Women's Wardrobe Expansion: 1 Piece to 3 Outfits

Kathleen Kinslow, Teacher & researcher

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10 Videos (52m)
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    • Principle 1 Dress Better

    • Principle 2 Buy Better

    • Principle 3 Budget Wisely

    • Principle 4a Base Colors

    • Principle 4b Complementary Colors

    • Principle 5 Selecting Shoes

    • Principle 6 Balance Strategies

    • 1 to 3 Project DEMONSTRATION


About This Class

In this class you will learn several timeless wardrobe principles to be able to transform an unworn garment into a featured part of your wardrobe. These principles will enable you to create the three most flattering looks possible with your selected garment by incorporating other pieces you own so that your outfits will be ready for you to wear tomorrow. 

My overall goal for my students is to successfully apply timeless wardrobe principles in clothing choices that will equip them to shift financial resources away from mistakes with wardrobe purchases and into investment savings.  It is my hope that the principles in this class will help them organize their wardrobes so that they can not only enjoy their investments but make them work for them as they pursue their career and other life goals. 

This class is divided into two parts.  Part I considers the financial aspect of clothing and encourages students to view clothes as an investment that should actually be used as a tool that works for them.  Part II of the class guides students to focus on problem solving that will lead to creating ways to use their unworn garment the most flattering ways possible with what they own right now.  Students will learn: how to select their best colors and organize their wardrobe around those colors, how to analyze shoe styling and fit it to their outfits, and finally, three simple strategies to create balance--especially with separates--to pull an outfit together. 


A notebook and pen is helpful to jot down notes. 

No cost other than your time.  It is my hope that you can find other items in your wardrobe to use rather than purchasing other clothes for your new outfits. 





Kathleen Kinslow

Teacher & researcher

My background is teaching--from Peace Corps in Colombia with women's groups to dual language elementary schools, graduate level education courses, and most recently bible institute courses.  I love helping people achieve their life goals and in my classes I aim to equip my students with knowledge that they can use to increase savings and investment accounts through creative problem solving so they can fund their dreams. I grew up as a home sewer, so tend towards that specific area, though over the years have honed quite a few skills in up-cycling as I work on restorations and repairs to our 1905 house and its contents.  My first published Skillshare class draws on experiences with sewing (especially problem solving) and just plain interest in wardrobe organization, though I always revert back to a desire to help others, which is a goal of mine for this class.  I'm very excited to be a part of Skillshare.  Several classes I have taken have already enhanced my life and I know this will be the case for you as well!

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