WordPress Developers: Create a Plugin Class 1 - Shortcodes

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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14 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro Video

    • 2. What is a Plugin?

    • 3. Building a Shortcode Plugin

    • 4. Basic Elements for your Plugin

    • 5. Declaring and Implementing the Shortcode

    • 6. Testing the Shortcode

    • 7. Using Parameters for the Shortcode

    • 8. Default Parameters for the Shortcode

    • 9. Using Enclosed Content

    • 10. First step: The HTML

    • 11. Second Step: Adding CSS

    • 12. Third Step: Adding jQuery

    • 13. Adding the Colors

    • 14. Class Project


About This Class

This class is not a beginner level.

Here is what you need to know when you want to learn WordPress plugin development.

1) You should have a basic understanding of HTML

2) You should have a fair knowledge about CSS

3) You should know how to program in PHP

4) You should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery

In this class, I will show most of the examples running in my local environment.

The course will not teach, how you can set up a development system for WordPress, but you can find useful resources, where you can learn it.

For example, my fellow teacher Laurence Svekis has an excellent class named "Setup XAMPP run a local server web development."

I recommend watching his class if you want to learn how to setup a local web server, where you can install and run WordPress for local development.


He is also teaching a class named "PHP Basics Getting Started," so if you are not a PHP programmer yet, you can start there.


You should also be familiar using a code editor.

I am using sublime text, but you can use any code editor that you are familiar with, for example, Notepad++, Atom, Coda, or Brackets.

If you don't have a favorite software, you can find a good overview on code editors in this blog article, which you can use to find one:


I also assume that you know what WordPress is and how to work with it as a regular user or webmaster.

If you need basic knowledge about this, check out my class series here on SkillShare that is named "Zero to Hero Webmaster."

These classes will teach you how to set up WordPress and how to use it as a professional website for your business.

This class is for developers, who wants to learn to build WordPress plugins from scratch.