Wireframe a Website Navigation Bar for Free

Ryan J Haught, Designer, Developer, and Marketer for Web

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Wireframing - A Timesaving Process

    • 2. A New Design Tool

    • 3. Creating a Menu Wireframe

    • 4. Send Wireframe

    • 5. Your Turn


Project Description

For this course, I want you to create your own website menu wireframe using Xd, take a snapshot of it, and attach your snapshot to the project section; just like I show you in the course. Be creative with this project! Maybe you'll come up with an idea that never occurred to me. I will look over every project and offer feedback.

*If you are a Windows user and Xd has not yet been released for Windows, then I encourage you to sign up for updates from Xd's website so that you'll be notified when Xd is available on Windows computers. 

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