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Wire wrapped Necklace and earrings set with beads and wire

teacher avatar Colette Kimon, Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Shaping the pendant

    • 4. Embelishing the beads

    • 5. Wrapping the bail

    • 6. Adding the Bead

    • 7. Making the earrings

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About This Class

This class is a great class for the beginner or intermediate wire wrapper. You only needs some beads and wire to make this pendant and earrings set. A fun project to make this beautiful and elegant set, while learning some wire wrapping techniques.

The video will give you the list of tools and material needed, and I have also attached the list as a printable PDF document that you can download  and print if necessary. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco


Hello! my name is Colette. I am a self taught jewelry artist, and enjoy making and creating things with my hands; I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry since 2005, and I just love discovering and learning new techniques. I enjoy making jewelry and many other crafts such as crochet, drawing, doodling etc... My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in Pennsylvania where I live with my family and sell them in Person, and also on my website: KreativeCoco.com

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my beginner. Why wrapped your e class? My name is collect Kema. I am an application developer by the jury artist By night I am the owner and designer off creative cocoa way. I said some of my jewelry I am myself thought jury oddest. And into this project I'm going to show you how to create the simple and I reckon, dependent using some beads. And why this tutorial aims are helping the new jury artists Lessel, new way roughing techniques. And at the end of this tutorial, we have a beautiful pendant that can cost to my C liking so and rolled now to learn out, make me spend it and be notified of future projects I hope to see in my class. 2. Tools and Materials: Let's start with the tools and materials but will be needed for this project. You are going to need a bench block for hammering a hammer or mallet. Run those pliers. Can those players flush cutters, a pencil or Sharpie marker for shipping the bill and the measuring things? Now that we had only few tools, let's move on. Leave materials. We are going to need a 16 or 18 and Ken for your pennant. We're going to need some copper Bates in different size for repentant and the hearing as well. And I also have one Brill it bead. But it's totally optional. You don't have to use it if you do not want toe. So far for dependent, we are going to need different size bids. 19 millimeter bids 2 7.5 millimeter beads, 66 millimeter bids for foreign half millimeter beads and 2 3.5 millimeter Biggs. So five different size bees for dependent for the earrings. We need 2 6.5 millimeter bid. 44.5 millimeter bids, a 3.5 millimeter beads and 12 2 millimeter bids. So four different size bids for the earrings for the wire we're going to need some 18 gauge , half hot wrong wire. We brought its inch 20 gauge self Ron wire about eight inch as well. 22 gauge from the wire about six bank and 26 gauge soft round wire about 40th pinch. So now that we have all the tools and material, let's get started with your project. 3. Shaping the pendant: we're going to start by hardly in the 18 gauge piece of wire because my copper wire is soft . If you have high, though half hardwire, just give the step. I'm going to start by straightening the wire between my fingers. You can also use a piece of paper towel toe happy. Certainly wire. After that, gently Tuffy wire on your bench block with either your mallet or your hammer toe hardened rewire. We've are flattening it. I'm going to do this until rewire easily live spring key and has not been easy. - Now that we wire is hard enough to hold this shape, it's timeto added aids. Before doing that, I put the piece off tiptoe one end of the wire to keep the bees from sliding off. I also have my bead on the piece off fence fabric to keep them from rolling off and falling down. You can use any type off texture fabric like a washcloth. Oh, it towel to add my beads, I'm going to start beef 1 3.5 millimeter, then to foreign half, mainly mirror 36 mil a mirror, 1 7/2 misdemeanor. Then the nine millimeter bid will be in the middle and we repeat the same process, starting with 7.5 1,000,000 million bid, then go down in size with the 3.5 many Miller bid coming last. Now we should have something like this. Now to shift bandit, I am goingto bring both wires tip together in cross family toe. Guess toe, get a chill. Drove ship. After getting the desire ship, I'm going to use my kennels. Players toe bend very remaining. Why? You're slightly backward. Keep the base from falling out. Continue shipping dependent to make sure we to smaller speed out to talk are closer together. 4. Embelishing the beads: in this step, we're going to use our 26 cage wired when belly she bids and also wrapped the bill of Bend it. You want to start by folding the wrapping wire into with both ends together and running through your fingers to remove any cakes. Make sure the wires are not twisted together. Then I'm going to start by slightly banding for the the folded wire in half and starting at the top of repellent. I am going to run the 18 gauge twice. Next. I want the double wrapping wire. Togo top off my date on the diagonal. So I'm going to position the wire on Rebid and then press it damaged my film to keep it in place. Why dropping the wire in between the dates and I'm going to go around one more time to secure it. Next. I'm goingto bring the wire around the second day, but this time I'm going to wrap it around the 18 gauge only once. I will alternate wrapping the 18 gauge once in twice only Rahm dependent. Why wrapping? Make sure the wires are next to each other and not listed. Follow along with me as I finish embellishing the bids. - Once you reach the last bid, rob the 18 gauge twice. Now this is what we have. And in the next step, we are going to shape the bailout dependent. We can remove the tape at the end of the wire and also adjusted decorating wire. Iran bids if necessary. 5. Wrapping the bail: Now that we're done wrapping the dates, I am going to trim off the short end of the wrapping wire and press the end against the friend with my kid knows players next moving on to Rio beside, I am glad to cut off one off a double rocking wire. Impress the and against your friend. The over piece off wire will be used to Rocky Bear before I start wrapping the bear. I want to make sure my pendant is not misshapen and that the last two beads are sitting nicely next to each other. I want my bill took paper there so the 18 gauge wire sticking up need to be open a little bit wider to talk. Now we can start rapping and I'm going to use the figure. Figure it wrapping pattern for that. According my plan it like this. The rapid wire is fervor away from me Iran. One side of the 18 gauge I am goingto bring the wrapping wire under the over 80. Engage and wrap it twice. Then bring the wire between both 18 gauge under view over one. Then rob you of the one twice as where you can use your fingernails or kennels. Players toe. Push your raps closer together. Let's repeat process again a second time. Follow along with me. Why not Rocky Bear? - I want my bill to be approximately one inch long so once some half way, I'm going to use my cane nose pliers to slightly bend the 18 gauge wire in Cross Family to ship your behalf off my bail. And I'm going to spread Latif's part a little bit so I can easily rappel. Continue wrapping the bale into rich over end when both 18 gauges touch, - trim the wrapping wire and press it against 18 gauge wire. Then we have been wrapped up how we use my pencil to shape it here . I'm going to use my run those players to finish ship in my bare. - Next I am going toe bend, one of the 80 engaged toe beside at a 90 degree angle and gutted toe about half a nick. - Next . Five. The end and use your on those players to create this small small Um, look, this look will be talk nicely against their. - Now I am going to train the over 80 engage to be back 3/4 of an inch and smoothly. And that's where then youth with deep off your run, loose players to create a small blue, then reposition with pliers into the small room, a curvy remaining wire and create a small spiral and bring with spiral toe, the manner off dependent between the bids. 6. Adding the Bead: were catch with bead. I am a woman just truth in my 20 gauge wire doing my fingers and slide it into my bed and then use my fingers Presley wire to decide and tip of the bid. Next, I'm going to create a look with both wires using my run those players. After that, I'm going to slide the look in Toby Little spiral or dependent and then finish rocking my look a couple of times. - Cut one of the 22 gauge wire and proceed there on your bid. Continue wrapping a bead with the other 22 gauge. Trim off the remaining 22 gauge wire and press it to run your bid as well. And you're penalties. Freddie. It's timeto add. You came now this Movil two earrings. 7. Making the earrings: to make the earrings. We're going to start before Yankees off 20 gauge wire. Straighten the wire between your fingers and proceed by adding the beat the same way you did for dependent and shape. It does wear that here. I'm going to use my Sharpie marker toe hurt me. Ship the earrings. Now I'm going to make a look. Toe. Hang the hearing. I'm going to take one of the 20 gauge wire and selected men. It now thick view of aside in banded back slightly. So is sticking straighter. Now I am going to use over 20 gay sticking down and wrap it a couple of times around the one sticking up. I'm going to trim off the excess and press it. Iran. If my cane, those pliers we feel remaining, why is sticking up? I am going to create a simple loop using my Rondo's players. Before doing that, I'm going to make a mark in my pliers to use as a gang this way. Both off my loose will be exactly the same size. So now let's go ahead and create a simple look. I'm going to adjust my look a little bit, so it's centered and then trained the excess wires. But I'm going to leave the wires off, flapping slightly like this so they look like a seamless look. Once we had done so, this will be back off airing. I am going to reshape its again with my Sharpie marker. Now I am going toe hammer. We look to make sure it does not open easy. - The only thing left to do is tow out here. Weir. I am good openly loop of the air wire with my kid knows players and slide the loop off my hearing in tow it close it back. We get the same process toe, make the second hearing, and we have done. I hope you enjoy this video and I would love to see what you make. So please post your creations in the project section so I can see your beautiful jewelry and thank you for joining my glass