Woman Self Defense Basic Punches & Kicks - Krav Maga Maleh

Guy Dar, Krav Maga Master.

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    • Woman Video Course Review on basic Punches & Kicks


About This Class

This is the latest most advanced video course designed especially for women based on
years of teaching women in all ages, giving you the best, simple and natural reaction
against the most common situations in reality. This course provides extremely useful
advice to protect you against rape and other violent attacks.
This video course will prepare and empower you mentally and physically to overcome an
attack by understanding the "element of surprise.
” As a woman, you will face different violent
situations and the motive is different from males. You will not need to fight a fair fight and you
will learn what are the big mistakes you might make and what are the best options to violent
situations in different environments, like inside your home or out on the street.
Even if you remember one tip at the exact moment you need it, it can be worth everything. I hope
you will never have to use these tips.
This is a special opportunity to learn real, simple self- defense course built on 34 years of
experience directly from an Israeli master, Guy Dar.







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Guy Dar

Krav Maga Master.

Guy Dar, the chief instructor of Krav Maga, started his training in Krav Maga in 1980. He was authorized as Black Belt and Krav Maga instructor in 1989. Mr. Dar was personally trained by Eli Avikzar through the last 15 years of Eli's life in special class of Eli's Instructors.

Since 1980 Guy Dar has been involved with the Israeli Krav Maga Schools of self defense. Guy Dar is one of the few individuals in the world holding a rank of- 8 Dan in Krav Maga.

Krav Maga Maleh is the...

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