Wire Wrapping Found Objects - Making Jewelry with sea shells, sea glass, rocks, and gemstones

Monique Littlejohn, Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

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3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wire wrapping with a single wire

    • 3. Multiple wire wrap

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Project Description

Single Wire Wrap Design - Wrap a Quartz Crystal


Have you ever tucked piece of sea glass or seashell into your pocket? Has your child ever picked up a ‘treasure’ for you on the beach or in the park that you have accumulated in your junk drawer? These items were too precious to throw away but you had no idea what you could do with them. Maybe you are a gem cutter who does not feel comfortable soldering and pickling your designs because the fumes give you a headache (that was me). Wire Wrapping is an alternative jewellery making tool – headache free, and fast way to create unique works of art.


In this tutorial, I will teach you two wire wrapping designs that will turn your ‘found objects’ into pendants. You can use inexpensive craft wire; wire found at a hardware or electronics store; or sterling silver wire for these projects. Most likely, you already have the tools to get started.

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  • Course Goals

    • By the end of this course, you will be able to create three different pendants.
    • You will learn about the tools that are used for wire wrapping.
    • You will also learn two different single wire designs and a multiple wire design

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