Woodworking: How to make Wooden Pens | Dr Ian Broinowski | Skillshare

Woodworking: How to make Wooden Pens

Dr Ian Broinowski

Woodworking: How to make Wooden Pens

Dr Ian Broinowski

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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Pens introduction

    • 2. Session Two Stuff You Will Need 1

    • 3. Session Three Preparing Your Wood Pieces 1

    • 4. Session Four Setting The Cylinder 1

    • 5. Session Five Turning 1

    • 6. Session Six Finish And Assemble 1

    • 7. Session One Uniquely Crafted Pepper Grinders

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About This Class

Have fun turning wood into pens, pencils and fountain pens for your friends and even selling a few to pay for your hobbies. In this course I will show you the basics and a few tricks I have learn over the years. Like most things, once you know how it becomes easier every time.

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1. Pens introduction: good day in my name's Ian Baranowski. I live in hope that test Manya and I just thought it might be fun to share with you how to turn wooden pens. The great phone. Easy to do once you get the hang of it on and they mate Wonderful presence and gifts to your friends, these Air three that I've done for this program, and we'll look at them in much more detail. So this is a clear a few of the three pens, the top simply slide off, and the cat ridge can be replaced. You can make other things, of course, pencils, fountain pens and all sorts of different things that you can buy from parts from a craft store before we start. I have thought it might be just nice to share with you a few lovely images I have found off lays throughout the century. There truly remarkable instruments. I guess ive been around ever since humankind learned to twist would and and push a stone or a bit of metal against to make wonderful shapes. I hope you enjoy them. It's always inspiring to see other people's work and to learn from their ideas and their creativity. I've found a selection off pens, which I think quite delightful from the Internet and may give you some ideas as well. These pens have been made from Element, which is another medium you might like to explore or so available from craft shops. It's quite delightful in its federations of cars. You enjoy it well. I hope this has inspired you to go on and learn more about making pens. I think you'll enjoy it. It's not all that hard but great fun, so see you soon. 2. Session Two Stuff You Will Need 1: So obviously the first thing you need is a life. It doesn't have to be a very fancy. The one I've got is pretty basic issue. Can see just anything will do. You can buy them fairly cheaply. Second hand if you wish, unless you've got you one on one available in your workshop. Really? You don't need much for this project. You can save the various objects in in the picture in front of you, which I'll go through them individually and have a look at it. See if you has caught them or not. Slicking the would really is the final bit. I've got a few bits there in front of you A which are off interest. But looking around you can find all sorts of things that you could use. I've got some images of some lovely stacks of wood which may inspire you. The last image is called Ella might, which is a reason Onda many people enjoy using this as well. This is a turning Jake, which is worth buying, doesn't cost a great deal of money, and you combine from any woodwork craft supplies Penn parts you can purchase from any craft store that works with wood that fairly cheap and readily available on the Internet. If you don't have the shop here, but you can, of course, get parts for fountain pens, pencils and a variety of other things that you might I want to explore. You'll need some our died or superfluous well, Teoh glow in the soldiers into the wood. Finally, finishing can be done with a buffing oil or wax. You consider two bits of wax I've got, which again are available from craft stores. 3. Session Three Preparing Your Wood Pieces 1: I thought. Okay, well, this is the fun bit that is picking out a bit. So what did you want to use your pain? I've got a selection here. This is, um, Myrtle from Tasmania. This is Ah, Cedar Old Seder, probably from Queensland. Um, but if you tree and showing pine from Tasmania, I'm not sure what days, but it's very nice place would This is black hearted, says suppress from Tasmania. And you could imagine this is a pain would be absolutely beautiful on the thing to do is to try and make the wood, probably about this size, which you can see. This block is, um see, here it's about it's hard time future rate, but it's about 15 millimeters, which is about half an inch. The critical thing, of course, is that the little brass true has to be able to go into there. So depending on the thickness or the design that you're going tohave for York, Penn will, will will determine the thickness. So this one is a bit figure. As you can say, that's probably close to two centimeters or three course an inch. So that one I could do different designs with right, So it have fun with that pieces would I'd have to be exactly square by the way you can, because you got to turn them this'll. Police, for example, is quite rough at the top. But if I put a hole through that and turn it, I don't think I worry too much and just turn it on. And why it is. The next thing to do is, uh, to measure the length of each component. The way to do that is with the little brush to start with with little cross cylinder. Just put it on the wood. It convey a little other the age, but not don't. Don't put that song that over, because that will make it too short. If you go back a bit, it doesn't matter greatly because it's going to be sanded flett afterwards. Just market with that of the pencil and then with square, put the case rolling alike. Put the line across. The critical thing is to when you put the next line is to make sure that you give a bit of space from the saw blade. If you cut on the line, it would be too short. So if I put that down. It's a little bit. You can see the line. I just give a little bit of extra space for the next one. And of course you need to. They're serving double line. And then, of course, if you do this quite a lot, the best thing is to have a template piece of wood that you can always use and just just cut pieces up as you need it. So I put that, of course there, and we're done. And it's just a matter of cutting it on the line between the two lines for the 1st 1 and just putting the sore on here and then cutting the other one just to leave the line on. So when you saw, make sure that you leave the line on that wife always got you always cut it more off 4. Session Four Setting The Cylinder 1: to find the center off the wood way. You want to drill the hole. It's fairly simple. You simply drawer a line diagonally across the wood. It's a bit hard to do. I'm trying you, but But you can get the idea if I draw here, uh, across the wood that way and then across diagonally across the other way, I end up with a cross on. That's where you can put the drill pitch. If you are worried about getting it center, you could always get it, um, a shop talent. Push it in, and that gives you a start so you can start with a seven mil drew a bit. And perhaps one way to do it is to make sure that you get in the center of the square and just to drill through. Make sure the drill is is straight going in. Now that that's not too good, it's a big close. So if you have a drill press, it's much a better way to do it. If you don't have a drill, press in just a matter of practicing and getting a bit straighter each time. So now sure you have the drill. Press works So once you have the holes drilled annual paces of wood, it's a matter of securing the brass rod. It has to be glued in. Otherwise it's just going to go around and around in circles. So I just put a bit of superglued around the Celinda like so so that it just covers around a bit. And when I put it in slided in, I try and twisted around. If if I can have to be fairly quick, obviously, because superglue and it sets very quickly site that's now in and you know why we understand it. So the other one, once the glue, has said it's necessary to send the ends down to the brass chewed and myself, it's quite do that is, with sandpaper until you can see the price shining. There are otherwise during that, of course, which have pretty bit more efficient if you have a belt, sander or um on electric sander, that can most certainly help so you can see it's a little bit of standing on either end and just a matter of place it on top of the sander, holding it fairly hard. But making sure that you don't go down too far. And there you can say that it is now flush against these process. No, this is my least favorite way off standing. It does work, but as you say, it's cumbersome and uncomfortable. Do you? 5. Session Five Turning 1: The important thing here is to ensure that all the components are tightly held before you before starting the wood turning. So now it's just a matter of turning and shaving off the wood, which is a quite pleasurable thing to do until the wood gets down to the level that you want to get it to. As you say, I'm not particularly skilled. It would turning. But that's okay. In this case, I'm sure you'll be better than I am about it. It it all works in the end. The last part is quite tricky because if you got to Tora, of course, it'll tears apart here the block starts to spin around this. Order it, maize it that more glue is needed. So simply take it apart, regalo and put it back on the machine. A good way to get uniformity, if you wish to, is to get an old spanner and file it to the shape that you want and then run it along on bond just just as you go along. At this stage, it's important to just slice the ends off the wood off the sections so that to take a lie, the sharpness as you say with this one on putting a little bit of a shape, a swell, And just in the end, um, taking that have had bevel off. So here I thought I'd get a bit fancy and put a few rivets into the into the pain just to make it a bit more attractive. This is where you can use your imagination. I don't have the love of imagination, is used to say that I'm sure you will come up with all sorts of interesting ways to make your pins unique and attractive and most of all, pleasurable for yourself. So with this pin, I've decided to make a little bit thicker, and I'm playing it down until I get to just the final part and say it's a bit thicker than the previous one. Beautiful wood here and just trying thio get it is uniforms I can, and before doing the end bits as well. Now you can begin descend, obviously start with slightly coarser but not too coarse. Otherwise, it scratches it. If you're if you're a good Ward would turn out. You don't need to do a lot of this because it will be smooth and beautiful I'm not particularly good. So I have to use a bit of sandpaper and go down to finest paper. Are you trying different different cravings here? I learned this trick some years ago from a delightfully delightful old worker just using a piece of wood, and it just makes it so smooth and nice. The next section with yet is how to use wax this sort of action by at in any craft store Simply Robert on, she couldn't say. And in the next video, I'll show you how to polish it. 6. Session Six Finish And Assemble 1: so in order to polish, it's just a matter pretty in cloth around, holding it tight and moving it on. How long until it becomes quite warm and Shawnee an alternative while finishing is to use buffing oil or any sort of oil Really linseed oil you, like Simply put it onto would light 10 or 15 minutes and then Buffett off the way. You still before holding the material on fairly hard. I'm moving in across and kill take a surface. His says Great. Well, okay, this is the fun bit. As you can see, I've got all the parts for the pin. The ink cylinder, the top of the pain. Uh, this is that I want to call it because in that in your pocket and this is the center part and a little wash up Now this is very important. The first thing to do is to join the nib on to what? One of your cylinders? To do that, just push it into place and then put it in advice and just push it fairy. You have to walk a little bit very gently into place like that. And as you can see, it's now in place. That's important because if you put this 1000000001st it really doesn't work because it gets getting pushed down. So this bit you can say there's a line there. This is the bit that the ink we're going to So in order did through that. You put the section with the mark on it and just wine your rice back a bit. And this is very delicate. You need to wanted in until it gets to considers a little line there until it gets to that line and then you must stop. All right? So if I push it in just there, you say now that it's in place, next thing to do is the little washer, which guys in here onto there and the next thing to do. I used to put your ink oxygen and now the top we will put together. So this guy's onto here and the top pitch guys in and again, I find it easy just to put it into advice, as you can see, hugging, say, and it just pushes. You keep it straight, though, pushes into place like that. Can you say that and then vawa you push the 10 on and you have You're completed 10. And it turns tripping, say, but yes. Say the nip comes out and there you have your perfect pin. Well, perfect. But it's OK, so that's done. I hope you've enjoyed this. Does this this little program? And I'm sure that you have a lot of fun with making pins. Just just a bit of practice. Don't worry if you get it wrong. Even after all these years, I still get it wrong sometimes. But you just do it again. Start that hard. They make great presence and you can actually sell and make money. So good luck, all the best buy. 7. Session One Uniquely Crafted Pepper Grinders: Hello, my name's Ian Panofsky and I live in Hobart, Tasmania. And I'd like to give you a warm welcome to uniquely crafted pepper grinders. I thought that my sense we're thing to do might be just to show you some of my work. And then you can decide if you wish to progress further or if you died. See what you think. No. Ok. Well, I hope you found that interesting. And if you wish to continue that when Craig, There are a couple of things you need to know. Of course. You will need a Woodlawn. Now, it doesn't have to be anything flash. I've got the cheapest would live on a mountain, I think. And it works perfectly well. The second is you have to have some basic skills in wood turning. Again, I don't have to be super craftsmen, all super craft person or whatever it is that I actually know how to use it and what you don't know, you can look up on other school shares and learn how to use it. I'll be using parts, song by shifts speciality from America, Red's best quality ones I could find. I'm not recommending them because I've got a commission or anything. I just think they're good. You can use other parts if you wish. The designs, when I will be using these, I think they're very good quality. Just a little point on presentation. You'll find a lot of the presentation here. I still slides. I did a lot of videoing. And I've got to tell you what she somebody or stonewalled attorneys like watching paint dry. It's excruciatingly boring. So I thought that's not on to work. Let's, I'll be showing you a lot of stills and talking through one hub that works. If it doesn't, let me know on the forum. And I can have as much information as you happy with that. Megastar weight, treasure hunt to batch.