Wireframing for UX Design : Sketch Your Big Idea

Carlye Cunniff, UX Designer. Avid Adventurer. Enthusiastic Eater.

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7 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction : Wireframing for UX Design

    • What is Wireframing?

    • Why Do We Wireframe?

    • How Do We Wireframe?

    • How Do We Wireframe (2)

    • How Do We Wireframe? (3)

    • How Do We Wireframe? (4)


About This Class


Wireframing is one of the most important concepts and stages in user experience design. UX designers use wireframes as a way to express a flow through a process or communicate individual screens in a product.

Wireframes can range in fidelity from sketches on bar napkins to beautiful, interactive photoshop mocks. This class will provide a basic overview of why we wireframe, where wireframing fits into the UX process, how to use it (from stakeholder presentations to usability testing). Finally, we'll spend a lot of tie creating our own lo-fi wireframes to share with the class.

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This was a great course for me because it explained why sketches are my starting point, and reminded me that I am creating for the viewer. A pleasant experience with an excellent instructor, too!
Very digestible and a great place to start, basic and user friendly!





Carlye Cunniff

UX Designer. Avid Adventurer. Enthusiastic Eater.

Carlye is my name, UX Design is my game. I help teams understanding the goals and motivations behind human behavior, and design products that meet those needs. Helping teams embrace human-centered design is my jam. I'm a UX Design Consultant - I work with teams to push their creative limits. I use design thinking to to design the right products, at the right time, for the right people. 

I'm good at facilitating the generation of big ideas. I love nothing more than helping other people come up with their own big ideas. That's why I teach UX Design workshops at General Assembly, and why I've started teaching on Skillshare. I have a Sociology degree from the University of British Columbia, several years as a freelance copywriter and content strategist, and hands - on UX skills from General Assembly. Communication has always been my strong suit, and pushing big ideas out the door is my favorite thing.

My design philosophy: dance in someone else's shoes before making them better shoes. Also, go play outside - your designs will thank you.

I am a mentor on RookieUp. Feel free to schedule a session with me for further mentorship if you like what you see here!