Wire Wrapping Found Objects - Making Jewelry with sea shells, sea glass, rocks, and gemstones

Monique Littlejohn, Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

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3 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • Wire wrapping with a single wire

    • Multiple wire wrap


About This Class


Have you ever tucked a piece of seaglass or a seashell in your pocket? Learn how to create wire-wrapped pendants using simple tools and a found object like a seashell, rock, or other item. The entire course will walk you through how to wrap a flat object, a round object and a gemstone.

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great foundational skills with a few knowledge gems I haven't seen in any other wire wrapping tutorial





Monique Littlejohn

Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

Monique Littlejohn is an American expat living her dream of sustainability in South Australia. Her classes currently focus on jewelry design, but in the future, she will add crafting with nature products, gardening, beekeeping, and winemaking - all with a sustainable focus in mind.

She left her very successful nonprofit corporate development and marketing career of 16 years to focus on teaching learning lost skills, so that she could bridge the gap between the "greatest generation" (WW...

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