Word 2013: Creating Advanced References | Syed Raza | Skillshare
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5 Videos (55m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Creating Table of Contents

    • Creating Table of Figures

    • Creating Table of Authorities

    • Cross References - Footnotes & Citations


About This Class

In this course, using Word 2013, you will learn how to gain skills by learning how to create:

1. Table of Contents

2. Table of Figures

3. Table of Authorities 

4. Become proficient with Citations - Footnotes - Cross references

You already know that a table of contents makes it easier for your readers to work with long documents of 10 or more pages. They give printed documents a sophisticated look and feel, and add eBook-like navigation to onscreen documents.


After you add captions to your document, you can create a table of figures. You can also create a table of figures by using styles. When you build a table of figures, Microsoft Word searches for the captions, sorts them by number, and displays them in the document.


A table of authorities lists the references in a legal document, along with the numbers of the pages the references appear on. To create a table of authorities, you mark citations and Microsoft Word inserts a special TA (Table of Authorities Entry) field in your document. So, if you work with citations within your document, then this would definitely help.





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