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Wolf sports logo design

teacher avatar Youssef Sanad, Graphic Designer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. The software

    • 3. tracing the sketch

    • 4. making the other half of the mascot

    • 5. arranging the layers

    • 6. finshing the shadows

    • 7. making the strock

    • 8. making the shield

    • 9. final touches

    • 10. the mockup

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About This Class

Do you want to be a professional mascot logo designer who can design stunning mascot logos with little effort? This is your chanceĀ to learn how to design mascot logosĀ so that youĀ can design themĀ in no time at all!


In the course, I reveal the whole professional logo design process from start to finish. transforming everything from sketch to vector. You'll also learnĀ tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time and effort.

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Illustrator. From here we're going to go on a journey to design professional mascotĀ logos.

join me now and unleash your creativity.

Who is the target audience?

  • Ideal for both beginners who haven't used Adobe Illustrator or those who are interested in learning the mascot logo design field.
  • Intermediate logo/graphic designers will undoubtedly learn from the course also in relation to insight into the mascot logo design process.
  • anyone with basic illustrator and Photoshop skills.
  • Who wants to improve their design skills.
  • Who wants to see and learn a complete design process from start to finish.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youssef Sanad

Graphic Designer.


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1. intro: Hello, everyone. My name is use of Central M, a graphic designer and illustrator and the owner and the founder off my sports design company called Why D. C and Scores. I will show you how to design, mask out Lugo's step by step and how to design Google's like this and how to transform them from sketch to vector. See you in the course. 2. The software: welcome to the course. Now we are going to talk about our software we are going to use. Adobe Illustrator is a CC version, the 2018 version, which is an newest one from Adobe and that'll be for a shop. The CC version also is the newest one from Adobe, which is a 2080. In addition, bullets began. 3. tracing the sketch: I know everyone. Now we are going to trace all over the wall Skitch collect the been tool change local er toe a stroke color and make it a black color. Okay, And let's trace all over the sketch at the first, we will trace over the sick alliance you are seeing right now with a been tool and start addressing around it. Click and drag to balance the curves off the sketch and go down and click and drag to make the curves off your hair. And also ex discover and address all over this kitsch try to a lion, you know? Ah, the curves was the, uh, Parker, you know, toe be balanced when we make you know the other half of their face. Okay, on May, because this one look and a drag look toe look the curve and start a new Kerr from this point. And the first we need, you know, toe trace all over the deck lines first. Okay? Because under the sick lines, we are going to make you know, the shadows and the colors off this kitsch. Okay, so keep that in mind. It's very important tip. Okay, so take care on Let's finish the year, Bart, look the curve and start a new car. Let's under that item Control Z and you curve and no Ondo controls that and trace all over his care. It's make all the curves right, you know, Take your time out and, you know, adjusts a curve and oh, okay. And we're going to finish the last curve like here. A line into itself was over one and a drag Looks a curve on. Look, the whole that dress. Okay on Let's make the I Bart click and drag and make the last curve and finish Where's the final curve? And this makes our it's so bag to bounds. So okay, you get bigger, but in shift, I'll and the dragon, you know it will resize the shape in its center. Okay, Very important tip in shift. And I told her size the shape from it's place. Okay, it's make you know this last part of the year and turned them to ah, fell color. Make them white. I answered color. Hey, lives a whole shape and turn it to a black eye and select the color analysts adjust the curves was a direct selection tour elect and drug with the handle Hey to, you know, balance the curves off the race. It's have been tour and let's make the tease he's off the world. Take another curve and adjust the handle it right here. Very good and close. Drag it a little bit to adjust its position. And let's finalize this. Steve and the closing legal the selection tool on make another Kobe all Dunder drag, transform, transform and reflect. Okay, we just Kobe. It's him by mistake, but it's okay. Let's rotate this one if the and rotate Alexis two ones and was issuing them and align them where the other one. Okay, let's no round those edges of the steers to make it, you know, look good. Yes, vehicle and the last age. Now it's looking good. The legs to Won's and a group of them control G. Andi grow the upper ones and align them together. Okay, now they are aligned Okay at school. Now let's Selig's the white color I and select the color. Lives have been tool making up the tongue off the wall and let's groove them. Control G or command G own Mac off course. Now we need Teoh to make the shadow of the wall. Let's make you know the highlight off their noise. Okay? Right to trace all over the nose and make this curve. This is the highlight off the nose. Okay. Note the nose itself and look it. It's made. No, the shadow. It's unreserved. Him controls that control that, you know, numerous times. And this makes this curve align it with the 1st 1 Of course, it's very important. You have to align the curve with the 1st 1 You know, you make ah, the first, you know, side off the face. Okay, Now let's groove them controlled. You okay? It's makes a noise and the shadow of the mouth both. You know, the wolf. Righto. Ally in your sketch were important. And now we are making the nose. The nose is black, so it's going to, you know, it was the shadows. OK, though, let's make them one chip instead off, you know, making various shapes and communicating our sketch. Okay? No, make it one sketch. Okay, Chris. Well, all over the sketch and I'm trying to make the last car of good. Yeah, and follow your sketch. It's very important. Now, there is Ah, highlight. You know, beneath the cheese. Okay, let's make this car okay and looking. It was a shared Make it, you know, the last layer. Make it black. That just one eye on. Select a color from anywhere on your board. Okay. Make that He's the 1st 1 when droll ift and is ah right grounded bracket key. 4. making the other half of the mascot: they exist to factors and let's unite them. Okay. Here from the bath finder hit Unite. Okay, I'm using, you know. Ah is Ah 2018 version right now. So bear in mind, you know, there are some changes in the interface. Okay? But not you know, very much. They just, you know, moved their properties. Ben Ali. No toe. You're right. Okay. They will bear that in mind. There is no difference, okay? Yes. Do you know is interface okay? The same. You know, jobs off the tools. Now we are finalizing our design before, you know, making ah the left side. Ok, now let's make another. Kobe had an altar and a drag. Now, you know. Ah, go over your sketch and to try to see whether that there is. You know, any mistakes need to be refined or so OK, Arrest shift. Oh, and Kobe, your art board gift and o on all to select your our board and Kobe it, of course. Okay, it is two objects. Onda, leave this one. We don't need it. Select this one. I make a couple right here. All the and Iraq. You know, in case we needed Of course, Kobe's are very important and let's make the other half off the design. Okay, I light all resign and make another Kobe Ault under track, right? Click and transform and reflect okay on our design is reflected. Let's group it and groups this design hit and control or command G and I learned that two designs from a lion window It's very important and right to center the design with the art part. It's very easy. And on groove it on groups their right side on the left side. OK, the background layers, you know the black ones and unite them Okay from the bath. Find our heads unite. Okay, some layers is a beard. So let's undo them in control. You on dry to unite that useless on ungroomed this one first on growth the deal with with the nose I'm group this part also and grow this one like the t's with the nose and select just to ones when it toe on Grobe, the left side on grow right click on group. Okay, they exist to and Steve. Ok, And you know them from the bath finder window. Okay, We have united share right here, and the nose Highlight united, of course. And we need Thio. Thio. Ah, to unite this part also, you and I the background, you know, a black they ours and draw, you know, to fill. Just gap right here with Victor Art. The legs have been tour and dry to make any shape right here to fill this gap. OK, It's very simple Jews and click anywhere and make a curve. So, you know, be balanced. Was does your car okay? And try to make another curve down right here. Writers woman hating, heading Ault and with the Rohrer off your mouth and listen Make this gulf Andi, finish the curve itself. Look it from here and we are good to go. I like the back layers and unite them from the past finder window and makes him the last layer. Tomek cities a bear hidden control shift and the left around it bracket key on your keyboard. Let's make another you know, graphic right here to fill this gap ALS you can, you know, the, you know, make the other two have near each as our you know, to fill any gaps. But you know, for the sake of it off the scores. Let's make it. You know, this one showing you what is the worst things that might you face during they're designed brushes. Okay. And how to deal with it? You know them. It just boards your united and grew of the whole design. Make it the last layer under that term control there. Make it the last layer to make the other about off the air. A beer. Okay. Highlighted. Can you analyze them? Aligned them and to go over the whole design. It's a subsistence. On first, right click and on. Ruby, leave this one. There's on. Select this two layers and unite them and make them the last layer. Control that on control shift and they're left rounded bracket key on your keyboard. Okay. The short gods are very important. They will save you a lot of time. Okay, This object and with the bentu tries, you know, toe, eliminate any extra points. Okay, Just how far over the burns until you see the minus, you know, mark and delete with clicking okay. And let's choose the beauty gain. And with the Ben to deal aids, extra points, it's very important to refine your design. Yours Yeah, it's around the edges of the eyes, you know, will give them more shadows a that school legs ellipse tool to make you know the eyeballs. Don't you know it more wrong? Gets colds eyeballs Put into my English and give it a stroke you fortune and expand it from object menu on expand and aligned him okay and groove them. She was the whole design and shift and click on the eyes and grew that is, on first with those eyeballs and align them with sketch. Now they are perfectly aligned. Where the sketch, you know, that's very cool. It's uncles that is anti gay and group all the eyes and make them in the first layer. By United Day, let's make them the last player and in control. Let's under that it and control that. Now we have the eyeballs again because you know it's Issa build. For some reason 5. arranging the layers: Now I get it. You know, the are there is a layer behind, you know, the eyeball, this white layer. We just adjusted the size of it. You know, it's it's. Mix it with other design, though. Let's and grew. But first you know it. Take me a while to figure it out, but, you know, let's do it. It's under there now I figured that there are layer behind you know the eyes. Let's the live is this layer was a shipbuilder to Now it's it's deleted. The white layer you see now is our board itself. Okay, it's not, you know, in in Arizona, Brussels right now. Okay, now I believe, let's refine his edges off this part right here. Let's zoom out and control that. Now let's undo it because it suddenly verily didn't control that own art on your keyboard. Now we need to make an extra boy to examine, tool and make an extra point and delete this other to ones. Now it looks very good. No, it takes, you know, uh, some ambitions. It's a look just to birds and let's around the corners. And this one right here elected was a direct selection tour and this united the whole shape . Yeah, we don't need the circle. Delete it and save your design. Heading control s to save your design. We can drones this bunch on glitch refine all the t's right here. And anybody near Toby Refined. Okay, just, you know, look at you. You're design carefully before you take any extra steps. So let's Ah, shipbuilder tool and also on your keyboard and believes the ear Bart's we don't need them. Why? Because we are going to make ah, white background layer. So it will a beer in our divine, of course. Now let's all lines the whole design together and Grubin control g. Okay, now we need the photo of the sketch itself. It's Mika. Kobe Altana drag, you know, toe figure all the shadows. We sketch it under, try to make you know, a shadows like them. It's very easy process only using the bentu and making a background layer. Well, there's the shadows, OK, just now I'm taking about, uh, to make a good shadow for this article or sketch. It's refines. The stage is very important to do it. Now we're talking. It's a very good pilot for the nose and drone the stool anchors. Now look over your design and favor all what you are going to do. Let's takes a white color and make a big rectangle bigger than the whole. Designed to make the background layer with the selection tool. Select both off the rectangle and the sketch and was a shipbuilder toe delete. Ah, other half we don't need elect just overbought on because the lastly or hidden control shift and the right Ah, lift around your bracket key. Okay, It's very important. Shortcut will save you more time, you know, without, you know, needing to right click and arrange and, you know, make it are the first layer and Celeste there. This will take a lot of time, okay, But it is the most and easiest way to do it with shortcuts. It's very important, guys, you, you know, it will save you a lot of time. And it's all what we are about and dislike Dave in time. And we are no racing, you know, in the middle, on the center, off thick black lines, you know, to make you know the shadows of the sketch is very important to make it it will give, you know, a life to your Skitch. Okay, This make it and select the white back around layer. I make both of them the last layer rhythm control shift and the left around it a bracket key. Now you know, it shows you that zero is a light, you know, all in the face off. You know, the wolf. And I believe let's make a shadow on the T's, right and select both. Then new select the Slayer because the 1st 1 and was a shipbuilder auto deleted. We just committed a new layer of the shadow and make it Ah, and made it the first layer, you know, and deleted the rest of it, You know? Well, with selecting the t's itself, you know? And we just made a shadow for the cheese. Okay, it's reviews. Opacity of the shadow from a zebra. Brady's bano. I recommend you use that 20 it Do you a, you know, version to keep up with me. Okay. Any other other version, it will be okay, but, uh, you know as ah you know, his interface may differ a little bit, but, you know, there jobs or the tools are the same. Don't we'll give that now with selection. It was a dark selection tour. Look, just point and with the orders and your keyboard, make it up a little bit. I believe. Let's understated and control that numerous time until you reach their comfortable zone. Let's unite. The layer is a black layer. 6. finshing the shadows: I believe we can't unite the black layers because we we just murdered it at some point. Okay. Who's Ah, the Eric the Shipbuilder Tool AM Deletes a shadow from the eye elections a shadow and the black layer. Very important to do that because if you a select, you know the white layer it will do leaves apart off the white layer was the shadow and you know any other unwanted Bart's Now we are making a shadow for the left Bart of the Skitch and whether been to right to make the shadow and the curves okay and trace in the centre off the thick black lines toe make a proper shadow And now they looked the white layer with the shadow and make them the last layer together. Now we have a shadow and you see it The good I knew the shadow itself need some refinement . Is it that extradition to choose the buoyant and adjust it's position to make a confortable , you know, position for the anchor points. Okay, It was a selection tool and choose white background and make them the last literate and control shift and the left rounded bracket key. Okay. And was the doctor. Shinto lists adjust the position of this anchor. I believe we're just you know, Is it a zone worse? So let's under that and control that Oh, you know, moving the shadow itself controls that will save you time. Okay, let's make it a first layer to be ableto just all the curves over It was the dog selection tools. Select an anchor and drag. Okay, let's make another could be here and here and here many points. I mean, sorry. Let's make them the last layer or just the curve off this point. You know, this is the benefit off. Extra points will allow you toe make any curves and, you know, adjustment toe the victor ship. You design it. It's with the vinto. Okay, there is a background layer made them the last layer control shift and za left rounded bracket key on your keyboard. The short cuts your celeb store make a circle. Hadn't shift under dragon exit black color will I on your t bird and select any color on your artwork. Now we are trying, you know, to make you know Ah, around it curve for the chain off the wolf. It's very important. You know, it makes is a design more modern. Align it off. Course was old sketch gift This. You know, I believe we need to align it with the circle. Okay, Now we are learned. It's a circle from Zara Lion window. If you don't have it to window and select a line, there is a window is up there on Was the ship a little? Delete any extra on wanted? You know, Boyens on sections will make the design great. Let's on group sold sketch it again on Was the circle right to united? Let united I believe we can united because we just murdered you know, some layers and their black sick lions though it won't work. Give that in mind as a note You can't your night, you know, murdered layers. Okay, the whole you know as basis and the slayer will It's a beer and you know it. It's Mexico Skitch. The last layer for the layer, of course, Poza layers and made them the last layer to make the teeth a bigger Now it looks very good from far away Zoom in in and zooming out to see your design room. Distance was all Onda Rohrer, off your mouse. Now we deleted the center shadow because I don't think it looks good. And Kobe is left shadow trying to make it all over the face. You know, a doubled aged shadow like the light is, you know, front off the face. Not in 1/2 of it. Okay. No. Kobe. The left shadow aligning with the other one make them at the same layer and of course, grew them and align them with the whole sketch from the lion window. That's very Barton tips. Now I'm figuring out how to make the next chattel Jews in the eye. This, uh, use a better position on make the curve and a trace in the center off their black thick lines. Now make it, you know, behind the North itself. I believe it's in the wrong way. Now I see it. It's hidden control. That toe under all this points it must It must go up toe. Look, the whole design I just forgot. There now it's going in the right way. Look right here and exists. Curve, but important to make it right and look, your design and right will finish, uh, shape. OK, it was They're white layer and unite them. You know, United States this shadow with, uh is ah, right. When Andi make them, you know, the last layer or in the same. They are, of course, behind the black thick lines. OK, And Kobe, this is the leaves. This one, we don't need it. And let's reflect this one hit toe. Transform and reflect was, of course, right clicking on any victor object on the art board or any picture. It's very important. I just muted as a sim layer as the right chatto the two shadows and then and grow them. And I believe, let's align them with the whole sketch, okay, it to a lion and align them horizontally. 7. making the strock: Now we need, you know, some shadows for the head and let's look over it and dry. Do I guess what is the next step? This man is a shadow of the head. There's own over the sketch and look and make this earth. It doesn't, you know, look good. So we might need a circle to do it. Ah, you know, remember to save all off you're designed heading control on shift. Ah, look. And in control is to save your designs. It's very important tip because, you know, you might lose it any time if you didn't save it, because, you know, ah, program is crashing or about our loss or any. And let's make this Bart. The last bar with the white layer was the ship builder tool, but any unwanted Bart's and make them the last barred the last layer, of course, and grew over the whole design they presented in control ISS make another. Kobe didn't all two under dragon with your ah mouse like you know, the circle. So let's UN group. Let's on groove. The whole design would have been too now or now, and make a shadow for the chin off the wall. It's under of a design. Look on, right click and undergrowth makes a shadow is the last layer. It was a white background. Of course we just made with the rectangle. Oh, do you remember? Make another Kobe All tend to drag. Kobe's are very important, you know, is the Scobie and making the last layer of the sketch que onda land them together. He was the first layer. All the layers and shift and selecting the first layer will allow you to choose the back layer and make a stroke for this layer. You know, I believe 7 to 7 is great. I really have Let's on groups this design and Eliza Sekar part of the shadow of the head on this make a shadow with the been tool. You know, it's more, you know, organic and natural. Of course. Good. The hair off there well, use It was a white background and makes him the less there hitem control shift ends left grounded bracket key and adjust its position with the arrows off your keyboard. It's school, but let's make it bigger for the leader and make another one, though you know, more organic. Who hasn't been to and with great color off course, which is the color of the shadow on. Try to make any shadow that can fit your design. You know that quickly in control that and lets you know center the whole shadow with the face and trace in the centre, off the black, the clients and use It was, ah, white background and make them the last layer. It's make it bigger shift and all and her size M position. It's very important. Tip will serve you a lot of time. This make it higher. It's good. But you know there's too many details. You don't know what will work and what won't so try different, you know, styles for the hair. Very important. Let's make a triangle and make it the less layer. Let's make it bigger. If the under dragon gift filed under Dragon imposition this smith up it or bed McIntyre and let's select all the resign and grow bit. Elect this part and just the color of the stroke toe. Any color we need, you can expend it, of course, Rome object and expand on. Okay, on unite from the bath finder and select this blow color right here. I love the scholar very much, and it's all loans. The two objects. Now we have a stroke, you know, a stroke mask out for how old? Okay, is There's a little bit off refinement right here. Choose a been to on delete any unwanted extra points. I believe we just the leader. We just deleted the wrong buoyant list, their lives extraordinary. Right here and now. We just made a killer logo, a killer mask out and east boards logo. This logo can work on T shirts on business cards, hitters and Africans any stuff. And now we are merely finished our design. You know this. Making the famous shield off the mask out lowers will have been tool. Of course. Right on Met the right girl off course. Align it with the firstborn we just made and clothes and make another Kobe Alton drag and transform and reflect. That's very important tip and choose the whole objects and allying them particularly and unite them from the best finder menu or window this. Make it, you know, not a war. Let's make another one, because is this shield you know it's ugly. I don't need it. And with a nice car like this one right here. Yeah, This one is great. Let's make another Kobe and reflect. Okay? And align them vertically. It was was it them and align them and unite them. Now it looks very good. 8. making the shield: Let's make it a black one like another. Kobe, I guess, or get is a mascot, logo, front office, a shield and controlled shift and dragon. I believe we forgot to choose a background layer off the stroke was both of them and a group of them here in control. G and dry toe. Make them in front off the shield. They don't control shift and the right a rounded bracket key. And align them, of course, was a shield it was, and align them vertically and horizontally. It's very important. Now let's make a stroke for this subject. I believe let's cancel this stroke and make a Kobe and make another stroke. This could be the shield control C control. If we're important, tiptoe Kobe, object in place and choose, uh, about background shield and make a stroke of it and much as you want and hit to object and expand. Okay and okay, on with the Ben to delete any extra points or any unwanted Boyens. And let's United's this field and choose the blow color right here. Look how good it is. It's awesome, and it's under that and eggs this one fuller. Bigger motor is good it looks cool but nears a little bit off refinement. Let's make a Kobe off the shield and make you know lines across it. Use the rectangle tool and make a thin line. Her owns a shield. Zoom in was altered and the ruler off your mouth and make it wider to fit the whole shield domain off course, because are very It's a very small rectangle, I believe. Let's make it bigger now. It's very good it zoom out, take the white color I and select any color on your boards. It's civil or design hidden control this orca Mantis on your keyboard and let's make various Scobee's here. The lip's a rectangle and was co Mandy. You can make a normal Scobee's off this object as you want. It's very quick, very easy tip. It's a lion. The shield with, uh, lines itself and select all of them and with shipbuilder tool, relate any unwanted lions out over the shield, of course, and now we just me made a multi lined shield. It's very cool. Okay, I'm just, you know, trying different tips. Unless the group the shield, of course, and align it was a scout exist one and make it the last layer right here. Align them together horizontally and vertically. Okay, now, but the shield doesn't look cool. Let's make it higher. Little bit to fit was a shield and lined them The leg. The first shield online old, the city over here, together from the lion window, the lives, its yield of your design in control. This grooms. The shield was just a black layer on grove it and make it bigger all shift and a drag to resize in place. This is very important. Tip, alter and shift and ah, dragon toe rece eyes. Any object in its place, you know, from the center of it. OK, it's a very important tip. Bear it in mind the Lecter's object and align them together. Let's make this one smaller. They believe it's good but needs a little bit of work. So let's dry this and groups this form and delete all the lines. Do you know, make his idea that is on my mind and make the best design for the sake of the logo? No, it's school. Let's groove it and let's make another Kobe all you know, a drag it out here. The sound is that didn't control that or command that on keyboard, the legs, the whole object on delete or group. You know the lions learn them again to make sure and group them that in control. G. Let's make a very Skopje's all down the drag in object. Omega Kobe Away Group was control G and save your design it and control and command yes, to save your design was there You are on Windows or Mac. It's on group shape and try to take look designs and try to see what is the best for the sake of the design. 9. final touches: and now select all of the attributes and right click on grew them. The link is a shield, and I'm group them and select the shield and select all of them and move them to other place and select all of the lines and delete them. Make that background chilled white on your keyboard. And so Licata color a lion. All off specials was wolf Moscow out, very size the white yield allowing them ends in. Have your design it in control or command. It's the savior design. I learned that my gay legs Oh, I chilled on group but first and make a smaller wooden gift and all Andhra sizing. Let's make a star, too. There are and make a starship The link, the blue color and was the start right to you Align the star or recently was the shields earns in a scout made a star higher. I just the medicines until you reach a comfortable zone at just the size is off in you object to balance their desire together, always alone the object Electra star make it a wised a white star and try to a line. The world from a scout was the star and the shield is a design hidden control IHS or command ISS to save your design, but group all the design and make of various Kobe's. That's a look at this one and deleted. We don't need it and make a couple of this one hidden out on the dragon with your mouth. Make a Kobe off the mask out and groves this one. They control us to save your design. Zoom in was out and the roller off your mouse. And now we want ungroomed. That is an first on group it again and our own growth that my scout and select the teeth and and groove them and select the shadow and deleted. Now the keys are, you know, more apparent. And very, very contrasted was the black color, and it looks very cool. No, let's groove them a scout only and save our design. Hitting control is Look, this is three mascots and delete them. Make of various copies off the mask out itself because we will need it later. Of course, may exist are higher affect with shield grooves. In my scout, make sure you grow did on group the whole shield and star. I was in my Scott. They lead to this, too. And make of various Koby's off the mask out was a shield and control the tomb to make another could be aligned them on like I just like to alone the my scouts and my victor design. You know, you organize my work and had controllers to save your designs. And now young girls are designed and groups a mask out and on groove the tease, and so let the tongue and make it dark are like the shadow color at an altar and select this cattle color rooms. I'm a scout first, the mascot only, and also make of various copies of the Moscowitz aliens in Moscow we don't need and control de for another Kobe or Command D uncivil. Presented in control is delete this to one's on growth of those groups issued with the star on wisdom Moscow Room them in control G and make of various puppies control D to make another Kobe allying them and shoes all of them and had control is to save your designs. Make another Kobe of this one the leads old my scouts I'm group this mosque out in case if we needed it sometime. But control this to save your design and I think we are done 10. the mockup: Hello, everyone. Now we are at the mock up stage, which is the final step. Okay, here it is. A T shirt markup I found online. You can find it anywhere. It's for free. Okay, so assistance our T shirt design that we are going to mock up our Maskell clue. Go on it Okay, especially right here on Dhere. It is our being G transparent photo and ah for off our mask out. And let's go to the mock up right here. We need to you know, a change. The logo applied right here from this window. Ok, Onda, we need to change the color off the tee shirt itself, okay? No focus with me, please go here on double click on this file icon and you went to a beers. We are going to replace this luego with our mask out right here. Okay, so at the first hide this layer and exam, ask out. I am about to to you and resize it until you reach a comfortable sites on. Try to created and align it in the center of the window. Now we have to save the design Hitter in Control s on Windows Onda Command s own. Mac, go to the mock up and you will find our Moscow Global is oversized. Okay, so it needs a little bit off quantification no to the wind right here and make it smaller. Let's transform it toe smart object The woman 10 You know, quality while reciting it. Or make it smaller and bigger. Next, make it smaller, like this one here and apply. Make it higher and hit control s You're saves a design and head to the mocha. You will find that it's Britta Good. Right now And now we are going and we need, of course, to change the color of their logo, I believe. Let's make it black one. Okay, so at to this menu on double click on change color and you can select any color, I refer to select the shadows the dark color off the local. Okay. And hit. OK, I believe you know it's very mad. No light on it. So let's make it you know, gray or something too. A beer. Good. This double click on it. Make it you know, like this. No change. Make it like this. Oh, yeah, I get it now. We need to get rid off this of this rectangle. Now we are talking. Yeah, this rectangle, we must, you know, make it invisible. Okay, if it was visible, it will be changes the whole color off the issue. Let's make it invisible on and change the color of the T shirt to white. So black, I guess. Let's make you know, alive Black rule on like, Yeah. So this color is great now are Lugou pops out? Andi, I believe it needs to be, you know, iron. So let's go to the window and choose our mask out and make it higher. Where's our you know, just, you know, move attire and maintains our lion and it control is to save your design and go to the final. So and now our design rocks those Sanks for keeping up with me. During this stage, I will show you in the coming photos, you know, is a mock up on the final moca off our logo