Wood In The Round - Lessons on Creating Bentwood Rings | Mike Pickett | Skillshare

Wood In The Round - Lessons on Creating Bentwood Rings

Mike Pickett, Graphic & Web Designer with a passion for Vectors

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9 Videos (17m)
    • 01 Lessons on creating bentwood rings - Intro

    • 02 Tools & supplies

    • 03 What is wood veneer?

    • 04 Where to find and buy veneer

    • 05 Measuring & cutting your veneer

    • 06 Heating or soaking your veneer

    • 07 Wrapping your veneer

    • 08 Time to glue your veneer

    • 09 Sanding & finish

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About This Class


Creating your own bentwood ring is not as difficult as you may think!

Through this course you will learn how to create a bentwood ring using some fairly basic tools - many of which you'll most likely already have. Students will learn what types of woods work best for this method, the most effective techniques to prepare wood for bending, the process of bending, how to glue up a ring, and final sanding and polishing options.

What We'll Cover In This Course

  • the type of veneer you should use for the best results
  • the best glues to use
  • how to layer your ring to make sanding, shaping and polishing easier

You'll also get a complete list of tips, tools and ideas for your projects.





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Mike Pickett

Graphic & Web Designer with a passion for Vectors

As graphic and web designer with over 20 years experience, I am passionate about everything design related and hope to pass some of my skills on to a new generation of designers.

I designed my first logo at the age of 19 and first website at the age of 20. Now 41 - I work on multiple platforms including Skillshare, YouTube and Creative Market - producing art, tutorials and other forms of media based around the graphic and web design fields.

I hope you find my classes informative...

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