Wireframing in Sketch | Roger Ennis | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learn the user interface: part 1

    • 3. Learn the user interface: part 2

    • 4. Learn the user interface: part 3

    • 5. Overview of plugins

    • 6. Create and organize text styles

    • 7. Create and use symbols: part 1

    • 8. Create and use symbols: part 2

    • 9. Create and use libraries

    • 10. Start your wireframe: part 1

    • 11. Start your wireframe: part 2


About This Class

Students will get acclimated with Sketch App UI by building phone wireframe.

In this class we’ll focus on introducing you to the Sketch App software and afterwards build a wireframe. Gone are the days when photoshop, Illustrator and indesign (which I have used and loved) are the best tools available for designing websites, and the most popular nowadays, iOS and Android applications.

Roger will introduce you to this extremely light-weight piece of software and get you sufficiently acclimated with the SketchApp’s user interface. You’ll also look at the ecosystem of plugins to help you work smarter not harder. Then, you’ll put all the pieces together to build low fidelity wireframe that will allow you test, validate and get feedback early in order to iterate on your project.

No need to worry about prior knowledge of using Sketch, however students who take this class would have used Illustrator, photoshop etc. before.