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Wix Course: Build Your Own Website For Selling Beats Online

Joseph Evans, Make Better Music Now: Follow Me

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20 Videos (2h 2m)
    • Setting up an account with Wix

    • Top 5 Elements of A Beat Site

    • Getting a logo for cheap

    • Starting From Scratch & Tour of the Editor

    • Setting up the different sections of your site

    • Adding Anchors

    • Adding and Customizing the menu

    • Adding text

    • Creating your banner

    • One Tip Most Fail to do Until Its TOO LATE

    • Adding Your Beat Store Player

    • Creating Licensing Boxes Using Canva

    • Adding Licensing Boxes to Site

    • Mail Chimp & Embedding Your List

    • Adding a FREE beat link to your email

    • Final Touches

    • Selecting A Premium Plan

    • Connecting Your Domain Name

    • Making Changes to Your Site

    • Updating Your Site (Live Example)


About This Class

Are a music producer or beat maker looking to sell your beats online?

Would you like to save money and learn how to build your own professional beat site?

Are you having trouble creating a "fully custom" website using an online web builder called wix?

Well you are in luck!!!

Join our large community of students learning how to create their own beat site from scratch using wix TODAY!

This step by step course will teach you how to create a professional website that will:

  • Help you sell your beats online
  • Gain the respect of your peers
  • Improve your brand
  • Attract serious music artists, A&Rs, and execs
  • And much more!!!!

You will be using an online web builder called wix to create your new beat site, and can look over my shoulder as I add each piece of the site from start to finish.

Eliminate the stress and pressure of having to find out everything on your own...

Relax I got you!

Learn a simple and easy way to build your own custom beat site from scratch!  This way you can stand out from the pack with your own unique style and brand.

No design or coding experience is required.

We cover how to:

  1. Set up a wix account and navigate the online web builder
  2. The 5 top elements of a beat site
  3. How to get a logo for cheap
  4. Add different sections, text, video, and pictures to your site
  5. Add an email opt in form to collect emails
  6. Add a FREE beat link to your email
  7. Add your beat player to get sales
  8. Create your own custom licensing info boxes
  9. Select a premium wix plan
  10. Secure and connect a domain name to your site

Just to name a few skills you will gain...

Every day more and more producers and beat makers are selling their beats online. Why not you!!!? 

Don't let lack of resources or "fear of not knowing how" stop you!

You are just one step away... 

ENROLL in this course now so you can finally get your website up an start getting beat sales!!

See you in the course :)





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Joseph Evans

Make Better Music Now: Follow Me


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