WooCommerce WebShop aan je WordPress-site toevoegen | Rudy Rensink | Skillshare

WooCommerce WebShop aan je WordPress-site toevoegen

Rudy Rensink, Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

WooCommerce WebShop aan je WordPress-site toevoegen

Rudy Rensink, Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

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11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introductie WooCommerce

    • 2. WooCommerce installeren

    • 3. Winkelpagina's structureren

    • 4. Afrekenen instellingen

    • 5. PDF facturen plugin

    • 6. Artikelen maken

    • 7. Nogmaals instellingen

    • 8. Een artikel bestellen

    • 9. Productcategorie toevoegen

    • 10. Kortingsbon toevoegen

    • 11. Afsluiting WooCommerce

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About This Class

In mijn training 'Website maken binnen het uur met WordPress' heb je geleerd hoe je Wordpress kan installeren en configureren.

WooCommerce is het meest succesvolle websohp-programma voor Wordpress.

In deze training leer ik je weer op een snelle en effectieve manier WooCommerce te installeren en activeren.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rudy Rensink

Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales


My Mission:
To provide the benefits of BrainSkills to the largest number of people possible. Specialties:
My knowledge and ability in BrainSkills & my enthousiastic way of teaching. Who am I:

I am a passionate & professional trainer that wants to share the benefit of Microsoft Office, SpeedReading, Mind Mapping & Sales with you. My experience is that SpeedReading & Mind Mapping can help you live a better life. I am very serious about that! And about better Sales? You can imagine what it does to you!

And we all use Microsoft Office, but, in the right way? I have teached thousands of people to use Office on the best way to help them.

Mind Mapping helps you organize better, learn easier, better and quicker and makes your memory much better. It saves you money and... See full profile

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1. Introductie WooCommerce: a lot of this cake in the wu glamorous Casa ceased. Aim this ideal underwear call me. I protected for global off Edinson Bukos has an acre site into logo being a very press office polluting and all. She died in the too hard you tell him. Awoke commerce into deep. Uh, hell bollock off your super karma. The game. Okay, Phil, appear on call. Michel Philipe found today. Minute train off a minute. Call Michelle. Hooded even could build vital element. May come. Okay, Also are full of the outlet. First, is it require the seller Vogue for my doctor Shantel in having call he'll simple another productive the difficult the court of mere by one system of nature Lanka Lady May Bohol unmet food in crime and their silica. You see Ghoshal for a, uh, Manu kosher and that on the she to Dublin on at all for wrinkle month off bacon and mine account mobile by the softer I might never see kills off hope and old I have become needs of the home that's here. Shop vehicle mounted off Taken it But account over here near because it that institution go Jha Now, Okay, You see Alamar cut off earlier and Binetti, critically sited, is fiscal in the articular econometric Shelagh Phoebe Powell, who should ride comedies in the Atlantic Ocean. Mobile Global to You take out Discover I don't Have a Fork, Ocean Show Clear and the start of the automated forward of blood like Wrinkle dimple Direct onto your technical Poff in product and I'd Be Scared and you seated a a tico Can you best Ella about the bag Disney Out of a new article it off. You have to fail a team dollar off. No film here. That is a vor quote introduction from Vou Coomer's. 2. WooCommerce installeren: convoke, downloader and installation Platense, You will prove in now our money data haven t ties on me and on eight milion. Uh, instantly it's and I would reveal back by I should get in about an army up to Mike Smith in Abu Commerce's Either Is Doctor Broke and Haile Hope on the Brookings signed the toe under for my time. The up in Estonia Zama recommit woo Coomer's on earth understated my use it that saying they all say turned filled the case. Also see Stamos. Rumors and him were casas. He stayed home okay, that come with a design issue. Now it will may live to any Kapor Klein on the delta remarked. But perfect Sam of a commercial. No mas Zuma This text of a lake hand ukqa navan the fallen on the day Who covers Flipper Get for that gave Do admit Insolia. I had a Mac TV it and the hearty welcome innovated from Wu glamorous on this lot Pavillion . Not yet another parking has noticed a glass off the back like Stan, Heavens has shades of days. You mean you can order after often off the partners for On Live in Oakland, Nam my cervical confessed of now Need Ireland in a tequila Come center Vater Prima Yeah, coffee She could put a present and neither Clanton date of eight Yeah not decided Thinking the hold on and out cause it Because up the inclusive bait away in for a lot of pain into the portions cropped Now he do it Ages needs may on the little for holdings and for about a month and a pack safer apart Hope my vehicle is flying You can avail me over now love this offer safe in products to for in the event for cope over Xavi Doctor, spill over the doctor Name Sports ball Sim No Okay. Ah said the it is right Frustrated them. OK, but I wouldn't have a need to, uh sports balls him. Okay. They hatefully affairs home that there are new now de teen violate nor my Oh, that you have a name not teaching by Omo Gate. Ok, Is that who you're behavior sports both knows. Come here, John McCain out People here My captors New locmine Yesto article are you can't today smell They know presents on its in stellar present zone is a failed craft gave Theo. Okay, Hilmar, it's news. Now that s from the field. Zola Nam. They yet they seat. Nader loves percent. Make the oldest district by Martin. He had called offside CT Botvinov being Tablada but a comic something up there. Okay, Can I my Lipsyte diseases that have anchored in halo parking as bad. Now the is he doing to call much of the associate And I believe me the hour off, taking a yeah mine accountable to buy the Finkelhor the bag. But it's not exactly like vehicle months. Sit in the garden of nation this dot com isso Maintain may feather may seat this. Okay, if I simple on the bluefin BUCA moose to instill era 3. Winkelpagina's structureren: to woo commerce insulated, hefty open and for parking Ourself near visit my sheet are faking. It might account wrinkle, wrinkle, monster Stanny, Alamo to Sha and institute initial fry it kind of tonight that the Dave over the vehicle heaven and ability on the parking as the only better It kind of parking us the happy to Finkel and I should scoped Stop it in the vehicle month dish The host. What wrinkle in the fourth quarter would that might help? New allowed to start. Make sure to Mabel Pain figure? No, I should have Inca months. The spill in the vehicle mounted the high off. Taking him smell the Vaca Hoeft wrinkle today by Vaca and I'll share the hips. Don't have even know a bit like a main account. Snelgrove. Erica Wrinkle. They direct Ganga without come to see home online Winkle A the happiest of Ingle The signature Enough Nixon Metrolink amount of Reagan and mine account the tool. Okay, Okay. Check that you living called 10 of shifting the whole party in our efforts Almost near said my fellow prophetic that all who tick menses have welcome coalition revelation. But what all my training is an organism in the vein. Cocopa, vocalist of Nate. Stop. Your day is unique. It is still simple. All a parking us near citrusy I have about. 4. Afrekenen instellingen: to convey, commit through commerce and taken after taking a happy and account note should are to the finish tailor off humbling hoco act Float the thinking bay Commerce in Stelian and the sea of bacon Now the shoulder a share met cottage born of a guided on said Cortines born a cumulative days is headed Calcutta diet active Fear of vagueness cost Matt collection the cash villages for Kalter by human colon cost but can cope the park in ized hefty shell of a capital H R commodity epic A unique city complete animal over the dollar order received formal instilling in this I hoot and I come here My Misha another sack on the couple intellect and the hard gave it is in that screenshot slathers in So the victim all credible mind persona que francais just after sama more on the Tacoma dune Calico Qala e s the bluefin from paper internal motor Insolia, I kind of knew applaud him The key for hey print and l This may surface ze wou commerce paper into NL The total my total not to David Kiss and she took fever. Make related decisions. Hochtief papered intelligent naval on so many shots, he said. And also there's new back vocal moose cupcake. But instilling off of a cannon z bo on set filming New goes back over and he is See that unhappy token and a service I demoting crave the actual cave system and you see that he said it. Film Ochlik Aided by calmer sign D like an impossible and sold out Sir Percy, Socialize waas extra Have a bill that is mint The Taliban check start here on this is in America I have not quite any days a day Paul Bracket oak Need will come back to pay Paul from paper into now It kind of gave just the favors Days of cave ins in Brenna And, um I'm bossa you see it that tactical case England blacktip gave after scared to do it But the oversee the talked up the new derecho She's back ago, Miss sign ideal overbooking and PayPal that saying Zach Adidas in crystal signed and fear pay print and l main label on C year. Our ideal socks off all the But it's a genital. First you come home. GLF Contacted name and cake of Elke. I named Macy Days in selling us and our past, and I couldn't move a camp initial hook ocean for day society. Elaine to very commit ideal and bunk over surviving. You see down the Lincoln County greased rapists both from a car or should die emotional still, how to pay the full horror advice It will now be like that. That's a month of by my coat. 30 years to coach Ideal craft and Don Oppa's bunk over surviving. I'm seeing the right lever on the show Met negotiable value and hasn't done a in June up paper into now. Ideal. See you do stay here all the institute of Rather Finke on you said that met paper to know ideal in circular. But you cannot develop base. Hit them I should think you need on duty. You need not a Tito Marquis shell a favor That idea this Beyonce fell. Who began the to lick it clumps book. It's Puttalam it ideal. Now I'm trying to do this telling of a darling turf to almost you account for two on. I think that I felt the need to Whoville in critical space. Donna Bill, basically office line and you country it toe in a co defense survive instilling a quiet come now. Not so Favor a dildo over African, a instilling a paper internal and their liquor there Special on Lost our each under that by either profiler were on the stage a comeback in training. All humane training for Michael would rate many years to give us it Okay for folk color coded Alamo immigrants it Sorry I auctioned off a British moved to do my hope. Medicare Well, may over call perhaps, but long. I kiss that days installing a good sign. That's a protest. Sign your life Enough new spillages, comfort Cooper and local off Taking a 5. PDF facturen plugin: if in the Sullivan buoyed that the automatic back to Arkham Act would also each have forgot and therefore ascetic blew him behavior by in kind of bluefins nu uh, I love him. Can eat a Florida My come a bazooka wu commerce pdf Invoices not his. And if it's killing their and these applications Chiyoko my mother's token on the her There's Insolia. This is a very romantic, elated by the very compatible matter. How did affairs He's from schist of dough shins Instill a sees a about fair not offered no alcohol on the list The very bit my Clinton is a Volvo Mourn a loss activator Now over men take your That's do't see this. Okay, started Nutricia and you come here not instilling in you can Oak by Wu Commerce Night baby affected not my chair Condones Download the pdf It condemns shelling out that I understand IBIs telling off course and fuck two clowns email But that is a Christie From who You might have a bill and a guy Alain for to polish our Comite off emails basically office time 400 of the cave of the latter Gene is the template not simple template our fear and 1,000,000,000 off building the kind evoking quite not done the capable set a goal And of building that meself off all year. Hy vee and off building of Laura named Eva Days over list. You need sinful. It said David. Age else? Yeah, off building a couple meeting after shop. Low hole for sport of funny are not coming for the favours the income bring is what this To show Mom. Okay, now it's shop addressed a visit. You look very available off, uncle. From the right. Yeah, shelf. And look for the living in a cave in an adult thing up, Andy Shaking black shades of another country. This okay? Fucked here, but very veil. Evansville, You need up to factor in our village for center This it will not fuck to your diet. Um ah. About a door. Open the fuck to in the mystical boy at four. Back to Newman Atlantic late to stumble. Hinted I may 44 show that it's okay. Which is each vacuum Vader. My editor after it started after Villiard dish or the yard and or demand your foot to ever . Now, don't say two days. It in and almost like that lake had a political one by a Now you made me the Internet sites Very extra sick on the physical develop more data than after full short corn snow s p a Sports Arana Jr. And who for folk to the Frauke. I also either inhaler hope for worked down the day before. Both, uh, today in cave No, no. And on the cipher became a man. No, no, no, Ain't no trade is the guy that the whole dies, cries from a kid. A local doing the leg may. Okay, now we should for two typical money to Afghanistan. Whoa! OK, tomatoes elevated is greater. Were the instilling a quite ill Now what department started the way the next made that started. But what about in solution? Favor said there, Michael against try simple. Just like Oh, fuck Dune. What about the marked off lights market moment of mental? It's baobab. Stella 6. Artikelen maken: and a sassy steak sauce. Woo Commerce is needs some particular that mobile dialects. Ham dashboards. Behold this Rukum urge Maddock. I paid particular Christ by productive value. Click the kimono and the habit at four World Arctic Older, off some footballs. But how? The averages nettle and my skin is for hookers, even each Beta Nam. And there, And I mean for Marcie did that doesn't do okay. And other particular copious have shown up at the stars. It been able event just to should do about America to do. I think I gave in that product and use it. I started mid affiliative from Nazi. I've had any class. Put it there. Come all the years isn't to do the best for a lot of meteorite. I'm gonna make it more your photo onto McKenna product of building now. Give him here. No need to insist on that. You kind of believe upload. Er, not a tribunal's Oakland park. A cuisine. This the name of the days before in Stella, Baby, I gave Keiko who she thought a Danite. Now does he get off? Lex took a beta artisan Ceiva. Okay, put it the back. He owned the start New York. No favor. I lay my sport balls. Um dot isn't Baker Valionis o d Is Alec grave offset? Moscow could do need out it aimed for intel cash and is the cake. My, I don't see you. There's new U P days you text These are not mere from three interactive access to the beach for it and do it about Okay, there is a price now the is it is getting very even aided there and it is nuclear day 15 Print Very Native American stock. You need to do off good over the evil. But there's always cake. You knew you Stan expected a elephant if after and that its main aim to provide a full trial off to a faster I think this new age just won't do Asafa cough New book in Mingo Does he used on a manipulation Tired for rebel Remember a a tico click you develop Don't call me this New bay did article this town? No a whole new haven and a tickle in Brega Pour it 24 Yeah, and I'll see you fear that in an office killing under the product. Okay? Ever now. But it will look thin. They said, No, we don't love wonder. Lovely isn't product for voter. There's for what locals call the dog. Hey, life into sound. Now that that's me a opium Fudan in the same tube is from very reserved merely leader and the course before, but not a clear price, Nathan, for my life. And have it Anu Nathan put a live in a market. A new phone. Saif Okay, this petition on but would cope with her productively moment. And But I have got to hate Israel at the scene. Is he back often? See it. The C stand but orderly. Active here now. DACA Kisho Fayetteville off need. Really? Um, up. Okay, there's a any girl at the violent product of building in Stella off the start in it if upload love Wanda. Oh, okay. Movies here. No one is even at a website that they cannot save Keiko. What's it to cope of NBC Home today? Meticulous tan and the is doesn't actually price. And it doesn't provoke a price. No, my no birthday out, Marcus saving an Antal articular Mystical fear five. It says he is. Age is near 7. Nogmaals instellingen: kind of haven by instilling am process, so I should net sock to stand. He excavated a fitting needs from or even about, installing a by vu commerce. Instilling in that Does he stand? Did cropped outta motherhood. Active, viable, lasting euro and on links. Physical pressure. Psionic Findling Smith's party. Bermoy Does your dolls hiding is beyond Stash Prince and the Daisy Mao is hiding is beyond . Go on for eight hours. Need very cleaning up this line. Now that is a nice thing. The cave just over four. It's OK just now Putin and the Manama the A V guy could dish. No, I should Didn't know before. We need to feel still your predicted. The others need Strohmeyer by an active feeling. Babel the secretary out my model Monday Digital particular can ankle put blame on that Were to favor via half are definitely belong. Like, um, the restriction off that is almost daily funds did have to my coat Vili iaea articular via Cavour now Yeah, that year AM pasta had bash Night fighters have is not a sure articulable if Toehold sign off meat. Vice King though food that the doctor did FBI for at articular Guidetti o K for Veldt off neat melding on far not pedantic might prevail. Males usually need so home. The this is mostly about mere a lafont. Okay, blasting the little blond I co created. Yeah, Michael Price Inclusive mother vaccine. That's a tall exclusive. But bay today near set sign out of court Theodore Praise in the wrinkle inclusive, lasting patients do in the off taken English if ballistic that they have to do is make the market fund. But for short, articular and politically after Got Andy Stern equaled Boca. Heaviest on inclusive. If they take they not a tickle that's a three mile stomach. The reef ish into the push in. They do see it a start any by sort of the okay to buy shit in l. I'm blasting is just potions blasting Nam. They say they la really tight today and before said May told a, uh and notes Relief to talk May for a guy to and I hope blasting new pre retyped blasting, they very know almost locally. Mihaela Font. I'll start free out the front. But according behaviour arm Parsa that they got from here to do to the bull by email. So I see here, transit instituted. Need to be doing Di Got your behavior under the email in favour in go it Fourth the world head er nl. Okay, this club tell hopes line and no, you do this for days, okay? And better here not to look heaven off. Building doing each May did Did Holly here the figure to like See to me Dad? Is that a farm? Pasha? The emails of arm pasta. And if I had a happy idea Inhaler Gosh, Is he staying? Kleier Opio new A website. 8. Een artikel bestellen: bill is even an article by Stella Kaikoura. Hot kind of the vehicle in the sea. A couple of extra base that stay for well days. Sport Balsam ever vehicle actually, that your client you make you do mark in the vehicle mounts and you're here to compete. Vinca months ukqa Now you started shallow caves The economist Televen. My look Velicka. Well, Trey. Okay, Vehicle mounts bay Vicky. You She did. But there are some back breaking happy new quarters. Bronchitis. Cordish called in favour common. Shona UK mooching coke clown signed the pavements membrane which is seated Sterility device town and my telephone number. I was to open the bomb now ideal. I should have ankle it corrected, if you must. From ideal, you can inform acidic telephone. Jacob Octa is our local tight The automated full of either and may accord with cardi New bestselling click. So these every empty felt anything decontrol is it? A broken leg is still simple. Who? Your particular converse Stella Every truth not of ankle but it will do is actually here Fear I think that that's an evil. My stay for that. You fear the article ahead That said it Hey, in the hope and the more yourself keeps you from the high dune tries, a normal guy said off either clear until four. 9. Productcategorie toevoegen: have been moving cold fear articular but he might to do in show my still they cannot fear the article It off ankle a teen Tyler kind of humble ST got totally on the deferred Ayla love is just gay CA production and by predictors evoke totally that that could have got a the r mark before world Love Wonder food for Sorkin's productive become Internet every day Yeah, locate love moonda and no here. So the half a deeper spilled alcohol May I shouldn't Anto got three might tip you over article easy The spill here is May and can't say food that I have come to see now a simp Neil It had been a lo ho NoHo It is. It's the back of building and protected culturally do for him Get me to take out of the ER Might fit sport balsam and love of food for sure Predictor Now they Ben, you didn't enough needs Have even had a productive to I love wind blow. No, she does. She and director counts. That would've cut reassign love, Wanda. Food for sure. Thanks. Predictor. See you blow kind of coke Snell Veverka and die here. Love Wanda to vote for. Okay, have a listen. L There love won the vote. Love wonder Do they come and look to fit sport balls? Whom Britvic? She was cake about. Effective from nothing. You could on it, Vinko. Hey, Fusco. Also, it is noon on the Via half of Ill. However, this includes 50 cut every year. Ky v and R Who commerce in Stelling? It pro dictum v a car. You see this via half, Partner? That's not this predicted toner, but your cool dude. Okay, cut off the behavior category and protector not equal. Elaine, a formed out looking for skilled behavior. Got off the V A. Pinkel. You see there is that trade cut. Riera, click your pain cut. Awfully. Hey, ended. Four wilted a latigo. But the buy would click up on the frequency. That really no food product. They're so she a dyke. It middle Scotto Julian a nail who? And lotion on the today Lincoln Marca. Indeed, four bills. See that cut really fit sport balls him Also yesterday for tone towards and down at the love in a very that on the room deficit to look bullet some sweet it up Better know a today by Dick of all that netted. She's on this. You see that new car shit Lincoln most indirect into the powder and she 30. New traced our hero. There's even a Christie from the Eva will be or having to be cake, bit of ankle to see that love wound, a new US years to start and down at the fit sport balls him. 10. Kortingsbon toevoegen: Momenta Jin An article by stealth. Are you better off taking a courting? Born in favor? Still Estelle Day. Shit. I mean, come on. Ukqa you see And cortex bomb Stan Healing coatings born engraved kick in before the courting mojo Mackin according to bomb. Really simple. You see t obey coatings. Bolden Critics bomb to fool him. No ignominy Global David Fish in the bus a thing for either a the over days older picked the Russian mailing to do doot in your sector moments that the court is won't go to fit in now what for? Short courting Vink amount Courting in off in. Potion off in project courting now. And I should put it quoting faith City outlet that is divider from the coatings bomb not stay for that year. Teoh Cordish it comes oak. No data in the faves. Tell that intimidation man held gave you? Ain't that for brash baking the meaning? Malibus stating K animal in safe product Not coming before both. Is it a gay coughed agent on the mediaeval oot o footballs him? They have been out of hell. Today's did guy animal and ok year. Okay, I hate off the pepper shoulder and coatings. Born who far who feel it's hater UK, based on obvious ages, makes paler articles elephant untold was telling a dune. And those in who that for very dramatic cortex Boerner, Eva BancAmerica the latter than even an article based Ellen Finkle. Not that that I am not a blow from the out of a creditable needs into passing days. Well, they have that we're doing the Vinca bonds a bit of income on the cake, which either a start become a pig. A fifties Your seat. Detroit Ergo out if enough. This argument based attaches rate off made faster, but a cone spilled. This may come, there's no need of bacon and you can call me the Toy. And even the UK is l Love to Save Committee. What Coatings bonds paler and the IT guy Cody Sukses. 11. Afsluiting WooCommerce: Veruca versus and the Velvet Casa C State and obviously, outcome bright process. He stayed the captain days training and out or psychologic seem for blue commerce. Ethnic our station of mere on Decca that so soon from what Al Amal Mokelock is made. Woo Coomer's My I have Been in the case today should training HEPA carefully. It were fresh, Snell or Gruber's on the technical okay, and Oprah Chanel so they can't make America. But I said, almost cake of Luke Somers at this mere them a 1,000,000 gear instantly it that matters rather that an enormous successes and also newcomers int it back. Blokhin signed train that 117 items. You see, notaries do it. It is a norm machine. Is it overall and intercept All model in communities Emit milk. Chimp off. What for? Digging the log. This won't say. Don't fail to Don't met newcomers in the storm that out fooling the hearts at forward credits all prima at the food and in color government under the sites because he see you up book a verse on Boy o Hama. But absolute tosh words in the life particle year. But productor and insta and their flick Difficult cells sign it going back home. Artists predicted to Feck open to she quotes home. Had a mace pale. Absolutely motive at Phil Success and Phil Pressey, you met Who Commerce.