recommend. Let's go ahead and quickly download the plug in quickly before the ticket premium. So let's go ahead and ah, and installed a plug in quickly. Ah, appearance plug ins at new. All right, upload the plug in and let me just drag that in here, ship it in and stole now and stole and activate the plug in and cool. All right, so you get this message blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All right, I am going to come down here to add new will. Have to quit a profile for our main menu. I'm gonna click at New. And now in here. The title is going to be main menu. Okay. And as you can see that the location has been said to the primary menu. This is the menu that where we want to tone on the mega menu. So and then click publish. All right, now, here are the the top categories that we have on our main menu. As you can see over here. These are the many items that we have. This sub categories are ensuring so, but that's not important. What I want to do is to click on clothing because clothing is one off the categories that has sub categories. It has T shirts and hoodies under it, right? So I'm going to click on Taunt on mega menu for this particular category. Now in here, right now, I can begin to design the rule that I have laid out for me in here. I can click Add a column, and that's what I'm going to do him quick. I'm gonna cook on added column, and the reason why I'm doing this is because I want a mega many that has the following kind of structure. It has an image to the left, and then it has text to the light. So now in here I have the ability to add different elements. I'm gonna click on add element for the very First column and in here I'm going to click on Image, Okay, and now in here we can add the image file and let's go with a T shirt. Let's go with a really nice T shirt. Let's go with the great one. Let's go with the great T shirt instead into the post and he conceded Preview right here. Okay. And cool. Mine couldn't click on safe Now, in here to the right, I'm going to click on Add Element. I'm going to click on text and we already have some default text in here, as you can see so I can choose to either keep that or I can trim it down. Ah, let me see. Let just let just keep that as it is right now and click on safe. Let's click on a date. Now let's take a look at ah main menu now and see what we have. Come on the clothing and take a look at that. We have clothing, we have the shirt and then we have the text next to it. Isn't that awesome? This is really, really awesome. Okay, cool, cool nights. Let's come back. Let's go back to the clothing. The one I'm going to do is to create another role for the Hootie's for the hoodies. So I'm going to do is to click on add low, okay. And now in here, Over there I'm sorry. Before even doing that, you can simply come down here and then select the kind off rule you want to add this structure off the role. You have two columns. You have three columns, four columns and so on and so forth. You have two columns over here, but with different sizes. The first column here is smaller than the second column. So anyway, I'm just gonna go with the six by six going to click that. So now we have the two columns Oliver against. I'm gonna click on Add Element. Let's go with an image. Let's select an image for a hoodie. Let's go with what color do we go with in this case? Let's go with the Red one. Its incident to the post. Let's click Save Let's come down here to light at Element. Click on text again and let me just save that. Let's update. Let's now come over here and refresh the page over again. Come down to clothing and take a look at that fist. Arise on that. This is I'm sorry. I get a little bit excited. This looks good. Okay, Even though, Yeah, we can still do so much better, but you can see right now, all made. Many is starting to look a lot better than the default Our menu style that we had with Wordpress. So this is a quick teaser to what we can do that this plug in. I don't want this reader to go on too long, so I'm going to stop the video right here. Join me. The next class available continued to enhance the beauty and the functionality off arm in many using this wonderful free plug. And I will see you then. 27. WR Mega Menu 2: All right, let's continue building out our mega menu using the wonderful plug in the w R mega menu by with buckets. Let's come back down here. And what I'm going to do is to add some titles to, ah, image and text so I can click on the Penn button right here to edit the image and in hand is going to say, Uh, shirts. Oh, not sure it's shirts, Alex shirts. Okay, But as you can see right now, for some reason, the element titles do not show up. Okay, they don't show up in the actual display. That's fine. I'm just save that, but you can see right now we can easily identify what block this is. It's the should block. Let me also do this engineer for the Texas Well, let's go it shirts. But actually, I would like shirts to show up on the display so that people know what it is that they're looking at some good typing. Sure, it's not sure it's why. My type in shreds All right, shirts H three, click outside, and now you can see the preview Cool. Let's save that, and I can do the same thing in here as well. This is going to be Hootie's Hootie's Some Space. Let's head who these as well again. And let's make this in age three. Okay, let me say that. Do the same thing for the images. Well, uh, who these safe date toilets come back downhill? It's refresh. And OK, so now we have shirts and we have Hootie's Awesome. But now check this out. Okay? We can do so much more with the design off this mega menu. What I'm gonna do is to come back down here, go back again to clothing. And now for the image. I'm going to click on the panel once again. And now down here where we have the appearance over area where we have the appearance, we can change the container style. We have no style involved. Circle thumbnail. I like circle, So I'm gonna go with circle. And now you can see the design that we have. It's all inside of a circle. This looks good. You can also choose the alignment. If you wanted to, you could change the element from inherits to left. Center right is all up to you. I'm just gonna click on save because I like that design. Let me do the exact same thing for the hoodies as well. Appearance. Let's change this to circle is the circle of life. Okay? I'm just a bait that come over here with fresh and clothe and take a look at that. This looks better, doesn't it? This looks a lot better. It's starting to get there. OK, cool. Let's go back again to clothing. And now let's take a look at text. What can we do with the text? There's so much we can do over here. Click on appearance Now over here you can enable something called a drop cap Actually had no idea what this was. I had to experiment. But if I click on Yes, take a look at the s. A job cap simply takes the very first letter and then enhances it in different ways. So but deformed attributes. If I start to bring it down, you can see what it does you can see now the becomes very, very big and the H I ality is the rest of the would still remains the same often size as it won't. So you can save that. That's updates. Let's calm down here. Let's refresh. See what we have. And then how you can see shirts. We have that design. That's that's attitude that design off the S. We have a right over there. Cool, Awesome. So come back down here again. Go back to clothing. Let's try the same thing for the hood is as well appearance in able job cap and take a look at that. Let me just bring this size down to visit 60. Save that. That's updates. Come back here and we fresh and OK, check that out. We got shows we got who it is with the S and the H looking all flying cool. I'm sorry. I just get excited whenever I'm like, you know what? Can we really, really, really awesome plugging? That's free. That's just one of the best things ever. Cool. What else can we do? Let's go back. Let's go back. Go to clothing once again. And now in here for the actual rule itself, we can do some design. I can click on depend bottom right here for the low click in there and now in here we can choose a background color. We can go with an image we can go with that pattern great and call a solid color. I can choose a solid color. Let's go with Ah, let's go with something blue. Let's drop this down here. Let's see, Let's go. But that is an example. Okay, let's go with that. I can save that's updates. Come back with fresh clothing and now you can see it's blue. So what I can do is to change the text from black to white. So let's do that. Go back to clothing, come back to the tax click on Depend Button. And what I can do is to select all that's Tuggle. The button hairless changed the called too white, and I'm going to save that. However, the drop cap is still in black, so I'll have to change that as well. I'll go back to appearance. The job cap. This is where we change the color. Let's go typing F f f f f f so six FC calls whites. Just in case you were wondering press enter, Click outside that save everything is all white. Now let's go back in here and let's refresh the page clothing and take a look at that. This looks so much better than what we had initially. So I invite you to try as much. It's also try to do the same thing. Try playing around with the hood is that we have in here as well and you might notice almost immediately that the H that we've lost the job cap for the hood is now. I'll be honest with you. This is something that I noticed. I sometimes the drop caps may work. Sometimes they may not work. I don't know what the problem is. It could be that the plug in hasn't yet been updated to match the letters vision of Wu Commerz or the letters vision of what prayers. But there tends to be some inconsistencies, especially whenever you make in changes to the text that we have inside off the text block soap. I don't know what it pulling me is better if you're having the same issues where you make a change to shirts as an example and then you lose the job. Careful hoodies all vice versa. You make a change to the hoodies textbook, and then you lose a job cap for the short section. Don't don't worry, don't be surprised It's something buggy with the plug in. But hey, it's still an awesome plugging off. Also, I won't spend too much time worrying about that. So let me pause the video and stop video right here. Will wisdom the video the next section available? Continue again to enhance the functionality off our menu. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next last. 28. WR Mega Menu 3: Okay, So far, so good. We're doing very well with the mega menu. I have gone ahead to add a grazier background for the hoodies. And as you can as you notice the H, the drop cap for the H has come back. It appeared right after I made a change to the background color. So again, this is one of those buggy things that we have with this plug in. But overall, this is still a fantastic plug. And so I just letting you know, just in case, you know, you finding some inconsistencies with your job cap, it happens. All right, Now it's cool. It's old, nice and find that we have a shirts. We have image. However, people still cannot click on the images. So are we going to do right now is to make the images clickable so that when people click on the images, it takes them to the pages that contains the categories off products that are looking for. So let's come back down here where we have the image. I'm going to click on the pen again. And now here we have the on click. I am going to change this from no action to calm down all the way here, down here to put a category and going to select that. And now in here for the single item, I'm going to click on the drop down and a single Adam here is going to be T shirts right, because that is the category of productive looking at. And then you can open up in your current blouse in a new tab or in a light box. Let's go through new tab. Let's save that. Let's do the same thing in here as well. Ah, go to the Put a category and it put a category we're looking for right here Is who these open in a new tab order. Let's see what happens if you open it in a light box. Let's do that light box Safe update. Let's jump back down here. Let's refers to page. Come down here to clothing. Now. If we click on the image, it takes us straight to the T shirts category. As you can see. Awesome. Now let's see for the hoodies, click on Hootie's and take a look at this. This opens up in a light box. Amazing, and it's free. I can't believe this plugging is actually free. The it offers so much flexibility and so much design. It's just is just amazing. It really, really is amazing. Cool. All right, Cool. Let me very quickly just go ahead and do the same thing for the music category. So come down here to music. Let's turn on mega menu. Let's change. That's add a column so it's 50 by 50. Calm down here. Let's add an element. Let's go with an image and let's go with a album. Let's go with this dude right here and set into post. This is going to be full albums. All right. On Clique, Go to the Port of category. Go Teoh albums. Open it in a new tab. Okay, cool, safe. Let's odd text, Simple text and let's create a header that Say's albums We Love albums Albums make that an H three ad an element title for albums as well l Bombs, Let's save this All right, Cool. Now I can click on Add in a new role. Now, in order to save time, I could easily duplicate these columns so I can click on the duplicate elements right here . Click on that and then I'll simply drag the duplicate in here through the same thing here as well duplicated text druggie down in here. Oh, I didn't drag this one properly. Let me just do that again. Cool. So now in here, I can begin to make changes. Let's change the element right here. Two singles, singles. Let's change the image to this one right here. That's incidents of the Post. All right, so the single item we're looking for right here is going to be singles. Let's click Save. Let's do the same thing in here as well. Singles. Ah, singles, singles singles saying Girls. Okay, let's save this and let's update. Let's come back down here. Let's refresh. So we got clothing and we got music with the albums and the singles. Cool, Cool, Cool. Awesome. Now, before I go, let me quickly show you one more thing. We can actually expand the width off rows and columns, and how you want to do this is to come back down here now click and clothing. You would notice there's a gear bottom next to it. Second click on that, and in here we can increase the with off our menu so from here from from 600 I can go with that say, 1000 as an example. And now you can see everything that has expanded to a thousands. Let's update this. And now let's see how this looks like Come back down heavy, fresh. Look at that closing that becomes so much larger. Music is still the same because we didn't change the with for music, but we changed it with food, clothing And as you can see right now, it is large and huge. So that's a moment playing around with the mega menu. Plug in. Join me if next class velvet vandal up. Ah, the classes on how to use the mega menu plugging. Thank you. Fortune will see you then. 29. WR Mega Menu 4: All right. So this is gonna be the final video where we're going to be building out the mega menu. We've pretty much don't lots of really good stuff in here, But before we round up, I would like to show you one more thin. If I come down here, we have a brominated say style and then this is to style the actual entire mega menu itself . So click on style in. And now in here, you can change the There's only one call skin, which is the default one. Well, the menu layout, you can change from horizontal to vertical. So let me just say this and let's see what this looks like. Update. You're fresh and now you can see the menu looks different. I wouldn't go with this style, but who knows it. That style might work for you on your own. What Press theme. So I'm just come back down here, switches back Teoh horizontal. You can choose to have a sticky menu so that your menu is always on top of all pages. Even when you scroll down, people will still be able to see the menu. You can change the funds you can change the background color or the background on hover. And in fact, let me change this to Black, which is going to be a 00 No, I mean, we move everything first of all, So it's gonna be 000000 which is black. And then for the icons. You can either go with the text so I can Onley for you have icons like this, or you could go with an icon and at text as well. So let me just switch that back to text. Let's save this. Let's update. Let's come back down here and refresh the page. And OK, so now when we hover over the menu items, the bag on color is now black, as you can see. So that has been it for the Megan menu. Plug in. I will encourage you to try as much as possible to to experiment. You can build out different kinds of structures because the mere fact that we have the ability to add our columns and change the size. And in fact, I forgot to tell you this. You can change the size simply by dragon weight, but you have this symbol you can simply drag and then move either to the left or to the right. So you can even change the size off your columns this way, which is just again pretty awesome. So you can play with the sciences. You can add full columns. Six columns. You can practically replicate almost any kind off mega many that you've ever seen on any other website. So that's it for the plug in. I hope you've had formed his last few videos, talking about how to build out and make a menu using the plug in Thank you so much, and as usual, I will see you in the next class. 30. Choosing a Premium Theme: When it comes to choosing a premium theme for your online store, you literally have hundreds of different options that you can choose from. So the goal off this particular video is to provide you with some guidance on what to look for wenches and a theme to use and where you can buy premium themes from for your online store. Over here, I'm on Thin Forest Artnet, and this is easily, easily one of the very best places where you can buy what prison themes from not just for all in stores but also for like, blog's and business websites and so on and so forth in here. If you come down to the e commerce tab and click on Wu Commas, you would have the different kinds off themes which you could use, and they really have quite a lot. So let's take a look at the very 1st 1 as an example, a miracle click on the tab and in here we have the life preview and schooled way down, and he me in here. You can begin to see the templates that come with this theme. Click on Temple number three and you could almost hell that this particular fame is designed for online stores that sell clothes, quite possibly woman's clothes. Specifically, it's going all the way down, you can see and also jewelry as well. So when she's only theme, it's also very important that the theme to choose matches the can off products that you sell. If you're selling the electrics, for example, this particular theme wouldn't match the books that you sell. This is designed, morph like, you know, models and wrist watches and clothes and, you know, stuff like that. So that's one very important thing you need to keep in mind. Whenever you're choosing a theme for your online store, make sure that the theme it matches the products that you're selling let's come all the way down here. All right, so we have Allegro. Ah, what first theme for hand tools and equipment stores. Okay, so this looks different. Let's see. Allegro, Let's go toe Life preview. All right, so right now you can see that this looks completely different from the miracle theme. This particular he might here is designed for stores that sale equipment, generators, drillers, blowers, as you can see. So again, lawnmowers as well. So If you're the kind of business owner selling such products, then obviously this would be an ideal theme for you to go with. But it shouldn't just be about the design only what if you had, like, let's say, 34 themes that look very good to you? How would you separate one thing? How would you choose the best theme from such a collection of themes? Well, what you want to do is to take a look at the overview, read about the things that comes with the theme that features. For example, the Allegro theme down here has the evolution slighter. It hasn't made a menu, agreed a list view. It has a King composer 1-click installation and so on and so forth so you can read more about the functionality, the pre built functionality that comes with the theme you can see multiple homepage layouts . It supports a mega menu. As you can see. Ah, you have listen sliders as well. Details. Single point of view. So all in all this looks like a very, very useful theme for a store that sells equipment. So these are two things that you need to keep in mind. Make sure the design off the thing matches the product that you're selling. And then also be sure to take a look at the features that come with the theme. Try to get themes that have as much pre built functionality as possible so that you don't have to go out looking for additional plug ins to enhance the functionality off your theme . All right, so that's it's for theme. Foist here is a very interesting article from Khalib, and the article was the 30 best. If it eight Best Responsive welcomes WordPress themes to build an awesome East or in 2016 I will share the link and the resources links so you can take a look at this page. But they did. They had some very interesting themes over here. Ah, an example being Callie. Um, for example, down here you can click on the demo to learn more about the theme and schooled way down. You can see right now they have different our templates for different kinds off businesses . That is one for store. There's one for architecture. Wonderful photography. Let's click on the one for store. Okay. And in here right now, you can see this particular thing is designed for stores that sell no items like this. You have, ah, what's it's? Ah, ship maker pictures or different kinds of things that calculator vase, mugs, clocks again. Just another excellent thing for stores that sell such products. So again, feel free to do your research. Whenever you're trying to select the theme to use lead as much as you can pay very close attention to the design, make sure the design matches they put out your cell and then also take a look at the functionality that comes with such a theme. Let's just take a look at one more. Take a look at this fab. What part of the body can tell that this would be good for gadgets? So if you tell if a Salon electron ICS phones, video games, this would be ideal. Let's take a look at the demo. Okay, I'll look over there, looks good, and then the key features down here. It's have a page builder revolution slide up our support as well, and this is a very, very important feature off premium themes. When you buy a premium theme, you'll have support. So if you're wading into an issue, trying to get something to walk on your thing. You could always contact the authors and the developers off the theme, and it will be obligated to help you. Documentation is available. Parallax Backgrounds Lots of really cool features their combat premium themes. So you know honestly, if you're really serious about building an online store, I would always recommend that you go with a premium theme premium. Things will always be better than free themes. There is only so much that three themes can do for you. Before I go, I wanted to introduce you to a particular company called my Theme shop and these guys, I have been buying their plug ins and themes for quite a while now. And I have to say they are my personal recommendation if you're looking to buy really good themes for your business or for your blog's or whatever, and the reason why this is so is because they're themes are built specifically with speed in mind, I have never used themes as fast as the kind of themes these guys these guys produced. It produce really, really fast themes and the old really help with your CEO, So I will invite you to take a look at my thing shop. I will have the link in the resources link, and they do have a theme specifically for welcome us called woodshop. You can take a look at the life demo down here, and with this particular theme you could. Our sells things on your blawg. You have the default layout fight he could sell flowers is an example, or you could build an online store that sells spots our sports equipment, for example. So it's sort of a multi purpose theme, which you could use to build out different kinds off online stores. There's even one from medical in here as well. So if you're selling products to help you lose fat or, you know, general fitness products, things like that for health, you could also use this theme as well. Now, I would be honest with you. The link I'm gonna provide you is an affiliate link. I am an affiliate off this guy's, which means that if you buy any of the themes through the Lincoln provide you, I will get a baseball commission. So I'm just being honest with you, but I am not promoting this gay specifically because I'm gonna fill it and promoting them because I do business with them and I do business with them because they are really good and I vouch for them again. Take a look at the features. They have got some really, really good features that companies particular theme. So it's AdSense optimizes. Well, let's see already. Lots of beautiful for just a calm with it. So how limiters wish you all the very best in your search for a premium theme? My recommendation to you, though, before you buy a permanently, make sure that you are conversant with how all comers walks and you could always change the theme eventually. As you, you know, as your online store grows, as you begin to get more customers, don't worry about the design. For now, make sure that you're actually getting in customers and that customers can do the basic things like such for products, and pay for those products as well. Those are the two most important things. They should think off for your online store for now. So that's it for the video. I hope I have been able to provide you with some guidance and some tips on what to look for when trying to buy a premium theme. Thank you so much. Fortunate video. And as usual, I will see you in the next class. 31. Creating Test Accounts on PayPal: All right, let's get started with the most popular payment gateway, which happens to be PayPal. And before you begin to accept PayPal payments on your online store from real customers, it's often a very good idea to make sure that people is actually working on your store. And the way how you can do this is by creating test accounts we are going to create to test accounts. One account will be used by the buyer to make the payment, while the other account will be used by us, the merchant, the person except in the payment. And the way how we can do this is by enabling the papal sandbox. We'll have to check this books right here. And as long as this box is checked, no real transactions will take place on our store. Because what we do right now is we're telling welcome. Is that right? Now, if anyone is making any payments via PayPal on our stole, it is what testing purposes. Okay. All right. So you can also change the title off you'll from PayPal to something else. You can change the description you have option of providing your PayPal e mail address this is the actual real papal email address. You can change the receivers email address as well to something else. You can add a specific prefix for the invoices. Unity to you by people. You could also choose to send your shipping details to pay Pau instead of building. If you're using people for shipping labels, this might be a good option for you. Address over lied. Now people has the ability to also verify the addresses that your customers provide. However, it tends to generate a rose every once in a while and even welcome was recommends that you keep it disabled. So I don't see any reason why you would want to enable this payment action you have captured and author wise I'm just gonna live it on capture. And that's all that really concerned about this page them. Just go ahead and click safe changes. All right, so we've been able send box, and now let's go ahead and create eight test accounts with PayPal. No, I'm over here, a developer. The papal to come. I am going to resume that you already have a PayPal account. If you don't, you'll have to go ahead and created people account before you can begin accepting PayPal payments on your online store. So let me come down here and log in. Look, an and from him gonna click on dash board. Let's come down here to the light to the left, rather where we have send box and then accounts. And even if this is the very first time you visited this page, you might already see some test accounts already created for you by PayPal. It might be your your email address associated with PayPal and that you will have something like Dash buyer or something like that. So don't be surprised if you see one or two test that counsellor d credit for you by PayPal . And as you can see, already have some test accounts I already created in the past, as you can see. But now I'm gonna show you how we can actually create accounts. So gonna click on, create account over here and let's provide the details and then leave the country For United States, the account type of quitting right now is the account for the customer, the person making the payment. So it will be a personal account for the email address Let's go with. It's a test buyer 2016 ATS cool store. So calm and ah, we have let me just change the password in here. They just want to make sure that the password you're typing in is one that you're familiar with because you will be are going to have to use thes credentials to take for testing purposes later on. So make sure that passenger providing is actually real password one that you can remember all my payment methods, people balance. Let's just assume that we have $10,000 in our account bank verified, Yes, payment card. I'm going to go with PayPal now. The options you have here for the payment card depends on the country that you choose. If I chose, say, Belgium, for example, and then we only have credit cards available. So let me just go back here. United States PayPal credit cards. Let's go with Visa. You know, I'm going to click on create accounts. All right, so now we have tested by a 2016 at cool start off corm. It's a personal account. Now, if I drag my mouse over here, this is the bottom between which with which you could use to clone the account, but says You can see the misses that say's account cannot be cloned. That means that at the moment PayPal is still publishing the account it takes. Usually a few minutes before you're at your account is actually ready to be used. But while we're waiting for that, let's go ahead and now create a second account for the business now for the country you have to change from the United States to, I recommend United Kingdom, and I'll explain to you why, which isn't the the UK in the very short and very soon the contact is gonna be business. Our email address. That's a test merchant 2016 at Cool Stole the calm, the same password again. Okay, let's come down here. PayPal Balance. $100,000. Let's make the one million my not one million great British pounds credit cards. Visa, Delta Electron. Let's now go ahead and quit. Ate the account and OK, so now you can see that we cannot clone the new a kind of created, but we can now clone the personal kind of acquitted because right now it's ready. So before we can, before we can use this email address to begin accepting credit card payments on our site. We are going to have to upgrade it from business to business pool. You can see right here my cell adult cell, a 123 regimental com has a business pro type. It's not just regular business now. The reason why I chose Great Britain and not of the United States is because for some very old reason, I don't know why PayPal doesn't allow you to upgrade your test business accounts created in the U. S. I don't know why that's the case, but that's just how it is. I searched online trying to find answers, but I couldn't come up with any. So great Britain was like the country that was recommended the most by people online actually tried use in Switzerland. It didn't allow me to create top grade the account either. So what I'm gonna do right now is to pause the video for a few moments because, like I said, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes before an account is actually ready to be used. Someone opposed the video, and I will resume once the account is ready to be used. All right, I'm back. And it took about. I waited for about a minute and 20 seconds there about, but I refers the page, and now the account is ready. So what? I'm gonna do it. Do it now it's you Upgrade the type from business to business Pro is to click on the I were right here. I'm gonna click on profile, and over here you have the option of upgrading to pros. I'm gonna click on upgrades to pro click on Enable. And now let's hope this actually works. Because I have run into this issue. So militants before where people say is ah so view we couldn't upgrade. Your accounts are Please try again later. So we'll see what happens if it doesn't work. That's fine. We'll just wait again for a few more moments, so let's just see. Ah, ok, well, the light with you. All right, so we're sorry. Something went wrong. Well, in England pool, please try again. So this is a message that you are very likely going to get. But don't worry. Just click close. Let's come back down here and refresh. All right, so it's still business, but I'm going to do is to pause the video again, wait for a few more minutes, refresh the page and hopefully it'll have turned to business pro. All right, I'm back. And as you can see right now, it has become business. Prue. All I did was to wait a few more minutes and refreshed the page. It's still then show up. So what I did was to click on the job down. Arrow went back to profile, and then and then that's all I did. I just clicked on upgrade to pro, and that's all I did. I did not run the process again. All it was. Just click on the link, trainable to upgrade to pro. You would see the button that says, Enable I did not click on enable all that. It was just to close it, refresh the page. And now we have the type of business pro. So we have successfully created to test accounts via PayPal. So, Jimmy, the next class will will begin to make payments and accept payments using these test accounts. Thank you. Fortunate. We'll see you then. 32. Making Test Payments via PayPal: Now that we've created test accounts for the Merchant and the bio, we cannot begin to accept payments on our website Before we can do that. However, we need to make sure that the people in villages that we have on our back end is the same in villages that we used to create the business pro account on people. So go ahead and make that change. Gonna come down here, let's save changes. And I'm gonna come down to shipping as well. Okay, now, what I want to do is to offer a shipping method for the United States. If you try making test payments and you don't have any shipping methods selected are created for the location off your test buyer. You're not gonna be able to make any test payments. So let's quickly add a shipping method here for flat rate. So we have a flat rate for everyone in the United States who isn't living in Alabama or Alaska or Hawaii. Okay, cool. That's cool. Now let's drag a different blouse. A. In here, this is the best ever going to use for making test payments. This is Firefox, so it's often invigorated to use a different browser, just in case of cookies or cashed memory and things like that. So let's imagine on the first timer in here, I come down to clothing. Shirts are like shirts. Let's go there. Happy ninja. Okay, let's go with the happy ninja. Add to cart. That's view the cot. Let's ah, proceed to check out. All right. Billing details. Just going to create an account in here. Now for the mail email address, make sure it's a real intelligence that you have access to because welcomes will be sending notifications to that email. All right, United States address the White House boy in City State is going to be Arizona zip code. And that's also create an account as well. So I'm gonna proceed to PayPal and Okay. All right. So from here, I'm going to click on half a PayPal account. Now, you will also notice that we have something here called Alex and the onus test stole. So PayPal already knows that. Okay, this is a test payment. That's what You really have the name over here. We also have sandbox in here for the U. R l. So this way you know that PayPal has recognized that this isn't This is a test payment. Another actual real transaction. So let's click on half a people account. And now let's look in with the credentials for the test account that we created. So Linda's drugs over here. What do we have tested by a 2016 at cool startled calm. Okay, test buyer 2016 at cool store. Come, let's log in. All right, let's agree to whatever this is. E I didn't even read it, but who cares? All right. So now I'm good to confirm the payments. I'm gonna click on pay now, and OK, so the payment has been completed. I am going to click on. We turn to Alexander on this test store, let me drag this way. And now let's see if the payment has actually gone through. I'm gonna come back down here to my back end and in here, I'm gonna click on orders. And now you can see we have number 17 And by Alex only shipped to Alex, Only the White House born city. You can see right now that we've got into the notification that someone has made a payment via paypal. Okay. However, what I'm gonna do is to come back down here and now I try to look in. Actually, this is the page that the that the customer will be redirected to want to make a payment. You can see right here. It says, Are they received? Thank you. Your has been received or the number date? Ah, the amount spend shipping, method, shipping address, billing address, and so on and so forth. So what I want to do is to go to pay, pal again. Send box sandbox of paypal dot com. And, uh, I'm just remove all this. All I'm looking for is sandbox like paypal dot com. Press enter. And now I'm gonna try and log in with the merchant account of we created. Right, So let's log in. This is going to be test. What was that test? Ah, test cellar. And I'm just confirmed that test tested merchant. All right, Test merchant. 2016 test. There's Merchant 2016. Cool store. Let's now look in. I do not remember. Command Command. Come on, command check and all right, so now I'm gonna click on payments received, And let's hope this actually works, because again, every now and then you might have issues, but Okay, Cool. Awesome. So we we actually send the payment now from myself for the $18. Awesome. So I'm just gonna click on, accept I accept your money, give me their money. I so just I'm just click on accept. All right, So except refuses payment. I wholeheartedly accept the payment. And yes, you can convert it to pounds. Let's do that. Said meat. All right, cool. Now what I'm gonna do it now is to pause the video and open up my Gmail account. Remember that when I made this, when I made this purchase, my provided my email address. So who commas must have sent a notification to my email address saying, Hey, we got your order. Here is the ah, the details. Salam disposed of video and open up. My Gmail account arts have opened up my Gmail account. Ellen does drag one over here. The very 1st 1 here say, is your account on course to remember, we created an account. And so this is the message we receive. Cool online store. Welcome to cool store. Thanks for quitting. Account blah, blah, blah. All right. And now this is the email that I received once I already made my purchase is conceived. Thank you for your order. This is your product details everything here. So it's actually working. Now, if you're wondering that. Hey, how did I get this cool online store image to pop up? Well, what I did here very simply was to create the image. I put it in my media file. It's the one over here. Cool storm. So I simply copied the file. You are over here. And then I came down to woo commas when to set ins. And when to What was that? Emails, emails. And now in here, where we have the header image, I simply pissed it to ur l. So that's how you can get a nice, cool looking header images to appear in the emails that you send to your clients. So awesome limiters. Go ahead right now. Go back to the orders and what I'm gonna do right now is to confirm that have accepted payments. I'm gonna click on complete. Cool. All right. So again, I'm gonna pause the video and open up my Gmail account again. Actually, I don't even do that. It's opens numbers drag that over here. Okay, Cool. Have gotten the message it now say is your other is complete. Hi. There you is In order on coaster has been completed. Your order details are shown below for your reference. So we have bean successfully. We've been able to successfully make a test payment via PayPal on our online store. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So that's how to make test payments via people on your online store. Thank you for watching. And of course, I will see you in the next class. 33. Using Stripe Payments: all right. So the very next payment get where we're going to take a look at is stripe. And if you really familiar with stripe, good for you. If you're not stripe allows you to process payments on your website without having to redirect your clans to a thought party like people does. So it has its advantages and its disadvantages. But again, if if you're a fan of stripe, you will obviously enjoy what it could do for you. If you're not sure about stripe, you can test, you know, give it a try and see whether it works for you. Anyway, what I'm going to do in this videos to show you how you can set up stripe payments on your store and how we can easy to accept test payments. So you would need to create an account on stripe. But before we even come down here to strive, we have to download and install this tripe plug in on our online starts. So another to do that, you would have to go to the work Hamas website Look in if you haven't created an account held strongly, include you to do so. So log in. Come down to who? Commas go to extensions. And over here to the left, click on free. And in here you will see a stripe. So just click on stripe and then click are to cart. Ah, All right, so I actually already have the strip on my account, so just click. Continue, add to cart, purchase it, and then finally you be able to download the plug in. So I've already don't that so I'm just going to add the stripe plug in upload and just drag that over here and stall, Okay? And let's activate the plug in and all right, so it's a stripe is almost ready to get started. Set up your strip account keys. All right, I'm gonna click on this. And first things first, I'm going to enable stripe. All right? And by default, The testimony is really being activated. Now we have some keys that we need to provide. We have to provide the secret and publishable keys for life, real transactions or the circuit and publishable keys for test transaction. So to get these keys, come down to your strap accounts, go to dashboard and from dashboard, click your account. Click on the drop down box, click account settings and click on a P I keys over here. And this is where you will have your keys. So lenders go ahead and copy the test key. First, the test key. Let me paste that in here, and then I'm going to copy the publishable key. We don't need the life keys because we're not accepting life payments. So capture charge immediately. You can enables trap check out. Yes, lived it on English. No image, no Bitcoin. Let's just save changes. So we've been able stripe, and now let's see if we can make test payments going to drag my Firefox over here again. There's just refresh, All right, so let's come down to clothing. Let's go with shirts. Once again, I like this for a T shirt. Let's click on that. Click are too caught. View the cut, Proceed to check out. All right, so it's similar information from there. And now down here, you can see credit card with stripes. I'm gonna click that. And now in here, it tells us that hey, we can actually pay with Ah, it tests credit card. And this testament you can use the card number this is this distance. This so ah stripe will provide you with a fake credit card number that that you can actually use to make the payment. So I'm just go ahead and copy this click. Continue to payment. All right. So let me just paste the cardinal. But there, let's go. With a valid months, I'm gonna go with 09 20 for the year 2020 and ah, 671 for the CBC. Pay $18 or K. I think payment has gone through order. Received order number wanted to for $18. Credit card. Streib. Cool. Alright, Awesome. I'm just drag this away. Come down to stripe, Let me refresh the page. And now you can see what I have. $38 the reason why it's not 18. Those because I already had $20 there previously for testing purposes. But now you can see we have actually received payment via stripe. Awesome. So let's come back down here to dashboard. Go to orders. And now we can see number one aids. No. So it number 182 yet by Alex Oni and it's by a stripe. So we have the green over the same processing. So if I had been just click on complete and all right, so the payment has been completes. Now, we now have Teoh test payments via PayPal and striped. So thank you very much for watching the video. As usual, German, the next class available continued to explore payment gateways on our online store. Thank you for watching. I will see you then. 34. Using Amazon Payments: the last human get we're going to you very briefly torch on would be Amazon payments. Now, to be honest, I wasn't sure whether or not to make this video because I personally have never used Amazon before. I have never I mean, I've never used Amazon to accept or cell checks up payments or sell anything before. I mean, I've bought lots of things on Amazon, but I've never actually used Amazon as a payment gateway before. If you also one who is experienced with Amazon and you've used Amazon to sell, and you like to use Amazon payments on your online store, lenders walk you very quickly through the process. You would have to. I download the plug in the Amazon payments plug, inform who commas. It's pretty much the same process. A strip of papal. I just download the plug in, install it, and once you've installed that, you would find the Logan and pay with Amazon Tab in here on the your check out page. So you would have to enable Amazon payments and you would have to provide the Silla I D. The mentioned access key and the mention secret key. And then, of course, enable sandbox. And I believe that's all you're going to need to make test payments via Amazon. Our Phil. Free to do some more research on your own if you're interested in using Amazon payments. But I don't use Amazon. I've never used it before, so I'm not gonna pretend like I know what it is that I'm talking about. So that's it for the payment Gateways joined me in the next class. Well, we will talk about how to manage orders in your online store thinking fortune. I will see you then. 35. Managing Orders: Okay, So far, so good. We've got into orders on our store, one via people and one via stripes. So let's take a look at how we can manage orders as we receive them on our online store. Any on the orders page, you will see the I, which you can click on to take a proper look at the transaction. And in here we have the general details. The building details, the shipping details. We even have the i p address of the customer. And you can change the status from completed to let's say we funded, maybe even filled or canceled down here to the right where we have the order notes. This is basically the entire history off this particular transaction and you consider knows that we've had our people had a validation area, and this is actually an error message that you're very likely to get on the most test transactions. Most payments you make in a sandbox or usually result in a validation error. Oh, so you're more than likely to have the same area as well. Ah, the order studios was changed from on hold to complete. It will be accepted payment down here we can either add a private note about this particular particular construction. All we can send a note to the customer so I could say something like, Thank you. Your order has shipped, Alex. Okay. And I could add that, and this message is going to go straight to the customer, and you can see right here, right now, under the order notes, you can see. Thank you. You order has been shipped. So again, this particular section keeps track off every single thing that happens. We get in this particular transaction and let me just drag my G mail account in here. And as you can see, I have just gotten it's It's a Z. Thank you. Your order has shipped, Alex. So this is a pretty cool way off having a personal touch with your customers. You can type in the name. Tell them. Oh, thank you so much for buying this product. We really appreciate it. Ah, here's a coupon for your next purchase or something like that, you know, and they will always receive that. All right, let's come down to reports. And in here you can keep track off all your purchases. The cells basically all these connections you've had so far on your online store, we have the gross sales. We have the average gross daily sales for the last seven days. How many orders were placed? Ah, how many we funded, How much it just for Shippen. Our sales by product sales by category of any coupons being used. This is simply a wonderful part off Luke Hamas. The ability to track your transactions using statistics. And they're just orders you have for customers as well. How many you've signed up. You can keep track of your stalk. You can keep track of taxes as well. It's a pretty robust, ah, way of keeping track off your transactions on your site. So that's it for managing orders in your welcome. A storm. We'll see you in the next class. Thank you for watching. 36. Managing Refunds: Unfortunately, there were times when your customers may request a refund from you. And even though it's something that none of us ever likes, we don't like it when we sell something to someone and the person asks for a we found it sucks, but it's part off e commerce, so you need to know how to process reforms whenever they happen. Now, down here where we have our orders, let's take a look at the order made via PayPal. One thing you should bear in mind is that whenever you your process and we'd phones, the actual process itself largely depends on the payment gateway. So the way you may process a reformed for PayPal might be different from the way you process that we formed from stripe. So down here, this is the payment via PayPal. Over here I can click on refund and clicking on the phone. This brings out this box right here that asks for the refund amount, and I could say something like, Okay, I mean, funding back $15 But unfortunately, ive you click reformed $15 via PayPal and tried to do this way. You will see this much. It's saying something like reform failed. No transaction. I d These very likely happens because this is a sandbox payment. No real money was actually sent. So it's more than likely that whenever you try re funding our payments made in the sandbox , you might receive that can off message. That's via PayPal. If this was an actual real our purchase, you should be able to refund the money. But let's take a look at the one that was made by a stripe for stripe works. Because if I come down here, go to Lee Fund. Come on here and say, OK, I'm gonna refund you $10. Let's reform $10 very stripe. Click on there, click OK. And now you can see we found and you can see the message of the funded $10 back. And over here on the order notes, these actually did not automatically register on the the order notes. So what would have to do is to come down here under the order status and change from completed to be funded. Alright, funded, let's save the order. And now you can see the order status has changed from completed to refund it, so it would have been nice if this particular box it was automatically updated whenever we had a refund. But will I guess we'll come us. Uh, maybe maybe in the future will commence will be able to do that. But that's basically how you can walk with refunds again. It'll actually depends on the pain and get where you're using if you're using PayPal and it was a real payment and pretty sure you should be able to refund the payment using the same method as stripe. So that's it for how to manage reforms on your online store. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you in the next class. 37. Managing Coupons: Today is December 23rd 2016 and it's Christmas. And as you can imagine, lots off online stores and businesses offering their products and services at discounted rates, you might need a coupon to be able to get the discounts, so it's rather fits in that today we talk about how to create and how to use and manage coupons on your online store. So I'm going to do is to come down here to will Come us click on coupons and let's create a coupon for Christmas. Okay, so in here we're going to add the cold, which is going to be Christmas 2016 description. I'm not going to add a description. This is pretty self explanatory. All right, so down here, General. Now in here, we can create four different kinds off coupons. You can either have a coupon for an entire cart, so you could say something like $50 off everything that you buy on any online store. Or you could go with the percentage instead and say something like 20% off our everything that you buy on the online store. Or you could apply the coupons specifically to products as well you could apply a regular discount, maybe $50 off a particular product or you could say 10% off off a particular product. So let's go with a caught percentage discount, and in here you can add the value. So I'm gonna go with 20% off everything that a Kozma buys now in here. You can also allow for a shipping with the use of this coupon. However, make sure that a free shipping method has been set for everyone to be able to use. You can read more about that in this particular document. Cuban expiry date. I'm just going to go with 31st off this year. Let's come down to the usage restriction now. In here. You can set a minimum amount of money to be spent by the customer before they can use the coupon. So let's go with ah, 400. Now Hitler's going $40 so you must spend at least $30 before you can use the coupon. Now, in here, we have something by the interest in a maximum spend, and I'm telling you, I don't know about you, but I have never, never, ever seen an online store or business scene. Hey, this is the you can you can spend more then this amount of money before you can use these coupon. I have never, ever seen any business do that. It's always about you haven't to spend a minimum of one before you can use a coupon in here is the opposite. They're saying that if you spend more than let's say $40 you will not be able to use this. Keep on. So I don't know about you. I personally have never seen that before, so I'm just gonna live this blank because I want my customers to spend as much asi they can . I don't want it to be any restrictions on how much they can spend. So it's up to you. I'm just gonna leave this blank our individual use on Lee so you can make sure that this coupon can only be used on its own. So if a customer has this particular coupon and another coupon, the Cosmo would not be able to use to keep on that whole so you can restrict that I'm going to check this box now. In here, you can exclude still items from being used by this coupon, and I think this is a very, very good idea because imagine you had a product that you're selling for $80 it's on sale for $60. You wouldn't want someone to come in and apply a coupon again on that simple it and get a program for, let's say, $20. You'd be losing money so you could restrict sale items from being able to use this coupon. Now, these also can greatly affect what you have in here. So over here at this contact is a percentage on the cart. Ive a costume are ends up, put it in one off the plugs. It's on sale to the cart. This restriction will wipe out the coupon for me used on the cart completely. So it doesn't matter if he wanted to buy 10 items and nine of them while for normal pricing and only one item was on sale. The fact that we've restricted, still at and so amenable to use this coupon means that the customer would not be able to use the coupon at all, So be aware of that now. In here, you can restrict the coupon to setting products or you can exclude that in predicts on being able to use the coupon, something that place to the categories as well. And in here we have the email restrictions, where you can add in email addresses that off customers whom you only want to be able to use the coupon usage limits. You can set a number here to, let's say, 100 coupons available, or maybe 200 or just leave it on a limited usage. And here you can, the strict usage limit per user as well. So maybe a customer can only use the coupon once or twice or limited. I'm just gonna live this unlimited Let's hit publish So we have our Christmas 2016 coupon active. So let's see how if it works, I'm just going to come down here, Open up my Firefox, pretend a new user he knew customer and, ah, let's come down here. Let's add Ninja Schilit. Let's ought to caught. Let's come down here as well. Oh, premium premium quality. Okay, let's add this one as well. All right, let's view the caught Now. Remember we said a restriction to be $40 but in here it's $55 So let me go ahead now and apply the keep on Christmas 2016. Apply coupon. Awesome. And as you can see right now, the coupon code has been applied and it's $11 off, say, right now, the total is $44 soap. That's how to create and manage coupons on your online store. Ah, be sure you don't abuse the use of coupons. Ah, I wish you all the very best. And he's a Vicky Pons and Ah, well, that's it for now. So thank you for watching that. We'll see you in the next class. 38. Managing Customer Accounts: when customers begin to create accounts in your online store, you can actually view all those accounts by coming down to users. Click on all users and now in here, you can simply click on customer to filter out all the customers that you have. And as you can see, that's me. That's my email address, and you can click on edit to make changes to their account. If you wanted to, he could change your name. Ah changed the email address. You could change the ship in the dress or, you know what have you could you could do lots of things if you wanted to. Also, I should point out that by default, whenever a customer creates an account, they will be assigned the goal off customer by Wu Commas. Now, in addition to the ad, me and it also or the you know, the the Default walls that what press creates for you whenever you install woo commas, commas will add two additional roles, which would be shop manager and customer customer. Of course, being the regular person who based products on your online store, a shop manager is someone who has access to the back end and can also access the product tab. So, for example, if your online store became very huge and you wanted someone to be able to go in, create products, modifier products at price, in shipping things like that, you can create an account for them and said they will to shop manager. There will be the person that will be able to manage to put us for you. All right, so that's that. Let's take a look at how the my account page actually looks like. So let me bring back my Firefox and let me tray Logan in as Alex Colony as myself because I'm gonna click on my account. Remember that I am looking in as myself, the customer who's got into product so far. So let me add my email address and then the password, which are used to create an account Look in. All right. So from here I have my dashboard, I can click on orders to see all the others have had in the past. Number 182 It was refunded. This was completed. I can click on the view to take a look. And of course he needed. I have all the details. Ah, I can make changes to my address. Is my shipping address my billing address? Ah, my account details as well. I can change that if I wanted to. So the rumors does a pretty good job off having a pretty robust my account page with which customers can update their information. However, I don't like the fact that we have a side bar to the left. This just looks kind of ugly, So Ah, let me quickly make a change to that. Let's go to old pages. My account. Okay, let me just change the layout. Make this fool with a swell up dates. Okay, Let's bring this back. Let's refresh. All right? Just looks so much better right now without the side by. So that's how to manage accounts on your online Stop. Thank you. Fortune to video. And as usual, I will see you in the next class. 39. WooCommerce Widgets: what we installed. Welcome us on online store. The plucking also gave us a bunch off widgets with which we could use to enhance the design and functionality off our online store. So what we're gonna be doing in the next series of videos would be to take a look at some of this individual widgets and see how they can make all install more interactive and more appealing. So to say to our customers, Before we do that, though, let's quickly come down to products. Go to attributes. And if you also installed the demo data from Wu commas, you would only have color as the sole attributes. So let's go ahead and add size fairly quickly. Add attribute. Let's add a bunch of sizes. Let's go with small Let's go with medium and then let's go with large. And the reason why I m ed in these attributes is because it is going to play a vital role in explaining how one off the widgets, which we're gonna took a took about works. So we now have two attributes in color and size. The last time you introduced to come down to products and make sure that we have variable products that have both, actually. So here's an example. The one injured are pink hoodie. I'm going to change the productive from simple to variable. Let's come down to attributes. Let's add color. Select all check useful variations. Save attributes. Let's add size as well. Select all used for variations. Let's save that. And then I'm gonna come down to valuations. And I'm just gonna creative vision, symbol attributes. Let's do that. So I'm just making making showed that right now we have variable products on our online store. So what I'm going to do is to do the same thing for three or four more products. Okay, so go ahead. Make sure that you have at least three or four products that are variable and have the divisions for size and color. So join me in the next class. We'll we will begin to talk about the widgets. Thank you for watching. I'll see you then. 40. WooCommerce Products Per Page Plugin: All right, So let's talk about a plug in that you might find very useful. Especially if you have lots off products to sail on your boat. Commas upside. And I'm talking about the book. Almost put us my page plugging It is by Joe when? So money no one is blocking doors is that it allows your customers to determine the number of products Do want to see per page right now by default on my products page always in right now Here is basically this is four by three This is 12 different products. OK, but what if someone wanted to see more than 12 point? What if they wanted to see 25 products will be 30 products, maybe even 50 products at once by default. There is no way to do that. But with this plug in, we can say OK, we can add like a small drop down box over here and then say I'll let the customer choose to display it on a fair products. Let them choose to display 50 put outside them, choose to display 100 projects at once and so on and so forth. So you want to go ahead and install the plug in. And when you do that, come over here to welcome us. Click on your settings, and then under settings, you will see products. Click on products and then on the products click on the display tab. All right. Now, when you do that, come overhead down here you will see the work almost products. But Page section and now over here is where we can add the list off the job, done options so we can slough with maybe showing 10 products on a single page space, then maybe 25 maybe 5100 and then maybe even 250. So these are the five different values with which our cosmos will be able to determine the number of products do want to show per page. There are also some additional options he near, like choosing the jumped on location. Let's keep that at the top on Lee, and then you can also choose to display all your products at once on your on a single page , you will have to make this negative one minus one, right, So let's save changes. And now let's go back to the products page. Let me refresh and I'll take a look. We now have this little job done here where our audience So our customers can now choose the number off products don't to show per page so they can set a show. 10 This will not become 10 products and they can show 25. And of course, I don't have up to 25 but you know that this will basically show all the 25 per looks at once that I have is and so on and so forth. So this would also walk on category pages as well. You can see over here on the clothing, I do have the same drop down as well. On that music, I have the same drop down as well. So this will be particularly useful. If you have lots and lots of proxies sale on different categories, you can simply install the plug in. You will have this very nice job down. We're your audience. Your customers can now decide how many products do want to show per page. Very, very useful. So once again, it is the Woo Commas products per page plug in by Joe and so money. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 41. The Price Filter Widget: Okay, So the very first widgets we're going to talk about will be the price filter widget. Now, I'm over here on the shop page where all our products have been displayed. And as you can see, right here to the left, we have our sidebar with the default widgets. So let me go ahead and remove them. First of all polls to us and comments categories, Meta archives. Get out. All right, So what I'm gonna do is just to drag this widget here called the Price Filter. Gonna come all the way up here. Let's drop that. And the default title is filtered by price, which is just fine. Let's click safe, come back with fresh, and now you can see the filter, our taps. What I can do right now is we can see the range, which is $2 to $35. And this tells you right now that the cheapest product we have is $2 the most expensive is $35. So let's just imagine, you know, we don't have $35 Aiken bling that have all the way down to 18 bucks click filter. So right now, all the products. We have this plane, our product range between $2.18 dollars, and this is a very, very effective widgets, which out absolutely recommend on your online store. You always want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to filter through your products. Even though the mega menu already does a good job off helping direct your customers toe the production want to buy. It helps to also have a filter with which customers could use to filter by price so that they know exactly the kind of projects that they can afford on your online stop. Also, you might notice that if I click on an individual, our product page, the filter, which it will not display and welcome us, is smart enough to know that if you're looking at an individual product, there is no point in you filtering the price anymore. So welcome. Us is smart enough to know that so the fields of digital Onley display on your shop page. So that's it for the filled out by price. We just join me, join me the next class where we'll take a look at another, but take a look at a couple of widgets which are very similar to the filter by price, which is Thank you for watching. I will see you then. 42. Layered Nav Filter Widgets: all rights in the last class, we edit the filter by price widget. And now in this class you're going to learn about three more additional widgets told. Enhance the filtering process. So let's go ahead. Let's jump out to the back end. I am going to drag the Wu commas lead now jump that down there and then drop it again. Some were pitting that. Now what the worker must lead now doors is that it allows us to filter by attributes like filter by size or color. So let's go ahead and add the filter by. Let's go with color. Let's filter by color theater, but is set to color down here. Let's filter by size. Let's just attribute to size and now in here we have the query type, but we have either end or all. All right, so this is very, very important because if you said it to end what this means, that if a user selects two attributes Onley products, which math which match both attributes will be returned. So, for example, if it uses selected small and then green Onley put except have a small attribute and a green attribute will be returned However, if I change this to all instead, what happens here is that if a user select two attributes, products which match either attribute will be returned. So let's take a look at this. Let's see how this actually works. Let's come back down here. Let's refresh the page. So in here right now, we have filter by color. We have filter by size so I can tell right now that we have seven products that have the green attributes for half blue. Five have black. We have large to have medium and full half small. So if I come in here right here and say, Okay, I want a small buttocks that medium products that are large as well. You can see right now that we practically have all the products showing up again. Now the reason why we only have six products and not the how many flexibly happy the 21 product is because only six of these products actually variable products. The order What's the other 15 products are either simple products or affiliate products, So whenever you're filtering by attributes, Onley, variable products will be returned. So if I come again to choose Soleil, a small, medium and in large. What this means is I'm practically asking to show me every single product that has a size attribute. However, if I come back down here and change this to and let's save this chances back to and as well if I come back down here with fresh, let me actually deactivate the sizes. All right. So again we have all 21 products. Now if I come down here and say Okay, I want Onley products that are large Onley puts that have medium as well and you can see Right now there's only one product that has both large and a medium size. And I can also tell appear right now that Onley one product has both the large sized medium size and a green size. And also one product only has the large medium and the blue color as well. That's remove medium right now I know that Onley one put it has a large size and also it. But I'm sorry. Three products have the large size and the green size Onley. One product has both large and the blue color. If I click on blue right now, this is the only print that has both blue and large the mount check blue And then I know that only two products have both large and black because of a click black. Right now these are the only supporters that have both a black attribute and a large attributes. Libyan check black women check large. Let me check medium Now in here, I know that only one product has a medium size and in green color. Right? Click on that. It is the duty right here. If I uncheck medium. I know that Onley four products have both a green color and a small size African small you can see Right now these are the only footprints that have both green and small in them. So that's how to use the end or or query in your off alien navigations. Let me come back down here and show you want more widget. Let me drag the layered nav filters. Now what this does is it simply tells us, tells us which filters actually active. So if I refresh the page right now, we can see right now that these all the two filters that are active, green and small and if I click on small right now, it immediately removes the small filter Click on green. It's almost a green filter, so it's maybe to a certain extent, may not be a necessary with it because you can already tell with the ex Highlight in black have been selected. You can tell that. Okay, black is active, but it's not really up to you. Maybe for your design purposes, this might actually be useful before I go, though you can see right now by that filter by Kohler isn't exactly the most appealing display. It will be nice if we actually had a wicked that had the actual Kahlo's showing up. So we had, like, a black color. We had Blue Call, and then we had going color. So what I'm gonna do right now is to introduce you to a plug in a free plug it with which we could create something like that. So, Jimmy, in the next class, we'll we'll talk about this. Blufgan. Thank you for watching 43. The Color Filters Plugin: all right. So the partner we're going to install that would allow us to display the colors off. Actually, it's would be the color filters for welcome us plug in. And this is a very, very new plug in, as you can see that we only have about 2000 plus and stalls, but I have tested it on 80. Appears to be a really good plug in, So I've already gone ahead to install the plug in. As you can see, color filters for book Summersby elementos. Alright. So to create the colors, I'm gonna come down to products click on colors. This is the tab generated by the plug in Gonna click there. So let's go ahead and add very first color, which is gonna be black. No need to add the slug or parent just gonna click on the color button down here. Track that over there, click outside click add new color. Let's add, uh, green as well. Click on the box action at this old way. Hear clicking there. Click outside click. Add new color and let's add blue. Click on the blocks it struck this and here click there. Add new color. All right, So we have blue, green and black. Awesome. Now to add, these callers to our products will have to go into each individual product. And let's say, for example, let's go with the wood Ninja pink hoodie. I'm gonna click Edit right here and now over here to the right, you will see the colors available force to pick so I can go with it. We have black and we have green for that. Let's hope dates this product. Let's go back to our products. Let's go with a T shirt. Let's go with the ship. Your idea. Come down here. Let's g