Wood-burned Snowflake Christmas Ornaments (Patterns Included!) | Allison Sattgast | Skillshare

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Wood-burned Snowflake Christmas Ornaments (Patterns Included!)

teacher avatar Allison Sattgast, DIY Whiz

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Burn, Baby, Burn!

    • 4. String 'Em Up

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About This Class

Create beautiful and unique wood-burned snowflake ornaments for your tree or to give as a handmade gift! My matching set of three line-drawn snowflake patterns in a variety of sizes will make it easy to tackle this fun wood-burning project.

Let it snow!

Meet Your Teacher

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Allison Sattgast

DIY Whiz


I'm a DIY girl who loves to try new things. I create and cook and design -- it's more fun that way!

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to the Woodburn Snowflake Christmas ornament class. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make these amazing little mini snowflake ornaments. So I'll walk you through burning them and then setting them up to hang. And I will also provide a pattern for you. Of course, you're welcome to do larger ones as well, but I think these little would slice ornaments are very cute at this size to, so I'll look forward to seeing your projects in the gallery. Let's go on and talk about the supplies you'll need for this class. 2. Materials: all right, so this project takes really not that much in the way of supplies. It's really helpful that have some carbon paper you could do without it if you wanted to free draw. But if you're gonna use patterns like the ones I provided, it's really helpful. Of course, you'll need some wood to burn. There are lots of craft stores around that have this sort of thing, or you could purchase someone Amazon. These air, of course, smaller, about the size of a U. S. Quarter. But if you want to do larger ones, of course you're free to. I'm just using small ones for the moment. Then you'll want some strings and wire something festive. This is butcher's twine, so it's got a white and blue pattern that I think is very pretty. I've got a large needle that I'm going to use to thread this course a pin to help transfer with the carbon paper, and you'll want a drill with a small bit sizes up to you and something to drill into so you don't destroy your table. And finally, the most important item is a wood burning tool, preferably with a small tip. This is a small round tip. It's really nice. Does a good job. But of course, whatever you have, I'm sure you can manage with the tip that you have. And don't forget. When you're working with any tool, like a wood burning tool that may be sharp or heats up and is dangerous. Please use all proper safety precautions. Don't let Children near it. Don't do anything that might burn your house down. Don't leave it alone. Just use common sense. Follow the instructions that come with your tool and any anything. You, um, anything you use. Just be safe with it, please. All right, So once you have your supplies together, go ahead and move on to the next video and we'll make ourselves some snowflake ornaments. 3. Burn, Baby, Burn!: Well, you're what? Burning iron heats up. That's a good time to trace out your pattern. I've included Cem patterns, and one thing you could do is hold your little round would up to the light and get an idea how particular size of snowflake work on your particular item you can go for is close. If it as you would like, I'm going to do just a step smaller than I have to. I think I could fit the next bigger one, but I'm gonna leave a little margin. And here I have my coffee paper. I'm gonna cut it fairly fine, because that will make it easier to position. So I left a little tab, just pulled it. Course, I've got to turn the black side down. Then I am going to position. The most important thing here is really to make sure that you just don't move it once you start tracing. Because if you dio, you will regret it. So I'm just going gently. Hold that down. It doesn't take a lot of pressure. No trees out lines. All right, so there. I have a little pattern on there. That's just enough that I can take my iron. Trace it. So I have a little scrap piece here. Rankin test and see how hot my ironist. I have a temperature control. You may or may not, but that's actually good and strong. So what I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna aim to basically poll this in a nice straight even line If I try and, um, working away, that's awkward for my hand. I might end up getting a line that's wave your so if you kind of find the motion that works for you and then just use that over and over and move your piece instead of moving your hand. I'm trying to aim so that I could see sort of where it's going. As I pull it back. I have to see it very well, but it is good to be secretly some doing a nice, slow study movement because I wanted to be fairly uniform. Occasionally I want to turn my iron concerned clean too. I have a very fin tip on here, and if I don't turn it occasionally, it's actually likely to bend. Don't worry too much about small imperfections. This doesn't need to look like it was done by machine. Don't be afraid to go over a line two or three times if you have to. All right, so here, I've got the main body of the snowflake finished. I just have these little dots to do. I'm gonna do those by just kind of tilting up and move. This will be harder if you don't have around two. Dash should look good too. There we go. Right. Simple. Don't forget to turn off your iron and be careful not to knock it over while it cools down . Sometimes they suggest these tips. You'd want to remove them before they entirely cool so they don't get stuck. And there we have it. It's a Woodburn. Snowflake. In the next video, we'll talk about getting that ready to hang. 4. String 'Em Up: So here I am going to use a Drew bet. This is just a fairly small drill bit. There's not any particular size you need to use just whatever looks about right. I'm gonna drew a hole in this. I'm basically just gonna pick a spot that looks good. Forint. There we go. That whole. Now, for my thread, this is about an eight inch strand. You, of course, can adjust a larger s'more. So double this up, turnover my piece onto the and that doesn't have anything. I mean, take the blood in a large needle and Jews push that through. Otherwise, it could be really hard to get this to go. Now we're going to tire. This is just a simple granny ne. You don't need a terribly complicated. Not for this. All right. Be careful. Depending on how wide a whole you can actually pull it through, and then you'll have to start over. So then I'm gonna take it on the side that has not and thread the other side through and pull it tight. All right, so this gives me I'm not That's Adam site and a string that allows it to go over a branch like that and still face that word on your Christmas tree. And there you have it. It's your very own Woodburn Snowflake Christmas ornament.