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Wix Master Course- Create a Responsive Website & Wix SEO

teacher avatar Keshav Poudel, Web Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction to this Course

    • 2. Why Wix

    • 3. Website Planning

    • 4. Creating Wix Account

    • 5. Know Wix Website Builder

    • 6. Customize Navigation Menu

    • 7. Designing the Footer Section

    • 8. Customize template image or background

    • 9. Adding titles and paragraph

    • 10. Customize Wix Page

    • 11. Customize Wix pages and Dropdown part 2

    • 12. Adding Photoes

    • 13. Add Videos

    • 14. Adding Icons shapes and Boxes

    • 15. How to Add link and customize a button

    • 16. Customize your Website for Moble

    • 17. Adding Dynamic Forms (Contact Form)

    • 18. What is SEO?

    • 19. Wix SEO-Setting Page Titles, meta Descriptions, headings and Keywords

    • 20. Purchasing Domain and Web Hosting

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About This Class

Wix makes it easy for any person to create websites – no design or coding skills needed! Wix is the best place to design a stunning website that looks and performs exactly the way you want.  No need to hire a web developer anymore for Building a Website. You can Do it!

In this course, I will be providing you with a step by step guide on how to create a Wix website in 1 hour


  • Create a Wix Website from start to finish in 1 Day

  • Learn how to plan for creating your website (organizing your wording & photos)

  • Learning the basic features of Wix and the advanced features of Wix

  • Learn what search engine optimization is (SEO) and how you can be found on Google, Yahoo, etc.

  • Learn how to maintain your website and keep it up to date

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Keshav Poudel

Web Developer


Hello, I'm Keshav. I am a Self-taught Web Developer. I love teaching and sharing my experiences. My course will cover all the concepts from basic to advanced levels with real-world examples.

I believe in "Everybody Should Learn how to program a computer  because it teaches us how to Think - Steve Jobs"

See you inside the class!

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1. Introduction to this Course: Welcome to weeks Master course. Are you interested in building Responsive Website without writing a court? Are you looking for course that Texan from complete beginner building your own beautiful website using would start, Come then discusses for you in this course you learned to build this business upside by customizing weeks template from his cats. We'll look into certain and optimization Yes CEO and relieved alleged to increase the ranking off our website on Google Service region. In this course, I will take you through the process of creating Oh, upset from planning tooting our template and finally promising ice turning off site. Now if you are watered, don't work anymore. I saw you how to use weeks upside Editor kiddo. Upside I can't work anymore. Tissue in class. Let's get started 2. Why Wix: So why weeks? It is a very good question, which is a powerful tool. So many people use which to build a website because it is user friendly, easy, affordable and three as well. We can get Imagine Professional looking website, which can be updated and edited easily. No technical skills are required. Furthermore, there are hundreds of three templates available any weeks. Weeks provides its own Web hosting as well as domain. Name for free as well is for Bear. In the next video, we'll be talking about weeks in more detail. 3. Website Planning: Welcome to weeks Master bores Website planning is a very important. Before we move any further, I'd like to ask you what types of have said do you want? Well? There are many different types of website. The first days informational website words, purposes to share information to do business are just too in from public. This could be personal website Zamir upside our portfolio upside and many more. Second is a e commerce website. This is offset for selling something you want. You could be selling dessert books, Harvey says, such as consolidation or tickets and many more and the last one is single Bears website. All the information you want to share will be in one pit. After deciding what types of upset the next step is planning layout off our website. So here we'll decide what it is we are using or what other features who will be in each beds. We need to design a website in a way to meet our objective. And at last, this one here is known as navigates and menu. Whom about service blow contact are the list of links Let me scroll down. This is a body section so at the bottom we have this food are six and this is the simple destructor off any weapons. We will discuss more in the upcoming six and with this video. 4. Creating Wix Account: hello and welcome weeks since a drug ring dragger editor. This is super easy to use. Even if you do not have any technical skills in the scores will create a website from scratch. I'll be using Google Chrome browser. So now let's go to a week Start. Come now Really going to get this started water. After that it opens up new biz and it acts us logging information You can log in using Facebook are using your Google account So let me sign of it first. Now I have created my account Technically going escape. This is somehow self explanatory. It is asking Austra, choose how you want to clear to your website There are two Upson over here. You can shoot area create our weeks Website editor So area is artifice, cities and intelligence. It'll actually a few question on best off on it. It will design no upside in a minute. So but anarchists, I would select on this through their template absent. Now you can choose any Templars from here. Later we contend scholar emails. So now I'm going to select this consultant template. You can click on view to review this demo upside so how it looked like this one right over here is the name Vegas and menu. These are the different list of links. So it's scroll down, click on the things you know how it looked. Likes. So here it is. A food are. Let me click through this about link. If you like this template, go back and slept on edit or otherwise. You can choose any other template from here. All these templars are freely available. So I looked leak on this radio button so it will open up in another cab with the works of upside Editor. 5. Know Wix Website Builder: After that you land up in a pairs that look something like this. Here on the top, you can see this menu bar and on the left you can see this little bubbles that allow us to customize your website no matter which template truth, there will be lots of similar features over here. So again, on the top left, when you click over here, it shows you all the different periods you have on your website, such as we have wimping about beds, sort of re spares. Product is good to know clients and my wallet. You can click on any off this base and it will open that bed in and you don't has been And this is the about beds. If you want pretend that text, you're gonna click on edit text and you can send the text like this. You contend the text size to whatever you want, so you can increase the foreign size. You can change the foreign debt as well and you can make it board italic underline, and you can hear some more effects. Here. You can do all the normal. Everything's here with colors underlining, making it lived her line write a line and you contend the checked and many more. Let me go back to our home base. Now if you want to see this website in mobile more, which I did recommend because most traffic on Internet is actually on the phone. This dead, you can switch to move all more. What? Here? So this is how it looks like on your mobile device. You can drag this everything over here and you can eat it separately. You can save this website by clicking over here, or you can look it's preview. You can also published this website by clicking over here, which we'll talk in the later lecture. For now, let me click on this next up more so this is our home pills. So in this lecture and I have covered a week's website editor tool So in the coming election, also, you outdo customized this team from absolutely stress with this issue in the next video 6. Customize Navigation Menu: Hello and welcome back to class in this lecture. I'm going to customize this navigation menu over here. So he added, this is known as head of six and and these are the navigation menu. And this one is the brand name off our website. So I changed it to gifts. Coincidental service. You can add a images instead of text over here. So in this case, I am editor text. You can drag it to anywhere else like this. I can customize this Never gets and mental one day one. So now I would love toe idea of this navigation menu. I'm just click over here. So I went to display Home is over here, so I'll click here and I will click on this. So now a man who has been added so I will keep about men were same and service also. Sam, it is now I want to edit. It is good to know, man, you so abjectly corny name I can keep it is going back auspices the garden. So I will keep this client place as it is. I would dinner this men who? I'll give this my wallet many messages. Otherwise I can hear Great Are deluded this as well. So I'll likely going. Jensen, I will go back to our home base. Yeah, at first I have this home button after that about then after that service project, contact us and more. This is a member log inside which I will discuss in the upcoming lecture. So you can drag this position as well. So in weeks everything is dropping, Dragonball. So if you want to exist opposition off you you can just drag this Whatever you want After that, you can is tell. This never gets and menu so you can click on this detained Upson so it will open this over here you can choose this never gets on. Man, You like this for now I will choose this never gets and styles you can actually gonna Customized design. So you contend the color borders Sadow text So here on the skin you can see this pop up So here it is displaying us The website address by default with the weeks will get some website address for you later You can change it are popular this domain names which I'm going to discuss in upcoming lecture. So far now you go on down. So this is our never gets on menu which I have tended it just now. This way you can customize your navigate samen who increased the size of this border. You can drive over here when you contend the expedition by dragging Now it looks something better. Now you can press on sale you can make on this preview. So now our website look like this. So in the upcoming election, I will discuss more about other things with this soon in a video. 7. Designing the Footer Section: Hello and welcome back to class. Let me scroll down. So at the bottom we have these food are six. And over here this is our put out six And you contend this foot up text and you can tell this was somebody as well. So click over here and click on edit text. Now I will tell you this door 1020. My name probably considered with which start Come, you can change it toe Whatever you want. So I will keep it in a zit is to increase the size off the food day. You can drag this lighter over here so you don't increase the food our size. In this case, I want to keep sizes 20 be x. So now you continue this solemn bodies when so click uncertain rustling so you can add more social icons By clicking over here, you can add a different source elegance from here. So now I went to aired this blogger I got and I also want to add this Instagram Aiken so I'll click on air to gallery. So he had unit to intern. The link off here blubber. So you need to enter the website address you can also add on instagram I d like this neared me out of my Facebook I d I can click over here And I was just there to my office for Guidi . So I click on done and really going down over here. So now I will review this website. So after that, when I click on this his book I got you don't really get it. Me do This festival is so in this way you can air their Facebook link. We had a website. Let's go back to our religion so I'll just drag this Next to the bottom are hard website Logan, drag this some bad. I can as well. After that, you can add any missing So this source Elikann So click on any medicine and choose the any animation. So here are so this spinnin and I would likely going customize so you can slip their direction. Sick end. Let me cancel this. So to increase the size of this source Elikann, you can click on this layer. Dobson, you can increase the icon size by dragging this lighter. I will keep it as 27. You can also increase the spacing between this Sosa likens. You can rinse it toe horizontal or vertical. You know, I guess I will give it toe hurries. And, um again, if you want to air some any medicine you can click over here and we're going to click on any other person. So I'm just like this going on, officer. And you can customize in this way we can customize our food or sex and Israel. So here I will again. Eddie this text. So I will keep my brand name. Yes. Coincidences service. What are decorated with you? We start. Come by It supported Lagendijk raised this fun size to get in. I want to keep it as 14. So let me drag this so that everything Every text will be in the same line. It looks various months wagon. I want to increase the font size. So again I will drag this Dexter box so that every day actually appear in the same line. Yeah, with this. See you in the next video. 8. Customize template image or background: Today we look into how we can change the peace background and how we can change colors. Airy mazes are uploaded our own amazes and video for the background off here website. To rule these, you can select empty part off your appears when I click over here the airstrip sex and will be. I liked it. I can click on this centre Street background. From here you can slept different colors, images and videos for your background. You can pick up color by selecting all these different colors, or you can use X value just by selecting the colors. If you are happy with this this color. But if you are not happy with this color, you can click on. This changes to background and you can through the mazes from Weeks library, for example. From here, you can select different amazes. For example, you can slow this lovely background emails off flower, and you can look on this stand your ground. Now your regular Nimitz has been updated. Furthermore, you can also add a video on your background. For example, you can slicked any videos from here are you can add it on video. I was like this video, for example. And I likely contains background. I hope it will not play in the orator, but it will play when you review this website. Let me live on this preview. Then you will see that this video is played automatically. Let me go back to our editor. So using weeks you can add your own images are video very easily. So I knew. Please. Yeah, this pop up will appear. Can you go in attendance to background? Your name is So Are you from here? You can upload your only mazes from your PC. Legal Knobler from my Cambodia. So now let me open a you miss. I was selected these emails and I'm open it. You can also customize this background image by clicking over here You can either crop these or you can air. Just you can call this background in this example are just click on this gentle background Upson. Now you can see this background emails which I have just now uploaded from my computer. Sward last using this option you can grow. Burim is well. Let miss living This must part and we're going to sell now. I have got out of my background name is Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I'll see you next to you. 9. Adding titles and paragraph: Hello and welcome back to class in this video, I'm going to add some titles and paragraph toe my weeks upside So let me go toe which dot com it will learned off here. This is my weeks in desktop or here you can see different options For now, I'll just click on any decide and it will open me weeks upside Editor So this is our editor ? No, me Gordon. So here. I just want to edit this dext to any district you can click on here and you'll see this Papa Now league on edit text. You can select teams. You can select different forms. You can increase the size off this form and you can add board italics underline. You can add a morning fix. So let me ask you this The organization off all these contents depends on the website of structure. These are the different contents over here customizing it. Totally defend on the part puts up here a website. Sure here. I just want through ad engineering services. So I would like Toa entered this second column and I went to air online course. So again, I want to edit this 24 by seven Costumer service. Now I need toe readers this front side to air. Just eat into the same column so I will keep it. As I want to do again. I will be crazies. Who 19? Yeah. So this is a photograph. You can edit this photograph text as well. For example, I want to edit this text so I will click on edit text. I really lived all this text and I learned we are far engineering what we say we provide. We provide design, recessed building planning and constructs in services. In this way you can ever their text here You're me. It's like the foreign for this. Most of us like this text and it sends the fund. I'm just slicked up simple formed from here. This way you can have a different text. If you wanted to add more column like this, you can click on empty space over here and you can goto this layout and you can click on air column. So, in this way, we can add column for now. Let me undo it. So So this is about us Tidal. You can click on this. I don't pretend this text in weeks You can just drop and drag this title so you can drop and drag this important everything. Can we drop intractable? You can edit this work. Done. You can edit this paragraph text Thank you for watching with this here in the next video. 10. Customize Wix Page: Hello and welcome back in weeks. We can customize a pills, duplicate or plays, or even delete up is you can go to air menus and bases in your excitement. You can add a new bids by clicking over here. You can edit this face and men. Is all this biz to move it apart are down but you can just drop and drag it on your site Menu appears in the Navy s and Manu as well, so I want to wear the new bids to add a new best, go to the menus and periods and click on this airbase button and enter the name off the pace which you want to kill. Yet I would write Contact us and Cleveland. Done. The new place has been killed or dead, which is year as well. Your new place will be blank and automatically add it to our side menu. So I knew he turned preview. And when you slur this contact hospice you see there are no content. So it is our blankets. Let me go back to my editor. No, we go to my home. Pitt's now how to duplicate appears if you do not want to start a new pitch from muskrats. You can just go to air menus in peace. You can just simply doubly get our one piece. If I want to duplicate my about face, click on this. Did not I gun and select Duplicate and enter the name of the years. Make contact us and you're going down. This new place will be automatically added to your side menu over here again. If you want to remove your appears, click on this dot I gun and slept. Delete Upson You'll get this message asking you Are you sure you want to deliver the piers ? If you confirm the late, it will remove the pace and all the content off. That is, if you do not wander piece to appear in your website. You can just click on this icon and select hide Upson, Now you're contact Our spears will get hide. But if you want to sue that piece again legal in this regard burden and slept So option Now your peers get displayed on the menu Now to search your home pits one place in the first place. Your visitor will see when they visit your website. You're Templar. It comes with the different orbits. But in case if you want to change their own bits, you can change it easily to change their own pace. Goto the menu nps Upson Though Michael is the current trumpets to change it selector appears which you want to make a home base. So I want to make this sort of a spears is my own best So I will click here This trader, I so go to the sitting Sir, these is one pit now the home icon appears next We're new Hope is this is the first visit your visitor will see now when I you don't preview Then you will see this service space at first because I have make this RV spaces my own best from now on works when any visitors visit my site Then the spares will Lord at first because I have just mounting it to my home bit. Let me go back to my editor now I do not want to keep service Piers There's my home business. So again go back to menu in pieces legal inside menu and select. This one is click on this tree but I can and slept setting and certainly says home, Pez. Now, when I eat preview, then my own pace Will Lord at first thank you for watching with this. See you in the next video. 11. Customize Wix pages and Dropdown part 2: Hello and welcome back to class Today I will show you how to create our drop down menu. Drop down are important in a website in weeks. If you want to create a drop down menu, you need to add a soft basis. Now let's go to our menu in business. Lincoln Seidman, who let me out some pitches I would add. Our interest is an organ. I will have another appears having name they treat us. You going? Done. Now I will drag this contact with over here and after that I will again drag our respect and I will again drag this. There is ah spares in weeks you can easily drop and drag any names. Now I need to get soft. Is is over. Here, I'll click on Stop is so I will make this reach us as soft bed. So now here you can see contact us is the Memphis and our address in there. Each of us is the soft pays off going dug us So let me live in Canton on huge preview. So when I move my mouse over here, you can see this soft bases, which is also known as drop down Let me go back to my editor. Next I will show you how to get off order. For example, if you want to teach three different classes basic intimidated and everyone's, you can place all three pieces under a fuller Carl classes to add a folder, Go to menu in pieces. Select out of Fuller Robson so named the folder I would limit is class live on. Done. Now I want to drag this folder. Oh, but he had Now again, you need to add new business. Having name beginner class I would learn another piers having name I didn't read it class, for example. And click on Done. Let me drag this beginner class below This clasp is again repeated up for Caesar. So now click on this three dot icon and select Stop is so again select stock is now proceed . You don't preview We knew over your mouth. You will see this non clickable for her name and you can see these to stop. Its one is beginner class and another one is intermediate class which are applicable. It last we'll show you how you can air base transition. We had a fist stances and between pieces on your website. Go back to the menu MPs and the Kilic on Pierce transition through their transition. You want across all your weapons so I'll just leave this crossfire to see you to go to the free were more and click on any periods Now you already give are watching and see you next . 12. Adding Photoes: Hello and welcome back to class in this video. I'll show you how to tend this images which are over here. So it first I want to edit. This is so let me change this text. So I will write about us. I want to increase the length of this line so you can just drag this line like this. You can edit this text as well. For now, I would just enter to this name going at it. So I'm right. My name. I wonder. And with Deborah for look mint like this. Whoever deserves this, I will decrease this fun size toe, maybe 21. Or I can increase it to 22. So now I need to change this image with my own image where you can just can you go on? The seam is and you will see this pop up over here. We said gen domestically, contending mint. From here you can upload their only mazes. So I would operate my own images from my PC. Let me to this image you contend Aim it. So to increase my size, I can just drag this option or I can go to the setting and increase my emir size. You can also change the image off this as well. You can add more detail about your team. You can enter this do tell. So in this way we can customize our amazes. There's a text. You can also decrease the size of this background rectangle to decrease the size. You can just look over here and drive up top. You can click on this setting. Gen. Name is our air. Just colors and everything off the sim is so you can click on Earth just and canned crab. These emails you can increase the brightness and many more features over here. 13. Add Videos: So today I'll show you how to add a video from external source. Adding video is a effective way when you visit our visit. Show upside. All right. If you want to advertise some products, you can add any marketing videos or any introductory video to your website At their own pace are any other piece so to air video in their website you can drastically go ahead. So here you can see you can add a video from your own video are you can have a video from you to be more delemus on Facebook and many more. You can see this different videos in the weeks library. So let me out of video from YouTube I'm just select on YouTube so by different weeks will open a video for me And this is a frame where the video will get lead. When you use that measures your appears you can change this video chance The video you can select on gender Really, officer and you can enter the You knew where this from here. So let me go toe you took dirt. Come, and I'll just randomly select any videos. Let me go to you tube dirt. Come and and selector Random video. So let me copy this You doubling by pressing controversy on your keyboard. I can go back to here and bested that link over here. Then you to open a preview off that video. So let me you don't review. So here. This is our video. When your user visits your website that they will see this video and they can play it in This way, we can add a YouTube video in our weak side. Let me go back to our editors. You contend the size of this frame just by dragging this over here, you can increase the ID of this frame. You can send your designed by clicking over here, and you can move anywhere you want. Thank you for watching you next. 14. Adding Icons shapes and Boxes: Hello and welcome back to class. So here in my home pits, I have added a YouTube video. So if you do not want to your YouTube video here, you can just deliver this billiard player flame to deliver this click over here and press did give from air keyboard in this video, I'm going to air some icons, ships and boxes in the weeks. So let me go toe glass biz. So click on beginner class from here. So this is an empty piss. Let me click on this, Adamson. So from here, I want to add a books to my peers. So I like this team, the bucks, from here. So here I can increase the size of this continent box just by dragging this. Yeah. So I went to air just my incontinent box up to this. What it is now I want to add some text this con dinner. So let me clear. Going text and select this team next. So let me outta heading at first. So I write. We are far boiling courses. I want to tell the fun size too. Tarty P x. I'm just drag this to every test it with this is our heading. Let's pretend this color of this text certainly gone color I intended to white. So now again, I want to add some dext that I got a text, so I'll click. But I'm gonna take like this. So you will see this is screen over here. Now I can send this text to whatever I want. So click on every text. Now you contend it your practical three year war Morning courses as well. If you wanted to air some icons such as some really I can't. You can click on this one over here, and you can just drop and drag any social media links Over here, you can select each and every icon and you can after you, Adam, toe this or somebody I guns. So let me say this and maybe you again. So this is our preview? Appears So this is how our website looks on our big stub. Thank you for watching to you in the next video. 15. How to Add link and customize a button: in this video, I will show you how to Adam Burton Link, overturn and customizing Burton. You can easily are importance and customize it in weeks. You hear website comes with a button. You can customize it, or you can add a button who air bottoms to wear off site. Go to where and take on this burden. You have so many buttons to choose from On the top you have this Tim Burton. Keep scrolling to see all the text and icons. Burton. So here all the buttons comes with placeholder text. Feel free to attend it, so click owner button to see everything. You can go with it. So this is my burden over here. I want to keep it here. I won't be integrated its size. Now to customize your button, you can click on the button, and you can either. 10. The text. You can add a design or you can have some. Any medicines are. You can add a link by clicking over here or, if you need any help you to this question. Mark Burton. Let's start with changing the text. Write the name of Baden is look here to wear the link to this button, you can click on this link. I can. You can link your button with your website or you can do much more. Sort of link a button to appears when your wife said simply slurred appears so whether Britain wants to link this place. So I just left the service piers here. After that, the unit to decide whether these bears opens in a new window are in the same window. I just want to open this piers in the new windows. So I just like new and over here after that legal done. So this is a one weapon again. I want to add another burden. I would like to go back to Jordan and I will add any other simple Burton over here. I'm just drag it to right over here. I want to attend the text of this wooden toe, so enter here. Protect us. We are going to this party like owning so from here, you can either at a web address. What do you can add a in car? For now? I just want to air link this to a new piece, Contact us. So I want to open it in the current window. Here, too. We can even run. Sometimes you may want their visitor to read an article from your upside. At that time, you can enter a Web address to this burden so that it will redirect. You do that particular website when the user clicks on this border. Now to customize your button, click on design. You see our Lampson so you can click on costume design here. Everybody else comes with two views that is regular in Harbour. So regular is how it looks like now and over is when someone moves to bounce over this burden. Let's customize the regular. We start feel colors. I can select the colors from here, so I want to keep as it is. Borders are the frame off here, Barton's. You can customize the color thickness with corners you can have around. It is so this burden by defending the border radius like this. Here I have different five PX From this office on over here, you can decide how transparent your buttons want to be on. Just drag this value and keep it 81 4 centers so I will keep Gordon on radius Is hi p X. So enabling saddles gives her brought on a three D effect and text you contend color, team form, size and even border italicize your text. You can also customize how we're bottom looks like when visitor visit over it. So if you want to wear the same styles to the different buttons in your website, just select your water and click on design. You can find the border you have just now customized. So this is my burden, which I have customized just now. So you can click this button to instantly customize your now what the bottom has seen, Miss Tiles. You can increase its size as well. Just buy dragon. So here is a deep click preview to see how your body looks like. Now you already thanks for watching and you in it. 16. Customize your Website for Moble: Hello and welcome back to class. This video we're going to customize our website for more alleyways is I have a little. Nowadays most of the traffic on Internet is from overly ways. So it is very important to design your website for mobile beauty as well. So to design your upset for the mobile more you can just feature editor to mobile more. You will open your website in Movil view like this. So in weeks, whatever it sends you make on mobile more doesn't effect how we're outside looks on next up more. Let me customize this website in mobile more very fastly and just like distinct. I want to read relief the size of this text so I can drag this Barton anywhere I want. So I will keep it here. So from here I want to delude some peace in my mobile More so I want to keep on a few beers So I really wanna hire for mobile. I wouldn't I want to hire these. Yes, One mobile view has been so you can eat on preview to see that ended. So when you leave this burden you can see home about services for there to contact us Blind and my wallet men was Let me go back to my editor again. Notice let my home pits. So he had the background images overlapping. So I just hired this mystery element from here. So in this mobile view, you can either 10 this background or you can deliver this background. So let me drag this six and over here so again I can decrease the space between this. It's true. Just by dragging. I think this is looking fine. Yeah, This isn't back Toto icon McClellan said I want to drag this my website name. We're here and I want to move this, but on the right of the screen. So when I don't preview, it will look like this to see the menu unit to live on this border. And you will see this menu bits. There we go back to my editor. So he had had a few different absent. You can customize everything from here. Let me go to my about a space. So here, if I wonder dealer to this What if I love this person? I'm just click over here and click on delete. I can't slave this and live I can select this and directly related by pressing the delete key from a key word Sort of increase the world Have this line in the mobile bill. You can just drag it like this. I have everything is looking good. If you want to add some extra space, you can just drag this. Let me go to my home base. So if you want to make a responsive website, you need to customize each and every piece for mobile beauty as well. I hope you have understood how the Western my your website for mobile view. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video. 17. Adding Dynamic Forms (Contact Form): Hello and welcome back to class In this video, we'll learn how to have a contact from to your website Contact from are required to collect user input Conduct from will Allow users to input data and send it to your email. Let me go to my contact us is now I'm going to click on this. Plus I can I want to add a contact from do this bed. Here are the different contact from to choose from. You can choose any contact phone. Let's like this simple form. Drag this to move it off One. After that, we can man is input fields What in food information required Here we have a first name in Fulfilled. Next we have this last name input field and then we have this email and then we have this phone number. And at last we have this masses field here To customize this infant feel you need to click on each and every important Really over here And you can just edit this input field that we live on. This added from here you continue this placeholder text or you can make this feel as required are optional. So he has lived this required ups and over here you need toe tied their first name before submitting the form. You can just drag this input field by clicking on moving it around. After that, sitting is where we need to airy Miller This Where do you want to deceive this? Contact information request. We can also add a email over here. From here, you can set up email nor difficult them. When the user summits this form, you'll receive our email notification. Here. I have used this email by default so you can add it. Other emails as well. So here are the three different form setting. When is email or difficult? Sin City And the other one is some missing table where you will want to be you All the submission in one place and the last one isaf Skiba double opt in email All these terminology are somehow self explanatory. You cant just ride it out So then at the bottom we have this summit button you're says after people Somebody did this contact from We need to decide whether to so our message or open a link that will take them toe Thank you bit when the user some mix this form, they will receive this. Thanks for some meeting messes. You can edit this messes so some mason received or anything you want. We can customize everything toe this input from just by clicking on this design ups and so can you. Going customized design. We can add colors we can Ernest capacity. You're gonna serve the different teams. You can slurp two different forms like this. You can also control the foreign size. You can send the phone background color by clicking over here and selecting the color like this. But in this case, I want to keep it is white. So let me clinic on this preview option. Let me enter some contact details. When users submit this form, you will receive an email notification and the user will also see this summits and received notification. When users submit this form, you receive notifications to your email and into your side desk port. So this is our weak side desperate. So here you have rescind nor defeat isn't. So this is the request you have recieved is just now. Yeah, you will receive information in such a way. Um, listen, usually man for no more and messages. Well, after the user, you turn someone button, you'll receive this. The minority figure sent to your email this way works really hard to collect. Use that information so we have added a basic contact from There are lots of different teams and upson for you to customize. Thanks for watching. See you next. 18. What is SEO?: Hello and welcome back. Certainly in optimism is a powerful way to increase visibility off your website. Search engine optimization is all about increasing the ranking off her website search engine of the primary way that people find your information. You hear the upside is not visible on any sort engine. Your customer want to find you. This is the simple introduction to search engine Optimizers and which is often known as the CEO. We'll discuss more about weeks. Yes, you in the next video. 19. Wix SEO-Setting Page Titles, meta Descriptions, headings and Keywords: Hello and welcome back. This video will discuss in more detail about some things in optimism, which is often known is yes E O. Yes, you is all about the using keyword in your website. Content there tells starts engine all about your website. You can't did remind this keyword by thinking what some people would. It starts for your upside if your business service included is construction services best in us So then included a ski words in your website contents. We all want to rank ie insourcing results inside the woods Editor leak on this ad Upson and select the extra apps on over here You can choose different airing from here. Here are the different every level Getting upson from Yes Oneto Yes. Six. Aiding select 11 during tough for each ailing on your work is to a reading to your beds. Just drag this to the busy you want to a reading. Furthermore, you can edit this anything text. Now let's talk about Mitt attacks Met Attacks three first to wear side titles and description. They are the content that we will see when you're upside appears in the salt reason. You can give it space on your website or title and description, so fill them with the 11 keyword to wear Met attacks. Leave the places from this menu, so I will just let this service based Now go to the menu in peace Option. Give me go inside menu like this tree, dirt icon and slip. Yes, you are absent us to go. I had any Internet item for your work bits Enquirer keyword like your business name and Lucas in. So I write steps in uniting surely, says California. Now The next step is a unit to add a description off each and every piece off her website. Here, you can describe what visitor will see any read on your website. Use their 11 key words and phrases so search engine can is in the indexer. Bills correctly and sweet to peoples were searching your outside right, using vivid and engaging language. So when people see your description, the uncertainty results. This description may convince them to click on your website. So here you can also see the preview on Google to see how it looks on start a result. So the title will appear here and the description will appear below it keep in mind, it may take some time before your new best title and description everywhere in search results. When we Willis cancer website and encounter some amazes, it is not able to see them the way that we do. Our text is content that learned some things and understand what your emails are swaying. It is great way for your image to rank on search engine, and it is easy to add to wear alternative text, click and emails. Then click on this gentle, strict background and live on this setting ups and and you can add a brief description offer image over here. They're to me ad locked up, going more for doing so. I recommend you do an alternative test to all the amazing on their website. 20. Purchasing Domain and Web Hosting: Hello and welcome back to class in this video. I'll show you how you can parties are Romanian Weeks or how to add a business email that is just sued email in our weeks around. So this is my Weeks desk port Here. You can see the different option here. You can see this is status domain not connected. And you can see this Western plan and you can see this metal box. Now I will show you how to connect Dome in them to this website. You'll see this fifth. So here it is, saying by a new domain name or connect our domain name you already own. This option is used if you have already for, says the woman from another source such as Google Dillman are godaddy dot com or any other Web hosting company. So our domain name easier unique Whoever this, like weak start, come. So for now I will click on this buyer domain name absent by default. The weeks will elaborate address like this. This is my quarter. We're address so I can replace my this world where breast bipartisan A new domain in weeks . So I went toe I had a new domain name tips. Engineering services don't come click on the start. I can. So it is saying this Germany's every level certainly going to get it absent. After that, you'll see this message and click on this up there now absent. So it is a premium plan. The monthly he is like printing in four months. So these are the different features you can click on this up. Good se Dobson. This plan will include one year freedom in indeed, the story except on land. Women connect or Domon remove weeks adds, and you can add a payment information over here to party it the Roman If it is a business offside, are your personal portfolio upside? I recommend you report says a domain name and wester off site. It's alert me. Click on this view Life side Upson. Now this is your website air this So here you can see this dark the weak side dot com extends and if you want to remove this, that will excite Unit two parties a premium plan which I have shown you just now. So this is your website there. This with you can access from any component with this Syrian next video