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Woodcut printing - your own negative color print postcards

Niklas Oberfeld, Arts & Crafts... but mostly crafts

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14 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction and Outline

    • 2. Look over my Shoulder as I make a Woodblock Print

    • 3. Look over my Shoulder - part II

    • 4. Look over my Shoulder - part III

    • 5. What you Need and Where to Get It

    • 6. Choosing and Cutting your Wood

    • 7. Alternatives to Tools and More Workarounds

    • 8. Class Assignment and Recap

    • 9. Getting your Ideas on the Wood

    • 10. About Thick and Thin Lines

    • 11. Adding Detail

    • 12. Thinking in Color

    • 13. Printing a Series

    • 14. Conclusion and Case Study


About This Class

Woodcut printing is one of the easiest forms of printing with almost no special equipment needed except for the ink. Still, professional materials that are relatively cheap and easy to get (you can now order a starter set on your favorite  internet store for less then $20) and for almost all tools and materials there are workarounds to make your own.

Negative color woodcut printing,which I will be teaching in this course is the easiest technique to start with and for a simple motive, the time from first cut to first print can be less then 10 minutes. However the results do not have to be 'simple'. On the contrary: you can continuously improve your print by adding details, playing with line thickness and colors until you get a print that does not have to shy away from others made with 'advanced' methods.

In  this class, we will start by watching me make making a simple woodcut print 'live' in front of your eyes. After that we will talk about the materials and offer some workarounds for replacing some key tools with homemade alternatives. After that, we will learn how to make an advanced woodprint. First by learning some methods on how to choose a design and transfer it to the woodblock, then by learning about cutting lines of various thickness,adding details and choosing colors.

After this is done, we will get to our class project: Using what we learned in the previous lessons we will make a roughly postcard-sized woodcut, find a good color for it and use it to make a series of at least a dozen personal postcards.





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Niklas Oberfeld

Arts & Crafts... but mostly crafts

Howdie Y'all... My name is Niklas. By day I move boxes full of old paper in a warehouse. In my time off I do... well... let's see. drawing, building balsa airplanes, building wooden model airplanes, sailing boats, jewelry boxes. I used to do woodcut printing, used to be a singer-songwriter back in Belgium when I was younger., used to be a computer wizard, programmer and website designer at one time even... Here on Skillshare I aspire to be the go-to guy for all craftsy projects: building kit...

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