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Word Alchemy

teacher avatar Arianna Corsino

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Word Alchemy Intro

    • 2. Word Alchemy Lecture part

    • 3. Word Alchemy Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to use your words effectively to manifest the world around. Words and thoughts are not just elements of speech but vibrations and frequencies that produce experiences all around us. By using conscious thoughts and words youĀ can transform your lifeĀ and become the best version of yourself.

Join me and become a Word Alchemist.

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1. Word Alchemy Intro: Okay. Hello and welcome to today's session onward. Alchemy. In this lecture, you will learn to look within and be more conscious of your speech and thought patterns when spoke it out loud, or write on paper words transform into frequencies and vibrations that can be used to direct energy into your life to manifest your visions. This is an important step to achieving your goals or simply to achieve happiness. This course will provoke you to inspire ideas and awaking you into becoming the best version of yourself. You will be taught that words are not just elements of speech or writing because they can be used to strengthen your visions and help manifest into your life. You will also be taught to take charge and responsibility of your creator skills and really understand that you designed the life that you are a vibrational match too. The goals for this lecture are to make you aware of the words you use on a daily basis and to show you how to use your words consciously and effectively to create more flow in your life. This is important because if you have the vision of what you think your life should be like , but you're not using the words to reflect your vision. Your words become contradictory to what you want to attract in your life. Becoming aware of your thoughts and your words is a powerful way to really connect with your vision, so keep that in mind. 2. Word Alchemy Lecture part: So let's talk about what the word alchemy means. Alchemy was a term coined during the medieval times, and it means a magical process off transformation or creation. The belief was that if you were an alchemist, you would be able to convert base metals like lead or copper into gold or silver, which was used as currency or jewelry and was really valuable during that time. So the basic idea was taken an everyday object or based material and turning it into something valuable. So word alchemy is changing your everyday words and transforming them into something of value to you and manifesting things you want, whether it's material things or just being in a place of happiness. Your words and thoughts are all vibrations, and they're giving often energy, and that energy gives off a frequency or signal. Those signals are what attract things into your life. So the idea is to attract the good stuff into your life. Imagine that you are a musical instrument, any instrument that you want to be, and when you decide to play, that vibration creates a sound. Now, if you play with intention, meaning you really want to play and you've been focused and practicing. That sound is going Teoh create and produce beautiful music, and it will most likely attract listeners. Now, if you're playing your instrument in a very whatever fashion, you might start to sound like nails on a chalkboard and give your listeners that cringing effect. The same goes for your words and thoughts. If they are vibrating at a frequency that's going to create beautiful music, it's going to attract all that you want in your life. If it's doing the opposite, it's going to repel it away. So this process takes practice to progress and the will and intention to actually want to change your pattern. So here, two main components to transform with word alchemy one thoughts, which is to know. And I know you are an infinite being and that anything is possible for you to words, which is to affirm it and state what is because, as I stated before, you are an infinite being, Ah, being with no limits. But our false space fears create those limitations because we are not in alignment with who we are. It's like when you're listening to music and a song comes on that you don't like you. Don't just sit there and listen to it. You're gonna get up and change the station to find something that you actually like. This is the same concept. If you don't like something, start making changes until you find what it is that you like. So let's talk about our thoughts. These are the four main brainwaves and on a daily basis, we go up and down these four brainwaves. The 1st 1 is beta, which is when you're engaged in something. For example, I'm in beta right now because I am actively engaged in this lecture. Also, if you're trying to figure something out, or perhaps when you are at work and you're focusing on a task that is the Beta ST the most alert and active state. Next you have the Alfa, which is a relaxed state. Examples of this would be when you're driving and you kind of zone out or when you are watching TV or day dreaming. This is also the lightest level off hypnosis that you put yourself under. Then you have the state estate which happens right before you wake up and right before you go to sleep, you're in that in between awake and asleep, you can also reach that they to state through deep meditation. The faintest day is also the bridge to your subconscious or your higher self. When I conducted no successions on clients, this is the level that allows the higher self to communicate with me and my client. And lastly, you have the Delta State, which is when you are in a very, very deep sleep. So let's take a look at an image that I put together. This is you and these are your thoughts divided into layers of consciousness. And as you think, learn and develop. Your thoughts are vibrating, outwork, creating experiences for you. So now I want you to really take a look at this image and tell me if the image looks familiar to you, I'll give you some hints. You most likely see it every day, and you're probably using it right now. Did you get it? It's WiFi there. Believe it or not, there are things we have in common with WiFi. You're three things that we have in common. We give off frequency. The frequency we give out is invisible to the naked eye. And you can't really hear thoughts or WiFi. You can't hear WiFi. You just know it's there. WiFi also allows you to access information that's out there. So does your mind. When you tap into the infinite being off who you really are, here's another image I want to show you. Now if we're producing our frequency, our WiFi, this is what it will look like as a side angle, and this is what it would look like from a bird's eye view. Seeing it from above, this image is called the Seed of Life. This is your vortex, your frequency and you're in the centre. But the whole circle is your energy. All around you, you're interconnected with people in your life, things you want and your experiences. So as your thoughts are in alignment with what you desire, you become a magnet for all of these things. Then we have the flower of life, which is a developed version off the seed. Once you plan to see the flower grows and emerges, this image is the basic construct to how all life begins. It's tied into sacred geometry, but that the topic for another lecture. So let's move on to works. Now that we have talked about your thoughts, let's talk about your words. Now let me ask you this. Have you ever thought of yourself as a wizard or a magician? Maybe As a child, you pretended to use magic or cast spells. What if I told you that the basic concept and practices that wizards use that you've probably seen on TV or reading books you use the same practices on a daily basis, like casting spells and using magic to make things happen? So let me show you what I mean. Let's look at the phrase casting a spell. The definition of cast means to throw something forcefully in a specific direction. In this case, it's words, and the definition of spell is to write our name, the letters that form a word in correct sequence like this lecture, for example, I organized and created in the sequence in order for this whole lecture to be presented and viewed by you and hopes to expand your consciousness. And now that brings me to the definition of the word magic. Magic is the science of manipulating symbols, words or images to achieve change in consciousness, which is just like alchemy like we talked about earlier. We want to use words to achieve a change in consciousness, and once that happens, we have expanded our mind toe. Allow the flow of our infinite self to manifest all that we desire. Rial magic is the art of focused and controlled energy, using natural forces like your thoughts, words and emotions. So now that we know we have the magic within us to create worlds, let's break it down. Now. It's important to consider the words you use if you want to transform your life because of the frequency it produces. When you speak them, you want Teoh. Aim for high frequency words. There are words that can register in your brain as negative context and can leave you feeling uninspired. It blocks you and your higher self from manifesting what you want. Sometimes it helps to look at the breakdown off words you may use on a daily basis or even look into the Entomology of the words. Here's some translations and breakdowns of some words. The phrase Good morning morning is the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has passed . I personally like to use happy and then whatever day of the week it is. Ah, for example, happy Monday or happy Tuesday. I'm not saying I never use good morning, but I do switch it up as often as I can. Next, we have job. Job is the Hebrew word for persecuted or hated. If you're at a position you really don't like, you may consider switching your words around to start. Make you feel better about where you are, And it could also allow something that you do like to flow in. When you start switching your words and thought patterns around words you can replace it with would be career position, occupation or even place of business. Here's another word to think about the word broke in regards to money. I switched it to being financially strategic because you're limited to what you can do financially. You have to to strategically choose how to spend your money right, so there's no sense of using a word to describe when something is broken. When you're not broken, you are just in a place vibrational E that is not allowing the flow er of abundance toe come in at the moment, but that can all change these may sound like simple switches, but you'll be surprised at how something so simple can change the way you see yourself and the world around you. And that is where the real magic off life happens at a client that hated the word chores. So she switched it toe life enhancement tasks so you can find words that vibrate well with few. These are just some examples of words that you can use. Here's some other words that I find interesting the word history. His three can be broken down to hiss story, meaning not your story, but someone else's government. Governmental governing of the mind disease. This ease when your body is not at ease with a certain situation, your life right now and lastly alcohol. It's interesting because it comes from the Arabic word alcohol, which means body eating spirit, which is also why liquor is sometimes referred to as spirits. That's something to think about now. I don't want you to sit down and break down every single word that you know, but this is meant to provoke you to think about the words you use on a daily basis and look within to see if they feel right to you and just switched them around from time to time. So let's do a little exercise to check in on where you are. I want you to grab a piece of paper, and I want you to create two columns and label them at the top. Negative and positive on the left side, I want you to write things that you find negative about yourself and then on the right side , I want you to write things that you find positive about yourself. If you need to take a moment and pause this video while you create your to list, please feel free to do so. Now that you have read all this stuff down, look and see which side is longer. When I do this exercise, the majority of people have a way longer negative list and the positive. This is because of one of two reasons. One. You are overly critical and very hard on yourself and or to you feel like the positive things are not worth writing down because you think it's not a big deal. Let me start by saying that you are a magnificent being, and all that you do is amazing. The simple fact that you are breathing in that divine life force. Energy is a huge deal. So know that everything you dio is amazing. And even if it's not great, you're working towards your greatness. And also don't be too hard on yourself because life can be difficult sometimes. But learning from those experiences is building the person you are today. So imagine you are trying to teach a child how to tie their shoe for the very first time. Are you want to yell at them and say negative things to them? No, because they will become discouraged and not want to do it anymore. You might take your time and show them how the process works and reassure them that they can do this. So the same goes for you. Don't beat yourself up. You're doing the very best you can and managing the challenges that are coming your way. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work Now why is this important toe watch our words and how does it relate to our life? Before I get into that, I want to talk about echo location. Have a location. Is the use of sound waves and echoes to determine where objects are in space. Dolphins, whales, bath and submarines all use echo location. So what this means is that the animal or machine puts information out there and it bounces off of something. And it returns with information kind of like a mirror effect. When you put information out there, they are vibrations, and that information will go out and return with a reflection off what you put out. For example, let's say you keep telling yourself I'm overweight and I don't like this and that about myself and you put that out there. This is exactly where you're going to see in the mirror. Or this is what people will notice most about you because that is the information slash vibration that you put out there. If you want to begin changing things, start changing the words you use and use words that are in alignment with your vision. So if your weight is a concern for you, maybe begin a affirmation practice that encourages your weight loss goals. You can also do mirror work, which is looking at yourself in the mirror and start giving yourself compliments and gradually progress from there. Now. This is just a example. If a word doesn't quite make you feel comfortable, use a different word. The goal is to use this as a starting point and progress from there. So here is another example on how you could begin your word alchemy process. Let's say you feel like you never have enough time and that you are constantly saying I don't have enough time saying this. Onley affirms that you don't have enough time. Here's how you may want approach it, evaluate the things you have to do and write them down so that you can prioritize your list . Then, if something else comes your way, just tell yourself I have to re prioritize rather than say, you don't have enough time. You can also start using this affirmation to bring about vibrational change to your life, to kind of enhance your goal. I can do all these things, and the abundance of time flows right into my vortex. Can you feel how the affirmation feels much lighter while saying it? Then I don't have enough time. Okay, so let's do an exercise. Take out a paper or notebook and at the top of the page right? I overcame leave a space a blank in my life and now I am a stronger person. Fourth now I want you to enlist three things that you overcame. Feel free to pauses video while you write your three things down. The point of this exercise is for you to see how far you have come and helping you to channel that strength so that you can grow and expand in consciousness. Because once you know you are infinite and limitless, your possibilities are endless. I will use my personal list as an example, I overcame losing a business. I overcame fear of not feeling successful. I overcame the anxiety that came from lack of money. I learned something about myself With every experience and using the foundation off strength, I began changing the way I thought and the words I used to transform my situation toe what I really wanted. So this exercise is meant for you to physically see what you have overcome and build on that strength. Build this foundation of this new person on the strength of all the things that you have overcome. Here are a list of words that I recommend changing when talking about the vision for your life or if you want to begin manifesting things into your life. This also goes for creating affirmations for yourself, phrases like I can't I want, I don't want and never act as a roadblock for you when creating your visions. They're not very encouraging when spoken out loud or red down words that I would replace these with would be I can I desire. I will always and now as substitutes for these words, I get this question a lot. Why is want on the do not use list? Want is on the You do not use list because when you want something, you're just gonna keep wanting it. The goal is to have it now, not keep yearning for it. So that's why me, personally, I don't like to use want. I like to replace the word with desire. It vibrates higher for me. You can use whatever words that make you feel comfortable, but choose words that bring encouragement to your life. Here's some snippets from the book Angel Words by Doreen Virtue and her son, Grant Virtue. They conducted a study that showed how, in positive words were spoken it produced the higher vibration than negative words, as you can see words like abundant rich and savings fiber higher when spoken than words like poor broke and debt. This is a fantastic book. If you're interested in word vibrations, definitely check it out. They have a bunch of examples on positive words that you can use to replace low vibrational words. Can you see how some of these words leave a more positive impression on your mind, allowing it to flow more easily when you say them? Now, let's move on to affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to begin using ward alchemy and bring forth your desires and feelings of encouragement. Here are some of my favorite favorite favorite affirmations that you can begin using right now. The 1st 1 is I can make a career out of living happily ever after. Life is always working out for me. I can create both money and the time to enjoy it. Whatever I desire, I can acquire. I am confident in my abilities and value myself. In my gifts, I tracked the right people in divine timing. I am so happy and grateful for perfect health in constant abundance can you feel the vibration of these affirmations, how they're more uplifting not only by saying it, but seeing it also, it makes you feel more uplifted. Here's a side note. If you're having a bad day and you can't seem to get together and you can't speak positively, you're just not really in the mood. It happens. It's happened to me. It's fine. However, Try not to force being happy and positive. It will only make you feel worse because you're trying to force something that is really not there at that moment. Instead, try to do things or reach for thoughts and words that feel better at that moment. You can go from 0 to 60 that quickly just inch your way up and keep reaching for thoughts and words that make you feel better. Here is the most important part. Do not dwell on those negative feelings too long because the goal is to feel and be the best version of you. Dwelling on those negative emotions and feelings are only going to intensify your situation . So it's important to make that shift to feel better, become that word alchemist that we talked about and transform the world in your situation around you 3. Word Alchemy Conclusion: situation around you now to conclude this section, I have a task for you. Here's a 30 day affirmation project. Don't worry. I have provided this document for you to download. This is a great way to train and shift your mind. It's a positive talk. Starting from day one. Repeat the affirmation as often as you can throughout the day. This will boost your confidence, increased self esteem and self awareness, and it will help you maintain a positive attitude. Now drink lots of liquid consciousness, which is water and breathe in that divine life force energy because you are a magnificent being. Hope you enjoy this lecture. Thank you for watching, wishing you abundance, love and prosperity.